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ou are walking through the woods. It’s early so the air is still cool. But it has that smell that reminds you of summer vacation with your family. Mom making sandwiches and packing snacks for the trip. Dad rearranging the suitcases for the fifth time as he tries to fit everything into the trunk. It’s funny how one scent can bring you back to childhood. Your teacher’s fieldstone house is almost in sight. The rose bushes by the door have blooms on them. You’ll be making rose water and drying petals in the next month or so. A woman opens the door. Her long gray hair is twisted into a loose bun. She’s dressed in her usual jeans and a man’s shirt. She smiles and ushers you in. You sit at the well-scrubbed wooden table and prepare for today’s discussion. Time passes, but something is off. She gazes at you, eyes narrowed, hands on hips. “Out with it.” You concentrate on your notebook, doodling boxes in the corners of the page. Avoidance won’t work. You can feel her eyes—waiting. So, you swallow hard and confess. The words tumble out. Once the flow begins, there’s nothing to stop it. Your younger

sister and her friend have been asking about your trips to the woods. They’re very curious and very eager and very interested. You couldn’t hold out anymore. You’ve been teaching them what she’s taught you. You wait. For the storm. For the fury. For her to say you’re done, pack your things and don’t come back. But all she does is shrug and look at the notes she’s made to keep her lesson on track. She has already confessed to being the Queen of the Long Wandering Tangent. “I don’t understand,” you say. “Why aren’t you upset?” “Why should I be? You have a wonderful understanding of the basics and things a beginner should know. They’re in safe hands.” “I had to step in. They were prepared to cut themselves: copying something they’d seen on TV. It was strange.” “I’m happy that you were there for them.” “They needed my help. I couldn’t just let them hurt themselves.” The woman sits down at the table. “Why can’t you just take ‘yes’ for an answer?” She laughs. “I expected that you’d go on to teach others. You were the teacher that appeared when the students needed you. The woman who taught me, knew the same thing about me.”

You’ve gone from flip phones to smart phones. Hard to imagine what changes your students will see.” She stares at the ceiling. “Your students have a different understanding of the world than you do. Your understanding is different than mine. People can be shown a color, but we won’t all see the color the same way. We might even refer to it with different names. “True knowledge evolves. Each practitioner brings their own interpretation to the lessons. Some will excel at one thing, some at others. But it’s all good. Certain things will remain constant, but everyone will give it a different flavor, add their own bit of flare.” You nod. “Hemingway and J.K Rowling both started with the same alphabet, the same set of words in the same language but their results were very different.” “Exactly!” She refills the teacups. “Keep learning and keep teaching. And never let anyone stop you from growing past their understanding.” She sips her tea. “Now back to work.” We pave the way for others when we share our experiences Walking the Starlit Path.    

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

“But you’re a master. I’ve just barely started my studies.” “You’ve been coming here for more than a year and a day. You’ll do fine. And you can ask me about things they want to know if you don’t have the answer.” “I don’t know. You’re so wise and…” “Stop right there! I’m a teacher, not a guru. My words are not sacred to be carved in stone and taken as unchanging. There are no lines you must memorize. You are an important factor in this equation. Remember, I can’t be a teacher if I don’t have a student.” You nod. She’s serious. You feel the tension leaving your shoulders. The words start bubbling up again. “They are just so hungry.” You begin your story and soon you’re out of your chair. You’re telling her, in great detail, about teaching them how to cast a circle. How excited they were when they could feel the energy. She’s smiling, asking questions. She’s happy for you. “Just be careful. That buzz you’re feeling can be addictive. Your challenge will be to help them grow then let them go. And if you’re really, really lucky, your students will surpass you.” She gestures at the papers littering the table. “All this changes. I remember when the rotary phone went to push buttons.

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      Welcome to About The Starlit Path

The Starlit Path magazine is a subsidiary of: Star Dragon Press 1105 Mill Hill Laval, QC Canada H7W 1P7

Star Dragon Press, Publisher Judie Troyansky, Editor Robin Patterson, Creative Director


Starlit Path

The Starlit Path is published 4 times per year: Spring issue: March 20th Summer issue: June 20th Fall issue: September 20th Winter issue: December 20th See our website for contributor and advertising guidelines: www.starlitpathmagazine.com The Starlit Path is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur. Opinions expressed by authors do not necessarily reflect those of Star Dragon Press or The Starlit Path. Please do not try any herbs or exercises that might interfere with current medical treatments or without advice from a doctor. Reproduction in any form is prohibited without the written permission of the publisher. Cover Photo: JR Korpa

Judie Troyansky, is also known as The Bohemian Storyteller; a strong believer in all types of magic and things beyond the world of the visible. She learned at a young age that stories are a type of magic; to take something invisible from one person’s imagination and transmit it to another. And so, she became an author. She bought her first tarot deck over 35 years ago at a magician’s supply house that had a guillotine in the window, and started reading professionally in the 1990s. An Eclectic Pagan since the 1980s, Judie has since studied with Spiritualist Mediums, and Shamans, and minored in Anthropology in university. As a voracious and critical reader, she hopes to share her curiosity and knowledge with those looking to learn.

 Robin Patterson loves all things craft. Creative by nature, her artistic skills were nurtured at a young age. She was encouraged to try her hand at many activities, to freely express herself by drawing, painting, crafts, music, writing, gardening, the lists goes on . . . So she did just that. She wears all the hats, sometimes piled one upon another. "It's hard to separate the hats. My idea of art bleeds into my writing and seeps into my every expression, my design, and my craft. I was never very good at following the pattern, or the instructions, as my vision could always see so much more in the final result."


The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

She accepted the invitation to take this journey, as creative director for The Starlit Path, "to learn more about yet another craft."

Insidethis thisissue issue. . . . Inside Raising thethe Elementals  14 12 The Way of Simple Soul  The Spell Cord  34 30 You Are a Lightworker  Meditation as a of skill  36 32 Meditation­ — Hall Mirrors  Meditation—Purification The Basics of Magic  36 by Flame  40 Take a Walk Law 48 of Balance  44 The Universal Law of Cause and Effect  52

Inside every issue . . . Letter from the Editor  6 Letter from the Creative Director  7 Moudrytza’s Pearls  8 Three Card Choice  17 River Rain Ramblings: Elemental Tarot & Astrology  18 The Treasure Cave,: Interview with Kathy Crabbe  26 For That Next Cup of Tea: Book Reviews  34 Walking with The Goddess:    How to Cleanse and Purify Using the Elements  40 Three Card Reveal  50 Before You Go  62

The Storytellers . . . Feature Artist: JR Korpa  22 Henrietta and Lucinda  52 Why the Ice Charmer Hung Up Her Cape  57

Summer 2019   The Starlit Path Magazine 


Letter from the Editor . . .

Dear Wanderer,

Robin and I hold our production meetings at her house in Ontario. I board a train in Montreal and travel for about an hour. We spend three days talking about life and drinking wine. Yes, she teaches her art classes during the day and I have a copy of the novel I’m currently working on and we spend time setting things up for the issue you’re currently reading. But we have fun too. Robin and her husband, Steph raise chickens. Saturday afternoon, Robin went out to collect eggs. I watched from the window. She opened the door to the coop/barn and went inside. A few moments later, Robin’s arm appeared in the doorway and she threw the contents of a small container into the yard. The chickens ran out of their little door to get the food she’d spread for them. Robin was now free to collect the eggs. I guess I’m sort of like those chickens. Robin and Steph kindly open their home to me, offering me a much-needed distraction. When I’m there I have little to no responsibilities. (Except the work I bring with to do, of course.) My phone hardly rings. My computer stays home. There’s no one needing my attention and nothing urgent that stops my plans in their tracks. I guess that’s what vacations are for. The world doesn’t change while we’re away, but our perspective changes. We take a necessary step back from all of the day-to-day issues and return to our lives with fresh eyes. This isn’t about avoidance. I know about those too. There are many times I would rather wash dishes than stare at the blank page, trust me. This is about distraction. It’s about hitting the “reset button”, to get out of our heads and look at things from a differently and with fresh insights. The distraction doesn’t have to be a week in the Caribbean or something expensive. Go for a walk or play tourist in your own city. Take yourself to a movie. Head to the park and play on the swings. Or stay home, turn off your phone, crank up the music and have a private dance party. The summer is here. The weather is fine. Go out into the world and change your perspective. Safe travels, Judie

The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

Photo by Judie Troyansky


Photo by Robin Patterson

Letter from the Creative Director . . . Greetings,

As some of you know, I lost my dog on May 30 of this year. The loss hit me harder than I ever expected it to, as he was getting older, and Steph and I have talked about his passing on occasion, knowing that the time was coming. But then it came, and it flattened me for a couple of weeks, the shock sitting on my chest. And once the shock wore off, it tore me into ragged little pieces.

Ron was instrumental in saving me. I had recently gotten out of a relationship that left me convinced that happiness was an illusion. That everyone was just faking the smiles. This relationship left me certain that I deserved absolutely nothing. And then, a year or so after closing that chapter, I met Steph, and he was mostly kind and gentle, and hummed as he cooked. He kept trying to convince me that happiness was not only achievable, but that it was here, now, but I didn’t believe him. Until Ron came into our lives. When we adopted Daycare Ron everything changed. I suddenly believed in possibility, and the future looked like it just might even hold happiness! I know the grief will soften into something other than this, that the jagged hole in my heart will “not completely disappear, but will change shape into something more resembling a heart.” I’m so looking forward to that day. But until then, thank you all for your patience. Until next time, Robin

Daycare Ron July 26, 2007 – May 30, 2019 Run Free, Fast Boy. ♥

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Moudrytza’s   Pearls    by Mary Moroska

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

Because firebirds must thrive in a world that does not accept the fantastical, Moudrytza learned to live as a human. And like the Superheroes you have heard about, has a human alter-ego that she shares with several sisters. Luckily, Mary is able to share our unique energies as she writes, confabulates, teaches, mentors, and counsels with you. She is certified as a professional tarot counsellor, Soul Realignment practitioner, teacher and librarian. And since finding and sharing answers to “life’s persistent questions” is her driving force, she will gladly answer questions and comments: moudrytza@videotron.ca. We would love to welcome you at: https://toutarot.ca; and your like: https://www.facebook.com/TouTarot/

Why White Birches Have Black Streaks Post-production office of the acclaimed Fabulous Creatures from ZH@TT Studios. Mary and Moudrytza relaxing. Mary is sitting at the desk, reviewing her notes from the last session, a large cup of tea in her hand. Moudrytza drifts in, and perches on top of the file cabinet, her head drooping. Several pearls fall cascading on the floor, startling Mary. One plops into the tea cup and splatters Mary’s face and blouse. Mary: Hey, Moudrytza! What is going on? Why so sad? Your pearls are making me wet and rather unpresentable. Wouldn’t you rather talk about it? Or sing it if you prefer. But, please, no more pearls and NOT in my tea. Moudrytza: Sorry, can’t help myself. With all this running around in time and space, I got rather homesick and 8 

was thinking about my tree and how my sisters and I would gather there to confabulate. And that requires an audience … [huge, deep and sorrowful, empty sigh.] Mary: Moudrytza, please try to aim those pearls away from my tea. I had my shower this morning and never need a “tea shower”. […attempt at light laughter that fizzles as she looks at Moudrytza]. Oh dear Firebird, I do understand that you miss it all and I am grateful that you chose to stay here for now. How can I make things a little easier? Moudrytza: It seems that there is a story that is bursting to be heard. Remember what I told you and Starlit Path when we first started on this adventure? There is a tree where one can hear all the stories of the world by just sitting under its branches and leaning back on its

The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019


feathers as she gets comfortable]. And I will tell you the story of my tree that I call “The Cat on the Hill” […and in a sing-song lilting voice...] And so this came to pass in a time before humans; when all of Mother Gaia’s creations communicated freely. Open your ears and listen. Close your eyes and see…


In a land beyond the Seven Seas, there is a lush lagoon at the edge of that last sea where the Moon comes to spend the day after traveling all night. And if you look away from the water, you will notice a sunny, grassy hill. Things were peaceful and life was quiet and the Hill was content.

Summer 2019   The Starlit Path Magazine 



trunk? I was just remember how that came to be and…. […sobbing quietly as pearls slowly oozed out of her mouth] Mary: I wish I could hug you and give you a tissue. […pausing for a bit] My ears are open and I am here, so if and when you are ready, you can share that story. Moudrytza: You mean that? There is nothing hurrying you elsewhere? You have the time to just reflect? No urgent assignment? Now – STORY TIME? Mary: [laughing] Yes, of course! I always have time for a good story. Just need to freshen up my tea and get comfortable. Besides, time is not an excuse for you! Aren’t you the Master of Time and Space Bending? Spill that story out instead of using the words as seeds for your pearls. You do understand that a hard object hitting soft flesh causes pain, right? Moudrytza: Yes, but I don’t quite get the concept of pain. Sorry. Oh dear, seems I keep forgetting that things in this dimension are “weird”. One has to think in a capsule, slowly, linearly and yet know and understand that it is all a construct of consensual or the human belief system. Boy, you guys really complicate existence! Mary: [laughing] Yes, we do! But what would be the fun if everything happened instantly? Here it is all about savouring sensations through time. Moudrytza: So is it story time, yet? Mary: Really??? What kind of question is that? I live in Storyland. So my ears are open. My mind is clear and my imagination is fired up ready to provide the visuals: 5-4-3-2-1-GO!!! Moudrytza: [settling her flames and

One day, as the Sun was playfully trying to wake the Moon, a black cat noticed this peaceful spot and decided that it was perfect for a wee afternoon nap. And as contented cats do, purred serenely in its sleep. When fully rested, he got up, stretched luxuriously and started on his way. As he was leaving he thanked the Hill for its hospitality. Carefully considering this very pleasant nap and its idyllic locale as being perfect, he asked if he could

the stories of the world for he was still at the beginning of his first life, so he asked the Moon for help. And the Moon gladly agreed to describe everything she saw and heard on her journeys across the nightly sky.

MoonCat-Pixabay-Mashiro Momo-2019-05-10


return. “With pleasure,” answered the Hill for she liked the songs that came from the cat as he napped. And so it was. Until the time came when the Cat did not wish to leave this agreeable spot. As was his habit when he was awake and not hunting, he would tell stories to amuse himself and since she was awake too, it also was a way to thank the Hill for her hospitality. His tales enthralled all who heard them for it made them more curious about the world beyond this lagoon. The Hill being closer, more solid and bolder would ask their millions of questions. But, the Cat had not yet learned all 10 

The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

And so it was in this part of the world. Beautiful languid days in the warmth of the Sun accompanied by the quiet confabulations of the Cat filled the Hill with joy and peace. But, you see, this was already a mortal world and though hills are almost immortal, a cat, even though it has nine lives, is not. So there came a day when the stories ceased. The Hill stood, enduring her grief and fury of the winds as they howled their pain, while the celestial orbs of day and night valiantly tried to shine through their rain tears. All that remained of the Cat was a cluster of white bones and a handful of black hair. CrashingWave-Pixabay-DimitrisVetsikas-2019-05-18


When their grief energies were spent, the Hill, the Wind, and the Heavens became silent. And they heard? No it couldn’t be. They listened more attentively and agreed that they were still hearing the Cat and the amazing stories that he had learned from the Moon. And so, in their wish to raise a memorial worthy of this miracle, they used their creative powers. The earth from the Hill, the tears showered by the Celestial Bodies, the warmth of the Sun and force of the Wind grew that little pile of bones and hair into a beautiful white tree with occasional black streaks on its papery bark.


Yes, there are many such trees in the world now. But most have lost their magical powers due to the rise of noise and such things that interfere with natural communication channels. But if you are lucky and know how to navigate the Space/Time continuum

you will come across the descendants that are the Keepers of Cat’s Stories. And when you do, sit under its branches lean against its trunk and let yourself be transported into the True Gifts of Mother Gaia. Ahh…. Mary: Ahh…. for sure. Thank you for sharing this exquisite part of your world. I now understand your homesickness and wish I could meet this tree and hear its stories. Moudrytza: Well, in a way you are at this moment hearing its stories and are sitting as close to it as is mortally possible. So rejoice in that. And remember that I chose you for a reason. You can hear me and we can communicate. Maybe someday you, too, will be able to negotiate this crazy multi-dimensional Universe and master the Time/Space continuum without all the techno gadgetry humans seem to be fond of. Management: And on that note, let us not intrude any further and leave Mary and Moudrytza to their own thoughts. I hope this was not live and on air. Calling the technical crew for Fabulous Creatures. Please make sure that all the cameras are cleared and that this footage does not leave ZH@TT Studios. Really people, even stars need their down time and privacy. And while I am at it just a quick note: This original story was inspired by all the ancient “Pourquoi” stories much like Rudyard Kipling’s (1865-1936) Just So Stories; traditional Russian fairy tales and a poem by one of Russia’s great classical poets, Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837).  

Summer 2019   The Starlit Path Magazine 


The Way of the Simple Soul by Catherine Grace Landry

“An elderly man lay dying. His long life had been eventful and fruitful. He was tired. He sensed his time on Earth was finished; he had experienced all that he needed, for now. He believed within the deep, secret spaces of his being that it was time for his soul to move on, so he humbly asked his God to make it happen. His request was granted. His eyes were closed, his breathing unlabored; he was cocooned in an aura of peace. After some time, as if responding to a celestial signal, his eyelids flickered, his fingers twitched, and his chest shuddered. At that moment, I felt an overwhelming impulse to lay my hands on him, in part from a sense of awe and reverence for his final earthly rite of passage, and in part from a greater urge to somehow ease his transition. Between one breath and the next, his soul separated from his body, which stilled forever. As he found the Light, I found the Shadow.” (excerpted from The Way of the Simple Soul)



The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

of my soul, the nudging’s of the elderly here is an extraordinary gift man’s soul, and the physical, mental and to be found from sifting emotional chaos that played out within me. through the shadows that All this pieced together the meaning of lurk in our minds and hearts. the message, bit by mysterious little bit, Ultimately, we find our light. The magic of this end-of-life connection pitched me until it blossomed forth in full-blown heartheadfirst on a journey unlike any I could warming detail and I finally understood the beautiful truth he wished me to know. ever have imagined. It was a journey to My hands on the body of the elderly fully understand the message he had for me. The serendipity at the end was finding gentleman created a conduit for a part of his soul to attach to me. It was not a random my own light. event, though sometimes these things are. The Way of the Simple Soul is the story His soul had a message for me. Now, we of that journey. It winds its way through are not structured to carry the intensity of strange happenings, dreams, multianother’s energy – not even a tiny filament dimensional visions, fearsome jaguars, whales, tiny girls and Shining Ones from of their soul such as was the case with this event. My physical body reacted like a the Illuminated Realms beyond ours, volcano had erupted inside. metaphysical meanderings from NHL hockey games to Amazonian fire circles and The mysterious symptoms that resulted ancient ancestors. It follows the nudging’s rampaged through every system of my body.

Medical tests showed I was completely healthy. The doctors told me there was nothing they could do. In desperation, I sought out alternative medicine and, to be truthful, anything that was suggested to me. This eventually led me into the hands of energy healers and shamans catapulting me into the previously unknown world of metaphysics. They steered me though the shadows stuck like muck in my deeper self. I learned how to excavate all these and heal. Here I found a deeper, richer, more intimate spirituality – which brought me face-to-face with my soul! Here also was the elderly man’s soul waiting to communicate to me. It was he who asked me to write the book and it was even his choice of title! His gift was to show me our soulhuman fusion. He was saying it is critically important for our soul self and human self to reach a harmonious relationship with each other. He showed me how beautifully simple this is. Our soul is not some mythical, external, hard to understand, foreign being. It lives within us. It gives

us life. Our human self is intimately entwined with our soul. We are it, it is us! It communicates to us all the time. When we learn its language and unlock the flow of vocabulary our daily life becomes so much simpler. Our soul’s vocabulary is very visceral and physical. From its resting place within our bodies it channels its voice through our bodies. For me that means various types of shivers, shudders, involuntary breaths, tickles in my solar plexus, words or phrases that pop out of nowhere and resonate deep within my abdomen and not from my mind. Each of these has a particular meaning to me. My soul speaks to me in sensations such as density or lightness. I may feel leadfooted, unable to stand straight, chest caved in or strange aches and pains. The volcano of fiery acid in my digestive system was one such communication. As I sense or feel something I now stop and assess whether there was a natural or human reason for it, like a breeze wafting by that made me shiver. If not, then was this a soul message. I drop into my quiet inner space and ask

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Summer 2019   The Starlit Path Magazine 


my soul some questions. The responses are usually immediate. This soul-human connection allows more fluidity along our life’s path. Our soul came to Earth wanting certain experiences. Our Earth is the only planet in the solar system with the right ingredients for physical life. Physical life forms have senses that can touch, smell, see, hear, taste. They can translate all this to emotions like love or fear, anger or joy. Our soul looks in from its ethereal home and thinks what a wonderful place to physically feel all the things that it can only imagine from afar. It chooses something specific, links with human parents and is born. From this moment our soul is launched into the arena of feelings and sensations. Watch a baby adapting to being human. It is in sensory overload. Everything goes into the mouth or the ear, on the hands or the feet, in the nose! It stares intently, fascinated by colours, shapes and movement. It exercises its vocal cords just for the fun of hearing and feeling the frequency and vibration. As we grow out of babyhood our soul becomes ever more insistent in trying to get us to understand what it came to experience so we can get on with it. The human body that houses our soul has genetic tendencies. We are raised by a

family that has traditions and certain types of conditioning. In the soul-human fusion, it helps to see these for what they are. These elements are not necessary to carry through life unless they serve our soul. As an example, perhaps our soul wants to experience feelings of lack and we were born into a wealthy family. Following the tradition of going into the family business is not going to satisfy the soul, though it will surely keep the human self warm at night! Our life becomes less complicated when we communicate with our soul and allow its voice to direct us. Rather than fight against the reason we are here, we flow with it. We understand that our human life is but a tiny blip in the eternally long life of our soul. Clearing the muck from our hearts and minds clears the channel to our soul’s voice. By muck, I mean everything conditioned or self-imposed resting in deep-seated memories that do not serve our soul path. I found that meditation was the quickest route to my soul-human harmony. Each can find the route that works best for them. I can tell you that my life has become so miraculously uncomplicated and clear now that I am talking to my soul. I know what it is here to experience and this simplifies all my daily human choices. This was truly life-changing for me. I no longer struggle with what-ifs or what-fors. It does not

Watch a baby adapting to being human. It is in sensory overload.


The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash

matter what I do as long as what I choose allows my soul to manifest what it is here to experience. This brings true peace. Soul and body in harmony. Best friends forever. I sincerely hope you can take a few moments to read The Way of the Simple Soul. It is an easy read and there is much more to the elderly man’s message than what I have highlighted here! Although I tell the simple soul story in my own voice, it is a truly universal human journey. One we all take at one time or another. It is my deepest wish to give courage to those who are hesitating to step into their quiet internal space to find their soul. It is possible to figure out why we are here and what to do with that information. It truly is possible to wade through our personal muck and feel whole – a complete and unified soulhuman. A journey begun is a journey with an end. Despite the shadow-boxing along the Catherine Grace Landry is a qualified shamanic way, the destination of this practitioner, crystal energy therapist, Kundalini yoga journey is joy. instructor and personal power guide. She was a marketing,


communications and fundraising executive for over two decades until her muse took her out of the corporate arena and into the beauty of our natural landscapes. She loves to travel the world, soaking up the inspirational magic of its people and places. Currently resident in Ottawa, Canada, she is writing the second in the Way trilogy, The Way of the Lightkeeper. More information can be found at www. catherinegracelandry.com and through her publisher www. satiama.com. Follow The Way of the Simple Soul on Facebook. The Way of the Simple Soul is available through Amazon in paperback or e-book formats.

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The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

Three  Card   Choice by Madam Tealeaf Photo by Robin Patterson

Madam Tealeaf escaped to England in 1917, at the start of the Russian Revolution. She perfected her English and began reading cards for some of the crowned heads of Europe. Through the 1920’s, she worked with some of the most famous occultists, including A.E. Waite, and Dion Fortune.

1 2 3

On October 13th, 1922, Madam Tealeaf was creating a spell using the Wheel of Fortune card and a beverage made from a recipe sent to her by a follower of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau. There was a flash of lightening, and Madam Tealeaf found herself in the 21st Century. She is currently under exclusive contract to The Starlit Path and can be reached at madamtealeaf@starlitpathmagazine.com .

What do our readers need to know for the Summer? Choose a card. Madam Tealeaf Reveals All on page 50.

Summer 2019   The Starlit Path Magazine 


River Rain  Ramblings

  by Clairvoyant Medium Catharine Allan

Catharine Allan, also known as River Rain, is a Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, and Artist. A gifted Medium, Astrologer, and Tarot Reader, she currently runs support groups for women. She has also run healing retreats, Catharine studied and practices Vipassana meditation, sound healing, chakra cleansing, guided meditation, reiki, Bach Flower remedies, and gem stone work. She currently lives in Montreal. Her radio show can be heard on Monday nights at 8 pm EST on Facebook or www.mixvibexradio.com She can be reached at river.rain.catharine@gmail.com

Elemental Tarot & Astrology


s we head into summer we can connect more intimately to our tarot and astrology practice by deepening our connection to the seasonal elements we are in. The Summer includes the Sun Signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo = Nurturing, Expressing, and Refining. Summer is the height of the Sun and warmth, growth, flowers and trees, fertile and abundant as the harvest grows. The Chinese Elements would say that summer is Fire, the height of Yang masculine energy – which can see in certain of the Wands cards once again. Summer can also include some Pentacles for Earth with the cultivating and growth of crops, as well as some Cups cards to represent the flow and abundance of water needed for everything to flourish. Let’s look at the Astrological Correlations to the Tarot 18 

Photo by Judie Troyansky Deck attribution: Thoth Tarot By Alister Crowley Artwork by Lady Frieda Harris Published by US Games

The Chariot – This is a Cancer card in the Thoth deck. It’s an interesting correlation to consider but not that far a stretch when we think of the armor worn by the Charioteer. The Shell of the Crab or Cancer is there to protect him during battle. The overcoming of or encountering obstacles with the Chariot are interesting because we usually don’t think of Cancers in this way. However, it is card number 7 and July is the 7th month. Number 7 is typically the number indicating that some core aspect of life is missing and the quest for it leads us to the spiritual path eventually. Many Cancers will tell you they feel they missed out on something growing up and their quest is often to create the kind of family they never had on some level.

The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

Lust – or Strength – You can’t get a more Leo card than this one! A woman taming a lion, or on the Thoth deck, riding its’ back in full reclining trust of her passion. Who or what are we taming? The Lion or the ego of the human? The height of summer falls in Leo along with our full expressive potential. We can do marvelous things with this energy or it can go overboard and be destructive. The taming is the beginning of Virgo energy coming in to soothe and regulate this wild fire of passion. The Hermit - A quintessential Virgo card – calmly going within to reflect and partly withdraw from society in order to seek wisdom. The end of summer we feel things get cooler and wrap up. We need to do lots of planning and organizing to take care of the harvest season. We need to cool down and process everything that has happened over summer.

Photos by Judie Troyansky Deck attribution: Thoth Tarot By Alister Crowley Artwork by Lady Frieda Harris Published by US Games

Cancer Cards 2 of Cups – Love – Venus in Cancer This is the ultimate romance and emotional intimacy card. This card is more the true Lovers card. Venus in Cancer is thoughtful and kind, empathic and generous. She embodies the home life being comfortable and safe. She creates that emotional safety with whomever she loves so vulnerability is protected and true love can begin. 3 of Cups - Abundance – Mercury in Cancer – Now the way we think and communicate falls into the sign that can read your mind, remember everything photographically and intuit what you think and feel. 4 of Cups – Luxury – Moon in Cancer – In this case the emotional needs are ruled by Cancer, so there is a NEED for vulnerability and safety. The intensity of the drive to create this safety could lead to luxury – so much comfort it is saturated. It will be lovely to languish here for a while but it can become stagnant in its safety. 

Summer 2019   The Starlit Path Magazine 


Photos by Judie Troyansky Deck attribution: Thoth Tarot By Alister Crowley Artwork by Lady Frieda Harris Published by US Games

Leo Cards 5 of Wands – Strife – Saturn in Leo shows us a card of competing egos for dominance. There are too many cooks in the kitchen. There is a need to balance the ego needs and opt for leadership skills instead of dominance or being a tyrant. 6 of Wands – Victory – Jupiter in Leo is a beautiful card fit for Hollywood. All the regalia, pomp pand ceremony Leos love is embodied in this card as you can declare a personal victory in your life. The magnanimous side of Leo is on display here of the noble King or Queen – showing restraint, confidence and generosity. 7 of Wands – Valour – Mars in Leo now shows us there is a need to fight or put our foot down on a matter. Mars is asked to show its courageous side here.

Virgo Cards 8 of Disks – Prudence – This is the card of the Sun in Virgo. There is a slow and prodigious growth at a steady and even pace with this card. Sometimes it represents an apprenticeship or learning as you go situation, training that is well structured, classes that have a solid basis and pace. Details matter. 9 of Disks – Gain – This is Venus in Virgo – Financial gain is represented here with Venus desire to have everything in order and accounted for. This is a perfectionistic combination and it has led to material gains. 10 of Disks – Wealth – Mercury in Virgo – Once again the sign of Virgo is representing material gains and wealth. The Thoth Deck shows the tree of life all in coins with Mercury symbols. The mind has been analytical, strategic, detailed and clever. Pinching the pennies, keeping the receipts and being efficient has led to wealth. I wish everyone a lovely and abundant summer  Happy Solstice! Catharine Allan


The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

LIVE YOUR MOST HEART-CENTERED, INTUITIVE LIFE “Lee Harris is a rock-star medium. His insights are spot-on, his delivery real and accessible. Energy Speaks, a profound manifesto for personal power, acts like rocket fuel for those of us who want to live more consciously and love more courageously.”

“Gus at Work”

By Peter J Barbour an illustrated children’s book about a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier that tries his best to herd sheep.


author of Big Love

“Lee Harris may be the most insightful, authentic, and caring energy empath I have met in a lifetime of seeking.”

Pete Barbour Stories and Illustrations at


New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities


www.newworldlibrary.com | Also available as an ebook

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Feature Artist


The Last Sun, by JR Korpa

Jazz City, by JR Korpa

“I want the observer to ask, ‘Why?’ There’s a method that inspires the work that I do. It’s not just about taking a picture. There’s something else. Something more. My goal is for the observer to ask questions. To stop and be in the present moment. To use all of their senses to unravel what you’re seeing. For some gurus of the spiritual path, the act of meditation means to be in the present, so, is it possible to be in a meditative state when viewing art? Possibly. Art as medicine? I find that much more interesting.


The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

Hippie Festival 2, by JR Korpa

Exploring technique: Can painting and photography be somehow joined together? Why not? To join is to love. But how? I´ve asked myself this question many times, and the truth is that the options are innumerable. So... Let’s experiment! For example, I usually use a technique that involves taking about 20 photos of an object; in this case, a single tree. I always keep the object in the center. Therefore, there would be 20 photos with the tree in the center but with the background changing as I take the photo from different positions. The tree and its surroundings are juxtaposed in one. When there are different levels of opacity, the effect will make the photo appear as a painting; staccato strokes, strokes of light. In other works, I handpainted a glass with colored dots, lines, and use these paint-stained glass as a filter in front of the lens. So that, when the photo is printed it becomes something natural but at the same time handmade. Alive. A I get more thought-provoking pictorial effect.

Up Hands, by JR Korpa

Abstract Bridge, by JR Korpa

Hippie Festival, by JR Korpa

Summer 2019   The Starlit Path Magazine 


Jazz Tree 1, by JR Korpa

Dreamy Tree 2, by JR Korpa

Isolated Tree 5, by JR Korpa

Dreamy Tree 3, by JR Korpa


The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

A BOUT THE ARTIST Javier Rodríguez Corpa, who works under the name JR Korpa, was born in Madrid, Spain in 1974. He has a happy childhood, his parents gifting him with a strong set of values and encouraging his loving nature. JR Korpa is a multidimensional artist. His love of music and curiosity on how to write a song led him, first, to study piano and harmony. His curiosity for the aesthetic of an image, led him to filmmaking and movie and news editing. He currently works in television. His father shared his love of photography with JR and taught him how to use a film/ analog camera; how to measure light and adjust its controls. He has experimented with photographic images and continues to do it— a lot. His creations begin to take shape in a photographic enlarger, reshaping and deforming the negatives. Printing the results and staining them with tea. He continues to work with film and has even built a small pinhole camera.

Tree in Forest, Autumn Season, by JR Korpa

Today he lives in a small village on the Costa del Sol with his daughter where continues composing music. When he enjoys travelling, combining tourism and photography. His research and wholistic aesthetic have led him to even change his eating habits. Of his own experiences, he says, “What we eat changes everything”

Chronicle of a Patchwork Landscape, by JR Korpa

The people who have influenced in his life are extensive and diverse: Kim ki-duk, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Arnold Ehret, Oscar Wilde, Wim Mertens, Martin Gore, Till Lindemann, Anton Corbijn, Mantak Chia, Osho, Robert Moog, Morrisey, Spike Joze, Ridley Scott, David Icke, Jean Luc de Meyer, Fritz Lang, Anne Clark, Robert Smith, Akai S 3000, Kandinsky, Ralph Hutter, Michael Kenna, Alexander Rodchenko, Jackson Pollock, Nikola Tesla, and more...

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The  Treasure   Cave    by Georgina Wolf

Photo by Robin Patterson

Georgina Wolf has been a practicing Witch for as long as she can remember. She recognized at an early age that she had an ability to heal and work with ‘unseen’ energies. She is a qualified Homeopath, Bach Flower Practitioner, and Spiritual Adviser. She describes herself as an eclectic practitioner specializing in empowering the individual. Georgina has a passion and talent for guiding others as they discover their paths, which is her inspiration behind the FB page she founded. She not only manages her page but is highly active and supportive in her community . . . if you can’t find her Witching in her study, she will be interviewing for The Starlit Path Magazine, or in her sacred space dedicating her work. Come join the discussion on FB at World Soul Witchery - Natural Magick, Pagan, Spiritual, Alchemy & Sorcery.

Interview with Kathy Crabbe


he Starlit Path Magazine would like to welcome this issue’s artist, Canadian-born, California-based artist, Kathy Crabbe. Kathy is both an artist and author whose work has been published and shown throughout the world; including the San Diego Women’s History Museum, We’Moon Datebook, SageWoman Magazine and Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach to name a few. Kathy received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Queen’s University and a Graphic Design Diploma from St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Canada. She has been working as a professional artist since 1992. Kathy and her architect husband, Mark 26 

currently live and work in Temecula, California with their two dogs. Her work can be seen on her website www. kathycrabbe.com (Editor’s note) For this issue I asked ‘The Oracle’ about The Oracle. Or more specifically Kathy Crabbe, who transforms her stunning art and spiritual knowledge into Oracle Cards. Check this out...... Georgina: Hello Kathy, lovely to talk to you. I know you’ve been rather busy of late so thank you so much for agreeing to talk to us here at The Starlit Path Magazine. Could you explain to us what you do? Kathy: When I turned 40, I felt a strong urge to give back. And so, I honed my psychic skills within an English Traditional Healing & Teaching Circle

The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

where I learned mediumship and psychic/clairvoyance, by practicing on others within our group. It was like a duck to water for me; it felt natural but I still needed to practice by giving 100’s of soul readings and checking in with all the information I’d given to find out what resonated and what didn’t. My art was a natural fit and extension of the work I was doing psychically so I created Four different oracle decks from my fairy/cat/herbal paintings, my lefty drawings, my goddess astrology paintings and my Celtic tree goddess series. Georgina: You say you wanted to give back when you turned 40, May I ask what you did before? Kathy: Previously I did readings for myself using tarot and oracle cards and I worked with my dreams. I also practiced astrology, which I did do for others. Georgina: Who / what are you giving back to? Kathy: I’m giving back to others. Georgina: Would you classify yourself as a Witch? Kathy: Oh Yes. I›ve been a witch all my life; it›s in the blood! Georgina: You mention being a witch is in your blood, did your parents practice witchcraft and show you their ways? I’d love to know how? Kathy: Unfortunately, no, my parents did not but I know in my blood that I have spent many lifetimes as a witch. Georgina: Yes that makes sense, to me anyway. When did you first start? Kathy: To me being a witch is being a nature lover in tune with the animal and plant spirits and attuned to healing using natural remedies plus working

psychically for the good of all. Georgina: I think you classify your cards as Oracle cards? Kathy: Yes. I have two main oracle decks; The Lefty Oracle and The Elfin Ally Oracle decks. Georgina: What’s the difference between tarot and Oracle cards? Kathy: Tarot uses a very specific system. My cards work intuitively. Georgina: How many decks have you designed? Kathy: I have designed five in total. The latest is The Elfin Ally Oracle deck which is a spirit animal deck. Georgina: I adore your artwork. I feel refreshed when I see your cards. What gives you inspiration? Kathy: Ahh, thank you Georgina - I’m so happy to hear that! I simply love to paint and always have. The sheer act of painting itself is pure magic and brings me such joy and happiness and catharsis so I’m glad to pass this on to others. Georgina: What do you feel is so special about Oracle cards? Kathy: Oracle cards are a wonderful way to develop intuition and tell a story especially if one is giving a reading. I often encourage clients to interpret the cards themselves. By putting things into their own words it helps them move forward and gain intuitive understanding about what is going on. Georgina: How long does it take you to design each card? Kathy: I create paintings in series usually spending several years or longer developing the series. If I feel the series is a good fit for a deck, I’ll then choose the cards--which is extremely difficult. Georgina: Do you have spiritual guidance when you design? 

Summer 2019   The Starlit Path Magazine 


Kathy: All my work is spiritually guided. Georgina: Do you have any special advice when choosing cards? Kathy: Be open to the unexpected. Georgina: Talk us through your most recent deck? Why might I want them? Kathy: The Elfin Ally Deck has 72 spirit animal cards within; each one accompanied by an elf or fairy and a 62page Guidebook. We need to listen to the magick and the mystery all around us; the animals have a lot to teach us. Nature is our guide, so be an elf and open yourself intuitively to other worlds guided by the animals. The White Wolf came to me in dreams to guide me as I created this deck. I paid attention. This deck can help you do the same. Georgina: Please tell us what inspired you to do the Lefty Oracle? Why is it called such? Kathy: It’s called the Lefty Oracle because it was created/painted entirely with my non-dominant left hand, the intuitive hand! I started painting with my left hand after growing bored with my right. Georgina: You mention you create paintings in series? Could you please tell us more about this? Kathy: For example; I started painting a few herbal cat/fairy paintings and then I couldn’t stop! I never know when a series will end. At some point I just can’t paint any more although with the lefty’s I actually continue to paint with both my left and right hands. Georgina: How do you go about choosing your paintings for the Oracle cards? Kathy: That is the most difficult of all. I try to find images that convey all ranges of the human experience. Georgina: I love your advice “ be open to the unexpected” - could you please give an 28 

example? We would love to know more. Kathy: Be prepared to be surprised in a reading. For example, if you come into a past life reading with the expectation that you were a Princess in a past life then if the reading says differently you may not hear anything that was said. Georgina: How did you hone into your spiritual skills? Kathy: I’ve worked with my dreams since I was a teen by keeping a dream diary. This is a great place to start. Working with divination tools is helpful for some of us, but not all. As an artist, I enjoy working with imagery so it came naturally to me. Then I practiced using these tools with others and afterwards asked for written analysis of the reading. Georgina: Are you clairvoyant? Did this come naturally to you? Have you trained? Kathy: Yes. It did come naturally to me after I started listening and trusting what I received. I trained for many months within the Circle I mentioned earlier, an English Traditional Healing & Teaching Circle. Georgina: Thank you so much for giving of your time Kathy, I know you are extremely busy right now. If any of our readers would like to find out more, they can contact you at kathycrabbe.com.

The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

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You Are a Lightworker An excerpt from Energy Speaks by Lee Harris


ost of us intuitively feel that reality contains a spiritual dimension hidden from our five senses. For author Lee Harris, that spiritual dimension became startlingly real one day when he began communicating with “the Zs,” a group of nonphysical beings from another plane of reality. At first, Lee dismissed the Zs as figments of his imagination, but they spoke with such wisdom and compassion that he became convinced of their existence. He quickly discovered that they had profound insights to offer into the big issues facing all of us: relationships, prosperity, health, and more. In Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening, Harris distills the Zs’ wisdom into a concise and practical guide for conscious living that promises that each one of us is an irreplaceable part of something much greater than ourselves, and that help is always available to us from unexpected sources. We hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from the book.

This planet needs as many of you as possible to create the consciousness shift now occurring. And how you feel it! It can feel beautiful, wonderful, joyous, humorous, light, fun. It can also feel torturous and wretched. The shift involves a whole spectrum of emotional states. And in order for consciousness to evolve, this full spectrum must be experienced. You are experiencing the spectrum at various levels of awareness, but the whole shebang, as it were, must be gone through consciously so that the shift can be completed. This is what you all want. Your work as lightworkers will challenge you. Oh yes, very much so. Lightworkers need to be at the top of the wave and surfing it, scouting ahead so that 30 

The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

everyone behind can swim in clear waters. When we say “behind,” we would suggest that you not get caught up in status. A lightworker is no better — or less — than a human being who is not actively working with the light. It is just how it is. You are no less or more important than the next person. You are a unity of souls. And every soul has their crucial role to play. So be mindful when you judge, for in judging you temporarily separate yourself from your expanded human family. Competition between lightworkers is being cleared and eliminated at this time; it is one of the final arenas where battles need to cease for this evolutionary shift to occur. As lightworkers, you will sometimes compare yourselves to others. Good. Do it. Experience how it feels, but do it consciously and with awareness so that you may become free of it. Judging yourself for such comparison and competition will not free you. Being aware of this dynamic as it arises in you will help to do so, for you can then experience the emotions intuitively, intelligently, and honestly — as a way to quicken your growth. You will be able to facilitate the movement of these dark feelings from within yourself. They are part of you. They are part of the world. They are not to be feared. They are simply to be allowed passage through you, for you do not need to harbor them anymore. You need not see yourself as moving up the levels any faster than your fellow lightworkers, racing against them. You are simply at various stages of focus, discovery, and the implementation of your gifts. Imagine if everyone were at the same place — standing on the same rung of the ladder. Progress would be impeded. How would humanity as a group be able to move forward?

A Consciousness Shift You have within you a jigsaw puzzle. It is all there. All the pieces are there — beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, experiences, desires, dreams, purpose, destiny, and more. Your outer life offers manifestations of this inner jigsaw puzzle, allowing you to see the picture that is keen to emerge at this time in your life. As it does, you can put the pieces together — and move them around as you wish — so that your jigsaw puzzle becomes whole once more. So many jigsaw puzzles — so many lives — have been incomplete for too long. This incomplete picture can feel like a drain of your power and energy. The reason why some of you are finding this time so hard is precisely because you are shifting — growing and transforming in profound ways. And in the flux of change, the jigsaw pieces can sometimes seem scattered to the wind. Yes, much has been said and written about a period of great change that was imminent, but the difference is that this awaited shift is happening now. Right now. This period of time has long been designated for a shift in consciousness affecting the earth for many years to come. We speak to you now of personal power because that is what is required to navigate this challenging period. Do not feel that you are a victim of the energetic change occurring. Oh no. Remember, you chose this. We say this to you with caring and affection, for we understand how difficult it can be as a human being when you experience pain, heartbreak, uncertainty, or the fear that arises when stepping into the unknown. It can be challenging to maintain your understanding of the larger truth of what is going on, both in your own life and in the world at large. But do choose to remember. Remembering brings you back to the seat of your power and brings greater ease to your life experience.

A BOUT THE AUTHOR Lee Harris the author of Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening. He is also an intuitive medium, transformational leader, musician, and visual artist. In 2004, he began holding channeling sessions and readings in his home, and today he leads workshops throughout the world. A native of England, he is now based in California. Visit him online at https://www.leeharrisenergy.com. Excerpted from the book Energy Speaks. Copyright ©2019 by Lee Harris. Printed with permission from New World Library — www. newworldlibrary.com.


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Hall of Mirrors Meditation by Judie Troyansky


f you had a chance to talk to your younger self, what would you say? If you could get advice from your future self, what would you ask, and would you take the wisdom offered? This meditation can help answer these questions. We are going to work with magic mirrors. Not the ones used for scrying. This meditation was inspired by the story of Snow White. These are the kind of mirrors that we saw used in the Walt Disney cartoon and almost every old TV show related to magic. As a general disclaimer, you won’t be able to have your future-self feed you the winning lottery numbers and you won’t be able to tell your youngerself to buy shares in a start-up called Macintosh / Apple or Microsoft. But you can find the source of fears holding you back or see the possible results of the current path you’ve chosen. Let’s begin. You can use the method in the sidebar to reach a meditative state. Once you have come to the stairs landing, it’s time to take a little walk. You have with you a special carryall or messenger bag. The day is pleasant, the walk not difficult. The birds are singing and there’s the scent of warm grass and wildflowers. You come to a fork in the road. Follow the one that is less used. You are entering your own private land. The trees part for you and the pathway lights up. We are going to your own private great hall. It might be in a castle, or part of a network of caves, or even hidden behind a waterfall. You approach the huge doors to the secret space. In your bag, you’ll find a ring of keys. What do these keys look like are they old, tarnished brass? Are they solid gold? Or have you gone high-tech and you’re using a card?


The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

Use one to unlock these doors. This place is huge. There seems to be so many things here. It’s hard to choose where to look first. Yes, all of these things have significance to you and your current and past lives. You can stop here and explore, or you can continue on to the hall of mirrors. Walk down the corridor until you see the door you’re looking for. What does the door look like? Is it a simple non-descript door, like you’d find in an apartment building? Is it made of glass or wood or metal? Is there a sign that says what’s behind the door, or does it have a symbol, or maybe a number? Use your keys and enter the room. The room is dark, but you can easily see your way around. There are full length mirrors on all the walls; except one. This is a small mirror that only reflects your head and shoulders. Above the mirror it says, “reference desk”. Tap on the frame and your reflection is replaced with mist. The mirror may speak out loud, or you may only hear it in your inner ear. It wants to know your question so it can direct you to the correct mirror. For now, we’ll just wander around. You can always return to ask a question after you see what’s here. The mirrors are long and framed. Some of the frames might be simple. Others very ornate. But each has a jewel on the side of the frame, in easy reach. Put your hand on the glass. An image begins to form. This first mirror allows you to speak to your younger self. Try it. Stand in front of the mirror and see into your past self. How old are you? Are you a toddler, or was this last year’s version of you? This is the place to find some of the roots of your beliefs. This second mirror allows you to see a future

Meditation isn’t complicated There’s no need to sit with your legs crossed or to kneel, staring at a wall. You can meditate sitting, standing, or lying down. Read both parts of the meditation through first and follow the steps or record the full meditation for your personal use. Just remember, when recording, to leave space between steps to allow yourself time to visualize the actions.

version of yourself. The future is not fixed. The idea here is, if you continue on the path you are currently on, this is who you’ll be. Ask your future you about the regrets they may have or choices they wish they’d made. Or of there was a key to getting a hurdle you might now be facing. The next mirror allows you to talk to your past lives. The one beside it is to address your inner critic to find out why they’re so caught up in different issues. Another mirror can be used to talk to your guides. You can keep constructing mirrors and use them as you need them. Remember the gem set into the frame? That’s removable so you can wear it around your neck. If you tap on the gem, you can pull the version of yourself into the room with you. To give yourself a much-needed hug or to be able to sit down and have a chat. If you wear the gem, the mirror becomes a doorway to their world. You can witness a memory as a bystander to get clarity or go to the future to see what your whole life looks like. Have no fear. The gem will never leave you until you put it back into the frame. And no matter what you hear or say, you can always leave the meditation. Once you are ready to return to the waking world, just leave the hall and lock the door. Walk back to where you came from and retrace your way on the steps. Now open your eyes. Wiggle your fingers and your toes and go get something to eat to help you ground. You’ll probably have a lot to journal about.

Relax. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose to the count of four, hold for the count of four and then exhale through your mouth for the count of four. Relax your shoulders. Relax them a bit more. Let all the tension pass from your body. Now imagine the number ten floating in the air in front of you, level with your forehead. Picture the font and the color of the number, if it glows or flashes like a neon sign. When you see it clearly, move on to the number nine. Imagine its color and font and its behavior. When it’s clear in your mind, move on to the number eight. Continue in this manner until you get to the number one. At this point you should be in a meditative state. You can continue with other meditations from here. If thoughts come forward. Push them aside for the moment. If outside noise disturbs you, just come back to counting your breath as we did earlier.

Taking the Stairs When you begin to create meditations, you’ll find that you have a desire to work on your own hidden shadows or you will want to work with a guide. What I do, is create a staircase, escalator or an elevator to get me to my desired realm. When I want to work with divinity or with a guide, I will go upstairs. To work on my shadows or to find an answer within myself I will go downstairs. Sometimes I’m not sure where the answer lies, so I follow a path and see where it leads.

Feel free to share your experiences in the Facebook group “Walking the Starlit Path.” https://www.facebook.com/groups/341252810031785/

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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For That Next Cup of Tea Book Reviews with Lilyana Shadowlyn Photo by Andres Iga on Unsplash

Liliyana Shadowlyn discovered her love of reading at a young age and pursued it by minoring in literature when she went to college. She has learned to embrace what she loves, including reading, renaissance festivals, costumes, and spending time with her husband, friends, and family. You can usually find her curled up with a book and a cup of tea. You can find more of her reviews at www.thefaeriereview.com.

Non-Fiction: The Way of the Simple Soul by Catherine Grace Landry Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies Review: I must admit I was completely blown away by how relatable this book is. One of the stumbling blocks I’ve come across in some new-age spiritual books is they feel like they were written for a specific audience, and if you don’t fall in that category, the book doesn’t help you. Landry writes as though she is sitting down and talking to a friend over a cup of coffee, making this exceptionally accessible for people from all walks of life and levels of enlightenment. The soul isn’t something that often concerns us in everyday life. There are so many other pressures vying for our attention, that the spirit is often left behind. Our soul makes us whole and losing it can have negative consequences for us and how 34 

we interact with our environment. Landry’s quest to find her soul began in a simple way – at the bedside of a dying man, who left her with important words of wisdom before he crossed beyond this world. Reading her story of how those few words sparked a spirit journey is inspiring. Searching for one’s soul takes dedication and a desire to reunite with your higher self. While unfolding the story of her quest for her soul, Landry touches on some important points. First, the visions and dreams. The ones that let her see her soul and other beings that do not have mortal forms. Her imagery is transcendental, making the reader feel as if they are seeing everything through her eyes. On a personal note, I felt a deep, instinctual connection to Landry while reading this book. It was strange at first, but it was as if my soul was reaching for hers. Although I had never read this before, it was as if I already understood the path we followed. At the end I felt as if I had a deeper understanding of my soul and the universe, as well as clear way forward.

The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

I highly recommend this book for anyone. No matter your beliefs or the road you currently travel through in this life, Landry’s story has something for you. There is a universal truth woven into her words that speaks to your innermost heart. A must-read for everyone who is looking for a higher meaning in this life. Buy it: http://bit.ly/simplesoul  Fiction: The Custos: Book of Time, Book of Change, Book of Mysteries by Savannah Verte Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies Review: IThis was an amazing series. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. Book 4 comes out in August, and I can’t wait. I recommend reading the books in order, as they bring the story together in a perfect way. Book of Time introduces the reader to the Custos and the eternal struggle to keep a special book, and its keeper, safe. The book contains what has been and will be; but should anyone, other than the current keeper touch it, the state of things changes, in unpredictable, fixed ways. The action keeps you on the edge of your seat, and this is more than just a black and white war between good and evil. Shorter than the next two books in the series, this book merely whets the reader’s appetite to know more of the story. Book of Change is an action-packed thriller that follows the life of one keeper - Adelia. A powerful

heroine who never backs down from a fight, her Custos Rourke has his hands full trying to protect her and the book. Everything is put on the line when the book is stolen, and Adelia is forced to deal with a ghost from her past. You won’t be able to stop turning the pages as Adelia and Rourke are engaged in a dance with the opposition that has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue until the end of it. Book of Mysteries takes place long before Book of Change, yet it isn’t jarring or out of place. At first when I learned that the story took place about 100 years (give or take a decade) before that of Book of Change I was a little skeptical that it could smoothly tie in with the two previous stories. I was blown away with how well it not only tied in but revealed things that had only been hinted at before. Twins, wars, and death make this keeper’s tenure the most dangerous and unprecedented in the history of the book. Custos you’ve come to know and love make a reappearance, and questions left from the previous installment are answered. All in all, a must read for those who love urban fantasy thrillers. I’ve laughed, cried, and held my breath while reading these stories. I lack the words to convey how they wrapped their words around me and held me close as I read on for hours, unaware of the passage of time. I felt a sort of emptiness when I finished, as if I was leaving good friends behind, that I wouldn’t see again for some time. That, above all is the mark of an excellent story, and I only have the highest praise for these books and eagerly await book four. Buy them:   https://amzn.to/2YuNhbc ,   https://amzn.to/2HxK2ce ,   https://amzn.to/2w8JKDf  

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The Basics of Magic 


ears ago, when I started my path I lived in a place where everyone was VERY Christian and no one would ever be involved in anything like MAGIC, and as a result I had no teacher or guide, and of course, no internet to just go and Google any answers. I thus spent countless hours in libraries looking for books, and, for the most part, what I found was a fragment here of one thing and a fragment there of another. As someone starting out, I found that it was incredibly confusing for me – how could I know if I was doing it right? I had an idea that there were methods and so forth, but what if I made a mistake and did something wrong or got hurt? This was a problem that continued to bug me years later when I had access to all the information I wanted and found all the paths to be quite different. I was certainly not going to say that Voodoo was wrong and Solomonic Ritual magic was right or anything like that, but it seemed to me that the energy of magic, however that you managed to access it, followed certain rules, and to this end ALL magical styles must

have a common thread that was ‘how you did things properly’. Enough research has taught me that this is in fact true, a lesson I wished I had learned a very long time ago. All traditions, though they might do these things in very different ways, teach that a properly set up spell will contain all of these things done at one time or another to ensure the safety and readiness of the practitioner. Cleanse, Ground, Protect, Direct These four things are the basis of any good working, and in that they put the practitioner in the right space and help the working to be well prepared.

. . . but it seemed to me that the energy of magic, however that you managed to access it, followed certain rules, and to this end ALL magical styles must have a common thread . . .


by Philip Lynx


The first thing we must realize is that daily living— the fact that we have emotions, the fact that we go to work— and, unlike a dedicated priesthood that can live in seclusion and so on, we are going to pick up a lot of negative energies that will interfere with our workings. Cleansing, by whatever method that your tradition chooses to do it, will ensure that you are freed from these negative influences that might get in the way of what you are trying

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to achieve. Cleansing is also very healthy, and many practices have it as a standard ritual for daily living even when there is no working to be done. How and when you might do this will vary dependent on your tradition, but it will always be there, and it is a very good habit to get into. Ideally a small cleansing should be done daily, and a larger one at regular intervals through the year, and of course if you are planning any special ritual, it should be done prior to that. The thing about energy is that it is clingy — it tends to stick to things in a weird fashion, and as a result you can often

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find that you end up with either random energies attached or spare energy that you no longer need. Like cleansing, it is a good idea to ground often and release the energy – usually into the earth which is big and strong enough to happily absorb and reintegrate any energy that you might have spare. Grounding is a lot like resetting yourself so that you can start clean and ready for the next time. Grounding is often done at the same time as cleansing, so you may find that your cleansing rituals will include some kind of contact with the earth. Like cleansing, grounding is a very good habit to get into as it is not only important for any working that you do, but it is also, like cleansing, very good for the health.



Magic is powerful. It’s that simple. You are using energies that have shaped the universe! It is not only unwise, but actually downright stupid to do a working without protection. You would not go and grab bare electrical wires? Yet we are not saying that electricity is bad, or that you should not use it, we are saying it’s powerful and to be careful. Know what you are doing. In exactly the same way we need to keep in mind that dealing with magic requires care, knowledge, and protection. The setup of your circle, for example, is a protective ritual that keeps you safe while doing a working. The use of talismans and amulets is a way of protecting yourself. There are many ways in all the various traditions but be sure that you MUST do something if you want to do a working safely and correctly.

Magic is a fine art. We do not go out there as if with a firehose and simply spray around willy-nilly and hope that something might vaguely happen in the general manner in which we want. Just as we use proper cables and plugs, insulation and so forth, to direct the electricity to the lamp and not; for example, I would never have bare wires underfoot where I could shock myself or lose the electricity into the ground. So too must we direct our magic with care and intent, ensuring that it goes where it should and in the manner it should. This is why we prepare our rituals with care. For example, it is why they say that you need to consider the consequences of every spell. Yes, I made that woman love me, but did it also result in the child of her previous marriage committing suicide due to the heartache of the breakup?


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Yes, I got the money I wanted, but did it rush my parents’ death so I could get the inheritance? There are consequences to all magics. In short, the four tags give us a way to see if the magic that we are doing, whatever it may be, is well prepared throughout and comes with the right safety and responsibility. It allows us to keep a check on what we are doing and what we are learning, and even as we progress and become masters of our craft these rules still apply and make a great quick check that we are handling our workings well. There are many ways to do magic, but the energy of magic itself is universal and there are still rules that guide and bind it, and knowing these rules and how to use them is a great part of what it means to be a successful witch, warlock, priest or priestess or whatever title your craft applies to you. Everything in the universe has rules for the way it works, it is the nature of things in the universe, and while there might be exceptions at times, the rules are the very reason that we are able to harness the power of magic, and so they should not be looked on as restrictions at all, but rather paths by which we can make the amazing happen. Like in the Gothonic1 view of the

Wyrd2 – we do not forge the Wyrd, but like a sailor on the sea, we can move around through it to be where we want to be, and a really skilled sailor is even able to sail into the wind and do the impossible, yet at the same time he never forces or changes the Wyrd, simply uses its endless possibilities. The sailor does not control the sea or the storm, but with skill he is able to ride it and use its power to get to the destination that he chooses. I once knew a rather skilled chaos magician, and we used to discuss these rules of magic. And one day, I said to her, “Since you are a chaos mage, why are you even caring about rules at all? Is it not true to say that you are against all the rules?” She just laughed at me and said, “How can you break a rule if you don’t even know what the rule is? As a chaos mage, rules are one of the most important parts of what I do!”

2 “When it comes to the Web, it is mainly about the destiny and fates. Actually, the Web of Wyrd represented the past, the present, and the upcoming future. It worked as a Viking reminder that the deeds in the past would affect the present and what we did at the present time would affect our future. All the phases of our life were interconnected and impossible to separate.” (http://historyofvikings.com/ web-of-wyrd/)


1 Definition of Gothonic: Germanic, Teutonic (https:// www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Gothonic)

Philip Lynx was a practicing Monk and Priest within the Catholic Church. Having practiced Prayer as his specialism for 9 years he is more than qualified to guide on ‘Meditation As A Skill.’ Nowadays you will find Philip practicing as a Warlock and Spirit Worker as he has done formerly for over 20 years

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Walking With the    Goddess   by Setjataset

Photo by Terry Richmond on Unsplash

Setjataset is a regular writer on Kemetic, Hellenic, Wiccan and occult subjects and has been featured in several books and magazines internationally. She edited her first book, Sekhmet Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Sekhmet in 2015. Arch Priestess Hierophant in the Fellowship Of Isis (Lyceum of Heka), Hereditary Folk/Hermetic Witch, Initiated Wiccan Priestess, Reiki/Seichim/Sekhem Master, Tarot Councillor (ATA) who has worked professionally as a reader, healer, purveyor of magickal items and teacher of workshops in various metaphysical and occult subjects. For more information go to her blog: https://setjataset.wordpress.com/

How to Cleanse and Purify Using the Elements


ith the turn of the wheel and the beginning of another season, a new cycle emerges, and we can move past the stagnant energies which no longer serve us. During the transitional period of moving from one seasonal cycle to another, it can be used as a perfect time to neutralize, cleanse and purify, yourself, your space and your items. It can be likened to a spring clean, if you will, which can be done at this time as a regular interval to correspond with the changing of the seasons (or anytime really, if so desired, like the changing of the moon 40 

cycles or the beginning or ending of every calendar month). In my previous article, Walking with the Goddess (Issue 4, Winter 2018), I discussed how to set up a personal practice. In this issue I would like to focus on how to cleanse and purify yourself, your tools and your magickal/spiritual space when connecting with magick or communing with the ancestors or Gods. The purpose of cleansing is to remove and neutralize stagnant or malevolent energies. The purpose of purifying is to make something clean. There are many various methods of cleansing and purifying

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for magickal and spiritual purposes. In this article, I am going to focus on one of the simplest forms of cleansing and purifying utilizing the four elements of water, earth, air and fire, along with some examples of basic methods you can employ in your workings.

Water You can use the following sprinkled on yourself, your tools and your space: 1. Essential oils which can be used *directly or diluted in carrier oil such as lavender oil. 2. Flower waters such as rose water or orange blossom water or herb waters such as rosemary or bay laurel. 3. Water which is purified or from a living moving source such as a stream, river or ocean.

Earth You can use the following sprinkled on yourself, your tools and your space: 1. Salt, such as pure rock salt which can be ground down into powder.

2. Clay, especially clean locally sourced which is free from toxins. 3. Bread, especially home-made which is organic in nature (in this instance you can also eat it to ground). 4. Barley, preferably organic in nature.

Air 1. Incense, pass the smoke over yourself, the item and your space. 2. Flowers and herbs utilized for their scent. 2a. For personal purification and cleansing inhale their aroma; and 2b. For tools and your space, brush the items/area with herbs or sprinkle the petals of flowers over them.


1. Candle flame, pass candle flame over yourself, the item and leave in a space to be cleansed and purified until its burned down. 2. Incense, pass the smoke over yourself, the item and your space. 3. Burning herbs in a smudging manner over yourself, the item and space, such as bunches of lavender, rosemary and laurel bay.

Photo by Luz Mendoza on Unsplash

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Simple Cleansing and Purifying Rite On your altar/shrine have a pure beeswax candle, some purified water in a bowl, some incense and some salt. Light the candle and using the candle flame light the incense. Pass the incense over your items, yourself and your space and say: By the energetic powers of air, I detoxify By the energetic powers of fire, I purify Take the salt and blend with the water using your finger to mingle it together. Sprinkle the salt-water over your items, yourself, your space and say: By the energetic powers of earth, I neutralize By the energetic powers of water, I cleanse Take a deep breath and hold your hands out before you and forcefully say: Withdraw stagnant and malevolent forces, My intent is focused and true, I bid you gone, far away from here, For I am pure and clean, So it is said - so it is done! Snuff the candle out to use next time you want to cleanse and purify and pour the saltwater down the drain. Whatever technique you employ to cleanse and purify yourself and your surroundings – do it with purpose and intent on a regular basis and you’ll be set. In Her name, Setjataset *Please be mindful when placing certain essential oils directly on skin as they can cause irritation, the same can be said with placing certain oils on magical or spiritual items as the oils can have a corrosive effect.


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I would like to share a simple rite I created for a magical space (shrine, altar or temple space) to purify and cleanse various items, tools and oneself:




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The Universal Law of Balance by Rosemary McCarthy


he Law of Balance was set in place because our Universe is one of duality and polarity. Of yin and yang. I see the Law of Balance as having two aspects that affect us, but at different levels of our existence. • There is the cosmic balancing law that works to hold the Universe and everything in it in proper balance, which affects us on the ethereal/psychic level and in consideration with our soul’s journey. This usually happens without our awareness. • The more human day-to-day way this Universal truth applies to us is that to function at our highest potentials while in physical form we need keep the various aspects of our being – our mind, body, and soul, or the mental, physical, and spiritual parts of us in proper balance. Our mental and physical aspects are intended to support what the spiritual part of us, or our soul, came here to do.

On the Ethereal Level At this level, the Law of Balance deals with our soul’s growth and its journey back to fully embracing the Oneness we are all a part of. To that end, each lifetime acts like a classroom whereby we are given lessons to learn and 44 

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circumstances we are born into that allow for soul growth. The specific lessons and circumstances of each lifetime are dependent upon which part of our soul’s journey we are to experience and fulfill here and now, as well how we managed and responded to what was set out in our past or most recent lifetime(s). Although cosmic and Universal factors may be taken into account, like for the lives of the Masters, for most of us the deciding factors are, 1) how we handled the lessons we were to learn; 2) how we navigated the circumstances we were born into, or situations that arose, and 3) the balancing out of any harsh circumstances / situations that were not in our life plan. 1. How we managed the lessons we were to learn in the past lifetime(s) will dictate the circumstances of this lifetime. For example, if in our past life our lesson was to embrace our Oneness by overcoming a propensity to control and we were unable to override this urge to control others to their detriment or control situations that brought about negative results, in our next lifetime we will likely be at the beck and call of controllers. And if we were able to override our propensity to control, it is like

Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash

we passed that test, and we will have new lessons to learn / or tendencies to override in the next lifetime. 2. How we dealt with the circumstances we were born into or situations that arose in our most recent lifetime(s) will dictate what our circumstances will be in this one. For example, if we were born into wealth and were stingy and/or wielded the power wealth brings with it over others, we will likely be born into impoverished or difficult circumstances next time. Conversely, if we were born into poverty and lived a life of integrity, generosity, and compassion for others, our life situation will likely be much better next time around. 3. Sometimes we are the victim of horrific circumstances / situations that were not in our life plan, and this is often balanced out next time around. As duality and free will play out, people are often caught in dire or war situations and suffer loss or physical or mental abuse by happenstance. Depending on how this is managed and the extent of the pain, these souls are often compensated in the next lifetime and are born into a nice and safe

situation. They may have what might be considered an easy life. ~ These are some of the reasons it is so important not to judge others for their attitudes and behaviors or be disapproving of people’s life circumstances. As most of us go through life, we are simply attempting to navigate our life lessons or left-over karma as best we can, while some of us are benefiting from an earned ease of life. This balancing out in our various lifetimes is akin to the Eastern concept of karma.

On the Human Level To become all that we are meant to be – to become our Best Self, we need to follow the principles of the Law of Balance that pertain to us and ensure we live in a way that promotes a sense of equilibrium in our lives and harmony in our beings. To do so we must look after our physical, mental/ emotional, and spiritual worlds – and keep them in proper balance. Our Physical World is comprised of looking after our body with our eating and drinking habits, our physical activity, and our energy output. If we are unbalanced or over indulge in any areas of our everyday 

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life, such as eating/drinking unhealthily or over eating/drinking, over working, over socializing, or being unnecessarily lazy or apathetic, the Law of Balance will bring us back to center – at one point or another. This may come about as a desire to better our self, an inspiration that leads to a spiritual awakening that shifts our focus, or, if we continue to abuse our self something may happen that brings about an unwanted change, like an illness or a great loss where we have no choice but to shift our focus. Our Emotional World affects us both physically and spiritually. It is now common knowledge that we are what we think and that if we are fearful or negative, or focus on our issues or on disease (ours, others, real, or imaged) we anchor these in, or invite new ones into our life. If we focus on divisiveness – on our differences with others and emphasize these and ignore the Oneness we all share, we will create conflict with those around us. All these scenarios bring chaos in our lives and cause us emotional turmoil; however, we have been unaware that underlying influences have been causing us to act in ways that were counterintuitive to our peace and happiness, and in creating harmony with others.

Unbeknownst to us, Unconscious Influences run our lives – without our consent. How we feel, how we react, and often what we do, or don’t do, are based not only on our past experiences – the positive and negative ones – and the innerheart beliefs and habitual patterns these created, but also on what we inherited from our ancestry and Humanity’s history – from our familial, generational, cultural, and religious / spiritual backgrounds. Until recently it was not widely known that it is our emotional world – our wounds and what we focus on that keeps us in negative and habitual thought patterns and in highly reactive or passive states. Nor did we know that it is these ways of being that invite conflict and unwanted circumstances into our lives. Conflict and unwanted circumstances often lure us into focusing solely on them, creating an imbalance of focus, which invites more negativity into our life. Vicious cycles begin. Negative and emotionally imbalanced responses create pull-and-push scenarios keeping the vicious cycles going, making it difficult to break out of them. It is only when we honestly look at and address our feelings, attitudes, and behaviors, aim to

. . . we have been unaware that underlying influences have been causing us to act in ways that were counterintuitive to our peace and happiness . . .


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Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

understand where other people are coming from, and examine our approach to life and others, that we can start to override our negative unconscious habitual responses. It is not our fault that we are stuck in these negative and reactive states and patterns. Humanity’s past history lured us into fearful, survival, and negative thinking patterns that caused us to close our hearts and keep our psyches in overdrive. In the Western world most of us now are no longer in survival mode, however we have retained the habit of an overactive mind, which has been supported by today’s society with its focus on physical needs and achieving. As such, our minds have become consumed with our physical and mental well-being, with little time or energy to consider our spiritual well-being. Recent society has also touted the importance of mind and money matters over feeling and heart matters, discouraging us from being open-hearted. We now know that we can and must override our negative, habitual patterns to find peace in our lives, as well as help create a peaceful world. We have also recently learned that it is through our heartconnection that we access the spiritual world, so we must ensure we open our hearts and keep them open so that we can develop a strong spiritual connection. Our Spiritual World needs the appropriate amount of attention for us to function effectively in the world. A healthy spiritual life is vital to us becoming our Best

Self, so we have to nurture it. Spirit speaks softly. It whispers to us through our hearts. To feel its peace and receive its guidance, we have to take some quiet time every day so that we maintain the connection. We cannot align with its peace or easily hear the guidance or messages Spirit sends us if our mind is busy and scattered, and our body tense and stressed. Prayer, meditation, yoga, chanting, journaling, reading holy books, or any of the various daily spiritual practices keep our connection to Spirit strong. So does getting lost in beautiful music or art, spending time in nature, and doing what brings us joy. A combination of formal practice and doing what we love and brings us joy and a peaceful feeling is the best recipe for keeping the airwaves to Universal flow open. Keeping a healthy balance between a focus on material and spiritual matters is also vital. If we become overly concerned with material matters, such as attaining, success, or the focus on our bodies, we will be thrown off kilter and lose the full benefits of our spiritual connection. Over-spiritualizing life is also an easy trap to fall into, and when we do so we will also become unbalanced: we would find life difficult. We came here in bodies to be in the world. Most of us are meant to simply express our spirituality and serve God through every day dealings with people and the world – by being loving and compassionate with all whom we come in contact with. 

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Staying Balanced / Allowing for Imbalance Still, there may be times in our lives that will call for us to tip the scale off balance to one side, like caring for a newborn baby, being an intern training to be a doctor, or doing an extended spiritual retreat. And some people’s life purpose is to serve Humanity and the world in a spiritual way, like the clergy, rabbis, yogis, or monks, whereby their lives are dedicated to service, prayer, meditation, etc. Their purpose is not only to guide us on our spiritual path, but they also hold the space of spiritual grace open and alive in the world by their consistent connection to Universal flow. We all benefit from this – even though we are unaware of it. Apart from the special cases mentioned

above, most of us are meant to live balanced lives, keeping a healthy balance between our physical, mental, and spiritual worlds so that we can become all we are meant to be, while using all aspects of our God-given gifts. ~ We can choose to live life as we please because we have been given free will, however, if we live an unbalanced life, we will suffer the consequences of doing so. We will experience the effects of our choices – whether or not they bring us happiness, help or hinder us creating the life we want, allow us to be in harmony with others, or aid us in our spiritual growth. Rosemary McCarthy© May 2019..

A BOUT THE AUTHOR This article is the 5th of an 8-part series on Universal Laws for Starlit Path, and is based on concepts in Rosemary’s 2016 first book, Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science, as well as from the newly released Why We Are the Way We Are, Book 1 of her ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series. (All available in print and e-book through Amazon). Book 2 of this series, Becoming Our Best Self will be available in March 2019; and Book 3, Relationships in an Evolving World in May 2019. After over 20 years of interest in spirituality and self-growth, Rosemary says she continuously feels inspired to write about our personal and spiritual growth. Her articles also appear regularly in Awareness Magazine (a print and e-magazine), and she posts weekly on her 2 blogs, creates a themed monthly newsletter, and says that ideas for future books (even stories) are always rumbling around her head. Rosemary live in Montreal, has 3 grown sons and 2 grandchildren. For more info on Your Journey to Peace … see: here (https://yourjourneytopeace.com/ book-synopsis/) On the new Series see: here (https://www.spiritedfawnpublications.com/2018/10/01/ why-we-are-the-way-we-are-book1-3/) Rosemary’s contact is: rosemary@yourjourneytopeace.com To Stay Updated on What’s New contact Rosemary, or Sign Up here for her Newsletter (https:// us17.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=30134c54114b81c15aa610443&id=34fde14eb7), or Follow her on Facebook here (https://www.facebook.com/YourJourneytoPeace.RosemaryMcCarthy)


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Three  Card   Reveal

by Madam Tealeaf


Photo by Robin Patterson



What do our readers need to know for the Summer?

Images from The Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. ©2009 Published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Card  #1 : 7 of Cups:

Decisions, decisions, decisions. But none of them are bad. It’s a choice between something you’ll enjoy vs something you’ll enjoy more. But beware of ‘shiny object syndrome’. It will do no good to jump from place to place, from thing to thing, like a grasshopper with the hiccups. If you do, things are started but nothing gets finished and you don’t end up happy.

Card  #2 :

Queen of Swords

She’s a planner. She knows what to do to get things done. She can see the target and uses her sword to cut through that which no longer serves and is unnecessary. She gets things done. She just has to get her act together and implement. And once she’s on track and her eyes are on the target, there’s nothing stopping her.

Card  #3 : 3 of Coins:

The mastery card. This person is doing what they love and loves what they do. The work is something that they love so much, it no longer feels like work. It isn’t that they don’t earn their living from what they do, but sometimes they feel that the money is a bonus. Allow the work to become like a meditation. When you’re working on the thing that you love, just fall into it. Leave the other cares aside, don’t think about the to-do list or the dishes in the sink. Let the work you love become your focus. Answers will bubble up when you least expect.

Looking at these three cards together. Please remember that you know what you want to do. Stop giving yourself excuses and reasons not to do it. Because once you take on the role of the Queen of Swords and implement without fear, you will not only gain the prize, you will regain peace..

*Madam Tealeaf has opened her calendar to private online readings. See Madam Tealeaf ’s Magical Emporium for further details. https://starlitpathmagazine.com/mme-tealeafs-magical-emporium 50 

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by Peter J Barbour Henrietta left the cabin and ran to the ravine where she last saw her sister, Lucinda. She carried heavy lengths of rope in one hand and a lantern in the other. The sun had long since set, but the moon sat low on the horizon and cast a dim reflected light onto the ground. Henrietta had procrastinated long enough. It was time to try to rescue Lucinda from the depths of the ravine. Henrietta was not an evil person, nor did she lack remorse. It had been peaceful without Lucinda; and, as fortunate as Henrietta had originally felt when Lucinda fell off the cliff into the ravine, Henrietta began to feel guilty for not making some attempt at rescuing her immediately. She began to imagine Lucinda at the bottom of the ravine, struggling, possibly in pain, desperately trying to get out. She wrestled with her conscience. How could I leave her there? She thought. I should have done something When Henrietta reached the edge of the ravine, she approached slowly, nervous, with certain trepidation. She cautiously peered into the darkness. She could see nothing beyond a few feet. She placed the lantern on the ground next to the edge of the ravine, leaned over, cupped her hands, and shouted. “Luccinndaa? Lucinda, are you down there?” Then she listened. She thought she could hear what sounded like many voices, and these voices sounded angry, argumentative, with shouting and fighting, but there was no answer to her call. Henrietta began to tie the ends of the ropes together to create one long line. “Lucinda, I’m going to lower a rope with a knot on the end. Climb onto the knot and I’ll hoist you up,” Henrietta shouted into the darkness as she lowered the rope. When the entire length of the rope was lowered, she waited a few minutes with the hope that the rope reached to the bottom of the ravine. She felt a tug and started to pull the rope up. At first, she pulled frantically, as fast as she could. Her heart was racing, full of expectation and joy that she was not too late, and Lucinda would be saved. As the rope’s end began to near the surface, she began to pull less vigorously; she became fearful of how Lucinda would demean her once she was back beside her. Then she decided to pause and stopped retrieving the line. Did she have a change of heart? Memories of Lucinda’s shrewish behavior flooded back to her. She could hear Lucinda’s shrill squeaky abrasive voice echoing in her head. “Henrietta, get more wood for the fire. You’re so lazy, don’t just sit there.” Lucinda would say, as soon as Henrietta sat down to rest. “Henrietta! Henrietta! Henrietta!” Henrietta couldn’t bear to hear Lucinda say her name one more time. She reminded herself that she originally felt relief when she heard Lucinda’s 52 

The Starlit Path Magazine   Summer 2019

Photo by Nicholas Sampson on Unsplash

Henrietta and Lucinda

cries fade into a distant muffled tone as Lucinda plummeted down the ravine’s steep wall that afternoon. Henrietta said, “Good riddance,” and walked away. Now, she was pulling Lucinda to safety. She recalled her evil-eyed sister’s taunting and poking at her with a stick, making her feel like a lowly worm constantly under Lucinda’s oppressive foot. Henrietta started to question her own good intention, only to be snapped out of her deliberation by a sound coming from just below the ravine’s edge. “Yo, what’s the problem up there?” Henrietta secured the rope so that it would not slip back down. That voice, Henrietta thought, is not Lucinda’s voice. She picked up the lantern and held it over the edge. There, just five feet from the top, sitting on the knot, was a little man, clutching the rope with wrinkled, veined hands, and knobby fingers. “Well, what in the world are you waiting for, get me out of here. If I have to spend one more moment with that ungrateful termagant, I assume you delivered upon us, I don’t know what I’ll do.” His eyes glowed as the lantern’s light reflected from them. His face was animated as his thousand-year-old wrinkles rippled with each word. He wore a pointed hat, broken at the tip, cocked to the side, and a short woolen coat, woolen pants, and leather boots laced to mid-shin. Henrietta’s first instinct was to cut the rope, send this strange little person back from where he came, and call for the people of her community to fill the ravine with rocks. As Henrietta began to lower the rope, the little man spoke again. “No, please don’t do that. I cannot go back down there, not so long as that young woman is there. She is absolutely insufferable, unbearable, just horrible. She even poked me with a stick. She did! She poked me with a stick. Can you believe that?” Henrietta held the rope fast with one hand, and the lantern high with the other, and looked down at the little man. “She poked you with a stick?” Henrietta asked. “Yes, she poked me with a stick.” “She used to poke me with a stick, too. I know

what you mean.” Henrietta added and began to unburden herself to the little man. “Who does that Lucinda think she is anyway? It was enough to watch our parents dote on her. It was enough to know that, in our parents’ eyes, Lucinda could do no wrong. Lucinda was pretty, graceful, bright, the good daughter. If there were only one cookie left, Lucinda always got it. There seemed to be only enough love for one daughter. Once our parents left for work each day, a long day that stretched until well after dusk, Lucinda would begin to badger and demean me. Lucinda always had to be in charge.” “My poor dear. Maybe we can make a deal.” The little man was desperate to get away from the ravine and willing to bargain. “You rescue me from the hell my home has become, and I will make you rich.” “A rich person?” Henrietta said quietly as she finished raising the little man to the edge of the ravine. “But, what about Lucinda? She muttered with some ambivalence. “Lucinda?” The little man said as he grabbed the edge of the cliff overlooking the ravine and pulled himself up. “That young woman, if that, indeed, is what she is, can take care of herself anywhere.” Henrietta nodded her head in agreement, her remorse supplanted by curiosity, a sense of kinship was developing with this stranger, and the prospect of riches was enticing. They sat and talked by the ravine for a long time. The little man said that he could be the source of considerable wealth for Henrietta. He proposed that they find a rich person to follow and harass. He would meddle in this person’s life and make them miserable. After a week or two, for he didn’t think it would take longer than that, Henrietta would present herself and offer, for a fee of course, to exorcise the demon that had afflicted the rich person. There would be one stipulation, however – the little man agreed to do this trick just three times. “How do I know I can trust you?” Henrietta asked. The little man took off his hat and handed it to Henrietta. 

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“With this we seal the deal. When you have received the money from the third rich person. You will return my hat and I shall be on my way. I am Pripet. That is what my friends call me.” He extended his hand to Henrietta, and they shook on the deal. Henrietta, unwilling to face her parents, decided to find a place in the forest to spend the night. The next morning, the two arose early to begin their journey to find a rich person. A simple task for the most part, this was a wealthy land. Henrietta returned to the ravine one more time before they left. Although she could not see to the bottom through the foliage, she could hear the muffled faraway voices arguing. She smiled at her good fortune. By noon the second day, they were passing a huge farm with acres of wheat, cattle, and horses. Pripet looked at Henrietta and smiled. There, not much further down the road, was a massive home, finely appointed, and freshly painted. To the left of the house stood a fine barn, coops for chickens, and storage bins brimming with grain. “I think we have found a truly rich person,” Pripet said. “Henrietta, I’ll leave you now. You go. Return here in one week, as we discussed.” Henrietta left the little man and occupied herself by a nearby stream away from Pripet and his mischief. After the week passed, she walked back to the farm, past the fields of wheat, cattle, and horses, where she had left Pripet. When she came to the house, there sitting on the front lawn, was the owner. He held his head in his hands. He was pale and distraught. His eyes were glazed over with fear and uncertainty. “Hello there,” Henrietta called. “Hello.” The man looked up. He could hardly speak. His eyes darted back and forth as if expecting something from any direction. He swatted the air. A harsh cackle came from behind him and he whipped around to face it, but nothing was there. “Are you all right?” Henrietta asked, amazed at the spectacle Pripet had apparently created. “I was a sane man a week ago.” The man said as he backed up toward Henrietta keeping his face pointed 54 

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in the direction from which Pripet’s cackling had come. “This peaceful land, my land, is possessed. The chickens have laid no eggs, the cows have given no milk, and my workers have fled. My family is held prisoner in the house, afraid to come out. I fear all that I have will be lost.” “What if I can help you?” Henrietta asked. This is too easy to be true, she thought. “You could name your price.” The rich landowner answered, and Henrietta named a price. Henrietta agreed to return the next morning and, upon receiving her fee, for she insisted on being paid for her services in advance, agreed to bring peace to the farm and rid it of the demon that had invaded it. The next morning the farmer paid Henrietta the money, and, in return, she danced a very silly dance, shouted nonsense, and threw rocks at the house, the barn, and coops. She tapped the ground with a stick, and after several hours of this behavior, having grown tired, and without anything further to say or do, Henrietta took a seat next to the man. “Well, that should do it,” Henrietta said. “I hope so,” said the man, already greatly relieved and very impressed with Henrietta’s thoroughness. Of course, Pripet was long gone, having slipped away the night before. Henrietta bid the man and his family farewell and departed that much richer. Henrietta caught up to Pripet at the edge of a wood by dusk. Pripet had started a fire and was preparing a meal from the food that he had gathered at the farm. These two scoundrels were quite pleased with themselves when they counted the gold Henrietta had collected from the man. How proud Henrietta was with herself. If Lucinda could only see her now? The next weeks brought Henrietta and Pripet great fortune as they found the second and third rich persons, possessed them, and exorcised them, for a fee, of course. Henrietta’s incantations and gesticulations became more elaborate, and she became more enamored with her power and wealth. But, according to their deal, they would perpetrate their scam only three times, and Pripet was ready to depart. Wealth

had bred greed, and Henrietta, who now had plenty of money, wanted more. “I’m ready to go,” Pripet advised Henrietta. “I’ll be taking my hat.” The little man was not himself without his hat. “Let’s do it one more time,” Henrietta demanded greedily. “One more time, and then I’ll give you back your hat.” Pripet looked at Henrietta with contempt. He had kept his part of the bargain. He did not appreciate Henrietta not keeping hers. He was not about to beg or argue. A deal was a deal. “Alright, keep my hat! But, beware, you’ve scorned this little man,” Pripet snarled and stomped off. “Be off then,” Henrietta shouted after him. “I’m a woman of means now.” Henrietta began her journey home at next daylight. She avoided the areas through which she’d originally passed, not wanting to bump into any of the people she had deceitfully helped. She decided, as she walked, that she would build a mansion on the site of the family’s cabin. She could then begin to live the way she had always intended. How proud she anticipated her mother and father would be when she arrived with a plan and means to make the plan come true. It would more than make up for the loss of Lucinda. They would have to excuse her prolonged absence. She passed by the ravine where her adventure had begun, but neither looked down, nor listened for Lucinda’s voice. She arrived at the cabin after nightfall. She stood at the door for a moment before entering, listened and heard voices within. They are home, she thought gleefully, anticipating the joyous reunion. She drew a breath and opened the door only to stagger backward, horrified by the sight. There, sitting at her table, using her utensils, and eating from her plates, were four

slovenly little people covered with dirt and grease. They reeked of the putrefaction they consumed as they sat in their own excrement. As the hot air in the room rushed through the open door, Henrietta was nauseated by the disgusting odors that engulfed and smothered her. She turned and began to retch. Between heaves she could hear the familiar cackle that had tormented those she and Pripet had bilked. “Seen Pripet, Henrietta?” one of the beasts at the table asked and then cackled. Henrietta covered her mouth and her nose as the smell of rotting flesh, emitted with those spoken words, wafted over her. Her eyes burned; her stomach cramped. She wanted to lie down but not in the slime that covered her floor. Her head spun as she started to lose consciousness, only to be alerted by a searing pain across her back. She turned in the direction of the presumed attack, but no one was there. She dropped her bag of money, and, when she tried to reach for it, she felt a searing pain across her hand. She pulled her hand back and ran out the door. She sat in the yard, facing the door, as cackling laughter filled the air, mixed with the sound of breaking glass and splintering wood. “Well, Henrietta, how’s it feel to be rich?” Pripet whispered into her ear, in a very unfriendly way. “Where are my parents?” Henrietta shouted. “What have you done with them?” “Oh, they’re safe in a closet, safe in a closet,” Pripet mocked. “Make your horrible friends go, you little…” Henrietta snarled and swung her arm viciously in the direction of Pripet’s voice. She struck nothing. Henrietta jumped up, flailing the air with her fists, kicking and spitting, as she cursed Pripet. Henrietta was frantic now, desperate to rid herself of these devils. Then she stopped, smiled, and ran to the ravine. The spliced ropes were where she had left them. She seized

She avoided the areas through which she’d originally passed, not wanting to bump into any of the people she had deceitfully helped.

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them and lowered them over the edge. “Lucinda! Lucinda! Hop onto the rope please; I’ve come to rescue you.” Then from the depths of the ravine she heard Lucinda’s voice. “Henrietta? Is that you? Where have you been, you lazy, good-for-nothing? I can’t believe I call you sister or that we come from the same parents. Why, you’re just…” “Lucinda, hurry!” Henrietta pleaded, ignoring the insults being heaped upon her. “I don’t hurry, Henrietta, especially not for you. Only low-rent, good-for-nothings like you hurry. Hurry, she says, you are worse-than-worthless. Wait until I tell Mother and Father how you have behaved. “ Henrietta felt the rope stiffen as Lucinda climbed onto the knot, and, with fierce determination, Henrietta quickly raised the rope until Lucinda appeared at the top. She had her hickory switch in hand, poised above her head, raised in anticipation of striking Henrietta at first sight. “Don’t hit me or I’ll lower you back down to the bottom of the ravine.” Henrietta threatened. “You haven’t got the …” she caught her breath as Henrietta let the rope slip backward in her hands. “I


Pete Barbour has been writing stories for over 30 years and published a short novel, “Loose Ends” in 1987. He has published many short stories.  Since 2017, they have appeared in appeared in Story Star, Piker Press,  Rue Scribe, and ARTPOST.  He wrote and illustrated a children’s book, “Gus at Work”, 2016.  He attended the University of Pennsylvania, undergraduate, Temple medical School, and Stanford University, residency Neurology.  He is a retired physician and lives in Allentown, PA.  He is married.  He believes what comes from the heart goes to the heart.  Please visit Barbour’s web page, Pete Barbour Stories and Illustrations at www.petebarbour.com/

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will not hit you. Get me out of here.” Lucinda said. Henrietta secured the rope at the top and took her sister in her arms, but not to hug her. She turned toward the house and ran in that direction. Upon reaching the house, without hesitation or explanation, she rammed open the door and dumped Lucinda onto the slimy floor. “What has happened to my house?” Lucinda shouted in her most unpleasant voice. “What are you ugly diminutive creatures doing here?” The hickory switch flew this way and that, more often finding its mark than not. “Oh, no! It’s her! The little creatures cried and began to scramble toward the windows and doors, crying out in pain as Lucinda whipped them left and right. There was a series of yelps as, one by one, Pripet and his band retreated to the ravine. When they were gone, Henrietta looked at Lucinda and sheepishly braced for a reprimand or another prod from Lucinda’s stick. Henrietta pointed to the bag on the table. “I got that for us,” she said biting her lip. “For us?” Lucinda said, looking inside and smiling. “For all of us,” Henrietta answered and turned away to look for their parents stowed away in the closet.

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Why the Ice Charmer Hung Up Her Cape   by Eden Hill


urn them, mother.” Jemma’s voice was cold as steel. Liza held the clothes close to her chest. “But Jemma, you’re not

making sense.” Jemma’s pain shone through her black eyes. “Burn them now! I don’t want to see those things ever again!” Jemma slammed the door behind her. Liza stood in her nightdress at the parlor window and watched as her daughter lifted into the sky and she flew off to Halifax Harbor. One more night of helping prepare the unclaimed bodies for burial. Liza lit a candle and set it on the breakfront in the big kitchen. She feared the light from the gas lamps would wake her son in the next room. There was a hint of cold and wood smoke on Jemma’s special clothes. Liza bundled the things into the gray hooded cloak and set them down gently on the table. The crackle of the hearth’s fire took the chill from the air, but it couldn’t warm Liza’s heart. Not after all that she’d witnessed this week. Burning these things would be a sin. To destroy these clothes would be to deny her miraculous daughter’s gifts and she could never do that. Liza was sure she could get everything hid away before Jemma got home from the sheds. There

was something on Jemma’s mind and it made her feel like she needed to stay later and work harder than anyone else. Everyone in Halifax was helping with the Titanic’s dead or housing and comforting the families. But there was something that made everyone in the shed Jemma’s personal responsibility. The April wind shook the windows. Winter and spring were battling again, but spring was finally set to win. Christopher mumbled in his sleep. She opened the door to check on her son. He was getting to be as tall as his father. She smoothed his red hair. He pulled his blanket close and turned over. Liza sighed and quietly closed the door behind her. At least he didn’t cry out as he did just after the rescue. # The cable-boats were gone almost a week; answering the call of the sinking cruise ship. But Jemma didn’t know. She was out dousing the last of the fire at the logging camp. Liza breathed a sigh of relief when Jemma finally walked through the door. She’d been gone longer than the men. There were dark circles under Jemma’s eyes and Liza thought she’d drop to sleep for sure. But once she’d heard the news of the Titanic, the girl became sullen and wouldn’t rest. She still wore her trousers and boots though they reeked of smoke.

Photo by Hayden Scott on Unsplash

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Jemma’s fox-trimmed cloak spread behind her as she silently paced the room. When the menfolk came in, she finally stopped pacing and tried to do some needlework, but all of the threads just froze and broke apart in her hands. She threw it down and tried to knit instead. Christopher walked in exhausted and crying. His father, Patrick, for once did not scold the childish emotions for he wore the same ashen look on his face. “There were so many in the water, Ma.” Christopher wiped his tears with the back of his hand. “You’d have thought they were like the mermaids in Grandmother’s stories. But they were all people.” “And their clothes, Ma.” Christopher laid his head on his mother’s shoulder. “I have never seen such fine things in my life.” He looked up at Liza. “They were all dead, Ma. How could it be that they were all just... dead?” Patrick shrugged. “It shows that money may make life easier, but it won’t do a thing when the Angel of Death comes to call.” He lit his pipe with a shaking hand. “That Hayes fellow, the president from the Grand Trunk Railway was one of them that was brought in. His widow is coming in by train with some of the other families from New York.” His eyes were red and his hands raw from the cold ocean. “Liza, if I live to be one hundred, I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day.” “April 15th, 1912 will go down in infamy all over the world.” Christopher said. Jemma threw down her knitting and went to change her clothes. Without a word, she left the house and had barely been home the whole week. Liza found the expensive outfit kicked into a corner. It wasn’t like Jemma not to care for her things. That night, Christopher had fallen asleep at the table. Her grand lad of fifteen, asleep with the spoon 58 

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in his hand, looking all the world like a babe again. # Liza lifted the strange corset and trousers Jemma wore beneath her cloak and carefully folded them. Jemma might not want them now, but she would want them again later; once all of the commotion settled. From the top of the closet, Liza pulled down the fancy birch box she had used as part of her hopechest. The top had been worked in coloured quills to look like snowflakes and ice. It would be perfect for Jemma’s cloak and fancy-dress clothes. Liza nodded to herself. Jemma would wear them again. No one with Jemma’s talent could just give it all up. Liza removed the top of the box and found Jemma’s rag doll beside a rose petal sachet. Liza smiled; she’d forgotten it was in there. She turned the doll in her hand then straightened the calico dress and smoothed the black wool hair. All of Jemma’s abilities led back to this doll. # Jemma was six when her doll went missing. Patrick wanted the child to forget about it and go to sleep, but stubborn Jemma refused. Willful Jemma snuck out of the house wearing naught but her nightdress and boots. The December night was so cold that the water in the bedroom’s pitcher froze solid. Liza banked up the fire around midnight and then gone to make sure Jemma hadn’t kicked the blankets to the floor. Her heart almost stopped when she found the bed empty. Liza’s screams started her young son crying and raised her husband out of bed. Patrick dressed as fast as he could. The snow squalls had stopped, and the temperature was dropping. They searched the grounds around the house and the neighbor brought his hound to help find the little girl. They found Jemma, still clutching her doll, not one hundred feet from their own front door; looking all- the-world like she was only asleep. Patrick lifted

the child’s lifeless body and tearfully carried her into hand. “Ma, I asked you to burn all of those clothes. the house. Liza thought she would go mad if she had I won’t have them in the house. They’re no good to me anymore.” to bury another of her children. She refused to give “These clothes are made of good stuff and I will her baby up to the doctor or the priest. not waste these fine fabrics.” Liza said as she stiffly “Lay her by the fire.” Liza commanded. Without got to her feet. “I’ll unpick the stitches and make this argument, Patrick obeyed. She shed no tears nor cloak into a coat for your brother.” said another word to anyone. Jemma sighed and turned up the gas for light. “Is Liza rubbed Jemma’s icy hands and feet. She it your knee again, Ma?” She knelt and lifted her prayed to God. When that failed, she used mother’s skirt. “Mother, Doctor said you were to rest Old-World Kitchen Magic and called up every spell your leg if you wanted it to get better. Now it’s all and spirit her grandmother had ever taught her. When that didn’t work, she started on the ones Gran swollen again. Please sit down.” “The doctor doesn’t have a family to care for. You had carefully hinted at. But it all seemed hopeless. don’t have to do a thing. I’m fine.” Liza lay on the hearth beside her “Your touch is “Mother, please.” frozen child and wouldn’t be moved Liza sat on the bench by the for food or drink. She held on to magic, Jemma. kitchen table. Jemma’s cold body for a night and The world needs Jemma flexed her hands. At a day. When the dawn broke the your talent. Please first, they appeared to be encased following day, Liza woke to Jemma’s in brown gloves. Then their colour dark eyes focused on her. don’t put your began to fade to light pink. Jemma “I had a very strange dream, Ma,” cape away.” laid her hands on both sides of her Jemma said with a smile. “I dreamt mother’s swollen knee. Liza had seen I danced with the Snow Fairies but Jemma’s hands go from pink to snow white to sky before I could go with them, an old woman came. She said she was your Gran’ and I was being naughty blue; that’s when her touch was at its coldest and she could snap metal like a twig. The soft chill felt like a for making you worry so. She said I had to come first kiss of winter and was such a relief, Liza could away from the Snow Fairies and come home to be do naught but sigh. When she opened her eyes again with you, Dada and Chris.” Jemma was looking at her. “Better?” Liza covered her daughter with kisses and called Liza nodded. “Your touch is magic, Jemma. for her husband. She laughed and cried and hugged her daughter tight. Patrick found them sitting by the The world needs your talent. Please don’t put your cape away.” hearth. Jemma’s hair had turned stark white and her “Mother, what happened to the Titanic was all my skin remained ever cold. Patrick never let that doll out of his sight again until Jemma herself put it away. fault. If I was a normal girl, the channel would have been clear, and everyone would be arriving in New # Liza left the doll inside the box and held the cloak York tomorrow.” “And if you didn’t have your talent, Jemma, what in her lap. She stroked the fox trim on Jemma’s hood. “Mother, what are you doing?” Jemma stood at the would have happened to the camp? What of those people who would have died in the fire? What of all kitchen door. Liza looked down at the cloak in her 

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Jemma’s cheeks. They came away like diamonds on those loggers who would have lost their livelihood the ends of Liza’s fingers. and their lives had you not frozen the flames? Do “Jemma, the ship hit an iceberg. You couldn’t you think it would have stopped there? The whole of make that much ice if you worked your whole life.” the city would have burned to the ground.” Liza pulled her daughter on to the bench beside her. “But it was my ice that fell into the water. Jemma laid her head on her mother’s shoulder. The Everyone saw it fall and float away.” Jemma shook coldness of her cheek almost took Liza’s breath away. her hands to bring them back to room temperature, “But they happened so close together, Ma. It had to not for her own comfort but for the family’s. be my fault. Maybe my ice gathered other ice and it The talent had been a trial at the beginning. turned into a mountain and...” Jemma’s first hug had left frost-burns on her father’s “Oh, Jemma, sometimes things happen at the back. It had taken them a while to help Jemma same time. There is neither rhyme nor reason. What learn how to get her touch warm enough to have a say we put your cloak and all back in hot meal or hold her parents’ hands. your room? You’ll rest from all these There were advantages; like when Jemma laid horrors for a while. Tomorrow will Jemma met her father’s fishing boat her head on her be a fresh new day.” in the evening, she touched the catch “No mother. I won’t sleep until all and froze it fast. She entertained her mother’s shoulder. of those souls have been laid to rest.” baby brother with snowballs in July The coldness of her She took hold of the cloak. “And I or turned his wetted fingerprints into cheek almost took will throw this on the fire before the frost pictures on the window. Liza smoothed her daughter’s Liza’s breath away. night is gone.” “I’ll take care of it.” Liza took back white hair. “You’ve a good heart the cloak and put it on the table behind her. “Please, Jemma and there isn’t a spiteful bone in your body. just go and sleep, if only for a little while. You’ll be You helped with the fire but did naught to those on no good to anyone if you’re falling off your feet.” the ship. I shouldn’t have let you go and help with Jemma nodded. The moon had risen over the the laying out of the passengers. You’re too young to maple tree behind the house and its light drew have to have dealt with all that sadness.” pictures on the linoleum floor. “Mother, I’m eighteen. There were women there Christopher stood at the door rubbing his eyes. younger than I.” “Jackie Frost is finally back home. Everything okay “But none of them had spent days working with the dead people?” with the men to battle forest fires.” Liza held her “Go back to bed, Christopher.” Liza said. daughter’s face between her hands. “When was the Jemma leaned against the kitchen table. “They’re last time you slept?” still dead, if that’s what you’re asking.” She looked “How can I sleep after what I did?” down at the floor. “You can’t tell me that that ship sunk because of Liza folded up all of Jemma’s clothes and laid the little bit of ice that fell into the harbor. I won’t them beside the box. believe it.” “What are you doing, Liza? I thought you were “Mother, it wasn’t just a bit of ice. I have never made that much snow at one time. I upset the whole going to get rid of those things,” Patrick asked as he came into the room and took a glass of milk from pattern of the world. I know it.” Tears froze on 60 

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the icebox. “Jemma has agreed to think on it.” Liza smiled. “Haven’t you Jemma.” “Hey Jemma, when the swells ask for ice with their drinks, they don’t kid around.” Christopher said. Liza stood and stepped towards her son. “To bed — NOW — Christopher.” “That’s disgusting, Chris.” Jemma crossed her arms. “Those people froze to death. Do you know what’s it like to be trapped in freezing water?” “Of course I do. I get my bath after yours, don’t I?” “Christopher, that’s enough!” Patrick said. “Both of you — to bed.” “So Jemma was that iceberg one of yours,” Christopher said with a laugh. Jemma didn’t answer. Frost formed on the wood around Jemma’s back and slowly crept across the table making it cold and slick. Patrick’s milk froze in the glass. “Jemma?” Patrick looked at the table. Liza stamped her foot. “Have both of you lost your senses? You don’t believe Jemma is responsible for the Titanic going down, do you?” Christopher nodded at the table. Patrick didn’t answer. “Patrick Mac Laird — you look at me and tell me you think our darling daughter is responsible for the sinking of that ship! Tell me, and so help me, I will spit in your eye as sure as I’m standing here!” Patrick held up his hands in surrender. “Easy, Liza; I think nothing of the sort. I swear the life I live; a daughter of the house who can throw ice and a wife who’s got a tongue like fire.” Christopher smirked at his sister. “The problem is she throws ice at ships now.” A sob caught in Jemma’s voice. “I have to leave here, mother. I’m not right. It’s not safe for me to be around people anymore.” Jemma ran from the room. They heard the door to her bedroom slam. Christopher’s mouth dropped open. “I never...

I was only teasing. I swear.” He looked from one parent to another. “Jemma wouldn’t! She couldn’t!” He ran after his sister and started knocking on her door. Liza’s voice went flat. “You didn’t answer, Patrick.” Liza turned to her husband. “Do you think our daughter had anything to do with that ship going down?” “It’s just the timing is so infernal.” Patrick tried to take his wife in his arms. She pushed him away. “It’s just that there’s been talk. Not that anyone has said anything outright.” Jemma stood in the door with a satchel in her hand. “I’m sorry Ma, Dada but I have to leave. I don’t belong here anymore.” “And I’m going with her.” Christopher stood beside her dressed in his winter coat and boots. He had wrapped his belongings into a blanket and tied it to a broom handle. “We’re going to the Yukon to seek our fortune.” “But Jemma.” Liza held out the strange clothes and cape. Jemma wouldn’t touch them. “I have to go.” Jemma put her hand on the door handle. Christopher tried to follow her, but his boots were frozen to the floor. His eyes went wide. “You can’t come with me, Chris. I’m going to a place too cold for any but me.” “No Jemma.” Chris said as he struggled with his boots. The laces were frozen fast. “You have to take me too. You need me to help with the hunting and such. Please Jemma — I don’t know how to be here on my own.” Jemma tried to smile. “You have to stay here. I need you to take care of the folks now, Chris.” “But I didn’t mean it!” Tears fell as Chris reached for his sister. “I swear.” Jemma didn’t say a word. The door flew open and a squall of snow spun into the room. The whirlwind settled about her like a cape. Jemma’s white hair floated around her as the wind pulled her up into the 

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air. The family huddled together as the cold whipped through the room. With an arctic blast, Jemma was gone. The front door pulled itself closed as the snow and ice settled on the furniture and the floor. Chris struggled until his feet were free and threw open the door. “Jemma come back!” He yelled into the night. “Don’t leave me!” Patrick led his son into the house and held him tight as the boy began to sob. “Don’t worry, Christopher. She’ll be back soon.” Liza wiped her tears with the back of her hand. “My Jemma is a grand girl; the grandest girl in all of Canada.” She carefully folded Jemma’s strange corset and shirtwaist and laid them on top of her grey wool trousers. Liza folded Jemma’s cape, stroked the fox collar one last time and closed the lid. “She’ll need this for later,” she said as she patted the top of the

Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash


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box and put it back on the top of the wardrobe. Liza went to the window. “You’ll see, Patrick. Our Jemma will be back in no time at all. She can’t put all of her magic aside like that. It’s too much a part of her nature.” Liza watched and waited. And the spring won out over the last winter frost. The End

A BOUT THE AUTHOR Eden Hill has been writing stories, in one form or another since she was a little girl. She lives in Montreal where she acts as her mother’s caregiver. Her next loves, besides writing are photography and crafting. She is currently working on her first novel.

Before You Go

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Before You Go

As the old song goes, “Summertime, and the living is easy.” Here’s hoping that the sun keeps shining and you’ll have time to spend with friends and family at the beach, the pool or enjoying a barbeque. Robin Patterson, our Creative Director, and I want to thank you for travelling The Starlit Path with us. If you’re a subscriber, we are grateful for your support. Please remember to share this issue with your friends. If you’re not a subscriber, we are grateful you’re giving our magazine a chance. You can become a subscriber to this free magazine by registering at our website www.starlitpathmagazine.com Not only will you receive the magazine, but we also send out two newsletters a month. You can also find us on Facebook. Check out our page The Starlit Path Magazine https://www.facebook.com/Starlitpathmagazine/ And our Facebook community, Walking the Starlit Path https://www.facebook. com/groups/341252810031785/ Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ starlit_path_magazine And we want to hear from you. Is there something that you want to know more about or a topic we’ve covered that you’d like us to expand on? Please let us know. Either by email info@starlitpathmagazine.com or on the Facebook page or in the group. We look forward to seeing you next time Safe Travels Judie



Summer 2019   The Starlit Path Magazine 


We’ll be back for the Fall Issue in September!

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The Starlit Path Magazine Summer 2019  

The Starlit Path Magazine is a free online magazine discussing New Age topics and all things woo. Winner of the 2019 COVR Award for Electro...

The Starlit Path Magazine Summer 2019  

The Starlit Path Magazine is a free online magazine discussing New Age topics and all things woo. Winner of the 2019 COVR Award for Electro...