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what is THE TMI Project?

“ I hope this isn’t TMI, but…”

How many times have we all been on either end of a conversation that began that way? For some reason, sharing TMI – “Too Much Information” – tends to be a guilty pleasure for both divulger and divulgee. On both ends, there’s something incredibly cathartic and connective about revealing our deepest and darkest. We at the TMI Project are inclined to believe it’s actually good for us all, so no reason to feel guilty. The personal is universal, and by sharing the parts of stories many of us typically leave out for public consumption – our writers/performers help to reveal common threads in all our lives. The secret parts are the ones we most long to share and hear. In telling and hearing them, we get connected. In our experience, storyteller and viewer alike leave the show with a new understanding of their experiences, and a new openness. We’ve heard on many occasions that audience members share juicy morsels in car rides home that they never would have discussed otherwise.

“My experience in TMI was better than any therapy I have ever had–and there was no co-pay!” —2010 Participant, Kyra Greweling

MISSION We aim to get women and men from all walks of life crafting and telling the stories that have been burning in their souls while they’ve been afraid or ashamed to share them publicly. We foster the belief that knowing we all share similarly difficult secrets increases our compassion for one another; in our communities and in the world. We also believe in presenting a diverse mix of stories, from all corners, so that we can bring about greater understanding of the people we often never get to hear from.

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menu of options

Community outreach

We offer performances and workshops for communities where people are facing difficult circumstances and are likely to get relief from sharing their stories.

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For booking contact:

Eva Tenuto 914.299.2363 See more at

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“ I’m spinning like an ecstatic little TOP after seeing TMI - It’s kind of all I want to talk about right now . awesome. Go see it!” —E.C.S. st as choked up ju d n a ed h g u ve “I la of stories ga y it s er iv d e h advertised. T his SHOW yone. I hope t er ev r fo g in rings someth e as I think it r u s o p ex er h le gets furt to bring peop er w o p h it w d uld a great cor is country co h t g in h et m o together … s . again.” —F.H s k n a h T e. s u really

“Last night was my first TMI and I was simply bowled over. WOW! Thank you!!” —K.M.

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“It was fascinatin g to hear the thoughts that ha d helped us or ke pt us hostage. I have grown so much simply because of my exposure to al l these women and I know I can keep growing and grow ing with every story I hear. It’s wonderful.”  —Sandra C. “I joined TMI afte r seeing the performance. I w as so impressed with the truth of the women’s stories and how entertaining the stories were. I now have a greater understa nding of who I am and I have a m ore profound empathy for othe rs as we all share our storie s together in the workshops.” —Marta W.

“i have to thank you...if i didn’t ha ve TMI in my life i think i would be in a su per bad place. it is the ro ck that is holdin g me together right no w. i’m not kidding! ”  — anonymous

BECOME A BUSINESS PARTNER WITH THE TMI PROJECT Help Us Increase Our Audience And YOURS! Sponsorship Commitment Form/First Quarter 2012 We have so much planned for the first quarter of 2012: transformational workshops, sold out performances, packed story slams, healing retreats and more! Our programs enrich The Hudson Valley Community and we need help from local businesses to continue to make our work possible. Please consider funding some portion of one or more of our upcoming programs! THE BENEFITS OF SPONSORSHIP: • You will help us achieve our mission to enrich and transform individuals and communities alike, by fostering the creative expression, development and performance of true stories. •

You will make it possible for us to acquire space to work and teach, to complete our media materials, to become a non-profit, to expand programming to teens and women in need, and the incarcerated, to go on tour and create scholarships so we can reach people who do not have access to the therapeutic effect of writing workshops and theater.

• It is great for your business reputation to be branded as an arts supporter. • Every time we have a sold out show, we are enhancing the local economy. • By contributing to The TMI Project and helping us further momentum, you will be enabling us to continue to reach new audience members and in turn new customers for you too. • It’s a win-win situation! Yes, count on us to be a sponsor of Starling Productions. Included, please find our sponsorship fee, payable to Starling Productions, Inc. Sponsor Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________ City: _________________ State: _____ Zip:________ Contact Person: _______________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Email: _______________________________________________ MAIL COMPLETED FORM TO: STARLING PRODUCTIONS, INC. • PO BOX 325 ROSENDALE, NY 12472 • ATTN: EVA TENUTO • 914.299.2363 •

Please CHOOSE A SPONSORSHIP LEVEL: $5,000 or more

$1,000 OR MORE

Company named in all advertising Full Page Cover Position (if available) in programs Inclusion in all press releases & email blasts Listed on TMI Project Website

1/2 page ad in programs Inclusion in all press releases & email blasts Listed on TMI Project Website $500 or more

$2,000 or more Company named in all advertising Full Page ad in programs Inclusion in all press releases & email blasts Listed on TMI Project Website

1/4 page ad in programs Inclusion in all press releases & email blasts Listed on TMI Project Website $250 or more 1/8 page ad in programsa Corporate name & logo in programs Listed on TMI Project Website

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2011-2012 a list of events that your contributions help make possible.

JANUARY 1/14 – COMMON THREADS Common Threads is an annual weekend retreat for high school students that offers workshops on current adolescent issues in a safe and fun-filled atmosphere. The retreat aims to empower youth by creating a sense of community and an awareness of how to create positive change in areas such as diversity, health, personal safety, political advocacy, and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. TMI will host a short performance relevant to the conference as well as a condensed writing workshop. Associated Production Costs: Travel, $250

allows everyone to share freely – and as a result, to touch, move, and inspire, with stories that are more universal than we’d realized when going through them alone. The Rosendale Movie Theater. 8PM Fri & Sat, 2PM Sun Associated Production Costs: Theater Rental, $3,000; Rehearsal Rental, $1,500; Crew & Tech, $1,000; Marketing, $500

1/19 8pm – T.M.I.dol A contest for the next Story Slam Star! A predetermined topic is announced and writers have a chance to craft a compelling five-minute tale, sticking closely to topic and time., Rondout Music Lounge, Kingston NY Associated Production Costs: Marketing, $500

2/24, 2/25, 2/26 Women’s Weekend Retreat A full weekend for participants to focus on themselves and their creativity at Rosendale’s own relaxing LifeBridge Sanctuary. This condensed version of the TMI Page to Stage Writing Workshop provides a tolerant, safe environment that allows everyone to share freely. Yoga and massage also available. Yes, it’s possible, in the space of twoand-a-half days, to produce a polished short monologue. We’ll help you. Associated Production Costs: Site Rental $1,500; Catering $1,500; Marketing, $500; Yoga $250



2/3, 2/4, 2/5 – Too Much Information! The culmination of the 12-week TMI: Page to Stage Writing Workshop. Through a series of prompts and timed writings, participants are encouraged to dig deep and reveal the stories they usually keep to themselves. A tolerant, safe environment

3/16, 3/17 Too Much Information! A second run of the February performance at the Brooklyn Lyceum. Associated Production Costs: Travel $1,500; Crew & Tech $1,000; Marketing, $500

TMI Project Media Kit  
TMI Project Media Kit  

Electronic Press Kit for the TMI Project