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Stark-Magazine Cover Art & Featured Artist Miguel Cabezas

Stark-Magazine LLC Issue.11 Editor & Publisher Jason Lowry Printed on demand by MagCloud Images published in Stark -Magazine are the sole property of the contributing photographers and are copyright materials. No image may be reproduced in any form, mechanical or electronic, without the express permission by its owner. Š Stark-Magazine. All rights reserved.


Creative Vision

25% of profits from Magazine sales donated to Doctors Without Borders

Life |

Miguel Cabezas

Contemplation |

Miguel Cabezas

Publisher Choice Mystic River |

Hengki Koentjoro

Experience more of Hengki’s art on 500px | on Facebook

Sue単os 5 |

Mariano Belmar Torrecilla

El camino 2 |

Mariano Belmar Torrecilla

Sleeping dragon |

Yury Bird

Bridges in the Fog |

Yury Bird

ewe and i on top of the world |

Andy Lee

Outpost | Ian Good

Needles and the Haystack |

Quincy Jefferson



Curator Kuki Walsch

Exhibits offer us an opportunity to further promote the talented artists sharing at Stark -Magazine. This month we celebrate Creative photography by highlighting the Creative Exhibit curated by featured and published artist Kuki Walsch. Experience the ongoing Exhibit

Minimalism in sepia|

Kuki Walsch

Parvati's secret |

Alex Colias

Bell |

Richard Bland

Winterscape |

Bertrand Chombart

A tree will never forget |

Miguel Cabezas




A fine art experience

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