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intro In this issue we have interviews with a Chili’s dishwasher, a biomedical researcher and a feature with an aerospace engineer. Wait! Before you recycle this magazine you should know that we’re not really going all Popular Science or broke-ass digest on you. All three of them moved on and are actually doing something you may be interested in. I’m talking about snowboarder Dustin Craven, musician Girl Talk and photographer Dan Carr. Don’t forget to check our brand new website. It’s full of stuff you’ll love or love to hate. Seriously, we did more then just put lipstick on a pig here. Check Enjoy!

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Girl Talk: Dropping Science Dustin Craven: Blowing Up or Blowing Out? For The Transient Fashion: The Legion Dickie Be Hatin




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this page & next spread: musician: girltalk photos: andrew strasser


girl talk: DROPPING SCIENCE words: george russell

Jay-Z and Avril Lavigne? T-Pain with Aphex Twin? Yung Berg plus Rod Stewart? No, that’s not another acid flashback – it’s a typical song by the often-pantless rebel mashup artist Girl Talk. The man behind the laptop, Gregg Gillis, talked to Updown about copyright violations, Kurt Cobain and making it big. UD: Are you still a biomedical engineer? GT: No, I had to quit that job because I couldn’t keep up with the touring schedule. More importantly, who got laid more: the engineer or the musician? Well, I’ve had a steady girlfriend for the past three years, since before the Girl Talk thing took off. So, I might have to say the engineer. When did music begin for you? I began doing music when I was 15. I started an experimental electronic band called The Joysticks Battle the Scan Feed Relay to Your Skull and that band was all about really pushing the limits of what could be accepted as being a performance. We would really just try to push the audience to their limit. It was borderline performance art, borderline music. So when I was getting involved with this, I was beginning to get into doing sampling of music and started working with skipping CDs or collage tapes - just about anything to manipulate pop. I was really into this juxtaposition of noise and pop back then. But then this band had to break up in 2000 because I was graduating high school, and me and the other bandmates were moving to different places. So I got a laptop and started doing the Girl Talk thing. And this existed in the underground world for a long time and slowly evolved into what it is now. Why sample pop? Originally I felt I could push experimental music with pop. You know, I was so tired of irony in music, especially in the experimental world. I just couldn’t relate to that. So by the time I started Girl Talk I was almost over trying to push people to their limits. I just thought, “I really like this pop and I want to embrace it.” I don’t want this to come off as tongue-incheek or subversive in any way. I just want to make new, interesting pop out of pop. I guess you could say that I put these pop songs in a headlock and then rip off their legs. How crucial was the indie music website Pitchfork in Girl Talk’s rise? I think prior to the album Night Ripper coming out, which dropped in 2006, I had a small cult following going on, and I felt really good about what I was doing. But I had never been associated with a DJ community because I never really played in big clubs. I was always just with underground laptop remix artists. So, because it was very specific, I wasn’t expecting a lot of people to be into it. But I toured the country, put out a few albums, and went to school the whole time. I felt like things were moving nicely – I had a little bit of a fan base, as far as people who paid attention to that style of music goes. I was a name people would know, even though it was on an extremely

22 small scale. Then I put out my third album and it seemed like a bunch of blogs picked up on it, more so than in the past. I knew it was more accessible, but I didn’t know to what degree it could reach. Then the Pitchfork review dropped and that created a snowball effect. That placed you within the ranks of a whole new class of musicians... Yeah, it’s like all of a sudden you have a new set of contemporaries, whether you want them or not. Using unauthorized samples, you’re at risk of being sued. Do you sweat this? In the early years there was definitely an underground that existed that released this type of music. So because prior to Night Ripper it wasn’t really a concern at all, I just assumed that it would always just fly under the radar. Once Night Ripper hit and started to get mentions in Rolling Stone or Spin, that’s when I became a little worried. But I believe the music should be legal under the fair use doctrine of United States copyright law that allows you to sample preexisting works without asking for permission. But really you never know how the courts are going to deal with it. I think that when Night Ripper came out the media was pretty hell-bent on presenting a controversy: “You know this guy is going to be sued by 100 people?” That’s what everyone wanted to write about, but when it didn’t happen I felt really good. You know, a lot of the time the media presents us as an outlaw effort, but no, we understand the laws and we feel that it should be legal and fair use exists. So after Night Ripper it felt good because it was like, I told you so, and no one responded to this or had an issue with it. Then, of course, in prepping this new album [Feed the Animals] we knew it was going to be a bit more widespread and was something to be concerned about in terms of the question “If it gets bigger does that mean the potential for problems gets bigger?” But, you know, I butt it out. I believe in it, so it’s not really something I stress over everyday. You’ve said you wouldn’t mind being considered the Kurt Cobain of our generation. What did you mean? Yeah, I said that half-joking. I am a huge Nirvana fan. If anything, one of the most interesting things that’s going on with me, in my eyes, is the fact that I still don’t feel that I am a DJ. I feel like I just don’t get up there and play other peoples songs. I feel like I am creating new songs and that kind of goes along with making the album. I think for me one of the coolest things about what’s happened is that, I grew up watching laptop shows and being a fan of laptop music and now it has gotten to the point where I am playing extremely big shows, bigger than I ever expected, just with me and a couple of laptops. And kids are coming out to these shows, probably having never been to see someone play a laptop. But they know that’s what it’s going to be and it’s valid to them. So if anything, like I said with Kurt earlier, I think Nirvana was the first band that a lot of people saw and thought “I can do this.” You don’t have to be a beautiful pop star with giant boobs to be on MTV. So if anything, like Kurt, I would love to be able to turn kids on to music. I think a person coming out to my show and seeing just a single human up there with a laptop in front of 1,000 people could easily say to themselves, “I am going to do this.” So it had nothing to do with Courtney Love? No, but I would definitely marry her. Pre- or post-surgery? Both, for sure.


portrait of dustin craven photo: jeff patterson


dustin craven: blowing up or blowing out? who knows! words: karl fuhre:

If you follow snowboarding, there’s a chance you’ve heard the name Dustin Craven. With a growing list of contest victories and video parts, his ability to excel on any type of terrain – urban rails, pipe, backcountry and pulling all-nighters – has made him really hard to ignore. Dustin loves snowboarding, plus the freedom that comes along with doing it. He does whatever he wants when he wants, doesn’t care what anyone thinks and always has a shitload of fun. Simply put, Dustin Craven’s a real beauty. UD: I take it from your new “Best Summer Ever” tattoo that you had a pretty decent season. DC: This summer was a blast. Got to do some snowboarding and then spent a month in Indo with one of my best buddies surfing barrels and bribing cops! What’s the story behind the ink? I got it with Charles White. We were in Cali surfing this May and we were talking about what the sweetest tattoo would be. We decided that a tattoo that said “Best Summer Ever” would probably be the biggest claim we could make and by including a hand giving the peace sign above it would be all-time. We were hungover and super-compulsive and now we have them for life! Did you get barreled? Or see Rob Machado? Yeah, we did both and it was pretty wild. If you think surfing hungover is going to be like snowboarding hungover, you’re really wrong. You could lose your life. How are the ladies in Bali? Bring home any unwanted souvenirs? Nah, we did the right thing and wrapped it up. If I can suggest just one thing to anyone who’s going to Bali, it’s to wrap up your poking stick. What have you been up to lately? Not that much. I’ve been partying a lot. Andrew Hardingham and I just had our “Throw Your Panties” premiere in Banff. That shit went off. I’m pretty sure some girl got preggo, and some other people will never be the same or have very much respect for me. On the normal side of life, I just moved out of my parents’ place and out to Banff. I’m psyched. I got a new life in Banff and now I can take my new

26 snowmobile out to Golden in only an hour. I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t seen it yet but I hear you have a part in “8 Mile.” Is “8 Mile” a gang? I think it’s just a super-elite group of dirtbags who really like to party! I think that after the premiere night, it might be at gang status now. There was a fight after the premiere at the bar and nine out of 10 guys were happy about it. What other videos do you have parts in this season? I have a part in TWSnow these days. That was my main part this season. I also have shots in “Throw Your Panties” and the “8 Mile TV” series. You have a bit of a reputation for being a wild child. How do you think that came about? I think it might have something to do with the fact that I just do whatever I want, whenever I want. It may piss people off, but I’m having a good time. But, then again, maybe I just talk tough and I’m really just a pussy. How did the contests go last season? Any big money? I won a contest in Banff and made six grand. That was sweet. I was going to pay off my credit card but instead I blew it on stupid shit and am way happier about it. I was talking to Mikey Rencz about questions to ask you and all he said was “I love his black tooth” and giggled. How did your tooth turn black? When I was 16 and first started to sled, a friend and I went out during bad riding light. I jumped on top of a cliff and I dropped the shit off it. I got to the bottom and part of my tongue was just hanging off and there was blood everywhere. I then went to the hospital and got that fixed. Two weeks later, my tooth was black. The black tooth is kind of part of the whole Dustin Craven marketing machine now. Are their clauses in your contract against fixing it? Ain’t nothing going to hold me down. I actually have it half fixed and just have to go back to get it finished, but I’m lazy. I’m just going to let this one ride. Who’s the biggest pussy you know? Justin Lamoureux. What’s the worst thing you’ve mixed Redbull with? Piss. What’s an average weekend consist of? Having a lot of fun and most likely some partying. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleeping? Probably not even 48 hours. Have you ever used the internet to trick babes into making out with you? I’ve used the internet to get them to go all the way.  If you could slap anyone in the face without repercussion, who would it be? Gene Simmons.  Who do you spend most of your time with? I hang out with lots of people but most of my time is spent with Scott Shaw, Charles White, Todd Malus and Stephan Burchill. Worst job? I want to say when I washed dishes at Chili’s but that would be a lie. I loved it there and when this is all over that’s what I’m going back to doing. People say you’re blowing up. How do you feel about that? Blowing up or blowing out? Who knows.


This page & following spread: rider: dustin craven photos: jeff patterson


for the transient: from banff to tremblant to collingwood to whistler words: Charles White, Colin Adair, dan lennox, sam Mcrae

To really find out what’s up at a particular mountain, you need to have lived there for many years. But since that’s not possible for everyone, we found a few long-time residents (including riders, photographers, shop owners and local personalities) to spill the the key info you need to jump-start your vacation or to help you settle in to your new home. Banff Q&A: Charles White (pro shred) How long have you lived in Banff? I’ve lived here for 18 years and I am 21; so pretty much my whole life. Who is one person you wish would just leave town? Andrew Hardingham – just ‘cause. The region’s most infamous person? Andrew Hardingham – just ‘cause. Beware of local… Sluts! The cops are… Ruthless. They’ll throw you in the drunk tank for next to nothing. Banff is notorious. I’ve hit the tank a few times. One person you should probably get to know if you’re here for more than a week? Mineki who co-owns Rude Boys and Creme. He might hook you up with some deals and a place to party. Mineki always knows what’s up. Best second job to have? Bartender, ‘cause you meet tons of girls. Dumbest things you’ve seen a tourist do? Trying to pet the elk that are hanging around Banff is for sure the dumbest thing I’ve seen a tourist do. Favourite restaurant? Barpa Bill’s. Really good hamburgers and souvlaki. The old guy is pretty crusty but the food is good. Favourite local hangout? Creme, a local streetwear shop. Favourite backcountry spot? Sunshine garbage shoots. Banff Story: Charles White At the Sandbox premiere last year Jonas Guinn, the genius that he is, thought it would be cool to swipe a 2-6 of Jack from behind the bar counter while the bartender wasn’t looking. So he put the bottle in his pants and was walking around the bar – it kind of looked like he had a boner. Outside the bar I was getting ready to go to an after-party when I ran into Jonas and Mikey Rencz. I told them where I was going, but Jonas said, “F--k that, come to my house! I’ve got a 2-6 strapped between my tits.” So we’re walking with Jonas and he’s in full-on cowboy attire – cowboy hat, plaid shirt, tight Wrangler jeans, cowboy boots, and a full bottle of JD with the shot nozzle still attached and poking out of the top of his pants. We’re walking down the road and this guy starts to yell at us. Jonas is like, “F--k, this guy wants to fight us,” so he grabs our hands. Mikey is on the left side, I’m on the right side and Jonas is in the middle. So it was two long-haired kids running down the road holding hands with a cowboy sporting a boner. It was a moment for sure. Banff Tips: Mineki Yamada 1)Getting to a liquor store before it closes is a lot harder than it sounds, and nothing sucks more than missing the deadline. So go to Local’s Liquor Limited because it’s open until 2 a.m. most


Transient: Trevor Andrew Photo: DEan Blotto Gray


rider: charles reid Photo: mathieu couture

33 nights. It’s located at 215 Banff Ave (lower level, Sundance Mall) just in front of Rude Boys. 2) When it’s time to hit the bars adhere to this diet: Monday: Rose & Crown / Devil’s Gap. Tuesday: The Pump & Tap Tavern / HooDoo Lounge / Magpie & Stump. Wednesday: Rose & Crown / Devil’s Gap / Aurora Nightclub. Thursday: HooDoo Lounge / Devil’s Gap / Magpie & Stump. Friday: Hoodoo Lounge/ Devil’s Gap. Saturday: All the bars are filled with city folk. The chicks are hot but the dudes always want to fight. Sunday: Aurora Nightclub / Devil’s Gap. Tremblant / Saint Sauveur Q&A: Magalie Dubois (snowboarder) How long have you lived in the Laurentians? Since pretty much ever... until very recently. But I still come do my rounds once in a while! I miss my homies! Beware of local… Cops. You’ll find ‘em snitching behind bushes and they will hunt you down, believe me! Dumbest thing you’ve heard a tourist say? “Where does the gondola go?” Hm... up the mountain, sir! Cheapest bar? Le Chariot, but you probably don’t want to go there. Any tips? Don’t f--k with the locals and give them all your money as soon as you walk on-site to prevent unfortunate events to happen! Favourite shop… Axis & D-BLOC, that’s where you’ll find the freshest gear. Favourite bar... Le P’tit Caribou (in Tremblant)! It’s pretty much where I learned to drink. Also, check out Bourbon Street (in Sainte-Adèle, minutes from Saint-Sauveur), where the women are restless and young. Straight paradise for teenage boys! Favourite run... Nansen on Tremblant, hands down! Tremblant / Saint Sauveur Tip: Matt Dano (snowboarder) If you’re in town for a few days and want to launch a mini-bender, here’s where to wager your bets. Monday: Bourbon Street club (Sainte-Adèle). Tuesday: Strip club. Wednesday: Café d’en Face (Saint-Jérôme) Thursday: Foufounes Électriques (Montreal). Friday: Bourbon Street club. Saturday: Bulldozer (Saint-Sauveur). Sunday: L’Auberge du Village. Collingwood Q&A: Scot Brown (snowboarder) How long have you lived here? My whole life: 17 years! Why do you live here? I gotta finish high school. I’m in grade 12. Actually, I’m in school right now. Beware of local… Dude bros. You know those guys who wear New Era hats backwards and popped Lacoste golf shirts. Slang you should know? “Mang” and “greasing rails.” Worst local trend? How about the question “What’s up?” It doesn’t even require an answer anymore. Favourite hangout spot... For me it’s Boardsports in the village because I have buddies who work there. I just hang out and watch movies. Favourite rail spot... There’s a sick rail park in my backyard. It has walls and down rails. It’s the best place to learn Collingwood/blue mountain tip: updown ids On weekends and holidays the parking situation at Blue Mountain is like finding out Santa Claus is fake: it’s confusing, it’s disturbing, and it totally ruins your Christmas. But there’s a little-known parking spot at the base of the hill that’s steps away from the Badlands Terrain Park. It’s pretty much in between the Village parking lot and the Blue Mountain Inn parking lot. When driving on Jozo Weider Boulevard, turn on to Ann Heggtveit Drive. Just follow the road to freedom until you see the parking lot on your right.


Whistler Q&A: Colin Adair (photographer) How long have you lived in Whistler? On and off for over a decade! Why did you move to Whistler originally? I heard there were tons of hot, single girls who couldn’t find boyfriends. Beware of local… Rube Goldberg. Slang you should know? Whissy-cheese-cakes-bro-brah. Throw that into the convo and you’re in. It doesn’t mean a thing but it sounds good. Worst thing about living here? Rube Goldberg. The worst local trend right now is... Douchebaggery. Best change since you’ve lived here? Earls. Worst change since you’ve lived here? Earls. One person you should probably get to know if you’re in town for more than a week? A liftee so you can get on for free. The region’s most infamous person and why? Me! F--k. Do I have to explain everything? Favourite bar... Yeah right. They all smell. But there’s no party like a Whistler party! Favourite nickel and dime restaurant? Southside Diner. Whistler Story: Colin Adair It was Karl Fuhre’s birthday (of IS Eyewear, Trustus and Updown) last winter in Whistler. We decided to go shredding with Perry Pugh (OB1) and Ben Couves (KNOW?SHOW and OB1). It didn’t take long for sports beers to ensue. I met those guys at Tapley’s Pub a little later and they are all hosed. It’s early in the night and I’m playing catch-up. All of a sudden, Perry picks up a mustard bottle and sprays Karl all over, in the face, on his clothes, everywhere. Karl is obviously stunned but he grabs the ketchup and proceeds to make Perry pay dearly for his mistake. There is ketchup and mustard everywhere and they are wrestling wildly in a crowded bar on a Saturday night during the Canucks game. Somehow we don’t get kicked out. Later we go to Garf’s, and Karl and Perry smell like late night street meat. It makes everyone around us hungry so we have tons of fat chicks partying with us. It was awesome. Finally the night is over and we walk back towards the hotel. However, while crossing the street Karl decides that a cabbie brushed just a little to close to him and so he smashes the guy’s hood while screaming at him. Out pop four huge dudes, and I just start yelling, “Nooooooooo! He’s wasted, it’s his birthday!” Luckily they leave, but out of nowhere, like they fell from the sky, it’s the cops! They start to ask us questions and Karl just bolts. I’ve never seen him run so fast, but I guess his huge German legs translate to speed and quickness. The cops don’t even flinch and continue to question me: “Do you know that guy? Where are you going? Where do you live?” I respond, “I’ve never seen that guy before. I just met him.” Which I cleverly followed up by yelling “Run, Karl! Run!” Whistler Tips: sam McRae 1) If you just blew all of your money on a lift ticket and you’re ready for lunch, don’t pay for the cafeteria food. Head to the soup station and grab a couple handfuls of Premium Plus crackers and cover them with mini PB & J packets. If you’re feeling like some vegetables, try them with some ketchup packets, or relish for extra nourishment. 2) Too drunk to get home? Pass out at a bus stop and the fuzz will round your sorry ass up before you know it. If you can remember where you live you might qualify for a free ride home, and if not you might just wake up behind bars in a cold cell wearing only your boxer shorts. Hey, we’re always on the lookout for more tips on the best and cheapest that these areas have to offer. If you have a story, an idea or a fight to pick then send it our way. Contact us at


Sanction Skate & Snow 330 Steeles Ave West Vaughan Ontario L4J 6W9 905-738-8644 Sanction Skate & Snow 160 University Ave West Waterloo Ontario L4J 6E9 519-886-0711

rider: charles reid photo: mathieu couture



photos: george russell models: jen, cristina, tom, matt, taylor stylist: asia shearman

Jen: t-shirt by Ashbury, jacket by B by Burton, denim by RVCA, shades by IS Eyewear



Tom: t-shirt by Ripzone, sweater by Lifetime, jacket by Analog


Taylor: t-shirt by b by burton, sweater by b by burton, denim by wesc, shoes by gravis


taylor: t-shirt by ashbury, sweater by rvca, denim by dc, hat by burton, mittens by powder room


matt: t-shirt by lifetime, pants by analog, shoes by etnies plus, fedora by elm


Tom: t-shirt by Ripzone, jacket by Analog, denim by Analog, shoes by Emerica

Tom: t-shirt by Ripzone, jacket by Analog, denim by analog




Dickie be hatin’ words: DICKIE PRICKLESTEIN

Dickie may not know much, but he do know two things for sure. Women be shopping and rappers be saying, “Don’t hate.” I understand the shopping – girls want to look good and Dickie loves the ladies, so that’s all good – but why do rappers and Rickie Lake hate so much on hating? I don’t fookin’ get it. It’s fun, easy and a great way to pass the time when you’re in a bad mood or even a good one. I hate tons of stuff: 7 a.m., flat tires, no beers, warm beers, cold fries, sitting beside fat people on planes, sporting events or concerts, running out of cigs, work, skunks, wasps, sobriety, wet dogs, dog shit, Missy Elliot, and horses. The list is endless. Basically, you can’t love everything all the time so stop lying to yourself and start hatin’. Dickie ain’t the only one hatin’. Everyone’s got a little hate in their hearts. Why bundle it up inside, when you can share it with the world for everyone to enjoy? For example, here’s what some of my buds hate and the grades I gave them for their hate. Mikey Rencz: Shred dogg I hate: Tomatoes — gross / Rihanna — horrible (except for that new track with T.I.) / Tabloid mags — garbage / Customs agents — assholes / Olives — gross / Fake people — get out of my face / The Hills — they’re just famous ‘cause they’re rich, they bring nothing good to the table. Probably the most boring show on TV. It’s even worse than tomatoes / Over-the-top scenesters — gimme a break / Ed Hardy and Affliction gear — same as above. Dickie’s grade: A. Nice-sized list, interesting hate and great explanations. Keep up the hate. Johnny Lyall: Snowboarder, boneyard super I hate: Stop signs / People that draw crappy pictures of me / Roadblocks / Olives / Midterm exams / People who rent boats / Wind / Ingrown hairs / Dry skin / Most people who walk up Chesterfield Street / Static sounds from speakers when my phone rings! Dickie’s grade: B+. Great hate but would have liked to see your reasoning.


49 Kale Stephens: Snowboarder, chef, artist, inventor of the Airhole I hate: C--k swabs — doesn’t sound fun / Blue cheese — stinks / Emo kids — pussies / Questions — make you think till your head hurts / Vegemite — gross / Aardvarks — weird / Raw fish — slimy / Complainers / B.O. — not cool / People who wear the stickers on New Era hats — why? / Figure skating — boring / Poop — stinky / Saggy tits — no fun. Dickie’s grade: A+. Wow! Well, I wouldn’t have expected anything less. Very revealing. Great hate. Thanks for sharing. Devun Walsh: Snowboarder, owner of IS Eyewear I hate: When I’m constantly bugged through email for contributions for magazine articles... Hahahaha. Dickie’s grade: C. Decent start. The “hahahaha” kind of killed your hate build-up though. Needs work. Chris Dufficy: Pro snowboarder I hate: Decaf coffee. Why? What did caffeine ever do to you? Nothing! Give me a break and step up to the caffeinated plate. Dickie’s grade: C+. I feel that the hate here is real and I like the example, but I was expecting a little more. Donn Hore: Snowboarder, chef I hate: Fake people — you know who you are / Club hip-hop — not cool / Money — ruins lives / Dudes wearing flip-flops with jeans — die / Skate parks with tons of BMXers, rollerbladers, Razors, daycare kids, and just stupid people! / Really hot weather — too hot / Cottage cheese / Working — sucks / Rich kids / Wal-Mart — you end up spending at least $200, even if you go in for two little items / Rain in winter — screws the snow / Speed control on the mountain — get a f--king life / Sled trouble — ends a great day / Hate — hate / Old z people — you were young once too / Same songs in every f--king video — there’s lots of music in the world / The word “sweet” — say something else / Night clubs — pubs rule / Lineups — anywhere / Public washrooms — dirty / Being told what to do — no / Popular things — trendy / Boardshorts — don’t ask. Dickie’s grade: A+. Now that’s a shitload of hate. Some black metal/doominfluenced hate. He’s a natural. Excellent! J-F Pelchat: Pro Shred I hate: That in BC you can’t buy beer and wine at the grocery store or the 7-Eleven — it sucks / That you have to pay more for cold beer from the beer store — that sucks too. Dickie’s grade: B. Not as much hate as I’d expect from you, yet it was thought-provoking and rich! Tadashi Fuse: Snowboard superstar, ninja I hate: Not eating rice — because I love eating rice. Dickie’s grade: F. You used the word love. Wille Yli-Luoma: Pro Snowboarder I hate: Answering my sponsor’s emails — they always want you to do something. Dickie’s grade: C. Dickie just can’t hate on laziness.



WHISTLER, BC – Whistler Blackcomb has announced the integration of the Westbeach retail stores under the banner of the well known Showcase Snowboards brand. Showcase Snowboards has been the premier snowboard retail brand on the Whistler landscape since 1989. A piece of Whistler is being transplanted to Vancouver with the rebranding of the Vancouver Westbeach Store as a Showcase Snowboards location.

12TH ANNUAL SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN Feb 27th & 28th 2009.

*Vancouver location only

updown magazine_issue eleven  

On and Beyond Snow with: Dustin Craven, Dickie Pricklestein, Girl Talk, Colin Adair, Charles White and much more

updown magazine_issue eleven  

On and Beyond Snow with: Dustin Craven, Dickie Pricklestein, Girl Talk, Colin Adair, Charles White and much more