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NCATA 2011-2012

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AZUSA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY BAYLOR UNIVERSITY FAIRMONT STATE UNIVERSITY F!n"ng University QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY V#iona$es UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND UNIVERSITY OF OREGON UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND College Park, Maryland State flagship school NCAA Division I Atlantic Coast Conference East NCATA Conference Undergraduate enrollment of 24,520 Offers: Women’s Gymnastics Team, Co-ed Spirit Cheer, Women’s Acrobatics & Tumbling

AZUSA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY Azusa, California Private university NAIA Division Golden State Athletic Conference West NCATA Conference Undergraduate enrollment of 4,163 Offers: Co-ed Spirit Cheer, Women’s Acrobatics & Tumbling

BAYLOR UNIVERSITY Waco, Texas Private university NCAA Division I Big 12 Athletic Conference West NCATA Conference Undergraduate enrollment of 11,880 Offers: Co-ed Spirit Cheer, Women’s Acrobatics & Tumbling

UNIVERSITY OF OREGON Eugene, Oregon State flagship school NCAA Division I PAC 12 Conference West NCATA Conference Undergraduate enrollment of 16,942 Offers: Co-ed Spirit Cheer, Women’s Acrobatics & Tumbling

QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY Hamden, Connecticut Private university NCAA Division I Northeast Conference East NCATA Conference Undergraduate enrollment of 5,686 Offers: Co-ed Spirit Cheer, Women’s Acrobatics & Tumbling

FAIRMONT STATE UNIVERSITY Fairmont, West Virginia State university NCAA Division II West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference East NCATA Conference Undergraduate enrollment of 3,617 Offers: Co-ed Spirit Cheer, Women’s Acrobatics & Tumbling


ACADEMIC SUPPORT SAFETY ATHLETIC OPPPRTUNITIES NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Reasons to A&end a ATHLETIC SUPPORT STAFF NCATA University COACHING STAFF FACILITIES SCHOLARSHIPS Academic Support Institutions provide extensive resources such as tutors, study sessions, counselors and other academic support tools to ensure student athletes meet NCAA academic standards and get a top quality education.

Focus on Safety The Department of Education states that each athlete has the right to participate in a safe sport in all categories from training to competition. Professional coaches, appropriate facilities and extensive continuing education ensure the highest safety standards.

Academic Support Institutions provide extensive resources such as tutors, study sessions, counselors and other academic support tools to ensure student athletes meet NCAA academic standards and get a top quality education.

Facilities Acrobatics and Tumbling teams are provided with dedicated equipment, training, locker room and practice area facilities. Teams compete in their university’s premier sports venues on campus.

Coaching Staff Qualified professional coaches are hired through national coaching searches to administer and train student athletes along with employed assistants and a staff of other coaches.

Style of Competition The NCATA developed the exciting structure to compete in this sport. The fan friendly meet style format allows athletes from several different disciplines to specialize in their particular strengths as well as teams to excel as a whole.

Opportunities in Athletics Athletes are a part of history as it develops with the emergence of a new women’s collegiate sport. Acrobatics and Tumbling is an original sport that provides new opportunities for women to compete in intercollegiate athletics.

National Championships NCAA requires all sports to hold a true national championships. With regional competitions culminating in one true Nationals, the pinnacle of college sports is to be the last team standing….the one true National Champion!

Athletic Scholarship NCAA member institutions have invested millions of dollars into providing athletic scholarships for Acrobatics and Tumbling athletes. The financial advantage to parents and the benefit of a college education is invaluable to the success of a student athlete after graduation.

Athletic Participation Women who participate in sports have higher confidence and selfesteem. These benefits along with the irreplaceable experience of being a part of a team during college are often the propellants to a more fulfilling future.

WHAT IS THE NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ACROBATICS AND TUMBLING ASSOCIATION? • Acrobatics and Tumbling: governed by the National Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling Association (NCATA) is a 501(c)3 registered, qualified and recognized national governing body • NCATA Members are colleges and universities • Representatives are athletic administrators and coaches designated by the institutions • Members offer varsity intercollegiate amateur athletic programs in Acro & Tumbling • Meets sanctioned by USA Gymnastics

OUR COMMITMENT • To offer high level competition to female student-athletes who have developed regulated acrobatic, tumbling and cheer skills • To provide safe, fair and consistent opportunities for collegiate athletes comparable to other varsity sports • To become a NCAA Championship Sport in Divisions I, II and III with member institutions from across the country

FOUNDING SUPPORTERS • Athletic Directors, Academic Advisors, Compliance Officers, Athletic Trainers, Sports Information Directors, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Board of Trustees, Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers... ...and over 200 pioneering female


WHY UNIVERSITIES SHOULD BRING THE NEW SPORT OF ACROBATICS AND TUMBLING Programs for a well ON BOARD r!nded AS A FULL FEMALE university SPORT. For Administrators The safety standards being forged by the NCATA are worthy of adding to any university. As a 501(c)3 organization, we are providing opportunities for females at the collegiate level. Most schools currently have spirit leaders and cheerleaders who have these responsibilities: •Cheer for other teams on campus •Serve as ambassadors to each university •Attend alumni functions.

Some of these leaders also train to compete in one or more commercial competitions throughout the year. Some colleges award scholarships for tuition, books and more. •Rules for training are not governed by NCAA •Competition rules follow commercial guidelines set by a for profit industry •No governing body to set the safety rules while training or sideline cheering

Sideline Cheerleading Schools continue to have spirit leaders: •Cheer for other sports teams •Serve as ambassadors •Attend alumni functions

With these athletes training and cheering the entire school year, adding competitions to their schedule is one cause of overtraining resulting in injury. With no change in safety standards, the injuries sustained will continue to occur. The rules and stipulations need to change for sideline stunting and cheering during games. This is a safety problem that should be addressed. Under the current system,

Acrobatics & Tumbling Schools adopt the new sport of acrobatics & tumbling: •Sport follows all NCAA rules •Same treatment as other sports •Independent safety certification •Independent rules and guidelines •Scholarships are awarded

By using the same skill set, by changing rules to follow NCAA guidelines, and by following safety guidelines set by non affiliated groups, this new sport is safe and insurable. This sports team competes and represents the university in NCAA regulated championship format. There already are six universities who are making a difference, the founding members of the NCATA.


NCATA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS HOSTED BY BAYLOR UNIVERSITYNational APRIL 26-28, 2012 Champion(ip Only One. The NCATA follows the NCAA philosophy of having only one National Championship crowning a single national winner. The East and West Conference will come together to enjoy this inaugural event in early April in Waco, TX.

One Standard. The NCATA is setting a standard with the implementation of ONE National Championship representing the acrobatics and tumbling programs across the United States.

Competition Site The NCATA National Championships will be hested by Baylor University at the Ferrell Center in Waco, TX

National Championship The NCATA National Championship is a single-elimination tournament. Teams must be from member universities in good standing with the NCATA. All regular season requirements must be met including, but not limited to, number of required meets, team membership, and coach professional membership.

Qualification Score (CQS) for All Around Championship Teams will be seeded for NCATA Championships based on regular season results from each sanctioned meet. For the all-around championship, the CQS is calculated by averaging the four highest final scores earned during each event at NCATA sanctioned meets. 2 out of 4 scores earned must be earned at NCATA away sanctioned meets. If a tie occurs the next highest score is used to break the tie. Top 2 all around CQS scores earn a bye for the first round at the championship. Top six AA CQS scores qualify to compete at the NCATA championship. CQS will be calculated per event and a separate CQS will be calculated for the all around score. Tournament Brackets

Event Finals Event finals will occur on Saturday morning prior to AA national championship meet. Each heat will have 4 teams competing. The 4 highest scores earned throughout the regular season (in each of 4 skill events and team event) at NCATA sanctioned meets will qualify for event finals at the championship. One substitution to the originally qualifying group allowed for injury or a double qualifying athlete in the acro, pyramid, tumbling and toss rounds is permissible. The group or individuals identified as receiving the highest score will be “Event Champion.�



INSURABLE SKILL SET • Acrobatics and Tumbling: insurable • All Acrobatics & Tumbling university teams have major catastrophic, major medical and liability insurance from an outside source • The skill set used by the A & T athletes, under the rules and guidelines provided by the NCATA and NCAA, now create a safe sports model 100% insurable from a A+ Best rated insurance company

AWARD STATISTICS • Colleges dispense roughly $1 billion dollars in athletic scholarships each year • According to the NCAA, only 2% of high school athletes, roughly 138,000 kids, obtain a full or partial scholarship. • NCATA universities have currently spent upward of 2.5 million dollars implementing Acrobatics and Tumbling, including student-athlete scholarships.

ATHLETE STATISTICS • Almost 200 Acrobatics & Tumbling athletes come from over 100+ cheer gyms, gymnastic gyms or transfer in from other higher education institutes • Acrobatics & Tumbling universities are averaging upward of 50+ recruit requests per year that cannot be satisfied • The average Acrobatics and Tumbling university team roster is 32-34 females • Becoming an NCAA emerging sport would give an average 32 females a student-athlete experience per added university



Inaugural National

Champion(ip 2011

COMPETITION STATISTICS • The NCATA has planned and implemented expansion, including regional conferences streamlining to the National Championships each and every year • They are organized and run according to specific NCAA standards and international sport models

CHAMPIONSHIP STATISTICS • The NCATA held it’s inaugural National Championship early April, 2011at the University of Oregon. Under the guidelines and recommendations from the NCAA rules, the competition was 100% free of commercial influences • The Championship was a tiered single-elimination competition with seeding from regular preseason results • Attendance was _______________ spectators

COMPETITION FORMAT • Exciting 2-1/2 hour competition held in an arena • Spectators are educated during the meet with high quality video starring the athletes themselves • Head to head competition that is exciting, fast paced, and audience friendly • Use of half-time to engage in concessions, school mascot and video highlights from the season



OPPORTUNITY • Cheerleading has grown significantly in popularity among women, almost 25%, since 2000 [1]. The NCATA would be providing athletic opportunities to the fastest growing ‘skill set’ in America [1]David Moltz, But I’m an Athlete, Inside Higher Ed, June 30, 2009

• Student-Athletes are recruited from: • 40% - competed in acrobatics, gymnastics or similar sports • 60% - competed in competitive cheer • 100% - are totally dedicated athletes in a new sport • When acrobatics & tumbling becomes a sport, women will have a greater chance to compete or participate in a varsity sport at their respective institutions [2] [2]Doug Bonham, Ducks pushing the envelope with cheer, Daily Emerald, July 18, 2007

SPORT FORMULA • NCATA is utilizing the best of the cheer skills, acrobatics and balancing moves and tumbling elements to formulate a safe and exciting new sport • Data reveals a potential athlete pipeline, with more than half the 491,000 skill set athletes under age 18 being female

SCHOLASTIC POTENTIAL • Because all Acrobatic and Tumbling athletes are FULL time students, they are fulfilling a very important part of the student-athlete endeavor…education • With each university following the set guidelines provide by the NCAA, the student-athletes have a greater chance of success in higher education.



COACH POTENTIAL • 42.6% of women’s teams are coached by a female head coach. This percentage is second lowest in history • 100% of Acrobatics and Tumbling teams have a female head coach • 98% of the assistant coaches are female

LEADERSHIP • The NCATA is in a position to provide solid leadership, an extensive independent insurance program, unaffiliated safety regulations and guidelines and education from a wide range of qualified experts in many fields

NEW STANDARDS • By changing the current structure of cheer into a new sport, acrobatics and tumbling, we can set new safety standards • We provide coaches, officials and administrators proper credentialing; monitor professional education...all through a true 501(c)3 non profit governing body with the guidance of the universities and the NCAA.

OFFICIALS STANDARDS • Trained • Tested • Experienced

• Not associated with competing teams • Ethical code • The NCATA officials are top-rated

WHENEVER POSSIBLE, THE NCATA WILL UTILIZE... • Head and Assistant Coaches, Strength Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Nutritionists, Sport Psychologists, Academic Advisor, Recruiter, Officials

...TO PROVIDE THE BEST TOOLS FOR EACH UNIVERSITY • Periodization Training • Goal-setting • Special Physical Preparedness

• Planning & Projection Preparation • Element & Routine Building • Team Composition


Financial Aid for Division I and II NCAA Practice and Playing Standards Length of season Number of competitions Dates of competition

• • • •

Pre-season competition Recruiting Standards National Letter of Intent Standards for coaches

WHAT LIES AHEAD? • Continue progressive forward development • Respond to the vast interest in Acrobatics & Tumbling • Continue achieving acknowledgement from other national and international governing bodies pressing for the development of the new sport • Press forward with the NCAA Emerging Sport Status



DATE Oct 29, 2011 Nov 29, 2011 Nov 26, 2011 Dec 8, 2011 DATE

Sat - Feb 4, 2012 Sat - Feb 4, 2012 Fri - Feb 17, 2012 Sun - Mar 4, 2012 Fri - Mar 9, 2012 Sun - Mar 11, 2012 Sat - Mar 17, 2012 Sat - Mar 24, 2012 Wed - Mar 28, 2012 Fri - Mar 30, 2012 Sat - Mar 31, 2012 Mon - Apr 2, 2012 Fri - Apr 13, 2012 Tue - Apr 17, 2012 Apr 26-28, 2012 Thu - Apr 26, 2012 Fri - Apr 27, 2012 Sat - Apr 28, 2012

ACTIVITY LOCATION Fairmont State University - "Tuck for a Buck" Charity Exhibition Fairmont, WV University of Maryland College Park, MD Quinnipiac University Clinic Hamden, CT University of Maryland Intra-Squad Meet College Park, MD COMPETITION

Baylor vs Azusa Pacific Maryland vs Quinnipiac Quinnipiac vs Azusa Pacific vs Oregon Baylor vs Oregon Quinnipiac vs Maryland Baylor vs Quinnipiac vs Fairmont State Fairmont vs Maryland vs Oregon vs Quinnipiac* Maryland vs Baylor Oregon vs Fairmont State Azusa Pacific vs Fairmont State vs Maryland Oregon vs Baylor Azusa Pacific vs Quinnipiac Maryland vs Fairmont State Oregon vs Azusa Pacific NCATA National Championships NCATA Quarter Finals NCATA Semi Finals NCATA Finals *Four-way competition held at Shorter University Rome, GA




Azusa, CA Hamden, CT Eugene, OR Eugene, OR College Park, MD Fairmont, WV Rome, GA Waco, TX Fairmont, WV College Park, MD Waco, TX Hamden, CT Fairmont, WV Azusa, CA Waco, TX Waco, TX Waco, TX Waco, TX

700pm PST 600pm EST? 700pm PST 100pm PST 700pm EST 200pm EST? 500pm EST 600pm CST 600pm EST 700pm EST 700pm CST 700pm EST? 600pm EST 700pm PST TBA TBA TBA TBA

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