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Labradoodle Puppies for Sale Toy, Medium & Miniature Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle Puppies Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle puppies are our passion, and we specialize in beautiful Toy, Miniature and Medium size Australian Labradoodle puppies in all colors, including Red, Apricot, Black, white, Chocolate, parti and (coming soon) merle. We offer our incredible medium and miniature Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale to carefully screened dog lovers throughout North America, and have placed our puppies as far away as Dallas, Texas Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Ontario, Tampa, Florida, San Diego, California and other cities in the USA and Canada – through our dedicated team of pet transportation specialists who make sure our puppies arrive quickly, comfortably and safely into the arms of their new families. A full-grown miniature Labradoodle is the perfect size for dog lovers looking for a family companion that is not too big – and not too small; they weigh between 15 and 23 pounds and they should stand between 12 and 16 inches tall. We also have some Labradoodle puppies that grow into small and medium sized dogs. A medium Labradoodle will grow to approximately 17 to 20 inches and up to about 30 pounds to 45 pounds. Our family of Labradoodle puppies and our fully grown dogs live in our home. They have been around lots of children and three cats (one of whom loves dogs, one of whom hates dogs and one who could care less about dogs). So they are very nicely adjusted to family and other animals. They also have had the unique opportunity to be raised by both their mom and dad. Not all breeders have the mom and dad on site so we have a very special opportunity for our puppies to share a wonderful family environment.

About Australian Labradoodle Sizes Labradoodles come in three sizes – Standard (21″-24″), Middle (17″-20″) and Mini (12″-16″).

Personality Plus! The Labradoodle is not a yappy dog, even the miniatures. They are generally calm, caring, playful, wonderful family pets. They are affectionate and very smart. They learn quickly and enjoy pleasing their family members.

Are Australian Labradoodles Hypo-Allergenic (Allergy-Free)? We purchased our first Labradoodle because our son has asthma and Labradoodles were recommended to us as one of the pets he could safely own. We just fell in love with the breed. Our love of Labradoodles has grown into a wonderful way for our family to enjoy our pets and help other families enjoy a new family member. Once you’ve had a Labradoodle join your family it will be hard to ever live without one in your life. They are fantastic companions and friends. They are often a great solution for those that have allergies or asthma because once the puppy coat is gone they don’t shed.

All about Australian Labradoodle Coats and Colors… Labradoodles coats normally fall into one of 3 types: Fleece is very soft with a wavy appearance; Wool is generally a tighter curl and Hair which is more like a lab’s coat. Their colors are beautiful and interesting, ranging from white to merles. Check out the pictures of our dogs to see what their coats and colors can be like.

A Little Australian Labradoodle History Lesson… Labradoodles were first bred in Australia in 1989. The combination of the highly intelligent and low shedding Poodle and the gentle, intelligent and very trainable Labrador, make for a wonderful pet or guide dog for those allergic to dander and/or fur. Labradoodles are smart, low shedding lovable animals that are great family dogs because of their affinity for people. Their high level of intelligence makes them very trainable. They have often been taught to obey both verbal and hand signals. Most Labradoodles love water and are great swimmers.

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Labradoodle puppies for sale  

Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle puppies are our passion, and we specialize in beautiful Toy, Miniature and Medium size Australian...

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