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Fresno State Athletics Department 2010-11 Women’s Basketball Marketing Plan

2010-2011 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Marketing Plan


Fresno State Athletics Department 2010-11 Women’s Basketball Marketing Plan In Game Promotions  Mini Basketball Toss: The starting 5 student-athletes tossed mini-basketballs into the crowd after introductions.  Ross Watch: A large sign with dry-erase marker capabilities was custom made that said “Ross Watch” with Jaleesa Ross’ picture on it. The initial thought was to update it live every time she scored points on her quest to breaking multiple scoring records. Due to the pressure, it was recommended that we announce it when the team was in the locker room and put away during the game. The first record counting down was the Fresno State women’s basketball record. After we decided to not leave it courtside, we updated it every game and put it on display up at the main concourse. Once she made the scoring record, we concentrated on the NCAA 3 point record.  In-n-Out Seat Upgrade: Every game, 4 or less people would be offered the chance to sit in the courtside seats for the game. These people would be presented at a time out (usually the first one) by getting on the video board. They would also get a coupon for a free burger to In-n-Out.  Supercuts T-Shirts: Home games from the beginning of the season to 1/27/11, a tshirt was thrown out for every point that Jaleesa Ross made (if she made a 3 pointer, 3 shirts went in the crowd) as part of her race to the women’s scoring record. After that, since the team was the leading 3-point shooting team in the nation, 3 shirts were thrown every time anyone made a 3-pointer.  Dress, Dribble, & Shoot: Two kid contestants started at one end of the court and raced down the court putting on a pair of shorts, then a basketball jersey, and finally a pair of oversized basketball shoes. They then dribbled the ball down the court back the other way. First one to make a basket wins.  Bulldog Trivia: At some games during timeouts, a trivia question about the school and/or team would be asked to one contestant. The large ABC signs were held up by the cheerleaders.  Hot and Cold: A contestant gets blindfolded and placed in the middle of the court. A bag with a prize in it gets placed somewhere on the court. The crowd is encouraged to help the contestant find the prize by cheering when they move in the right direction or booing when they move away from it. They have “60 seconds” to get it, but we generally extend the time or lead them to it somehow so they get it no matter what.  Kiss Cam: During a timeout in the second half, the camera would pan around to couples sitting in the stand with love themed music playing in the background. The couple would have a chance to give each other a kiss and see themselves on the video board.  Hooters Chicken Dance: During a timeout, the chicken dance starts playing, cheer and dance go on the court, and fans are encouraged to do the chicken dance. The rd th cameras land on dancers, and typically the 3 or 5 person for it to land on is the winner. They would then win coupons to Hooters.  Bulldog Shop “Steal of the Game”: At every home game we feature certain item(s) from the Bulldog Shop at a special discount during that game only. The item(s) are modeled by members of the Fresno State Spirit Squad on the video board.  Barrow’s Physical Therapy Dance Cam: The Fresno State Spirit Squad would invite kids from the audience to come down on the court and dance. When available, tshirts would be thrown.  Me-N-Ed’s Loud Crowd: The Fresno State Spirit Squad gave three (3) real pizzas to the loudest fans at the game. Upbeat music played in the background and the video cameras followed the cheerleaders.  Jr Bulldog of the Game: At a timeout, a child within the parameters of being a Jr. Bulldog is picked, given a tshirt and dog tag. They are then presented while the


Fresno State Athletics Department

2010-11 Women’s Basketball Marketing Plan benefits of membership are being read. This is to also raise awareness for the program. Hula Hoop Contest: 5 contestants (usually kids) would get a hula hoop and be told to start at the same time. When the hula hoop touches the ground, that person is out. The last person to still be hula hooping wins. If it is taking a long time, the announcer will tell them to move side to side, forward backward, spin, etc. Halftime: Fans had a chance to win prizes in some of the above performances. During the year there were performances by Mutts in Motion, local dance groups, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, and Break the Barriers. We also recognized several different people and groups during special games such as the Lacrosse team, breast cancer survivors, the “World’s Tallest Married Couple” (of which the wife was a Fresno State basketball alum), and Yvette Roberts, the former all-time score leader. Video: During the game, multiple videos were played. In order to keep everyone up with the traditions, we shot a video of Jaleesa Ross talking to the audience and asking them to join in the traditions. The video was played right after the National Anthem and first thing at halftime for most games. Traditions included saying “woo” at 3-point shots, saying “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi” after an Australian scores, remaining standing until the opponent scores (new this year) and joining in on the pre-game chant. People didn’t really catch on to the chant, or really the “woo”, but the others (including the standing) did. It also helped when the PA announcer would remind the fans to stand until the opponent scores right before tipoff. We also did “Meet your Bulldogs” videos when we would ask certain players questions, and “Song of the Game” where we would ask the players their favorite song by a spcific artist and play whichever song was mentioned the most. There were also upcoming game videos with the players or coaches talking about the game and its promotions. We also made a “clapping video” where Timeout, a cheerleader, the two head coaches, and a couple men’s and women’s players would start a slow clap then get louder/faster and pump up the crowd. This was great during momentous timeouts and/or times when the crowd energy needed to be lifted. Program inserts: For about the first ¾ of the season, about 200 program inserts were made and distributed per game. These inserts reiterated the traditions, the Ross Watch numbers, the next home game, and listed player nicknames so the fans felt closer to the players. Three point signs: After Jaleesa broke the scoring record, we focused on the fact that the team was the leading 3-point shooting team in the nation. 20 laminated signs that had “3” on it were made. They were put on the rail in front of the student section so that every time the team made a 3 pointer, a student would flip over a sign (much like a “K” at a baseball game).


Fresno State Athletics Department 2010-11 Women’s Basketball Marketing Plan

2010-11 GAME BY GAME PROMOTIONAL OUTLOOK Game Notes: 15 home dates (4 Thursday, 2 Wednesday, 6 Saturday, 1 Sunday, 2 Monday) Jr. Bulldog Kids Club Ticket Promotion – All members get in free to all regular season home games Exhibition – Saturday, November 6, 2010 vs. Fresno Pacific – 6 PM  Theme:  Halftime: Minute to Win it, Hot and Cold  Ticket Promotions: $5 exhibition special  Special: One ticket good for doubleheader Details: No big special promotions were headed for this game, as it was just an exhibition and the new staff’s first practice at a basketball game. Game #1 – Wednesday, November 17, 2010 vs. Cal Poly – 6 PM  Theme: Regular Season Home Opener, Bulldog Pantry Thanksgiving Food Drive  Halftime: Hot and Cold  Ticket Promotions: Canned food drive – gent in free before halftime of the women’s game, BOGO afterwards. Tickets good for entire doubleheader  Special: Raising of the 2010 WAC Banner and Presentation of Championship Rings Details: We worked with the Bulldog Pantry to do a canned food drive, as it was right before Thanksgiving. The promotion was that someone could bring a can before halftime of the women’s game and get in free. If they bring a can after that, they get a buy-one-get-one-free ticket. The promotion was a success and the pantry reported 752 cans donated. Pregame activities also included presentation of the WAC Champion rings and revealing the NCAA Tournament banner. Game #2 – Saturday, November 20, 2010 vs. UC Irvine – 2 PM  Theme: Aussie Day  Halftime: Hot and Cold, Fresno Chaffee Zoo snake presentation  Ticket Promotions: But-one-get-one free promotion with FCZ  Special: Fresno Chaffee Zoo – Australian Reptiles Details: In honor of the 5 Australians on the team and Fresno State women’s basketball’s lasting relationship with Aussie players, we had an Aussie Day. The Chaffee Zoo brought a couple of Australian native reptiles for display at the main entrance on the concourse. At halftime, a snake was brought on the court and presented. We did a cross promotion where the Zoo put coupons for a BOGO ticket to this Aussie game in their programs a couple weeks leading up to the event. We did something similar back where we told everyone that if they presented their ticket to the Zoo in the rest of the calendar year, they would get $2 off of their admission. They also provided us with Zoo lights passes and family pack to give away during the game. The Australians on the team made a few video shorts that played within the game. 200 mini Australian flags were given out to the audience. The Australian National Anthem played after the United States’. The Australians supplied an Australian shirt for Time Out to wear, as well as a blow-up Kangaroo that was used throughout the game. 5 stuffed kangaroos were purchased for the 5 Australians to throw out (as opposed to the mini red balls), and all 5 Australians were presented regardless of whether or not they started. Instead of the regular “Red Notes” slides that were put up during the game, “Aussie Notes” were used that had random Australian facts. Game #3 – Sunday, November 28, 2010 vs. Pepperdine – 2 PM


Fresno State Athletics Department 2010-11 Women’s Basketball Marketing Plan  Theme: Blood Drive – Black Friday Turns Red  Halftime: Hot and Cold, Kid Race  Ticket Promotions: Black Friday Turns Red, Blood Drive Details: This was a difficult weekend, as it was a daytime game on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We also had football and men’s basketball this same weekend, so we put together a “Black Friday turns Red” promotion in conjunction with the Bulldog Shop. This offered discounts on tickets to these games and Bulldog Shop items. We also worked with the Central California Blood Center for a Blood Drive. We advertised that a blood donation would give free admission to the game and a free Fresno State t-shirt. The blood drive probably didn’t contribute to a significant turnout, but it didn’t hurt. Game #4 – Saturday, December 4, 2010 vs. TCU – 2 PM  Theme: Toys 4 Tots  Halftime: Hot and cold, dance team, kid race  Ticket Promotions: Donate a toy of at least $5 value and get free admission. Monetary donations of the same value taken as well. Take a Kid to the Game Day – Kids 12 and under free with a paid adult  Special: Autograph Session Details: We worked with the Marine Corps to be there for Toys 4 Tots. The day before, at the last football game, was also a Toys 4 Tots game. We advertised it as a Toys 4 Tots weekend of sorts. A toy donation with at least a $5 value gave free admission and monetary donations of the same value also gave free admission. This game made the most sense for a toy drive since it was the closest to Christmas for women’s basketball. There was also an autograph session. As part of a Take a Kid to the Game Day, kids under 12 were free with a paid adult. Advertising of this kind of fell through and could have been improved. Game #5 – Wednesday, December 29, 2010 vs. USC – 6 PM  Theme: None  Halftime: Mutts in Motion  Ticket Promotions: Blood Drive  Special: One ticket good for doubleheader Details: Since this game is at a difficult time of the year, nothing too over the top was done. We booked Mutts in Motion (which is a big crowd hit) to perform at both halftimes of the night. They usually charge $400 each performance, but we worked with them and paid them $700 total for both performances in the one night. We also did another blood drive for the doubleheader and again offered free admission and a tshirt to all donors. Game #6 – Monday, January 3, 2011 vs. UC Riverside – 6 PM  Theme: None  Halftime: Dance Team, Balloon pop, hot and cold  Ticket Promotions: None  Special: one ticket good for doubleheader Details: Another difficult day of the week/time of year, as well as a lesser-attractive opponent. Nothing special was done for this game. Game #7 – Thursday, January 13, 2011 vs. Louisiana Tech – 7 PM  Theme: Pack the House  Halftime: Dance team, Hot and Cold, Kid Race, Hoop Club winner presentation  Ticket Promotions: See Pack the House Challenge Marketing Plan (In 1/13 LA Tech tab)  Special: See Pack the House Challenge Marketing Plan (In 1/13 LA Tech tab) Details: See Pack the House Challenge Marketing Plan (In 1/13 LA Tech tab) Game #8 – Saturday, January 15, 2010 vs. New Mexico State – 6 PM  Theme: First all WAC doubleheader  Halftime: Dance Team, “World’s Tallest Married Couple”, Yvette Roberts, Kid Race


Fresno State Athletics Department 2010-11 Women’s Basketball Marketing Plan  Ticket Promotions: None  Special: One ticket good for doubleheader Details: We contacted Laurie Halquist, who is half of the World Tallest Married Couple according to the Guiness Book of World Records. She happened to also play basketball at Fresno State back in the ‘80s. She and her husband came to this doubleheader and were presented during both games. Yvette Roberts, the woman who was the leading scorer for Fresno State women’s basketball before Jaleesa broke her record (at this point, she had not yet) was also presented at halftime. Game #9 – Monday, January 24, 2011 vs. Hawaii – 6 PM  Theme: None (Jaleesa might break the point record, needed 21 that game)  Halftime: Hula Contest, Fresno Dance Collective  Ticket Promotions: None  Special: one ticket good for doubleheader Details: We advertised that Jaleesa might break the scoring record this game (21 pts is not unheard of for her). She did not end up doing so that game. Game #10 – Thursday, January 27, 2011 vs. San Jose State – 7 PM  Theme: “Witness History” (impromptu)  Halftime: Dance Team – Balloon Pop  Ticket Promotions: ALL tickets $4 in honor of #4 Jaleesa Ross  Special: 200 signs given away that said “Go ‘Dogs” on one side and “We <3 #4” on the other (half donated by Chris Pacheco). Yvette Roberts was there to be part of the ceremony. Details: Since we were certain that Jaleesa would break the record at this game, we advertised that all tickets were $4 in honor of #4 Jaleesa Ross. We also made the special signs. We made sure Yvette Roberts was present. Pre-game, we announced how many she needed, and every time she made a basket, the new # she need to break the record was put on the video board. Once she broke it, the rest of the tshirt bucket was thrown out. Coach Wiggins called a time out so the team could celebrate. After the game, we had Jaleesa, her family, Thomas Boeh and Betsy Mosher, and Yvette Roberts on the court (with Cheer and dance surrounding them). We had Yvette hand off the game ball to Jaleesa along with the read. Luckily, we had a wireless mic on hand that was then given to Jaleesa to make a mini speech (next time for something like that, it should be planned on). Since this game was during the first week of the Spring semester, we tried to target students by advertising that we would give away two $50 gift certificates to the Kennel Bookstore (since it was book-buying time). They were given away during the balloon popping contest. Game #11 – Thursday, February 10, 2011 vs. Boise State – 7 PM  Theme: None  Halftime: Hot and Cold, Break the Barriers performance  Ticket Promotions: None  Special: I Love Hoops Day – I Love Fresno State Hoops items giveaway Details: No big promotions went on for this game. This is the game that we shifted attention from Jaleesa’s scoring record to her NCAA 3 point record and the team’s 3 point shooting. We did advertise that Break the Barriers was attending, as they are a big hit and they performed at a men’s game earlier in the season. Game #12 – Saturday, February 12, 2011 vs. Utah State – 2 PM  Theme: Centennial, National Girls and Women in Sports Day  Halftime: NGWSD Presentation  Ticket Promotions: None Details: This game was part of National Girls and Women in Sports Day that had its own committee for planning. The kids from the clinic came to the game. Female student athletes from (specifically) the 1970s were invited to the game. They were presented with an unreceived letter from the school for their participation in a sport here. The committee helped with development of


Fresno State Athletics Department 2010-11 Women’s Basketball Marketing Plan the presentation script, inviting all attendees, and providing hospitality to them before, during, and after the event. This game was also the “Centennial” game and we did small things to celebrate the university’s centennial, such as have the university timeline out at the main entrance, gave away centennial buttons, and showed some centennial videos. Game #13 – Thursday, February 24, 2011 vs. Idaho – 6 PM  Theme: WBCA Pink Zone  Halftime: Cheery O’s performance (dance), BC survivor presentation  Ticket Promotions: $1 of every ticket sold will benefit the Central Valley Affiliate for Susan G. Komen for the Cure  Special: one ticket good for doubleheader, team wore pink jerseys that were auctioned off, 1,000 pink glow bracelets given away Details: This night was a doubleheader night and both men’s and women’s basketball collaborated to have a breast cancer awareness night. The event was registered on the WBCA Pink Zone website. Instead of having proceeds go to the Kay Yow fund, they went to the local Susan G. Komen (Central Valley) affiliate. Contact is Sharon Johnson. Pink jerseys were purchased for the team with the Bulldog Sports Properties allocation. The total cost, with freight and embroidery, came to just under $1400. After they were fitted and embroidery was complete, we took pictures of the front and back of each jersey. The jerseys were then put up on the online auction 6 days before the actual event. The auction ran for 8 more days after the actual event, giving a full two weeks. Bids started at $50. Advertising of the jersey auction was done on, the facebook page, during the game, and during the appearance on Central Valley today (will get to that). The jerseys sold for $1,390, basically the cost of the jerseys. CBS took 10% out from the sales. The rest of the money went to Susan G. Komen. The auction was a success, the athletes really enjoy it, and I would recommend doing it again. Before the event, one coach and one player (Sadiaa and Jaleesa) along with Sharon Johnson from Susan G. Komen appeared on Central Valley today to talk about the event and the jersey auction. Though not formally advertised, we gave away 1,000 pink glow bracelets for the crowd. The idea was that we would turn out the lights for the survivor presentation and the crowd would glow pink. Unfortunately, it didn’t really have that effect, as most people’s hands were in their laps and the bracelets were covered, but I think it was fun for a lot of people and they enjoyed having them. The presentation went well at the half. We had 5 survivors and also thanked Sharon Johnson and talked about what the athletics department has been doing for Susan G. Komen the past year. At the men’s game, the men wore pink shoelaces and a male breast cancer survivor spoke on his survivorship. Game #14 – Saturday, March 5, 2010 vs. Nevada – 6 PM  Theme: Senior Night  Halftime: Dance team, Break the Barriers, Lacrosse Presentation.  Ticket Promotions: None  Special: One ticket good for the doubleheader, NFL players signing autographs starting at 7 Details: Since the senior class that was being honored was the most successful in school history, that idea was hammered home in every advertisement of the game that we did. The big promotions that were going on for the men’s game was a big drive for the women’s game as well. We had about a dozen former Bulldogs that are or were NFL players. They held an autograph session that started at 7, still during the women’s game. 5 flat screen tvs were also given away at the men’s game. For each of the 5 seniors, 4 giant head poster cutouts were made, using their season headshots. Alphagraphics produced them for us (contact Dean Titus). One each was given out to the families of the seniors, 5 to the Hoop club area (home bench endline), 5 to the student section, and the other 5 were randomly spread. Some were kept and taken to Las Vegas and Albuquerque for post season play.


Fresno State Athletics Department 2010-11 Women’s Basketball Marketing Plan Prior to the senior game, we set aside a time with all five seniors to have them just talk in front of a camera about their memories, for use at the senior game and for the awards banquet. Videos specific to one senior were played at media timeouts, and some were played at halftime and post game. A lot of compliments were made on the night and things went well on our end of things. Post-season: WAC Tournament, Las Vegas, NV: Though the marketer was not officially working this event, about a dozen recovered senior heads were brought to the tournament, as well as the laminated 3 point signs. Most of the signs made it back (when they were passed out, we asked that they give them back at the end of the game). Pom-pons were also there for the championship and were handed out. Mini videos and updates were featured on Facebook during the tournament. 2011 NCAA Tournament First-Round, Albuquerque, NM: One each of the senior heads were brought. Special cheer cards that said “Go Dogs” on one side and “3” on the other were brought (75 count), and so were some pom-pons. Mini videos and updates were featured on Facebook during the tournament. 2011-2012 Season Suggestions: 

   

On the season home opener, reveal the NCAA Tournament and WAC Tournament Champions banner (no rings will be presented) and present Jaleesa Ross with a memorabilia item commemorating her final points at Fresno State (if she is around). She was already presented a ball with information from the game that she actually did break the record. If all 5 2011 seniors around, they could be presented with the 97 wins/winningest class commemorative. Try to get pink jerseys again, the team/community really seem to love them. Talk to Charles Flood in equipment about them. We should have kept the shorts so only jersey tops need to be purchased (and maybe a couple shorts for sizing issues), which will be much cheaper. The National Girls and Women in Sports Day game will be late January/early February. There will be a committee to decide the exact date. If there is a game on a weekday that either is, or can be moved to, a time between 9 am12pm, look into working with Clovis of Fresno school districts to get them to the game for a field trip (this could make a good Pack the House game if executed correctly). Another Aussie game would be fun, especially if another Aussie or two is new to the team. An organized Alumni Game would be very fun. The coaches expressed concern that they would need to let the alumni know very far in advance so they could plan to come back. There was talk about having one right after an actual game, where alumni would play alumni. Keep it up with the 3 point signs (they should still be around somewhere). Rosie Moult will likely be in the top 15 in the nation with 3 pointers per game. Others do shoot many 3s, so the team should at least be in the top 10 in 3 pointers per game (even without Jaleesa). Find a way to continue the traditions (with a video, announcements, program inserts, or otherwise).


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