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True Love: The on their

The honeymoon is over and now married life begins. Sureka Fernando asks: can you live n harmony with your in- aws7



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Patel left her native Indian of Anand to start her new wn in London, she was justifiably ervous. Not only was she going to marry a man she had met only twice before, but she was about to spend the rest of her life living with his family. en

She reveals: "I met my husband, Hiren, in India when my family were looking for prospective husbands for me. We were actually searching for someone from the States because have family there, but my uncle met Hiren at a party and he mentioned he was iooking for a wife. My uncle found out a bit about him and then introduced us. Luckily, we hit it off straight away !" with how ,,•olite and educated Hiren seemed. Although he was ha•._/%ome, it really was his overwhelming respect and decency that impressed her.


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But she still wasn't sure he was the man of her dreams. "It was hard to form a first impression as both our families ;•piled into my uncle's house where we first met, recalls Kajal. "But something felt right and the next day my mum got a call to say Hiren would like to see me again.

his mother and sister Tina




abfeature excited and Went to meet Hiren in parlour in Gujarat. That afternoon al• ice cream chatted for hours. He told me that he we just used to be a doctor but quit to do an MBA and was now working at management level for Elsevier publishers. [ 'lnd him very easy to talk to and told him that had been studying marketing in London Metropolitan University for the past four years and was now working in an accountancy role for Holiday Inn, which




really enjoyed.

looking %r told him that was who really respects and cares about me. Fm a very family oriented person so if don'• have my family around, find it very difficult to survive.

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therefore needed an could become part of his He said he understood." that

environment where


and Hiren got engaged in a traditional ceremony in India on January 29 but the couple didn't see each other again until Valentine's

Kajal Day.

planned to come to London as a surprise for Hiren, with the help of his mum," smiles Kajal. "And I've been living with his family ever since." "I



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she admits. "Being very in India, it was hard for me in with another family in

really scary,"

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imagine fitting

London." "But Hiren's mum and sister made it very easy for me to settle in and treated me like their own daughter and sister."



never having the chance who died when he was 18. an amazing man," she says.

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to meet Hiren's dad

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have now been married six "Hiren and months and I've never auued with his mum although do have one ru•-ning argument with ?Fliren- won't let him have a pet as have an absolutely irrational fear of cats and dogs and I'm not sure he'll ever forgive me for that." "But his mum and share a good understanding and we compromise to make things work."


conflicts could come up in the future but I'd like to think that we could talk it over and there would be enough respect, understanding and love to get over whatever obstacles we are faced with." tO

Hiren & Kajal in Asian Bride magazine  
Hiren & Kajal in Asian Bride magazine  

Hiren & Kajal in Asian Bride magazine