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All of us face difficulties in waking up in the morning some days. We may have had a late night, chatting with friends at home or online. Else, we may have been watching a late night movie. We wake up sleepy, and remain sleepy the whole day. It affects our work, our levels of concentration and can cause severe errors in our work which affect other people too.

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world” Russell Simmons.

For most of us, this problem disappears when we get a good night’s sleep. We wake up the next day, refreshed, focused and ready to take on the world! Imagine the plight then of people who never have a good night’s rest. No, I’m not talking about our night duty nurses!! There are a lot of people who suffer from a disease called “Sleep Apnea”, where the person cannot breathe properly at night and suffers from lack of oxygen as a result. This often manifests as snoring and leaves the sufferer in the same mental and physical state as a person who has had very little sleep.

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The same problems happen to those who suffer from prostate problems. Due to the frequent need to visit the toilet at night, their sleep is also disturbed and they never get a good night’s sleep. They too, therefore, remain exhausted and sleepy the whole day. This issue has articles, contributed by our expert and senior specialists in these fields, on both Sleep Apnea and prostate problems. Our regular news and quiz articles are, as always, there. Please send in your comments and questions. Keep caring.

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Snoring& Sleep Apnea Dr. Sridhar Ramachandren

FRCS, MS, DLO Sr. Consultant, ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon.

Snoring is a sound resulting from turbulent airflow that causes tissues to vibrate. Sleep apnea is reduction or a temporary stopping of breathing during sleep. What are the causes of snoring ? The commonest reason in children is enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids. Septal deviation, lax palate, enlarged tongue, tonsils or nasal turbinates can lead to snoring in adults. How common is snoring and Sleep apnea? Very common. 50% or more of the general population snore and it is more common if you are overweight. What are the effects of snoring and sleep apnea ? Snoring and disturbed sleep lead to daytime sleeping and lack of concentration. Children’s school performance may be affected. Sleep apnea has been linked to hypertension and heart diseases.

What are its effets? • It is one of the causes for high blood pressure. • Heart disease • Daytime sleepiness • Lack of concentration Are there any remedies ? Treatment initially starts with advice to reduce weight When required, nasal sprays could also be used. Surgical intervention may sometimes be needed depending on the cause or severity of the condition. Surgical Treatment Available include: OPD/ Daycare Procedure • Turbinal Reduction by Radio ablation • Palatal Stiffening using various techniques Surgical • Tonsillectomy • UPPP (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty). • Tongue Base Reduction.

Stress Urinary Incontinence Stress Urinary Incontinence is the term used to denote leakage of urine as a result of increased intra-abdominal pressure (which occurs during coughing, sneezing, lifting

Urological Issues

heavy objects etc). It is a common condition in the women

Prostate Cancer

and is a result of weakness of the pelvic floor muscles or

I am a 56 yr old male school teacher. These days I have to

urethral hyper mobility. Gross obesity and multiple vaginal

pass urine more often and my urine stream is weak. My

deliveries will worsen the condition.

sleep is disturbed as I have to get up often at night to pass

Kegel exercises could help to some extent in controlling the

urine. Is this a sign of prostate cancer?

leaky bladder. The purpose of the exercises is to increase the pelvic muscle volume and to develop stronger reflex contractions following quick rise in intra- abdominal pressure. The patient is asked to draw up, instead of to bear down, and the physician should confirm the contractions by vaginal or rectal examination. Usually, it is recommended that contractions should be sustained for 5-10 seconds followed by an equal period of relaxation. Development of muscular hypertrophy is a slow process and probably needs longer exercise periods with maximal tension. Repeated series of contractions should be performed every day, but the total number of recommended contractions varies between 30 per day to 160 per day.

These symptoms are due to enlargement of prostate. Usually it is due to non cancerous enlargement (BPHBenign Prostatic Hyperplasia) which affects most men after the age of 40 yrs. Although having BPH does not increase your risk of having prostate cancer, it is possible to have both BPH and prostate cancer. Early symptoms of both conditions are similar, hence it is important to see your doctor if you are experiencing urinary symptoms or have a family history of prostate cancer. A healthy prostate is about the size of a walnut and sits just below the urinary bladder, surrounding the urethra (the tube that carries urine and semen out of the penis). After the age of

Mild cases of stress may benefit from medications. The

40, the prostate may begin to enlarge. As its size increases, the

drug used depends on the results of the tests done to rule

prostate squeezes the urethra which slows the flow of urine,

out over active bladder which

resulting in symptoms.

can mimic symptoms of

stress incontinence. Severe and disabling stress urinary incontinence usually needs surgery for correction. Typical surgery is simple and involves transvaginal insertion of a synthetic tape to support the mid portion of the urethra and is curative in majority of the patients. It requires usually one day admission in the hospital. Complicated cases may require abdominal surgery which is more extensive.

BPH is a progressive disease. It can lead to bladder damage, infection, blood in the urine and even kidney damage silently. It is usually easy to make a diagnosis of BPH with proper history, digital rectal examination and a few blood tests. Diagnosis of prostate cancer is usually made on prostate biopsy.

Department of Urology

Several treatments are available for BPH including Watchful waiting, Medicines, TURP (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate) and other minimally invasive surgical

Dr. Krishna Prasad V Sr. Consultant MS, M.Ch(Uro), DNB(Uro), FRCS,FEBU(Uro)

techniques. Availability of a wide variety of newer medications not only allows relief of bothersome symptoms but also has reduced the need for surgery. There are medications to relax the muscles of your prostate to improve the urine stream, block hormones that cause prostatic growth and relax your bladder to improve continence. You and your doctor should jointly determine the best treatment option for you.

BLOOD IN URINE I have blood in my urine (haematuria)? Do I have cancer ? Blood in urine can be microscopic (detected by urine test) or macroscopic (seen by the naked eye). Remember that 70 to 90% of microscopic haematuria is not associated with urological problems. However, macroscopic haematuria can be caused by one of the following urological problems: stones (in kidney, ureter or bladder), infection, injury (to kidney, bladder or urethra), cancer (of kidney, bladder or prostate), and other causes (renal cysts, medical kidney diseases, blood disorders, medications like warfarin). Your doctor will do the following tests to reach to the underlying cause: urine culture, renal ultrasound and CT scan or cystoscopy (looking inside the bladder) as necessary. The treatment will be directed to the cause which is found.

Dr. Joseph K Mathew Sr. Consultant MBBS, MS, MCH (Urology)

Dr. Mohammed Al-Marhoon Sr. Consultant BSc, MD, MRCSEd, PhD

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