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March 2014

ST THOMAS AQUINAS RC SECONDARY Anne Frank Trust The Anne  Frank  Trust  will  be   bringing  an  Exhibi5on  into  the   school  at  the  beginning  of  May,   the  exhibi5on  will  examine   prejudice  and  will  take  up   residence  in  the  school  library  for   a  number  of  weeks.     A  group  of  Second  Year  students   will  be  selected  to  act  as  guides  to   the  Exhibi5on,  developing  student   knowledge  and  social  skills.  The   Exhibi5on  will  look  at  the  events   of  the  treatment  of  Jewish  people   during  the  Second  World  War  but   will  also  look  at  more   contemporary  examples  of   prejudice    throughout  the  world,   including  making  the  link  with   social  exclusion  and  bullying  in  in   the  modern  teenage  environment.     The  Exhibi5on  will  be  open  to  our   parents  and  primary  students  too.     More  details  will  follow  from  Mr   Gault.   Four  senior  pupils,  Siobhan  Riding,   Carla  Kent,  Stephen  Turner  and   Benedicte  Anifa  have  been   working  with  Dave  Jamieson,  chef   mentor,  Grand  Central  Hotel,  as   part  of  the  ‘Determined  to  Cook   Challenge’.They  were  successful  in   Round  One  and  now  move   forward  into  Round  Two,  a  ‘cook   off’  against  Notre  Dame  High,   Govan  High  and  Whitehill   Secondary,  Friday  28th  March  in   Tennants  Cook  School.  We  wish   them  every  success.  

Commonwealth Day We celebrated Commonwealth Day on Friday 14 March with many students wearing red with their uniform to mark our link with St Joseph’s School in Trinidad and Tobago.! Our Steel Pan Band were also in action earlier in the week where they performed in St Bartholomew’s PS who welcomed the arrival of the Queen’s Baton for the Commonwealth Games (see pic below).

Our Steel Pan Band will be ‘gigging’ next, at Miss Morrison’s wedding !!

Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God.


March 2014


Second Year  Students:   Recycling  Success.   A  group  of  hardworking  Second   Year  students  have  been   selected  to  represent  the  school   in  a  Glasgow-­‐wide  engineering   compe55on.      Go4SET  links   teams  with  companies  and   universi5es  to  offer  a  10  week   science,  technology,  engineering   and  mathema5cs  (STEM)   experience.   The  project  involves  the   students  taking  on  a  project  to   improve  waste  management  in   the  school  and  allows  them  to   develop  their  engineering   talents.   The  team,  comprising  of  Lauren   Seery,  Erika  Bruijstens,  Marc   Rodgers,  Hannah  Rice,  John   Cumming  and  Stephen  McGhee,   have  already  visited  the  city’s   new  recycling  site  at  Polmadie,   and  will  be  presen5ng  their   project  in  front  of  engineers  and   industry  at  Glasgow  City   Chambers  on  April  2nd.       Good  luck  team!   Mr  Marsella  



La Santa  Misa   Santo  Tomás  de  Aquino  

This term  in  the  Modern   Languages  Department   First  Year  students  learned   how  to  say  Holy  Mass  in   Spanish  as  part  of   St.Thomas  Aquinas’  Feast   Day  celebra5ons.  It  gave   our  pupils  the  opportunity   to  prac5se  their   pronuncia5on  skills  while   contribu5ng  to  their   spiritual  forma5on  through   the  shared  experience  of   prayer.  We  were  very  thankful  to  our  School  Chaplain,  Father   Lappin,  for  celebra5ng  the  Mass,  as  he  made  learning  the   Spanish  for  this  Mass  his  own  homework  task  in  the  weeks   preceding  our  Feast  Day.     Our  Senior  Students  were  also  on  hand  to  assist;  the  Caritas   group  helped  to  escort  the  First  Years  to  St.Paul’s  Church  and   provided  refreshments  in  the  hall  for  parents  who  a\ended  the   service.    Marc  Fingland,  who  is  studying  Higher  Spanish,  was   able  to  help  the  First  Years  in  their  responses.  In  par5cular,   special  men5on  should  be  given  to  David  Brown  from  Sixth  Year   for  his  hard  work  and  applica5on  in  direc5ng  a  musical  group   comprising  of  First  Years,  and  to  Morven  McColl  and  Emma   Carroll  for  leading  the  congrega5on  in  singing  hymns.    (All  three   of  these  senior  students  are  comple5ng  their  Pope  Benedict   Caritas  Award  with  Fr  Lappin  and  our  Headteacher)   We  were  delighted  that  a  representa5on  of  pupils  from  Corpus   Chris5  primary,  accompanied  by  their  Spanish  teacher,  Brendan   Cairns,  a\ended  the  Mass  and  joined  in  the  prayers  and  sang   beau5fully  in  Spanish.     As  part  of  our  Feast  Day  Celebra5ons  the  R.E.  department   discussed  quota5ons  from  St.Thomas  Aquinas  and  provided  art   work,  including  these  quota5ons,  for  display  in  the  church.     All  in  all  it  was  a  lovely  way  to  celebrate  the  Feast  Day  of   St.Thomas  Aquinas  and  everyone  must  be  thanked  for  their   par5cipa5on.  In  par5cular  we  would  like  thank  the  students  in   First  Year  who  worked  and  contributed  to  a  beau5ful  Mass  and   memorable  occasion.     Miss  Whyte  

Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God.


March 2014

! LENT Over the  course  of  Lent,  RE  classes  have  been  asked  to   reflect  on  the  words  of  Pope  Francis  in  responding  to   the  challenges  facing  the  Embera  people  in  the   rainforest  of  Colombia   “Let  us  be  protectors  of     crea5on,  protectors  of  God’s     plan  inscribed  in  nature,     protectors  of  one  another  and     of  the  environment.”     Each  week  of  Lent  on  the  TV  screens  in  the  Social  Area  our   students  are  also  being  reminded  of  the  key  purposes  of  Lent   through  pictures,  reflec5on  statements  and  inspira5onal  prayer.   A  range  of  ac5vi5es  to  raise  funds    for  this  year’s  Lenten  Campaign     are  being  organised  including  a  Talent  Show  for  the  final  abernoon   of  term,  with  a  non-­‐uniform  day  also  planned  for  the  same  day,   Friday  4  April.   The  Modern  languages  department  will  also  be  organising  their  now  annual  ‘French  Breakfast’,  and,    in  a   real  challenge  to  students  to  give  something  up  for  Lent,  the  department  is  holding  a    

“No Phone  4  U”  day     where  students  will  forfeit  their  phone  for  a  whole  school  day.   On-­‐going  throughout  Lent,  students  and  staff  will  give  up  their  small  change  in  our  tradi5onal  ‘Every  Penny   Counts’.   All  of  these  events,  and  others  s5ll  to  be  determined,  will  raise  money  for  SCIAF.    As  a  strong  supporter  of   of  this  Scodsh  charity  we  have  been  invited  to  host  a  visit  from  Criseria  from  the  Choco  rainforest  region   of  Colombia,  whose  Embera  people  have    been  helped  by  SCIAF  over  the  last  year  or  so.    Prior  to  this  trip   with  SCIAF,  Criseria  had  never  leb  her  na5ve  Colombia;  we’re  sure  she’ll  get  a  warm  welcome  in  St  Thomas   Aquinas.   You  can  find  out  more  about  this  year’s  SCIAf  appeal  by  checking  online:     h\p://­‐wee-­‐box/the-­‐wee-­‐box.html  

! ! ! Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God.


March 2014

Determined to  Make  Movies  

Screenwriter and Director Tia Loughran with her ‘Cast’

! Adam, Goodness and Evie (the First Year voices behind, Tia Loughran’s (S6) cartoon characters in her successful entry ‘Wasteland’ , for ‘Determined to Make Movies’). Tia’s movie was premiered at Glasgow’s GFT last week.!

! ! The animation won a major prize, just rewardfor Tia’s 100+ hours in production!! First Year  Geography  

Tia with her awards after ! the ceremony

Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God.


March 2014

First Year  Geography   First  Year  geographers  have  been  very  busy  with  various  challenges  this  term.  Their  First  Challenge  was  to  name   as  many  places  in  and  around  Glasgow  which  contain  the  word  hill  –  some  students  managed  to  find  as  many  as   50!     Their  Second  Challenge  was  to  create  a  geographical  model  which  incorporated  their  name.  The  department  was   overwhelmed  by  the  student  response  –  we  received  rainforest  scenes,  volcanoes,  globes,  solar  systems  (which   even  included  lights)  and  famous  landmarks.    

Aber dus5ng  down  the  classroom  of  gli\er,  glue  and  paper  mache  we  moved  onto  Challenge  Three,    which  was   to  name  as  many  songs/bands  which  related  to  the  weather.  Again  the  students  amazed  us  with  their   commitment  to  the  challenge  –  winner  Holly  Handley  finding  over  400  weather  related  songs!!!     Our  next  challenge  will  take  place  on  Thursday  27th  March  when  we  will  be  par5cipa5ng  in  the  Keep  Scotland   Beau5ful  Campaign.  Students  will  be  taking  part  in  a  li\er  pick  in  the  local  area.  Pictures  will  follow  on  Twi\er   and  our  next  Newsle\er.   Miss  Barton
 Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God.


March 2014

Mobile Phone  use  in  St  Thomas  Aquinas  

SPORTS -­‐  By  Mr  McMahon.  

The undernoted   is   a   copy   of   a   le\er   recently   sent   to   parents/carers   of   our   First   +   Second   Year   students.     Whilst   directed   towards   our   younger   students,   the   same   policy   applies   to   all  in  our  school  community.  


I write  owing  to  my  growing  concern  regarding   the   inappropriate   use   of   mobile   telephones   in   our  school.       The   school   appreciates   that   many   of   our   students   travel   a   considerable   distance   to   school   and   that   you   may   wish   your   child   to   carry   a   mobile   phone   for   emergency   purposes.     However,   whilst   in   school   itself,   there   is   no   need  for  your  child  to  use  their  mobile  phone.   For  the  protecPon  of  all  who  are  a  part  of  our   community,   the   camera   func4on   of   mobile   phones   must   not   be   used   in   school.   Furthermore,   the   use   of   mobile   devices   in   the   classroom   is   strictly   forbidden   and   should   your   child   be   found   using   theirs   in   class,   they   will   require   to   surrender   it   to   the   classroom   teacher   and   collect   it   from   the   school   office,   where  it  will  be  logged  and  stored,  at  the  end   of  the  school  day.   Furthermore,   please   note   that   neither   Saint   Thomas   Aquinas   RC   Secondary   School   nor   Glasgow   City   Council   are   liable   for   any   theS,   loss   or   damage   incurred   to   mobile   phones   whilst  at  school.     In   order   to   protect   the   learning   environment   for   all,   I   would   very   much   appreciate   your   support   in   this   maTer   by   emphasising   these   points  to  your  child.     Should   you   require   any   further   clarificaPon   regarding   this   maTer,   please   do   not   hesitate   to  contact  me.  

! Mrs C  Wilson.  (DHT,  First  and  Second  Year)  

! Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God.

U14’s The  Under  14’s  had  an  evennul  season.  The   team  developed  their  zone  defence  and   improved  their  fast  breaks.  This  enabled  them   to  reach  the  Glasgow  League  Cup  semi  finals.   U16’s   The  Under  16’s  had  a  brilliant  season,   compe5ng  in  both  the  Glasgow  league  and  the   Glasgow  Cup.  They  finished  third  in  their   league  and  reached  the  semi-­‐final  of  the   Glasgow  Cup,  which  is  a  fantas5c  achievement.   U18’s   The  Under  18’s  had  a  rather  disappoin5ng   season.  However,  with  St  Thomas  Aquinas’   very  own  Coach  Carter  (Mr  Pa\erson)  back  to   manage  the  team  there  seems  to  be  a  buzz   about  the  next  season’s  squad.   Netball   First  Year  Team     The  girls  had  a  brilliant  start  to  their  first   season  together  as  a  team  in  the  Scodsh  Cup.   They  finished  second  in  their  group  and  as  a   result  qualified  to  the  ‘Silver’  sec5on  of  the   cup.  They  showed  great  enthusiasm  and  team   spirit  throughout  the  season  and  we  look   forward  to  many  more  successful  years  in  the   compe55on.   U18’s  Team   The  Under  18’s  team  came  together  at  the   start  of  this  year,  and  had  a  great  start  to  their   season  in  the  Scodsh  Cup.  They  finished  third   in  their  group  and  as  a  result  qualified  to  the   ‘Silver’  sec5on  of  the  cup.  As  many  of  the  team   are  currently  in  Fourth  Year,  the  girls  can   con5nue  to  par5cipate  in  the  ‘Open’  sec5on  of   the  compe55on  next  year.  Hopefully  we  will  


March 2014 Table Tennis

con5nue our  success  next  year  in  the   compe55on.   Na5onal  Players   Nicole  Oliphant  and  Shannon  Raine  (Fourth   Year)  have  been  very  successful  this  year  in   being  selected  to  represent  the  Na5onal  team.     The  girls  recently  a\ended  the  Under  17’s   European  Championships  and  thoroughly   enjoyed  their  experience.  Both  girls’  teams   achieved  third  place  in  their  compe55ons.   Congratula5ons  girls!  

Table Tennis  club  has  been  a  fun  and  enjoyable   experience  for  many  of  our  First  and  Second   Year  students.  On  a  compe55ve  front,  eight   boys  competed  in  the  Glasgow  Compe55on   and  performed  very  well.  

Cross Country

Rowing   Our  rowing  team  were  extremely  successful  at   the  Glasgow  Schools  Indoor  Rowing   Compe55on:  

! ! !

A large  number  of  First  -­‐  Third  Year  students   a\ended  the  Glasgow  School’s  Cross  Country   Championships  and  successfully  represented   the  school.  There  were  over  100  par5cipants  in   each  race  and  our  teams  did  really  well  to   compete.  Mekonen  Habtom  (S3)  finished  in   tenth  place,  which  is  a  great  achievement,   congratula5ons!  All  the  students  had  a  great   day  and  were  a  credit  to  the  school.  


! Miracle Obih  -­‐  Gold      

Abdi Abubaker  -­‐  Silver              

! ! !

Jemma Campbell - Bronze! Nicola Bradford - Gold

Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God.


March 2014 Football

Theatre Visits  

14’s Team  

Intermediate 2,  Higher  Drama  and  Advanced  Higher   Drama  a\ended  an  innova5ve  performance  (and   backstage  talk)  of  ‘ The  Collector’  on  Thursday  13th   of  March  at  Govanhill  Baths  (  Inside  the  empty   pool!).  

The 14’s  team  have  had  a  fantas5c  season  so  far.   The  team  are  through  to  the  Division  play-­‐offs   aber  gaining  13  points  from  five  games.  Two   players  from  the  squad  (Gio  Vezza  and  Abdi   Abubaker)  have  also  been  selected  to  represent   the  Glasgow  School’s  13’s  squad.  Well  done  boys!   16’s  Team   The  16’s  team  have  had  a  produc5ve  season   gaining  14  points  and  coming  third  in  the  league,   narrowly  missing  out  on  a  play-­‐off  spot.   Senior  Team   Aber  hidng  the  heady  heights  of  reaching  two   finals  last  year  the  Senior  team  have  had  another   exci5ng  and  turbulent  season.  The  team  played   some  exci5ng  stuff  but  narrowly  missed  out  on  a   play-­‐off  posi5on.  Thanks  for  the  hard  work  and   effort  from  the  6th  years  in  the  team  and  I’m  sure   Mr  Ferry  will  be  keen  to  develop,  and  use,  some  of   the  5th  year  players  in  next   season’s  team.  

Performing Arts   Behind  the  Noise  (GCC  and   partners  ini5a5ve  to  promote   sound  engineering  and   produc5on)  

Our band  ‘Heisenberg’  has  a  gig  at  the  Classic   Grand  on  Wednesday  2nd  of  April     Tickets  available  from  the  band,  and  promo5ons   team  (£3)   Universal  Comedy  gig-­‐  we  have  four  First  Year   students  who  are  presen5ng  their  comedy  stylings   at  a    Showcase  event  to  take  place  on  Thursday  3rd   April  at  Coders  Theatre  star5ng  at  7:30pm.    

Theatre Club  and  Drama  students  a\ended  a   fantas5c  performance  of  ‘Warhorse’  in   Edinburgh.SQA
 Rehearsals  for  Prac5cal  Examina5ons  start  this   weekend.  (15  March).  

SCHOOL UNIFORM   Over  the  Easter  Holidays  many  parents  will  be   replacing  school  uniform  items  as  their  daughter/ son  has  grown  since  the  summer.    The  school  seeks   the  con5nued  support  of  our  parents  in  the   maintenance  of  our  very  strong  tradi5on  for  all  our   students  to  wear  the  St  Thomas  Aquinas  school   uniform.   A  reminder  too,  that  with  the  support  of  parents   last  session,  we  introduced  a  ‘school  skirt’,  which  is   of  more  modest  propor5ons  than  the  current   vogue,  and  is  therefore  more  appropriate  for   school.    The  school  trusts  that  parents  will  con5nue   to  support  this  decision.   Girls  of  course  may  prefer  school  trousers  and  we   only  insist  that  black  jeans,  or  jeggings  are  NOT   worn  as  a  subs5tute  for  school  trousers.   For  the  boys  too,  we  reached  an  agreed  posi5on   that  black  jeans  were  NOT  appropriate.   The  parents  of  our  new  First  Years  have  agreed  that   a  School  Blazer  completes  the  school  uniform  very   effec5vely,  and  all  First  Year  students  will  have  a   blazer  to  start  their  new  school.    To  support  this,   new  lockers  have  been  purchased  for  our  First  Years   which  will  allow  other  jackets/coats  to  be  stored   when  the  weather  is  cold.  

Tickets available   h\p:// Search=%22Universal+Comedy+Present+The+Clinic %22   Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God.

Currently the  school’s  SMT  are  in  discussions  with   students  a\emp5ng  to  further  improve  condi5ons   through  the  purchase  of  more  lockers.


March 2014



Friday 4 April

Close for Easter Break

Tuesday 22 April

Re-open for Term 4

Tuesday 29 April

SQA Examinations begin

Monday 5 May

May Day Holiday

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First Year Parents Evening

Thursday 15 May

Broad General Education Awards Ceremony (First - Third Year Students)

Thursday 22 May

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School Re-opens

Thursday 29 & Friday 30 May

Primary 7 Induction Days

Wednesday 25 June Close for Summer - 14:30. Follow us  on  TwiVer  @StThomasAqSec   How  to  set  up  a  TwiVer  account?    Follow  this  step  by  step  guide.   • To  create  an  account:   • Go  to  h\p://twi\  and  find  the  sign  up  box,  or  go  directly  to  h\ps://twi\   • Enter  your  full  name,  email  address,  and  a  password.   • Click  Sign  up  for  Twi\er.   • On  the  next  page,  you  can  select  a  username  (usernames  are  unique  iden5fiers  on  Twi\er)  —  type  your  own  or  choose  one   we've  suggested.  We'll  tell  you  if  the  username  you  want  is  available.   • Double-­‐check  your  name,  email  address,  password,  and  username.   • Click  Create  my  account.You  may  be  asked  to  complete  a  Captcha  to  let  us  know  that  you're  human.   • Twi\er  will  send  a  confirma5on  email  to  the  address  you  entered  on  sign  up,  click  the  link  in  that  email  to  confirm  your   email  address  and  account.  

Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God.


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