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TopSURV 7 Field Controller Software


Powerful and intuitive handheld controller software Q Q Q Q Q

Intuitive graphical user interface Superior Stakeout functionality Map view data collection Rapid job management and storage Advanced Roading available

See everything more clearly. Of the many features in the new TopSURV 7, the

TopSURV 7 is packed with new features and faster performance.

large graphical user interface (GUI) is the one you notice first. With the big icons you can point and touch with your finger, instead of using a stylus. Photo Notes Survey with speed and convenience.

TopSURV 7 brings the power of digital imagery to the field book. Imagine

Create, edit, upload, and download faster using ad-

having a photo recorded for every measurement in addition to a standard

vanced data management techniques. How many

code description. A picture says a thousand words, right? Well, make a Photo

instruments do you use on the jobsite? To simplify

Note of the critical measurements in your project and take your raw data

your work, Topcon stores configuration files for

to a new level. A simple RW5 or FBK can’t tell the story like a TSJ file with

each instrument. Switching from a GB-3000 to a

photo note can!

IS Robotic is a snap – there’s no wasted time configuring baud rates and connection settings. Just


do it once and store it. Compatibility problems?

Intergrate TopSURV7 with the latest version of SurveyMaster and benefit

TopSURV 7 comes as standard with many industry

from the true power of Topcon TSJ file format. SurveyMaster should be

standard import and export file format options.

used for survey and construction office processing to maximise your data management.

Experience the Topcon edge. All of our data collection software, instruments and office software come with superior data exchange methods, making data management easier.

Advanced Roading Harness the power of horizontal and vertical alignments, as well as cross-sections within your road job. Excessive calculations are not required with TopSURV 7. The Roading functions perform the slope calculations, cross slope, cut / fill calculations for you as you stake allowing you to become a power user of TopSURV 7 Roads.

Take Control Any hardware, any site. TopSURV 7 gives you the power to do your job effectively. Choose tools, choose workflow, choose Topcon. TopSURV 7 Packaging TopSURV 7 ships in the convenient double CD case complete with Installation Software, User Manual and Reference Manual. Authorization of TopSURV 7 is with activation codes; please contact your local dealer to license your free demo copy

Topcon Link™ / Topcon Tools

into a full working version.

Topcon Link / Tools are fully featured import / export utility that aids in the transfer of data to and from various Topcon instruments to a Windows® PC.

Simplify your positioning task with TopSURV 7!

It can also convert to and from many industry standard file formats.

Large Graphical User Interface. Select a function with the touch of a finger, or use the cursor pad to move the yellow selection box around the screen.

Portrait and Landscape Devices Supported



TopSURV 7 contains numerous

With the Roads module of TopSURV 7,

COGO functions.

you receive many powerful roading

y Inverse

functions. Import horizontal or vertical

y Curves

alignments, templates and cross-

y Offsets

sections. TopSURV 7 Roads is ready

y Transformations

for roading.

Conveniently Store Configurations


Switch from GPS to Total Stations in a snap.

Perform a basic point Topo Survey

Maintain one job file with both GPS

or more advanced Resection and

and Total Station raw data. TopSURV 7

Monitoring. All of these methods

has Fast Mode change and Saved

and more are provided in the Survey


menu of TopSURV 7.

Export File Formats

Linework and CAD

TopSURV 7 is ready to export data to


many different file formats. Export

Collecting linework in the field based

raw data, points, lines, or surfaces.

on codes and strings speeds up your

Topcon understands that you have

field and CAD time. Take advantage

many different file export needs,

of these powerful linework options in

and makes it easy to get the data

TopSURV 7. Export the collected data

you require!

to many common linework formats.

The Leader in Positioning Technology ...

System Requirements

Your authorized Topcon dealer has the answer


for all of your precise positioning needs. Whether you’re looking for precision GPS+ control for surveying and engineering applications or setout and grade management on a construction job site, your local Topcon dealer offers the widest

Operating System

32 bit, Windows® CE OS version 4.2 or Windows Mobile® 6.x and above


320 x 240 min resolution W/H in pixels, 640 x 480 alt resolution


64 min MB

Disk Space

64 min free in MB, flash (internal) type

range of products to get the job done quickly and accurately. And don’t forget, Topcon also offers the indus-

Q SurveyMaster Software

try’s easiest-to-use GPS+ machine control systems. Capable of working as an indicate-only

Experience the freedom of

system or fully automatic grade control, Topcon

using both TopSURV 7 and

offers systems to automate your motorgrader,

SurveyMaster, the new and

paver, profiler, dozer, excavator, or ag / land

powerful CAD solution from

leveling machines.

Topcon! Improve the efficiency of your data management. Draft TopSURV 7 field data into a finished product from SurveyMaster software.

Q Total Solution – Maximize the Use of TopSURV 7 with a Topcon Field Controller There’s only one company that offers you all of the positioning tools to keep you competitive in


today’s market.

y Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology and WiFi y 806 MHz Intel XScale® processor

The Leader in Customer Satisfaction ...

y Optional snap-in RS-1 radio module y Super-bright Windows colour touch-screen

To ensure that your Topcon system maintains


peak performance, your local Topcon partner offers factory trained and certified service



y Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and WiFi y 624 MHz XScale® processor y 5.17 megapixel colour camera y 256 MB SDRAM, 2 GB System Flash y Alphanumeric keyboard, rugged design y Optional add-on RS-1 radio module

Your local authorized Topcon distributor is:

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Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Topcon

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