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Laser Boasts Outstanding Accuracy and Robustness

SP1 Pipe Lasers

SP1 Pipe Laser

Outstanding accuracy and robustness The SP1 pipe laser offers a combination of features and technology that are proven to meet the demands of the contractors more than any other pipe laser on the market. – Precise grade settings – Grade range –15% to +40% – Robust and watertight body – High visibility beam spot – Includingg targets – SPRC1 remote emote control

SPRC1 remote controller – Complete laser control, without being in the hole – SmartLine® auto-alignment – Laser “standby” to save battery power – Beam mode to precisely manage brightness

Advanced Functions Tailored for Easy Use

Robust and Watertight Body The cast aluminium housing withstands harsh environments. The SP1 is completely waterproof and will survive an accidental submersion in water.

User-friendly Controls The slanted control panel provides easy viewing and operation in any situation. The 200 m range SPRC1 remote controller is equipped as standard.

Targets and Legs Two target sizes are available. Legs with rubber bumpers ensure stability in all types of pipe.

Precision Grade Setting – World’s most accurate leveling and grade system – Survey accurate electronic encoder superior at any grade – Reduces rework

Wide Variety of Optional Accessories From power supplies to setting-up kits, a wide range of optional accessories is available. Consult your local SOKKIA agent for details.

Specifications SP1 Laser source

633 nm

Beam color


SmartLine ® auto alignment


Auto line centering


Auto grade zeroing


Plumb reference


Plumb reference type


SmartLine ® operating range


Grade range

–15% ~ +40%

Line range


Horizontal accuracy


Battery life

DB-53: 70 hrs BT-53Q: 48 hrs

Housing construction

Cast aluminium


Class 3A

Waterproof depth

At least 5 m for 24 hours

Operating temperature

–20°C ~ 50°C

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