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The Contribution Contract (draft) Jóna Hlíf Halldórsdóttir

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Fro m B a l dv i n R i n g s t e d s e x hi b i t i o n ´ s

The introduction to the draft of the contribution contract is going strong. Jóna Hlíf Halldórsdóttir, chairwoman of SÍM, and Ásdís Spanó, project manager, have been introducing a draft of a contract for the participation and contribution of artists when mounting exhibitions. During the drafting stage, the work group followed the example of the Swedish MU (Medverkende og utstallningsersattning) contract as in 2009 the Swedish government signed a contract for a gratuity to artists who displayed their work in public art museums in Sweden. Such

a gratuity is an addition to payment for transportation, installation and publication of material for the artist’s exhibition. The contract stipulates that the artist should be paid for all work done before, during, and after the exhibition. A written contract must be made on which components deserve reimbursement according to the contract’s rate of pay, as well as paying a gratuity for the works on display. The MU-contract has served as a blueprint for similar contracts in Norway and Denmark. Work has also begun in Finland and Austria on contracts based on the MU-contract.

Fro m In g v ar Hö g ni R ag n ar s s o n’s e x hi b i t i o n


Sjötta tölublað STARA // 6th issue of STARA - Fully translated!

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