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Gesmo zate don (Bon appetit) ELEMENTS Changspa Road Leh, Ladakh. 194101



Design, Theme and concept by Chamspa Rinchen dorje Graphic designer

The Believers Promotion • RLT Ladakh/India. • Sublime Salgiau, Goa. Organic farm houses of Leh: • Lakrook House • Abagon House Local Handicraft initiative • LEDeG • Women SHG, Chuchot, Fangila.

Keeping the flavors of Ladakh alive...

Central to the essence of ELEMENTS is an evolutionary fusion of fumes, flavors and tastes from all over the world. The design and the content of the delicacies listed in the following pages have been set keeping in mind the sustenance of local farming in Ladakh. Our ingredients list is designed based on practices like direct from field, Organic farming and Vedic nutrition. A hardworking kitchen team with these magical herbs, spices, vegetables and grains from the mountains bring alive to your platter a fresh and mouth watering assortment that keeps you all coming back for more. It takes a lot to bring together a good restaurant and your response in the early years of ELEMENTS is what inspires us to be stationed playing with the richness that nature has restored for you. ELEMENTS is working with local farm houses and exotic gardens in Sankar village and it is in these farms that our Ingredients sprout into stories you tell of ELEMENTS. Proudly adding another chapter to this Elemental journey of story telling….. Gesmo zadte don (bon appetit)

Rs. 120/Rs. 110/Rs. 140/-

DESERTS Pineapple pinacolada with Vanilla ice cream Soaked apricot with sauce and iice ce cream Chocolate cake with ice cream, C h hot h o chocolate sauce and peanut.

A tale of good food, friends and fun... Once upon a time somewhere in the Himalayas in a faraway dim lit highway bar, five aborigine mountain men; an artist, a school teacher, a mountaineer, a coffee lover and a cop got into a conversation on the purpose of life. A peg down the school teacher emphasized a conscious approach to life and learning. Two pegs down the mountaineer accentuated scale and adventure. Three pegs down the artist highlighted creativity and basics. Four pegs down the cop emphasized the spark in everything we do. Five pegs down the coffee lover pointed out the beauty to just be... Twelve pegs down ELEMENTS was born!

The food lovers‌ King (the school teacher) The execution guy, the transformer from thoughts to things and the one who gives shape to the all the little dreams of this idle bunch, indeed a king at hearts. Stanzin (the coffee lover) Day dreaming, good coffee and books would sum up this guy, but to do justice to the totality of his person lets just add think tank, the programmer, the gardener and the wine collector. Dorje (the artist) The lazy, demanding, designer commanded by his will and expressing through his sketches, the collector of old times and the one who sees everything before it all comes to being. He is the guy on an adventure of making spaces speak and colors to bloom. Otsal (the cop ) Responsible, the family man, the charm and the dragon ( at three pegs down). He is a man of his own making, a thing to admire in the bunch. The social network in skin and bones, he lives all the Cultural and social traditions. The updater of all intel to an otherwise lost bunch. Namgyal (The mountaineer) the monk and the calm of the evolving spirits at Elements. Centered and composed like the mountains he scales and the valleys he treks. Passionate about everything he touches and sure it all glows.

Services and Events Film and documentary screening: As travelers we love the inspiration in films and documentaries with insights on Culture, Nature, art, design, spirituality, politics, the art of story telling and travel. We have two days a week screenings of films and documentaries with latest updated insights and discussions. Come and register at the info support desk to book your table for a great evening of film screenings.

Rs. 100/Rs. 110/Rs. 120/Rs. 120/Rs. 100/Rs. 170/Rs. 190/Rs. 170/-

Ladakh food festival week: Central to the idea of Elements of celebrating the local taste of Ladakh, this season we are celebrating the local cuisines of Ladakh with the launch of a book by a artists/designer/food lover and a co founder of ELEMENTS: Soups of Ladakh. A week long servings of breakfast and lunch showcasing our traditional delicacies cooked and served in traditional style on a local platter. Our guests will have an opportunity to take part in cooking, baking and learning the recipes of these delicacies in traditional dresses.

Rs. 50/Rs. 60/Rs. 100/Rs. 120/-

Rs. 10/Breakfast: Khambir (bread) Solja susma (Ladakhi gurgur tea) Butter/Jam Curd Half fried egg Phating rungskan Lunch: Cha susma Vegetable soup Skyu / Chutagi / Pak thuk Local achar Phating rungskan

Rs. 20/Rs. 25/Rs. 25/Rs. 30/-

Indian Delicacies Dal taldka Kaldai paneer Malai kofta Paneer tikka butter masala Mix vegetables Kaldai murg Chicken tika butter masala Murg makhanwala

Rice Plain rice Zeera rice Veg. dum biryani Chicken dum biryani

Indian Bread

Exhibitions and sale: Elements is a space showcasing art and culture of Ladakh, may it be the local food, local craft, local healing practices, photography etc. At Elements we have dedicated an entire space to artisans of Ladakh, where regular works of craftsman, photographers, painters will be exhibited and put on sale. The schedule for these events will be highlighted and promoted on the internet and at various joints in Ladakh.

The current line up of such exhibitions is as follows: • Photo exhibition on Ladakh by Oliver Folmi the ace photographer of France. • Photo exhibition on Ladakh by Changspa Rinchen Dorje. • Local Crafts of Ladakh

Live classical concerts and open mike sessions: At Elements we will have musicians from across the world doing small classical shows at the restaurant for our food lovers. These events will be scheduled as per the musicians’ schedule of traveling in Ladakh and will be promoted on the internet as well as at different places of interests in Leh.

Story telling sessions on Ladakh:

Roti Plain naan Butter naan Garlic naan Cheese garlic naan

In an attempt to preserve and bring alive the history and Cultural heritage of Ladakh, Elements will host weekly story telling sessions by local experts on the past years of Ladakh. These events will be hosted in the evening during dinner with narration as well as slide shows of pictures, letters, scripts and paintings from the past.

Workshops on Stone carving in Ladakh: We will be organizing 2 day Stone carving workshops hosted by local artisans where the food lovers will involve in carving stones on site at Elements as well as off site at different places to be placed on Chortens and walls around Ladakh.


Rs. 300/180/-

M i coffee Milk

Rs. 180/-

Black coffee

Rs. 220/-

Hot chocolate

Rs. 160/-

Ginger lemon honey chai

Rs. 300/-

Tea (mint / lemon / garlic / black)

Green tea


Rs. 280/-

Bottled water (bring bottle and claim 5 rupees back)

Rs. 400/-

Fresh seasonal fruit Juice (apricot / mango / apple / pineapple / melon)


Rs. 240/-

(mango / banana / apricot / milk / chocolate)

Lassi (plain / sweet / mango / banana / apricot)

Rs. 280/-

Aerated drinks (coke / dew / fanta / maaza )

Ice tea

Rs. 290/-

(lemon / peach)

Elemental energy shake (banana / walnuts / cashew / almonds / dry apricot / cereal mix / soybean / yak cheese crumbs)

Rs. 280/-


Rs. 270/-

fresh lemon, coriander leaf, honey mixed in ice cold bottled water.

Local seasonal fruit juice apricot / himalayan berry juice served with crumbs of dried fruit.

Rs. 250/-

FROM THE WOOD OVEN Tandoori Chicken ( full / half)

Rs. 15/-

Chicken tikka

Rs. 25/-

Mutton Kanti

Rs. 15/-

Paneer tikka

Rs. 25/-

Non Veg Platter

Rs. 25/-

tikka, kabab, kanti with greens, pickled salad and garlic naan.

Rs. 10/Rs. 30/-

MAIN COURSE Sears sliced strips of Lamb on fried Potato with red wine Tomato sauce reduction, Yak cheese and Salad.

Rs. 25/-

Fillet of Ember Rainbow Trout with creamy mashed Potato, zucchini and mustard cream sauce.

Rs. 60/-

Stacks of Egg plant and zucchini

Rs. 60/-

with fresh home made tomato sauce and Yak cheese.

African style fire baked chicken breast

Rs. 50/-

with star anis scented boiled Potatoes and salad.

Rs. 40/-

Mini Lamb Squared

Rs. 40/-

on roasted vegetable cous cous with spicy anis sauce and salad.

Rs. 110/-

Lamb stake served with caramelized mashed potato, roasted tomato and mint sauce.

Chicken Strogonoff

Rs. 60/-

served with plain rice, onion, garlic, fresh cream, parsley and vodka.

Chicken sizzler served with onion rings, leafy greens and salted boiled vegetables.

Rs. 100/-

SOUPS Roasted tomato soup

Rs. 80/-

Cream of cauliflower with roasted garlic

Rs. 75/-

Hot and sour soup

Rs. 60/-

SALADS Tomato and Chive Salad

Rs. 160/-

with extra virgin Olive oil, Chive flowers and Balsamic reduction

Marinated beet root carpaccio

Rs. 170/-

with rucola pesto, tomato confit, Yak cheese and candid Soya Walnuts

Elemental Tuna nisoea

Rs. 180/-

with chunky tuna, potato, olives, Green beans, mix salad and eggs

Salad of mix Organic greens

Rs. 160/-

with tomato, cucumber, carrot and a creamy white wine vinaigrette

Soya honey Chicken salad

Rs. 200/-

with glass noodles, green onion, sesame seeds, tomato, carrot and Orange fillet

APPETIZERS Chicken Sesame

Rs. 210/-

Sweet, Spicy and sticky with red capsicum, green onion and Egg Plant.

Trio of dips

Rs. 180/-

Humus, Babaganush and roasted garlic yogurt with home made western style flat bread.

Mix veg Tempora with Yoghurt-Mayonnaise sauce, pickled Cabbage and Cucumber Salad.

Rs. 200/-


The Elemental journey of travel, fun and good food. Come and belong...