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Greetings from the School

At the end of this busy and successful term, it gives me great pleasure to reflect upon the numerous achievements of our pupils. This newsletter contains an astonishing array of extracurricular activities, school trips and visits and is an excellent example of the enriching and rounded educational experience that we aim to provide for all Stanwell students. The highlight of the Christmas term here at Stanwell was the groundbreaking production of ‘Phantom of the Opera’, which provided so much entertainment for the pupils, parents, staff and friends of the school in the wider community. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the students involved in the cast, orchestra and crew for their dedication. Grateful thanks must also go to the staff members involved in the production, who have worked tirelessly and to a tight schedule. Finally, I wish all members of the school community a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Mr Derek Jones Headteacher

Ar ddiwedd y tymor Prysur hwn, rydw i’n falch i gael myfyrio ar lwyddiannau niferus ein myfyrwyr. Mae’r cylchlythyr yn cynnwys swm rhyfeddol o weithgareddau allgyrsiol, tripiau ysgol ac ymweliadau, ac mae’n enghraifft ardderchog o’r addysg gyfoethog a chwmpasog rydyn ni’n ceisio darparu ar gyfer holl fyfyrwyr Stanwell. Uchafbwynt tymor y Nadolig yma yn Stanwell oedd cynhyrchiad Phantom of the Opera sy wedi darparu adloniant arbennig o dda i ddisgyblion, staff a ffrindiau’r ysgol yn y gymuned ehangach. Hoffwn i gymryd y cyfle yma i ddiolch i’r holl fyfyrwyr a oedd yn rhan o’r cast, y cerddorfa a’r criw am eu hymroddiad. Rhaid hefyd ddiolch i aelodau’r staff am eu rhan yn y cynhyrchiad, sydd wedi gweithio yn ddi-baid i amserlen tyn. I orffen, dymunaf Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn iachus dda i holl aelodau cymuned yr ysgol.

Mr Derek Jones Pennaeth

School Announcements PTA quiz Friday 20th January 2012 at 7:30. Please come along to our PTA quiz—a great night out which also raises funds for Stanwell! Maximum of 6 people per team. Entry fee is £6 per person which includes a buffet. Tickets available from main reception or by telephoning the school. Election of Parent Governors The Governing Body works to provide the best possible education for Stanwell pupils. The work of the governors is done on a voluntary basis and takes considerable time and effort on the part of the members of the Board. Inspectors and Auditors regularly praise the role of the Governors and the work the Governing Body carries out for the school is greatly valued. The Board of the Governors consists of twenty three governors , two of whom are elected teachers, two are staff governors, two are appointed by the Local Authority, two are Associate Pupil Governors and the remaining fifteen are currently parents of past and present pupils of the school. The term of office of three of the parent governors expired in December 2011 and one of these is not eligible to stand for re-election . Parents with at least one child currently attending Stanwell can be nominated to stand for election as a parent governor. If there are more than two parents who wish to be considered, the Headteacher will organise an election. Interested parents will need to be proposed and seconded by the parents of two different Stanwell pupils and submit a brief description (approx. 50 words) which can be sent to all parents with the voting slips. Interested parties should contact Mr A Lewis by Friday 6th January 2012. Moodle Virtual Learning Environment From January, parents will be issued with log-in details to access the school’s VLE system. The aim of this is to help parents to support their children’s learning.

Stanwell School Calendar 2012 Date 3 January 2012 4th January 2012 Week beginning 9th January 2012 13th January 2012 17th January 2012 20th January 2012 31st January 2012 4th February 2012 7th February 2012 8th February 2012 10th February 2012 10th February 2012 21st February 2012 24th February 2012 25th February 2012 28th February 2012 28th February 2012 6th March 2012 8th March 2012 13th March 2012 16th March 2012 20th March 2012 22nd March 2012 27th March 2012 28th March 2012 30th March 2012 30th March 2012 3rd April 2012 4th April 2012 5th April 2012 5th April 2012 6th April 2012 23rd April 2012 24th April 2012 8th May 2012 15th May 2012 11th June 2012 21st June 2012 22nd June 2012 25th June 2012 26th June 2012 3rd July 2012 9th July 2012 20th July 2012 rd

Event Inset Day First Day of Term for Pupils Years 7, 9, 10 & 11 Reports to be distributed Year 12 IT Trip to London Year 11 Parents’ Evening PTA Quiz Night Year 9 Parents’ Evening Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Walk Biology Department – Genetics Conference Year 8 Reports distributed Yearss 11, 12 & 13 Art Trip to Paris Yearss 10, 11, 12 & 13 Ski Trip (During Half Term) Year 11 Options Evening Eco-Schools Schools Workshop Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Walk Years 9 & 10 RE Trip to London Years 8 TEAMX Parents’ Evening Year 8 WORKL Parents’ Evening Year 8 French and Welsh Trip to Paris Years 12 Parents’ Evening Years 12 & 13 Psychology Trip – Exploring Crime Year 10 Reports distributed Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh Walk Year 8 Options Evening Year 11 English Trip – An Inspector Calls Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh Walk Year 12 History Trip to London Year 10 Parents’ Evening ‘A’ Level Certificate Presentation 6th Form Sailing ailing Trip to France Last Day of Term – Easter Holidays Yearss 7, 8 & 9 Ski Trip (During Half Term) Inset Day First Day of Term for Pupils Year 7 TEAMX Parents’ Evening Year 7 WORKL Parents’ Evening Year 12 Work Experience Primary Feeder Schools - Year 5 - Enterprise Day Year 9 Proto-Toy Toy Day Year 10 Work Experience Preparation Day Award Ceremony (Provisional) New Year 7 Parents’ Evening Year 10 Work Experience Last Day of Term for Pupils (Provisional)

We do not expect the dates to change but reserve the right to do so.


2011-2012 Term


Half Term




Autumn 2011

*Tuesday 6 September 2011

Monday 24 October 2011

Friday 28 October 2011

Friday 16 December 2011

Spring 2012

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Monday 13 February 2012

Friday 17 February 2012

Thursday 5 April 2012

Summer 2012

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Monday 4 June 2012

Friday 8 June 2012

Friday 20 July 2012 (TBC)

* First day of term for pupils. Monday 5th September 2011, Tuesday 3rd January 2012 and Monday 23rd April 2012 are INSET days.

2012 – 2013 Term


Half Term




Autumn 2012

*Tuesday 4 September 2012

Monday 29 October 2012

Friday 2 November 2012

Friday 21 December 2012

Spring 2013

Monday 7 January 2013

Monday 11 February 2013

Friday 15 February 2013

Friday 22 March 2013

Summer 2013

Monday 8 April 2013

Monday 27 May 2013

Friday 31 May 2013

Monday 22 July 2013

* First day of term for pupils. Monday 3rd September is an INSET day.

The above dates are in line with other Vale of Glamorgan schools. We do not expect the dates to change but reserve the right to do so.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme The Duke of Edinburgh Award continues to be a popular extra curricular choice for the pupils. The maximum number of 120 pupils have been accepted at Bronze level from Year 10. There are 60 pupils enrolled on Silver and 22 Gold participants enrolled on the Gold Award through the Adult Education Centre and 12 more on the Open Gold Award in school. The participants need to complete the following sections as part of the Award Scheme: Volunteering  Skills  Physical  Expedition 

The Gold participants need to complete a further Residential Section for 5 days. Each section needs to be completed for varying amounts of time depending on which level of the Award they are currently working on and if they have successfully completed the previous level of the Award (if applicable). Many participants have successfully completed their Bronze and Silver Award and received their certificates. Any record books still outstanding should be handed in to Miss Jenkins.

Miss H Jenkins

session on Saturday 12th November as part of the requirements of their expedition training. This was a huge success with pupils receiving certification for their training. Many thanks to the staff at FAST and those in school who helped make the day such a success. Those who were unable to attend will receive in house training before the expeditions. The expedition dates are as follows: Saturday 4th February Year 10 – Cowbridge Walk Saturday 25th February Year 10 – Cowbridge Walk Thursday 22nd March (1pm) – Sat 24th March (1pm) Year 11 Silver practice Llantony Priory Thursday 29th March (1pm) – Sat 31st March Year 11 Silver assessed Thursday 21st June – Friday 22nd June Bronze practice camp (Year 10) (half the group) Tuesday 26th June – Wed 27th June Bronze practice camp (Year 10) (half the group) Tuesday 3rd July – Wednesday 4th July Bronze assessed – The Gower Many thanks to all the staff, parents and those at the Vale for their continued support, without which the Award could not be so successful.

To enhance the training for the expeditions, pupils have had the opportunity to visit the Cotswolds shop in Cardiff. This showed the range of expedition equipment available. Pupils also attended a First Aid training

“attended a First Aid training session“

Eco-Schools Mrs J Laity Eco Stanwell

 September 2011 saw the introduction of our 

Reducing Energy consumption in the school Promoting global issues e.g. Fair Trade

new Eco Stanwell committee; I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Eco-Stanwell Week November 2011 The whole school considered the sustainability members: of water conservation. Students were made Pupils YEAR 7: Rhys Jones, George Lush, Zain aware of the need to manage water more effectively both within the school and at home. The Yousef YEAR 8: Lex Hermogeno committee intends to convince the school to YEAR 9: Christina Bugert, Mark Crothers, use school water bottles to reduce plastic waste Natasha Smith and minimise water usage. Year 7 pupils were YEAR 10: Grace Leland,Emily Moulton, issued with a Stanwell water bottle to help Emily Thomas, Alex Wagstaff achieve this aim. The committee are also hopYEAR 11: Jessica Davies, Bethany ing many other pupils will purchase a water botParkhouse, Leonor Worssam tle from the school shop for £1.50, with all YEAR 12: Joe Ingram, Amy Palin, Seren profit being donated to Water Aid. Please supVickers port this new Eco-Stanwell scheme. YEAR 13: Helen Brabham, Demi-Louise Brown, Emily Chick, Eloise Laity, Gabriel Marques-Worssam, Iestyn Penry-Williams, Lucie Thomp son

The committee meet once a fortnight to discuss environmental issues that are Did you know: impacting on our school. The aim of the com-  The total amount of water on the earth is mittee is to ensure that the whole school is about 326 million cubic miles of water. working towards our environmental goal:  A child dies every 15 seconds from a lack of clean water.

‘Stanwell School wishes to excel at promoting environmental awareness throughout the school and the wider community by encouraging respect for the environment Please could you help us with our Christmas Card campaign. As part of a county competithroughout all aspects of the school life’.

tion students are asked to collect Christmas Eco Stanwell has a number of action plans to cards for recycling. The pupil with the most work towards this year: cards wins a prize. Last Year Jack Powell  Creating a Conservation Area Year 10 won £100 by collecting over 1000  Reducing the use of plastic cups and wacards. See Mrs Laity in the Geography Deter wastage. partment for more details.

“Working towards a sustainable future”

Department News

Art Year 8 Visit to Wales National Museum of Art 45 Year eight pupils recently took part in a day visit to Wales National Museum of Art, at Cardiff Museum. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed engaging with all of the work on display, including portraits created by Welsh artists Shani Rhys James and Augustus John. Pupils were intrigued by the variety and

Ms R Lewis 29th October. Using their artistic talents, our pupils decorated ten 15 feet drapes with stunning effect and contributed to a very enjoyable and successful event. Penarth Heights Project Continuing our effort to strengthen community links and develop ‘new’ media, we have been successful with our application to participate in an exciting project working with Art Central, Ffotogallery and the developers Crest Nicholson. Our focus will be the development of Penarth Heights and in particular, the old community known as the ‘Billy Banks’. Our pupils will have the opportunity to create digital images, stories and pictures working with artists.

range of work on display in the galleries and produced a number of excellent studies coupled with detailed analysis. Dinas Powys Rotary Club As part of our community links, pupils from Y9 to Y12 participated in an ambitious project to transform Dinas Powys village hall into a Greek taverna in aid of the Rotary Club’s charity evening on the If anyone has any stories about this community or know people who used to live there, please contact Miss Lewis, Head of Art. This project is scheduled for next term. Cardiff School of Art & Design On Thursday 8th December, our sixth form visited the foundation course where they had a wonderful opportunity to meet tutors and students and view an exhibition of art work.

“Cyfle i greu delweddau digidol, straeon a lluniau’ ”

Business Studies

Mrs J MacNamara

‘Young Enterprise’ has been increasingly popular in both Year 10 and Year 12. We currently have four teams developing their entrepreneurial skills, vying to be the next Richard Branson. The businesses are run and managed by the students throughout the academic year.

A number of events have already been run this term including the school’s ‘Open Day’. During this event, students were retailing products that they have manufactured. This included Money Munchers, Comedy Cacti and fairy cakes. Students also made sure that visitors were involved and had a lot of fun with the games that they had provided.

The teams also attended the Young Enterprise Trade Fair event that was hosted at IKEA Cardiff. This is a great selling opportunity, especially with the run up to Christmas. Cards, candles, table decorations, Christmas Cacti, and key rings were sold at the event.

The money raised from these events has been used for their companies’ registration and will be used as capital to develop their new business ventures. Students develop an intricate understanding of business through their involvement in the scheme. ‘Learning through doing’ is at the heart of the Young Enterprise programme.

Business homework club has been well attended by students. These sessions are run after school on a Monday and Thursday. All students, no matter what year group they are in, are welcome to attend.

‘Learning through doing’

Drama The Drama department is extremely busy at the moment preparing for the UK Schools’ premiere of The Phantom of The Opera. We are delighted to be the first school to perform this wonderful show and are working hard to produce a production the whole school can be proud of. There are rumours that former Phantom, Peter Karrie, will be attending opening night and Peter has kindly agreed to chat to our very own Phantom, Miles Braithwaite, about playing the role. May I thank former student Sarah Hudson for helping us with the ballet choreography for the show .

Drama A/AS students visited Bath this month to watch a one man show by Steven Berkoff in The Theatre Royal, Bath. This will be extremely beneficial to our AS students as next academic year they will need to create a piece of original theatre in the style of Steven Berkoff as part of their coursework.

Miss R Davies form their latest production. They recently visited school to hold a workshop on how to create exciting devised work. This theatre company is recommended by our AS/A level examination board WJEC and last year we felt the company really inspired and influenced the decisions the students took with regards to creating exciting original theatre. I would like to congratulate our current Year 11 students who have recently performed 30% of their overall Drama grade. Con-

gratulations on some excellent work. The next instalment of coursework will be at the end of March. This will be examined by the external AQA examiner Ken Tucker. Our AS/A level students have just started work on their coursework practical work and we wish them well. Good luck to Miles Braithwaite, Danielle Evans, Ross Foley and Jessica Steed who are all applying for Drama school this year! Also well done to some of ’The Phantom of the Opera’ cast who performed on the Tesco stage recently for The Wales Millennium Centre. They did a superb job. Tickets sold out in 1 day for the four performances of ‘Phantom’!

We will also be returning to watch local physical theatre company ’Earthfall’ per-

“first school to perform this wonderful show”

Design Technology It has been a very exciting start to the new academic year in DT. KS3 Year 7 pupils have been working on a wide range of projects from hot rod cars to pillows. Pupils are enjoying the projects and producing some excellent work. The bag project in Year 8 continues to be a success. Pupils have produced a range of bags in-

Mr N Gifford Open Evening Once again Open Day was a great success for the department with both staff and pupils enjoying the afternoon. Visitors were given demonstrations and were able to view projects. This year one of the Young Enterprise teams, led by Jack Powell, demonstrated the use of the Laser Cutter in the production of their own key tags. London Visit 2011

cluding boot bags, hand bags, tote bags and drawstring bags. The food projects and electronic games continue to generate a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. GCSE Year 9 have made a fantastic start to the GCSE courses and are building upon their KS3 skills. Pupils are looking forward to their next project where they will be making products in a range of media. Year 11 Year 11 are settling into their CAT projects. Students are currently completing their design section of their folders in preparation for the manufacturing stage which will begin early next term. Year 12-13 Years 12 and 13 are currently finalising the designs ready for manufacture next term. Of particular interest this year are the design and manufacture of a paper dress by Ellie Way and a proposal for the development of low impact environmental housing scheme by Ben Cockerill-Evans.

Students visited the V&A and The Origins exhibition both in London. During the day students were able to see a wide selection of

innovative and creative design work. Innovations Award This year again Year 12 and 13 Product Design students visited the WJEC Innovations Award. This national award is run by the WJEC and displays 40 exemplar projects Children in Need Pupils from all years helped in the making of Pudsey and Blush badges which were sold to raise money for Children in Need. Many thanks to all the students who helped.

“Dewis eang o waith cynllunio gwreiddiol a chreadigol�

Design Technology


Clothes Show Live competition Young Artist/Designer of the Year Clothes Show Live is the UK’s largest fashion event. Continuing its commitment to nurturing and developing young

Mr N Gifford Pupils from Year 10 will be starting a recycling project after Christmas in after school club. They will be producing wearable garments and accessories using old and unwanted items. Their work will be displayed in the Fashion Show next year. After School Clubs Pupils from all year groups are encouraged to attend after school for any extra support to complete projects and to increase their manufacturing skills. The department run both homework clubs for KS4 groups and after school clubs for KS3.

talent in the creative arts, Clothes Show set a competition to design a poster based on the theme ‘Rule Britannia’. Year 9 and 10 GCSE Textile pupils were encouraged to enter the competition to be in with a chance of seeing their winning design used on advertising materials for the 2012 Clothes Show Live event. Three of our pupils have been short listed for this competition were invited to attend an awards ceremony at the Clothes Show on Tuesday 6th December.

Extra Curricular activities A big congratulations to Rosie Cockerill -Evans, Saffron Collins-Tong, Francesca Evans, Evie James and Katie Roberts who all took part in a Fashion Show last month at Lanover Arts Hall. The Fashion Show looked professional and exciting and the girls were involved in all aspects of the show from producing the collection, modelling and photography. Well done.

Short listed pupils were Amanda Dave, Jessie Preece and Milissa Sorenson. The pupils have done extremely well to get this far and have been chosen as part of the top 10.

“nurturing and developing young talent in the creative arts”

Economics and Politics Following his A* at ‘A’ level last summer Tom Harry decided to forgo his place to read English from 2011 and has been preparing for an interview for a 2012 place at Cambridge to read Economics. Tom is but one of thirty Economics students from year eleven upwards for whom we have taken out a subscription to the Economist magazine. Three pounds for a thirty week subscription is excellent value, the full price being four pounds per copy. It provides an excellent example too of price discrimination which is a key topic at ‘A’ level. The three years now available for the pursuit of GCSE options means that there is plenty of time for year nine pupils to learn the basics and they have been able to show off their IT skills via several miniprojects. Granted a budget of fifty pounds they had to draw up a fully-costed menu plan for a week. Some were coming in with over half the funds left, a misunderstanding of the brief as there were no extra marks for excessive economising......... They have also recently produced their guides to the local second hand car market—they are required to draw up a shortlist of six cars in each of three price brackets, making recommendations of cars to buy and avoid within each bracket Such recommendations needed to reflect price, mileage and running costs with support from sites such as Which, Parker’s and What Car. It is no exaggeration to say that the efforts of some pupils like Evgenia Brusnitskaya and Natalie Lewis were of professional standard. The same groups have recently played the excellent business game ‘Fresh Oven Pies’ which simulates a competitive mar-

Mr J Boggan

ket in pies, with teams bidding to set price, advertising and output in advance of their orders being calculated. It teaches about profit margin, risk-taking, and how both under and over-producing leads firms to lose money. Anastasia Mirza-Davies produced an excellent write-up of her firm’s progress. Year ten pupils have been focusing on their external examination in January but they too have been undertaking miniprojects—in their case it was a guide to the local housing market, based on similar principles to the car version. Sixth Form Government and Politics students have been extending their understanding of the democratic processes in the UK and the USA. Year 13 students will be sitting their A2 module (Politics of the USA) in January and they have taken a keen interest in US voting behaviour, political parties and pressure groups. Best of luck. Year 12 Politics students have been investigating whether the UK needs a written constitution and if the Prime Minister enjoys too much influence. They have also studied factors which influence voting behaviour in the UK. These factors include primacy issues such as class, ethnicity and age as well as factors which include the role of the media, the influence of the Party Leader and events such as the war in Iraq. Students have also analysed the current position of the Electoral System in the UK and engaged in a lively debate regarding reform of the current electoral system of FPTP to the Alternative Voting System.

“lively debate regarding reform of the current electoral system”

English Competitions At the beginning of the term, a number of Year 7 English classes created fantastic poems about their favourite sweets. They really engaged their senses and even brought their favourite sweet or chocolate along for inspiration! Over 60 entries were sent off to the 'Express Yourself' poetry competition. We are waiting patiently for the results and to find out whose poems have been published. Open Day A pint of English mixed with a dash of magic was the inspiration for the fantastic wizarding activities available in the English department for Open Evening this year. There was plenty on offer; spell -binding games, mind-boggling magical quizzes, descriptive writing activities, and certainly never a dull moment to give everyone a taste of Stanwell. The Open Day ‘Spelling Bee’ was a great success. Many pupils faced the challenge and won prizes in their time and age group. The overall winner was Lauren Stephens with an unbelievable 12 points. Well done! Also, a big thank you to the Year 7 pupils who helped run the event. Visits Selected pupils in Year 7 and 8 were fortunate to attend a reading and question and answer session with the local children’s author Cathy Farr. Cathy, an ex-

Mrs M Williams pupil of the school has recently published her first novel ‘Moon Chase’. Her fantasy novel was inspired by her dog, an Irish Wolfhound named Finn who also attended the talk, much to the delight of Stanwell pupils. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and asked many interesting questions on the creative writing process and the difficulties of trying to publish work. Eighteen Year 13 pupils who are studying English Literature at A Level recently enjoyed a trip to Bristol to listen to four thought provoking lectures on different themes and elements of Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear,’ such as ‘The Problem of Human Suffering.’ In each lecture, academics and senior examiners considered the themes and text in ways that support the requirements of the assessment objectives for advanced study. All of those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the day and the pupils found it very helpful and were impeccably behaved. Hopefully this will stand them in good stead for the summer exams! There are a number of educational visits planned for Key Stage 4 pupils next term. The English Department are planning to take Year 10 pupils to ‘Poetry Live’ in Bristol. This will help Literature students to prepare for the unseen poetry element in their first external literature exam in June. There are also plans to take Year 11 pupils to see a production of ‘An Inspector Calls’ in the New Theatre in Cardiff. Pupils will be studying this text for their final Literature exam in the Summer.

“fantastic wizarding activities available in the English department ”

Geography Ms H Morgan “Geography is everywhere and everything” (Anon)

the many geographical features that the physical and human landscapes had to offer.

As Geography is all around us, the The students had the opportunity to see department have taken the opportunity this term to explore the world beyond the for themselves several locations of geographical interest that currently relate classroom. to their studies. These included: a visit to Year Eight visited the Cadbury World the Island of Capri, Sorrento, the ruins of factory in Bournville. Pupils were given a

talk on the economic value of the Chocolate industry, relating to the location and manufacturing of products in the developing and developed world. This gave the pupils the opportunity to discuss the issues and ethics of Fair Trade. After their talk the pupils explored the factory, sampling many varieties of chocolate, getting involved with interactive exhibits and learning how all cocoa beans used in the UK come from Ghana.

Pompeii and Herculaneum, a climb to the top of Vesuvius in the Vesuvius National Park, a drive down The Amalfi Coast and a visit to the sulphur fields at Solfatara.

During the Italian evenings pupils delighted in a range of activities from eating Italian pizza, singing songs around a beach camp fire and completing a quiz (where the tie breaker was decided in a dance off between the Year Twelve and Year Thirteen boys!)

During the October half term, a selection of pupils from Years Ten to Thirteen Accompanying us on our visit was the visited the Bay of Naples experiencing famous Icelandic photographer Ragnar

‘Geography expands your horizons’

Geography Continued

Ms H Morgan

Th. Sigurdsson. He specialises in photography of nature and travel in the Arctic, including Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Northwest Territories/Nunavut of Canada. The purpose of this was so that he could take a variety of photographs of our group for the department and for

surveys, pedestrian and traffic counts, as well as looking at land values of this rural settlement. On their return to Stanwell the pupils used the results to complete a controlled field study assignment worth 10% of their final GCSE. Finally, Year Seven are currently brushing up on their Geographical skills. As part of their unit of study they have been given the opportunity to do some field sketching in and around the grounds of Stanwell. These skills are invaluable in both helping the pupils with their artistic skills and helping them to capture and record geographical characteristics of the wider world. The staff and pupils have thoroughly enjoyed our field visits beyond the classroom and I hope you agree with us that these opportunities support our pupils in understanding global, national and local patterns and processes in the wider world.

Discover the World tour company, with whom we travelled to Italy. The resulting photographs are outstanding and breathtaking. You can find some of them on the Stanwell website, in the activity gallery - Italy 2011. As part of their GCSE Geography Studies Year Eleven visited Cowbridge in December to complete an investigation into a rural community in terms of urban and retail change. Year 11 conducted land use and shopping ‘Geography is important because we've got the whole world in our hands!’

History It has been another busy and enjoyable term in the History Department. Highlights have included the October Open Evening, where pupils - and parents alike - had the opportunity to take part in several activities, including archery, code-breaking, jousting puppets and a crime-scene investigation on famous historical murders. A good time was had by all.

In other news, Bethan Lewis (Year 13) entered the Historical Association’s Great Debate competition on Monday 21st November. She competed in the regional heat for South Wales hosted by Cardiff High. Bethan was magnificent and won the regional heat with her talk about Sophie Scholl. We are all very proud of Bethan in the History Department and we wish her the best of luck when she competes in the final which will be held in Oxford in March. Well done Bethan!

Mr G Morgan History pupils have studied a lot of interesting key issues this term. In Year 7 pupils have been learning about the Battle of Hastings and who became King of England in 1066. Year 8 have enjoyed performing plays to find out why Henry VIII got married six times and why Elizabeth decided not to marry at all! They thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Tower of London in November especially seeing the place where Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard were executed. They also had a great time exploring the cultural side to London especially visiting Covent Garden and seeing The Lion King in the West End.

At GCSE level Year 9 have been studying the cultural changes that the USA faced in the 1920s, including changes to sport, the cinema and the role of women. All classes have made an excellent start to the Year 9 course. Well done! Years 10 and 11 have been examining life in Nazi Germany before and during the Second World War. Recently they have studied how life changed for people living under Nazi rule and Year 11 will shortly be completing their coursework on the evacuation of children in Britain during the Second World War. Both Year groups have made a positive and enthusiastic start to the year and must be congratulated.

“Mae disgyblion Hanes wedi astudio nifer o faterion allwedol y tymor yma”

Information Technology Mr P Davies Open Day A very successful Open Day in October provided prospective pupils with the opportunity to use the excellent ICT facilities within the school. Pupils were able to develop their moviemaking software skills through the use of Window Moviemaker. Parents of prospective pupils were able to view the work their children had completed following the primary liaison sessions earlier that month. Primary Liaison

goes to Amy Gifford who has created a stage design with a keyboard on the top with the sides having musical notes. Harry Edgeworth achieved the highest mark at Key Stage 4 for his unit 1 coursework. Kathleen Ahearne, Andreas Asprou, Harriet Blunden, Matilda Crack, Zola Hargreaves, Jay Kapuria, Balaji Krishna and Leo Tucker also produced some exemplary work for their Unit 1 coursework.

The ICT department played host to 3 of its feeder primary schools Albert, Evenlode and Victoria who had an opportunity to develop their understanding of staying safe online. The Year 6 pupils produced excellent multimedia presentations for Homework Club primary school aged pupils , the purpose of the presentation was to warn them of Key Stage 4 homework club has been busy some of the dangers of social networking. throughout the term with over 50 pupils attending at least 1 session a week. Matthew Key Stage Three Bennett, Jack Davies, Rebecca Harries, Rory Hay, Ellie Munro and Charlotte Year 7 pupils have settled in well during Thompson have come to homework club the first term and have used their work from transition to develop a website using every week to ensure they achieve high Adobe Dreamweaver. Bethany Keane is coursework marks. Computer Games Club an excellent pupil who always completes will start in January 2012 for Key Stage 3 pupils to develop their understanding of her work to a very high standard. Year 8 pupils have been introduced to Games De- Games Design. sign during this term and Rhys Capener Sixth Form has produced an excellent game and he has worked hard during all lessons. Year 8 Year 12 pupils have made a good start to pupils Izaak Lee, Tristan Worssam and the year . Well done to Allister Hill and Jonathan Wright always work with enAlex Williams who have made a very good thusiasm and have produced some excel- start to their Double ICT units scoring high lent work this term. marks in a recent Software and Hardware test. Year 12 pupils are looking forward to a Key Stage 4 visit to the BETT show at Olympia London Year 9 pupils started their Unit 3 Graphics in January 2012 ,where they will be able to unit this term and have generally produced see at first hand the latest hardware and some excellent work. Particular praise software technology.

“opportunity to develop their understanding of staying safe online�


Miss E Murphy

Selected A-level pupils, along with Balaji Krishna from Year 10, took part in the “Senior UKMT Maths Challenge” in November 2011. The top student was Balaji Krishna (Year 10) who achieved a silver certificate. Silver certificates also went to Joseph Ingram and Frankie Law (both Year 12). Bronze certificates were awarded to Niall Armstrong, Sarah Boden, Rhea Ghosal, Daniel Luxton, Liam Pace, Naomi Parkhouse, Katie Rowlands (all Year 13), James Chaffey and James Porteus (both Year 12). Our congratulations go to all of these for their achievements.

and received a certificate and a bar of chocolate! This year we also ran a Simon Says competition; this was won by Ria Raninath from Victoria Primary.

A sixth form team, comprising of Further Maths students, was entered into the UKMT Senior Team Challenge. Unfortunately the team did not qualify for the next round of the competition but they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The KS3 homework club has been a huge success so far this year, with record numbers turning up on a weekly basis. A huge thank you to Jay Kapuria and Balaji Krishna for giving up their time after school to help with the running of this club.

This term, the Maths department has welcomed selected pupils from the feeder Primary schools to take part in extended Maths lessons at Stanwell. Two pupils from each of the primary schools took part in the first lesson. The feedback from the pupils was very positive and we look forward to the next lesson with them in the Spring term.

Homework Club for Year 11 has started and will be continuing on Mondays. This proved invaluable last year, producing very good results, and we look forward to seeing a positive response again this year. A huge thank you to all the Year 12 students who give up their time after school to help with the homework club; without these pupils the homework club would not be such a success.

Once again the “Maths Mindbenders” on Open Day was a great success. Many current and potential pupils enjoyed the six-puzzle treasure hunt around the Department. 91 completed the puzzles

Also, a huge thank you to all the Year 12 and 13 students who complete their community service within the Maths department; their time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

“Thank you to all the Year 12 and 13 students for their help within the Maths dept”

Media & Film Mr I O’Rourke The Media & Film department has much to celebrate so far this year and many things to look forward to in 2012. The first high point was on results days in August, when staff were delighted to note the high standards of attainment reached by most pupils—well done to all! The new Year 9 cohort have made a confident start to their GCSE course and have already displayed their skills as media analysts in recent textual deconstructions. Pupils who have worked particularly well this term include Rhys Fford, Stephanie Friend, Rory Hawkins, Sasha Horrobin and Jessica Vining. Year 10 started the year trying to emulate Nick Parks and create their own versions of stop-motion animation– move over Wallace & Gromit! Excellent work was produced by Sinead McCausland, Joshua Lawes, Joel Ringer and Alexandra Wagstaff. They have also been working hard on a scheme to do with Advertising for their winter exam and are about to start a piece of coursework creating their own product and advertising pitch. Year 11 pupils have been busy completing pieces of coursework for their final folders and excellent work has been produced by Mitchell Crees, Jacqueline Dich, Riah Knowles-Brock, Hakim Miladi, Miles Morgan, Reginald Wong and Bethan Amy Blunt. Year 13 pupils have been working hard this term on their coursework module, which is worth 50% of their total A2 grade. They have been producing research investigations on topics of their

own choosing. Particularly strong pieces of work have been produced by Emily Davies, Olivia Davies, Sam Green. Kate Humphreys has been putting her media skills to good use by directing the Phantom photo-shoot.

Jordan Holt, Madeline Lynch and Georgia Wales. Year 12 pupils are starting their coursework module soon and are already planning their films! Pupils who have already produced excellent work include Leah Dalby, Victoria Isaac, Madeline Lynch, Georgia Wales, and Jonathan Wise. We have, for the first time, two A Level Film Studies cohorts. Following on from their AS exam success, the A2 group have been working hard on their small-scale research projects and the new AS cohort have been learning about the ‘micro,’ elements of filmmaking and have started to study British horror films! A group of our Year 12 & 13 students participated in National Film Week with a special viewing of ‘Let Me In,’ and a talk by a film censor from the BBFC at Chapter Arts. Students also attended a special screening of Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours at Cineworld in Cardiff. More recently, 30 Year 12 students took part in the live recording of a popular Radio Wales topical news quiz called ‘What’s The Story?’ The students were introduced to the producer and writer of the show and also met one of the esteemed panellists, Derek Brockway.

“much to celebrate this year and many things to look forward to in 2012”

Modern Foreign Languages Mrs T Davis A great way to learn about the language and culture of a country is through cinema and there is a thriving foreign film library in Stanwell. We currently have over a hundred and fifty German and French films which our Sixth Formers regularly borrow. They tell us that it really is a great way to widen their vocabulary.

In October, a group of A level French and German students attended a languages day at Cardiff University. They learnt about studying languages at University and the Erasmus scheme, as well as attending a lecture on European cinema. They also enjoyed a taster session of Italian which they all declared was “fantastico!” One of the highlights of the term was the ever–popular Europa Café on Open Day. There was a fabulous selection of cakes, kindly baked by our wonderful students. The “Decorate a cup cake” competition took place again and the entries were great and very creative with first prize going to Phoebe Chrisie (Y9) for her

charming panda cake. A big “thank you” to our helpers on the

day: Jess Ashill (Y10), Laura Gale (Y10) and Evgenia Brusnitskaya (Y9) We also had a French and German quiz which was won by our Exams officer Mrs Pratt and her daughter Lizzie, who is currently working with us as an LSA. The German Department has been on its travels this term with a visit to the Christmas markets in Cologne, organised by Miss Lemon. In early-December students from Years 10, 12 and 13 spent a long weekend soaking up the festive atmosphere in the beautiful city of Köln. Apart from the obvious Christmas shopping there was time for sightseeing, which included climbing to the top of Cologne cathedral and a river cruise down the Rhine. Of course no visit would be complete without a visit to the world famous chocolate museum, where we were able to sample hot melted chocolate from the golden fountain—lecker!!

“There is a thriving foreign film library in Stanwell”

Modern Foreign Languages Continued There are over 6000 languages spoken in the world and behind each and every one of them lies a rich and diverse culture. That’s what the European Day of Languages aims to celebrate - by showing people across Europe how important languages are, and what fun can be had learning them. The 26th September is the all important day and this year marked the Day's 10th anniversary. The MFL department celebrated by giving pupils taster sessions in other languages, such as Spanish, Italian and

Russian. Planning for next year’s German exchange has already begun and we are proud to tell you that it has now been going strong for 30 years! In July the German children from our partner school in Staufen will be visiting us in Penarth. The German pupils will be sampling lessons, as well as visiting Big Pit in Blaenavon and Oakwood with their partners

Mrs T Davis

Year 9 are looking forward to meeting up with their pen friends again after spending a most enjoyable ten days together in April. The year 8 pupils are being matched up and will soon be finding out the names of their partners On the international front Mrs Symonds will be taking a group of 55 Year 8 pupils to Paris in March next year. This is a joint venture with the Welsh department to sample the St. David’s Day celebrations which take place in Disneyland Paris. Pupils will also be enjoying a boat trip down the Seine, a visit to the Eifel Tower and to the cathedral of Notre Dame. Lots of pupils in French and German have been working hard this term and we have awarded a large number of merit points and certificates. These pupils have then been entered into the monthly raffle draws and there have been lots of lucky winners.. In French: Y7 Matthew Morris Y8 Ethan Fettah Y9 Ellie Webster Y10 Ben Brewer Y11 Lettie Chatham Y13 Eloise Laity

In German: Y8 Rhys Picton Y9 Elliot Green Y11 Sian Moss Y13 Rosie Troth

Fröhliche Weihnachten and Joyeux Noël and to you all!

“The German Exchange has been going strong for 30 years”

Music Mrs J Richards It’s always a positive start to the new term when the GCSE and A Level results are good! Stanwell music students fulfilled, and in many cases, exceeded our expectations. Once again, visiting examiners were unanimous in their praise ;`..thank you for a wonderfully musical experience at your school’, ‘..there were some outstanding and mature interpretations in these performances’, and ‘there was an excellent variety of vocal and instrumental music from Baroque to the present day..’. Well done to all. Time again now for the current GCSE and A Level classes to begin preparing for the practical examinations and finalising their compositions for their composition coursework, as deadlines for all creative and practical aspects of the examinations will be next term, (usually just before Easter). Wise words of the great composer J.S.Bach come to mind: “I was obliged to work hard. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed just as well” - something for us all to remember! The music department are currently running two new courses this year, both led by Miss Cooksey – BTEC Performing Arts and AS Music Technology. The Year 12 Music Technology group have been working towards their creative arrangement coursework and have participated in several recording workshops, and the Year 9 Performing Arts Class visited the New Theatre and saw a performance of ‘Dreamcoats and Petticoats’ in September. The department was also delighted at the beginning of term to welcome back Mr Sambell who returns on a part-time basis. Staff discussion soon turned to the subject of the annual senior production - and just prior to the announcement in the press that Andrew Lloyd Webber was releasing two of his musicals for schools, we had already contacted their main office to apply for the rights to perform Phantom of the Opera. This was quickly granted as the Really Useful group were keen for us to follow on in

the path of the previous achievements and be the first school to premier the show in the UK. All very exciting! Intense rehearsals for cast and orchestra complemented by set production and backstage / technical preparations have taken place as the challenges have been demanding in all aspects. But, at the time of writing, with just under a week to go before opening night, everyone involved is working tremendously hard to produce a show that the school and its’ community will once again be proud of. Peter Karrie (voted the World’s Best Ever Phantom) has very kindly spent time with some of the soloists and the workshops were brilliant; we are very grateful for his support.

There are over 30 pupils in the accompanying orchestra, ranging from year 8—year 13 and they have already impressed with the standard achieved. We hope that many of you will have been able to support the show and enjoyed the show! About 30 senior members of the cast also recently performed a medley of songs from the Phantom of the Opera at the Millennium Centre on the Tesco stage. The music was arranged and directed by Mrs Richards and accompanied by Mr Sambell. They received a super reception and were very well received by listeners – a great performance!

“thank you for a wonderfully musical experience at your school’

Music Continued

Mrs J Richards

We are proud of all our talented pupils who make such a dedicated commitment to their music-making

GCSE and A Level examiners complimented students on their advanced use and application of music technology in their composition coursework.

Extra Curricular Clubs A whole range of these were up and running from the beginning of the Autumn, ranging from KS3 through to senior groups. They have currently stopped for Phantom rehearsals but will re-commence in January to prepare items for the Spring Concert. In terms of instrumental tuition, there are a few instruments available for loan, and any pupil interested in instrumental or vocal lessons after Xmas should see Mrs Richards immediately at the start of the new term in January.

County Music and CAVMS Stanwell is extremely well represented in both music services, with many of our pupils participating in the various different ensembles, orchestras and choirs performing this Christmas in St. Davids Hall, City Hall and Llandaff Cathedral. Time spent attending rehearsals and concerts demands a tremendous amount of dedication and commitment; but this is time well spent as the musical talents are further nurtured and developed. We are very proud of all our pupils who make this commitment to their music.

Music Technology After school music technology workshops are run by the Music and Drama department’s technician, Alastair Reid. They occur every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening and are available for pupils of all ages. Pupils will begin by learning the basics of creating computer music in order to progress to more in depth production techniques such as synthesis, sampling, audio editing, studio recording and mixing.

..and finally, Particular congratulations to:  All those pupils who participated in the Music in the Vale competition, especially Joe Keenan (Yr 12) and Megan Hain (Yr 9) who was runner-up in the ‘Young Singer of the Year’ Intermediate category.  Joe Keenan (Year 12) and Taro Wirth (Year 11) who both recently achieved Distinction in their Grade 8 ‘cello examinations – brilliant!  Tom Downey (Year 12) and Peter McDonough (Year 10) who have both been accepted into the National Youth Brass Band of Wales. Peter is also reserve for the National Youth Wind Orchestra. What a terrific achievement—well done, boys!  All those pupils who have been very busy preparing for the graded practical examinations this term. We hope that all your hard work has paid off and you will be pleased with your results.

July 2011 saw the completion of an album where all music was written, recorded and mixed by the pupils. The album comes in a double disc package with an indepth documentary and an interview covering the production process for 2 of the featured songs. There is also a music video, and plans to include the sound technology Rapanimation by Science rapper Oortkuiper. The album will be ready for distribution by January 2012. Please contact Alastair via to pick up a copy. It is worth noting that

SO A busy and challenging, but incredibly rewarding term; with Phantom at the forefront of our thoughts, special thanks and many congratulations to all our extremely talented pupils who make us so proud. Have a Happy Christmas!

“Disgyblion talentog yr ydyn yn hynod o falch ohonynt”

Physical Education Cross Country Congratulations to all pupils who have participated in cross country races this year. The club on a Friday after school has seen a surge in numbers and has proved a popular activity. Although not all pupils come to run in the races, a number of pupils come along to improve their fitness. There have been some good individual performances this year from Annabelle Birch-Hurst (Y8), Ben McCullagh (Y8), Will Marsh (Y8), Spencer Robinson (Y8), Emily Wooster (Y8) and Kate Coker (Y10). Congratulations to the pupils above who have all been selected for the South Wales Team. The following boys took part in the Welsh Schools Cross Country Championships in Brecon, racing high quality athletes from all over Wales and successfully secured 3rd place - Matthew Dawson, Will Gale, Alex Langrish and Will Marsh.

Mr I Summerfield Thursday after school. Although only a small number of matches have been played, the girls are settling in well. The 7A team had an exciting match against St. Richard Gwyn which resulted in an 11-10 win to Stanwell and the 7B team won against Llantwit Major School. With a number of matches and tournaments still to be played, I am sure the teams will improve throughout the season. Special mention to Georgia Appleby, Maddie Lloyd and Sophie Watkins. Year 8 The 8A team are continuing to perform well, having only lost 2 games so far. Both matches were very close and were lost by one goal. A fantastic win against Bro Morgannwg (17-2) saw the team perform to their best and with county tournaments coming up, the girls are looking to get into the final again this year. Special mention to captains Rebecca Humpage and Seren Marsh. The 8B teams played in a recent tournament and were unfortunate to miss out on a semi-

Netball Year 7 This year has seen this popular club bring in over 40 girls to Netball practice on a

“the team perform to their best�

Physical Education


Mr I Summerfield

final place. Special mention to Alice Dur- Year 10 ham, who played exceptionally well. Year 10 started the year off with a win against St. Richard Gwyn. They Year 9 The Year 9 team continue to improve and impress. They lost their first match of the season (5-6) against Cowbridge, but went on to win (20-6) against St. Richard Gwyn, Howells (7-6) and Bro Morgannwg (10-3). Congratulations to Elizabeth Birch-Hurst, Emma Davies and Olivia Hamzelou who were selected for Cardiff and the Vale County Netball Team– Well done girls! have unfortunately lost their last two matches, but are a very dedicated and hard working team. Keep up the good work. Special mention to Captains Ellie Rees and Leah Wenger. Year 11 Despite losing all their matches played, the Year 11 girls continue to work hard in training. Special mention to Sophie Boyle, Erin Murray and Katie Phillips . Indeed, all the Year 9 team have played superbly so far this season. Elizabeth BirchHurst, Lucy Bond, Emma Davies, Olivia Hamzelou, Georgia Murray, Kelsey Murray, Lucy Sharpe, Milissa Sorenson, and Milly Williams.

Rugby Year 7 The Year 7 Rugby team have made an excellent start to the season having played 4 games and losing only against a strong Cowbridge side. The side has been well led by Rhys Jones at scrum half with Ben Jones,

“Year 11 girls continue to work hard in training”

Physical Education


Henry Carter and Torin O’Neil making an exciting back line. In the Forwards Thaine Baker has been outstanding and has been well supported by Tom Griffiths, Jack Vowles and Geraint Williams. In the New Year Cup matches are scheduled as well as games against schools outside the Vale, so therefore

attendance at training is paramount in maintaining this good start. Year 8 The Year 8 rugby team have continued where they left of last season playing some attractive rugby and introducing more players to the squad. Charles De Grey, Morgan Humphreys, James Price and Spencer Robinson remain ever present and have played in every game. Despite not playing at their best against Barry Boys and St Cyres the team regrouped to beat Cowbridge convincingly 29 – 5, and are awaiting the term’s final fixture against Bro Morgannwg.

Mr I Summerfield

Training sessions have seen in excess of 24 boys with new players joining every week. There are many talented players in the side with lots of previous match experience including, Zac Dyer,Deklan Grotz and Dan Watts. This level of experience is helping to nurture the less experienced yet equally talented sportsmen in the side. With good wins against St Cyres and St Richard Gwyn and exceptional individual performances from Ed Drake, Joe Fettah and Sam White, this is a passionate side that will go from strength to strength. Year 10 Year 10 rugby once again started very well with substantial wins over Barry and St Cyres. The team consists of a number of boys who have represented the school since year 7 including, Matthew Holder, Kieran Hopkins and Owen Rees . There has also been the introduction of some very promising new players in particular James Owens who managed to score a hat trick of tries on his debut match. No less than 8 of the players have also been successful during selection to represent the Vale of Glamorgan Schools at Under 15’s level. This will be a very telling year for these boys, as next year they could be representing the school at senior level and this will require them to work hard for their position in this highly competitive squad.

Year 9 The Year 9 rugby team has shown great improvement and dedication this year.

“many talented players in the side”

Physical Education


Senior Rugby Senior Rugby this year saw the appointment of Ollie Drake to Captain. Ollie is an excellent role model for all rugby players at Stanwell and continuously sets high standards for himself, both on and off the pitch. The rest of the 34 man squad is oozing with talent with players such as Ollie Laity, Tom Murray and Weihock Ong leading the way to a successful year

Mr I Summerfield thick and fast and the players have not had a week off since the beginning of September. Outstanding performances are becoming a regular occurrence for a number of players such as Nick Boudier, Alan Doyle Miles Jones and Connor Kavanagh. (Nick even managed to score two tries against Llantwit on his birthday!) The main highlight of the season so far however, has to be the inaugural Howells Sevens competition in which Stanwell took first place, beating sides such as Cardiff High, Rougemont and Corpus Christi. Even with very little time to train prior to the competition, the players showed a great understanding and discipline in this very strategic game. A special mention must go to Luke Crockett whose workrate was formidable throughout the day.

The season began with a team building evening at the White Water Rafting Centre. This is used as an opportunity for the new players to introduce themselves and socialise with the older players in the team. A good, yet wet evening was enjoyed by all.

The squad also boasts regional representative honours with Matthew Allen, Nic Boudier, Alan Doyle, Sam Hall, Harry Roberts and Tom Smith, and all playing for the Cardiff Blues at varying levels. Since this event, the matches have come

“excellent role model for all rugby players at Stanwell�

Physical Education


Girls Basketball Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 girls have had a great start to the season this year, obtaining numerous wins against St Cyres. They are now training hard in preparation for their matches against Fitzalan and St Richard Gwyn in December, to hopefully continue their winning success. They have also been entered into the Welsh Schools Basketball competition this year and are awaiting dates to be confirmed for the first round of the competition. All the girls are really excited and are looking forward to this challenge. Special mention goes to Sophie Egerstrom and Emily Skinner, who have made a fantastic start in the Year 7 team. Amy Bond, Rebecca Humpage, and Seren Marsh (Year 8) and Georgia Atkinson (Year 9). Finally to all the Year 10 team, who have made a superb contribution to training and matches this season. A big “Congratulations” also goes out to Elizabeth Birch-Hurst (Y9) and Erin Murray (Y11), who have been selected to represent the U16 Welsh Girls Basketball Squad this season. Well done Girls! A fantastic achievement. Boys Basketball The boys basketball team has had a great start to the season. They have been entered into the Cardiff and the Vale Basketball Competition and are eagerly awaiting dates for their first match.

Mr I Summerfield

They also took part in a KS4 Welsh Schools Basketball Tournament in November at Sophia Gardens, but after putting up a courageous fight against St Richard Gwyn, Cowbridge and Barry boys, they unfortunately failed to get through to the next round of the competition. They did however play very well against St Cyres, who they managed to defeat in the last match of the competition. Special mention goes to George Kynaston who, this season, has been selected to represent the U15’s Boys Welsh Basketball Squad. Congratulations and well done! Football Years 7, 8 and 11 have all progressed to the quarter finals of the Cardiff & Vale Schools Cup, with the next round of matches due to be played in the New Year. Special mention goes to Dan Anderton (Yr 7), Morgan Evans (Yr 7), Nathan Evans (Yr 7), Morgan Humphreys (Yr 8) Will Marsh (Yr 8) and Harry Williams (Yr 8) . Year 9 and 10 are due to play their 2nd round matches in the near future. In the league, Year 8 and 9 are currently unbeaten, while Year 7 have won 1, drawn 1 and lost 1. Year 9 recently beat St. Richard Gwyn 6—1, Mathew Bennett, Will Brown and Alex Donovan putting in exceptional performances.

“the girls are really excited and are looking forward to this challenge”

Psychology Open Day Visitors to the Psychology Department had the opportunity to try out mind reading using the Ganzfield technique. In this study, individuals have to use their powers of telepathy to state which of four symbols another person is looking at. On average our results were no better than

Miss K Hall gave students the opportunity to learn about reasons for the emotional bond formed between infants and parents as well as studying research into the effects of day care such as nurseries and childminders on development. A2 Psychology After some excellent AS examination results in the summer Year 13 students are also preparing for an exam in January. They have found it really interesting learning about explanations of and treatments for Depression. The Addiction topic has involved learning about explanations of the addiction process as well as the role that the media can play in both encouraging

would be expected by chance, suggesting that a bit more practice is needed. AS Psychology Year 12 students have been enjoying learning a new subject and although it was difficult for some at first, many have demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning and continue to improve their understanding as they prepare for their Unit 1 exam in January. The first topic studied was Memory and students took part in a number of class experiments to test different aspects of this. The section on how to improve memory should prove particularly useful as they revise for their exams. Students have also been learning about Research Methods and how to design and carry out experiments and other types of research studies. The Attachment topic

and discouraging addictive behaviour. As part of their Welsh Baccalaureate qualification a number of students have demonstrated their communication skills by delivering presentations to their class on a variety of Psychology related topics. Jordan Holt and Laura Soltys delivered a particularly interesting presentation on the way in which issues of mental health are portrayed in the media.

“many students have demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning�

Religious Education Open Day The RE Department had a steady stream of visitors during the evening to the new suite of RE rooms. Artefact displays provided a colourful background and visitors enjoyed taking part in the quizzes with many signing the friendship book for pupils at Pooncholai Children's Home, for which the RE Department has raised funds over the last few years. Both Year 9 and 10 pupils have raised funds for the children’s home this year, and it was interesting for visitors to see the range of publicity material promoting the work of Pooncholai produced by Stanwell students and presented in the wall displays in the department area. Stanwell pupils have raised enough money to continue sponsoring the two pupils we have supported for the last 3 years and with the additional money collected we have sent Christmas presents for the children. RE Club After school RE Club for Key Stage 3 has started this year and proved to be a great success. It has grown rapidly in popularity and G32 is full every Monday evening with the buzz of students actively exploring different ideas, beliefs and ultimate questions. Halloween was a particular highlight, with students enjoying a treasure hunt using their thinking skills to solve clues . The club is now focusing on entries for a National RE art competition, Spirited Arts. With this year’s title ‘Where is God today?’ students are using various art forms to present their interpretation of this question. Students have also been busy making models of various places of worship,

Mrs J Skilton photos of which are now on display along the RE corridor. RE club is a way for the students to enjoy less formal learning, whilst still developing crucial skills such as ICT, problem solving and creative thinking.

“I like RE because I get to learn about other religions and their beliefs. I have also learnt a lot about what I believe too.” RE Trip Another exciting development in the RE department is the planned Year 9 Trip to London in February. Students will have the opportunity to explore several sites of religious and cultural interest including a visit to Saint Paul’s Cathedral, a Central London Mosque and the award winning West End Theatre production of “The Lion King”. This trip will bring to life various aspects of their GCSE studies.

“Learn about others: Learn about yourself”


Mr P Johnson

BIOLOGY The Jeans for Genes day, held in November was a great success, raising over £1095 for this worthwhile cause. The event was organised by Mrs Thomas with help from a number of sixth form students, especially Niall Armstrong, Chloe Blunsdon, Helen Brabham, Malita Chimuzi, Oliver Drake, Andrew Graham, Eloise Laity, Iestyn Penry-Williams, Otto Putland, Victoria Scaglioni, Lucie Thompson, and Zoe Tucker. At Techniquest in September, Nuffield Bursary students from Year 13 presented their findings to the public; guest speaker at the event was Nobel Prize winner Professor Sir Martin Evans, pictured here with Andrew Graham. Other Biology students presenting their work were; Helen Brabham, Sam Harries, Rosie Troth, and Victoria Scaglioni. In December Lauren Holbrook and Catryn Williams; Physiology students from Cardiff University, came to talk to Year 13 about their work, in particular the role of neurotransmitters in the brain and Parkinson’s Disease, as part of the A2 course examination preparation.

The Year 12 Chemists spent an enjoyable day at Bro Morgannwg as part of a focus on Higher Education and careers for students studying A level Chemistry. There were talks from local industries and demonstrations from postgraduate students from Cardiff University. Our students also received a presentation from Sally Williams, an ex pupil , who now represents a local chemical company. PHYSICS The Physics department started the year on a high note after an excellent performance by last year’s Year 13 pupils; congratulations to all those involved. This term has been a busy one with good progress made by all year groups particularly Y13 who are ahead of schedule and Y12 who are performing particularly well when compared to previous years. For the first time interested Y13 students are being taught an additional option for their final exam. In addition to the materials topic covered in class, those who are interested are studying Medical imaging with our in house therapeutic radiographer Mr Doyle. This is scheduled after school and these pupils will then be able to choose between the two subject areas in the PH5 exam. SCIENCE

CHEMISTRY On a recent visit to London, 22 Year 11 pupils had a very rewarding trip, attending and participating in seminars with renowned scientists Simon Watt, Steve Mould and Professor Brian Cox. Simon Watt showed uncut footage of dissections that did not make his award winning TV show ‘Inside Nature’s Giants’ and Prof. Brian Cox totally engaged the audience with his talk on the ‘Big Bang’ theory. Ellen Rowlands was one of a few select students to ask him a question on neutrinos! All

Science Club continues to thrive after school on Wednesdays in G1 for Year 7 pupils who are currently aiming to enter the Rapid Toyota Challenge for 11-16 year olds. This competition invites pupils to design and build an environmentally friendly model vehicle. Pupils involved in Science Club include : Scott Bagshaw, Osian Boland, Ben Croll, Samuel Hancock, Moses Lawley, Rob McKellar, Niall McSorley, Alex Whitfield and Kota Wirth.

“design and build an environmentally friendly model vehicle”


Mrs C Flaherty

As ever, the Welsh department has Smoking, The Environment, Keeping started the new academic year in a very Fit and Healthy, Family and Friends, busy manner! Home, The Weekend, The Media, Technology, Celebrations and School Experiences. Students have recently completed a controlled assessment which was an oral presentation and will sit another hour-long reading and writing examination in the Summer term which will be worth 25% of their final grade. In the spring term they will Open day was very successful. Our Welsh card making sessions were well received by numerous visitors who were happy to create Welsh Christmas cards, birthday cards and cards for other occasions. Visitors also had the opportunity to play Welsh Scrabble and see the resources used in class, as well as take part in our Welsh celebrities quiz. also have a group oral exam which Pupils in Years 9 and 10 have begun again will be worth 25% of their overall studying the new GCSE course. In grade. Year 9 and 10 the topics studied are In November we took a trip to GlanHolidays, Sport, Fashion, Welsh Stars, llyn Urdd Centre in North Wales with a Cinema and the World of Film, Pop group of Year 9 and 10 pupils. Music, Charity and Part-Time Work, The Local Area, Welsh Culture, Myself and Special Events. Year 10 pupils will sit an hour-long reading and writing examination in June which will be worth 25% of their final grade. They will also complete a controlled assessment in the Spring term. In Year 11 the topics studied are Leisure Time, Alcohol, Drugs and

“Cyfle i chwarae scrabble yn Gymraeg’ ”

Welsh Continued

They had the chance to take part in a variety of outward bounds activities in a Welsh environment on the banks of Lake Tegid near Bala. An excellent time was had by all and the pupils behaved exceptionally well. The weather was unusually mild and pupils were able to take part in climbing activities, a rope adventure course and lake-based activities. On October the 12th Year 13 attended a conference at the University of Glamorgan where they met an actor and the producer on the new Welsh TV programme ‘Gwaith Cartref’. From November 21st to November 23rd three Students from Year 12, Georgina Attwood, Kayleigh Porter and Eloise Procter and three from Year 13 , Bryony Edwards, Lucy Nicholls and Jessica Raby attended a three day course at the Urdd centre in Bala, North Wales. The itinerary was packed full of workshops, lectures and trips. The students had the opportunity to meet and to work with famous poets and authors from the Welsh literary world, whose

Mrs C Flaherty A Level Welsh. They also attended lectures given by staff from Bangor and Swansea Universities. They were immersed in a Welsh speaking environment and relished socialising in Welsh with other students and staff alike. Year 12 visited ‘Yr Ysgwrn ‘, the home of The famous poet Ellis Humphrey Evans , whose life is depicted in the Oscar nominated Welsh language film ‘Hedd Wyn’. They had the opportunity to talk with a relative of

Ellis who gave an insight into the life of the poet. We would like to take this opportunity also to extend a warm welcome to Madison Ramsden who has joined the sixth form at Stanwell school this year and thank to Charlotte Goodway Sims, Madison and Eloise Procter for their support with pupils in the KS3 Welsh lessons.

work is on the sixth form Syllabus for AS/

“Mae disgyblion yn behafio yn eithriadol o dda”

Workskills It has been a busy term for the Workskills classes. They have been raising money for charity and working for the benefit of the local community whilst working towards gaining BTEC qualifications. The Year 11 class have been working on three units “Working as a Team”, “Planning an Enterprise Project” and “Running an Enterprise Pro-

Mr. R Deighton-Jones Dyer, Miss Spear and Mrs Toye set up a Tea Room in the 6th Form cafe selling homemade cakes. This again was very popular with both staff and visitors raising over £62 which they donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Many congratulations to both groups for all their hard work. These units will enable pupils to obtain the Extended Certificate in Workskills obtaining a second GCSE. The Year 10 group have been learning about volunteering work and were visited by Miss Holly Williams of the Vale Voluntary Bureau who explained to the pupils about the benefits of undertaking voluntary work and the different types of work available. Many pupils have now signed up as Star Volunteers with some students, Hywel Ainsworth, Jaq Allen, and Vicky Williams undertaking volunteering work in their own time.

ject”. They decided to focus on the school Open Day and to raise money for charity. The first group of Scott Dennison, Daniel Harvey, Dean Hotchkiss, Taylor Knight and Tristan Lewis established a very popular car washing service and also ran a games room in the House. They raised a total of £ 50.75 which they donated to Children In Need and handed over the cheque to Marc Philips (Head of Children in Need Wales) and Pudsey Bear when

Denny White, the Vale Environmental Enforcement officer, visited the school on the 3rd November and spoke to pupils about the Health and Safety issues of litter picking before they went out with her team and Ian Harvey from ‘Keep Wales Tidy’. The Year 10 pupils were joined by the Year 9 group on the

they visited the school on the 23rd October.

10th November and undertook a litter pick supervised by Mrs Chellingworth and Miss Spear around the ‘Dolly steps’ in Cogan and by Mr DeightonJones on Barry Island. More litter picks are planned in the New Year.

The second group Abbie Shaw, Bethan Shaw, Jake Simmons, Emma Smith and Corie Wolfenden with the assistance of Mrs Coslett, Mrs

The Year 9 pupils have been learning about Finance & Money skills , the different types of bank accounts and costs of borrowing money.

“Raising money for charity and working for the benefit of the local community”

Year Group News

Year 7 Year Seven have made an excellent contribution to school life in their first term at Stanwell. They have achieved wonderful standards in a host of sports and activities. The whole Year group made a superb effort to raise funds for “Children in Need”. The entire Dining hall was filled with stalls and activities on November 18th and everyone was proud that we were able to help raise over two thousand pounds! 7T 7T have had a very busy term at Stanwell! They have been involved with many school activities whilst also keeping busy outside of school. Jodie Knight has won a trophy in football. Tatum Nurse , Chelsea Williams and Amy Webber have been on ‘Got to Dance’. Ben Jones has started Judo. Ben Croll has passed his Judo grading. Nathan Evans is thrilled to have moved up to a better football team. Jordan Birchall is pleased to have started drum lessons in school. Lowena Diment and Charlotte Williams have started to learn Adele’s ‘Someone like you’ on the piano. Chloe Adney has started Sea Cadets and she has already done a parade. Elspeth Robertson has passed Grade 6 in Musical Theatre Dancing. Emily Alford is going to be performing in an Opera called ‘Face in the Mirror’. Scott Bagshaw has won his Bronze Award in swimming. Benjamin Jones was also lucky enough to meet Sam Warburton and he was very friendly and big. Miss Anthony is very impressed with the form’s charitable nature and was thrilled with their approach towards the Operation Christmas Child Appeal. They also worked very hard for Children in Need and raised money for this worthy cause with different stalls. Stuart Bird and Scott Bagshaw organised a hot food challenge which was surprisingly popular. Ben Croll sold sweets. Nicole Lintern, Georgeana Pugsley, Emma Brewer and Emily Alford sold sweets and had a guess the name of the teddy competition. Lowena Diment , Amy Webber , Tatum Nurse, Chelsea Williams, Jodie Knight and Amina Safdar worked on the hair braiding and hairspray stall. Well done to you all for your hard work, your fantastic ideas and your eagerness to raise money for charity.

Mr M Baldwin and Miss R Sterlini 7E The form had a most successful term, with some real talent being on display. Kota Wirth has passed his Grade 5 violin examination with a merit. Similarly, Ben Roderick has achieved grade 5 piano and Grade 3 in guitar. Lucy Dutfield continues to wow audiences in Penarth Operatic and Drama Society. She has now amassed roles in David Copperfield, Mothergoose and Puss in Boots! She also finds finds time for the Netball Team and plays the clarinet Grade 2. 7A The form achieved with some notable successes this year. Rhys Butler has secured a place with Wenvoe Colts football team. Meanwhile, Jade Eastwood passed her Grade two examination in piano and received a Grade one in her flute examination. Noah Bushby has achieved a distinction in the Grade 4 cornet. Rebecca Johnson has completed a sponsored run for Cardiff National Dogs Home and raised over sixty pounds. 7M 7M’s pastoral session has been a hive of activity this term with pupils working incredibly hard planning ideas to raise money for Children in Need. After one “Dragons Den” style pastoral lesson it was decided that the following ideas would raise the most money- Find Pudsey, How many Pudseys in the Jar, name the bear and decorate your own cake. All members of the class contributed to the fundraising and all the stalls were a great success. 7M pupils have also been busy outside of the classroom with a plethora of sporting achievements including Emma Squire who has recently won a karate tournament, Maxine Pwele who won a gold in a gymnastics competition, Matthew Bridge who has been award a black belt in taekwondo and Lucie Isaacs and Olivia Taylor performed in a Dance show for Children in Need.

7W 7W are most certainly a busy form. It seems they cover most sporting skills from Rory

“Children In Need fundraising.”

Year 7 Continued Wiltshire, Sam Holland and Frazer Wilde all playing Badminton and Table Tennis to Alex Hodges, Joshua Lewis and Sam Holland contributing to the school Rugby team. Basketball is looking ever more popular with Lucas Nurse and Clodagh McKechnie now becoming professional dribblers, whilst Georgia Appleby, Lauren Ellis and Ella Williams have been sticking to the court for the school Netball team. Macauley Winton and Adam Hearne are hoping to score a victory at the semi-finals for the school football team but it’s a case of boys versus girls as Maddie Lloyd could be their big competition for the girls Football team. What is certain is that the cross country team will be running laps with Robert Brown, Maddie Lloyd and Liam Prince all joining in. Taking a plunge for Stanwell School are Ella Williams and Maddie Lloyd who are both training for the Cardiff City Swimming Team. Joshua Meek recently won his 6000 metre swimming badge, that’s equivalent to the height of Mount Kilimanjaro. Taking a more theatrical approach in 7W are Ffion Blunsdon, Bethany Bratby, Stella Davies, Anna Pringle, and Evie Spencer who are all rehearsing for the school’s Christmas Pantomime; break a leg girls! 7O The form made a magnificent effort for “Children in Need”. The form organised a superb sweetshop, cake stall and organised a cake decorating service! 7O have also been busy in the sports arena. Andrew Flanigan is a member of the Arena League swim team. He has qualified for the Welsh Amateur Swimming Association (200m breaststroke). He is now number one for the 50m and number two in Wales for 200metres breststroke. Rhys Jones

Mr M Baldwin and Miss R Sterlini is also competing in the WASA event but he prefers freestyle. Meanwhile, Scott John has been selected to play for the Vale in golf and Sophie Watkins has now been chosen as “girl of the match” twice in succession! 7R Most members of 7R are involved with either sporting or artistic extracurricular activities. Ellis Hawkins-Payne and Morgan Evans play football for the school team and Chloe Borde has been attending the school football club. Outside of school David Spinola plays for Barry Celts AFC; Morgan Evans, Tobias Friedl, Cameron Jenkins, Joe Munn and Joe Stephens-Collins play for Sully and Dan Holman plays for Wenvoe. There are also a number of rugby players in 7R. Thaine Baker and Tom Griffiths play for the school team and Moses Lawley attends school rugby training. Joe Munn and Luc Keane-Adams play for Penarth. Luc is to be congratulated for being recently awarded man of the match against Merthyr Tydfil. Keen actors and actresses include Tamasin Stephens-Collins and Joe Munn who were in the school production of Beauty and the Beast. Meanwhile Amy Hearne and Cora Wall attend the school drama club. Anna Gallone and Juliette Cavaye are regular members of dance clubs outside of school. In addition, Juliette is a talented violin player and has recently been awarded Grade 4. Finally Osian Boland, Moses Lawley and Ben Evans attend the school science club. They are currently busy designing solar powered cars. 7K A huge well done to 7K, who worked extremely hard to raise money for Children in Need this November! They all contributed and worked together very well, and many showed brilliant entrepreneurial and leadership skills. It seems they have also been very busy outside school, with many sporting, musical and community achievements. Sophie Page helped her team to win a netball tournament, while Olivia Davies and Antonio Peacock are successful cross country runners. Jacob Mills won a 100m race, Katharine Sellen-Moore came second in a horse-riding

“a plethora of sporting achievements”

Year 7 Continued competition and Alex Shore is the record holder for indoor rowing. Ethan Harris and Rhys Wookey both play for the Sully A football team, Sam Salisbury plays for the Sully B team, Danny Donovan plays for the Cogan A team and Alex Shore plays for the Penarth rugby team. Megan Jenkins is multitalented, and can be seen appearing in the Mother Goose pantomime and the Winter Wonderland skating show before Christmas. 7K has a whole host of musical talent, including Sam Salisbury and Sam Hancock, who both play the piano and Sophie Page, who can often be seen singing in St David’s Hall, or Demiro’s in Cardiff Bay. Salsabeel Islam is about to do his Grade 6 guitar and Gwyn Donlan recently passed a guitar exam with a merit. Isaac Gibbons is a keen drummer and Jacob Mills is in constant demand for his drumming talents. Bethany Keane recently passed her flute exam with distinction and last, but not least, Madeline Lloyd is a Grade 8 flautist who has performed in the Royal College of Music and Drama. Well done 7K and we wish you an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas holiday. 7X All the form have enjoyed their first term in Stanwell especially meeting new people and making new friends. All Pupils from the from enjoyed participation in fund raising for Children in Need. Activities included; driving a remote control car around a course, scoring goals past Pudsey and lots and lots of cakes. Many pupils stayed in school on Thursday and had an enjoyable evening baking biscuits and cakes in the DT Food rooms. Many pupils have taken advantage of the range of activities available in the school. Performance activities remain popular with many pupils from the form: Chloe Waite, Cora Squire, Bronwyn Morgan Lauren Stephens have enjoyed participation in the Choir; Darwin Alford, Holly Courtney, Bronwyn Morgan, Lauryn Perkins, Cora Squire and Chloe Taylor have taken the opportunity to develop their dramatic talents through participation in the Drama club;

Mr M Baldwin and Miss R Sterlini Lauryn Perkins is a member of Dance Angels and is currently working on a performance with them. Seren Mirza-Davies is learning the piano while Jack Francis-Oaten is learning the trombone and will shortly be taking the Grade 1 test and Darwin Alsop and Seren Mirza-Davies are learning the Guitar, Seren is preparing for her Grade 2. On a sporting side pupils enjoy many activities, Jack Francis- Oaten and Joe Scrivens play both Football and Rugby. Joe has also taken part in table tennis club. Chloe Waite has started cross country while Lauren Stephens has joined both netball and basketball clubs. Seren Mirza-Davies is an enthusiastic gymnast and has entered a completion with her Club together with Alana Stokes (7L) and will be competing in the USA, good luck to them both! Pupils have also become involved in other activities. George Lush is a very active member of the Eco Club and recently gave a presentation to the form on water aid. 7L First of all, a huge ‘thank-you’ and praise for 7L from Miss White for the fabulous effort put into the charity day for Children in Need. The jolly jars, guess the sweets in a jar and cupcakes were very popular and raised lots of money on the day. Poppy Pinkerton and Oliver El-Jawhari are 7L’s nominated School Council Reps. Outside of school, many pupils in the form have been very busy. Elysia Hickery has recently taken part in a singing competition. Kabir Knupp swims for Cardiff and is competing in the Arena League Final in December. Matthew Morris has recently completed Grade 4 in Dry Slope Skiing. Emily Skinner has had trials for Cardiff Netball and is preparing for her Grade 3 Flute exam at Easter. Gemma Brinn has taken part in a Horse Riding Competition. Rebecca Davies has recently achieved Grade 2 in Piano. Last, but not least, Alana Stokes is a keen gymnast and is competing in America in the New Year. Well done!!!

“pupils have taken advantage of the range of activities available in the school”

Year 8 This has been an active term for Year 8. All pupils have embarked enthusiastically on “Real Game”. This is an effective and fun way of allowing pupils a glimpse of what it is like living and working as an adult. Mr Pritchard from Careers Wales has also been helping to prepare our pupils for their option choices later on this year. Alongside this, assemblies have taken place where recognition has been given to World events, activities and the Precepts of the Week, including The Real Game, 9-11, Respect, Values, Remembrance, Operation Christmas Child, Jeans for Genes Day and Eco-School Week. PC Mudie has delivered informative assemblies on Halloween and firework safety. She has also led pastoral sessions lwhich focus on Drug Awareness. In addition, pupils have had the opportunity to take part in canoeing club, where they have enjoyed expert instruction at Cardiff International White Water Centre in Cardiff Bay. This year our School Council Representatives are Seren Lewis and Patrick Rees. Each form has elected representatives for the Year 8 Council. They are as follows: 8T- Sali Harmes and Matthew Dawson 8E- Claire Halligan and William Turner 8A- Grace Loweth and Dan Edwards 8M- Ffion McGowan and Jonathan Ignacio 8X- Seren Lewis and Patrick Rees 8W- Daisy Williams and Calum Wincott 8O- Megan Jones and Joshua Dixon 8R- Erin Summerhayes and Alex Langrish 8K- Olivia Beedell and Sam Jones 8L- Megan Lim and Lex Hermogeno This year our Eco-School Representatives

Miss L Jenkins and Mr G Penny are Lex Hermogeno and Ebony RioRees. In addition Rhiannon Pearce, Coire Clarkson, Caitlin Denton, Elizabeth McCulloch and Robbie Bain are our PACT Representatives. Seren Marsh, Izaak Lee, Joe Short, Alice Durham and Lucy Sibert competed in the All Wales Schools Liaison Police Quiz recently. The team came 2nd by one point! 8T A busy term for several pupils in 8T! Paul Monaghan has participated in the Big Talent School at the WMC. Victoria Pemberton and Caitlyn Utting have performed with Superstars (dance school) and were part of the Barry Christmas light event. Congratulations to Anna Jones who has just passed her brown belt Karate grading. Emma Spray has been involved with the Cardiff Ice Factor and has skated for Robin Cousins. Charlotte Hardy is working very hard towards her Grade 6 flute, Grade 5 piano and has recently completed her Grade 3 theory exam. Congratulations to Seren Marsh who has just passed piano Grade 2 practical and theory exams with distinctions. She has also been awarded the sportsmanship award with her tennis club. Congratulations also to Ella Buehner Gattis who has passed her piano Grade 4 practical and theory with merit! Da iawn! Ben Stewart is currently having football trials for Newport; fingers crossed! 8E Congratulations to Elizabeth McCulloch on receiving a letter from

“pupils have had the opportunity to take part in canoeing club”

Year 8

Miss L Jenkins and Mr G Penny

Continued an MP regarding her swimming. Abigail Mock has recently signed up to a Drama agency. Congratulation to Alice Durham who has completed her Grade 5 flute exam and Grade 3 piano exam. Well done to Emily Glaze for achieving Grade 2 piano and Chloe Poole for achieving Grade 5 in her piano exam. Congratulations to Abigail Mock who has achieved Grade 3 in her violin exam. 8A A very sporty form! Congratulations to George Roberts, Jack Revell-Griffiths and the Sully football A team for winning the league and cup! Harry Williams plays football for Cardiff Academy and is currently training for Wales. Well done to Coire Clarkson who has moved up a Grade in horse riding and has won 2 competitions. A big thank you to Bethan Hearne and Grace Loweth who raised £89.40 for Children in Need by doing a sponsored silence. Esther Buckton has been a part of the children’s choir in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat’. 8M Robbie Bain is currently enjoying scuba diving. Ebony Rees and Rosina Peterson represents the school at football. Caitlin Denton plays dodge ball for the school. Congratulations to Ffion Phillips who has passed her Grade 1 piano exam. Bethan Davies has represented the school at netball in the last two tournaments. Well done to Lucy Richards who has passed her Grade 2 piano exam. Amy Bond has competed in several swimming competitions for Cardiff. Robert Morgan plays football for Cogan and rugby for Penarth. Congratulations to Morgan Rees who has achieved Grade 2 in his guitar. Exam. Well done to Bryony Aird who

came 2nd in a gym competition. 8X Congratulations to Orla Emberson for passing Grade 3 in her piano exam with a distinction. Rebecca Johnson enjoys swimming and representing her swimming club in competitions. Congratulations also to her on receiving a football award. Rhiannon Pearce represents the school hockey team. Ethan Hutchings is also very busy representing Dinas A football team, playing single and double tennis for Dinas Powys, training for Karate and playing rugby for Dinas Powys. Congratulations to Seren Lewis who has won an inter-gym competition and also came 7th individually. Joshua Brooks has recently joined the sea cadets. Conor Dawson and Joseph Burge are both goalkeepers for Sully B. Caitlin Ellis is a member of the netball team and has recently taken part in the netball tournament. Will Marsh is the captain of the football team; he also represents the school at rugby and ping-pong. He has also recently been selected to represent South Wales at cross country. Jay Ruckley has recently filmed Jeremy Kyle – Christmas Special. Congratulations! 8W Congratulations to Kyle Brooks who came 2nd in a Karate final competition. Sam Wiltshire enjoys going to Cosmeston Youth Club. Francine Couzens is busy representing Stanwell in a netball tournament and gymnastic competition. Lauren Jennings-Slater is also taking part in the gymnastics competition. Jordan Thomas is a member of the netball team and also ran 2 miles to raise money for breast cancer. Ben Thomas is a member of the WCKA karate club and trains every Tuesday. Ewan Wills plays football for

“selected to represent South Wales at cross country”

Year 8

Miss L Jenkins and Mr G Penny

Continued Cogan Coronation. Adam Yusuf represents the school’s football and rugby team and also came 3rd in a karate competition. 8O Congratulations to Megan Jones who recently won a tennis tournament. Well done to Lucy Sibert who has been given an opportunity to audition for a role and solo part in a Christmas show. Rachael Salisbury has been auditioning for ice skating roles and has auditioned for Robin Cousins and is also a part of the Winter Wonderland show. Morgan Crimp is a member of the Cogan football team. Congratulations to Amy Hickery who has passed her Grade 5 violin exam. Well done to Lloyd Hanson who has won 6 trophies in swimming for Cardiff Club Champs. Morgan Rees represents Penarth and the school at rugby. 8R Congratulations to Annabelle Birch-Hurst who came 16th in a cross country race and is representing South Wales at cross country running. Joseph Phillips came 2nd in a go kart race. Lucie Dyer represented the school netball team in the recent tournament. Well done to Bethany Fitt who raised over £50 for charity with her youth club. Joseph Branson is currently representing Cardiff Blues at rugby for the U12s. Ben Walsh represents Sully A team at football. Lewis Campbell has represented Wales in the Welsh Athletic Championship. Congratulations to Katy Gibbs who won player of the match in netball. Alex Langrish has played football and represented the Vale.

8K Congratulations to Ray Vandyck who has completed Grade 6 in the jazz clarinet exam and Grade 5 music theory. Well done to Basil Crack who achieved 100% in a practical module test. Abby Mills is a member of the Big Talent School and is participating in the ‘Match girl’ play at the Millennium Centre in December. Dylan Jones has recently taken part in a judo competition. Well done to Morgan Rose who won the Lewis Hamilton grid award in the British Karting Championship. Finn Hunt has played football and represented the Vale. 8L A busy term for 8L. Tom Collins represents the school cross country team and has also completed a fun run for BUPA. Henry Ward has been selected for Penarth Yacht club junior topper team. Joranar Hayer plays cricket for Sully and football for Wenvoe. Will Gale is a very busy young man representing Penarth at cricket; Sully, Stanwell, Cardiff and the Vale at football and Penarth and Stanwell at rugby. Shaue Donovan is enjoying the many extra-curricular clubs offered at Stanwell; he particularly enjoys gym club, homework club and Manga club. Congratulations to Rachel Short who has represented South Wales in a gymnastics competition and came 1st in the vault 3rd on the beam and 6th on the floor. Kyrsty Jones and Elizabeth Ingram have both taken part in the CBBC ‘Copy Cats’ TV programme. Congratulations to Amy Walsh who has passed her Grade 2 singing with a distinction.

“enjoying the many extra-curricular clubs offered at Stanwell”

Year 9 It has been an exciting and challenging start to Year 9. Pupils have begun studying their GCSE Options and are approaching their studies with great enthusiasm and maturity. We are sure that the pupils will continue this hard working and mature attitude throughout their GCSE studies. Pupils have been working hard on their Progress Files and have been gathering evidence of their successes inside and outside school. As the year continues, pupils will be writing Personal Statements and adding further information to their Progress Files. The pupils have received talks from PC Mudie on Drugs Awareness and Halloween as well as Knife Crime. This year our School Council representatives are Natasha Harries and Soliman Khan and they have been working hard in School Council meetings discussing issues raised by Year 9 pupils. Each form has elected representatives who will be on the Year 9 Council: 9T– Natasha Harries and Sam White 9E– Lily Webbe and Edward Drake 9A– Lois Noble and Mark Crothers 9M– Georgina Smith and Joseph Moon 9X– Alice Holder and Rhodri Guerrier 9W– Rebecca Finlay and Callum Bevan 9O– Lucia Attanasio and Soliman Khan 9R– Samantha Dean and Thomas Moreton 9K– Rebecca Egerstrom and Ken Rufo 9L– Shannon Ensor and Morgan Smith 9T Well done to Verity Tucker who has been involved in a production of Little Match Girl at the Wales Millennium Centre. Natasha Harries has also been busy preparing for a production of ‘Les Miserables’ taking place in Pontypridd.

Mr A Meddins and Miss R Povey 9E There has been some notable achievements this term with Emily Walters winning the Mini Sagas competition with her short story ‘X marks the spot’. It will be published later this year. Milissa Sorenson has been nominated in the top 10 Young Artist of the year competition. Ella Skinner has designed items for a recent fashion show as part a Cardiff Youth group at Llanover Hall. Tesni Chinn auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent ; she is waiting to hear if she was successful. 9A It has been a busy term for pupils of 9A. The form have been very charitable making shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. For Children in Need, Thomas Hann and Eleanor Webster managed to stay silent all day – amazing! Megan Hain competed in the Young Singer of the Year competition and budding actress Eleanor Webster, passed her Grade 4 LAMDA exam. Thomas Fox took part in a local tennis tournament, while Thomas Hann completed a 200km bike ride! Georgia Atkinson and Kelsey Murray are members of the girls’ football team and are undefeated. 9M A sporting form with lots of activities being

“approaching their studies with great enthusiasm and maturity”

Year 9 Continued

Mr A Meddins and Miss R Povey

completed this term. Michael Regan has completed a 3km run for Marie Curie. Olivia Hamzelou and Elizabeth BirchHurst have been busy representing the county netball team. Elizabeth BirchHurst has also been playing for the Welsh U16 Basketball team.

money for ‘Children in Need’ - Jack Jones and James Senior did a sponsored silence and Evie Chatham did a sponsored talk! James Pemberton wrote an excellent poem to raise awareness for Water Aid and Natalie Lewis took part in the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships.

9X Congratulations to Ashley Cullen who won four awards at the Air Cadets presentation evening. Further congratulations to Laura Huntley who has won a dressage and cross country competition. Well done to Callum Keating for scoring the winning goal while playing for the Cardiff and Vale schools against Bridgend schools. Amanda Dave has made it to the final of ‘The Clothes Show ‘ competition and will be travelling to NEC Birmingham to collect her prize. Emma Davies has had a very busy term playing for the county netball team, she is also captain of the Vale cricket team as well as playing for the Welsh cricket team. More impressively she won an Olympic design competition; there will be a pin badge on sale in John Lewis featuring her design.

9O Amy Gifford has been performing with UCAN productions and will have the honour of meeting Sarah Cox and Rufus Hound in the New Year. Other theatrical members of the form, Calum O’Neill, Jac Ursell, Solimon Khan, Max Ireland are performing in a production of Les Miserables with the Mark Jermin Stage School

9W Sian Smith passed her Grade 4 exam and secured a part in the school production along with Jack Jones. Both Amelia Rowlands and Georgia Wiltshire are part of the orchestra for ‘Phantom of the Opera’ too. A number of the form helped to raise

9L Seren James for achieving her purple belt in karate earlier this term. Harvey Atkins is an active member of St Johns Ambulance service.

9R Oliver Shore took part in an episode of ’Copycats’ on BBC1—his team won and the programme will be shown in January! Sophie Gracia-Thomas took part in the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships. Good luck to Emily Franks and Harriet Alderman who are taking part in the UDO Dance Championship in Birmingham. 9K Huge congratulations to Rebecca Egerstrom for representing the Wales U16 female football team. She is the youngest girl to ever make the squad. Another sporting mention goes to Samuel Wilcox who came first in the 100m butterfly in a gala held in Neath

“won an Olympic design competition”

Year 10 This Autumn term has been a busy and challenging start for Year 10 pupils. Many departments have begun controlled assessments which will contribute to pupils overall GCSE grades. Pupils have had to adapt to the rigours and challenges that this has presented. It is essential that pupils appreciate that work completed in Year 10 will be examined in the Summer of 2013 or even before. A number of pupils have been attending lessons at Cardiff and Vale College. This gives pupils an opportunity to experience areas of interest which could be developed into a career in the future. Our assemblies and PSE lessons have been both interesting and informative. Pupils have had assemblies on topics such as 9/11, Eco Schools and Operation Christmas Child and begun writing their CV’s in PSE lessons. The forms have also received talks from PC Mudie on “Halloween Safety”, “Fireworks” and have begun a talk on “Alcohol”. Pupils have also started to consider their Work Experience placements which will take place later in this academic year. This Year our School Council Representatives are - Ollie Jones and Emily Thomas. Each form has elected representatives for the Year 10 Council. They are as follows : 10 T - Ollie Jones and Nicole Morrick 10E - Tom Dwyer and Jessie Preece 10A - Stanley Johnson and Shannon Barnes 10M - Jay Kapuria and Bethan Gillum 10X - Lambert Kalongo and Sarah Louise Price 10W - Balaji Krishna and Emily Thomas 10O - Vishal Patel and Ailsa Jones 10R - Jacob Frost and Megan Wiltshire 10K - Joe Prosser and Hanir Mousa 10L - Callum Page-Beighton and Alys Haswell. Our Eco Schools representatives are— Grace Leland , Alexandra Ward, Megan Herritty, Jessica Chick, Namika Birchall Our PACT team consists of :

Mrs K Chellingworth & Mr H Roberts. Emma Thomas, Chloe Fletcher, Jade Detheridge, Abigail Payne-O’Donnell. 10T Kathleen Ahearne is a member of the Dinas Powys Guides Patrol and will be taking part in a climbing challenge for the Guinness Book of Records. Alice Nottingham came 4th in the Welsh Athletics competition for the 300meters. Amy Guppy will be appearing in Phantom of the Opera. Ben Howe has now achieved Level 10 in kayaking. 10E Rhys C Evans has been selected for the U15 Cardiff Schools football team. Sophie Fox enjoys the challenge of playing for the school in netball. Jessie Preece is doing well in her textiles and is now a finalist in the ‘Young Artist of the Year.’ Joel Lapton has been selected for U15 Cardiff Schools in football. Abigail Phillips will be taking her Grade 6 ballet exam and Megan Woolmer will be taking Grade 5 in clarinet. Luke Morley and Bethany Woodcock are both in the chorus for the production of Phantom. 10A Congratulations to Siena Monaghan who has won a sailing competition in the Llangorse Acorn Regatta and Ben Chalke who is currently preparing for his Grade 3 in Saxophone. 10M Seren Robinson is taking part in the school musical and has recently passed her D of E first aid course. Fiona McGavin is also involved in the production and has enjoyed an adventure week at Glan Llyn and Storey Arms. George Kynaston plays basketball with the Welsh Squad and the U18 UWIC team. Bethan Gillum is in her last year of Popstars and is hoping to gain a Silver or Gold medal. Jemima Scott has performed on S4C and Nicoel Allen has auditioned for a dance programme called ‘Got to Dance.’ Finally, Alasdair Cavaye has passed his Grade 3 singing with distinction. He has also competed in a National Small-Bore Rifle Association competition. 10X Kathryn Tann has taken part in the production

“experience areas of interest which could be developed into a career”

Year 10

Mrs K Chellingworth & Mr H Roberts.

Continued of the Little Match Girl at Millennium Centre. Congratulations to Grace Rees Williams who recently came fourth in a Gymnastics Competition where she also came first in the ‘bars’ section. 10W Spencer-Jon Ward-Henry and Rhys Savory have played for the Vale Schools U15 rugby team. Emily Thomas has passed Grade 6 ballet with distinction and her intermediate ballet exam with merit. She is also currently preparing to take her Grade 5 violin exam. Isabel McLeod has completed her Grade 5 theory exam. Cristiano Nardone has taken part in the Llandow Endurance Challenge and came first. He has also reached yellow belt in Taekwondo. Jade Detheridge has recently been involved in a St Johns Ambulance course and has also been place 4th in a trampolining competition. Chloe Saliba continues to do well in her ice skating and has recently auditioned for a Holiday on Ice Show. 10O Daniel Hourihan has taken part in a High Diving Competition with his team the Aberdare Comets. Hywel Ainsworth has passed a shooting challenge with the Army Cadets and he has also helped to fund raise at the Children’s Society Fayre. Mathew Bennett, Elizabeth Britten and Rebecca TeWater Naude have all completed a first aid course as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Course. Lissie has also passed Grade five drums with a view to playing in the band for Phantom of the Opera. Chloe Packer and Tomei Browne have been entertaining the elderly at a local Pensioners Club. Ailsa Jones has taken part in a hip hop dance competition and Grace Lloyd-Williams has recently passed her Grade 3 piano exam. Matthew Holder has been awarded the Player of the Year prize at Penarth Rugby Club and has been selected to play for the Vale team. 10R Congratulations to 10R who have collected

the most Boxes for ‘Operation Christmass Child.’ Well Done. Niall Curtin continues to play football for Cogan and has also joined the Young Enterprise Group. Keira Ryan has been selected for the Cardiff 1996 Water polo team. Megan Wiltshire has been volunteering at PLTC Junior lessons. Katie Black and Megan Wiltshire have been chosen to take part in the Phantom of the Opera. Imogen Sibert has passed Grade 5 violin and is playing netball for both the Canton and Vale Netball teams. Megan Wookey has been volunteering at a rainbow Group and has taken part in a first aid course as part of her Duke of Edinburgh training. Morgan Clarke has also completed the first aid course and is playing rugby for Dinas Powys. Kieran Hopkins is involved in D of E and also plays for Dinas Powys Rugby Club. 10K Keeley Durham has been volunteering to coach a Year 7 basketball team. Elizabeth Trott has taken her Grade 3 singing and passed with merit. Elinor Brunker has taken part in Mother Goose with Penarth PODs. She also attends first aid club. Hannah White, Emma Thorne and Elizabeth Trigg have joined D of E. Suzie Collins has completed the Baden Powell Challenge in Girl Guides. Will Creaven has qualified for the GB laser national squad in sailing. Emma Bright is a member of the ‘Top Notch’ Young Enterprise company. Nils Deeg has taken Piano Grade 7 and is awaiting his result—good luck! Wei Haw Ong and Jaq Allen have been volunteering as part of their Work Skills course. 10L Catrin Morgan is in a production of Les Miserables with her stage school and will also be appearing in Casualty as an extra. Gabrielle Williams has been awarded a silver medal for completing four years in Stage school. Kate Coker has represented the school in cross country running at Brecon. Well done to all of the pupils mentioned above for volunteering this information and allowing it to be included in the newsletter. Congratula-

“qualified for the GB laser national squad in sailing”

Year 11 It has been a busy term for Year 11 as pupils complete controlled assessments and work towards achieving their GCSEs in the summer of 2012. The mock examinations have now finished and Year 11 pupils will receive their school reports on Thursday, 12th January 2012. During their Pastoral lessons Year 11 pupils have had a variety of outside agencies involving them in workshops and discussion groups. Spectacle Theatre company have been performing the play ‘Happy Hour’ warning pupils of the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The Fire Service have spoken to a number of forms on Road Safety and Llamau, the association who look after people who find themselves homeless, have talked to pupils about finances and preparing pupils for life beyond school. Homework Clubs have been running throughout the term and will continue right up to the GCSE examinations. We encourage all pupils to take part in these sessions if possible in order to fulfil their potential at GCSE. For further information on exactly what is happening for pupils in Year 11 please go to 11T Jack Hayward is a volunteer at Cosmeston youth Club, he also rows for Penarth rowing club as well as plays rugby for Penarth. Congratulations to Robert Togden who has achieved Grade 6 in piano and has passed his Karate White Belt. Further congratulations to Annes Lloyd and Hannah Buchalter who have both achieved Grade 6 in piano. Hannah Buchalter has also achieved Grade 6 in cello. Rory Hay has been selected for Cardiff City Football Club development team. Leonor Worssam is a member of Eco-Stanwell. Daniel Skentelbury achieved his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, along with Jack Hayward, Isobel Martin, Leonor Worssam, Annes Lloyd, Hannah Buchalter, Ralf Warren. Brittany Isaac plays squash for Fairwater Squash team. Emma Jones is a member of Army cadets and has participated in surfing lessons offered by the school. Ralf Warren was a member of the winning Young Enterprise Team 2011. Robert Cavaye is playing in the orchestra for the school production for Phantom of the Opera. Erin Murray is a member of the school Netball, Basketball and Athletics team. She has also participated in surfing lessons offered by the school.

Ms L Bekker & Mr B Crompton

11E Scott Dennison is a member of the Vale of Glamorgan Golf Club. Daniel Soltys is a member of Penarth Tennis Club, Penarth Rugby club and Penarth ATC. Also congratulations to Daniel Soltys who has achieved Grade 7 in Piano, Grade 5 in Guitar and Grade 6 in Theory; Luke Smith achieved Grade 5 in Guitar. Simon Trigg is a member of Penarth Basketball Team and plays golf for Wenvoe Golf Club. George Johnson achieved his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, along with Millie Earp, Bethany Parkhouse, Samantha Wood, Lucy Stokes, Ellice Squire and Myles Harding. Millie Earp regularly attends Zumba, she is also a Girl Guide Young leader and a Ranger. Jessica Davies is a representative on the Eco School Committee and regularly attends Zumba. Elizabeth Senior has volunteered at Brownies. Ellice Squire volunteers at Tŷ Hafan charity shop and attends a sign language evening course. Alexander Elsen has passed his Karate Black Belt and has also recently commenced Judo White Belt Yellow Stripe. Samuel Hall plays rugby for Penarth. David Cavaliere plays tennis for Windsor Lawn Tennis Club. Myles Harding is a member of Penarth Rowing Club, Sully Football Club and Penarth Rugby Club. Sophie Boyle is a member of Leckwith Athletics Club and Canton Netball club. Samantha Wood volunteers with the PDSA in Penarth. Bethany Parkhouse volunteers in two Youth Clubs and is a member of Penarth choir. Tabitha Minns is working towards Grade 8 in cello, she is also playing in the orchestra for the school production for Phantom of the Opera. Casey Thomas is a volunteer for Marie Curie. Harry Roberts is a member of the school rugby team and is currently playing for Cardiff South U16s regional side. 11A Harrison Barrett has achieved Grade 5 playing the electric guitar and plays football for the Dinas Powys A football team. Jessica Duggan achieved her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, along with Lauren Beeslee, Paige Wilding . Emelie Johnson

“talked to pupils about finances and preparing pupils for life beyond school”

Year 11

Ms L Bekker & Mr B Crompton

Continued has a role in the school production for Phantom of the Opera as well as playing netball for Canton and the Vale of Glamorgan. Wilfred Howard plays football for Dinas Powys B team. Paige Wilding attends Taekwondo and is a member of the Workshop Acting Agency. Thomas Williams is a member of the Barry and Vale Athletic Club and is also a member of the Welsh Athletics Squad. Emma Smith and Bethan Shaw helped to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust by selling cakes. James Longman is a member of Sully Sports Club. Natasha Hole is a member of the Senior School Choir and has achieved Grade 4 in Piano. Joshua Biss plays in a band and recently he played at the Paget Rooms in Penarth. Rock Ho is a member of Penarth Junior Badminton club. Tobias Ursell is a member of Cardiff Squash club. Katie Phillips is a member of the school netball club. Sheng Tong Bei is a member of Penarth rugby club and also the school Dodgeball team. He has also achieved Grade 4 in accordion. Daniel Harvey is a member of the Penarth Rugby team as well as playing for the school senior team. 11M James Flanigan represented Wales in the UK School Games for Swimming. Matthew Allen is a member of the school rugby team and is currently playing for Cardiff South U16s regional side. Stephanie Price, Joe Dyer and Laura Gilbert has achieved their First Aid certificates with Duke of Edinburgh. Emma Hughes serves as a Form representative on the School Year Council. Myfanwy Morgan-Jones is currently working towards Grade 4 playing the saxophone. Alan Doyle is a member of the school rugby team and is currently playing for Cardiff South U16s regional side. Curtis Boddy and Joe Dyer are members of the school football team. Joe Dyer has also achieved Grade 5 playing the guitar. Ellen Rowlands regularly attends Zumba. Holly Farmer and Kayley McGillivray has participated in the surfing lessons offered in school. Megan Stealey is a member of the school netball team. Jonathan Gambling attends RMT club. 11W

Tom Bellingham is a member of the school football team. Sam Sellick plays for the school rugby team and is the form representative for the Year Council. Jack Philp is participating in the school Learning Coaching scheme. Sam Wooding plays for Penarth Hockey Club and has achieved his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Hollie Lam went on the DT Trip to London and has achieved her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Jacqueline Dich, Ffion Tapper and Eve Carter have also achieved their Bronze Awards and Eve has also completed her Geography fieldwork in Cowbridge. Hannah Scott is a member of the school netball team and also plays rugby for Cardiff Quins U18s. She is Grade 3 in the drums and is the Year Representative on the School Council. Sara Doust has attended Art and Business Studies Homework Clubs and is working towards her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. Tamsin Hackett and Rachel Rourke are also working towards their Silver Award and Tamsin has also completed her Geography fieldwork in Cowbridge. 11O Kieran Britten is a member of IT club and our Year Representative on the School Council. He has recently achieved his Bronze Duke of Edinburg Award and is currently working towards his Silver award. He is also Grade 7 in Guitar. Sion Thomas is a member of UIT Club, he attended the English department visit to see Macbeth and has achieved his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Luke Waddon also went to see Macbeth with the English department and he also played in the orchestra for the school production. Marco Sun has been attending maths Homework Club and has achieved his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award; Sian Evans, James Phillips and Tomaz Phillips have also achieved their Bronze Awards and James has attended the Science and Geography trips run this term. Dewi Fford is working toward his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award and recently took part in the Geography field visit. Ieuan Jones is a member of the school Cross Country team. Kevin Annies belongs to Penarth Junior Badminton club and has achieved Grade 4 in piano. Zachary Ghazi-Torbati has a lead role in the school production for Phantom of the Opera. Riah Knowles-Brock achieved Grade 7 in piano. Chelsea Mace won a Bronze Youth Achieve-

“working towards her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award�

Year 11

Ms L Bekker & Mr B Crompton

Continued ment Award for Modelling. 11R

David Pain is a member of the school rugby and athletics teams. Jessica Plowright attends Art, Maths, Welsh and Basketball Clubs. Zoe Harding went on the Army Outreach Course and attends Science Homework Club. Bryony Guerrier went on the DT trip to Margam Park and is Grade 4 saxophone. She also attends DT, Welsh, IT and English Homework Clubs. Jenni Davies went on the DT trip to London and the English Department trip to see Macbeth. She has been attending DT Homework Club. Lloyd Phillips is a member of the school football and golf teams and he took part in the Welsh Schools Golf Championship and Welsh Indoor Rowing Championship. Martha Jenkins is a member of the school netball team. Congratulations to Thetis Drewelus who has achieved Grade 6 in clarinet. Laura Rodwell achieved her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, along with Robert Jones, David Pain, Hannah Way, Victoria Chick, Sofia Prusak, Florence Robinson, Emilio Pena-Taylor, Sophie Jones, Stephanie Bird, Natalie Gill, Imogen Davies, Elliot Richards. Thomas Turton is part of the chorus in the school production for Phantom of the Opera. Robert Jones plays tennis for Windsor Tennis Club and is also a member of the Vale Karate organisation. Niall Duffy has participated in the canoeing lessons offered by the school. Elliot Richards is a member of the Barry and Vale Athletics Club as well as Windsor Lawn Tennis club. He has also recently gained his Tennis leader qualification. Reginald Wong has participated in the surfing lessons offered by the school. 11K Nicholas Boudier is a member of the school rugby team and is currently playing for Cardiff South U16s development side. Tomos Davies plays for the Penarth Hockey team and has achieved the Bronze

Duke of Edinburgh Award. Liam Walker has also achieved the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and has completed his Geography fieldwork in Cowbridge. Taro Wirth is Grade 8 in cello and was in the orchestra for the school production of Phantom of the Opera. Leah Byrne is Grade 4 in piano and went on the English Department trip to Monmouth. Lettie Chatham takes part in Zumba and attended the Science department trip to London and the English Department trip to see Macbeth. Holly Flynn is a member of the Penarth and District Lesotho Youth Trust. Megan Tunley and Bethan Miller have achieved their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Sian Moss went to see Macbeth with the English department and participates in Badminton Club. Nishma Bhatia went to see the Clothes Show Live with the Textiles department. In January 2012 all Year 11 pupils will be sitting modular GCSE examinations in one or more subjects. The dates of examinations are as follows:

Mon 10th January 8.45am - English Unit 1 Fri 13th January 12.45pm - English Literature Unit 1 Tues 24th January 8.45am -Biology P1 resit, Biology P2 resit, Applied Science Unit 2 Thurs 26th January 8.45am -Chemistry P1 resit, Chemistry P2 resit Fri 27th January 12.45pm - Economics Unit 11 Mon 30th January 12.45pm - Physics P1 resit, Physics P2 resit

“took part in the Welsh Schools Golf Championship�

Year 12 The Autumn term has seen Year 12 students busy settling into their chosen AS level subjects and into life in the Sixth Form. We would like to congratulate them on their excellent GCSE grades and express our delight in seeing so many of them who have chosen to continue studying at Stanwell. We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the 22 students that have joined our Sixth Form from other schools. In order to support the students in their transition to the more demanding nature of studying at Key Stage 5, the MADE training company came in to work with the students on different approaches to studying at AS level and to help them develop strategies to ‘bridge the gap’ between studying at GCSE and AS level. The workshop discussed revision techniques, essay writing, note taking and general tips on keeping focused and motivated. The evaluation form filled in by the students suggested that the vast majority enjoyed the sessions and found them very helpful. The year group have also embarked on the several elements of the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification. The students have already completed the activities for the assessed Essential Skill, Working With Others. Students were organised into groups and had to design, market and manufacture a product to sell on the school’s Open Day on October 11th. This involved a ’Team Enterprise Day’ organised by Careers Wales, a Dragons’ Den activity where the groups bid for an investment of up to £20 from local business people and lots of teamwork. The ’Market Hall’ was a hive of activity throughout the Open Day with all of the groups making a profit. Staff, pupils and visitors alike all commented on the standard of the products and professionalism of the students.

Mr M Gershenson and Mrs A Mansfield

Organising Community Participation placements has also been a priority for year 12 students. Completing 30 hours voluntary work is an essential element of the Welsh Baccalaureate and students have been organising either voluntary work within school e.g. helping in reading schemes for the lower year groups, helping out in classes or out in the community e.g. charity shops in town or with local sporting teams. Away from the WBQ, many students have been starting to prepare for future careers. Local magistrates have been working with students interested in a career in Law and those interested in a career in Healthcare have been applying for courses such as MedLink, Science Live!, Gapmed as well as the workshop conferences at Nottingham University. Many year 12 students are involved in this year’s production ‘Phantom of the Opera’ with our very own Fiona Bell (WB4), Joe Ingram (WB1), Joe Keenan (WB3) and Ella Maxwell (WB2) securing lead parts. The Joshua Foundation has also visited the school to speak to the students about raising money for the charity and participation in their ’Oz Experience’- an opportunity of a lifetime.

“strategies to ’bridge the gap’ between studying at GCSE and AS level”

Year 12 Continued

We would also like to congratulate Alexander Benjamin (WB6) who travels to London this month to receive a national award for his volunteer work with the Marie Curie Trust. Interim reports detailing the students’ progress in their subject areas thus far were distributed in November and a Mid Year report will be issued at the end of January following the examination session. The Year 12 examination period will run from Wednesday, January 4th until Tuesday, January 10th 2012. Students will return to timetable on Wednesday, January 11th. WB1 Well done to Joe Clissold, Charlotte Goodway Sims, Dominique ParryParker and Georgia Pateman-Chang who have completed their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and to Lisa Gourley who is working towards her Silver. Aimee Brinn is also currently working on her Gold Award. WB2 Laura Elder has been visiting Cardiff University for ‘taster language’ sessions in preparation for Higher Education, Jessica Green has been involved in the first ever all girls’ team to complete the Cambrian award with the Cadets. Chloe Hatcher has been taking part in the ‘Made in Roath’ fashion event. Nathan James has been playing with both the County Percussion and Jazz bands. Paul Keeling has been long jump training with Cardiff Amateur Athletics Club and he is also working towards his Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. James Porteus participated in the UKMT Maths Challenge. Hamish Couper has been involved in the local football youth group and Alexander Williams has been playing indoor cricket for Penarth

Mr M Gershenson and Mrs A Mansfield James Chaffey, Paul Keeling, Vincent McKernan and Ashley Stavrakis have been playing in a 5-a-side football team in Penarth. WB3 Ross Andrew volunteers with the St John Ambulance and Maddy Payne is an active member of Stanwell School’s Charity Council. WB4 Mikaela Wood has been continuing with her figure skating and has participated in the Welsh College of Music and Drama’s YAS course. Owen Davies and Sam Watkins contribute greatly to the School newspaper while Rachel Warner and Sarah Holder are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Gold award. Sarah, along with Charles Fear, is also participating in an expedition trip to Morocco next year. Well done to Abi Pemberton who has recently played Peter Pan in a local production of the same name and to Wil Barber who plays 5-a-side football with a local team. WB5 Alex Thomas is fundraising for the Joshua Foundation. Charlotte Preece, Caitlin Butler and Nikki Baird-Murray are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, Oliver Oswin will begin coaching junior cricket in January. Callum Masters is working towards Grade 6 on the drums and Jade Galsworthy is about to complete the Dragons Sports Leader course. WB6 Seren Vickers is working towards Grade 6 in Dance and is also a member of both the Young Actor’s Studio and the Vale Youth Brass band. Jacob Freeman, Harry McDonough, Tesoro Monaghan and

“national award for his volunteer work with the Marie Curie Trust”

Year 12 Continued Liz Pascoe are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and Charlotte Bishop is working towards her silver. Paul Jones and Miles Jones are playing for the senior rugby team. Jordan Geach is currently fundraising for the Joshua Foundation and Molly Crowther contributes to the school’s Charity Committee. WB7 James Messer has completed both Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards, Amy Lovering is playing for Canton United Ladies’ netball team, Catherine Porteus is a member of both the Cardiff County and Vale Youth Orchestra and the Kayaking club. Drew Humphries and Amy Le Grys are fundraising for the Joshua Foundation. Cameron Jones has been filming in Africa, Russia, Israel and Bosnia with the BBC World Service, Adam Jones is taking part in the Morocco expedition and has also won first place in the Welsh Young Marine Photographer competition. Beth Cowley is working towards Grade 7 on the piano and Grade 6 in singing while Connor Kavanagh is currently playing for the school’s senior rugby team.

Mr M Gershenson and Mrs A Mansfield WB9 Alexandra Nickels is working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Beth Coley contributes to the school newspaper, Rebecca Trigg is currently fundraising for the Joshua Foundation. Oliver Glover plays Ice Hockey and volunteers for the St John Ambulance. Thomas Lander plays football for Cogan Athletic and Ben Ware has been selected to play for the school’s senior rugby team.

WB8 Ceire Wincott and Lucy Collins are working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and Lucy is also taking part in the Morocco expedition next year. Gwynfor Parr has been chosen to play in the school’s senior rugby team and both Jemima Bushby and Tom Downey play in the Cardiff and Vale Youth Windband which has recently won gold in a national competition.

“filming in Africa, Russia, Israel and Bosnia with the BBC World Service”

Year 13

Mrs R Connor, Mr R Relph and Mr K Watkins

Students have spent considerable time thinking about their post 18 intentions this term. The majority of our students will be moving into Higher Education and for this reason, tutorial and assembly time has been dedicated to UCAS related activities. Most students have their UCAS application well underway with their personal statement completed, reference written and one to one interviews conducted with a member of the Sixth Form team. Representatives from Careers Wales, industry and local universities have been into school to conduct mock interviews. This year we have 14 students applying to Oxbridge with an additional 9 who have chosen to apply for Medicine and Dentistry . Our prospective medical students have attended a workshop kindly led by a former pupil, David Roberts, who volunteered to provide advice and support to students considering a career in Medicine. 13 WO1 Ollie Drake has been appointed the captain of the school’s Senior Rugby Team and also plays rugby for Penarth. Bethan Mansfield has been accepted for the under 21 National Dressage Team for South Wales. Sinead O Brien has been awarded “Players Player” by Canton Vale Netball Team. Ella Mott- Riley has participated in the Lesotho Youth Project, helping to arrange events to fundraise for children in Africa. Niall Armstrong has taken part in the UK Maths Team Challenge and Laura Soltys has passed her Grade 8 Piano and Music Theory examinations. 13 WO2 Pamela Stansfield has volunteered at the local Marie Curie Hospice. Tom Knight has completed his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Cem Papaker has been awarded Orange Belt in Tany Soo Do martial arts. Ashley Jones has won the Junior Championship at Glamorganshire Golf Club. Bethan Lewis was successful in winning the South Wales heat of the Great Debate with the History department. Jasmine Vincent has just returned from Zambia where she taught first aid to local children. Megan Doyle has completed the Rotary Youth Leadership Award by taking part in outdoor pursuits on the Brecon Beacons. Zac McCaul has recently joined Penath rugby team and has been involved in the school’s production of Phantom of the Opera. Kieran Jones has recently joined The Dinas Powys under 18 football team. Saul Crandon has completed the Cardiff Half Marathon and raised over £200 for Cancer Research. 13 WO3 Rachel Martin has been involved in various fundraising activities. Rosemary Tuthill has represented

Girl Guiding Cymru at an International Scout Camp in Italy. Victoria Scaglioni, Isaac Kneebone Hopkins, Sam Harries and Andrew Graham have been involved in fundraising for Lesotho. Eve Rowlands has been involved in the school’s production of Phantom of the Opera. Sam Harries is Deputy Stage Manager for the school production and has represented the school by completing the Rotary Youth Leadership Award. 13 WO4 Daniel Luxton and Rhea Ghosal have achieved a Bronze Award in the UKMT Maths Challenge. Elise Westcott has passed Grade 5 Guitar and Danielle Evans has achieved level 9 field moves in Figure Skating 13 WO5 Iestyn Penry- Williams and Zoe Tucker have successfully completed their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Jess Attwell, Jess Steed, Talia Jones and Bryony Edwards presented a cheque to the BBC following Stanwell’s fundraising events for Children in Need. James Biss has released two songs with his band “Open House” which are available to download from iTunes and Leilah Harriott has spent time volunteering at an animal shelter. 13 WO6 Corey Alcock has represented the Vale of Glamorgan in a regional backgammon tournament, he has also written an article for “Wildlife “ online magazine and has assisted with the technical aspects of the school production. Matilda Shepherd has been elected as form representative. Oliver Cox has passed his Grade 3 Piano. Miles Braithwaite has played the lead role of the Phantom in this year’s school production. Rhys Williams has joined a local bowling team and Katie Rowlands has been involved in the school production of Phantom of the Opera. 13 WO7 Danielle Lane has completed her level one coaching course in rugby. Chris Evans has obtained Grade 5 on the guitar and has played in the orchestra for Phantom of the Opera. Eleanor Way, Rosie Troth, Chloe Jones, Phalisha Kerai and Emily Chick have completed their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Rebecca Ferriday has completed a first aid qualification and Stephanie Leech has completed 150 hours of volunteering with Millennium Volunteers and has been sailing with Tall Ships Youth Trust where she was awarded the “Competent Crew” award from the RYA.

“students have their UCAS application well underway”

100 PER CENT ATTENDANCE:  SEPTEMBER 2011 – DECEMBER 2011  Congratulations to the following pupils who have attended school every day since September.  Research continues to show that pupils’ attainment grades are directly  linked to their attendance so these pupils are to be congratulated on maximising their chances of success.    YEAR 7 1. Alsop, James 2. Anderton, Daniel 3. Ashton, Morgan 4. Baker, Thaine 5. Barker, Eve 6. Birchall, Jordan 7. Bird, Stuart 8. Blunsdon, Ffion 9. Borde, Chloe 10. Bratby, Bethany 11. Bratby, Rebecca 12. Bull, Emily 13. Bushby, Noah 14. Carr, Jake 15. Carter, Henry 16. Underhill-Carter, Liam 17. Chamberlain, Olivia 18. Chapman, Sophie 19. Charles, Matthew 20. Cheeseman, Joshua 21. Chick, Amelia 22. Cole, Luke 23. Crandon, Alexandra 24. Crofts Davies, Adam 25. Croll, Ben 26. Dave, Abigail 27. Denton, Macey 28. Dicks, Chloe 29. Diment, Lowena

YEAR 7 30. Donlan, Gwynfor 31. Duggan, Caitlin 32. Dutfield, Lucy 33. Eastwood, Jade 34. Ellis, Lauren 35. Evans, Ben 36. Evans, Benjamin 37. Friedl, Tobias 38. Gray, Elin 39. Griffiths, Thomas 40. Harris, Genna 41. Healey, Jack 42. Hearne, Adam 43. Hearne, Amy 44. Herbert, Eleanor 45. Heron, Helena 46. Higgins, Annie 47. Hill, Jacob 48. Hills, Naomi 49. Hobbs, Joseph 50. Holman, Daniel 51. Howe, Georgia 52. James, Samuel 53. Jenkins, Megan 54. Johnson, Jessica 55. Jones, Ben 56. Jones, Benjamin 57. Jones, Cameron 58. Khan, Aymen

YEAR 7 59. Khan, Haaris 60. Knight, Jodie 61. Knight, Stephanie 62. Knupp, Kabir 63. Lee, Jack 64. Lewis, Rachael-Leah 65. Lintern, Nicole 66. Lloyd, Madeleine 67. Lloyd, Madeline 68. Maskeen, Idrees 69. Mattey, Joshua 70. McConkey, Jack 71. McJennett, Lily 72. McKechnie, Clodagh 73. McKellar, Rob 74. McSorley, Niall 75. McSorley, Tomas 76. Meek, Joshua 77. Mills, Jacob 78. Morgan, Kathryn 79. Osborne-Walsh, Daisy 80. Owens, Alexander 81. Peacock, Antonio 82. Perkins, Lauryn 83. Powell, Olivia 84. Pringle, Anna 85. Robinson, Adam 86. Ruge-Hayes, Alexandra 87. Safdar, Amina

YEAR 7 88. Salisbury, Samuel 89. Scott, Imogen 90. Scrivens, Joseph 91. Shardlow, Euan 92. Slack, Alexandra 93. Smith, Alec 94. Smith, Harry 95. Smith, Liberty 96. Spear, Leah 97. Spencer, Evie 98. Spinola, David 99. Stapleton, Samuel 100. Starling, Joshua 101. Stephens, Lauren 102. Stephens-Collins, Joe 103. Strong, Holly 104. Thomas, Owain 105. Trunin, Anton 106. Valji, Phaishali 107. Waddon, Henry 108. Walker, Rhys 109. Watkins, Sophie 110. Whitfield, Alexander 111. Wilde, Frazer 112. Williams, Ella 113. Williams, Geraint 114. Wilson, Carys 115. Wiltshire, Rory 116. Wirth, Kota

100 PER CENT ATTENDANCE:  SEPTEMBER 2011 – DECEMBER 2011  Congratulations to the following pupils who have attended school every day since September.  Research continues to show that pupils’ attainment grades are directly  linked to their attendance so these pupils are to be congratulated on maximising their chances of success.    YEAR 8 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29.

Adney, James Aeschlimann, Jasper Anwar, Sumaiya Bain, Robert Bond, Amy Bright, Alice Buehner Gattis, Ella Cameron, Rowena Campbell, Lewis Carson, Cerys Chimuzi, Samuel Cole, Gregory Collins, Tom Couzens, Francine Crimp, Morgan Dawson, Matthew De Grey, Charles Drake, Alexander Durham, Alice Dyer, Lucie Ellis, Caitlin Emberson, Orla Fitt, Bethany French, Elias Frost, Nathan Gale, William Geen, Emily Glaze, Emily Gordon-Davies, Sebastian 30. Grafton, Isabel 31. Grosfils, Daniel 32. Hanson, Lloyd

YEAR 8 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64.

Harvey, Robert Hayer, Jorawar Hearne, Bethan Hermogeno, Lex Hicks, Ieuan Hopkins, Mathew Humpage, Rebecca Ignacio, Jonathan Iredale, Robyn Jennings-Slater, Lauren Johns, William Jones, Anna Jones, Emily Jones, Gwennan Jones, Kyrsty Jones, Megan Lane, Danielle Langrish, Alex Lewis, James Lewis, Seren Lovering, Tara Loweth, Grace Maher, Ethan Marsh, Tomos Marsh, William McCulloch, Elizabeth Mock, Abigail Morgan, Robert Nardone, Sofia North, Olivia Northey Thalia O'Rourke, Ellen

YEAR 8 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97.

Owusu, Daniel Pain, Harri Parselle, Chloe Pearce, Rhiannon Poole, Chloe Price, James Price, Joel Price-Milne, Finlay Pringle, Luke Proctor, Catherine Prosser, Shazel Putland, Nicole Rees, Morgan Rees, Morgan Revell-Griffiths, Jack Robertson, Ella Saji, Linda Shamte, Maya Sibert, Lucy Sims, Bill Thomas, Chloe Tucker, Sam Turpin, Benjamin Valek, Joseph Vandyck, Ray Way, Charlotte Wilde, Poppy Williams, Daisy Williams, Harry Williams, Jess Wiltshire, Samuel Wincott, Calum Wooster, Emily

YEAR 8 98. Wright, Jonathan 99. Yusuf, Adam


100 PER CENT ATTENDANCE:  SEPTEMBER 2011 – DECEMBER 2011  Congratulations to the following pupils who have attended school every day since September.  Research continues to show that pupils’ attainment grades are directly  linked to their attendance so these pupils are to be congratulated on maximising their chances of success.    YEAR 9


1. Appiah, Leon 2. Aydin, Eric 3. Barber, Simon 4. Bills, Katherine 5. Birch-Hurst, Elizabeth 6. Borade, Sayalie 7. Borde, Solomon 8. Bosley, Jack 9. Boyle, Dominic 10. Carde, Lewis 11. Chapple, Alicia 12. Chatham, Evie 13. Coole, Joseph 14. Cummins, Lauren 15. Davies, Morgan 16. Dean, Samantha 17. Dumitrescu, Sebastian 18. Dyer, Ella 19. Dyer, Isaac 20. Evans, Megan 21. Fford, Rhys 22. Fox, Thomas 23. Geach, Kira 24. George, Callum 25. Gilbert, Rachel 26. Gillingham, Holly 27. Guerrier, Rhodri 28. Hallett, Maisie 29. Herbert, Edward 30. Jones, Jack 31. Jowett, Harry 32. Knight, Rhys 33. Lewis, Christopher

34. Lieu, Kerstin 35. Lim, Rebecca 36. Mahdi, Samir 37. Majeed, Jack 38. Malik-Stephens, Sara 39. McConkey, Joshua 40. McDonnell, Curtis-Lee 41. Mirza-Davies, Anastasia 42. Moger, Katie 43. Moreton, Thomas 44. Morgan-Jones, Ioan 45. Norton, Mark 46. O'Leary, Caitlin 47. Osborne-Walsh, Owain 48. Palmer, Cerys 49. Quinn, Liam 50. Rees, Emma 51. Regan, Michael 52. Roberts, Daniel 53. Rowlands, Amelia 54. Rufo, Kenn 55. Salter, Cerys 56. Seeley, Niall 57. Skinner, Ella 58. Smith, Georgina 59. Squire-Wood, Austin 60. Taylor, Bethan 61. Thompson, George 62. Tuthill, Peter 63. Ursell, Jac 64. Warren, Alex


65. Watts, Daniel

100 PER CENT ATTENDANCE:  SEPTEMBER 2011 – DECEMBER 2011  Congratulations to the following pupils who have attended school every day since September.  Research continues to show that pupils’ attainment grades are directly  linked to their attendance so these pupils are to be congratulated on maximising their chances of success.    YEAR 10


1. Aeschlimann, Rebecca 2. Ainsworth, Hywel 3. Allen, Jaq 4. Banga, Amrit 5. Bishop, Megan 6. Black, Katie 7. Bridge, Courtney 8. Britten, Elisabeth 9. Browne, Tomei 10. Cavaye, Alasdair 11. Cerasale, Daniel 12. Chalke, Ben 13. Collins, Suzie 14. Dain-Smith, Ben 15. Davies, Channing 16. Davies, Jack 17. Dyer, Matthew 18. Findlay, Andrew 19. Fisher, Liam 20. Fox, Sophie 21. Franks, Chloe 22. Frost, Jacob 23. Geen, Tom 24. Gillingham, Alexander 25. Guppy, Amy 26. Harries, Rebecca 27. Hills, Samuel 28. Hopkins, Kieran 29. Hourihan, Daniel 30. Howe, Benjamin 31. Johnson, Beth 32. Johnson, Cameron 33. Jones, Ailsa

34. Kaged, Phoenix 35. Kapuria, Jay 36. Keane, Robyn 37. Kenshole, Amy 38. Leland, Grace 39. Lewis, Jakob 40. McDonough, Peter 41. McWilliam, Calum 42. Miller, Lauren 43. Monaghan, Siena 44. Nottingham, Alice 45. O'Grady, Nicole 46. Owens, James 47. Paley, Phoebe 48. Phillips, Abigail 49. Pomphrey, Che 50. Power, Lauren 51. Price, Sarah Louise 52. Pritchard, Pierce 53. Scrivens, Amy 54. Sibert, Imogen 55. Spear, James Andrew 56. Thorne, Emma 57. Tucker, Leo 58. Turton, Robert 59. Union, Sian 60. Weston, Jake 61. White, Clara 62. Wiltshire, Megan 63. Wirth, Utako 64. Wooster, Daniel

YEAR 11 1. Ahmad, Kamran 2. Aird, Lewis 3. Beeslee, Lauren 4. Bei, Sheng Tong 5. Bell, Alexander 6. Bird, Stephanie 7. Biss, Joshua 8. Boudier, Nicholas 9. Bridge, Sara 10. Carter, Eve 11. Cavaye, Robert 12. Coughtrey, Matthew 13. Davies, Jessica 14. Davies, Tomos 15. Dich, Jacqueline 16. Duggan, Jessica 17. Evans, Sian 18. Farmer, Holly 19. Fford, Dewi 20. Gilbert, Laura 21. Gill, Natalie 22. Guerrier, Bryony 23. Hall, Joseph 24. Ho, Chun 25. Hodgkins, Fraser 26. Johnson, George 27. Jones, Robert 28. Knowles-Brock, Riah 29. Lam, Haw Yee 30. Morgan, Charlotte 31. Mullan, Catherine

YEAR 11 32. Parkhouse, Bethany 33. Pena-Taylor, Emilio 34. Phillips, Lloyd 35. Phillips, Tomaz 36. Pimbley, Stephanie 37. Pollock, Joseph 38. Price, Grace 39. Prusak, Sofia 40. Richards, Elliot 41. Righton, Daniel 42. Samrout, Henryk 43. Skentelbery, Daniel 44. Smith, Luke 45. Stewart, Samuel 46. Thomas, Sion 47. Turton, Thomas 48. Warren, Ralf 49. Warrington, Steven 50. Williams, Iwan 51. Wirth, Taro 52. Wood, Samantha


100 PER CENT ATTENDANCE:  SEPTEMBER 2011 – DECEMBER 2011  Congratulations to the following pupils who have attended school every day since September.  Research continues to show that pupils’ attainment grades are directly  linked to their attendance so these pupils are to be congratulated on maximising their chances of success.    YEAR 12 1. Allen, Lloyd 2. Attanasio, Matteo 3. Attwood, Georgina 4. Barber, George 5. Barber, William 6. Bell, Fiona 7. Bird, Oliver 8. Bowers, Jack 9. Boys, Connor 10. Chaffey, James 11. Chan, Yee Hung 12. Cheshire, Brandon 13. Cheung, Kaehing 14. Coslett, Fern 15. Couper, Hamish 16. Davies, Michael 17. Davies, Owen 18. Elder, Laura 19. Ellis, John 20. Ellis, Joshua 21. Evans, Huw 22. Fear, Charles 23. Fegan, Rachel 24. Ford, Abigail 25. Gimber, Lauren 26. Gourley, Lisa 27. Grace, Joseph 28. Haughton, Thomas 29. Hill, Allister 30. Hopkins, Beth 31. Ingram, Joseph

YEAR 12 32. Isaac, Victoria 33. Johnson, Jake 34. Jones, Cameron 35. Jones, Elis 36. Law, Frankie 37. Macgregor, Isabella 38. Macleod, Katie 39. McAndrew, Elliott 40. McDonough, Harry 41. Moffat, Christopher 42. Moger, Hannah 43. Monaghan, Tesoro 44. Murphy, Jessica 45. Nickels, Alexandra 46. Ott, Andrew 47. Porteus, Catherine 48. Porteus, James 49. Righton, Sophie 50. Roberts, James 51. Seal, Daniel 52. Stephanakis, Henry 53. Thomas, Alana 54. Tucker, Joe 55. Watkins, Samuel 56. Weeks, Bethan 57. Williams, Alexander 58. Willis, Callum 59. Woods, Laurence

YEAR 13 1. James, Daniel 2. Kneebone-Hopkins, Isaac 3. Knight, Thomas 4. Luxton, Daniel 5. Moreton, Kate 6. Scaglioni, Victoria

  Total number of Stanwell pupils with 100% attendance:  461   ‐ Percentage of all Stanwell pupils:  24% 

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