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Annual Report 2010/11


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Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

GMIM Council Statement By David Tomlinson, Chair It‘s exactly 12 months since I penned the message for GMIM for its annual report for 2009 /10. We don‘t seem as a country to have moved on or made much progress! Financial markets are in a topsy-turvy state, predictions of a double dip recession and our personal pensions being eroded, rioting in the streets of major cities, famine in the Horn of Africa etc. It seems more like a biblical epic or one of the many disaster movies that are on offer! Maybe Harry Potter or Merlin can cast a spell, which will put it all back together for us! The truth is that these issues are only part of the story. Another story is that all around us are wonderful examples of care, concern and kindness shown by faith based communities, charities and like minded people from all backgrounds and faiths in these very tough times. The rich variety of the work of the Chaplaincy teams supported by GMIM around Greater Manchester continues to be a joy to behold. From major public events such as the Bolton Passion, the St Antony‘s Centre team helping unemployed folk, the 24hr 7 days a week work at the Airport or a chaplain offering a kindly word in a retail store to someone who has heard that their job is at risk. I express my gratitude to Council members of GMIM for their wisdom and guidance and particularly this year my personal thanks to Kevin Flanagan and the administration team at St Antony‘s Centre for Church & Industry. Thank you to chaplains throughout the area for sharing their part of the story and thanks to the Denominations, Trusts and Councils who have continued to support this vital work despite the tough economic situation. 2011/12 will throw up many challenges and force us to look at new ways of resourcing the Chaplaincies and Projects. We cannot do it without the support of the Churches and our funding partners. On behalf of the Council members of GMIM, I commend this report to you and ask for your continued prayers and support for the year ahead. Richest Blessings

David Tomlinson David Tomlinson Chair, GMIM Council Greater Manchester Industrial Mission


Annual Report 2010/11

GMIM Council Members

The following members have served on the Greater Manchester Industrial Mission Council during the year 2010/2011. The Council members are Trustees of the GMIM Trust. GMIM Council Members: Rev Dr Keith Davies

Chair, Manchester & Stockport Methodist District Representative from the Presidents of Greater Manchester Churches Together

Mr David Tomlinson Rev Graham Kent Mr James Callaghan Mr Kevin Flanagan Rev Brian Tomkins Rev Kevin Ball Rev Chris Baker Rev John Piper Mr David Parkinson Rev Philip Brooks

Chair, GMIM Council GMCT Ecumenical Development Officer Centre for Church & Industry GMIM Team ~ Centre for Church and Industry GMIM ~ Bolton Town Centre Chaplaincy GMIM ~ Manchester Airport Team William Temple Foundation (Resigned May 2010) Oldham Town Centre Chaplaincy Middlebrook Chaplaincy Social Cohesion, Bolton

The Council meets quarterly to oversee the management of GMIM. GMIM Treasurer: Position vacant If you would like to contribute to the work of GMIM and can offer any help or support at a practical level, GMIM would be pleased to hear from you. All enquiries should be directed to : GMIM c/o St Antony‘s Centre, Eleventh Street, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1JF Registered Charity No: 1091274 Sponsored and supported by all the major Christian denominations.

Annual Report 2010/11


Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

Greater Manchester Police Chaplaincy By Rev Charles Nevin Greater Manchester Police have been told to reduce their costs by ÂŁ134 million by 2014 within a current budget of ÂŁ702 million. GMP is the third largest police force in Great Britain behind the Met and West Midlands. GMP covers a large and diverse area from city centre through to tiny village, urban through suburban and covering a total area of more than 500 square miles.

To achieve its task it employs over 8,000 police officers and over 5,200 support staff. The proposed cuts in the budget will fall most heavily on the support staff as police officers have a royal warrant and cannot be made redundant. In order to balance the budget GMP will have to move a number of support roles back to being handled by police officers and a significant number of other support roles will either be removed or the staffing levels reduced. At the same time a new policing model will change the way in which officers and support staff work; so in effect it will be all change for every member of the police service here in Greater Manchester.

officers will normally be effected by moving them to jobs previously handled by civilians or retiring those staff who have completed 30 years in the police service. It is a tough time for all staff and as you would expect morale is very low and people are unsettled by all the changes and the size and depth of the changes. It is also hard for senior managers who are dealing with deeply sensitive issues which have previously not impacted on the police service. Telling staff that their post is being disestablished is a hard conversation and means that all managers have to recognise the need to support staff through this difficult time. These staff reductions are of course against a major government spending review which is affecting all sectors of society both in terms of public sector jobs and in terms of benefits and allowances. This has the potential to result in an increase in public order offences as well as a likely increase in burglaries and domestic violence. This will increase the demands on a police service which is and will continue to suffer reductions in its numbers. For Chaplains there is the constant need to draw alongside people to listen to their stories and help them think through the issues that face them. Please hold the men and women of the police service in your prayers.

The reductions and changes in staffing levels are being achieved in a number of phases and it is intended to reduce the budget by nearly ÂŁ50 million in this current budget year. This translates into a reduction of over 600 police staff and some 270 officers. The reduction in Greater Manchester Industrial Mission


Annual Report 2010/11

Bolton Town Centre Chaplaincy By Rev Les Allmark I followed Rev‘d. Alan Scantlebury into the role of Coordinating Chaplain in Bolton in April of this year, which proved to be a busy time for the Chaplaincy and for the Town. The Christian Community was in the final stages of preparation for ―Passion for Bolton‖ a two-hour retelling of the Easter Story in the Town Hall Square. The event, on Easter Saturday, brought together a cast of over 150 and was watched live by over 3,000 people. ―The Passion‖ was the biggest faith event ever seen in Bolton. It‘s no exaggeration to say that ―The Passion‖ changed the faith perspective in Bolton and opened doors which might have otherwise remained closed to any kind of Christian input. The next stage is to see how the Chaplaincy can help Bolton Christian Community Cohesion, who own the name, to develop ―Passion for Bolton‖ into an identifiable brand which can be used for future events. Going forward, we are already planning Christmas with the managers of the two main shopping centres in the town. We have been invited in for the obligatory Carol Service in one centre, and offered a retail unit to use in the other.

My main objectives, since taking up the role, have been to raise the profile of the Chaplaincy and to bring in new Associate (volunteer) Chaplains. I am pleased to say that both objectives are being met. My diary has never been more full – with interviews on local radio, taking part in the service to People of We also have a multi-faith, multiwelcome the new Mayor of Bolton, cultural event ―Spirit of Bolton‖ Faith at the meeting church, Public Sector and taking place in September and I am Heart of business leaders and visiting local looking forward to beginning new shops and stores. We have excellent Bolton work with the YMCA soon. There links with the representatives of both are also talks beginning with one of the Hindu and Moslem communities and work our prominent Councillors, to bring alongside Bolton Interfaith Council. We also independent shopkeepers together in a new have another Associate Chaplain, Mrs. Venitia business forum. Flaherty, in place - bringing the total to five ! Our local community radio station, Bolton FM, is a valuable partner in publicising faithled events and raising awareness of the work of the chaplaincy. Dr. Andrew Dickson, the Chairman of Bolton FM, and the staff and volunteers at the station are always welcoming when we visit. The station has its own Chaplain, who presents an already established Christian programme which goes out monthly. The hope is that we may be able to build on this and increase the Christian broadcast content of Bolton FM. Annual Report 2010/11

The Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Noel Spencer, with his wife Alice, the Lady Mayoress, embody the good relationships that the Chaplaincy has with the Civic Community. I have met the Mayor and Mayoress at several Civic occasions and found them to be keenly interested in the work of the Chaplaincy and very supportive of all that we are trying to achieve in Bolton. 6

Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

Retail Chaplaincy in Ashton Thank you, Bob Retail work in Ashton began in September 2002 when Bob Davies was appointed to the Ashton Methodist Circuit to develop Retail Chaplaincy in the Town Centre. At the same time the developing, store-led, chaplaincy in ASDA reached Ashton and Bob, along with Tubchen, a Buddhist nun, and Eddie, a Congregational minister, joined the store colleagues as volunteer Chaplains. Tubchen and Eddie later moved on.

In February 2009 Bob was joined by Roger Reece, an Anglican, appointed as part -time missioner priest to develop a wider Town Centre Chaplaincy. Working collaboratively, but usually separately, the chaplaincy work has been extended Roger Reece: into the local authority: Also a Chaplain Roger attends the Partners To Police and Prison The initial period of settling in was set alight and Communities Together by the fire in May 2004 which destroyed the (PACT) meetings. inside of Ashton Market Hall. The new contacts built up in the aftermath of the fire Roger has organised Gospel choirs to sing at have provided a platform for both deepening the Farmer‘s Market and an occasional Café and widening relationships with traders and Church at ‗Costa Coffee‘. Bob arranges for market management. This led on to offering local Church School choirs to sing in the support and encouragement through a very shopping area (latterly the rebuilt Market Hall) difficult 4 years in a temporary Hall. in the weeks before Christmas. These contributions seem to be well-received. Traders at the monthly Farmers‘ Bob has now joined the ranks of Methodist Market (last Sunday Supernumerary Ministers (others call it of each month) are retirement!). He does intend to continue, with always surprised to slightly reduced hours, in Retail work. He is hear that attending grateful for the fellowship, support and the Farmers‘ Market encouragement of the GMIM team and hopes is in Bob‘s working to continue being part of their meetings. agreement – they Farmers Market Soap expect a minister to be in Church on Sunday morning! But central to chaplaincy is the understanding that God is always at work where people are so God‘s people should be there too. Bob has always seen his work as a response from the whole Christian Community of Ashton. He has reported to the Churches Together meetings as well as the Methodist Circuit Meeting, and served on the executive for several years. Preaching invitations have also given opportunity to share the work with local Christians.

Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

Farmers Market Dexters


Annual Report 2010/11

St Antony’s Centre for Church & Industry By Kevin Flanagan, Director The changing economic climate continued to place a demand on the services of the Centre not least from those seeking support in the face of redundancy and job losses. During the year the Centre helped 448 people with their training needs. In addition to this 45 people sought the advice and support of the centre regarding work related issues ranging from information on working hours to those facing medical tribunals or disciplinary action by their employer.

St Antony‘s Centre continued to provide the support framework for GMIM, taking the opportunity during the year to upgrade and develop the policies of GMIM and its working practices. Work has started on establishing a central server system to enable all Chaplaincy Support Groups to have key information available to them at their fingertips. The GMIM Council are exploring ways in which they can appoint a Development Worker for GMIM with some Chaplaincy responsibilities possibly in the The way the Government has decided to Oldham or Trafford Park area. allocate contracts to training agencies has left As part of its work at European level, the many in the community and voluntary sector Centre continued to liaise with GEPO and frustrated as the policy of moving to large delegates attended the Conference in Portugal contracts with a minimum value of £500,000 during April 2011 where the question of has excluded many community agencies, the European Migration was discussed with Centre included. This is a significant challenge representatives from Germany, Malta, Italy, as larger providers are now charging France, Spain, Luxembourg, Romania and management fees of 20% of the contract value Belgium. It is looking increasingly likely that to the same agencies if they are successful in the European Conference in 2013 will be held finding a partner college or provider. This is in Manchester as guests of the Centre. reducing the amount available to invest in quality training yet many larger organisations Discussions have continued with Caritas, have poorer achievement and retention rates Diocese of Salford to explore ways in which the than the Community and Voluntary sector. agencies can work together in addressing a These are serious developments. wide range of community and pastoral needs in the Diocese. The Centre was pleased to be The Reach Out Project with the GMB present at the Papal event held at Hyde Park in Union has continued to make good September 2010 when the organisation was progress with over 5000 people presented along helped in the past two years and new with the national partnerships between employers, agencies to the unions and the workforce established. Pope and the The ―Response to Redundancy Bishop‘s Conference Toolkit‖ was published in May and the as part of the main demand for copies very high. ceremony. The Plater Project launched in late The priorities for 2011/12 are to find new areas 2010 has continued to provide a model of of funding to continue the mainstream work working with parishes in Hyndburn, Lancashire. with the communities and those seeking A volunteer team of 25 has been established support from the Centre in what is an and three working groups on the themes of increasingly difficult and challenging climate for Money Matters, Youth Matters and Social all concerned. Exclusion are looking at new ways of meeting needs in the area. Annual Report 2010/11


Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

Oldham Town Centre Chaplaincy By Rev John Piper There seems to be a very Anglican flavour to the main features of the past year of the chaplaincy project in Oldham town centre, even though it is a genuinely ecumenical and inter-faith initiative.

Leader have not yet materialised, in spite of an enormous commitment of time and effort from Derek Palmer and others. We are now exploring the possibility of a similar URC appointment.

Our annual Christmas carol singing in the Spindles shopping centre in the town centre was a grander affair than last year, as we were joined by the Bishop of Manchester at the end – or climax – of his pilgrimage around his churches. It may be that mulled wine and mince pies will now have to be a regular part of the event!

As everyone knows, the current economic and political environment makes it very difficult to obtain funding for this sort of work and we are hopeful that obtaining a part time or full time church appointment might be a more likely possibility, at least in the short term. The appointment of a Co-ordinator remains our priority if we are to secure and develop the work of the Town Centre Chaplaincy in Oldham.

We were glad to welcome Jean Hurlston to Oldham earlier this year as Assistant Priest at the Parish Church. Jean now has a full time job at Ashton College but previously was Bolton town centre chaplain. At the party to celebrate one year of the night cafe in Bolton, Jean had a conversation with the police there which led to doors opening in Oldham in a manner which is hard not to put down to God at work. There is considerable enthusiasm from the Oldham police and council officers about the possibility of a Night Cafe in Oldham supported by Street Angels, and we are working towards a pilot project, hopefully around Christmas 2011. The main outstanding issue is to find some premises which are usable and in the right location. Doing something around the night time economy and the issues it raises for the town centre was always part of the plan for the Oldham town centre chaplaincy. We had thought it would come later. Sometimes, God has different priorities! Not such good news is that our hopes of securing an Anglican mission support priest to fill the role of Chaplaincy Co-ordinator / Team Greater Manchester Industrial Mission


Roger Gould (Methodist) has stepped down as Chair of our Management Group and we record our grateful thanks to Roger for his commitment to this work. We are glad that Roger remains on the Management Group. John Piper (URC minister) has taken on the role of Chair. The other members of the Chaplaincy Team are :Sheila Coop (URC minister) Derek Palmer (Anglican parish priest) and Rick Preston (Baptist minister) The Management Group benefits from the contributions of Kevin Flanagan (GMIM) and Sara Hewitt (Oldham MBC Town Centre Manager) among others.

We are most grateful to them all. Annual Report 2010/11

Bolton Christian Community Cohesion Project By Caroline Wyke Over 3000 turned out to see Bolton‘s biggest open air large scale drama event as a passion play telling the story of Easter was staged on the Town Hall Steps. More than 50 actors reenacted Jesus‘s betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection. The event opened with a performance by local school children and the Passion for Bolton Youth choir followed by a procession of actors playing Jesus and his disciples led by donkeys as they made their way through the streets before joining the play. The performance took place on a three tier stage, with two large plasma screens showing pre-filmed clips of the Easter story. The press and feedback was very positive.

We were greatly encouraged by our Patrons who were: The Revd Michael Cooke

representing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford

The audience was gripped by the play and many stood to watch the whole twoh o u r performance as the sun shone down on the Saturday afternoon.

The Right Revd Christopher Edmondson,

Bishop of Bolton

The Revd David King,

Chair of Bolton and Rochdale Methodist District The Revd Richard Church,

Moderator of the NW Synod of the United Reformed Church The Cast and Crew came from more than 130 volunteers from all walks of life to be part of the event and a strong bond was formed during the many rehearsals as they shared in the emotions of telling the story of Easter. Many felt that they had been deeply moved by the experience, forming many new friendships and had drawn closer to Christ.

The Pastoral Team say that they had spoken to many people on the day who were interested in knowing more about the Christian Faith and knew of others who had given their life to Christ because of the production. Many months of prayer, research and groundwork took place in forming a core team of people with different roles who shared the vision of staging this high quality drama about the story of Easter. Annual Report 2010/11

We also had many young people involved in preparing artwork to display. The young people‘s drama was performed by students from schools in and around Bolton and members of the Interfaith Ambassadors Team, and the Gospel Choir was formed from young people across Bolton. 10

Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

Comments from the press "After years of planning and the involvement of more than 200 people, Bolton‘s first Passion play was hailed a huge success." -The Bolton News

―Although the Gospel accounts in the bible provide a vivid account of the arrest, trial and execution of Jesus, there is nothing quite like seeing the whole incredible story replayed in front of you‖

―The atmosphere was just electric. I had a feeling the crowd was going to stay and keep building up, once people started watching it they didn‘t want to leave.‖ "Hundreds turned out to see Bolton‘s biggest open air drama event as a passion play telling the story of Easter was staged in the town centre." -The Manchester Evening News

―So much hard work and planning had obviously taken place. It was a pleasure to watch a truly high quality and accurate re-enactment. I know many people came from outside Bolton just to see the play‖

―Congratulations to all involved. It was a pleasure to see so many young people taking part and many of the towns‘ citizens of different ―People forget what Easter is about faiths came and I hope that whoever saw the together to play would take something from it watch‖ and think what it cost our Saviour to give his life for all of us‖ The DVD produced has been sent as a resource to all the churches and schools in Bolton so that the story can continue. Legacy projects are coming together to continue to tell Christian stories in the town. We are beginning to develop a number of ideas. Updates will be available on soon and from our website Greater Manchester Industrial Mission


Annual Report 2010/11

Bolton Christian Community Cohesion Project By Karen Openshaw (Seconded to University of Bolton) CHAPLAINCY INTERFAITH PERSPECTIVES COURSE I have continued to work this year as Coordinator for the Interfaith Chaplaincy Course, building on the collaborative nature of this course. This year saw the addition of the Hindu Forum and Bolton Interfaith Council who joined existing partners:- BCCC Project, Bolton Council of Mosques, the University of Bolton Short Course Office, Bolton College and my colleagues in the University Chaplaincy. The joy of the course has been the spirit of sharing and collaboration there has been between all who have contributed to it along with the outcomes, e.g. in terms of those delegates already successfully placed in volunteer chaplaincy roles. Awards Ceremony My colleague, and fellow co-ordinator, Waleed Shoukat, had the excellent idea of having an awards ceremony, which I had the privilege of organising. Rt. Rev. Chris Edmondson, Bishop of Bolton, kindly agreed to act as Master of Ceremony for the event which took place at the Bolton Council of Mosques. Speakers included The Mayor of Bolton, Dr Harriet Crabtree O.B.E, Director of Interfaith UK, Dr Mahmud Chandia and Dr Philip Lewis from the Peace Studies Department at the University of Bradford. The future? ―Excellent calibre of Following an speakers and initial review facilitators.‖ meeting in May discussions are underway with the above partners along with other leading National experts from the World of Interfaith Work, w h o h a v e ―Staff exceptional acknowledged the committed—kind, value of the course, welcoming, and in order to see how friendly—very well it might be presented‖ developed further. A Annual Report 2010/11

planning meeting is to be held at the University in October, with the continuing full support of the ―Immensely helpful Vice Chancellor, and would recommend. Dr George Enlightening, fantastic, Holmes.


UNIVE R SITY CHAPLAINCY I have continued to provide active chaplaincy services at the University alongside Rev Phil Edwards and my Interfaith colleagues and also to support the pastoral assistants in their role. Following reporting on my work at the 2010 GMIM AGM, when I was actively looking for chaplaincy provision for the 6th Form College, I was pleased to enable the ―Vital aspect of appointment of community Sean Simpson as cohesion work volunteer cosensitively prepared ordinating and delivered.‖ chaplain there. I have also continued to offer support to Bolton College Chaplaincy and their Head of Student Services, Eileen Nicholson (who has also been a valuable asset to the Chaplaincy Course team) MOVING FORWARD Priorities for 2011/2012 obviously include developing the course as outlined and consolidating funding for my role as project co -ordinator; also to continue to work collaboratively to develop chaplaincy work in Bolton and at the University.

[The extracts are from the Course Participants feedback in 2011]


Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

Bolton Christian Community Cohesion Project By Karen Openshaw (Seconded to University of Bolton)

Greater Manchester Industrial Mission


Annual Report 2010/11

Manchester Airport Chaplaincy By Rev Kevin Ball The Chaplaincy is the provider of pastoral, spiritual and humanitarian care at Manchester Airport dealing with some 19,000 staff and 20,000,000 passengers each year. Its role is in a multi faith society and so its response mirrors that, providing for people of all faiths and none. Working as a multi faith team across all areas of the airport, with prayer rooms and areas in all terminals and with a 24-hour on call system, the Chaplaincy team are always busy. The past 12 months have been challenging to the Chaplaincy in respect of the number of families who have had children die whilst on holiday abroad and have had to be met on their return to the UK through Manchester Airport. On one occasion working with the Airport Care Team, a group of lay assistants managed by the Chaplaincy, and a Special Assistance Team from the holiday company who the family had travelled with, dealt with the return of a family from holiday without their 6-year-old son. The family were met by the Chaplain and Team at the plane side and then brought through control authorities at the UK Border and to Chaplaincy accommodation where relatives were waiting to greet the family and share their grief. The family told their story to the chaplaincy team and all involved could not be anything but moved. They were supported in the accommodation for 2 hours before the family felt it appropriate to move on to home. This then resulted in caring for the carers who had been involved in the issue as it is as important to care for the staff as for those they minister to. Also chaplains met two families in order to be informed of the murder of close relatives, again very stressful events, but ones that the chaplains are now dealing with on more frequent occasions. Rev Kevin Ball

Major Ian Field

As the Annual Report was going to print, it was announced that Kevin would be taking a new appointment and vacating the Senior Chaplain role during the summer. We record our appreciation to him for his work over the past 6 years and wish him well in his new position. Annual Report 2010/11

Major Ian Field will be taking up a temporary support role at the Airport as Senior Chaplain. Ian is well known as a previous Chaplain to the Airport.


Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

Middlebrook Chaplaincy By Rev Wendy White One of the problems of reporting on Chaplaincy is that the work goes on quietly and nothing much happens on the surface.

hopefully in some cases only on a temporary basis. This has emphasised the need to maintain recruitment as a continuous process.

That is certainly the case at Middlebrook this past year. Our volunteer team has quietly carried on visiting, getting to know staff and becoming part of Middlebrook‘s ‗wallpaper‘.

As co-ordinating chaplain I have spent many Sundays leading worship in addition to my formal brief at New Chapel – with a view to encouraging churches to consider engaging with Chaplaincy. I have also been able to meet with the new town centre chaplain and we hope to find some useful ways of working together.

In November we had held our now wellestablished armistice service in the Vue mall which was well attended – and which included the site security and maintenance staff. This followed several days of a mall presence with red and white poppies and a prayer tree.

In March/April I attended the Interfaith Chaplaincy course – this time as a facilitator and am involved, albeit marginally, in the development of this ground-breaking course.

Once again we launched Christmas with Churches Together carol singing and later we spent one pre-Christmas Saturday providing the grotto ‗Santa‘, actually three Santas each doing a 2 hour shift. Now we have costumes for the future and it earned money to cover basic expenses. Middlebrook is in the almost unique position of expanding – during the past year four new restaurant outlets have come online and seem to be thriving – but sadly the site has lost several established retailers. HMV is preparing to close even as I write this. Our team visit, offering a listening ear and support to the staff. It is encouraging that in many cases staff have been able to find employment elsewhere on the site. We have also, for many reasons, had several of our volunteer chaplains ‗stand-down‘, Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

Images used with permission of & supplied by Middlebrook Management on behalf of the Emerson Group. 15

Annual Report 2010/11


GMIM is dependent upon fund raising in order to secure the resources it needs to support the various Chaplaincies and Projects across the conurbation. We give thanks to the organisations who have been supportive of the work of GMIM, in particular we note the contribution by Bolton Council for the Christian Community Cohesion Project, the Methodist, Baptist, Anglican and Catholic Churches for the contributions towards Chaplaincies and the stipends of clergy engaged in Chaplaincy work. We are looking to secure additional resources to fund a GMIM Development post alongside Chaplaincies in Oldham and Trafford Park. If you would like to support the work of the Chaplaincy there are several ways in which this can take place; to make a Gift Aid donation if you are a tax payer, or become a ―member‖ of GMIM. Members of GMIM receive regular updates and mailings and are invited to the various activities and functions organised by the Industrial Chaplaincy Network. A copy of the Accounts to March 2011 is available upon request from the GMIM office, detailed below. We hope you will be willing to support the work of the Chaplaincy which is a registered charity and to subscribe to the aims of GMIM. Membership forms and further details can be obtained from the office.

The Aims of GMIM ―The advancement of the Christian religion among persons employed in industry and commerce within the Greater Manchester area by the provision of Industrial Chaplains and Lay Helpers.‖ ―To work with people of other faiths and those of none in providing Chaplaincy Support Services and Community Projects to aid those engaged in economic life.‖

GMIM depends upon grants and general fund raising to support its work in Greater Manchester You can help by:1) Praying for our work 2) Becoming a member of GMIM where you will receive news and invitations to events 3) Send a donation by texting GMIM 11 to 70070 (maximum £10:00) 4) Inviting your Church or Organisation to sponsor one of the Chaplaincies or by helping us develop a new one in your area / workplace 5) Inviting one of our Chaplains to speak at your event / church / organisation Annual Report 2010/11


Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

GMIM - Membership St Antony’s Centre for Church and Industry Eleventh Street Trafford Park Manchester M17 1JF

Please tear off this section and return in a window envelope to :-

GMIM is a Registered Charity No: 1091274 Sponsored and supported by all the major Christian denominations.

GMIM c/0 St Antony’s Centre Eleventh Street Trafford Park Manchester M17 1JF Telephone: 0161-848 9173 Fax: 0161-872 9480 E-mail: Web:

You can help by:1) Praying for our work 2) Becoming a member of GMIM where you will receive news and invitations to events 3) Send a donation by texting GMIM 11 to 70070 (maximum £10:00) 4) Inviting your Church or Organisation to sponsor one of the Chaplaincies or by helping us develop a new one in your area / workplace 5) Inviting one of our Chaplains to speak at your event / church / organisation

GMIM depends upon grants and general fund raising to support its work in Greater Manchester.

“Serving People working in the Local Economy and Communities across Greater Manchester”

Greater Manchester Industrial Mission


AIMS The Aims of GMIM “The advancement of the Christian religion among persons employed in industry and commerce within the Greater Manchester area by the provision of Industrial Chaplains and Lay Helpers.”

“To work with people of other faiths




and those of none in providing Chaplaincy

Community Projects to aid those engaged in economic life.”

A body in association with Greater Manchester Churches Together

Where are we active? GMIM has Chaplaincies serving economic life in Greater Manchester Bolton Christian Community Cohesion Project Bolton Town Centre Chaplaincy Middlebrook Retail Park Ashton Town Centre Oldham Town Centre St Antony’s Centre for Church & Industry, Trafford Park GMIM also serve on the Manchester Airport Chaplaincy Board which it helped establish some 10 years ago and has strong links with Chaplaincy to Greater Manchester Police

Membership Application 2011/12

Name: .............................................................. Address: ........................................................... .......................................................................... .......................................................................... Post Code: ...................................................... Contact No: .....................................................

Name of Organisation (if applicable): ......................................................................

£_____ £_____

Membership Rates: Please Individual Tick Individual Membership £6:00 .......... Life Membership £100:00 .......... Member Groups / Churches 1-50 members £15:00 ......... 50-200 members £20:00 ......... 201 members and above £25:00 .........

Donation Total Paid


Method of payment: I/We enclose a cheque for £................. and request membership of GMIM. Please make cheques payable to “GMIM”

Bacs payment/Standing Order

If you are paying by Standing Order or Bacs payment, please e-mail or post this form to us and we will send you the Bank details.

Are you an individual Tax Payer and willing to Gift Aid your contribution? Yes ...... No ...... We receive 28p in the £1 back.

North West IMA

During the year, GMIM played its part in the North West Industrial Mission Association meetings. The IMA Chaplains meet 3 times a year to share experience and good practice. During 2010/11, the meetings took place at Barrow, Middlebrook Retail Park and in Liverpool. We record our appreciation to Rev Fran Lovett who moved from Mission in the Economy in Liverpool to a new position in Devon. Fran was the Secretary to the NWIMA and along with Elisabeth, her secretary, provided a key role in the co-ordination of IMA activity in the North West. K Flanagan is the acting Chair of the North West IMA. If you would like to know more about the IMA, please contact Chris Chesters, Moderator for IMA at Chris is based at the South Yorkshire Workplace Chaplaincy, Cemetery Road Baptist Church, Napier Street, Sheffield S11 8HA Telephone Number 0114 275 5865. Unfortunately, the IMA website is undergoing a re-build and makeover; it should hopefully be back up and running soon.

Contact Details for Chaplains Ashton Town Centre Chaplaincy Rev Bob Davies 0798 557 6366

Manchester Airport Chaplaincy Major Ian Field 0161 489 2838 Rev Terry Simms 0161 489 2113

Bolton Christian Community Cohesion Rev Philip Brooks 01204 572757 Rev Brian Tomkins 07702 463 505

Oldham Town Centre Chaplaincy Rev John Piper 07801 561 312

Bolton Town Centre Chaplaincy Rev Les Allmark 07789 835 230

Greater Manchester Police Chaplaincy Rev Charles Nevin 0161 485 3397

Middlebrook Retail Chaplaincy Rev Wendy White 07531 434 514

St Antony’s Centre for Church & Industry Mr Kevin Flanagan 0161 848 9173

Greater Manchester Industrial Mission


Annual Report 2010/11

Serving People in Places of Work

Ashton Town Centre

GMIM Greater Manchester Police

GMIM c/o St Antony‘s Centre Eleventh Street Trafford Park Manchester M17 1JF Telephone: 0161-848 9173 ~ Fax: 0161-872 9480 E-mail: Web:

GMIM Annual Report  
GMIM Annual Report  

GMIM annual report for 2010/11