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First fete a great success Our fete was typically Melbourne with every season occurring over the weekend. But we fought the elements and had a wonderful carnival. Parents, teachers, students and church members pulled together to make our first St Anthony’s Coptic Orthodox College Fete a huge success. From the thousands of kebabs to fairy floss, and from jumping castles to abseiling, every wish was catered for.

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First fete a great success Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

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I am also exceptionally our fete was typically Melbourne with every season occurring over the weekend. But we fought the elements and had a wonderful carnival. Parents, teachers, students and church members pulled together to make our first St Anthony’s Coptic Orthodox College Fete a huge success. From the thousands of kebabs to fairy floss, and from jumping castles to abseiling, every wish was catered for. I am also exceptionally delighted how our College family joined forces to make a statement about our desire to maintain strong financial Coptic schools. There are far too many people to thank but our fete leader, Mary Youssef, needs special mention as without her coordinating efforts this would never have got off the ground.

Our College Captains and the Student Body made us all proud. To all those students who washed cars, sold goods, climbed towers and so forth we thanks you very much. In fact the pictures say more than words, and while there are a few here I encourage you to look at our website ( and see more of the fun days of our fete.

Parent input into new reports Date: 07-03-2011

Change our report? Not happy with your child’s report format? Not sure what a ‘C: at standard’ means? Why is an ‘A’ almost impossible for most children? Well now you have a chance to change our reports. With our new reporting software we have an opportunity to change how we report your child’s progress. If you prefer A, B, C etc or percentages or have other ideas, we want to talk to you. We are forming a teacher and parent committee to look at our reports and modify our reporting to you. This has to be quick because the first reports are due at the end of the term. Interested in making a change, then ring me immediately if you can spare time for a meeting with teachers and myself. Gary Underwood Principal

Volume: 20

Grand Prix and Mathematics Excursion Albert Park Melbourne FRIDAY MARCH 25th


On Friday 25th March Year 6 to Year 12 students will be able to attend this mathematics at work in the real world experience when they visit the Melbourne Grand Prix. There will be a small entry fee of $7 and buses and drivers will be supplied from the excursion fees already paid with school fees. Details will be sent home shortly. Mr. J. McEntee

SEISS Volleyball Rally Day Date: 07-03-2011

Last month in PE saw the Year 9 & 10 students battle it out at the Volleyball Rally Day at the Dandenong Basketball Stadium in the South Eastern Independent Schools Sports (SEISS) program. This year we were able to field four teams, one in each year level for both boys and girls, with a fun day had by all. Our year 10 boys had the best results for the day, winning all five matches against in their division and bringing home our first volleyball pennant in almost 7 years. Best players were Alex Baghdadlian, David Abdel-Malek and Rafik George. Level 9 boys, Level 9 girls and Level 10 girls competed valiantly throughout the day, and were a credit to the College with the sportsmanship, encouragement and teamwork that was displayed by all students who attended . As has become standard for our Interschool competition days, all competing students were asked to nominate their choice for the Most Valuable Player Award. The winners were: Year 9 boys... Alex Salib Year 10 boys... Alex Baghdadlian Year 9 girls... Mary Armanious Year 10 girls... Sheren Shakur Special thanks are extended to Juneselle Crawford for assistance in scoring throughout the day with only one half hour break, a great effort. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Warner and Mrs Priest who assisted with supervision and student support throughout the day. We look forward to our upcoming SEISS days, which are: Year 7 & 8 Volleyball Rally Day - 9th March Michael Haber, PE/ Sport Coordinator

Volume: 20

College Gymnasium to be established

The College is currently exploring options to develop a small gym and weights room for use by secondary students. If any parents or friends of the College have any items that they wish to donate please contact me at the College, or our Principal, and we can arrange collection or a drop off spot for these. Items that may be of use are: Treadmills Exercise Bikes Medicine Balls Weights Dumbbells Exercise stations Weight Benches Exercise Mats Michael Haber, PE/ Sport Coordinator

VCE News Distance Education

Work/Study requirement for VCE

This year we have a number of our VCE students undertaking studies with the Distance Education Centre of Victoria. We have had students undertaking this type of external study before so it is not new to St Anthony’s.

Year Twelve students should be allocating a minimum of 20 to 25 hours per week as study/ homework time. This is about 4 to 5 hours per week per subject.

Students undertaking studies through distance education should make sure that they allocate set times to these studies each week just as they do a subjects taught by College staff.

This is about 3 to 4 hours per week per subject. If students are not doing this amount of work then they are falling behind in their studies.

Year Eleven students should be allocating a minimum of 15 to 20 hours per week as study/ homework time.

Please find below a study grid that students could use to The College is also allocate their study/homework allocating a staff member to times. Simply shade in the times you are going to allocate tutor/assist these students. to study/homework. This is in addition to their

distance education tutor.

Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

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Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

Dear Parents of year 9 & 10 students Welcome to the 2011 teaching year, I look forward to working closely with the students to help them achieve their full potential. To ensure a successful year for each student, parents are encouraged to partner with the school which will entail a number of things including: Checking their student’s diary daily to enhance communication base between the school and home Promoting homework completion as this is considered as an essential part of a student’s education Expecting students to be in attendance at all times or should have a legitimate excuse for absence from school at any time. Parents must ensure that current contact phone numbers are maintained at the school, and to notify the school of any absence of a student and provide a note explaining the absence upon the student’s return to school. Ensuring that the student is wearing the correct school uniform. If you would like to enquire about your child’s academic progress in any subject the teachers are writing a monthly report for each student. You can access these reports at any time by ringing me on the school number during school hours. As well as this please don’t hesitative to ring me if you have any queries.

Ninette Bebawi Year 9 & 10 Co-ordinator.

Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

Career News WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Welcome to our first Careers section of our Newsletter for 2011. Information will be supplied fortnightly, letting you know about important careers events, new courses, careers, course requirements and how to apply for courses for 2012 (for those in Year 12). Hopefully they will assist you to make realistic and informed choices about your future. Have a great year, and attend career events like Open Days as they come along. WHY IS ‘CAREERNEWS’ COMPULSORY READING? If you keep informed, talk to others, attend seminars, go to Open Days and do research you are more likely to make appropriate career decisions, and find it easier to make those decisions. Reading ‘CareerNews’ will keep you informed of when/where/what events are taking place. CAREERS AND CHANGE - Remember that choosing a career is an on-going process and that you are likely to have several careers in your lifetime. Many of these careers are not even invented yet, so lifelong learning and an ability to adjust to change will be essential. Twenty or thirty years ago jobs in communications relating to the internet and mobile phones scarcely existed – no-one knows what new jobs will be available in another 20-30 years when you are about 35-40 years old, with 30 plus years left in the workforce. HOW DO I CHOOSE A CAREER? Some people develop a career interest while quite young and stick with this idea. On the other hand, many find it a very difficult and lengthy process. A good starting point is to answer the following questions: What are my interests? What am I good at doing? What do I value? THINK ABOUT: What do I enjoy doing with my spare time? What are my hobbies? What subjects do I enjoy most at school? In which subjects do I obtain the best results? Which subjects seem the most relevant to my life? Do I value making lots of money? Do I value assisting others? Am I a creative person? Am I fascinated by science? Do I enjoy studying? Try to answer questions such as these and you will be on your way to coming up with suitable career ideas.

Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

Career News WHAT IS THE ATAR? The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank is an overall measure of how well a student has performed in VCE studies. The ATAR is calculated solely for the use of tertiary institutions to compare overall achievement of students and select students for courses. You will receive an ATAR after satisfying requirements of the VCE and having study scores for an English and at least three other studies. Students in all Australian states except Queensland receive an ATAR. The ATAR was previously known as an ENTER. ATAR and ENTER are calculated in the same way – it is a change in name only. WHERE WILL I STUDY AFTER FINISHING AT SCHOOL? It depends on what you want! If you want to obtain a degree it will usually involve at least three years at university (ACU, Deakin, La Trobe, Monash, RMIT, Swinburne, Uni of Ballarat, Uni of Melbourne or Victoria Uni). This is required for some careers like law, medicine, architecture,nursing, engineering or teaching. Other careers like childcare,hospitality, building design or massage therapy require a TAFE qualification like a diploma or certificate, taking a year or two to complete (eg at Box Hill, RMIT, NMIT or Victoria Uni TAFE). Apprenticeships and traineeships involve on-the-job and off-the-job training, such as for plumbing, carpentry, veterinary nursing and office administration. Sometimes the off-the-job training is provided by TAFE, sometimes by private providers. INTERESTED IN PURSUING MECIDINE AND OTHER HEALTH COURSES IN 2012? If so, you may need to complete the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Science Admission Test (UMAT) as part of the application process. Monash University requires your ATAR, UMAT result and an interview when selecting students for their medicine and physiotherapy degrees. Pharmacy and Commerce/pharmacy at Monash also require completion of the UMAT. It is also required for medical courses in other states. Check out the UMAT at The test will be held on 27 July, 2011; registrations open on Fri 1 April (on-line). NOTE: Some organisations run courses to assist with UMAT preparation. It is up to you to decide whether to complete one.

Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

Career News CAREERS INFORMATION FROM ZOOS VICTORIA – During 2011 Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary will offer programs for students interested in careers working with animals. Chat with experts, get hands-on experience, see behind the scenes, and find out about courses and careers. Programs are held in the school holidays; to find out details of dates, costs, and so on, see: Careers. WANT AN INFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY CAREER? Then check out which course will best suit you. Swinburne Uni. has a site explaining what different ICT careers involve and courses that suit. See: schools/careers/. Well worth a look! WHEN CAN I CHECK OUT UNIVERSITIES AND TAFE’S? The best time is at OPEN DAYS. You will be able to talk to staff and students, collect information, see the facilities, check out courses and see which institution will best suit you. They are usually held on Sundays in August, however, this year Victoria University in Footscray is holding their Open Day earlier, on Sunday 26 June. Other dates will be provided to you shortly so that you can put them in your diary. If you plan to apply for a course that requires an interview, audition or folio presentation, then attendance at Open Day really is essential. CAREER EXPOS COMING – If you want to obtain careers information from a large variety of sources at one location, Careers Expos are a great way to go. Several are held each year. Find out about university and TAFE courses, independent colleges, and so on. Coming up: The National Careers & Employment Expo will run Fri 25 - Sat 26 Mar at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre The ‘Age’ VCE and Careers Expo 2011 will run Fri 6 - Sun 8 May at Caulfield Racecourse, Station St, Caulfield The Eastland Future Options Careers Expo will be at 6-8pm, Tues 2 Aug at Eastland Shopping Centre Information about other Expos as it comes to hand.

Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

Career News WANT HELP WITH FOLIO PREPARATION AND CAREERS? Folio preparation and career discovery courses are held at RMIT City & Brunswick campuses, mainly designed for Yr 11/12. Info:, ph 9925 8111. (Note: These courses do not influence selection of students into RMIT award programs nor are they a requirement for gaining a place in an RMIT award program). FIND OUT ABOUT MONASH UNIVERSITY - Do you know that you can hear Monash news by subscribing to Monash eNews? Receive regular updates via email and SMS about courses, careers, admissions, scholarships and events in your area of interest. How? Register by visiting: If you have any concerns, issues or ideas then please contact me at college on 9786 3145 or email me at Angelko Juresko, VCE Coordinator

Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

When I am swimming I think about... ...when I am going to bump heads or when am I going to get to the end. Ilaria ...animals and nature, especially butterflies. Golden bees are buzzing in my mind and my kitten just purring on me. I usually just go with the flow. Najwa ...when I am going to get to the end. Ovemia ...when will I bump the wall? I think is it the deep end or shallow end? I’m in the highest group so a swim a lot and get tired. I wonder how the athletes manage the water going in their ears and breathing in the water. Marina I don’t know if I’m going to bump my head on the wall or crash into someone or get water in my mouth. Elanna ...getting ready and the lesson. Nyatek ...concentrating when I am swimming because it is good for you. Rebecca ...nothing. Daniel ...when I am going to drown and I also feel they are torturing me. Titchang ...being nice. Awadia ...nothing. I try to relax and concentrate on what I’m doing. The only other thing I think about is how long I’ve been swimming for or who’s swimming behind or in front of me. Catherine I feel like I am about to drown when I do backstroke. Anwar ...float, float. Thank goodness the teacher is holding me. Phew. Chotnyang ...nothing at all. Michael long I’m taking. Am I going to drown or bump my head? How deep is the water? This is boring. My cap is falling off. Mary ...water getting up my nose when I do backstroke and I get annoyed. I keep thinking I’m going to drown. I also think I’m going to smash into the wall or someone else. Jonathan ...whether I’m going to bump into someone or not. Rahwa being the best swimmer in the whole entire world. Tony ...nothing at all. Buom fun this is. I also wonder when we’re going to finish. I think about how fast or slow I am. Mena I love swimming because it’s fun. I say to myself, I know that I can do this. Feven

Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

When I am swimming I think about...

Please thank your staff for their professionalism and assistance in organizing students before and after classes. It certainly made my task very manageable. I was also impressed with the commendable behavior and positive attitudes of your students. Jill Henderson School Coordinator

Date: 07-03-2011

Volume: 20

Fete 2011

No.20- 7th March 2011  
No.20- 7th March 2011