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Welcome to the Golden Jubilee Of Father Thomas Christopher Harney 1962—2012 Above right: Two Galway Boys: Fr. Denis Keane, & Fr. Tom 1964 –Lewistown, Mt.

Above Left top row: Brother Jim, Tom, brother Pat; lower row: (Brother) Father Donal Harney, Mom Sarah, Sister Josie, and Dan, Tom’s dad. Left: Tom’s 1st Holy Communion. Right: Saying goodbye to brother Pat Shannon Airport to Montana— 1966

If you know anything about Tom Harney you know he loves sport and his Galway Tribesmen . Here are 2 of his favorites: Left Joe Canning— Challenging Clare last Sunday, and Mikey Meehan GAA football hero par excellence .

50th Anniversary Celebration Of Priestly Ordination Reverend Thomas C. Harney June 10, 2012 St Anthony Church, Laurel, Montana “For Christ therefore, we are ambassadors.”

Parishes in which Father Tom has served : 1962-64 , St Leo, Lewistown — With missions in: Grass Range & Winnett. 1964-66, Sacred Heart, Glendive— With a mission in: Bloomfield. 1966-69, St Francis of Assisi, Saco — With missions in: Hinsdale & White Water. 1969-72 , St Anthony , Culbertson— With missions in: Bainville & Charlie Creek. 1972-80 , Sacred Heart, Glendive. 1980– 82, Sacred Heart, Bridger — With missions in : Fromberg & Joliet. 1982-85, St Joseph, Great Falls — With a mission in: Cascade. 1985– 90, St Joseph, Plentywood — With missions in: Outlook & Westby. 1990-94, St Mary, Chester— With missions in : Hingham & Inverness. 1994– 2012, St. Anthony, Laurel — With missions in : Columbus, Absarokee, Joliet, Fromberg, and Bridger. It boggles the mind to think of how many masses ( both daily and on weekends) , baptisms, funerals, and confessions, this wonderful man has presided over through the years. He was never too sick , said mass on Mondays—his day off for years, never took a sabbatical, Thank you Jesus for Father Tom —and thank you Father Tom for bringing us Jesus. Father has also been an active participant in: The Cum Christo movement– 1968 - 2012; A 4th degree (in 79) Knight of Columbus 1968 - 2012. Charismatic Prayer , Healing Prayer & Serving God for 74 years.

Ordination Picture—1962

Happy Priest in Saco—1966

Ordained for the Diocese!

Tom Harney — 1994– Laurel

Tom Harney — 2012—Laurel

His Lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful so, I set thee over many things; bask in the joy of thy lord.” Matthew 25

A very special thank you to all who made this day so memorable. Over the years there have been wonderful people who’ve touched my life in many positive ways. Some of these dear ones have passed on but look around you today, many more are still with us. God can work through all of us when we allow Him. He’s a gentle God who allows us to find our true selves — In all this free will it’s important to remember that he is always there if we invite him in. Peace and Love, Tom

Jubilee Brochure  

From the Jubilee Party - Father Tom Harney

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