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Baby showers are a great way to show your expectant friend or family member how excited you are about their new arrival. Unfortunately, these parties can sometimes get a little expensive! However, you can stay within your baby shower budget by trying some of these free baby shower games. These unique baby shower games cost little or no money and are lots of fun! One game that is always popular and inexpensive is the clothes pin game. This game is played during the entire baby shower. As each guest arrives, they receive a clothes pin that they must clip to some part of their outfit. Once everyone arrives, the hostess explains the rules of the game. No one may cross their legs during the shower. If they do and someone catches them, the person who crossed their legs must give their clothes pin to the person who caught them. At the end of the shower, the guest with the most clothes pins wins and receives a small gift. There are many variations to this game. Instead of clothes pins, you can use safety pins or buttons. Also, crossing legs can be replaced with not being able to say the word "baby" or even the expectant mother's name. The possibilities are endless! Another unique baby shower game idea is the "Guess that Baby" game. This game is basically free except for the cost of the prize. In the baby shower invitation, ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves. When each guest arrives, tape each baby picture to a piece of cardboard, poster board, or other sturdy paper. Each picture needs to be numbered. Pass paper and pens out to each guest. Then, ask the baby shower guests to match each baby picture with the appropriate person. Give them about ten to fifteen minutes to complete the task. Whoever matches the most pictures correctly wins. This truly is a great icebreaker game! If you do not want to ask your guests to bring baby pictures, another variation to this game is to find baby pictures of celebrities online and see if they can match the picture to the celebrity. Either way, the guests are sure to be laughing by the end of this baby shower game! "The Toilet Paper Game" is a new baby shower game that will definitely be fun for everyone. The basic premise of this game is to get a roll of toilet paper and pass it around to each guest. Do not tell the baby shower guests what the toilet paper will be used for. As it is passed around, have each guest tear off a piece. They can choose how much toilet paper they wish to tear off. After each guest has their piece of toilet paper, ash the expectant mother to stand up. Each guest then takes turns trying to wrap their piece of toilet paper around the expectant mother's belly! This is always a lot of fun because some people have only one or two sheets! Whoever gets closest to her actual girth wins. Of course, toilet paper is not the only item that could be used for this free baby shower game. String, blue or pink ribbon, and rope can all be substituted. You really don't have to spend a lot of money on baby shower games to have a great party. In

fact, these free baby shower games are just as entertaining as their more expensive counterparts. The next time you are planning a baby shower, remember that unique baby shower games don't have to break the bank!

Amy Cordray runs a website full of cute baby shower ideas! She lives in WA state with her husband and 2 little girls. For tons of free baby shower games and ideas visit ==== ==== Click here for crucial informations : ==== ====

Free Baby Shower Game Ideas  

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