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NEWS 3 September 2021

FROM THE HEAD OF COLLEGE Dear Members of the St Stanislaus’ College Community, One of Shakespeare’s most quoted lines is the idiom from Henry IV Part 1 “The better part of valor is discretion, in the which better part I have saved my life.” Simply put, it means don’t try and be a hero when you know you’ll end up looking silly. It’s better to stop yourself if an action you would like to take will injure you physically or in the esteem of those who matter. I am sure we can all remember those moments when we have overplayed our hand and come off second best. It’s a message my father gave me - though far more bluntly sometimes. And so it is that I exercise such discretion and yield to better men in writing this foreword for our Newsletter. I had done some preparation and assembled some thoughts on Fathers’ Day’s obvious and important theme when Charles Patterson

(Year 12) forwarded me a copy of the College Fathers’ Day tribute to go out via Facebook on Sunday. The reflections shared by Jacob George and his father Robert, followed by Fr Peter’s leadership in prayer, speak to the enormous influence for good that fathers and fatherly ones have in our lives, our families and our College community. It’s a wonderful piece (guided by Mark Elliott and Charles) to which I can’t get close, so I won’t. Rather than read a page from the Head of College, spend seven minutes watching the tribute on Sunday, share the prayer that Fr Peter leads and get in touch with the fatherly ones in your life. That would be a far greater acclamation of fatherhood than I could provide. Let us trust in our Lord, who is father to all.

Heavenly Father

Mr Lindsay Luck, Head of College

Heavenly Father,

Today as a Stannies community, we ask You to bless our earthly fathers for the many times they reflected the love, strength, generosity, wisdom and mercy that You exemplify in Your relationship with us, Your children. We honour our fathers for putting our needs above their own convenience and comfort; for teaching us to show courage and determination in the face of adversity; for challenging us to move beyond self-limiting boundaries; for modelling the qualities that would turn us into responsible, principled, caring adults. Not all our fathers lived up to these ideals. Give them the grace to acknowledge and learn from their mistakes. Give us the grace to extend to them the same forgiveness that you offer us all. Help us to resist the urge to stay stuck in past bitterness, instead, moving forward with humility and peace of heart. We ask your blessing on those men who served as father figures in our lives when our biological fathers weren’t able to do so. May the love and selflessness they showed us be returned to them in all their relationships, and help them to know that their influence has changed us for the better. Give new and future fathers the guidance they need to raise happy and holy children, grounded in a love for God and other people - and remind these fathers that treating their partners with dignity, compassion and respect is one of the greatest gifts they can give their children.


We pray that our fathers and all ex-students of Stannies who have passed into the next life have been welcomed into Your loving embrace, and that our family will one day be reunited in your heavenly kingdom. In union with St Joseph, whom you entrusted with Your Son, we ask Your generous blessings today and every day. Amen.

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MEET THE TEAM Table of Contents 1 From The Head of College 2 Meet the Team 4 Curriculum and Quality Learning Term 3 Assessment Timetable Online learning photos 7 Creative Arts Stannies 2021 Photo Competition 8 Careers Training Services NSW Year 12 University Applications and free TAFE course opportunity Stannies +1 - Bailey Warren HSC Changes

Liam Grady To me, being a Stannies man is all about having respect for others and yourself, helping others in need without expecting anything in return and living the Vincentian Charism. The best thing I have enjoyed about Stannies is having fun with my friends, the inspiring education and working as hard as I can to get myself a good career.

10 Guthrie Library Book Week 2021 SORA 11 Boarding News This week in Boarding Connect, Protect, Respect Learning from home Boarders learning at home

Tyson Haynes Being a Stannies man, from my perspective, means you are a driven and polite man who values friendship and has pride in the school, takes time to give to those who are less fortunate and to succeed to the best of your ability.

13 Calendar

Sean Farraway Being a Stannies man means a lot to me. Stannies as a school has always provided me with a means for quality education and a fantastic co-curricular team sports environment. It is this environment that has allowed me to excel academically and participate in the 5ths rugby team this year.

2 | Stannies News


Our Year 12 students describe what Stannies means to them...

Jack Dawson I was nervous about starting at Stannies, but as soon as I walked into the College I felt at home. Being known as a Stannies man is a major privilege that I do not take for granted and will treasure for the rest of my life. I came to Stannies in Year 9 and have loved every minute of it. The best part of Stannies, in my opinion, is being able to see the mates I will have for the rest of my life every day. I am able to make lifelong memories and have them with me to continue the legacy when we tell the stories to the younger Stannies generations. I am grateful for everyone involved in my Stannies journey.

Jim Newman Stannies is a very important place to me especially being the third generation in my family to go through school. Being a boarder makes the school more of a home. Stannies has given me many opportunities such as sport and academic choices.

Adam Vella Being a Stannies man means being in a supportive community where everyone is accepted with opportunities in various pathways for every student to enjoy.

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6 Preliminary HSC Exams Yr 11 Biology, 2 hrs 5 mins Yr 11 Business, 2hrs 5 mins Yr 8 Geo/Hist - Historical Investigation Hand in


7 Preliminary HSC Exams Yr 11 ENG STAN Critical Analysis Exam (1hr) Yr 11 ENG ADV Critical Analysis Exam (1hr) Yr 9 Metal Watering Can


8 Preliminary HSC Exams Yr 11 Drama Prac Yr 7 Visual Arts Mixed Media Street Art Board Task 5 Yr 9 IST Discord Bot


9 Preliminary HSC Exams Yr 11 Modern Exam, 2 hr + 5 min reading Yr 11 AG Exam Yr 11 Food Exam Yr 11 IT Furniture Exam Yr 11 D&T Exam Yr 11 Construction Exam

10 Preliminary HSC Exams Yr 11 Ancient Exam, 2 hrs 5 mins Yr 9 Music Small Ensembles Task Yr 11 SOR 1 & SOR 2


13 Preliminary HSC Exams 9 Auto - Major Project


15 Yr 7 Geography Jenolan Caves Brochure

16 End Term 3


7TH Visual Arts online

Online learning at home Year 11 Advanced Maths disco rave Google Meet

Online learning at home 4 | Stannies News


Online learning at home

Online learning at home

7SL Art Google Meet

Online learning at home

Online learning at home

Online learning at home Stannies News | 5


Online learning at home Online learning at home

Online learning at home

HSC Ag Trial exam - online 6 | Stannies News

Online learning at home

Stannies 2021 Photo Competition


2021 Stannies P&F Photo Competition


Closes last day Term 3 - 16 September Enter as many times as you want!

Submission via email or USB to Ms Willoughby File size: High res - A4, 300dpi, Jpg House points awarded for each submission. Prizes awarded by the P&F Association. All submissions will be eligible for publication.

This year’s competition is focused on images that reflect our House values Charles - Humility John - Honour Joseph - Compassion Justin - Faith Vincent - Service Xavier - Leadership

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CAREERS Training Services NSW Jacquie Smith, Senior Project Officer RIEP Training Services NSW, provides many opportunities for students to access careers markets, industry tours and other events enabling industry connections in our local area. Over the next month, opportunities will be provided for our students to meet, via Zoom, representatives of industry in different business sectors and student areas of interest. Last week, six of our students attended a 50-minute virtual seminar on Cybersecurity. Transport and Logistics will be online on 3 September and Hospitality on 7 September. I will email students from Years 9 to 12 to invite them to these sessions if they are interested. Below are two reports from students who attended the Cybersecurity session.

Tom Rodenhuis on Cybersecurity webinar

Year 12 University Applications and free TAFE course opportunity

David Elvy on Cybersecurity webinar

“In today’s Cybersecurity webinar, Mr Rob Smillie, Ms Alana Maurushat and Ms Cheryl Mah spoke to us about career opportunities in Cybersecurity. Rob, the Director of Navy Cyber and Space, showed us a short video on the Navy and talked about the changing technologies in naval service fleets. He made it clear that he believed cyber security was the future when it comes to preventing attacks. He then showed us different cybersecurity roles in the Navy, including Cryptologic Network Sailors, Information Software Officers, Australian Public Services, and the ADF Cyber Gap Program. All three speakers informed us that we didn’t need to have advanced computer skills to join any cyber program.” David Elvy, Year 9 “During the Cybersecurity webinar, students were provided with advice, guidance and direction within all possible cybersecurity careers. There were speakers from the Navy’s cybersecurity department and university lecturers inspiring students with all the possibilities that the industry has to offer.” Tom Rodenhuis, Year 11 8 | Stannies News

Even though the 2021 HSC start dates have moved to November, the UAC Early Bird application for universities remains the same, with applications closing on 30 September. After this date, application prices will have a significant increase. The Early Entry (or SRS scheme) through UAC closing date also remains unchanged, 19 September. TAFE Bathurst recently announced access to a range of training courses with no fees. Year 12 students were invited to apply for one or both of the following courses: • Course One - Prepare and serve espresso coffee and use hygienic practices for food safety. • Course Two - RSA and RCG. Provide responsible service of alcohol and responsible gambling service. For students who applied, I forwarded your application directly to TAFE. They will be in contact with successful students. For those who missed out, I know the opportunity will be offered through Verto in the near future. Please keep a lookout for further emails on this offer. If you’re currently in lockdown and want to upskill, you can with a fee-free* online short course. TAFE NSW, in conjunction with the NSW Government, is offering a number of fee-free* short courses to all NSW residents*, but places are limited. Courses are a mix of self-paced online or teacher-led virtual classrooms, which can pathway into a variety of full TAFE NSW qualifications. *Eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply including one course per person.

Fee- Free TAFE courses

CAREERS Stannies +1 - Bailey Warren Bailey always knew that he wanted to work in construction. He chose to do a Certificate II in Construction through Vocational Education and Training (VET), where students receive recognition towards their school qualification and a nationally recognised VET qualification.

trigonometry in roofing, area and volume in concreting and Pythagoras’ Theorem for when specifications are needed to be measured perfectly square. Bailey works in a team of three and is currently the only apprentice on the books. He has learned a lot from his co-workers and currently attends Bathurst TAFE once a month. TAFE give Bailey the opportunity to discuss different construction processes with the other apprentices and either shows off his skills or learns new ways of working from other students who work on different sites. When at school Bailey was a passionate rugby player. Last year, he was a key player in the 1st XV. He has kept up his rugby this year, playing front row for the Bulldogs first grade side. He was also selected in the Under 18s for Central West, the Country side and then the NSW Under 18 side. Bailey believes he is the type of person who will always live rurally and sees himself staying on in Bathurst for a few years when he is a qualified carpenter before looking for other opportunities. It was great talking to Bailey and we wish him well for the remainder of his apprenticeship and his rugby career. Mr Paul McDonald, Careers Advisor

HSC Changes Tuesday 9 November 2021

HSC written exams start. Monday 29 November 2021 Last day to notify NESA that a Year 12 student has met the HSC Minimum Standard.

Bailey working in construction

Bailey undertook his study with Mr Glasson, TAS Faculty Teacher. This training taught him many important skills, however, Bailey remembers one simple standout life skill that Mr Glasson shared: When Bailey needed to find a work placement for the course and was not having any luck with the emails he was sending, Mr Glasson suggested that he needed to ‘step up’ which suggested that Bailey needed to go beyond simply emailing businesses and step up to make a phone call and arrange to meet business owners face to face. Bailey did this and introduced himself to Brad Schumacher who runs his own business, Brad Schumacher Constructions.

After the last HSC written examination HSC Assessment Ranks released to students via Students Online for four weeks. January 2022 HSC results released (date tba).

In Years 11 and 12, Bailey completed two placements with Brad and is about to commence his second-year apprenticeship. Bailey uses his well-learned mathematical skills every day: Stannies News | 9



Each year since 1945, the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has brought children and books together across Australia through CBCA Book Week.

Students can now access awarding-winning book titles on SORA (the Stannies eBook/audiobook platform). There are a few audiobooks to access as well. The link to SORA can be found via the students gmail waffle/apps list.

During this time, schools and public libraries spend one glorious week celebrating books and Australian children’s authors and illustrators. Classroom teachers, teacher librarians and public librarians create colourful displays, develop activities, run competitions and tell stories relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading.

CBCA Book of the Year: Older Readers Winner: The End of the World is Bigger than Love by Davina Bell Honours: Where We Begin by Christie Nieman Metal Fish, Falling Snow by Cath Moore

This year Stannies reversed the tradition of student parades with students dressed as their favourite book characters and made ours a staff parade instead!

CBCA Book of the Year: Younger Readers Winner: Aster’s Good, Right Things by Kate Gordon Honours: The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst by Jaclyn Moriarty. Illustrated by Kelly Canby.


Book Week Staff briefing

Mr Gilbert 10 | Stannies News

Mr Thurston

BOARDING NEWS This week in Boarding While we are all observing stay-at-home directives and most learning has moved online, the Boarding House has continued to operate with its usual energy. I am extremely proud and grateful to all students and staff who have continued to contribute in such testing times. Although classes are continuing and the countdown to the Year 12 exams has begun, there has been a niggling feeling in the air that something is missing in each of our days. We are still eating as a community, completing our study and dorm cleaning obligations and also finding time to engage in downtime activities but the boys who aren’t here at the moment, are missed. While we know they are safe and happy with their families, we continue to keep them in our thoughts. If there were new words or phrases being considered for inclusion in our international dictionaries, then ‘COVID fatigue’ would certainly be one worth considering for the 2022 edition. Cognisant of this and with the NSW state-wide lockdown being extended, there has been a heightened focus amongst the boarding community towards ensuring that the boarders who have remained on campus are being well cared for from an emotional and wellbeing perspective, as well as aiming to provide as much academic support as possible. With this in mind and with the spirit of embracing the challenges we are facing as an opportunity, we have been conscious of using this time to try some different approaches such as later breakfast times, having some meals in the dorms and also embracing the size of the Stannies campus that we are fortunate to call home.

Connect, Protect, Respect Dr Andrew Fuller is a well-respected and highly regarded clinical psychologist and family therapist who works to create resilience in families, communities and schools. Dr Fuller has coined his

own version of CPR during COVID times. In essence, his advice during lockdown has been to encourage young people to Connect (spend time with others and get in touch with yourself), Protect (find time and space on a daily basis to create your own “freedom zones” so you can look after yourself) and Respect (look after yourself as well as your living space). These are great tips for our young men who are learning from home but are also forming the basis of how we are providing daily support to the boys who are still on campus and in residence here at Stannies. From BBQ lunches cooked by the boys to ensuring each boy is spending some part of every day outside, we have worked to provide opportunities for the boys to satisfy each of their health dimensions. The use of a fire pit generously loaned to us by Mr Luck has been warmly received; it has allowed us the chance to continue to strengthen the contributions the boys can make to organising and participating in a range of activities amongst our community.

Learning from home As a boarding community, we wish all the best to our boys who are learning from home, and we look forward to welcoming them all back when the restrictions allow us to do so. It is important that we stay connected and we continue to deal with the challenges we face knowing we have the support of each other and trust in our Lord. This reflection from St Augustine of Hippo below is quite appropriate in the climate in which we are living at this present time: “Father, I am seeking: I am hesitant and uncertain, but will you, O God, watch over each step of mine and guide me.” Yours in Boarding and with God’s blessings. Mr Daniel Bradford, Head of Boarding

Lennon, James and Ewan, Year 9 boarders, enjoying a barbecue lunch Stannies News | 11


Boarders learning at home

Will working hard in Bourke

Monty at home in Quandialla

Hugo online in Bathurst

Lochie in Orange

Jacob in Forster 12 | Stannies News

Beau at home in Mona Vale

CALENDAR Key Dates * Denotes compulsory Student attendance Term 3 Tuesday 13 July to Thursday 16 September SEPTEMBER 5 Father’s Day tribute on Stannies Facebook page 6-13 Preliminary HSC exams 7 ISA Athletics Carnival (postponed, tba) 14 CIS Athletics Carnival (postponed, tba) 16 End Term 3 Term 4 Wednesday 6 October to Friday 3 December OCTOBER 6 Term 4 classes commence 8 Footy Sock Friday 13 Eucharistic Ministers Commissioning Mass 16 ISA Summer Sport Round 1 18 Year 7 2022 Orientation Day Year 7 2022 Parent information session 23 ISA Summer Sport Round 2 25 P&F Meeting, 7.30pm Snr Ref

27 30

Miraculous Medal Devotions, 7.30pm Chapel ISA Summer Sport Round 3

NOVEMBER 3 Dio Music Day 9 HSC commences 11 Remembrance Day 12 Patron’s Day Mass & Lunch 13 P&F Working Bee 20 ISA Summer Sport Round 6 Old Boy’s Blue and White Gala Fundraising Dinner 22-24 Year 11 Retreat 27 Year 12 Graduation Mass & Dinner 29 P&F Meeting, 7.30pm Snr Ref 30 Course Awards DECEMBER 3 11am Speech Day* End Term 4

Proudly presented by St Stanislaus’ College and MacKillop College, Bathurst

220 Bentinck Street (PO Box 97) Bathurst NSW 2795 Phone 02 6331 4177 Fax 02 6334 4285 Email Stannies News | 13

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