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Issue No. 625 May 2013 Scosh Registered Charity No. SC006300

Cake and Candy ~ Children’s Toys ~ Books ~ Tea/Coffee ~ Ice Cream Hot Food ~ Indoor/Outdoor Plants ~ Fire Engine ~ Fair Trade Games ~ Silent Auction ~ Quality Goods ... to name but a few ...

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Minister’s Leer, Rev. Jamie Griggs

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Vusimpilo Drop-In Centre

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Chris+an Aid, Scout Bedding Plant Sale, Heart & Soul

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Church Flowers, Sunday Coffee, Centenary Picnic, The Walking Group

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19th 26th

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Waverley Cra7 Group, Guild Summer Ou+ng, Book Group, FAN Club, Shoeboxes

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Windows on His World


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Twinning, Hidden Talent


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Junior Sec+on, A Hymn for St. Anne’s


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Parish Register Marriages April

5th Lynsey Ellio & Stephen Gay

Deaths (*) denotes member March 21

st (*)

Miss Rita Horsburgh, 100 Balgreen Road

16th 23rd 26th 30th

11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge. 11am Morning Worship - Tea & Coffee will be served in the hall following the service. Fairly traded goods will also be available. 11am Morning Worship. 11am Morning Worship - followed by an informal celebra"on of the Sacrament of Holy Communion in the Youth Chapel. 11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge. 11am Morning Worship - Tea & Coffee will be served in the hall following the service. Fairly traded goods will also be available. 11am Morning Worship. 11am Morning Worship. 7.30pm Evening Celebra+on of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. 11am Morning Worship - with the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Editorial Dear All

It is lovely to see St Anne’s daffodils in flower for real this week. For those of you who have not heard St Anne’s exci+ng news, look at page 3 for confirma+on of the new minister. Details of the Grand Centenary Fair, the Centenary Picnic and the twinning visit are all included in this month’s magazine, plus a myriad of other dates for your diaries. As ever, if you would like to write about any of these events please do and send it to St Anne’s office, also it is always great to have photos from these occasions, send us those too. Thank you. Best wishes, Eds


Minister’s Letter Rev. Dr Anne T Logan MA, BD, MTh, D.Min, PhD


ear Friends,

As always, a7er Easter, we are brought face to face with the starkest of the Chris+an challenges – how do we live as Resurrec+on people? Our faith asks us to live in ways that show our beliefs. Over the months I have been your Interim Moderator, I have been impressed by the willingness and commitment to live in faith. Many things are happening in St Anne’s: the twinning project is almost upon us, the centenary celebra+ons are well underway and of course, we look forward to welcoming Jamie as the new minister. I know too, how much you have enjoyed having Bill and Esther Irving amongst you and I am delighted that Bill feels well enough to be able to lead worship on the first two Sundays in May. As I say farewell to you all, I know that you will con+nue to go forward in faith. Wishing you all God’s Blessings in the future, Anne Rev Dr Anne T Logan (Interim Moderator)

On Sunday 14th April, Rev. Jamie Griggs preached as sole nominee to become St. Anne’s new minister. Anne Logan, our Interim Moderator, congratulates Jamie on his unanimous acceptance by the congrega"on as our new minister.

The date provisionally agreed for the Induc+on of Rev. Jamie Griggs is Tuesday 14th May, 2013. Any change to this will be in+mated at Morning Worship. 3

Saturday 11th May 10.30am - 2pm

Entrance Donation:

Adults - £1 Children - 50p

GRAND FAIR S T CENTENARY A N N E 'S Gentle reminder Date:- 11th May 2013 Time:- 10:30am to 2pm The Church will be open from 6pm on the Friday 10th May 2013 for seKng up the stalls and receiving dona+ons, which I hope everyone is collec+ng. We are s+ll wai+ng to hear from the Council regarding the road closure, but it looks like no entertainment licence needed this year. We will have many of the usual stalls and ac+vi+es such as Cake and Candy, Children’s Toys, Books, Food (Teas/Coffee, ice cream, hot food), Indoor/Outdoor Plants, Fire Engine, Fair Trade, Games, Silent Auc+on & Quality Goods to name but a few.

We are sll looking for stall holders on the day, so any offers of help gratefully received. Mark Hesketh (0131 312 8591)

Church Fair Quiz Fundraiser In this copy of your magazine you will find 5 copies of our Fair Quiz - ‘Sharing Our 100 Years’. Can I kindly ask you to try and sell the quiz to friends, neighbours and work colleagues to support our fundraising efforts and get the Fair off to a good start. If you need any addi+onal quiz sheets these can be obtained from the Church Office. The Quiz costs £1 and a first prize of a £25 token/voucher (the winners’ choice) is on offer for the first correct answer pulled from the hat. All monies collected should be returned in an envelope marked ‘Fair Quiz’ and placed in the box at the back of the church, passed to myself, or brought on the day of the fair. Many Thanks. Mark Hesketh 4

Silent Auction If you are doing your Spring Cleaning during the next few weeks please look for all those good quality items you no longer use and which are just taking up space. Any items are welcome – bring them to the Church on Friday 10th May a7er 6.00pm, or during the previous week when the Church buildings are open. Let’s make this Centenary Fair one to remember and keep up the Silent Auc+on’s reputa+on of quality items and takings of note. Rose Fleming

Have you found a costume to wear on 11th May? We would like to see stall-holders and fair-goers alike dressed for our Grand Fair in any era or style of the past 100 years. So dig out your vintage gear, your six+es mini skirt, your plus-fours or your gown or hat. The Centenary Organising Team will be circula+ng amongst you to find a prize-winning ouVit! Laureen Lyall

Tea & Coffee Bar - Volunteers Required! There is now a poster up on the Church No+ceboard for volunteers to add their names to help serve teas and coffees at the Fair on Saturday 11th May. If you can help for an hour or more between 9.30am and 2pm, please add your name to the list. It would be helpful to have around 6 people per hour. Dona+ons of baking will also be very much appreciated and can be handed in on the evening of Friday 10th May or first thing on the Saturday morning. Many thanks. Angela Ditchfield

VUSIMPILO DropDrop-In Centre This month there is good news and, sadly, bad news – the news that Mrs Dorah Lusaseni who started Vusimpilo and got in touch with us asking for our help, has died. Readers may recall that she trained as a nurse in a Church of Scotland mission hospital in South Africa, married the son of a local minister and went to live in one of the most impoverished, AIDs-ridden parts of the country, near a town called Kokstad. There her personal mission was to bring love in the form of a daily hot meal to the hundreds of AIDS-orphans aending the local school. We have been privileged to be part of that mission. The good news is that several members of the congrega+on have offered to donate money each month, “only a few pounds but I hope it helps” as most have said! It will most certainly help and might encourage others to do the same. Anybody willing? The lady who will con+nue Dorah’s work has been in touch begging us to con+nue to help as and when we can. I have asked her for regular updates and sight of their Income and Expenditure Account, as well as reminding her that photographs would be so welcome, but we must never forget that neither she nor any friends may possess a camera or know that photos can so easily be sent as e-mail aachments. Derek Doyle (334 3168 or 5

Christian Aid Week 2013 12th - 18th May Over the years St. Anne's has helped to raise thousands of pounds for Chris+an Aid. This has been achieved with the support of volunteers who deliver and collect the Chris+an Aid envelopes. If you feel you can oer a few hours of your +me to help, please contact Gail McLaren on 334 4646 or add your name to the list on the Church no+ceboard. Envelopes and collec+on bags will be available to be picked up from the church hall on Sunday 5th and Sunday 12th May. Gail McLaren

Craigalmond District Scout Active Support Unit ANNUAL BEDDING PLANT SALE Saturday 25th May 10.00am - 12.00noon Magnet car-park, St John’s Road A selec+on of bedding plants will be available at the Plant Sale on Saturday 25th May. All proceeds go to the Scout Ac+ve Support Unit who assist in the furtherance of Scou+ng in Corstorphine. Thank you. John Lyall 6

Church Flowers in May

Centenary Picnic Tickets

by the +me this goes H opefully to print we will be star+ng to

for the St. Anne’s T ickets Centenary Picnic are

think about bedding plants and flowers from the garden. Year a7er year I plant Sweet Peas hoping to be able to cut them for the church and year a7er year I fail miserably – perhaps this will be my lucky year! Those arranging the flowers this month will be Myrtle Turner on the 5th; Roz Gibson on the 12th & 19th and Nan Howie on the 26th. Claire Grant

available now from the church office (please order before 19th May). £10.00 per person all-inclusive of bus transport, lunch bag, ice cream, teas/coffees and all the fun of the day. See you at Netherurd 11am +ll 4pm on Sat 22nd June. Laureen Lyall

Sunday Coffee

Summer T heEveningTuesday Walks commence


lease note Sunday 12th May in your diaries for the next Sunday Coffee served a7er the morning service in the main hall. Your team leader on that Sunday will be Nancy Wallace aided by Moira Anderson, Muriel Philip and Noel Proven. All are very welcome to join us. Angela Ditchfield

The Walking Group

for the new season on Tuesday 30th April. Meet at 6.50pm in Kaimes Road (full syllabus in April Magazine). We will be joined on Tuesday 28th May by our African visitors, so come along to help guide them through a South Queensferry stroll. Laureen Lyall 7

St. Anne’s FAN Club will be a special mee+ng of the FAN T here Club on Friday 24 May, 2013, at the usual th

St Anne's Guild - Summer Outing Summer T heOu+ngGuildthisannual year is on

Tuesday 21st May to Scone Palace near Perth. The bus leaves Kaimes Road corner at 11am and the cost of £26 covers entry to the palace, bus travel and high tea on the way home at the Sta+on Hotel, Perth. There are s+ll some seats available on the bus and if you would like to join us, please contact Lyn Chalmers, 337 2839. It should be a good day out! Roz Gibson

The Book Group Book Group meets in the T heSession Room on Thursday

30th May at 7.30pm to discuss "The Black House" by Peter May, the first of his Lewis Trilogy. We look forward to a visit from our St. Andrews, Lusaka visitors. Laureen Lyall 8

+me of 10.30am. The delegates from Zambia, Bishop Rodwell Chomba, Bishop for the Lusaka Presbytery, and Mrs. Josephine Muchelemba, will be visi+ng St. Anne’s during this period and have accepted the invita+on to aend our mee+ng. Mrs. Muchelemba has agreed to talk to us and will be introduced a7er our usual casual +me over coffee or tea and home baking. Her talk may be about St. Andrews, their Church in Lusaka, where she is a trained church elder. She is also an economist, an author, a publisher, a prominent women’s rights campaigner, an advisor to the Zambian Government and married to the Zambian ambassador to places such as Rome and Tokyo. She has many topics from which to choose, all of which would be of absorbing interest. We would dearly love to reach the target of 100 people at this event as they have travelled such a distance to be here. This mee+ng is not restricted to St. Anne’s members or to the members of the FAN Club. People from other churches would be warmly welcomed and St. Anne’s members are encouraged, PLEASE, to bring as many friends and neighbours as possible to this very special mee+ng. Bill Stevens, 01506 412411, the new Transport Contact, should be able to help if there is any difficulty in travelling to or from the mee+ng. Frances Gould

Shoeboxes we are looking W hile forward to the summer

can I men+on Christmas. Kath Palmer is collec+ng shoeboxes for the Christmas Child Appeal. She and some willing helpers cover them in Christmas wrapping paper. This is a massive task and we owe them our thanks. Can you help to fill Kath’s spare room and aKc by collec+ng boxes from family and friends. We can then all start collec+ng the items to fill them. We can make this year a special one for many more children. Enjoy the summer but remember Christmas. Doris Duff

WINDOWS ON HIS WORLD A monthly look at world issues by the World Issues Team of St Anne’s Parish Church, Corstorphine. May 2013 The Culture of Blame Blaming is the act of censuring, holding responsible, making nega+ve statements about an individual or group that their ac+on or ac+ons are socially or morally irresponsible. It is the opposite of praise. The readiness to blame, o7en with no good reason, seems to be an inherent feature of man, part of what it means to be human. Whether or not that is true it is easy to see it around us and easy to do. It is important because it can deeply distress and hurt others, in tragic cases making a life unbearable. It o7en displays a lack of honesty in the person blaming others, an unhealthy ability to cri+cise without being able to accept cri+cism, and is o7en a mark of arrogance or unjus+fied pride. We all laugh at poli+cians who, whatever the poli+cal issue, blame every problem, every mistake on those in office before them never once accep+ng any blame or responsibility themselves. Today we see this culture of blame all around us – teachers are blamed for the behavioural problems of their pupils, managers and poli+cians for every problem in the NHS, the clergy for emptying our churches, Islam for Middle East unrest and worldwide terrorism, working women for neglec+ng their children, the Council for not removing the mountains of rubbish we have produced …… and so the list goes on. We all recall the old Scots saying ’It was’nay me, mister!’. Does any of this maer? Should we not be able to laugh it off as we do when our least favourite poli+cian once again denigrates all who went before him / her? Well, one thing is certain the Bible recognises it but clearly does not approve of it. It is obviously not something Chris+ans should do. Adam tried to blame it on Eve, Eve on the serpent. God accepted neither but both knew the truth. “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not no"ce the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye’, when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.” (Mahew 7; 3 - 5) Yet again a saying of Jesus says it all. By all means let us blame someone or some prac+ce, but only a7er we have looked within ourselves at our failings, our faults, the quality of our work, our aKtude to others, whether or not we could have done anything beer. What would a day be like without a single word of unjus+fied cri+cism or blame crossing our lips? More to the point, what must it feel like never believing we know so much or are so talented that we are qualified to blame others without looking into our own souls?



News - May 2013

In three weeks’ +me Josephine Muchelemba and Bishop Rodwell Chomba (photos on right) will be with us. I asked Josephine to write something for our May magazine and am delighted that she has done this. The piece below gives a lovely insight into a lady of many talents who will be in our midst shortly. I trust that both of our visitors will receive a warm St. Anne’s welcome from all of us. Over the summer I will be pleased to get comments about, impressions and photographs of the visit so that the World Issues Team can plan for the future of Twinning. Ann Scott World Issues Team.

HIDDEN TALENT My husband’s pos+ng into diploma+c service to Rome, Italy in May 1993 gave me a chance to take a break from my twenty-year exci+ng and challenging career as an economist. I stayed at home while my husband and children went to work and school respec+vely. To my surprise, it was proved to be a unique opportunity to discover my hidden talent as a crea+ve writer. The first six months of my stay in Rome was quite adventurous. I joined an English-Speaking Welcome Neighbour of diplomats’ wives. This group met newcomers, informed them about the upcoming events and regularly held scheduled coffee mornings in each area of Rome. Mee+ngs provided an opportunity to get to know each other and to share per+nent informa+on that helped newcomers to sele down in Rome. I also ventured into pain+ng on porcelain, yet another exci+ng wonderful interac+on and experience. Furthermore, for the first +me in my life, I spent considerable +me reading novels by Jeffrey Archer, Danielle Steel, and Sydney Sheldon to men+on but a few. With so many ac+vi+es and involvements, it was truly an inspiring moment and experience I will never forget. However, deep down in my heart there was s+ll empty space yearning to do something else! One prominent thought was to do periodic consultancy work, and opportuni+es were available in Zambia. At this point in +me, I earnestly sought the Lord’s guidance. I prayed every day and on the thirteenth day, I woke up constantly thinking about Danielle Steel’s first novel, “Going Home”. I therefore drew the inspira+on a7er I had read Danielle’s novel and confidently said to myself, “I am going to write my first novel”. My family and friends truly encouraged me to go ahead with the project. Immediately I set up my office in the study room at home and created a formal work culture in terms of +me observance and dressing. I became my own trainer in crea+ve wri+ng through reading and consulta+ons in order to learn about the art: the plot, characters and story development and ar"s"c construc"on of a coherent novel. I seled on an autobiographical novel to have direct recourse to real life experiences. It took me six months to get the manuscript ready and my first novel “Haunted By The Past” was first published in 1996 by Minerva Press in the United Kingdom. My second novel, “The Fight for Jus"ce” was first published in 2003 under JBM Innova+on, my own Zambian Company. The two novels were reprinted in 2008 by Create space in the USA. At par+cular +mes in our lives, we may find ourselves in a crisis but the Lord is saying, “What is that in your hand?” (Exodus 4:2). God can provide divine op+ons if only we can hear and recognize His voice and act upon it in faith. Crea+ve wri+ng was my hidden talent revealed to me by divine interven+on. Josephine Bwalya Muchelemba 11th April 2013 10

Junior Section In any church service music plays a big part. We all have favourite hymns and the lile stars on a Sunday are very good with their musical instruments in the Guild Room. The organ is not going to be one hundred just yet. In the days before people paid with plas+c cards money had to be saved. A gentleman in the congrega+on le7 the Church £131. It was decided to use this to start a fund to buy an organ. In 1922, and cos+ng the sum of £1685 the organ was built. Look closely at the woodwork and you will see the words "Great is the Lord and Greatly to be Praised". We are fortunate to have this beau+ful musical instrument which fills our space with sound. Maybe you could ask to look closely at all the pipes, the notes and pedals a7er church. Try and find out what £1685 could buy you now. Doris Duff

A Hymn for St. Anne’s A Hymn for St. Anne’s wrien as a celebra+on of the Centenary by Doris Duff. This would be sung to the tune of "Away in a Manger".

We thank you Lord Jesus for our church here today For the vision of others, their thoughts and their prayer. Who started our building with the beauty we share Let us never forget them as we worship God there. Our families and friends we have shared through the years And though many have leA us we remember them here. Through "mes of great love and of joy we did share Or in days full of sorrow we found comfort and care. Our building s"ll echoes with our songs and our praise The music rings out as our voices we raise, We look to the future as we bless young and small May we open our doors and welcome them all. As we leave our Church doorway may we look to the light As our faces proclaim a message so bright, So others come to join us and learn more and more As we go on our journey as they did before. Doris Duff 11

Diary Dates May

CONTACT LIST Interim Moderator / Locum Minister Rev. Dr Anne T Logan 0131 663 9550 Joint Session Clerks Mr Phil Yelland 83 Camus Avenue 0131 445 1010 Mr David Ditchfield 13 North Gyle Road 0131 339 9505 Organist Mr David Stewart 44 Bonaly Avenue 0131 441 3362 Choir Leader Sarah Davis 2 Four Lums, Aberdour 01383 825 227 Church Officer Mrs Margaret Parkinson 0131 623 2063 Church Administrator Mrs Rachel Roy 0131 316 4740 Magazine Editors Dr Susan and Dr Graham Nimmo 10 Belgrave Gardens 0131 334 1876 Magazine Distribution Mrs Anne Ramage 13 Craigs Gardens 0131 339 8074 Mrs Myrtle Turner 10 Hillview Drive 0131 334 5966 12


11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge. 7th 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: Calderwood Country Park. th 10 6pm Church Fair setup & dona+on receipt. th 11 10.30am Church Fair. 12th 11am Morning Worship - Followed by Sunday coffee. Fairly traded goods available. 12th - 18th Chris+an Aid Week. 14th 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: Figgate Burn. 15th 10am Waverley Cra7 Group Sale - Dower House. th 19 11am Morning Worship. 1pm Heart & Soul - Princes Street Gardens. st 21 11am Guild Ou+ng - Scone Palace. 24th 10.30am FAN Club: Mrs Muchelemba & Bishop Chomba. 10am Scout Bedding Plant Sale - Magnet Car Park. 25th 26th 11am Morning Worship including an informal celebra"on of the Sacrament of Holy Communion in the Youth Chapel. th 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: South Queensferry. 28 30th 7.30pm Book Group Mee+ng - ‘The Black House’.

June 2nd

11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge.

4th 9th

6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: River Almond. 11am Morning Worship - Followed by Sunday coffee. Fairly traded goods available. 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: Cramond Circular. 11am Morning Worship. 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: City Centre Statues. 11am Centenary Picnic - Netherurd House. 11am Morning Worship. 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: Braidburn Valley. 7.30pm Evening Communion. 11am Morning Worship including the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

11th 16th 18th 22nd 23rd 25th 26th 30th

The June magazine will be out on: Sunday 2nd June and the deadline for ar+cles will be: Sunday 19th May e-mail items to: or hand in to / slide under the door of the office.

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