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Issue No. 624 April 2013

 Nomination of a New Minister

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 Summer Evening Walks  Church Fair  Twinning News

Centenary Musical Evening

 A Psalm for St. Anne’s

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April 7th

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Centenary Musical Evening

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St. Anne’s Guild


11am Morning Worship - led by Rev. Jamie Griggs. Tea & Coffee will be served in the hall following the service. Fairly traded goods will also be available.


11am Morning Worship.

Guild Coffee Morning St. Anne’s FAN Club Page 7

Summer Evening Walks 2013 Church Fair - Count Down to Launch

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April Flowers, Sunday Coffee, Coffee at the Church Fair, Sing-along Spring Concert, Flower Arranging Workshops

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Windows on His World

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7.30pm of Holy Communion 11am Morning Worship - with the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

May 5th

11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge.


11am Morning Worship - Tea & Coffee will be served in the hall following the service. Fairly traded goods will also be available.

Contact List


11am Morning Worship.

Diary Dates



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11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge.

Morning Worship - followed by an

Sacrament of Holy Communion in the Youth Chapel.

Editorial Dear All the magazine and also the Easter cards that have popped through your doors. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those hardy folk who braved the cold, snow and ice to deliver them.

May (page 10) and incredibly the Church fair countdown has begun (page 7). Thanks as ever to everyone who has put pen to paper or "finger to keyboard" for us this month, your Happy Easter and enjoy your Easter eggs. Best wishes, Eds 2

Minister’s Letter Rev. Dr Anne T Logan MA, BD, MTh, D.Min, PhD

Dear Friends, Griggs as Sole Nominee and biographical details about Jamie appear elsewhere in this magazine. The

Jamie will preach as Sole Nominee on Sunday 14 th signing on Sundays 14th and 21st April and also during the week between those two dates. The Call and th April. Presbytery has th May but this too is dependent on a successful

done – journey of the Church. This Easter season we hope and pray that St Anne’s will be journeying into a new ministry. Easter Blessings! Anne Rev Dr Anne T Logan (Interim Moderator)

Easter Crafts Following church on 17


period. Susan Nimmo


T about the church. -coming minister. the remarkable number of 11 candidates, more than many other churches looking for a new minister. This was then reduced to 8 who all came for interview and who took full advantage of the

Out of these very good candidates, any of whom we would happily have nominated, one stood out above all the others, a remarkably talented, richly experienced and yet humble man – Rev. James J Griggs (who prefers to be called Jamie!). He went to school in Edinburgh then pursued a career in music, studying first at Napier University (as it is now) then the Guildhall, London. He then trained as

languages, music, all six-

gaining a German Proficiency useful when he later spent a year there as a theology student, before going to Brunel University College, London to gain his Specialist Teaching – PGCE. In 2008 he gained the post graduate degree of Master of Theology (University of Edinburgh), based on his research into church music.

week, services in a sheltered housing complex, and encouraged a Youth Group, a Director of Music

who kept us on the straight and narrow, and was always available to advise. Thanks also to the interviews, and who, in no way, influenced our decisions. – Rev James (Jamie ) Griggs BD (Hons), MTh (Hons) ALCM. Derek Doyle 4

Centenary Musical Evening th

March were treated

to a marvellous evening’s entertainment. The Church Choir commenced proceedings, with the ladies of the Choir soothing us into the

Lauren Nimmo. There is a lot of up and coming talent to watch out for in this small group. Sarah, the Choir Leader, gave the evening a touch of class by singing a Mozart aria from “Cosi fan The Manor Ballet School performed two magical and exquisite dances, one from “The human body can do. The St Anne’s Fiddle group and friends came next. Their brilliant playing made us want to get up along to the music. Shows. They certainly filled the Church with an amazing sound and took full advantage of the We also heard from the recently formed Guild Choir who, although we were told had only had a The Church Choir finished off the evening with an African “Amen” and it felt appropriate that we should give thanks and praise for all the wonderful talents we had seen and heard. The evening was a great success and it only remains to say thank you to everyone who took part, and I am sure all those who were present would agree that “St. Anne’s Got Talent!” Angela Ditchfield


St. Anne's Guild


t is hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of the Guild year. The World Day of Prayer was celebrated by the Guild on Friday 1 st March with a short morning service in Belgrave Lodge and then the main service in Corstorphine churches. th

March on her visit last August with a party of her students from New College, Edinburgh to Rome. Her talk was illustrated by Alan Cobain gave the last talk of the session on Tuesday 19 th March on his 5 years in Khaki and the st March to "Yeoman of the Guard" at the King's Theatre. nd

begin again in September. Roz Gibson

St. Anne’s Guild


he Guild would like to thank everyone who came to their coffee morning on Saturday 16th March, especially as the weather was so bad with rain , sleet We raised around £1500 and this will be used towards

so well, although there is always room for more. Come with home baking, the chance of a bargain at our stalls Muriel Gibson


St. Anne’s FAN (Friends and Neighbours) Club. th

April 2013 at 10.30am. Caroline Waddon, from ‘Talking Books’

Doyle at 11.00am. The of the Club is on Friday 19th half hour with tea/coffee and home baking served at 10.30am. The A.G.M. will be followed by entertainment provided by St. Anne’s own musical ‘son’ - Ewan Zuckert - who is currently studying music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in Glasgow.

Frances Gould 6


St. Anne’s Summer Evening Walks 2013

he following is a list of the proposed programme of walks for Tuesday evenings, commencing 30 th April. Everyone is welcome – enquiries to Muriel Gibson, 317 1335. We meet at Kaimes Road at 6.50pm and leave at 7.00pm. When cars are used we pay £1.50 to car driver. Please come dressed appropriately and every walker goes at their own risk.



Tuesday 30 April Harelaw th Tuesday 7 May Calderwood Country Park Tuesday 14th May Figgate Burn st Tuesday 21 May – No Walk th Tuesday 28 May South Queensferry th Tuesday 4 June River Almond th Tuesday 11 June Cramond Circular th Tuesday 18 June City Centre Statues th Tuesday 25 June Braidburn Valley nd Tuesday 2 July Musselburgh Tuesday 9th July Corstorphine Hill & Garden Tuesday 16th July Fife Coastal Walk rd Tuesday 23 July Gore Glen th Tuesday 30 July Dean Village th Tuesday 6 August Warriston th Tuesday 13 August Clubbiedean th Tuesday 20 August Supper Out



Tel. No.

Cars Cars Bus

Myrtle Myrtle & Muriel Irene & Jean

07876072103 334 5966 07876072103 334 5966 07796646947 337 9232

Cars Cars Bus Bus Cars Cars Walk Cars Cars Cars Cars Cars

Laureen Roz Joyce & Barbara Noel & Kath Chris Marjorie W Glenda & Carol Noel & Myrtle Rose & Kath Myrtle & Muriel Lyn & Moira Muriel

07967826234 07935766500 0753490148 07712187608 07581667105

334 5068 334 5268 334 6506 334 3499 334 6416 334 4275 334 1364 539 2274 07712187608 334 3499 663 8957 07876072103 334 5966 337 2839 317 1335

Church Fair – Counting Down to Launch


he countdown is well underway for the Fair and no technical problems have been reported so far. Please find below some

Good weather planned but not guaranteed. Date:- 11th May 2013 Time:- 10:30am to 2pm - £1 adult, 50p child The Church will be open from 6pm on Friday 10th May 2013 It is planned for Kaimes Road to be closed off during the Fair for safety and to host the Fire Engine and

and Candy, Children’s Toys, Books, Food (Teas/Coffee, ice cream, hot food), Indoor/outdoor plants, Fire

Mark Hesketh (0131 312 8591) 7

April Flowers

T he first weekend in April, Margaret

arrangements following a Friday wedding. exercise and occasionally a challenge, but always a joy. I shall take over for the 14th and 21st leaving the 28th - which is a Communion Sunday - To Myrtle Turner. Claire Grant

Sunday Coffee

next Sunday T heCoffee will take

place on Sunday 14th April, and we would be delighted if you service for a tea or coffee. Those on duty that day will be Anne and Cora Stewart. Angela Ditchfield

Coffee at the Church Fair

coffee bar will be running in A thetea andChurch during the Fair on

Saturday 11th May. In order for everything to run smoothly it would be great to have a rota of people who would be able to help set up and serve for an hour or two between 9.30am and 2pm. If you are able to help on the day I would be very grateful if you would add yourname to the poster which you will

baking will also be very much appreciated on the day. Many thanks. Angela Ditchfield 339 9505 8

WINDOWS ON HIS WORLD A monthly look at world issues by the World Issues Team of St Anne’s Parish Church, Corstorphine. April 2013 Energy - an amazing gift Energy provides us with the means to live our lives. It enables us to keep warm, or cool, cooks our food, allows us to travel and move goods around, it lights our way extending our ‘days’. We could not live today without it. Where does the fuel used to create the energy we use come from? In the - coal, oil and gas. Around - renewable energy, will provide energy forever. Uranium can be used to generate energy in nuclear fission reactors.

amount we use varies greatly depending on who we are and where we live in the world. In the UK,

moment the energy system here in the UK is highly centralised with a gas transmission network and Consuming energy has a cost to our health, to the environment, and to our pockets. Worldwide there are nearly two million deaths annually from pneumonia, chronic lung disease, and lung cancer them occur in developing countries. For us in the developed world, the cost of buying this energy is set to increase year on year leading to – price of energy, household energy efficiency and income. A household in Fuel poverty is defined as one that would need to use 10% or more of its 18°C elsewhere). There has been a steady growth in fuel poverty, from around 5% of households in 2003 to around 13% or 3 million households in 2007; forecast to rise to 9 million by 2016. instance, providing people with more energy efficient ways of cooking, such as a ‘solar stove’ reduces



News - April 2013

There are so many new beginnings for St Anne’s to look forward to – the beginning of another 100 years in its history, a new ministry and the possibility of being linked in a Twinning Agreement with an African church in the middle of a busy city.

YOUTH DEPARTMENT This consists of a Boys Brigade of 103 boys with 21 officers, a Girls Brigade of 100 girls with 12 officers and a Youth Fellowship of 25 members. There is a flourishing Sunday School of 95 children with 20 teachers. BIBLE STUDY There appears to be eight separate Bible Study Groups with a total of between 160 and 200 people OTHER CHURCH GROUPS/PROGRAMMES  

for training lay people in the Church. This programme covers 6 courses –

Walking Together Working Group –

school has a staff of 27 including non- teaching staff. members but to the community in general? Muchelemba and Mr Chomba?

Have we much to discuss and explore with Mrs

offered Bed and Breakfast. Mr Chomba and Mrs Muchelemba will be engaged for most of the day during their stay but other members of St Anne’s have been generous with offers of evening meals. This spreads the load greatly All of the help offered to make this an enjoyable and diverse visit as we consider what we each would like to offer and receive from a Twinning agreement is very much appreciated. Thank you to everyone.

accompany them on a tour of Parliament (there are currently two spare bookings for this on 31 st May at noon) please contact any member of the World Issues Team. Anyone wishing to be involved is most welcome to do so and again contact any of the team members to organise this. own words what they are hoping for from this first exploratory visit. Ann Scott World Issues Team 10

Junior Section font. Our font is big enough to put the baby in and give it a good soaking!! Long ago that was actually done so our font was designed to remember that bit of history. The massive stone is supported by a strong stem with waves carved at the base.

Many of us "older" children were that Sunday School. they all mean. Doris Duff

Psalm for St. Anne’s Centenary. The first of these has arrived and is printed below. Verse 1 - to a tune with a similar metre to ‘Welcome to my world’. Welcome to our church Let the sun shine in When you come to St. Anne’s The worship will begin Verse 2 - to a tune with a similar metre to ‘Making your mind up’. Our church is in Corstorphine Alongside St. John’s Road … Come in and join the people Come in from the rain and cold

Anne T. Logan

Verse 4 - tune as verse 2. Come along one day and join us As we celebrate and sing… We are a kind and loving church And joy through prayer we bring. Verse 5 - tune as verse 2. Our stained glass is delicious It lets the sun shine through… Who we love, as he loves us too. Repeat chorus

Verse 3 - tune as verse 2. Come in to a warm place Of love and hope and faith … It’s a lovely building Put that smile back on your face

Verse 6 - tune as verse 2. Let us say we love you As we sing praises to our king… Come along and join us Feel a warm glow from within.

Chorus - to a tune with a similar metre to ‘Making your mind up’. And then you’ve got to live your life And then slow it down And then when your love has hit the top You know you’ve found

Repeat chorus to end, with the last sentence of the chorus “and don’t let others change your mind” sung slower.

Don’t let your indecision alter what you find…

The Psalm can be either spoken or sung, with or without the chorus. Copyright David C Love

your mind. 11

Diary Dates CONTACT LIST Interim Moderator / Locum Minister Rev. Dr Anne T Logan 0131 663 9550 Joint Session Clerks Mr Phil Yelland 83 Camus Avenue 0131 445 1010 Mr David Ditchfield 13 North Gyle Road 0131 339 9505 Organist Mr David Stewart 44 Bonaly Avenue 0131 441 3362 Choir Leader Sarah Davis 2 Four Lums, Aberdour 01383 825 227 Church Officer Mrs Margaret Parkinson 0131 623 2063 Church Administrator Mrs Rachel Roy 0131 316 4740 Magazine Editors Dr Susan and Dr Graham Nimmo 10 Belgrave Gardens 0131 334 1876 Magazine Distribution Mrs Anne Ramage 13 Craigs Gardens 0131 339 8074 Mrs Myrtle Turner 10 Hillview Drive 0131 334 5966 12

April 2nd 5th 7th 8th 14th



21st 24th 28th


7.30pm 10.30am 11am 2.30pm 7.30pm 11am

Guild AGM. FAN Club: ‘Talking Books’ - Caroline Waddon Morning Worship. Service at Struan Lodge. Morning Worship - led by Rev. Jamie Griggs. Followed by Sunday coffee. Fairly traded goods available.

6pm 10.30am FAN Club AGM with entertainment by Ewan Zuckert. 11am Morning Worship. 7.30pm Evening Communion. 11am Morning Worship including the Sacrament of Holy Communion. May Magazine Issued. 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: Harelaw.

May 5th 7th 10th 11th 12th 14th 19th 21st 26th



11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge. 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: Calderwood Country Park. 6pm 10.30am Church Fair. 11am Morning Worship - Followed by Sunday coffee. Fairly traded goods available. 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: Figgate Burn. 11am Morning Worship. 11am Morning Worship including an informal Communion in the Youth Chapel. 6.50pm Summer Evening Walk: South Queensferry.

The May magazine will be out on: Sunday 28th April Sunday 14th April e-mail items to: or hand in to / slide under the door of the office.

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April 2013 Magazine