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front line english grammar series

Problem Structures

English Tenses

Modal Verbs


Phrasal Verbs

Reported Speech

This book concentrates on the most essential English verbs patterns. That is, the structural patterns of verbs and what follows particular groups of verbs.

All the major English tenses are systematically explained and practised in 18 main units. All the explanations are in Spanish.

Modal Verbs are an integral part of the English language. Each modal verbs can have several meanings and ser ve different functions, all of which are covered in this book.

This book systematically presents all the main English Prepositions.

This book concentrates solely on a challenging but highly important area of English grammar: Phrasal Verbs.

This book aims to capture the essence of a ver y important and interesting area of English Grammar: Reported Speech.







Stanley Publishing - Front line english grammar series, english version