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Get the Latest Designer Socks for Men at Stanley Lewis Find the latest designer socks for men at the Stanley Lewis website. This collection of stunning accessories for men is a compilation of the finest and most exclusive men's fashion accessories in the world. Each of these men’s accessories is uniquely designed and all products within the collection are made in Italy by the world's most respected craftsmen. Included in this exclusive collection is a superlative range of handcrafted men’s accessories. They showcase a huge variety of products ranging from colourful men's socks; to some of the most unique and impressive silver cufflinks. A spokesperson from Stanley Lewis stated, “To appeal to gentlemen of all ages and at all stages, across every product category, one finds floral motifs, paisley, dots, and stripes ranging from the traditional and regal to the whimsical and playful. Available in vibrant hues as well as subtle, but rich tones, Stanley Lewis accessories for men work effortlessly with the others in the line to bring a creative, thoughtful, dapper polish to even the most uninspired button-down and trouser combination.” Stanley Lewis has fast made its name as the connoisseur of men’s accessories with its’ extensive and superlative collection of men’s ties . This unique collection offers selected designs with a different blade width or, with a different weight. There is no other men’s tie brand known to offer such a personal choice. Each of the mens ties from the Stanley Lewis collection is created using simply the best silk in the world. Located in Como, Italy, the company who create this luxurious silk are renowned for supplying the silk for the most expensive men’s tie in the world. The silk yarn grade for all Stanley Lewis men’s ties is A6 which is simply, the best. Catering for discerning men of all ages, the Stanley Lewis men’s tie collection offers a choice of either 7.5cm or 8.5cm blade width. And for the man who prefers a robust knot tie, selected tie designs are available in a heavier weave. There is no dictating of style from Stanley Lewis – you have a choice of the weight of your tie the blade width of your tie as well of a plethora of unique and impressive designs. What a refreshing trait indeed. When it comes time to make your next men’s tie selection, take time to remember at Stanley Lewis you really do have a choice. Visit to view the entire collection of superlative men’s ties. Customers can browse and purchase online, using the safe and secure payment methods available.

About - The Stanley Lewis Collection was founded in 2008 by Anne Harding and Stanley Crinis in an effort to restore balance to men, both in life and wardrobe. The collection is comprised of a selection of fine Italian-made silk ties, bow ties, designer socks , pochettes, ascots, luxury

scarves and handmade designer cufflinks for men that coordinate to bring polish and sartorial flair to every gentleman’s ensemble. The entire collection is available online at To find designer socks for men, visit Contact Address P.O. Box 437 Somers Vic 3927 Australia Telephone - 011-61-3-1800-503-583

Get the latest designer socks for men at stanley lewis  

Stanley Lewis, maker of the finest accessories for men, offers one of the most superlative collections of mens designer scarves available to...

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