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Nano Oil in India

Nano Energizer - Engine Ceramic Coating Introducing Nano Energizer, A Revolutionary 20nm ceramic coating technology for easy engine restoration without disassembling. Nano Energizer is an internationally proven and trusted product which gives the way out for smoother and quiter engine with extreme power.

Nano Energizer Benefits       

Save fuel up to 10-15% Increase the power of vehicle Decrease the noise and vibration level Enhance the engine life Protect against wear on friction surfaces Increase the oil pressure & combustibility Smoothen the steering handling

Overview: Nano oil in India is a new formulated high performance additive for better engine performance. Stabilize your motor oil viscosity during high stress and high temperatures, improves anti-wear property, improves acceleration, improves mileage & performance and extends the engine life. It restores the engine compression by providing extreme strong coating on the piston ring and engine cylinder.

How to Use: Recommended Condition to Use   

Engine must be used at least of 3,000 Kms. Nano Energizer can be used for any engines that

use mineral and synthetic oil. For best result, inject the Nano Energizer when engine oil is being changed.

Injection Method   

Step 1: Warm up the engine. Step 2: Shake the Nano Energizer enough before injection. Step 3: Open oil filler cap and inject Nano Energizer slowly.

 

Step 4: Close oil filler caps. Finally you're done!! After injection, don't change the engine oil or lubricate in the effective period (400 Kms for bike, 1200 Kms for car and 3,000 Kms for heavy vehicle)

Nano Technology: A unique and revolutionary technology in the world, Nano oil in India is a perfect Nano Cermet – which is produced using a Ceramic + Metallic Coating Technology, which results smoother, quieter engine with more power and better mileage than never before. 20nm ceramic layer contains,  

Zirconium (ZrO2) Powder Platinum (Pt) Coating

Platinum coated Zirconium powder emulsified in mineral oil which is ideal for engine restoration and protection.

Engine type Petrol & Diesel

Gasoline, Petrol & Diesel

Oil capacity Up to 4 litre Coating 400 Kms period

4-10 litre

Any kind of big engine Gasoline, Petrol & Diesel Up to 25 litre

1200 Kms

3000 Kms


Beneficial parts

Any kind of motorbike, three Any kind of mid-size car wheeler engine less than 600cc engine

Engine chamber, Disk brake, Gear box

Net. volume 30 ml (1 pouch) 3.2in x 5.2in Pack size Retail price Rs 695

Engine chamber, Disk brake, Gear box, Power steering 30 ml (1 pouch) 3.2in x 5.2in Rs 895

Any type of metallic mechanism 30 ml (2 pouches) 3.2in x 5.2in Rs 1750

Nano oil in india  

Nano Energizer is a ceramic platinum coating which lines engine surfaces.After injection of Nano Energizer AIO, ceramic coating on engine me...