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2008 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report

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General Information Message from Executive Director Highlights Children Services Division Child Support Division Human Services Division Agency Operating Expenses


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300 Market Avenue North Canton, Ohio 44702

24 Hour Report Line: (330)455-KIDS (5437) Adoption/Foster Care: (330)451-8789

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Children Services Division



Child Support Division 122 Cleveland Avenue North Canton, Ohio 44702

Customer Service: (330)451-8930

Human Services Division Human Services & JOBS/Child Care Midtown Plaza 221 3rd Street S.E. Canton, Ohio 44702 Customer Service: (330)451-8861 New Applications: (330)451-8500 JOBS/Child Care: (330)452-4661

Alliance Office

405 South Linden Avenue Alliance, Ohio 44601 (330)829-9575

Executive Offices Midtown Plaza 221 3rd Street S.E. Canton, Ohio 44702 (330)452-4661

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2008 Annual Report Stark County

Department of Job & Family Services

Julie Barnes, Executive Director Susan Whitmore, Assistant Director

Dear Friends, I am proud to release the Stark County Department of Job and Family Services (SCDJFS) 2008 annual report. 2008 was my first year as Executive Director and a very busy and productive year for SCDJFS. SCDJFS has an updated mission “to partner with our customers, community and other service providers to protect children and vulnerable adults, stabilize and strengthen families, and encourage self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.” In a failing economy, our mission is more pertinent and critical than ever. We have seen staggering increases in the numbers of individuals and families experiencing difficult situations and needing assistance. While the demand for services has significantly increased, our funding and resources have significantly decreased. Nevertheless, we have many accomplishments worth celebrating. Our Children Services Division was re-accredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA), demonstrating our ability to meet nationally recognized standards and provide high quality services. Our Child Support Division experienced record high collections while receiving numerous performance awards. Our Human Services Division made many adjustments, streamlining our service delivery to address the highest volume of applications and recipients served in our history. I am appreciative of all the staff for their hard work and dedication to our customers and the Stark County community during a challenging year. I hope our annual report gives you valuable information on the services provided through SCDJFS, current data on the numbers of individuals and families served, and a vision of the many ways that SCDJFS makes a positive difference in the lives of so many Stark County individuals and families. Sincerely, Julie Barnes, M.Ed., LSW Executive Director

221 3rd Street S.E., Canton, OH 44702 Phone: (330)452-4661 (888)698-6893 TDD (330)451-8879 Children Services Division 300 Market Ave. North Canton, OH 44702 Child Abuse/Neglect Report Line (330)455-KIDS

Child Support Division 122 Cleveland Ave. North P.O. Box 21337 Canton, OH 44701 Phone: (330)451-8930

Human Services Division Executive Offices 221 3rd Street S.E. Canton, 3 OH 44702 Phone: (330)452-4661


JOBS/Child Care 800 30th Street N.W. Canton, OH 44709 Phone: (330)451-8400

Alliance Office 405 South Linden Suite 102 Alliance, OH 44601 Phone: (330)829-9575

2008 Annual Report In August, nearly 200 runners and walkers participated in the 1st annual Foster Hope for Our Kids 5K race. The 2009 race is scheduled for July 25th. Register at

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SCD JF raise S’s Soldi d e 2008 nearly $ rs For A Cu 6 Cant on R ,700 for re t elay for L he ife.

The community joined SCDJFS staff to plant 2,715 pinwheels, each representing an incident of child abuse/neglect.

Live United! SCDJFS employees contributed over $12,000 to United Way. 4

Children Services Division

Nedra Petro, Deputy Director

Staff Size: Approximately 175 employees

The Children Services Division serves the county’s children at risk of abuse or neglect, & their families.





reports of alleged child abuse and/or neglect investigated.

45% or 1,329 were calls reporting suspected neglect. 32% or 931 were calls reporting suspected physical abuse. 12% or 339 were calls reporting suspected sexual abuse. 1% or 37 were calls reporting suspected emotional maltreatment.



The state continues to address issues with SACWIS reporting functions. Therefore, these statistics were provided using a hand-count.

By the numbers..


There were 388 new out-of-home placem ents in 2008 for a home placements total of 1,053 outfor the year. of-

Placement Servic


Residential Place ment Served an averag e of 17 children per month providin g 6,394 days of ca re. Group Homes Served an averag e of 52 children pe r month providing 19,377 days of ca re. Foster Care Served an averag e of 271 children per month providin g 99,069 days of care.

Sexual Abuse & S

evere P

hysical Abuse Investigated 5 chil d fatalities, 24 se vere physical case & 474 sexual abu s, se cases Adoption Services

91 adoptions were


Independent Livin g Initiatives

57 children were pr epared for emancipation from agency care.



ive t c e t o Pr A d u lSt e r v i c e s T r i l l i u m

y Famil ces to i v h r t e i s w tracts de mandated n o c S SCDJF ons to provi he elderly. t t Soluti protec . y e a r . every month e h t or o r t s f 3 cases open p e R • 6 9 8 erage of 14 v • An a

Child Support Division

Rob Pierson, Deputy Director

Staff Size: Approximately 92 employees The Child Support Enforcement Agency is committed to providing quality child support services, including: establishing paternity and support, issuing orders for medical support, modifying support orders, enforcing support and medical support, monitoring collections and the disbursement of support payments.

Record umbers...

By the n



mber of c

nu Average

c : 33,400 ly h t n o sm

,505 $65,201 : r a e Y e s for th ed cases Collection of requir % 4 .3 6 9 ment: Establish y cases it n r e t a P f required o % 7 .0 8 shed: 7 rs Establi e d r ed cases O t r o of requir Supp % 7 .6 4 upport: 7 urrent S C n o s n cases Collectio required f o % 2 .2 es: 71 Arrearag n o s n io t 1,269 Collec testing: A N D r o eduled f Cases sch y it n r e t 2,196 Pa shment: li b a t s E t 3,837 Suppor erred for artment: p e D l a g Cases ref e ed by L d/attend le u d e h c s arings Court He

2008 was a record collections year for CSEA, with $65,201,505 received for support cases in Stark County. This is the largest amount ever collected by the agency, surpassing the 2007 FFY amount by $1,791,291.

Awards Receiv

ed by CSEA in


✔✔ Highest Per centage in FFY 2007 for “Colle Current Suppor ctions on t for Metro Cou nties” ✔✔ Highest Per centage in FFY 2007 for “Colle Cases with Arr ction on ears for Metro Counties” ✔✔ Highest Dis bursement per FTE for Metro Counties ✔✔ Most Impro ved Percentage in “Collections Arrears for Met on Cases with ro Counties” Awards presen

ted by State O


ffice of Child S

upport in July


Human Services Division

Tom Thompson, Deputy Director

Staff Size: Approximately 239 employees

The Human Services Division provides Ohio Works First cash assistance; medical assistance; food assistance; Prevention, Retention and Contingency emergency assistance; and job-related services to individuals and families in Stark County.

A monthly average of...

s nditure e p x E edicaid Total M aid

82,140 6 , 3 4 5 $

01,992 $ 114,9 3,465 36 $ 54,325 $ 169,3 6,689 1 $ 94,2 2,360 4 1 , $ 26 21,832 9 , $ 4 07,261 $ 13,6 4,216 7 $ 120,1

edic Aged M dicaid e Blind M Medicaid Medicaid d d Disable Family Relate id & a F dic OW tart Me Care Medicaid S y h lt Hea tive & Adop Foster nal Medicaid id Transitio Home Medica ement Nursing Disburs

sistance s A d o o ditures n e p Total F x E sistance s A h s a OWF C e c n ta e Assis r a C d l i Ch

6,320 $ 48,28 9,771 $ 11,81

5,980 $ 13,47


SCDJFS’s 95.8% food assistance payment accuracy ranked first among Ohio’s ten largest counties for State Fiscal Year 2007. SCDJFS was recognized for the achievement at the 18th Annual Midwest Region Big Ten Conference.

...6,597 individuals received Ohio Works First (OWF) cash assistance. Of these 4,669 were children. An average of 2,939 families received OWF cash assistance. ...35,564 individuals or 15,867 families participated in the Food Assistance Program (Formerly known as Food Stamp program). This is 9.4% of the Stark County population. ...54,796 individuals received Medicaid assistance. 12,622 of those received Aged, Blind, and/or Disabled Medicaid. 42,174 of those received Covered Families and Children Medicaid. In addition... 1,864 were Adoption Assistance or Foster Care covered individuals. 2,190 were individuals in Nursing Home facilities. ...6,088 individuals received Qualified Medicare Assistance Benefits (QMB). ...528 individuals received Disability Financial Assistance. ...50 individuals received Disability Medical Assistance. ...83 cases are closed because JOBS participants gained employment. ...2,145 families received publicly funded childcare. ...3,258 children were cared for through publicly funded child care. ...442 families participated in the Early Learning Initiative.




Children Services

Wages Benefits Contracts Shared costs County Indirect Costs Agency Foster Homes Purchased Foster Homes Residential Treatment Group Homes Foster Children Clothing Foster Children Medical Mileage Expense Work Related Day Care Child Abuse Prosecution Special Services Subsidy State Adoption Subsidy County Share Adoption Subsidy Kinship Permanency Incentive Program Non-Recurring Adoption Post Adoption Special Services Subsidy Emergency Services Foster Parent Training & Stipends Advertising/Training/Recruitment AdoptOhio Kids Independent Living IV-B Adoption Client Service Contracts Child Abuse Awareness Entitlement Refunds Tax Settlement Fees Rent Travel & Training Office Supplies Equipment Public Records Communication Membership Dues Maintenance & Utilities Data Services Reimbursements Special Projects Miscellaneous

Operating Totals

Larry Davis, Deputy Director

Child Support Division

2,916,023 1,427,304 806,185 68,871 7,968 81,087 1,859 4,135 152 272,576 97,917 54,995

Wages Benefits Shared Costs Countywide Indirect Costs Travel/Training Supplies/Postage/Data Services Public Records Memberships Legal IV-D Contracts Rent Miscellaneous

6,937,293 3,356,184 549,071 1,634,162 212,752 2,220,697 3,566,370 1,297,681 3,216,730 209,373 36,793 376,738 327,442 344,000 43,045 280,119 397,416 333,500 76,829 201,126 444,037 62,074 12,269 206,100 121,907 175,778 307,705 1,960 10,099 149,240 176,884 15,782 32,926 3,198 33,253 41,910 11,304 48,885 563 49,878 25,000 307,773

Operating Totals


Human Services Division

Wages Benefits Shared Costs PRC/Work Allowance Contracts Countywide Indirect Costs Equipment/Furniture Public Records Travel/Training/Education Supplies Mileage Expense Books/Periodicals Reimbursements/Special Projects/Dues Data Processing Maintenance/Utilities Rent SEP

Operating Totals

7,971,513 3,946,829 2,011,060 1,603,695 215,893 139,437 73,057 55,225 21,088 13,624 14,241 5,467 12,557 281,325 119,569 252,580 6,515


Other Program Services

Child Care Help Me Grow Summer & After School Program Medical Transportation WIA Youth


Operating Totals Total Agency Expenditures



13,475,980 1,861,472 305,504 289,084 194,436


2008 Annual Report  
2008 Annual Report  

SCJFS Annual Report - 2008