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work examples stanisław młyński 2013

How to grow the city? / 2012

architectural and urban visualization I specialize in 3D graphic arts and design. I create visuals for a wide range of project types and scales. I am looking not only for photorealistic ways to represent our world but also for methods to express main approach and atmosphere of the particular design.

Lima Chair / 2013

Product rendering Through precision modelling, photorealistic lighting and texturing I am trying to create renders which will present object in the most honest and moving way.

HOM/ 2010


RE-CELL/ 2010

The advance Software dedicated to create an extraordinary forms following natural shapes as well as tool to optimize the project. Parametric design is the generation of geometry from the definition based on initial


parameters and the design of formal relations they keep with each other. One of the greatest benefits of this process is opportunity to analyse various scenarios to find the most efficient way of production.

Hayes by Latis/ 2013

Interior visualization Interior renderings give opportunity to understand and explore the designed space. To achieve this and to ensure the honest feeling of the design, I dedicate decent time to obtain the balance between lighting pre-sets, natural light and artificial light.

Safe Haven/ 2013

Software Adobe: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flash, InDesign, Lightroom, Soundbooth, Rhinoceros+Grasshopper, AutoCad, Revit Architecture, Cinema 4D+vray, 3dmax, ArchiCad, Pinnacle Studio, Generative Components, Corel Draw, Lighting Simulation Software Dialux

animation examples how to grow the city? hayes development

mushellka/ 2013

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