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Poznań International Fair

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Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Poznań International Fair

MEBLE POLSKA 2012 fair will be held again in the contracting formula, which means that professionals – furniture buyers, representatives of furniture stores, furniture wholesalers and representatives of designers and interior architects, are invited to attend the event

It has been a In 2011 MTP celebrated its 90th anniversary. Bronisław Komorowski, President of the Republic of Poland was a honorary guest of jubilee celebration. From the left: Ryszard Grobelny, President of the City of Poznań, Bronisław Komorowski, President of the Republic of Poland and Andrzej Byrt, MTP President.

would have been even better, but we are very pleased with what we have achieved.

You did not expect such a result? I did. We planned prudently.

Which trade shows do you consider the most successful?

MTP, the biggest and most modern exhibition and conference centre in Poland organizes annually 80 trade fair events for over 100 economy sectors gathering more than 11,000 exhibitors from Poland and abroad and one million of visitors.

Interview with President of the Board of Poznań International Fair (MTP) ANDRzEJ BYRT, PhD

Are you happy with the results achieved this year?

MTP exhibition area occupies 33rd place in the ranking of international trade fair organizations.

Yes, despite the fact that since mid-2011 sentiment has been dominated by a vision of a financial disaster in the euro zone, we managed to achieve better financial results than in the comparable year 2009. At the same time, we managed to increase revenues from conference and congress operations, construction of stands at fairs in Poland and abroad, so our financial result from operations for 2011 is also better compared to 2010. This also applies to the number of square metres of surface sold to exhibitors, the number of exhibitors and visitors.

So exhibitors did not save this year? Poznań Congress Center, the biggest congress centre in Poland, has 60 perfectly equipped conference rooms of diversified size and character – from small rooms for meetings in a narrow circle to big congress hall for 1200 people. Trade fair halls may be adapted for the needs of big congresses (even for over 7000 participants) as well as other events, sports and cultural including.

On the contrary. We achieved very good results, despite the fact that the exhibitors were spending cautiously. They saved because anxiety caused by troubles in Greece reached Poland more or less in mid-2011. The Poznań International Fair felt this anxiety much more strongly than other trade fair institutions in Poland because we have the largest proportion of foreign exhibitors and exhibitors who are Polish subsidiaries of large foreign companies, which – startled at the financial situation at home – ordered to cut the costs of promotion abroad, including in Poland. I suppose if it had not been for the bad news coming from Europe since mid-2011, our financial results

The industry in which we specialise is construction and related sectors. Each year, we devote several events to this industry, primarily BUDMA fair – the largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. There are much more strong industries and sectors at our fairs. Certainly, they include everything which is associated with wood, both finished products such as furniture, but also woodworking machinery and equipment for the wood processing industry, and machinery for deforestation. Thus, the most significant and successful events include the above-mentioned BUDMA, and also ITM – Innovations-Technologies-Machines Poland, that is a fair of heavy industrial machinery, DREMA, which offers woodworking machinery, and POLAGRA fair, where we show machinery for agriculture and food processing.

has the past year brought new trade fair events? SoFab International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture was held for the first time. We have also modified MEMENTO fair dedicated to everything that is related to burials, so funeral techniques, equipment and customs. We also organised the first congress and trade fair event dedicated to aviation – POZNAŃ AIR SHOW. Every year, we introduce several new events for slightly narrower sectors and smaller industries.

has any fair failed to meet your expectations and will have to be given up? We have not given up any of the events organised by us to date. New fairs do not always immediately bring a large profit. However, we are guided by the principle that an event organised for the second time has to generate a specific amount of profit. This year we had a few such cases.

Is mTP executing new investments? We have launched the expansion of our Poznań Congress Centre. MTP is the largest organiser of

iN this issUe

n a successful year for us

What’s ahaed BuDMA Construction of the future – free your imagination ............................................. 2-3 GLASS Two faces of glass ............................................. 3 BuMASz Leading brands to be displayed in Poznań ........................................................... 4

congresses, seminars and symposiums in Poland. Admittedly, more such events take place in Warsaw and Cracow, but dozens of organisers operate there and events are held primarily in hotels. We do it at our own fairgrounds and the increase in the number of such events is enormous. Last year, we organised two thousand events of different sizes, from small ones for a hundred people to giant ones for over 10,000 participants. This year will be closed with a similar, very good result. The largest conferences within the Polish Presidency of the European Union held in our halls have just ended. And that was the impetus for improvement of the quality of our infrastructure. We have decided to significantly modify the facilities of the Poznań Congress Centre. The investment will be completed in August next year.

And what are your expectations after its completion? We have been prepared to organise major events for a long time, but this investment will significantly improve their quality. If someone wants to prepare a big event, for 1,000-1,500 people, they choose the Congress Hall in Warsaw. Though, it is too small for meetings for 5,000 people and it is hard to find in Poland a facility that would accommodate such a number of participants. We will be able to do this because we will adapt our halls for this

purpose. We have already organised events for 45,000 people. Conferences and congresses are usually attended by from a thousand to two thousand participants. Today, we can handle a thousand people. After upgrading, our amphitheatre in the Congress Centre will accommodate two thousand people, and we will be able to model it in any way.

Does this mean that this expansion will allow mTP to organise events on a scale not previously seen in Poland? Yes. For example we are the largest centre of medical events. Next year, after the expansion of the Poznań Congress Centre, we will host a cardiology congress. We have already hosted this event, but new opportunities will most likely open for us organisation of events, which so far have been held outdoors.

how do you assess the condition of the Polish meeting industry, which includes all types of fairs, congresses and seminars? Poland is in the sixth place in Europe in this respect. MTP is, however, on the 25th place when it comes to the size of its existing infrastructure. In Poland, there is only one centre which has more than 10 hectares of indoor exhibition space. It is MTP. Germany has about ten of such facilities.

CBS With a view to building Polish sport ................................................................................ 5 Education Fair A jubilee trade fair



POLAGRA-PREMIERY Fair of modern agriculture ........................................... 7 GARDENIA Spring will come to Poznań ............................................................................... 8-9 Poznań Fashion Fair Poznań – the centre of the fashion business ........................................ 10-11 INTERMASz Modern technologies for the light industry ...................................................... 12 MEBLE POLSKA Proven formula of the fair .......................................... 13 HOME DECOR Interiors with a vision ............. 14 arena DESIGN Time for design ........................15 EPLA Raw materials in the foreground .........16 SALMED Three days for the future of medicine .................................................. 17 New face of the Gold Medal .................................... 18 Poznań Brand Consortium ........................................ 19

Trade fair reports POzNAń AIR FAIR Aeroplanes – helicopters – gliders, from Poland and for Poland ..................................... 20 DREMASILESIA – MEBELTECHEXPO Business meetings in Katowice ............................ 21


TOuR SALON Number one in Poland ......................................... 22-23 INVEST-HOTEL Inspiration to hotel managers .................................................................................. 24


EDITORS POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE 4/2011 (328) An official magazine of the Poznań International Fair. Issued since 1959. Editor in chief: Halina Buczkowska Editorial board: MTP PR team Graphic design: PressEnter Photos: Fotobueno, Marcin Melanowicz, Jacek Obarski, Piotr Piosik, Dana Puciłowska, Marek Zakrzewski, Adam Zandecki, MTP archives Pre-press preparation: PressEnter Print: MTP Printing House Submitted to print: December 2011 Editorial office: Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, Poland Publisher: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Sp. z o.o., Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, Poland, phone +48 61 869 20 00, fax +48 61 869 29 99, e-mail:,

BOAT SHOW News before the season ........... 25 HOBBY, AquAzOO Fairs for true enthusiasts



SAKRALIA Offer for modern church ............................................. 27 KAMIEń-STONE Building out of stone



SOFAB Successful première of the fair ... 3rd cover 4/2011


What’s ahead


Construction of the future – free your imagination BUDMA International Construction Fair is the largest trade fair for the construction industry in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Last edition in 2011 attracted 1,420 companies from 33 countries that presented their offer on the area of over 60,000 sq m. The fair was also visited by a record number of professional visitors: 62,000. The next 21st edition of BUDMA fair will be held under the theme “Construction of the future – free your imagination”. The fair will be organised under the patronage of: the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy. Trade fair inspirations BUDMA 2012 will inspire and set trends in housing development. The fair program will include a series of new events addressed to key groups of visitors. Many of the special exhibitions and conferences accompanying BUDMA fair for years will undergo a thorough makeover. The program of meetings with organised groups of visitors from abroad will also be expanded. The fair themes, which will cover large-size, industrial and specialist structures, will also include a topic that is a challenge for contemporary construction –  renovation and thermo-modernisation of existing buildings.

KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, INSPIRATION zones The program of events for BUDMA 2012 has been divided into transparent thematic blocks: KNOWLEDGE, INSPIRATION and EXPERIENCE zones. KNOWLEDGE This zone is full of conferences rich in terms of substance addressed to artists, designers, material manufacturers, con-

Violetta Pastwa

Manager of BUDMA fair The upcoming BUDMA fair will vary significantly from the previous editions. The task we set ourselves was to create a kind of a platform, which will be a place for the exchange of experiences, knowledge and inspiration. We want to avoid stereotypes and traditional understanding of construction. Our goal is to set unique, modern trends in construction of the future and we have developed BUDMA program accordingly. We will show innovative products, building technologies of tomorrow – such as “Litracon” transparent concrete. We invited the stars of architecture, known for modern, original, non-standard projects. Looking ahead, however, we do not forget about the past, so we have decided to include the issue of revitalisation of existing structures, which is undoubtedly a challenge for modern construction. During four days of the fair, “we want to free our imagination” by inviting world-renowned experts and presenting the latest products and technologies to show that modern architecture should be organic, energy efficient, professional but also beautiful. So all those seeking knowledge, experience and inspiration in the construction industry are invited to Poznań to BUDMA 2012!

struction engineers, technologists, architects and conservators. Noteworthy is the conference panel entitled “Nano-technologies in construction”, and the Energy-Efficient and Passive Construction Forum, where one can learn more about buildings with low energy requirements. Architects are to gather around the forum of architecture, while conservators, employees of design and construction companies, real estate administrators are invited by the organisers to the conferences of the Association of Conservators of Monu-



ments, which will present the ins and outs of renovation, repair and restoration of historic buildings. INSPIRATION This zone will feature events which will introduce the theme of construction of the future, set trends and inspire. The conference entitled “Trends in construction” co-organised by ASM – Centre for Market Research and Analysis provides an overview of current trends in construction. The potential of transparent concrete will be presented by its creator


International Construction Fair

Last edition in 2011 attracted 1,420 companies from 33 countries that presented their offer on the area of over 60,000 sq m. The fair was also visited by a record number of professional visitors: 62,000



faces of glass

GLASS Glass Industry Fair is a new project in a wide range of trade fair events organised by MTP. The main objective of the fair is to create in Poland a fashion for glass as an ecofriendly material, with many applications, undoubtedly needed on the domestic market. GLASS fair is a continuation of the GLASS&STOnE project of 2008. The fair is to present two forms of glass: flat

Aron Losonczi at the conference “Concrete as a building material – potential, possible applications, charm”. BUDMA 2012 will also host stars of world-class architecture. The fair will be honoured by the presence of Dietmar Eberle – famous Austrian architect, co-founder of Baumschlager Eberle Architects, and Odile Decq – one of the most colourful and most successful stars of contemporary French architecture. ExPERIENCE This zone will feature discussion panels of specialists and experts on issues related to broadly-understood construction, who will present their views, backed up with extensive knowledge and rich experience. The conference panel entitled “Marketing and PR in the construction industry” will present communication activities and tools that are designed to build brand awareness among customers, while at the conference entitled “Polish skyscrapers – Is the sky really the limit?” the issues of high-rise construction from the perspective of architects, urban planners, investors and average users of space will be raised.

Interactive exhibition – special exhibitions An undoubted advantage of BUDMA fair is its modern, interactive format. The exhibition will

be enriched with many special areas and dynamic shows, where the latest technologies and materials will be presented in an attractive and spectacular way. One of the innovative projects at BUDMA 2012 will be Strada di Architettura – a tour route to the latest Polish and international architecture, leading through all the exhibition areas to sites where events for architects and designers will take place: exhibitions of innovative materials and unique technological solutions, workshop areas and a variety of conferences. An interesting and interactive event will be BUDSHOW 2012 – a home of the future built “live”. During the four days of the fair, an ecofriendly, modern house designed by greenCUBE_127 , awarded in a national architectural competition “Your Home – Dialogue with Tradition”, will be built. The house is an example of modern and multidimensional architectural design sustainable in terms of economy and environment. The organizers want to show that it is possible to design and build a house in the passive energy standard on a limited budget while maintaining the appropriate technological regimes.

glass – used in construction and industry, and decorative glass – used by architects and interior designers. The topics include machinery, equipment and accessories for flat glass processing, flat glass, glass used in interiors and finished products made of glass. Invitations to visit the fair have been addressed to manufacturers of glass products, glass plants, glass factories, establishments producing flat glass, interior designers, architects, urban architects, conservators, managers and administrators of facilities as well as representatives of the academic community. We invite You!

by Ewelina Nowosielska 4/2011


What’s ahead



International Fair of Construction and Road Building Machines, Vehicles and Equipment

in the market, the impulse to further development and inspiration to find new business ideas.

Important synergy asset

Leading brands to be displayed in Poznań

BUDMA International Construction Fair, and CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & SPA fairs are held in parallel to BUMASZ trade fair. With the coexistence of three major international construction events, exhibitors can count on the presence of representatives of virtually all sectors of the construction industry, who are actively looking for solutions for their business development.

Important for exhibitors

Participation in the fairs is associated with the possibility of using a number of additional services offered by MTP. In addition to stands and stand structures, exhibitors can Final preparations for January’s BUMASZ International Fair of Conalso order large format advertising at the fairstruction and Road Building Machines, Vehicles and Equipment are ungrounds, ads in the BUDMA NEWS magazine derway. Already today it is known that the biennial fair will be attended by and on the website of the fair, and may also make use of the press service. It is worth enleading Polish and foreign companies engaged in the production and distritering the competition for the prestigious bution of specialised construction equipment. MTP Gold Medal. The competition will be organised in a new formula, enabling the promotion of the winning products in the media What’s new in the industry? a few weeks before the opening nity to get acquainted with a numof the fair. The fair offer for exhibber of market innovations, which are BUMASZ fair is a strictly specialised event, announced by our exhibitors – says The biennial industry itors also includes free services, which is an excellent opportunity for manufacmeeting will be such as marking new products Violetta Pastwa, Project Manager. turers to effectively promote innovative market products among the future and existing cusattended by more than with special logo and entering a Interactive presentations tomers. It is an invaluable source of informa200 companies, which stand to the competition for the tion and knowledge for visitors to the exhibiA great asset of the fair in Poznań represent the world’s Acanthus Areus award. tion. At the fair in Poznań it is possible to see are interactive presentations alleading manufacturers Important for visitors at one place and time the latest solutions that lowing to have a close look at the and suppliers. facilitate everyday work in the construction inoperation of machines, which inProfessionals visiting the fair will dustry. This time the biennial industry meetspires the audience to ask detailed be able to make use of numerous ing will be attended by more than 200 comquestions to technicians present facilities provided by the organispanies, which represent the world’s leading on-site. The “live” presentation of novelties ers ensuring the best possible use of the valumanufacturers and suppliers. Their offer is adhelps stimulate the market of customers as well able time of their stay in Poznań. After registerdressed primarily to professionals representas create and strengthen brands. We want BUing (on-site: at the ticket offices, or on-line: via ing construction and repair, road engineering, MASZ Fair to present in the fullest possible extent, one can purchase a fair admisconstruction machinery and equipment rentmodern trends in the area of broadly understood sion ticket at a promotional price and receive a al companies, developers, district directorates construction, construction and road machines, free exhibitor catalogue. Visitors can also make of public roads, investment departments of citvehicles and equipment – says Project Managuse of information points located at the fairies and counties as well as design offices. Due er Violetta Pastwa. – Despite the difficult time of grounds, where they can learn more about the to the two-year waiting period for this event proeconomic downturn, the fair can become a way events or obtain necessary assistance. fessionals visiting the fair will have an opportuto strengthen or improve the company’s image by Jacek Obarski





Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & SPA

With a view to building Polish sport CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & SPA fair organised in Poznań has permanently inscribed in the fair calendar. This fair, which is a valuable source of information from the world of the latest construction materials and services for the sports construction sector, is popular with professional visitors interested in planning, design, construction, modernisation and management of sports and recreation facilities.

Overview of market potential Sports construction in Poland is growing rapidly and investments in this area have already absorbed huge financial resources. Many facilities are still waiting for construction or upgrading. Not surprisingly the demand for innovative materials, components and professional workmanship is growing. CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa, a joint initiative of the Polish Sports Infrastructure Club and MTP, is an excellent opportunity to showcase the latest technologies and solutions. The subject matter of CBS includes halls and stadiums, swimming pools, wellness and spa, recre-

ation and sports equipment, furniture, lighting and sound systems as well as the safety of sports facilities and access control systems. The exhibition also presents specialised materials and building technologies, design, financing, construction and operation of sports facilities.

Leaders at the fair As in previous years, in 2012, CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & SPA fair will hover around topics related to planning, design, construction, modernisation, equipment and man-

Marek Zdziebłowski President of the Polish Sports Infrastructure Club CBS is a place where representatives of leading industry companies present cutting-edge technologies and solutions available in the market. The CBS offer is primarily addressed to the representatives of local authorities, Sport and Recreation Centres, administrators of sports, recreation, fitness, wellness and spa facilities responsible for execution of investments, but also to individual investors who more and more often choose to invest private funds in initiatives related to recreation and sport (such as hotels, guest houses, rehabilitation centres, private sports associations), and to sports clubs, fitness clubs, etc. We believe that every person interested in investments in the field of sport and recreation will find an answer to all important questions at the CBS fair, the more so that, in addition to exhibitors, this year’s edition will be accompanied by a program rich in terms of content as well as advice of a large number of experts from the Polish Sports Infrastructure Club. The success of CBS fair is an encouragement for other companies to showcase their offer in Poznań.

Tomasz Stachowiak Project Manager of CBS fair

The event, organised due to a joint initiative of the Polish Sports Infrastructure Club and MTP, in the past few years has become a unique forum for the exchange of information on the latest materials and construction services for the sports construction sector. CBS is not just an exhibition of companies operating in the sector of construction, modernisation and equipment for sports and recreation facilities, but also offers a program rich in terms of content, which consists of seminars, consultations and expert advice, presentations and the “Builders of Polish Sport” exhibition.

agement of sport and recreation infrastructure. The fair will be visited by professionals who are actively looking for the latest and best solutions in the market. Participation in the fair will therefore provide a good opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their companies and their products and brands dedicated to sports construction. After the expiry of the deadline for submission of applications to the fair in 2012, when all exhibitors were able to obtain favourable terms of lease of exhibition space, it appeared that more than 70 percent of last year’s space has been already booked. The following companies have already announced their participation in the event: Arras B, Berndorf Baderbau, Fluidra, Geyer & Hosaja, Harvia Oy, Hefal Serwis, Hemet, Huck, Hydropool, Interchemol, Interhall, Interplastic, Klafs, Klubben, Lux Elements, Mondo, Novol, Pesmenpol, Polsport, Ricco, Sit-In, Tamex and many others.

CBS – a chance to develop The UEFA European Football Championship EURO 2012 is approaching, and for several years the sports construction industry has placed high hopes in the event. However, the prospect of its development is not based solely on the benefits of preparations for this feast of football. In Poland, there is still much to do when it comes to the entire sports and recreation infrastructure. Therefore, according to the organiser, in the coming years the CBS fair should evolve in the direction of an international business meeting with a growing rank. The results of the fair in 2011 confirmed high market demand for products, components, services and know-how necessary for the modernisation and development of sports infrastructure. The fair was attended by more than 100 companies from Poland and abroad, presenting their latest technologies and solutions in two halls at the MTP fairgrounds. 4/2011


What’s ahead • •

Education Fair

A jubilee trade fair

Books for Children and Young People

A wide range of colleges and schools of all levels and an attractive program of accompanying events is the reason why each year tens of thousands of students, graduates and teachers visit the Education Fair in Poznań. Knowledge at your fingertips

Comprehensive offer

The Education Fair is an event with an established renown, which for 15 years has helped students and their parents in the difficult choice of school and educational direction. It is also one of the most important destinations for teachers, for whom exhibitors from Poland and abroad prepare an extensive offer related to educational facilities. The Education Fair is a joint project of the Teacher Development Centre in Poznań, the Marshal’s Office of Wielkopolska Province and MTP. Enjoying a huge public interest, the event is an opportunity for young people to directly talk with teachers and representatives of schools from Poland and abroad. It is an opportunity to explore interesting class profiles, the latest degree courses and to make an informed choice of further education. It is also a place where representatives of schools, instead of talking about strengths of their institutions, show graduates what they may expect there. Students of chemical faculties carry out explosive experiments, students of the Academy of Physical Education animate sports activities on the field, and medical school students acquaint visitors with the techniques of first aid. No one will be bored at the stands of foreign universities, where the conditions of education can be discussed, among other things, in the language of Shakespeare, or in the Avenue of Occupations, where vocational schools compete in shows presenting the profile of their teaching.

The Education Fair in Poznań attracts exhibitors from both Poland and abroad. During the last edition of the fair, in 2011, 360 exhibitors presented their offer, including 280 schools of all levels. The three-day exposition held under one roof with the Books for Children and Young People fair, was visited by 45 thousand students, parents, teachers, school principals and representatives of local governments. The leitmotif of the next fair is “Education – Sport – Training. Let’s learn to win”. It draws attention to the importance of physical education in health education, and in the context of the forthcoming Euro 2012 championships, it is an announcement of a series of conferences, workshops and tournaments during the fair, which will be devoted to this subject.



Modern technologies for schools An integral part of the Education Fair is the School Equipment Exhibition, as part of which manufacturers and distributors of teaching aids, classroom equipment, language laboratories, day-care rooms and playgrounds present an extensive offer addressed to executives of kindergartens, schools and universities. A separate exhibition zone features everything that is worth seeing before investing in an educational facility: interactive whiteboards and computers, audiovisual equipment, teaching aids, teaching stands for laboratories at technical schools, school furniture, playground equipment such as swings and trampolines,


School Equipment Exhibition Zofia Strzyż Manager of the Education Fair

The feature that distinguishes the Education Fair is its interactive formula, and the only limitation for exhibitors is their ingenuity. In Poznań, traditional leaflets and brochures are replaced with talks with teachers, students and pupils, numerous shows, sports activities and demonstration classes. Vocational schools are full of ideas to illustrate the profile of their teaching. Companies from the education sector show the most interesting and latest elements of their offer. And in the special zone called the Avenue of Occupations, information on interesting professions is presented both in theory and practice.

games and educational toys dedicated to day-care rooms, fully equipped sports fields and an offer of tourist agencies addressed to schools.

Books for small and big ones Already for 11 years, the Books for Children and Young People fair has been held under one roof with the Education Fair. The main goal of the event, organised jointly by the Polish Association of Book Publishers and MTP, is to promote books and reading among children and their families. Enjoying a huge interest among bookworms, the book festival is addressed both to the general public and professionals – writers, translators, illustrators, publishers, booksellers, librarians and the academic community. The event is accompanied by conferences, debates, meetings with writers, regular exhibitions entitled “Masters of Illustration” and “Exhibition of Illustrators”, shows and many attractive activities for children. The group of exhibitors includes not only leading Polish publishers, but also museums, cultural institutions and partner cities of the city of Poznań. by Karolina Makowska



International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization

Fair of modern agriculture

JakUB Patelka

Manager of PoLAGRA-PREMIERY fair

Cutting-edge agricultural machines and tools will soon fill MTP halls. During PoLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization, exhibitors will present more than 200 market innovations, previously presented only at the fair in Hannover. It promises to be a real return of the legendary PoLAGRA fair.

POLAGrA-PrEMIErY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization opens a series of agricultural exhibitions in 2012. We can boast that during our fair world product innovations from the agriculture sector for the coming season will be presented for the fi rst time in Poland. POLAGrA-PrEMIErY is without a doubt the largest indoor industry exhibition in Poland. During the four day exhibition, halls will pulsate with life. Most companies in this industry have already announced their participation. There will also be special events: conferences, symposia and numerous shows. Feel free to visit POLAGrA-PrEMIErY fair.

PolaGra-Premiery in the eyes of exhibitors: leszek weremczUk marketing and commercial director, eXPom sp. z o.o.

World innovations in Poznań POLAGRA-PREMIERY fair means prestige, modernity and an excellent meeting place for the Polish agricultural sector – this is the opinion of exhibitors taking part in the event. During the previous edition of POLAGRA-PREMIERY, more than 42,000 people visited stands prepared by nearly 300 exhibitors. The upcoming edition of the fair will also not disappoint farmers looking for market innovations. For four days, visitors will be able to see over 2,000 models of machines and equipment. Already today it is known that exhibition will be arranged in as many as 13 exhibition halls. The fair promises to be truly record-breaking. Nearly 30% more exhibitors will present their products compared to 2010. They will come to Poznań from Austria, Denmark, Spain, Holland, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Hungary and Italy. Of course, major Polish manufacturers, including industry leaders, will also be there. During the fair, for the first time in Poland, world product innovations from the agricultural sector will be showcased. Due to the number of exhibitors and visitors from Poland and abroad taking part in POLAGRA-PREMIERY fair, the event is without a doubt the

largest indoor industry exhibition in Poland. In 2012, the exhibition will be enriched by special industry events: the Forum of Rapeseed Producers, the Forum of Grain and Maize Producers, Energy Plant Forum, and the national conference entitled “The importance and future of large agricultural leases in Poland”, organised by the National Federation of Agricultural Owners and Leaseholders of the Republic of Poland.

Special halls and zones POLAGRA-PREMIERY 2012 will bring a lot of changes. The division of the exhibition will be modified. There will be separated Polish halls, where Polish manufacturers of agricultural machinery will present their products. The first day of the fair will be dedicated to specialists in agriculture, and the second day – to students of agricultural schools. The two halls and the Linden Avenue will feature Champions’ Zones, including specially prepared exhibition stands for the winners of the MTP Gold Medals. They will also be used to collect opinions and votes of the fair guests, who will have a chance to take part in the Gold Medal competition – Consumers’ Choice. by Dominika Redlicka

Why do we participate in the next edition of PoLAGRAPREMIERY? The exhibition organised by MTP is characterised by high-class professionalism in terms of organisation, marketing and logistics, and in addition by excellent conditions for presentation of businesses, services, organisation of conferences and meetings with professionals and trade press. The entire Agro 7 Group – EXPoM krośniewice, PoM Augustów, ESJoT Wałcz, METALTECH Mirosławiec, PoMoT Chojna and ARAJ kąty Wrocławskie, is a regular participant of the excellent trade fair. All producers of agricultural machinery and equipment are encouraged to attend the next edition of PoLAGRA-PREMIERY, which will be an opportunity for visitors to explore a number of market innovations. mariUsz Pracki marketing director at krUkowiak kujawska fabryka maszyn rolniczych If we were to point to a fair that is well organised and has the best atmosphere, we would say without hesitation that it is PoLAGRA-PREMIERY. The fair is superbly prepared by professionals for professionals. There is no other event in Poland which is so eagerly awaited by both farmers and exhibitors.. PaweŁ Bawolski representative of korbanek sp. z o.o. The direction chosen by the organisers in the preparation of PoLAGRA-PREMIERY 2010 brought unexpected results in the form of a large number of visitors. During the fair, we were visited by clients whom we started talks with, many of which have resulted in actual transactions, and it is most important to us. Piotr dziamski marketing manager at John deere Polska sp. z o.o. MTP is one of the most experienced organisers of exhibition events in Poland. Exceptional organisational flexibility and a wide variety of events accompanying each exhibition, PoLAGRA-PREMIERY fair including, allows exhibitors to reach a wide audience. 4/2011


What’s ahead


Spring will come to Poznań GARDENIA fair, regarded as the most important meeting of the horticultural industry, will be held in Poznań for the sixth time. Exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of products related to ornamental horticulture, including plant material – ornamental, bedding and fruit nurseries, devices, tools and gardening equipment, garden chemicals, decorative accessories, flowers and decorations. Visitors will also be able to admire an exhibition of garden designers and creators. Bigger than a year ago The exhibition at GARDENIA Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair will be located in six halls at MTP fairgrounds. One of them is designed for exhibitors offering fertilisers, seeds, gardening equipment. The fair will feature a very extensive offer of the members of the Association of Nurserymen, who will occupy one and a half of a hall. The attention of visitors will certainly be focused on a wide range of companies

from the category of small garden architecture, decorative ceramics and pots. Although the fair will be held in two months, the number of exhibitors has already reached nearly 250, among which there are a few dozen participants from such countries as Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and the USA. The group of exhibitors also includes companies that have for years

presented their offer at the fair as well as new ones. Traditionally, in late February, experts in the horticultural industry will meet in poznań to participate in GARDENIA Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair – says Jakub Patelka, Manager of GARDENIA fair – For exhibitors the fair is a good opportunity for business meetings and presentations of their offer for the coming season. While visitors to the fair will have a great opportunity to meet with suppliers, exchange experiences and gain new, practical knowledge of the horticultural business.

24-26.02.2012 ANIMAL MARKET Zoological Fair is addressed to owners and employees of wholesalers and pet shops, veterinary clinic owners, veterinarians and other professionals dealing with zoology. It is a space where a wide range of industry representatives meet primarily to establish valuable contacts with business partners. The atmosphere of the fair favours face to face meetings with new and existing partners as well as presentation of new products and their promotion among leading Polish brands.



The thematic scope of the exhibition includes: • Accessories, equipment and toys for animals, • Pet food, • Pharmaceuticals and care products, • Veterinary equipment and accessories, • Equipment (coops, aquariums, terrariums). The trade meeting in Poznań will be accompanied by attractive industry events for professionals such as seminars, conferences and shows. The joint success of the fair participants and organisers will undoubtedly depend on the rich offer and a large group of visitors – potential customers. Next year’s meeting will be accompanied by the most important event for the horticultural sector – GARDENIA  Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair.

We encourage you to attend the 2nd edition of ANIMAL MARKET zoological Fair!

GARDENIA Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair

Last year, the fair was record-breaking. The latest garden trends for spring and summer and exhibitions from 10 countries were presented by 389 exhibitors. The exhibition attracted over 20 thousand visitors, including nearly 7 thousand professionals. The extensive exhibition featured more than 220 innovations. The visitors had a chance to get acquainted with the offer of companies from Poland, Belarus, Belgium, France, Spain, Holland, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia and Italy. The fair was held under the honorary pa-


tronage of Marek Sawicki, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. All the indications are that GARDENIA 2012 will be an equally successful event.

Events important to the industry Visitors will be able to take part in interesting seminars and presentations including: a seminar entitled Urban Garden Art, a workshop for garden designers and landscape architects, Garte and Gardenia show gardens, floral shows, and a competition for florists. Next year’s Gardenia

fair will be accompanied by the Polish International Floristic Championship organised by the Poznań branch of the Association of Horticultural Engineers and Technicians. Traditionally, MTP Gold Medals will be awarded during the fair. The quality of winning products will be guaranteed by a renowned jury composed of experts from the horticultural industry. The competition jury at GARDENIA fair will be chaired by Prof. Grzegorz Skrzypczak, ViceChancellor of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań.


ishing generates huge financial turnovers on a national and international scale. The industry is highly responsive to new technologies. Every year, the offer of manufacturers of equipment and accessories is supplemented with new solutions making use of the latest achievements of modern technology. RYBOmANIA Angling Exhibition is first and foremost a meeting of enthusiasts – both those experienced, with many years of experience and vast knowledge, and those who are just starting this adventure. In the general opinion, fishing is a form of leisure, but true enthusiasts know that fishing is much more – this is competition and adrenaline, sports excitement and satisfaction with winning.

For exhibitors, the fair is an excellent opportunity to present new fishing products – rods, reels and fishing accessories, bait, clothing and accessories as well as tourist and water equipment necessary for fishing expeditions. For visitors, it is an excellent opportunity not only to explore technical and technological innovations, but also a chance to meet interesting people who share their passion for fishing. You are welcome to present your products at the fair and share experiences through presentations, shows and lectures on equipment, catching methods, practical preparation for fishing. Fishing is inextricably linked to tourism and we hope that RYBOMANIA will abound in interesting offers for fishing enthusiasts. 4/2011


What’s ahead


Poznań – the centre

of the fashion business

New lines of clothing, lingerie, footwear, accessories, fabrics and haberdashery for the clothing industry – all of this is showcased during the spring edition of the Poznań Fashion Fair. This is the most important professional meeting of the industry in Poland. Professionals from the clothing industry: manufacturers, retailers and designers, meet in Poznań twice a year, in spring and autumn. Representatives of the textile industry join them once a year, in spring. Edyta Bonin Manager of Poznań Fashion Fair

The Poznań Fashion Fair is recognised as a major professional meeting in the fashion industry in Poland not without reason. Twice a year, Poznań transforms into the centre of the fashion business. But the fair is not only a place for signing commercial contracts and winning customers. It is also a place for meetings and discussions about the situation in the industry. Each edition of the fair offers a variety of seminars on forecasts for future seasons, at which not only traders but also producers can find out what trends are worth investing in. This will be the case also in the spring of 2012. I invite to the next edition of the Poznań Fashion Fair.



NEXT SEASON, FAST FASHION, TEXT-STYLE and BTS together The Poznań Fashion Fair is a business event. Exhibitors – leaders of the Polish market – come to Poznań to establish business relations and sign contracts for the supply of new collections to shops, boutiques and on-line stores. It is facilitated by a clear layout of the exhibition and a unique atmosphere of the fair. In 2012, the Poznań Fashion Fair – the most important business event for the fashion industry – will consist of four exhibitions: NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories, FAST FASHION Exhibition, TEX-STYLE Exhibition of Clothing Industry Fabrics and Accessories and BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods.

One fair – two seasons The Poznań Fashion Fair will feature a presentation of collections of clothes, lingerie and accessories for two seasons. Manufacturers and dis-

tributors offering ready-made collections for the next autumn-winter 2012/2013 season will gather at NEXT SEASON Exhibition. Collections for the current season, i.e. spring and summer 2012, can be ordered at FAST FASHION Exhibition. FAST FASHION Exhibition is based on the idea of fast fashion, i.e. production of short-run clothing lines based on the most current trends, intended for immediate retail sale. In Poland, stores can supplement their assortment with trends straight from the catwalk only at FAST FASHION Exhibition.

Once a year – Textiles The spring edition of the Poznań Fashion Fair is expanded by textile products presented at the TEX-STYLE Exhibition of Clothing Industry Fabrics and Accessories. Apparel manufac-


turers will be able to see there not only the latest fabric patterns, but also technological solutions. Traders will be able to find here elements of store display. The group of exhibitors will also include representatives of companies from the Far East.

New business relations at BTS The participants of the previous edition of the sprawling BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods stressed not only excellent exhibition conditions at the Poznań Fashion Fair. They also emphasized valuable meetings with customers invited to the fair. The organisers have already made efforts to gain new regions and countries for the group of exhibitors at BTS.

Visible franchisors The Poznań Fashion Fair is a meeting place for manufacturers and distributors of apparel, shoes, lingerie and textiles, who run boutiques and can order new collections here. The next edition not only meets the expectations of traders already conducting business, but also people who are just thinking about starting a store. Franchising is an idea for your own business. If somebody thinks about opening a clothing, lingerie or shoe store and wants to establish cooperation with a commercial chain, with the Poznań Fashion Fair they will be able to start looking for a personal recipe for success in the fashion industry. Once again, franchisors’ stands


will be specially marked to enable prospective partners to find them easily.

Young and talented The Poznań Fashion Fair supports young talents. Students and graduates of artistic fashion design will have the opportunity to establish their first interesting relations with clothing producers at the fair. Collections of young artists will be presented under the FUTURE project accompanying the fair.

Interesting program Every day, the Poznań Fashion Fair will feature professional shows of the latest collections prepared by exhibitors. The culmination of the fair will be the Grand Final Gala to be held on the last day of the event. The FUTURE Zone will also include a presentation of the achievements of young designers. Fair events are scheduled in such a way as to enable visitors not only to benefit from talks with their



business partners and establish new business contacts, but also to gain knowledge of the industry. Seminars on trends in clothing, footwear fashion, textiles and accessories allow their participants to predict what may become a best-seller in the coming season. Business and marketing issues will also be raised.

Business contact zone For years, the B2B formula has been consistently pursued at the Poznań Fashion Fair. Its aim is to create a network of business contacts between producers and importers and their customers, and to maximise the synergy effect created by the integration of various sectors at one fair. Simplified rules for admission to the fair for professional visitors are to encourage shop owners to use the contracting formula. The organisers have prepared a special visitor package for professionals from the clothing, lingerie, leather and textile industries. Registered trade fair guests can count on free access and entry to MTP fairgrounds, parking space in a convenient location, a free catalogue of exhibitors at the Poznań Fashion Fair as well as free participation in conferences and fashion shows. by Marta Siek 4/2011


What’s ahead



International Trade Fair of Textile, Clothes and Shoe Making Machines

Modern technologies for the light industry The next exhibition of the Poznań Fashion Fair will be accompanied by INTERMASZ International Trade Fair of Textile, Clothes and Shoe Making Machines. The biennial trade fair is one of the oldest fairs organised by MTP. Its 21st edition will be held in February. Platform for successful business

INTERMASZ will be held concurrently with the Poznań Fashion Fair, forming the biggest event INTERMASZ is the biggest business platfor the fashion industry in Poland. Such a wide form in Poland in the area of modern machinrange of events for the clothing, textile, footwear ery, equipment and computer systems for and leather industries held at one time will certhe preparation of production in the light intainly become a great oppordustry. The fair will be attendtunity to establish multi-faceted by dynamic, creative comToday dominate technoed business cooperation. panies, with a strong contribulogically advanced mation to the development of inTradition and novative technologies. They will chinery and equipment modernity present a wide range of modern for the clothing industry machines and devices intend- accompanied by computer The history of INTERMASZ ed for manufacturers operating fair dates back to the 1970s. systems for preparation of in the clothing, textile, footwear Initially, the fair was organproduction. and leather industries, as well ised together with TAKON as studios dealing with design International Trade Fair of and decoration of interiors usConsumer Goods. Since 1976, ing home textiles, as well as upholstery manit has gained independence and, in accorufacturers. dance with the wishes of the industry, the fair



has been held every two years. Two years is the time necessary to develop and implement new technologies. In the early years of operation of INTERMASZ fair, when a number of light industry plants operated in Poland for textile and knitting industry, a large group of exhibitors were companies offering textile, weaving and knitting as well as clothing machinery. Today, the exhibition landscape is dominated by technologically advanced machinery and equipment for the clothing industry accompanied by computer systems for preparation of production – this is a result of changes that have occurred in the industry for over 30 years. The fact that INTERMASZ is an integral part of exhibitions related to the fashion and footwear industries – says Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska, Manager of INTERMASZ fair – provides exhibitors and visitors with a unique opportunity to establish multifaceted business cooperation. Exhibitors from Poland and abroad present a number of modern machines and equipment, which are often presented in Poland for the first time. This fair shows best how the industry changes and in what direction the changes occur. by Marta Siek



Proven formula of the fair

Third time in the new formula

MEBLE PoLSkA 2012 fair will be held again in the contracting formula, which means that professionals – furniture buyers, representatives of furniture stores, furniture wholesalers and representatives of designers and interior architects, are invited to attend the event. There have been prepared free merchant packages that can be ordered by registering on the website.

what will meBle Polska 2012 be like? This will be the third edition in the contracting formula. We intend to continue and develop the concept launched in 2010. After each edition, we talk with exhibitors and people visiting the fair, we draw conclusions, wonder what can be done better. This year, we will be putting even greater emphasis on convenience of Polish and European furniture buyers visiting the fair, we will prepare a package of privileges for merchants more suited to their needs. We will also try to ensure that the exhibition space is full of places where you can eat well, relax and have a business meeting in comfortable conditions.

The largest furniture fair in Poland MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair allows the presentation and promotion of new collections, and because of the contracting nature the fair, it is also an excellent opportunity to find new wholesale customers, distributors and representatives. During the fair, representatives of the furniture industry will be able to make use of seven modern halls, which for this time will be connected with a passage, creating a covered, air-conditioned exhibition complex. MEBLE POLSKA is the largest furniture fair in Poland held in the contracting formula. During the last edition, in February 2011, 5 exhibition halls with a total area 18,500 sq m were visited by over 10 thousand industry professionals. Many visitors came to Poznań from abroad, including Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Holland, Austria, Belgium, Italy and the UK – countries that are major importers of Polish furniture. Polish and foreign visitors liked the contracting formula of the fair. It was also appreciated by exhibitors that could note record attendance and business attitudes among customers.

30th anniversary of the fair The beginnings of MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair date back to 1982, when the first Pro-export Exhibition POLSKIE MEBLE was organised. It has given rise to the Poznań furniture fair so

widely known in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. For thirty years, the fair has been subject to evolutionary changes. In response to the changing needs of exhibitors and market expectations, the fair has changed both its formula and timing. The turning point in its history was 2010, when the furniture fair in Poznań underwent a real metamorphosis. Change of name, date, and visual identification of this event was an expression of profound changes in the concept and formula of the project. Greater emphasis was placed on trade and international dimension of the fair, thus returning to a large extent to the original assumptions of the Pro-export Exhibition.

Interview with

JÓzef szyszka

Manager of MEBLE PoLSkA fair

is it true that a significant portion of exhibition space has already been booked? This year, we were dealing with an unusual situation, exhibitors began to submit their applications for the 2012 edition immediately after the 2011 edition, and even during it. The order of entries is of course important, exhibitors have the opportunity to book the most convenient location, and therefore they usually prudently submit their applications in advance. However, they book space a year earlier very occasionally. The whole team took this as a compliment. Our work is a pleasure when we know that the industry appreciates what we do. We want to build the fair in an atmosphere of partnership. The success of the fair largely depends on professional audience. who is invited to meBle Polska fair? We reach directly about 10 thousand furniture traders in Poland and Europe. We are also working hard on making contacts with buyers from other directions, which are attractive for our producers. We are very successful in this field. In 2011, during the two first days, the fair was visited by more people than in the four trade fair days in 2010; every fourth visitor represented the foreign market. It has long been known that the success of the fair depends on merchants visiting it, as they are the guarantee of exhibitors’ satisfaction.



What’s ahead


hOmE DECOR Interior Fair

Interiors with a vision During HoME DECoR fair, proposals for the coming season will be presented by the leading manufacturers of decoration, textiles, lighting and interior finishing articles. Due to the contracting nature of the fair, the event will also be an excellent opportunity to find new wholesale customers as well as representatives of commercial chains and retail shops. Place important for the industry HOME DECOR Interior Fair is an event which is a must for professionals related to the interior industry. The fair is addressed both to representatives of supermarkets, commercial and hotel chains as well as designers, interior architects or developers. – The March block of trade fairs will be open to industry professionals – says Józef Szyszka, Manager of HOME DECOR fair – Having key visitors in mind, we will prepare special merchant packages, which will include: free admission, parking space, all-day catering and an industry carnival party. HOME DECOR fair for two years has been held in the business formula, which provides an opportunity to effectively reach the target group of customers. Already the first edition of HOME DECOR, organised in the B2B formula, attracted 200 exhibitors, among which there were about 50 foreign companies. During three days of the fair, the exhibition was visited by nearly 6,500 professional visitors.



In 2012, HOME DECOR fair will be accompanied by MEBLE POLSKA fair. Exhibitors from the interior industry will be able to establish also relations with buyers from the furniture industry, about 10,000 of whom came from Poland and abroad only to MEBLE POLSKA fair in 2011. Many products exhibited at HOME DECOR fair perfectly complement the offer of furniture showrooms and are ordered by dealers of furniture together with collections of furniture, especially table furniture. Retail trade in interior design products also includes furniture accessories. Simultaneous organisation of the events will be an inspiration for interior designers and architects, and an opportunity to get to know the latest trends, and will enable merchants and traders to arrange their furniture and decoration stores using the latest trends as well as to extend their product range, while increasing turnovers. – Due to the contracting nature of the fair, the event will also be an opportunity to find new wholesale customers as well as representatives and distribu-

tors – says Józef Szyszka – The combination of the furniture fair with the interior design fair will result in a meeting of representatives of both industries in a new, more business-oriented environment. From here it is only one step to a common vision and idea for a Concept Store.

Concept Store zone Concept Store is a place where customers are offered not only objects, furniture, textiles, decorations and other interior design products, but also a place where a lifestyle vision is created. Concept Store is also a visible trend in trade in decorations and furniture, and the idea which underlies HOME DECOR fair. This year’s HOME DECOR Fair will feature a presentation of new collections of decorations, textiles, ceramics, glass, lighting, kitchen and bathroom accessories and other furnishing products. The fair will be held in one of the most prestigious halls at MTP fairgrounds. During the event it will be connected by a passage with a complex of exhibition halls hosting MEBLE POLSKA fair. In total, the exhibition will take up 8 halls with a total area of over 30 thousand square metres, creating the largest home furnishings centre in Poland.

arena DESIGN


Time for design arena DESIGN is a project dedicated to design – a unique meeting of Polish and foreign designers, experts in the field of industrial design and entrepreneurs aware of the crucial role of design in business strategy. But arena DESIGN is not a fair. This is the place where the producer meets the designer. It is a space for discussion on design. An exhibition of innovative solutions. Arena Design in 2012 will be held together with the biggest furniture fair in Poland in a contracting formula, MEBLE POLSKA and HOME DECOR Interior Design Fair.

Sustainable design Popularization of a belief in the values of collaboration between a designer and an entrepreneur is the main aim of arena DESIGN, which will be held for the fourth time at MTP fairgrounds. Arena DESIGN, promoting quality and design awareness in the industry, has gained in recent years great appreciation of the industry and publicity in the media. The leitmotif of arena DESIGN 2012 will be sustainable design. Visitors to arena DESIGN will be able to see products designed in accordance with the philosophy of caring for the natural environment. Themes of sustainable development will also appear in numerous lectures.

5 zones – an infinite number of possibilities arena DESIGN consists of 5 zones: TOP DESIGN, FORUM, CREATIVES, EDUCATION and INNOVATION. The TOP DESIGN Zone –  a place of presentation of the most interesting achievements of international design. It will feature a presentation of products nominated for the second stage of the TOP DESIGN award 2012 competition. Home space, kitchen, bathroom and wellness, office, public space and gardens, lighting, media and electronics, automotive and public transport, science and medicine, industry and crafts, entertainment and sports, home textiles and decorative products, interior design, fashion and accessories – innovative and visually interesting products from these focus groups will be awarded during the TOP DESIGN award gala. But before that happens, they will be assessed twice by an international jury composed of specialists in the industry. The international jury will assess the degree of innovation, design quality, functionality, material selection and safe use of products. The laureates of the previous edition of TOP DESIGN include: Hansgrohe, Thonet, Balma Design, Zelmer, Vox Industrie, PROFIm, Bymorritz, Fun Factory, Schattdecor Marmorin, Manufaktura Ceramiczna Krystyna Kaszuba-Wacławek, Flügger.

Monika Wietrzyńska Manager of arena DESIGN

Good design is sustainable design. It is important to realise that sustainable design provides tangible benefits for entrepreneurs. Sustainable design maximises product efficiency, extends its life cycle, minimises costs associated with its production and distribution. Sustainable design brings benefits to everyone: manufacturers, recipients and future generations.

In the FORUM Zone, designers, manufacturers and industrial design enthusiasts will be able to hear lectures and participate in discussions. One of the speakers in the FORUM Zone will be a French designer François Azambourg, who fits perfectly into the theme of sustainable development. His products are known for efficient use of materials, which remains in the centre of his interest.

The Creatives Zone will present an offer of institutions and associations as well as professionals – design offices and studios. It is also a space to exhibit works of designers of the young generation and a gallery of opportunities offered to manufacturers by industrial design.

Universities educating students of industrial design and architecture are invited to participate in arena DESIGN. The EDUCATION Zone will be a place for their promotion in the business arena as well as presentation of their achievements.

arena DESIGN 2012 will feature a début of a new zone – INNOVATION. It is a proposal for professionals: a know-how base for professional designers. It will include a presentation not only of professional publications and trade magazines. The new zone will also invite manufacturers and distributors of specialised materials for designers and architects, specialised software and equipment used in design studios at the design and prototyping as well as mock-up creation stages. The objective of the new zone is to create a platform for presentation of cutting-edge solutions and make designers interested in modern materials, technologies and devices for design.

Polish design The next edition of arena DESIGN will be held simultaneously with MEBLE POLSKA and HOME DECOR fair. The organisation at one place and time of an event devoted to industrial design, the furniture and interior design fairs, creates an opportunity for meetings between designers and manufacturers. Previous editions of arena DESIGN confirmed the enormous potential of Polish designers. The organisers are convinced that the promotion of their work and achievements in a new, even more business-oriented environment will allow to effectively link design and the industry. by Marta Siek

A special guest at arena DESIGN will be a French designer François Azambourg, who fits perfectly into the theme of sustainable development.



What’s ahead



Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair

Raw materials in the foreground Although EPLA fair is an event primarily dedicated to raw materials for the plastics and rubber business, the exhibitors’ offer will also include machinery, equipment and technologies used in their treatment. Even closer to the industry Starting from the upcoming edition, EPLA Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair will be organised jointly by MTP and Business Image Publishing House (the owner of “Plastics Review” monthly). The combination of MTP’s organisational capabilities with industry professionalism of the editors of the “Plastics Review” will make EPLA the most professionally prepared meeting for industry professionals dealing with polymers and rubber.

Theme exhibitions Fair meetings as part of specialised exhibitions will facilitate the establishment of mutual relations. This was confirmed in the opinions of exhibitors and visitors participating in the previous edition of the Injection Moulding to Lease Exhibition, which was attended by owners of injection moulding machines with spare capacity, and which was visited by people looking for various forms of cooperation. Therefore, in addition to the Injection Moulding Exhibition, the next edition of the fair will be accompanied by other specialised exhibitions: Thermoforming, Rubber and Tools.

Professional meetings EPLA fair is more than a presentation of the offer. This is a meeting place for professionals, for exchange of experience, substantive discussions and conclusion of contracts. And so, the fair will

marcin GrUszczyński Manager of EPLA fair

EPLA fair has already gained a reputation of a professional meeting place for raw material suppliers and processors of plastic and rubber. Another goal that we set ourselves as the organisers is to create a project of the largest panorama of raw materials for the polymer business in Central Europe, creating opportunities to make contacts and build relations between the two main sectors of the plastics market in Poland, and I think that already at this point we are on track.

feature the final of the technological competition – The BEST PRACTICES in Plastics Converting. The fair will be accompanied by theme conferences, including the general meeting of the Plastics Technology Club – the first institution in Poland bringing together 300 material processing construction engineers and technologists, whose aim is to create a technological elite of the industry, build prestige and establish di-

rect relationships in the circle of plastics processing construction engineers and technologists. An excellent atmosphere of the fair is conducive to the achievement of these goals. Its last year’s edition was very successful. During 3 days, the fair was visited by 1,500 professionals. This high turnout translated into satisfaction of exhibitors: – Looking from our own perspective and when arranging our own stand at the fair, I primarily expected meetings with local companies. Reality turned out to be a nice surprise. In addition to local companies, which we already cooperate with, our stand was visited by many companies from across poland, which we are just launching our collaboration with – says Rafał Selent, Director of Krakchemia S.A. The next edition of EPLA fair promises to be even more attractive.





International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments

Anna Lemańska Manager of SALMED fair

Three days for the future of medicine International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments SALMED is the most important and the largest centre of the presentation of technology of modern medicine in Poland. A modern complex of four MTP halls, directly adjacent to conference rooms, connected by glazed passages with natural greenery, will feature a presentation of cutting-edge medical technologies. Science and business in the service of medical innovation Modern medicine can boast enormous achievements in all fields, constantly introducing more efficient methods of disease control and prevention. Its development is significantly determined by technological progress, particularly evident in the field of medical equipment. The offer of exhibitors at SALMED International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments meets the expectations of managers of both public and private health care facilities, creating an opportunity to provide technologically advanced medical equipment to these facilities up to standards of the 21st century. SALMED fair, held on a biennial basis, is a place of presentation of market innovations from vendors and suppliers of medical equipment and instruments, equipment for hospitals, clinics and private practices as well as companies offering laboratory or rehabilitation equipment. The fair offer in 2010 was co-created by more than 300 companies from the medical sector from 29 countries. The exhibition including more than 100 innovations and premieres was visited by almost 6,000 professional visitors. The next edition of SALMED fair promises to be equally successful. The fair will feature offers of manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment and instruments, equipment for hospitals, clinics and doctor’s surgeries (furniture, medical equipment, disposable med-

ical equipment) as well as laboratory, rehabilitation, physiotherapy equipment and equipment used in emergency medicine and emergency care. The fair will feature new solutions presented for the first time in Poznań. A full list of new exhibitions will be available before the fair, among others, at

Medical know-how The innovative formula of the fair consists not only of a world-class exhibition of medical equipment, but also a rich program of accompanying scientific and training events: conferences, workshops, lectures and numerous business meetings dedicated to the issues of medical unit management in Poland, telemedicine, IT, emergency medicine, rehabilitation, laboratory diagnosis and

SALMED 2012 – Poland’s largest medical equipment fair will again bring together the leaders of the market. The next 24th edition of this event will create opportunities to share experiences and knowledge, fostering networking between representatives of the world of medicine, business and science. SALMED 2012 will enable representatives of the medical market not only to promote their companies and brands among professional audience and emphasise their strong position in the market, but also gain comprehensive information about customer expectations. The fair will certainly feature numerous market innovations proving the continuous technological development of modern medicine.

nursing. They are an additional asset of a visit to the exhibition for visitors professionally dealing with medicine: health care managers, directors of medical facilities, physicians, laboratory diagnosticians, therapists, paramedics, nurses and midwives.

Prestige and recognition On the first day of the fair, during the Awards Gala, the most precious MTP awards – MTP Gold Medals (Gold Aesculapius) will be awarded. The awards are granted to the best products presented at medical fairs. The quality of awarded products will be guaranteed by a renowned jury composed of industry experts. During the gala Acanthus Aureus awards will be also granted to the best exhibition stands that best support the achievement of company’s marketing strategy. by Katarzyna Supa



Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

the GoLd MedaL

New face of the Gold Medal In January 2012 during BUDMA Fair, MTP will award for the first time new Gold Medals. In addition to the medal, each winning company will receive, among others, a medallist package, guaranteed product presentation in the Champions’ Zone and will take part in the competition MTP GOLD MEDAL – CONSUMERS’ CHOICE 2012. Symbol of excellence and modernity The MTP Gold Medal is one of the most recognisable and prestigious awards in the Polish exhibition market. It celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009. It was established by the Minister of Foreign Trade and the Chairman of the Board of the Chief Technical Organisation in 1979. It was modelled on awards and medals granted at the best-known and reputable foreign fairs and exhibitions. Each year, nearly 500 products are entered for the MTP Gold Medal competition. However, this prestigious award is granted only to those who meet the criteria set by a professional jury. The competition jury, composed of eminent specialists, representing the respective areas of economic life, is looking for modern, innovative products manufactured on the basis of superior technologies. MTP Gold Medal is the confirmation of product excellence and, consequently, it forms part of its promotion in the market. The competition jury at the forthcoming BUDMA fair will be chaired by Prof. Assoc. Eng. Józef Jasiczak, Deputy Director of the Institute of Building Structures of the Poznań University of Technology. The medals are granted to products, not companies, although the latter receive recognition for their product, exhibit or concept. In this way, winning products receive an additional market



recommendation. Companies appreciate the award, some argue that it increases sales of their products by 10-30 percent, while increasing buyers’ confidence in the award-winning products available on the market. MTP Gold Medal also provides recommendation to products and companies in foreign markets. Time for change A much earlier date of the selection of winners is the first, but not the only change introduced in the competition. The list of products awarded with MTP Gold Medal will be known already a few weeks before each fair. This will enable MTP to ensure even more efficient promotion of winners in the media, newsletters for professionals and the Internet. An extensive promotional campaign for winners is also planned during and after the fair. MTP Gold Medal winners will receive Medallist Packages – a set of promotional materials that the exhibitor will be able to use in its promotional campaign: Gold Medal logo, press releases, press advertisement template “MTP Gold Medal Winner” as well as a video and photos from the award ceremony. The Champions’ Zone Information about products awarded with the Gold Medal will be presented at

an exclusive stand located in the centre of the exhibition space – the Champions’ Zone. Promotional materials will include statements of experts justifying the award. In the zone, visitors and exhibitors will be able to cast votes for the winners, whose products they consider to be the best. The Champions’ Zone is a permanent exhibition that will be present at every fair. Consumers’ Choice During fairs, visitors will have the chance to choose the best product from those awarded with the Gold Medal. Votes will be cast on the Gold Medal website through a special survey. Everyone will be able to vote only for one product, which they consider an absolute HIT of the fair! And so products awarded at BUDMA fair will compete for the votes of visitors, just like winning products at CBS or POLEKO fairs. The product with the biggest number of votes will win the prestigious title of MTP GOLD MEDAL – CONSUMERS’ CHOICE, and a specially designed statuette. The winning company will also receive a VIP card entitling to free entry to all events organised by MTP. by Jacek Rychlewski

Made in poznań

Poznań Brand Consortium Pioneering project of the City of Poznań Strong and prestigious brands related to Poznań through the manufacturer’s seat, place of production or historical origins have been invited to participate in the Poznań Brand Consortium. The activities of the City and members of the Brand Consortium will cover joint operations in the area of promotion and marketing. The cooperation within the Brand Consortium will be structured and stable. It will be symbolized by logo “Made in Poznań”. The activities of the Consortium in the coming years will be expanded to include new areas and tools of communication. Participation of individual brands in the Consortium projects will be voluntary. Before launching each of the projects, a specially appointed Brand Council will agree which brands it is to include. Joint actions Brands that have signed the agreement and co-created the Poznań Brand Consortium include: Allegro, Apart, Poznańska Palarnia Kawy Astra, Bridgestone, GlaxoSmithKline, Poznańskie Zakłady Zielarskie Herbapol,

Poznań Brand Consortium Piotr Komorowski Senior Consultant, Q & A Consulting, tel. +48 61 852 58 49, faks+48 61 852 22 83, mobile +48 694 475 305 Łukasz Goździor Promotion Office Director, Municipal Office of the City of Poznań,, tel. +48 61 878 50 08

21 prestigious brands became part of the Poznań Brand Consortium – a pioneer marketing project initiated by the City of Poznań. The partners of the city include both global corporations and local companies, successful even in the international arena. Komputronik, Lisner, Lorenz Snack-World, Airport (Port Lotniczy) Poznań Ławica, MAN, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, NIVEA, Piotr i Paweł, Solar, Solaris, Stary Browar, W. Kruk, Volkswagen, Meble VOX and Yes. Over the next 12 months, they will take joint actions and initiatives with the city focusing on the best solutions used by cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam and Lyon. Interest in the project has Poznań Brand Consortium project was inaugurated by ceremonial gala in Poznań exceeded our expecta- Stary Browar. It was attended by Ryszard Grobelny, Major of Poznań. tions. This proves that the idea is a hit, and benefits Plans for the future for brands are tangible and attractive – says Other activities of the Consortium will beŁukasz Goździor, Director of the Promotion gin soon. 10 brands will take part in the acOffice of the City of Poznań. tion called ”Poznań attracts the Best”, and will fund prizes for the best high school The first initiatives under the PBC can be algraduates who wish to study in Poznań. ready seen and ... sniffed. Billboards smellKomputronik will place the logo ”Made in ing of fresh St. Martin’s crescent-shaped Poznań” on 5 million promotional newsletbuns, which appeared in Warsaw and Craters that will reach showrooms and nearly cow, are another stage of the ”AlleRogal” 3.5 million homes in Poland. The project campaign, conducted jointly by Allegro logo will also appear on Herbapol company and the City of Poznań. As part of the accars and in front of the seats of the Consortion one can order traditional pastries from tium members. Poznań with the ”Made in Poznań” certificate of quality for the first time via the InThis is only the beginning of our joint activiternet. The first 2,000 croissants were sold ties. I assure you that the Poznań Brand Conout quickly, so the organisers decided to sortium will cover many original and interestprolong the action. ing projects – adds Łukasz Goździor.

Today, poznań wants to be a counterpoint to Warsaw. A business alternative which, thanks to focus on business and development, will always attract the best. I am sure that the composition of the poznań Brand Consortium will be regularly expanded. By its establishing we pave the way, which should be followed by poland in the international are-

na. Other countries, such as Germany, are willing to establish cooperation with brands-symbols, using which they stress their identity and national characteristics. poland also has such brands. We are pleased that so many of them are based in poznań.

RYSZARD GRoBELNY Mayor of Poznań



Trade fair reports

Poznań air FAIR

Aeroplanes – helicopters – gliders from Poland and for Poland 

In late September, MTP was the centre of the Polish aviation. The International Scientific and Technical Conference was held in Poznań, which started the cycle of conferences entitled “Aeroplanes – helicopters – gliders from Poland and for Poland”. The event was devoted to innovative economy, science, business and aviation. The aim of the conference was to strengthen cooperation between scientific circles and the aviation industry to ensure more efficient utilisation of innovative aviation technologies in the economy.

We have plans interview with Andrzej Półrolniczak, Manager of Poznań Air Fair One of the new initiatives of the Poznań International Fair (MTP) in 2011 was to organise at the end of September 2011 the International Scientific and Technical Conference, launching a series of conferences entitled “Aeroplanes – helicopters – gliders from Poland and for Poland”. Who was the conference addressed to? The conference was dedicated to “Innovative Economy, Science, Business and Aviation”. It was a meeting of the scientific community with the aviation industry. The conference was an opportunity to exchange information and present new solutions and technologies offered by research institutions and producers operating in the aviation industry. Who took part in this conference? The conference brought together over 120 representatives, inter alia, from the Ministry of National Defence, the Land Forces Training Centre, the Air Force, the General Staff of the Polish Army, the Navy, the Office of Civil Aviation, the Flight Safety



Inspectorate of the Ministry of National Defence, the Polish Air Force Seniors Association, and such scientific circles as the Rzeszów University of Technology, the Air Force Institute of Technology, the Institute of Aviation, the Military University of Technology, the Poznań University of Technology, the Warsaw University of Technology, the National Defence University, the Air Force Academy. There were also companies from the aviation industry: PZL Mielec, Eurotech, B/E Aerospace Consumables Management, Alenia Aeromacchi, TDI Corporate Finance, Aero Design, WSK Poznań, AVIACOM, Grupa Kama-eko SA, and representatives of clubs, including the Polish Aero Club, Poznań Aero Club, the Association “Polish motor-gliders” and trade press. What issues were discussed? One of the main topics was the development of unmanned systems and their implementation in Poland. Various methods of application of unmanned platforms and the reasons why we are still nowhere near their use in the Polish civil space were discussed by representatives of the Institute of Aviation, the Air Force Institute of Technology, the Poznan University of Technology and Eurotech. The conference was highly praised, and further meetings of this type are to be organised. The aviation industry is increasingly becoming part of the program of the Poznań International Fair (MTP). The International Air Fair is to be held next year. What are its assumptions in terms of content?

The International Air Fair will be the first event of this type in Poland. We plan to present at the fair the technical and development potential of the aviation industry, the possibility of its use by potential beneficiaries: aviation, agriculture, meteorology. The planned themes of the International Air Fair will include air transport, air forces, special air forces, namely police and rescue aviation, civil aviation, aircraft equipment, material engineering processes, manufacturing techniques in the aviation industry. We plan to hold the fair from 23 to 26 August 2012. Next year, we want to focus on the broadly understood general aviation. I hope that in Poznań – a city historically associated with the Polish aviation – we will manage to concentrate in one place and time trade fair projects related to the aviation industry that are scattered throughout Poland. 

by Donata Naumienko

The next edition of Poznań air FAIR is scheduled for 2012.


Business meetings in Katowice DREMASILESIA-MEBELTECHEXPO Exhibition of Woodworking Machines and Tools was held for the fifth time in Katowice. The event was held under honorary patronage of the DROMA Association of Manufacturers of Woodworking Machinery, Devices and Tools. The event was jointly organised by International Katowice Fair and Poznań International Fair (MTP). looking for solutions tailored to their needs, in particular to improve their work efficiency and increase the quality of their finished products. This trend applies not only to large enterprises having a higher investment potential, but also to one-person businesses offering services in the local market. This year’s DREMASILESIA-MEBELTECHEXPO fair was attended, among others, by SCM Group Polska, which presented its most popular models of machines for small and medium-sized carpentry and manufacturing plants. – The fair was visited by carpenters and producers from southern and central Poland, some of them took advantage of our promotional offer for machines. The fair in Katowice, as usual, allowed us to meet with our customers as well as establish valuable relations – says Marta Jakubowska, coordinator of the dealer network at SCM Group Polska.

A wide range of professionals

is very much. We are already thinking about participating in this event next year – says Grzegorz For five years, DREMASILESIA–MEBELTECHEXPO Nowak from WEINIG. fair has been held in Katowice – the capital of Upper Silesia – and is attended by many sellers and buyers from the industry of wood and Record-breaking fair wood materials machinery and tools. Among DREMASILESIA – MEBELTECHEXPO 2011 fair the exhibitors there are also turned out to be record-breakmanufacturers and distributors ing. – In terms of size, the fair was of hand tools and power tools, the largest in its five-year history – This year, the fair equipment for dust removal and says Hanna Ochnik-Pawłowska, was attended by centrifugation, production lines, project coordinator from MTP. abrasives, chemicals, machinery nearly 60 companies This year, the fair was attended by and equipment for the producnearly 60 companies that presentthat presented tion of wood materials and for ed their offer on almost 3,000 m2 their offer on the sawmill industry, machinery of exhibition space. During three almost 3,000 m2 of days, the fair was visited by more for the manufacturers of upholstered furniture, paint shops and than 1,800 people professionally exhibition space. driers. The combined form of dealing with processing of wood, business-to-business and conrepresenting sole proprietorships, sumer fair enables exhibitors to establish relaand small and medium-sized woodworking factions with professional contractors as well as tories from the region of Upper Silesia. individual clients, whose final decisions prove the popularity of a given product, and thus its Regional fair meetings commercial success. – We are very pleasantly DREMASILESIA-MEBELTECHEXPO fair is regionsurprised. During the fair, we had over 100 clients, al in nature and is primarily dedicated to entreand given that the event is of a regional nature, it preneurs from Upper Silesia, who are actively

Interesting events The event featured the “3rd Parquet Floor Laying Workshop Live” organised by the Association of Polish Parquet Floor Layers. On a special seminar and show space, masters in the profession presented their capabilities. The visit to DREMASILESIA-MEBELTECHEXPO fair could be combined with participation in the “Build a Tower and Win” competition organised for the fourth time by KD MEDIA Publishing House, the publisher of “Kurier Drzewny”, and the ITA TOOLS company. The prizes were also sponsored by the organisers. The competition was about building the highest tower out of wooden blocks. On every trade fair day, two best builders were selected and qualified for the Sunday final and received prizes of the day: CMT650 templates for cutting and jointing worktops and DAF-001 digital angle finder. The winner of the competition was Piotr Kożak from Meblo-Drzew from Polwica and received the main prize: CMT8E shaper. 

by Jacek Obarski

The next edition of DREMASILESIA fair is scheduled for 28-30 September 2012. 4/2011


trade fair reports TOuR SALON

Number one in Poland

This year’s TOuR SALON once again showed that the fair, on the one hand, strengthens the image of companies, provides information on new offers, and on the other, enables face to face business. TOuR SALON is also the platform of direct meetings of specialists and exchange of experience. In four days around the world? Only in Poznań! 750 companies from 43 countries from 6 continents presented their offer at TOuR SALON fair.

Trade and business Among the exhibitors of TOUR SALON there are national and regional tourist organisations, representatives of business tourism, travel agencies and tour operators, Polish and foreign regions, operators of accommodation facilities, carriers, Internet portals, service companies and industry publications. The 22nd edition of the fair was visited by nearly 30 thousand people, half of whom appeared on the first two days closed to the public. They were tourist product managers, tour operators, owners of travel and tourist agencies, ambassadors and staff of government institutions, specialists in the field of counselling and promotion of tourism. There were also representatives of organisers of business meetings, active tourism, incentive travel and non-profit organisations. TOUR SALON 2011 was held under the

It was my first TOUR SALON and I am very happy. Good marketing of the event resulted in a large number of visitors, so my sub-exhibitors established new contacts and relations. The fair lived up to my expectations and I will certainly attend the next edition next year.

Wojciech Dobski, representative of Youth Hostels

patronage of the Minister of Sport and Tourism, Mayor of the City of Poznań, the Polish Chamber of Tourism and the Polish Tourist Organisation.

Knowledge always in demand The leitmotif of the program for professionals was web marketing, social media and, of course, Euro 2012. Many visitors gathered at the twoday conference entitled Travel 2.0 organised by MTP, Group and portal. Representatives of companies and organisations responsible for implementation of Euro 2012: Euro 2012 Polska, PL.2012, Euro Poznań 2012 and the Polish Tourist Organisation, talked about the progress of preparations for this event and opportunities for tourism promotion



of Poland in the context of the event. The representative of VisitBerlin shared experiences in the organisation of the football world championships held in Germany in 2006. Tourists and travellers could take advantage of tips on the art of cheap flying provided by Fly4free portal. Planet PR encouraged to questing, that is travelling along unmarked trails, and recreational puzzles. It is just a small portion of the extremely rich

TOUR-SALON is a good chance to enter the Polish market as well as to change the image of Palestine, which is often associated with an unstable political situation. Palestine is not only pilgrimages but also active tourism and entertainment. We want to deepen awareness of the attractions offered by our country. Majed Ishag, Director of Marketing Department at the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism

program of workshops and training sessions organised this year. A premiere event at the fair, which attracted a wide range of exhibitors and visitors, was HAPPY HOURS Zone organised by the Region of Veneto, Veneto Regional Tourism Organisation, the Consortium Belle Dolomiti, MTP and the editors of TTG Poland. At the stand prepared by Veneto Region, visitors could enjoy Italian specialities, move to the rhythm of lively hits and win attractive prizes. HAPPY HOURS enjoyed such great popularity that the zone is also to be organised next year.

This year, the partner country of the fair was Morocco – the Sunset Country, the Gate of Africa. It could be explored as the embodiment of modernity and tradition of the Orient, a multicultural country, captivating with natural warmth of its residents and attracting with exotic customs.

Wojciech Cejrowski – globetrotter and author of fascinating accounts of his travel – at the fair he did not just talk, but he also answered to questions from the audience and signed his books.

From a professional point of view, we believe that the fair has been very successful. We have had many successful meetings, both these previously arranged and organised ad hoc. Michal Werschler, RHI Srl

About flying, music and travel, that is something for the public TOUR SALON fair was full of attractions for tourists looking for travel inspiration. A special guest – Wojciech Cejrowski, researcher of endangered Amazonian tribes, popular radio and television journalist – at a meeting of the “You don’t want to be there” series talked about the secrets of his travels. Maja Włoszczowska, multiple European Champion in mountain biking, Beijing Olympic vice-champion, encouraged to engage in active tourism in the region of Jelenia Góra. The fair also included: the 20th National Review of Tourist and Sightseeing Books, and the Poznań Festival of Travel and Photography. The festival was complemented by a competition for the Kazimierz Nowak Award, whose participants presented their journeys to various parts of the world in an interesting and unconventional way. The show of Małgorzata Goliszewska entitled “Caucasian Summer” earned the biggest appreciation. 

by Monika Framska

The next edition of TOUR SALON fair is scheduled for 24-27 October 2012.

MTP Gold Medals

TOUR SALON 2011: Eagles’ Nests Trail – entered by: Silesian Tourist Organisation in Katowice, the Underground City of Osówka in Głuszyca; Wooden Architecture Route – entered by: Małopolska Tourist Organisation in Cracow; Bug-Krzna Canoe Trail – entered by: Regional Tourist Organisation of Lubelskie Province in Lublin; Świętokrzyski Archaeo-Geological Trail – entered by: Regional Tourist Organisation of Świętokrzyskie Province in Kielce; Poznań for half price – entered by: the City of Poznań.

A very important event for the industry was a debate on the promotion and commercialisation of Polish tourism based on POTROT-LOT system and the tourist industry, co-organised by the Polish Chamber of Tourism, the Polish Tourist Organisation and MTP. During the meeting participants held a lively discussion on the increase of efficiency of tourism promotion in Poland.

Zachodniopomorskie Province – Polish partner region – invited to a meeting with nature.

Acanthus Aureus

TOUR SALON 2011: Małopolska Tourist Organisation, Marshal’s Office of Lubelskie Province in Lublin, Tourist Organisation of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province, Marshal’s Office of Lubuskie Province, Krakowskie Przedsiębiosrstwo Hotelarsko-Turystyczne Sp. z o.o. Hotel Krakus***, Hotel Junior Krakus*, Regional Tourist Organisation of Zachodniopomorskie Province, Łódź and the Region of Łódź, Poznań Poviat, the City of Poznań, Maroko Travel Sp. z o.o., Nowa Itaka Sp. z o.o. 4/2011


trade fair reports


Inspiration to hotel managers An extensive offer for representatives of the hotel industry, access to the latest solutions and a comprehensive program of workshops and conferences with the participation of specialists – these are the indisputable advantages of INVEST-hOTEL hotel Equipment Trade Fair. 150 companies presented their products in Poznań. The event was held under the honorary patronage of Waldemar Pawlak, minister of Economy.

Among the leaders INVEST-HOTEL fair is a place for business meetings of suppliers of products and services for hotels, guesthouses, resorts and spas with investors, owners and managers of hotels, recreation and leisure facilities, architects and interior designers. For 12 years, the fair has been held at MTP fairgrounds simultaneously with TOUR SALON tourist fair. This year, 150 Polish and foreign companies presented their proposals on the area of over 7,000 square meters. They included the following furniture industry leaders: Bogatti, Emma, GO IN, Jarocińskie Fabryki Me-

MTP Gold Medal

INVEST-HOTEL 2011: Modular Wellness Zone OAZA ZMYSŁÓW, PPH WANDEX Agata Wróblewska; ALLERGOFF® – the latest generation formulation designed to combat and neutralise dust mite allergens, ICB PHARMA sp.j., Jaworzno; HUWASAN – eco-friendly disinfection for swimming pools, Jacuzzi, ROAM CHEMIE N.V., Belgium; exclusive salt sauna, Grupa ZENDAR sp. z o.o., Lublin

Acanthus Aureus

INVEST-HOTEL 2011: PAGED MEBLE SA, MEBLE JAROCIN Brand; Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe SATURN; PPH WANDEX Agata Wróblewska; CERAMIKA PARADYŻ Sp. z o.o.; MEBLOMAK Marcin Heinowski



Contracting” was presented at the conference organised by WBB Energy. Ways to improve financial results of a hotel company in the area of energy management were discussed at the seminar entitled “Energy management in pro-ecological hotel industry”. Special conference blocks designed for architects, hotel blowe, KMK Klose, M.I.L. System, Meblomak, owners and investors planning to build new Noti Contract, Paged Meble and Meble Vox, facilities were prepared by Balance Educawhose exhibitions attracted with originaltion. Examples of building emotional designs ity and exquisite taste. The fair also featured on the basis of study visits were discussed a presentation of products and at the meeting entitled “Emoservices of suppliers of equiptional designs – uniqueness For 12 years, ment for the SPA sector, includthrough authenticity”. Practiing Ada Cosmetics, Biosana, BTL cal aspects of creating a new INVEST-HoTEL Polska, Centrum Sauny, Grupa environmental AURELIS hotel has been held at Zendar, Klafs or Wandex. Proddesign were presented during MTP fairgrounds ucts and solutions for hotels the AURELIS panel –  the Heart simultaneously and interior systems were preof Polish Vitality. Many visitors sented, among others, by: Cewith ToUR SALoN attended a conference on the ramika Paradyż FG Poland, Invaissues of creating a professional tourist fair. do, Lanwar, Lsi Software, MCM historical brand and historical Computer, Newmor, Polmaster urban B&B boutique facilities. and Witpol. There were also presentations on the manINVEST-HOTEL fair proved to be a good place agement of SPA centres prepared by the Polto establish new relations in the industry. A ish Institute of Spa and Wellness, and Comvaluable proposal for professionals was the fortum. The fair program was supplemented B2B CONTACT ZONE, through which visitors by panels prepared by the Polish Chamber of could make an appointment with a particular Hotel Industry focusing on business and tax exhibitor as well as take advantage of many aspects of hotel investments in Poland, tools amenities, including free admission and car to help manage on-line sales (channel manpark on the fairgrounds. agement), sensory marketing and ecology in the hotel industry.

Rich program

This year, the conference program stressed issues relating to eco-friendly solutions for hotels. Information about the idea of “Energy

by Katarzyna Jardanowska

The next edition of inVEST-HoTEL is scheduled for 8-11 october 2012.


News before the season For three days in November, Poznań focused the attention of all sailors and water sports enthusiasts. BOAT SHOW Fair of Sailing and Water Sports was an opportunity for several thousand of water sports enthusiasts to sum up last season and begin preparations for the next one.

Everything for water sports enthusiasts Companies from Poland and abroad presented their offer during BOAT SHOW Fair of Sailing and Water Sports. Among them there were Polish manufacturers of vessels and distributors of the largest sailing boat shipyards in the world. Exhibitors presented premiere sailing boat models prepared for the 2012 season, such as

Omega barge – Buster 800M, motosailor CASA 33, motor sailing boat DOLPHIN 20, motorboat THYNA12, sailing boat SHINE 30, motorboat QD 20,5 Cabin, Hanze 400, Flipper 630 OC, Bella Sport 560HT, and Aquador 22HT. The exhibition halls also featured a presentation of sailing boats that were in sale in the previous season, including large and small, sea and inland, motor and sailing boats. In addition to vessels, the fair offer also included sailing boat accessories and equipment, security measures, sails and specialist clothing. Sailors who do not own a sailing boat could get acquainted with the offer of charter companies that promote active recreation in the country and abroad. Visitors to this year’s BOAT SHOW fair had a chance to see world-class equipment and learn how to properly operate and maintain a sailing boat. The presentation included innovations in the field of sailing boat electronics and accessories facilitating sailing, among others, marine navigation software MaxSea TimeZero 1.9.6 PL, quick boom release system, sailing boat electronics Raymarine e7i and Raymarine i70, waterproof HD cameras.

A sea of attractions This year the organisers of BOAT SHOW fair – Interservis and MTP – prepared many attractions for visitors. Thanks to it water sports enthusiasts could find at the fair a number of interesting proposals. For example, those who wanted to learn more about navigation could take part in the workshop entitled “Marine electronic navigation – let’s go on a virtual cruise with MaxSea”. And the secrets of metrology could be explored at the 4Winds workshop. A whole series of meetings and discussions prepared in order to promote sailing also enjoyed much interest. Many competitions for trade fair visitors with very attractive prizes were organised. Their winners returned home with prizes such as participation in sailing trainings, participation in sea voyages or professional sailing equipment, and even sailing boat hulls. Visitors could cheer on the participants of regatta of radio-controlled sailing boats, watch diving and water rescue shows organised in a pool specially prepared in the exhibition hall. There were plenty of special attractions – including competitions and games – prepared for children, who participated in them with enthusiasm. 

by Donata Naumienko

The next edition of BOAT SHOW fair is scheduled for 16-18 November 2012. 4/2011


Trade fair reports

hobby • aquazoo

Fairs for true enthusiasts

Fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects This year’s AQUAZOO Aquarium and Terrarium Trade Fair featured beautiful, colourful specimens of fish and numerous specimens of reptiles, amphibians and insects. – People fascinated with reptiles, amphibians and insects approached us to ask whether we would organise an event dedicated specially to them. Therefore, we have decided to extend the thematic scope of AQUAZOO fair with ter-

Train mock-up in TT scale of a length of 75 metres, train and aeroplane models, radio-controlled cars, board games – all this could be admired at the eighth edition of HOBBY Model Making, Toys and Games Exhibition. The fair has enjoyed great interest among visitors for many years. This year, HOBBY fair and the simultaneously held AQUAZOO Aquarium and Terrarium Trade Fair, TOUR SALON and Pure-Bred Dog Exhibition were visited by 30 thousand people.

Meeting of enthusiasts The fair brought together experienced enthusiasts from across the country and those who are just starting their adventure with model-making. – Year on year, HOBBY Exhibition strengthens its position in modelmaking as an important event for the industry – says Barbara Vogt, Manager of HOBBY Exhibition. – We note with satisfaction high media interest. We are particularly happy with the growing number of people visiting the fair. This year, the fair was visited by entire families. There were a lot of attractions for the youngest. Small hobbyists had a good time at playgrounds with big vehicles and construc-



tion machinery and in the train playground. Children took part in model-making and robot-building workshops as well as competitions with prizes.

Unique events at the fair During HOBBY Exhibition, visitors could admire a mock-up in HO scale and, above all, a record length modular train mock-up in TT scale – such a large model in this scale was presented for the first time. As every year, the Polish Championships of Railway Models were held. Fans of radio-controlled models participated in exciting qualifiers for the Polish Indoor Championships of RC Car Models. There were also qualifiers for the World Championships on Carrera track. Visitors could also admire the precision and craftsmanship of marine, aviation and military models. In a large game rental (called the Games Room), enthusiasts of party games could test their skills in the most popular games of this type. It was an opportunity to learn about the latest games and learn how to play them.

rariums. – says Barbara Vogt, AQUAZOO Project Manager. The fair also showcased geckos. African hedgehog, shown for the first time at AQUAZOO fair, enjoyed great interest among visitors. The fair was also attended by manufacturers of aquariums and terrariums, equipment and accessories, food, medicinal and care products as well as services related to running an aquarium and a terrarium. For exhibitors the fair was an opportunity to present innovations, the most beautiful specimens of animals and meet with clients. AQUAZOO fair is very popular among visitors. Beautiful exhibitions, presentations and lectures and the opportunity to meet experienced aquarium enthusiasts attracted thousands of fans of the hobby to the fair. 

by Katarzyna Łuźniak

The next edition of HOBBY and AQUAZOO fairs is scheduled for 27-28 October 2012.


Offer for modern

church The second edition of SAKRALIA Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items was visited by over 1,000 people. 70 exhibitors – manufacturers and distributors and service companies – presented their latest products addressed mainly to the clergy.

A wide range of exhibitors Exhibitors presented, among other things, vestments, liturgical vessels and equipment, hosts, candles, altar wine, confessionals, pews, altars, bells, organs, sacred art, sound systems and multimedia equipment, heating equipment for churches, services in the area of renovation of monuments, sacred art as well as publications, and a wide range of pilgrimages to sanctuaries in Poland and abroad

Full of emotions The fair hosted the Mobile Museum of John Paul II, which enjoyed great interest. Visitors were particularly excited about personal memorabilia of John Paul II, among others, the pa-

Visitors were particularly excited about personal memorabilia of John Paul II, among others, the papal cassock, skullcap, breviary, rosary, fountain pen and his favourite skis. pal cassock, skullcap, breviary, rosary, fountain pen and his favourite skis. The exhibition also featured photos and videos from the life of the Polish Pope in three cities – Wadowice, Cracow and Rome. Exhibits were made available by Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, the Archdiocese Museum and Archives of the Metropolitan Curia in Cracow.

Knowledge at your fingertips The fair was accompanied by interesting lectures and meetings. The fair featured, among other things, a conference on modern concepts for parish management, relationships between the clergy and the faithful and the use of new media in the priestly ministry. A meeting with experts in raising EU funds for parishes and church organisations attracted considerable interest.

Satisfied fair participants Priests who visited SAKRALIA fair stressed that such events were very useful to them. – It is a big help for me. I can broaden my knowledge and gain more information about things that interest me. Everything at one place – says Rev. Eugeniusz Leosz from All Saints Parish in Kórnik. The fact that SAKRALIA fair is needed was confirmed not only by visitors, but also by exhibitors. Ewa Stawicka from Zakład Stolarski Stawiccy, offering, among other things, confessionals, said – We can see a big response from visitors. We managed to establish contacts that will certainly translate into orders. Immediately after the fair, we are visiting several clients to hold business talks. by Katarzyna Łuźniak

The next edition of SaKraLia fair is scheduled for 6-8 november 2012. 4/2011


Trade fair reports


Building out of stone 310 exhibitors, 6,270 visitors, several dozens of machines sold and new contracts – this is the balance of KAMIEŃ-STONE Stone Industry Fair 2011, the largest stone industry exhibition event in Central and Eastern Europe.

Internationally at the fair Foreign companies accounted for 59% of the total number of exhibitors at KAMIEŃ-STONE fair. A comprehensive range of products and services was presented by representatives of the stone industry from 17 countries: Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Spain, India, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and Italy. 310 companies present at the fair presented their offer on the to310 exhibitors, 6,270 tal area of 20 thousand m2. The visitors – the statistics fair featured a presentation of a clearly indicate a high wide range of varieties of natuposition and importance ral stone, semi-finished stone products, tombstones, stone- of KAMIEŃ-STONE fair Cutting Center Maxiem 1530 in Central and Eastern 30 HP, manufacturer: Omax work machinery, equipment Corporation USA, entered by and tools as well as stonework Europe. Maxiem Waterjets Polska. In chemicals. 11% out of 6,270 the best stand category, the visitors came to Poznań from competition jury, chaired by abroad. The most numerous Prof. Henry Mruk, decided to reward Solicel groups represented Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Soc. Centro Industrial Esteios de Lousa Lda, Slovakia, Finland and Ukraine. Portugal. Prestigious awards During KAMIEŃ-STONE fair, awards were also granted in the contest for the best projects At KAMIEŃ-STONE fair prizes were awarded with the use of stone – Kamień 2011 (organisin five industry competitions – for the first er: “Świat Kamienia” magazine) and in a comtime in the Klaudiusz Awards competition, petition for young designers called “Design in organised by Geoservice-Christi and MTP stone” (organiser: “Nowy Kamieniarz” magafor exhibitors. The jury chaired by Stanisław zine). The Bazalt Foundation awarded prizes Sitarz awarded the following products: in the competition for the design concept of the best product – natural stone – Granite the development of the terrain of former BaGlass, by GREIN ITALIA, Italy; the best prodzalt quarry in Strzegom. uct – machines, equipment and tools – Jet

The first three exhibition days featured exciting competition in tombstone sandblasting, in which more than a dozen of stoneworkers competed for the title of Master of Sanding. The organiser of the contest was “Świat Kamienia” magazine.

Not only business During the fair, a number of attractive events dedicated specially to the public were held. Workshops conducted by the Association of Polish Mosaic Artists proved very popular. Admirers of jewellery and interior design elements made of stone willingly visited the Minerals and Precious Stones fair, which accompanied the event. “Dancing forklifts” could be admired in front of the hall. Forklift trucks presented by Toolmex Truck loaded with stone displayed various stunts. At special exhibitions visitors could see projects that won the competition KAMIEŃ 2011 or the competition for a design concept of the former Bazalt quarry in Strzegom. A mini-exhibition featured colourful O-Sink bathroom sinks and Bee Table coffee table, awarded in the competition “Design in stone”. Stoneworkers also enjoyed the exhibition entitled “Stoneworkers in travel”.  

by Marta Siek

The next edition of KAMIEŃ-STONE fair is scheduled for 7-10 November 2012.




Successful première of the fair

What trends in upholstery fabrics will apply in 2012? What colours and patterns will be fashionable? Answers to all these questions could be found during the first edition of SoFab – International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture, an event dedicated to the upholstered furniture industry – the largest segment of the furniture industry in Poland. The fair was held under the patronage of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers.

New trends at the fair 16 exhibitors from home and abroad (Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy) presented their products – fabrics and upholstery materials, components necessary for the production of upholstered furniture and machines for cutting leather. The fair was accompanied by Trend Forum–Trend Design 2012, the place for presentation of the latest innovations in upholstery fabrics in terms of design and colour forecasts for 2012. The Trend Forum was accompanied by industry lectures conducted by Marek Borowiński, PhD. The subject matter covered issues relating to marketing communications, psychology of colour in the furniture industry and the secrets of correct display of upholstered

furniture at furniture showrooms. The most popular among the fair guests was the lecture entitled “Furniture design and textile design”, which provided valuable tips on how to properly choose pattern, colour, structure of fabric, leather and other components for furniture.

Professional trade fair for professional audience Opinion surveys conducted among exhibitors taking part in SoFab fair confirmed that it was not only an excellent opportunity to present a wide range of products in the segment of textiles, upholstery fabrics and components for the production of upholstered furniture, but it is also a forum for exchange of profes-

sional information and a perfect opportunity to promote and obtain expert opinions on new functional and design concepts dedicated to the upholstered furniture industry. The first edition of the fair was visited by over 1,000 people. Most visitors included decisionmakers representing manufacturers of upholstered furniture. The presence of professional visitors was particularly noticed by fair exhibitors. – We are pleased with the profile of visitors, because they are professionals who can utilise our mechanisms – said Giuseppe Tornaghi from Officina Meccanica Tornaghi – a company manufacturing fittings and mechanisms for upholstered furniture. This opinion was confirmed by the representative of Klemens Ritter, who said We are pleasantly surprised, we did not expect that big customers will also be here, and Antoni Dankowski from Tkaniny J.A. Dankowski, who said The profile of visitors suits us very well, they are professionals, there are no ‘missed’ guests. 

by Katarzyna Łuźniak

The next edition of SoFab f air is scheduled for 13-15 November 2012.

We invite to Poznań 24.01 – 27.01

03.02 – 05.02 16.02 – 19.02 24.02 – 26.02 27.02 – 29.02

27.02 – 29.02

05.03 – 08.03 13.03 – 15.03 14.03 – 16.03 17.03 – 18.03 27.03 – 29.03 27.03 – 30.03 30.03 – 31.03 12.04 – 15.04 13.04 – 15.04 17.04 – 18.04 20.04 – 22.04 23.04 – 26.04

24.04 – 26.04

08.05 – 10.05

18.05 – 20.05 29.05 – 01.06

January 2012 BUDMA – International Construction Fair CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa BUMASZ – International Fair of Construction and Road Building Machines, Vehicles and Equipment GLASS – Glass Industry Fair February 2012 Education Fair School Equipment Exhibition Books for Children and Young People – 11th Poznań Trade Fair Meetings POLAGRA PREMIERY – International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization GARDENIA – Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair ANIMAL MARKET – Zoological Fair RYBOMANIA – Angling Exhibition POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR: •NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories •FAST FASHION Exhibition •TEX-STYLE – Exhibition of Clothing Industry Fabrics and Accessories  •BTS – Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods INTERMASZ – International Trade Fair of Textile, Clothes and Shoe Making Machines March 2012 MEBLE POLSKA – Furniture Fair HOME DECOR –  Interior Fair ARENA DESIGN EPLA – Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair SALMED – International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments AKTYWNI 50+ Fair for Everyone over the Age of Fifty LOOK – Hairdressing Forum BEAUTY VISION – Cosmetics and Solaria Forum EURO-REKLAMA – International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services FURNICA – International Trade Fair of Components  for Furniture Production DREMA – International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries Poznań Optical Exhibition 1) April 2012 TTM – Automotive Technology Fair 2) MOTOR SHOW POZNAŃ DAYS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP 3) POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO INSTALACJE – International Fair of Installations and Equipment WODOCIĄGI – International Water and Sewerage Industry Fair KOMINKI – International Fireplace Fair SECUREX – International Security Fair TCS – System Heat Fair 4) SAWO – International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment May 2012 EXPOPOWER – International Power Industry Fair AUTOMA – International Fair of Robotics, Automatics, Control and Measurement Equipment GREENPOWER – International Renewable Energy Fair FIT-EXPO – Fitness & Sport Park INNOVATIONS-TECHNOLOGIES-MACHINES POLAND (ITM POLAND): •HAPE – Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives •MACH – TOOL – Machine Tool Exhibition •METALFORUM – Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry •SURFEX – Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies •WELDING

•RESEARCH FOR INDUSTRY •TRANSPORTA –Convention and Exhibition “21st Century Rail Transport for Poland” June 2012 01.06 – 03.06

POLSKIE ZBOŻA – ZIELONE AGRO SHOW (Kąkolewo nearby Grodzisk Wlkp.) 5) August 2012

18.08 – 19.08

ROLTECHNIKA – Agricultural Exhibition (Wilkowice)

September 2012 06.09 – 08.09 EKO-LAS –  Fair of Forestry, Wood Industry and Environmental Protection (Mostki nearby Świebodzin) 11.09 – 13.09 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR: •NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories •FAST FASHION Exhibition •BTS – Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods 11.09 – 13.09 GIFT EXPO – Advertising Gift Fair (Warsaw) 20.09 – 22.09 CEDE – Central European Dental Exhibition 6) 28.09 – 30.09 PGA – Video Games and Multimedia Entertainment Show 28.09 – 30.09 DREMASILESIA – Exhibition of Woodworking Machines and Tools (Katowice) October 2012 06.10 – 09.10 TASTES OF REGIONS 07.10 – 11.10 POLAGRA-TECH – International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies, including: Exhibition of Baking and Confectionery Industry (07.10-11.10) Exhibition of Dairy Industry Machines and Devices (08.10-11.10) Exhibition of Food Industry Machines and Equipment (08.10-11.10) Food Ingredients Show (08.10-11.10) 08.10 – 11.10 POLAGRA-FOOD – International Trade Fair for Food POLAGRA GASTRO – International Trade Fair for Gastronomy INVEST-HOTEL – Hotel Equipment Trade Fair TAROPAK – International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Logistics 24.10 – 27.10 TOUR SALON –Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products 27.10 – 28.10 HOBBY – Model Making, Toys and  Games Exhibition HAPPY BABY – Fair of Toys and Goods for Children AQUAZOO – Aquarium and Terrarium Trade Fair AGRO-PARK – Agricultural Fair (Lublin) 7) November 2012 06.11 – 08.11 SAKRALIA – Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items 07.11 – 10.11 KAMIEŃ-STONE – Stone Industry Fair 8) 09.11 – 10.11 OPTYKA – Optical Fair 9) 13.11 – 15.11 SOFAB – International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture 16.11 – 18.11 BOAT SHOW – Fair of Sailing and Water Sports 10) 20.11 – 23.11 POLEKO – International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection KOMTECHNIKA – International Trade Fair of Municipal Technologies GMINA –  Fair of Products and Services for Local Governments INVESTFIELD – Property and Investment Exhibition December 2012 30.11 – 02.12 MEMENTO POZNAŃ – Funeral Trade Fair 11) 07.12 – 09.12 Art & Craft Festival CAVALIADA – Horse-Riding Equipment Fair

1) Organizer: Interprovincial Guild of Optical Crafts in Poznań 2) Co-organizer: Association of Automotive Technology

3) Co-organizer: City of Poznań, Poznań Province, Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Foundation

of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań 4) Co-organizer: Chamber of Commerce Polish Heat Engineering 5) Co-organizer: Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities 6) Organizer: Exactus sp.j. 7) Co-organizer: Lublin International Fair 8) Co-organizer: Geoservice-Christi Ltd., Wrocław 9) Co-organizer: National Chamber of Optical Crafts 10) Co-organizer: Interservis Ltd. in Łódź 11) Co-organizer: Polish Association of Cremation, Cemetery Administrators and Funeral Managers

Poznań Fair Magazine 4/2011  
Poznań Fair Magazine 4/2011  

Poznań Fair Magazine 4/2011