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Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

Poznań International Fair After the new form of MO TOR SHOW has been so won derfully received by the audience, 2011 wil l bring further evolution of the trade fair, the programme of which is goi ng to addressed to car audio ent be extended by adding new events husiasts and vintage car lovers

Record-breaking statistics and new challenges an interview with Tomasz Kobierski, Vice-President of MTP Management Board [1]

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Poznań International Fair

by (from the fair and the ribbon cutting was held bishop The formal opening of the trade cil of Arch Coun al Soci the of t iden Pres PhD, left): Prof. Bohdan Gruchman, nt of the niew Fortuniak and vice-Preside Metropolitan of Poznań Bishop Zbig a Traw ław mys Prze rnational Fair Management Board of Poznań Inte

We invite to the trade fairs in spring 2011 [2-15] Leaders speak out [16-17]

Trade fairs in 2010

Successful end of the year


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Programme of Trade Fairs 2011 11.01-14.01-

28.01-30.01 10.02-13.02 15.02-18.02 25.02-27.02 01.03-03.03

04.03-06.03 12.03-13.03 16.03-18.03 18.03-20.03 22.03-24.03 25.03-26.03 29.03-01.04

02.04-06.04 02.04-03.04 12.04-15.04 13.05-15.05 24.05-26.05

25.05-27.05 25.05-28.05 28.05-29.05 03.06-04.06 14.06-17.06

BUDMA International Construction Fair CBS Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa WINDOOR-TECH Trade Fair of Machines and Components for Window, Door, Gate and Facade Production 32nd Racing Pigeon Olympiad Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories FARMA International Fair of Animal Breeding MEBLE Polska Furniture Fair GARDENIA Garden Fair • ANIMAL MARKET Exhibition • RYBOMANIA Angling Fair POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR: NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories • FAST FASHION Fashion Exhibition • TEX-STYLE Exhibition of Clothing Industry Fabrics and Accessoriesr • BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods Education Fair • School Equipment Exhibition Books for Children and Young People Poznań Trade Fair Meetings Aktywni 50+ POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO MOTOR SHOW EPLA International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing Poznań Optical Exhibition 1) FURNICA International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries BAKEPOL Exhibition of Baking and Confectionery Industry (Kielce) LOOK Hairdressing Forum BEAUTY VISION Cosmetics and Solaria Forum POLIGRAFIA International Fair of Printing Machines, Materials and Services • EURO-REKLAMA International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services FIT-EXPO Fitness & Sport Park TTM Automotive Technology Fair EXPOPOWER International Power Industry Fair AUTOMA International Fair of Robotics, Automatics, Control and Measurement Equipment GREENPOWER International Renewable Energy Fair HOME DECOR Interior Design Fair LUMINEXPO Lighting and Light Technology Exhibition ARENA DESIGN MOODFORM Design Fair AGRO-PARK Agricultural Fair (Lublin) POLSKIE ZBOŻA INNOVATIONS-TECHNOLOGIES-MACHINES POLAND (ITM POLAND), including: HAPE Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives • MACH-TOOL Machine Tool Exhibition • METALFORUM Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry

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13.09-08.09 22.09-24.09 30.09-02.10 07.10-09.10 14.10-16.10 19.10-22.10 22.10-23.10 08.11-10.11 09.11-12.11 18.11-20.11 22.11-25.11

02.12-04.12 09.12-11.12

• SURFEX Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies • WELDING • RESEARCH FOR INDUSTRY • WORK SAFETY IN INDUSTRY • TRANSPORTA "21st Century Rail Transport for Poland" Convention Roltechnika Agricultural Exhibition – Wilkowice POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR: NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories • FAST FASHION Fashion Exhibition • TEX-STYLE Exhibition of Clothing Industry Fabrics and Accessories • BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods Poznań Optical Exhibition 1) POLAGRA-TECH International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies, including: Exhibition of Meat Industry Machines and Equipment; Exhibition of Refrigerating, Air-Conditioning and Heating Devices; International Food Ingredients Show; Exhibition of Food Industry Machines and Equipment POLAGRA-FOOD International Food Product Trade Fair • GASTRO TRENDY International Trade Fair of Catering • PAKFOOD Food Industry Packaging Fair GIFT EXPO Advertising Gift Fair (Warsaw) CEDE Central European Dental Exhibition National Breeding Animals Exhibition DREMASILESIA MEBELTECHEXPO Exhibition of Woodworking Machines and Tools (Katowice) 2) ON/OFF Consumer Electronics and Video Game Show (Warsaw) TOUR SALON Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products • INVEST-HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair HOBBY Model Making, Toys and Game Exhibition SAKRALIA Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items KAMIEŃ-STONE Stone Industry Fair 3) BOAT SHOW Fair of Sailing and Water Sports 4) POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection • KOMTECHNIKA International Trade Fair of Municipal Technologies • GMINA Fair of Products and Services for Local Governments • INVESTFIELD Property and Investment Exhibition Art & Craft Festival CAVALIADA Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 1)

Organiser: Interprovincial Guild of Optical Crafts in Poznań Co-organiser: Międzynarodowe Targi Katowickie sp. z o.o. 3) Co-organiser: Geoservice-Christi sp. z o.o. – Wrocław 4) Co-organiser: Interservis sp. z o.o. – Łódź 2)

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IN THIS ISSUE Record-breaking statistics and new challenges An interview with Tomasz Kobierski, Vice-President of MTP Management Board

What’s ahead BUDMA, CBS, WINDOOR- TECH Jubilee edition and energy saving . .............................................2 FARMA New face of FARMA .......................................................4 MEBLE B2B once again...............................................................5

The position of the leader in the Polish exhibition market has for years belonged to Poznań International Fair (MTP). Is there a recipe for such a success? Although there are other centres dynamically developing in Poland, we indeed are the most important organiser of trade fairs in the country. This is visible in the statistical figures: the sold exhibition area, the number of exhibitors and visitors, as well as the professional trade fair infrastructure. This is how we understand the position of the leader in the industry: we want to offer a wide choice of clearly profiled events and technological facilities, giving the maximum comfort to trade fair participants, making it possible for them to execute their various projects – as there is more to trade fair marketing than just a stand. An advantage of MTP is definitely the tradition and many years of experience. The experience enables us to see the needs of the market and rapidly respond to them. Undoubtedly, the essence of modern trade fairs lies in their form, which should precisely meet the expectations of both exhibitors and visitors. It is a new approach to the organisation of exhibition events – creating them from the very beginning in strict cooperation with the circles related to a given industry. Today MTP organises about 80 trade fairs and exhibitions and the trade fair calendar changes every year, with new events appearing and the old ones changing their time or form. What are the reasons for such changes? The reasons lie in what I have already mentioned: seeing the market demand – we respond to it with a tailor-made event, hearing suggestions for changes – we react very quickly. This would not be possible if we did not permanently stay in touch with the visitors. To us, they are not an anonymous crowd. For the whole year we try to reach them with information about our company, asking for their opinions. The trade fair calendar must be flexible. When we compare the programmes for years 2008 and 2010 we will see how much has changed. There are new events: some of them are brand new, like Aktywni 50+ or ON-OFF (organised in Warsaw), EkoLas, Polskie Zboża, some of them have been separated from greater events and specialised, like FARMA and PREMIERY – the “daughters” of the former POLAGRA, and some of them are wellknow events that have totally changed their form, like MEBLE POLSKA, which today are very much B2B in character. FARMA can serve here as a good example in a double sense, as recently we have additionally changed its time – from 2011 it is going to be held in February. Thanks to our flexibility and changes we have withstood the economic crisis that has affected many companies. Our trade fairs in 2010 were visited by 440 thousand people, which means that only a year and a half after the terrible economic downturn we broke the record of the last decade. This is the best evidence that our policy is right – it has proven its efficiency. So there is no trade fair of a perfect closed format? Our approach assumes that there is not. This is best illustrated by the example of the events we propose for the first time, sometimes as the first ones in Poland, as in the case of AKTYWNI 50+. The first edition of the trade fair was held this year in autumn. September turned out to be a bad time for the tourist industry and we really want to present this offer, so as soon as in 2011 the

trade fair is going to be held in March. Another example: the ON/ OFF Consumer Electronics and Video Games Show. We decided to organise the trade fair in Warsaw and it was the right choice. The Warsaw market has proven it potential. Nevertheless, we already know that there is a need for a change when it comes to the profile of the visitors, so we are going to try to promote the event in such a way as to attract more families with children. These were the suggestions we heard from our exhibitors.

GARDENIA Garden of good business.........................................6

The facilities of MTP house also events that are not organised by the company. This is yet another piece of evidence that in business you should be open to different ideas. We have great infrastructure at our disposal – why not use it also for this purpose? The Poznań halls house such events as: the CEDE Central European Dental Exhibition, organised by the EXACTUS company or the Poznań Optical Exhibition, organised by the Interregional Optical Crafts Guild. We act as a co-organiser with the Interservis company when it comes to the organisation of BOATSHOW, which used to be held in Łódź. We are also a co-organiser of KAMIEŃ-STONE and as far as this event is concerned we have a lot to be proud of: the third edition of the trade fair covered the area of 10 thousand sq m and attracted so many exhibitors from abroad that according to the statistical data KAMIEŃ-STONE is now our most international event.

Aktywni 50+ Business is opening for 50+ customers .................................. 12

What about the reverse: MTP as an organiser of events outside its own grounds? I could name quite a few such examples as well. Thanks to the agreement with Montgomery International Ltd. we have become a co-organiser of the POLSKIE ZBOŻA trade fair held in Modrze, near Poznań. This event is an excellent complement of our own offer for the agricultural sector. POLSKIE ZBOŻA is now the only trade fair in Poland where technologies of growing crops can be seen in natural environment, where you can learn about the efficiency of herbicides and pesticides, etc. A similar example – EKO-LAS, taking place in the Świebodzin forest division – the only in Poland trade fair of technologies related to the wood industry held in the open air. You are talking mostly about specialist trade fairs, B2B... ...which does not mean that we limit ourselves only to them. At the same time, we are developing a number of trade fairs addressed to the final customer. HOBBY, for example, every year breaks the record established by its previous edition and we are continuing to extend the scope of the trade fair and to enrich the programme. Also, CAVALIADA – apart from its strictly business dimension, which includes the presentation of riding accessories, also holds attractions for a wider audience, such as CAVALIADA SPORT, i.e. horse riding competition, and CAVALIADA SHOW, with its children playing zone. Finally, the already mentioned AKTYWNI 50+ – an event organised in cooperation with the city of Poznań. It won credit in the competition of the Parliamentary Team for the Elderly as an interesting, modern project organised especially – but not only – for senior citizens.

ANIMAL MARKET, RYBOMANIA.............................................7 Poznań Fashion Fair – new format..................................8 Education Fair, Books for Children and Young People – Poznań Trade Fair Meetings, School Equipment Exhibition Educational know how.............................................................. 10

POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO Digital Technologies Forum....................................................... 13 MOTOR SHOW The greatest motor show in Poland.......................................... 14 EPLA For market leaders and small enterprises....................... 15

Leaders speak out ..... 16

Trade fair reports Business for tourism............................................................ 18 Meeting under sails.............................................................. 18 Professionals share expertise . ......................................... 20 Fun you have never had before . ...................................... 21 Church in the 21st century................................................. 22 The first edition of NECROPOLIS EXPO............................. 23 Very international trade fair ............................................ 24 Successful premiere edition of ON/OFF ......................... 25 Eco-climate in Poznań......................................................... 26 The industry meeting in Poznań...................................... 28 Abundance of emotions and sensations............3rd cover POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE 4/2010 (324) An official magazine of the Poznań International Fair. Issued since 1959. Editor in chief: Halina Buczkowska Editorial board: MTP PR team Graphic design:: PressEnter Photos: Marcin Melanowicz, Piotr Piosik, Dana Puciłowska, Marek Zakrzewski, MTP archives Pre-press preparation: PressEnter Print: Moś & Łuczak Printing House

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So, as far as novelties are concerned, MTP has not yet said its last word, has it? Definitely not. The economic reality is posing more and more challenges for us to cope with. Thank you for the interview interview by Dorota Krawczak

Submitted to print: December 2010 Editorial office: Głogowska 14 60-734 Poznań, Poland Publisher: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Sp. z o.o. Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, Poland phone +48 61 869 20 00 fax +48 61 869 29 99 e-mail:,

a Happy New Year 2010 with all the prosperity, fruition of projects and professional successes Editors

What’s ahead

11-14.01.2011 • •

Jubilee edition

and energy saving

How to build a house the heating of which will not cost you a fortune? How about an intelligent building that can pull down the blinds for you in the evening, switch on intimate light in the living room and play some romantic music? And why not have a wooden cottage where every day you can delight in the magical atmosphere of a pine forest? Answers to all these and similar questions can be found at the upcoming edition of the BUDMA International Construction Fair. BUDMA

Sustainable construction – investment in the future The January 2011 construction trade fair in Poznań held under the auspices of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of the Economy is going to be a special, jubilee edition. Already for the twentieth time professionals involved in the industry will come to Poznań to participate in the greatest construction trade fair in this part of Europe. The attractions are going to include: special exhibitions, interactive shows, professional conferences, and – naturally the most important – nearly one and a half thousand companies exhibiting their latest products and services for the construction industry at the trade fair stands. The leading theme of BUDMA is going to be “Sustainable construction – Investment in the Future”. Sustainable development is one of the most important and the most current issues in all areas of human activity and in the economy. Sustainable construction is understood as the conscious following of economical, ecological and ergonomic principles in construction, aiming at optimising the energy efficiency of buildings, ensuring safety, comfort and functionality, and minimising the negative effects on the environment.

Magnetic jubilee Although the business outlook concerning the construction industry is still not very good, the interest in the participation in the jubilee edition of BUDMA is unusually high and it is already clear that the January edition of the trade fair is going to be much greater than the previous one. Many companies that have never exhibited their offers at BUDMA before have now applied to take part in its twentieth edition. Traditionally, the number of market leaders is also going to be very high. The increase in the number of exhibitors concerns nearly all sectors represented at the trade fair. For instance, the fenestration joinery exposition is going to be especial-



ergy-efficient Passive Construction Forum and the accompanying special exhibition. Moreover, for the first time in the history of BUDMA, possibilities of generating energy from renewable sources to heat houses are going to be so thoroughly presented. Another exposition closely related to the subject of sustainable development is going to be the – unique in Europe – Village of Wooden Houses.

Debates, conferences, shows 19th edition of BUDMA 2010 trade fair proved its special role in promoting the latest solutions and technologies

ly spectacular, with the products of the most important manufacturers of doors, windows, window guards and gates.

Energy-efficient, innovative and safe construction The scope of the next year’s BUDMA exposition is going to be enriched and its layout changed. The subject matter of BUDMA is going to encompass all stages of construction investment implementation – from design and ground works to finishing and building management systems. The latter are going to be presented, for instance, at BUDSHOW – a project known from the previous editions of the trade fair. As part of the project, in one of the pavilions an “intelligent house” is going to be constructed from scratch and equipped with the latest computer-assisted electronic control solutions. The next year’s special expositions are closely related to the leading theme of BUDMA – “Sustainable construction – energy-efficiency, innovativeness and safety.” Energy-efficient technologies are going to be discussed even more than this year at the En-

The trade fair is going to be accompanied by several professional conferences. What promises to be especially attractive is the debate on sustainable construction in the European Union and the Construction Engineer’s Days – this year devoted to the problem of eurocodes and after flood construction. Undoubtedly, the greatest attraction of the rich programme of events for architectures is going to be the Architecture Day, with its special guest – one of the most renowned Finnish architects Rainer Mahlamäki. There are also going to be many presentations, workshops and shows held in especially separated spaces such as: the Archispace for architects, with the Efficient Designing Academy, the art of roofing shows, the Modern Carpenter’s Workshop, workshops for parquet floor layers, paving stone laying shows, the Barrier-free Building, the Exhibition of Parquet Floors, and ceramics and stone in the construction industry. BUDMA is also going to be the place of competitions of the best craftsmen. Moreover, the 4th Polish Tile Laying Championship is going to be held at the trade fair, as well as the competition for the title of the “Capital of Polish Parquet Laying”.  by Tomasz Wojciechowski

BUDMA International Construction Fair

CBS Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa

WINDOOR-TECH Trade Fair of Machines and Components for Window, Door, Gate and Facade Production

Violetta Pastwa Manager of BUDMA


Know-how on building for sport Sport facilities building in Poland is a very dynamically developing sector of the construction industry. The investments made in the sector are already worth billions and there are still many facilities waiting to be built or modernized. A demand for materials, components and professional workmanship is growing. The potential of the market can be seen at trade fairs devoted to the industry, such as CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa – a common initiative of the Polish Club of Sports Infrastructure (PKIS) and Poznań International Fair (MTP), which is going to take place in Poznań in January. ”More than 100 exhibitors are going to showcase their offers in two pavilions. From the online pre-registration statistics we already know that this year’s edition will attract great interest from those professionally involved in planning, designing, constructing, modernising, equipping and managing sports and leisure facilities”, says Manager of CBS Tomasz Stachowiak. ”The demand in this sector of the construction industry is also well illustrated by the significant turnout of individual investors, looking for solutions applica-

ble in smaller investments (such as a backyard swimming pool or sauna) and more advanced projects (such as a SPA facility by an agritourist B&B or a hotel)”. The quickly upcoming European Football Championship Euro 2012 is a huge challenge for local self-governments but at the same time – an excellent incentive to improve the infrastructure necessary for various sport disciplines. A significant example of investing in the sector is the programme of constructing the so-called “Orliks”, i.e. football fields for the youth. So far, as many as 1300 have been put into service and 1000 more are still waiting to be built in the next 2 years. The success of the programme of football fields has triggered new initiatives, supported with the EU funds. CBS is going to wait in Poznań for all those interested in investments in the sports infrastructure, offering an interesting thematic scope and a programme of professional conferences and workshops. WINDOOR-TECH

Window on novelties “Open up for new possibilities” is the motto of January trade fair of technologies for the production of fenestration joinery – WINDOOR-TECH. The trade fair is organised every two years so every new edition is a real festival of novelties. What else distinguishes the Poznań WINDOOR-TECH from other trade fair events? Apart from the involvement of international exhibitors and a broad offer – mostly the presentations of machines and equipment in motion.

Latest solutions A visit to WINDOOR-TECH 2011 is going to be an exceptional opportunity to learn about the latest proposals of more than 100 manufacturers and suppliers of machines and components. On the exhibition area of nearly 8000 sq m, companies representing the leading world brands are going to show solutions that – if applied in practice – may help to make the production process more efficient and the quality – higher. Aiming at high production standards is nowadays a particular value for enterprises due to a strong competitive pressure both in the Polish and European market.

The mission of BUDMA is to promote the latest solutions in the field of construction. We are constantly looking for new themes and observing the trends in the industry development. This year we have focused on the problem of energy-efficiency. Nevertheless, both the exposition and the programme of the trade fair included many other prospective issues, such as barrier-free and after flood construction or the chances for the construction industry in relation to the development of the nuclear energy sector.

The strongest point of the trade fair, apart from the involvement of international exhibitors and a wide offer, is a unique possibility to see the presentations of woodworking machines and machines processing aluminium and PVC in motion, which is crucial for those in the industry who look for practical technological improvements. Consultants present at the trade fair are going to provide information that may appear priceless when making decisions on investments, which usually require thorough factual preparation.

Welcome to the factory! PVC Window Factory – live! is yet another important reason to visit the trade fair. The organisers of this unusual exhibition are such companies as: Aereco Wentylacja, Adams, Aluplast, Bernharot Stahl, Emmegii, Mobilne Laboratorium Techniki Budowlanej, R&D Tech, Roto Frank Okucia Budowlane, PST and MTP. The idea is to promote the most modern production solutions allowing for a dynamic development in the business. The Factory is in fact a full-size machine park manufacturing PVC windows from the best components and in real time. Sections combined into technology units are going to make a production line with its whole environment, reflecting the work of a production plant, with its need for dynamic response to every event. by Jacek Obarski 4/2010


What’s ahead



International Fair of Animal Breeding

Jakub Patelka Manager of FARMA

New face of FARMA In order to operate a profitable farm you must keep up with solutions for livestock production. The latest solutions, technologies and products showcased by the leaders of the breeding industry are to be seen in Poland at the February FARMA International Fair of Animal Breeding. The event is held under the honorary auspices of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. FARMA

Rich offer for professional recipients Farmers coming to FARMA are going to find here elements of equipment for livestock buildings (cages, coops, trough elements, mangers, feeders, drinkers, brooders, egg graders, equipment for milking and pre-treatment of milk), veterinary equipment and preparations, as well as the offer of manufacturers of tractors, trailers or loaders. For the first time, at the special Green Forage Exhibition a comprehensive offer of technology for feed and silage production is going to be presented. Another novelty is going to be the Agroenergy Exhibition, featuring the offer related to renew-

able energy sources. The visual presentation of the process of energy production through methane fermentation is going to complement the exhibition connected to biogas. At a special area the technology of biomass preparation is going to be presented. As part of the national campaign encouraging children to drink milk, at FARMA you will be able to see milk vending machines and learn about the possibilities related to selling milk with the use of such equipment. In the pavilion devoted to the theme of swine breeding you will be able to see selected elements of a modern pigsty.

32nd RACING Pigeon-Olympiad Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories You are cordially invited to take part in the 32nd Racing Pigeon Olympiad that is to be held from 28 to 30 January 2011 in Poznań. This special, prestigious event is going to take place at the grounds of Poznań International Fair (MTP), where it is going to gather the most precious racing pigeons. The event is organised by the Polish Association of Racing Pigeon Breeders (PZHGP) and Poznań International Fair (MTP). The organisation of the Racing Pigeon Olympiad has been entrusted to the Association and MTP by the Federation



Colombophile Internationale (FCI), which is a great distinction and a cause for pride but at the same time – a great challenge. Nevertheless, the joint forces of the two aforementioned partners guarantee an event successful in every respect. The 32nd Racing Pigeon Olympiad will be accompanied by the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories. Both the Olympiad and the exposition of the exhibitors are to be housed in the so-called “four-pack” hall at the MTP grounds, whose architecture combines beauty and functionality, and thus creates excellent conditions for the presentation of the most precious racing pigeons, true champions and the pride of their owners.

Starting from 2011 FARMA is going to take place every two years, in early spring. Thanks to this change, novelties in the field of mechanisation of livestock production are going to be shown in Poznań for the first time in Poland right after EuroTiere in Hannover. The change in the form of the trade fair is a response to the needs of the changing market – presenting new products every two years, right after their European premieres at German fair, makes it possible to show a wider and richer offer to the Polish market. Making a specialised event out of FARMA, without linking it to the National Breeding Animals Exhibition is to encourage the strict orientation of the trade fair on the breeding sector, the use of the commercial potential by companies presenting their products and the exchange of experiences and discussions on new technological solutions and modern livestock production.

Advice from Polish and European experts At the conference on “Biogas plants – energy from renewable resources”, organised by MTP and the Rzeczpospolita daily, experts and practitioners are going to present the review of biogas production technologies and the existing law and administrative procedures connected with implementing a biogas construction investment. Moreover, they are going to present a financial analysis of such an investment, including the potential Polish and EU sources of funds, the possibilities of bank financing and the profitability of the investment. Also the conference on “Bio-energy in agriculture” organised by the editing board of the “Czysta Energia” monthly is going to be devoted to the subject of energy from renewable sources. Apart from that, in cooperation with a main veterinary doctor, a veterinary and breeding forum is going to be held, addressed to the owners of large animal farms and veterinarians looking after large cattle, swine and poultry farms. A great number of everyday debates for farmers and breeders are going to be run by experts invited by the editing board of the Top AGRAR Polska monthly. The themes of the debates include: investing in cowsheds and pigsties – the review of the latest solutions and forecasts of changes in the livestock production market in the coming years. During the 2nd European Young Farmer Day, organised by the Rural Youth Union (ZMW) and MTP, young farmers from the whole Europe are going to discuss the problem of alternative energy sources in agriculture. Moreover, the results of the Polish innovative young breeder competition are going to be announced. The media partner of the competition is Top Agrar Polska.  by Dominika Redlicka


MEBLE Polska

Furniture Fair

B2B once again This year, the Poznań MEBLE Polska Furniture Fair has undergone a true metamorphosis: starting from the change of the time and form to the new visual identification. The fact that the trade fair has been moved to February gives the possibility to promote new models as soon as at the beginning of the year and makes it easier to contract orders for the other half of the year. The B2B character of the event makes potential business partners more available. At the same time, a special package for furniture merchants makes the stay at the trade fair easier and more pleasant. Other needs of the trade fair participants are met by the infrastructure and transport related advantages of the Poznań centre, which comprises the most modern exhibition facilities and is located in the vicinity of an airport and a major rail junction – features especially important for furniture merchants from abroad. MEBLE Polska

New successful form The changes introduced into the form of the trade fair turned out to be spot on – the event created especially for professionals from the furniture industry attracted this year 120 exhibitors from 12 countries. The exposition covering the area of 15,500 sq m was visited by the total number of 7,500 guests. The participants responded positively to the change of the time and to the new, strictly business profile of the trade fair. Among other advantages of the event, they often mentioned amenities making the stay at the trade fair easier and more pleasant, such as the free entrance to the trade fair grounds, the all-day catering or the possibilities to arrange business meetings in advance.

”It was a great pleasure to take part in the MEBLE trade fair. In our case it was the twentieth time. This is where we have built our brand and observed the development of the trade fair itself. The new form is definitely for us: starting from the change of the time to the beginning of the year, through the high quality of the service, to the quality of business talks held at the stands”, said President of the Board of Kolekcja Mebli KLOSE Wojciech Gieburowski, commenting on the last edition of the trade fair. There were more positive opinions. ” At the trade fair we signed many long-term cooperation agreements (...) It seems to us that the aim that should be met by a furniture trade fair has been achieved”, emphasized Manager of the Board of HBZ-Meble Sp. z o.o. Mirosław Słodkowski.

Immense interest from exhibitors The success of the exhibition is best proven by the interest in its next edition. Most of the market leaders and many companies that have never presented their offers at MEBLE Polska before confirmed that they were coming as soon as three months before the start of the trade fair. Therefore, it seems certain that this year’s statistics will be outstripped

Józef Szyszka Manager of MEBLE Polska Poznań furniture trade fair has for 30 years been the greatest event for this industry in Poland. This tradition is important to us – we value and cherish it – but we are also aware that what is needed today is flexibility and dynamic, often revolutionary changes. The environment is changing, the industry is changing – and so are we. We believe that the new form of MEBLE Polska is the answer to the current needs of the sector – together, we want to create a truly European event that will significantly influence the promotion and image of Polish manufacturers in the EU countries. We are still waiting for the last applications and the location of the last stands is being set. The most important companies in the industry have confirmed that they are coming. We are happy to announce that MEBLE Polska is already in full swing – you will see a business event meeting the expectations of the Polish furniture industry.

and most of all – that we will have a powerful event promoting the achievements of the Polish furniture industry in the whole Europe. One of the activities aimed at fostering the implementation of this plan is widespread canvassing among European furniture merchants from such countries as Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia – the main importers of Polish furniture. Nearly 85 per cent of the whole Polish production is bought by foreign recipients, so it is definitely a market worth attention in the context of the trade fair promotion.  by Anna Adamska



What’s ahead


Participants of ”Garden for a City Dweller” workshop try to develop a selected area

Garden of good business For all the exhibitors of GARDENIA the last weekend of February is the optimum moment for holding business talks and showcasing the offer for the upcoming season. For visitors, on the other hand, the Poznań trade fair is a great opportunity to meet suppliers, exchange experiences and acquire some new, practical knowledge on the horticulture business. GARDENIA

Who takes part in the trade fair? GARDENIA is a meeting place for professionals. It attracts owners and employees of horticultural warehouses, centres and shops, but also persons responsible for green areas in a city and at housing estates, landscape architects, representatives of companies dealing with arranging gardens, owners of garden farms and nurseries. Obviously, in the world of the garden industry there must be room for all those for whom gardening is passion, that is, for lovers of gardens. The first day of GARDENIA – “Professional Day” – is addressed to professional visitors. On the two remaining days the trade fair exposition is open for all gardening fans, additional attractions for



whom involve the Horticultural Fair and the Regional Product Fair.

Seminars, competitions and workshops Especially for landscape architects, garden makers and employees in offices managing urban green areas, Poznań International Fair (MTP) in cooperation with the Abrys Publishing House organises every year the Urban Garden Art seminar, which has already attracted significant interest for as many as four years. At the seminar, theoretical knowledge is illustrated by many examples from Poland and abroad. The lecturers recruit from researchers and practitioners from

different part of Poland. MTP and the Polish Association of Garden Creators (OSTO) together organise a competition for the best public greenery design entitled “Greenery in the City”. The aim of the competition is to promote high standards of public greenery designs and to popularise modern technologies and the best solutions supporting the existence of green areas in large urban agglomerations. The competition jury is going to choose the best project for green development of a selected public area. The awarded works will be presented at the trade fair. The interest in the competition

gardenia Garden Fair

Jakub Patelka Manager of GARDENIA We invite you to come to Poznań for the fifth, jubilee meeting of the horticultural industry – the GARDENIA Garden Fair. The event is organised with support of the most important associations gathering the representatives of the garden industry, which are also present at the trade fair. Together, we organise an attractive exposition and an interesting programme, so that every visitor can not only see the latest products and learn about the latest services, but also acquire some practical knowledge.

You are cordially invited to attend the premiere edition of the Animal Market Exhibition


25-27.02.2011 continues to grow year after year and the level of works is very high. MTP together with the Department of Landscape Architecture of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW organises design workshops called “Garden for a City Dweller”. The participants of the workshops try to develop a selected area in accordance with the guidelines provided by the organisers. The workshops are addressed to garden designers, gardeners and landscape architects, as well as to researchers and students.

The new exhibition is going to accompany GARDENIA – the greatest horticultural event in Poland. The combination of the garden fair with the exposition of pet products and services has been created in response to the needs of the market and it draws the attention to the connections between the two fields. ANIMAL MARKET is a meeting place for professionals: • owners and employees of garden warehouses, centres and shops • owners and employees of pet warehouses, centres and shops • owners of veterinary clinics • veterinarians • owners of angling stores • other people professionally involved in the pet industry.


Great shows Traditionally, GARDENIA involves the Floral Shows – a very attractive event where you can see varied, colourful and beautifully fragrant arrangements of flowers and plants. The event is organised by the Scientific and Technical Association of Horticultural Engineers and Technicians (SITO) and MTP. Every year, for the three days of the Floral Shows, the best Polish florists present their original arrangements of flowers and plants. Yet another complement to the expositions of the trade fair exhibitors is going to be the Garte and Gardenia Model Gardens show featuring garden arrangements. The show was first held in 2010. It features various ideas for arranging small, back or front yard space.

You are cordially invited to take part in the RYBOMANIA Angling Fair The RYBOMANIA Angling Fair is a meeting place for lovers of angling, both those with years of experience and great expertise and those who are only just starting this wonderful adventure. We invite all those who want to showcase their offers and share their experiences through presentations, shows and lectures concerning equipment, catching techniques and practical preparation for angling. RYBOMANIA is an excellent opportunity to present new angling products – rods, spinning-wheels, angling

accessories and bait, as well as tourist and sailing equipment necessary when you go fishing. We want the visitors to RYBOMANIA to find here everything a seasoned angler needs: the latest equipment and angling accessories, baits and lures, clothing, tourist equipment, boats and dinghies, as well as angling journals and the offers of travel agencies recommending trips to interesting angling grounds. We are positive that the nearest edition of the RYBOMANIA Exhibition will be a meeting of anglers from all over Poland, enabling them to meet interesting, famous people who can share their angling passion with others.

by Ewa Rutkowska



What’s ahead



Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories

Poznań Fashion Fair – From March 2011 new lines of clothes, lingerie, footwear, accessories, as well as fabrics and accessories for the clothing industry are all going to be showcased under one brand. NEXT SEASON, FAST FASHION, BTS, TEX-STYLE and INTERMASZ are exhibitions related to fashion and light industry well-known in Poland. The exhibitions held every six months, every year or every two years, are always a comprehensive complex of business events for professionals from the fashion industry. In 2011 they are going to be held in a new form under a new brand – Poznań Fashion Fair. Poznań Fashion Fair

Time for changes The new name of the fair is not the only change. In spring the NEXT SEASON Contracting Exhibition of Clothing, Shoes and Accessories and the BODY STYLE Exhibition of Lingerie and Beach Fashion are for the first time going to be held under one name – the NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories. In consequence, the nearest edition of Poznań Fashion Fair is going to consist of: • NEXT SEASON – Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories • FAST FASHION – Fashion Exhibition • T EX-STYLE – Exhibition of Clothing Industry Fabrics and Accessories • BTS – Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods At Poznań Fashion Fair, clothing and lingerie are to be clearly separated into two seasons – the coming and the current one. This is going to be reflected in the division into two exhibitions: NEXT SEASON, with new collections for autumn and winter 2011/2012 and FAST FASHION, with collections for spring and summer 2011. Poznań Fashion Fair is a place where manufacturers and distributors of clothing, footwear, lingerie and textiles can meet boutique owners who come to the fair to contract orders for new collections. The nearest edition will meet the expectations of not only traders, who already run their businesses, but also those who are only just thinking of starting a boutique.

Time for own businesses For the first time, the March fashion fair is going to promote franchisors. Franchising is an idea for your



FAST FASHION Fashion Exhibition

TEX-STYLE Exhibition of Clothing Industry Fabrics and Accessories

BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods

new format Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska Manager of Poznań Fashion Fair Fashion fairs have always held a very important position in the exhibition calendar of Poznań International Fair (MTP) and Poznań itself has always been a significant venue of the most important exhibition events for the fashion industry in Poland. The new umbrella name for the events related to fashion in Poznań emphasizes that the city is a place where it is worth thinking about fashion in business terms. Poznań Fashion Fair is not just a fair but also a place for concluding contracts and acquiring know-how directly from the original source. For young designers it is also an excellent opportunity to arise. I invite you to come to the fair!

own business. If you are thinking of starting a shop selling clothing, lingerie or footwear and want to cooperate with a commercial network – why not start looking for your personal recipe for success in the fashion industry at Poznań Fashion Fair? Franchisors will be easily found at Poznań Fashion Fair thanks to marking their stands with a sign saying “FRANCHISOR”, so that they can be recognised from a distance.

Meet the future at the Poznań Fashion Fair Poznań Fashion Fair supports young talents. At Poznań Fashion Fair, artistic fashion design stu-

dents and graduates will have a chance to establish their first interesting contacts with clothing manufacturers. The collections of young creators are going to be shown as part of the FUTURE project accompanying the trade fair.

Knowledge and show In spring Poznań Fashion Fair is going to continue the tradition of organising important educational meetings for traders. The programme of seminars and lectures is going to include the issues of fashion marketing, sales techniques and trends. The collections showcased by the exhibitors are going to be pre-

New format of fashion fair is going to include lingerie presentations

sented at dynamic fashion shows held in the immediate vicinity of the exposition.

New face on the Internet As a consequence of creating a new brand – Poznań Fashion Fair – which joins all the events connected to fashion held in Poznań, we have also prepared a new Internet address – www.targimodypoznan. pl. Apart from the basic rules of trade fair participation, both for the exhibitors and visitors, we also post there details concerning the trade fairs, including: the list of brands to be present at the fair and new points of the programme of events. The Internet community also has its meeting place on the profile of Poznań Fashion Fair on the social networking website Facebook. by Marta Siek 4/2010


What’s ahead

4-6.03.2011 • •

Educational know how What should you take into account when choosing a school? What class curricula attract the most interest? What field of study to choose and what kind of jobs are in greatest demand? Soon, several thousand students, secondary school graduates and teachers from all over Poland will come to Poznań in search for answers to these and more questions. They will be received by state and private schools of all levels and companies offering products and services related to education – all showcasing their offers during the Education Fair, held from 4 to 6 March 2011. Education Fair

Interactive and interesting

tinguished the Poznań Education Fair out of others is its interactive form. Here – instead of leaflets, broThe Education Fair held at the grounds of Poznań chures and balloons – you will see chemical experInternational Fair (MTP) is the most important and iments and sports shows, and will be able to learn the greatest educational event in Poland. For as how a lie detector works or how to give first aid. many as fifteen years it has attracted exhibitors At the Poznań trade fair, vocational schools rival from all over Poland and from abroad to come against each other, trying to advertise their curricuand show their rich offers related to education and la, and always busy teenagers can find answers to school equipment. In 2010 the exposition was visall the questions they want, ited by nearly 40 thousand without having to resort to students, parents, teachthe Internet. ers, educationalists, school In 2010 the exposition was visited The Poznań Education Fair managers and representaby nearly 40 thousand students, attracts exhibitors from tives of local self-governparents, teachers, educationalists, both Poland and abroad. ments. The Education Fair is a common undertak- school managers and representatives During its last edition, 450 schools and companies preing of the Teacher Training of local self-governments. sented their offers, among Centre (ODN) in Poznań, them also foreign higher the Wielkopolska Province schools. The advantage of Marshal’s Office and MTP. the trade fair is not only the high turnout of visitors The event has for years been immensely popubut also the comprehensive offer. The trade fair is lar among visitors and has provided students and accompanied by a rich programme of conferences their parents with a lot of information necessary to and meetings addressed to teachers, headteachers make an informed and well-thought-out choice of and representatives of local self-governments. the further educational path. A quality that has disBooks for Children and Young People

For bookworms and teachers For as many as ten years yet another event has been held under the same roof as the Education Fair – the Books for Children and Young People – the only trade fair in Central Europe focused only on books for young readers. The event is addressed both to professionals – writers, translators, illustrators, pubBooks for Children and Young People is a fair where young readers may meet not only publishers but also authors and illustrators of their favourite books



Education Fair

Books for Children and Young People Poznań Trade Fair Meetings

School Equipment Exhibition

Zofia Strzyż Manager of Education Fair Year after year, at the Education Fair we have been observing more and more interactive activities, in which visitors willingly participate. Mixing chemicals and volunteering to undergo an experiment is much more interesting than reading information on a particular major on the Internet. Therefore, the exhibitors of the Education Fair bring with them whatever can be the most interesting from the perspective of candidates to a given school. An opportunity to confront one’s offer with the offers of other schools, also those from abroad, is very useful. But the most precious is the opportunity to directly encounter thousands of young people at one time and place. Model classroom for pupils in class 1-3, model language classroom, and even a sports field with artificial turf – this year’s edition of Education Fair presented a full range of solutions for modern schools

School Equipment Exhibition lishers, booksellers, librarians, academic circles, as well as a wider audience. The event is accompanied by conferences, discussions, meetings with writers, periodic exhibitions – the Masters of Illustration and the Illustrators’ Exhibition, screenings of films and many attractive activities for children. 2011 is going to be of particular importance for the event, as Poland is going to hold the EU Presidency and the Polish Society of Book Publishers (PTWK) is going to celebrate its 90th anniversary. On this occasion, at the 10th edition of the Books for Children and Young People exhibition, the organisers would like to show to the audience the most beautiful books for children and teenagers published in Europe. The trade fair is held under the honorary auspices of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Minister of National Education and the President of Poznań.

Modern school An integral part of the Education Fair is the School Equipment Exhibition, where manufacturers and distributors of school furniture, educational aids and equipment for language classrooms, other classrooms and day-rooms showcase their offers. This is the place where managers of pre-schools, schools and higher schools can find all they should see before making any investments. The School Equipment Exhibition is visited by crowds of teachers eager for technological novelties and by parents of students, who – when evaluating and eventually choosing a school for their children – are more and more often guided by a school’s equipment. The Exhibition features nearly everything that is helpful in learning, proper development of a young person and even in playing.

The last edition of the School Equipment Exhibition was especially interesting due to the shows of modern equipment live. In a Model Classroom for pupils in class 1-3 of the primary school, fully equipped by the exhibitors, lessons were held for the whole time of the trade fair. Among fabulously colourful furniture, the youngest learners did great with their hand-held notebooks and screens instead of whiteboards. In a Model Language Classroom teachers of foreign languages and their learners together tried out modern teaching aids. Apart from the classrooms, there was also a sports field with artificial turf, where students of the University of Physical Education organised leisure activities and team games.  by Karolina Makowska



What’s ahead



Małgorzata Czubak Manager of Aktywni 50+

Business is opening for 50+ customers Aktywni 50+ is a trade fair for manufacturers, service companies, self-government and social organisations offering products and services addressed to people over 50 – a group of customers that are very important in today’s world. The first such trade fair in Poland, organised by Poznań International Fair (MTP) in cooperation with the city of Poznań in September 2010 aroused great interest of both visitors and media representatives. AKTYWNI 50+

Special offer for special recipients Precisely targeted potential customers and products properly suited to the customers’ needs – that is what gives a chance for a success. Today, the needs of the elderly are chances for businesses to develop, mostly because the group of consumers over 50 keeps growing. What is important, so are the financial resources of this group. According to the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the purchasing capacity of more than 4 million Polish households of consumers aged above 60 exceeds 150 billion PLN. Moreover – or rather – first of all, there have been significant changes in the lifestyle and mentality of the elderly, who now want to live interesting and active lives and search for possibilities of self-realisation. A huge potential hidden in the 50+ age group, as well as the group’s special expectations has led to a situation when more and more companies prepare a special offer for these customers. For the sake of the clarity of the presentation, all the products and services exhibited at the trade fair were divided into the following segments: health, sports, tourism, work and education, beauty and style, new technologies and media, hobbies, law and finances.



Prime age – living your life to the fullest As both research and the first edition of Aktywni 50+ have shown – people aged over 50 are very open to suggestions on how to improve the quality of their lives, increase their activity level and maintain a decent status in the society. The trade fair was visited by more than 2000 people, the majority of them aged 50 to 60 and mostly women. Nearly 1/3 of all the visitors came from out of Poznań, because – as it was explained by Mrs Łucja Pogorzelska from

By organising Aktywni 50+ we want to draw the attention of manufacturers and service providers to people aged over 50 as a group of consumers and potential customers. Nowadays, people this age are substantially different from stereotypical seniors. First of all, they concentrate more on themselves, they look for products and services that can help them stay longer fit, independent and healthy. And live their lives to the fullest. In Poland the elderly are a significant and the fastest growing group of consumers making quite passable incomes. We are confident that the participation in Aktywni 50+ will show them how many possibilities there are to improve the quality of their lives and become more active, whereas the exhibitors will gain new prospects for business development thanks to targeting their offers precisely at customers aged over 50. the commune of Łęka Opatowska: “Small towns and villages offer extremely little to senior citizens. We have a club of pensioners so we mustered up and came here for the whole day. Apart from what we have seen at the trade fair, we also made use of the trade fair promotion and went to the theatre.” The rich programme of events accompanying the 2011 edition of the trade fair should attract visitors like a magnet. Special exhibitions will make it possible for the visitors to take part in sports activities. There are also going to be development, creation and educational workshops and attractive concerts. A series of interesting lectures and discussions is planned. The programme of the fair has been structured in such a way as to make the trade fair not only a place for meetings and integration of the elderly but also to connect different generations so that children and grandchildren together with parents and grandparents can build the future, following the motto of the trade fair – “Prime age – living your life to the fullest!” This is because, apart from business, Aktywni 50+ has also an equally important social dimension – a quality that makes it so broadly commented in the media. by Donata Naumienko



Digital Technologies Forum The television trade fair has become a permanent part of the rich calendar of events organised by Poznań International Fair (MTP). POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO is for many a place where representatives of the whole industry can be met and where there are opportunities to hold important talks and establish new contacts. The trade fair exposition is mostly a review of technologies. It was here where for the first time in Poland the 4K quality of picture was presented. Also here, all the trade fair visitors could see the most modern HD outside broadcasting van, capable of working together with 18 cameras at the same time. For two days, more than 100 Polish and foreign companies have shown their solutions to the trade fair guests.

Piotr Kamiński Manager of Poznań Media Expo Poznań Media Expo 2011 is going to take place under the name of “Digital Technologies Forum”. The aim of the event is to show professionals the latest equipment solutions dedicated to digital broadcasting. The combination of the rich technological programme with the exposition will make it possible to fully showcase the equipment that in the coming years will be used to digitalise Poland. The programme will be enriched by general themes concerning the activities related to the digitalisation of Poland in the next few years. We will ask the decision-makers how the transition from the analogue signal to the digital signal is to happen, not only when it comes to television but also the radio. As soon as today I am inviting you to take part in POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO 2011.


Trade fair talks on the future of the television market The world of television as we have known it so far is changing. Soon, analogue terrestrial television will be replaced by digital television as we live in the decade of rapid digitalisation. For some time we have been able to observe a growing number of HD channels on digital platforms and in popular cable networks. However, these are not the only changes. The digitalisation is being followed by 3D television, using high definition im-

age. Apart from that, there is also a significant trend of media convergence. Poznań Media Expo is an opportunity to take part in the discussion panels devoted to the questions related to the future of the television market in Poland. The shape of television, technologies and plans of development are discussed by the representatives of authorities and leading chambers operating in the market. Apart from the exposition, the disputes of specialists is its most important feature.

Those who create Polish media market are going to discuss the way of transforming from analoque to digital signal both on TV and in the radio, the shape of television, plans of its development and new technologies 4/2010


What’s ahead



The greatest motor show in Poland For years there has not been an event like that in Poland! Over 260 cars, more than 100 motorcycles, scooters, quads and – most importantly – 40,000 visitors! The first in five years edition of MOTOR SHOW came back in great style! MOTOR SHOW

Comeback in great style MOTOR SHOW is a consumer event addressed to all automotive enthusiasts and drivers of cars and one-track vehicles. Some parts of the programme have been prepared especially for the whole families, which was received very positively at MOTOR SHOW 2010. The next edition of the event promises even more, as the programme has been enriched and made even more attractive by the addition of new elements. Bearing in mind the expectations of the media and the key clients – exhibitors and partners – the organisers have decided to maintain the closed events such as MOTOR SHOW VIP DAY and MOTOR SHOW VIP NIGHT. The entrance to both events will be only by invitation letters unavailable on open sale. On the same day as the MOTOR SHOW VIP DAY, numerous presenMOTOR SHOW is an event attracting the whole families of automotive enthusiasts. At coffee meetings they are able to meet sports and show business celebrities



tations, conferences and shows are also going to take place.

Attractions for a wide audience After the new form of MOTOR SHOW has been so wonderfully received by the audience, 2011 will bring further evolution of the trade fair, the programme of which is going to be extended by adding new events addressed to car audio enthusiasts and vintage car lovers. One of the pavilions will invite the youngest visitors with their mums. The same pavilion is also going to house the exhibition of the State Fire Service (PSP), where – apart from the presentations of equipment and services – visitors will be also able to see various rescuing techniques. First of all, however, there are going to be very attractive and interactive premiere shows and presen-

Rafał Błachowski Manager of MOTOR SHOW For many years MOTOR SHOW belonged to the greatest events of the automotive industry in Poland. This was the trade fair awaited by automotive enthusiasts and users of cars and one-track vehicles. Poznań was the place to see the latest models of cars, often their market premieres, and numerous novelties from the automotive world. I am very glad that MOTOR SHOW has now come back to the calendar of the trade fair events and in such a spectacular style. The first edition of the trade fair after a five-year long break has been a true success and a real festival of the automotive industry. Feel invited to the next edition in 2011, with its countless attractions.

tations of luxurious and sports cars. One of the main points of the programme is going to be a competition for the trade fair participants, the winner of which is going to be awarded a passenger car. As in 2010, the trade fair visitors will have an opportunity to meet sports and show business celebrities at coffee meetings. The audience will have at its disposal two courses – for karts and for quads. For the whole weekend numerous presentations are going to be held on two stages with full multimedia equipment.  by Dariusz Wawrzyniak


EPLA International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing

For market leaders and small enterprises As soon as in March 2011 MTP is going to host the third edition of the EPLA International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing. EPLA is going to feature state-of-the-art technologies and solutions related to raw materials, machines, tools and devices for the production of plastics and rubber, as well as the offer of injection moulding machines to let, the latter presented at a special exhibition.

Is it worth to compete for the Gold Medal of MTP? The only answer is YES, as it is the best promotion possible The Gold Medal of MTP – the most prestigious prize awarded since 1979 to those products exhibited at the fairs that are of the highest quality, which are modern, innovative, and made using the highest standard technologies. PRESTIGE Gold Medal is the oldest quality award in Poland, appreciated by Polish and foreign companies which use it in creating the image of their products. EFFICIENCY Winners of Gold Medals claim the sales of prize-winning products rise by 10-30%. INDEPENDENCE The Jury of Gold Medals is composed of recognised authorities in a given industry, practitioners and scientists from the milieu of technical universities, natural science universities, schools of economy, fine arts academies as well as research and science institutions.

Marcin Gruszczyński Manager of EPLA There are several elements that constitute the success of a company’s performance at a trade fair. The offer of EPLA is the result of years of experience of Poznań International Fair (MTP) and an answer to the question how to perform successfully. We know how serious logistical undertaking and financial investment it is to prepare a trade fair presentation of a company. Therefore, we try to make the investment as profitable for our exhibitors as possible by minimising the costs and maximising the possible benefits.


Business communication platform The main aim of the EPLA Fair is to create a platform for business communication that would enable entrepreneurs to contact new professional clients. Therefore, the possibilities of presenting a company at

the trade fair have been prepared in such a way as to correspond to the needs of both the leaders of the plastics market and smaller enterprises, for which EPLA is the best occasion to develop their activities. In consequence, the trade fair visitors – professionals, persons responsible for key decisions in production, trading and service companies closely connected to the industry – can count on seeing a truly varied offer, which will definitely include many novelties. A great advantage of the trade fair is its programme of events, which makes it possible to learn from the best, taking advantage of their knowledge and experiences. At the conferences accompanying the trade fair Polish and European experts are going to share their knowledge with the listeners. All this is the result of extending the existing institutional cooperation of MTP with the industry associations and research centres. The industry partners of EPLA 2011 is the Poznań University of Technology and the EKOGUMA Rubber Manufacturers Association. The media partners of the trade fair are the journals of Plastics Review and Rubber Review, and the Plastics Online portal. 

COMPETENCE Gold Medals are awarded in 40 competition categories, according to criteria adapted to the trades of exhibitors at a given fair. MARKETING SUPPORT Randomly selected winners are promoted by Radio “Merkury”, the most popular radio station in Wielkopolska, and TV Biznes, the first nation-wide television channel for entrepreneurs. Both Polish and foreign companies can compete for the Gold Medal of MTP. Organisation of the Competition for the Gold Medal of MTP: BIT BUSINESS–INNOVATIONS– TECHNOLOGIES Głogowska 26, 60-734 Poznań, Poland phone: +  48 61 866 59 36, +48 61 869 22 06 phone/fax +48 61 866 66 50 e-mail:,

by Karolina Makowska 4/2010


Leaders speak out


TP is an unquestionable leader in the Polish trade fair market. The company owns its position mostly to the skill of establishing business contacts. What best illustrates the network of contacts is the trade fair calendar, where new events appear every year. This is how they are perceived by the participants of the first trade fair editions.

Trade fairs are impor- Seniors form a great target group tant and necessary Beata Dudzic

Marketing Department of Stadlbauer sp. z o.o.

What is your opinion on the initiative of Poznań International Fair (MTP) concerning the organisation of the ON/ OFF Consumer Electronics and Video Games Show – an event new to the Polish trade fair market? It is a great idea as the fair was an excellent opportunity to present the latest products related to 3D technologies, digital home, TV sets, telephones, audio sets, computers and video games. Thanks to the event, the fans of multimedia could see the possibilities offered by modern technologies. The exposition was divided into thematic exhibitions: the Visual Exhibition, the Sound Exhibition, the Mobile Exhibition and the Game Exhibition. At each of them, the biggest companies from particular sectors of the industry showcased their novelties. Naturally, our company exhibited in the Game Exhibition. Our presence at ON/OFF was for me an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the long announced chances in the activities of Nintendo in Poland. The presentation of the company came out very well. My opinion of our participation in ON/OFF is very positive. I had many meetings during this trade fair and met many new people – these are priceless benefits, making it easier for us to carry out our marketing activities. I think the trade fair will contribute to the intensification of activities in the market and therefore – is an important and necessary event in the economy. The video games industry is an extremely interesting and dynamically developing market. And, although I am very happy that I have taken part in the trade fair, I am confident that the video games industry in Poland is so developed that it deserves to have a trade fair devoted to it alone.



Lidia Bomirska

Libo Concept

Seniors are very much interested in actively spending their free time, if only they have an opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, in today’s Poland the offer for them is still very limited. It is not easy to part – overnight – with the stereotype of an old geezer sitting in front of a TV, slippers on his feet, and to welcome the modern, open 50+ people who willingly participate in sports and leisure events hand in hand with their children and grandchildren. The initiative of MTP to organise an exhibition event addressed to a specific age group is a truly innovative idea and the choice of seniors as the potential addressees of the offer comprising of various proposals of spending leisure time, popularising a healthy lifestyle and improving the quality of everyday’s existence of the elderly was spot on. After two days spent in Poznań at Aktywni 50+, I am totally convinced that this multi-industry model of a trade fair addressed to customers from specific age groups is an interesting idea for manufacturers and service providers, and that it opens up interesting perspectives for the development of companies through the kind of cooperation that exceeds the traditional frames of industry sector specialisation. The business I run deals, among others, with popularising and developing speed badminton in Poland – a new form of sports activity, invented and patented in Germany. We were astonished by the number of people visiting the trade fair and the many spontaneous positive responses from the participants of the

events organised as part of Speed Badminton Park. The modern version of a racquet game we proposed – which combines everything that is best in tennis, badminton and squash – enjoyed enormous interest among seniors. Aktywni 50+ showed that seniors form a great target group, which is constantly looking for its new image, is more than willing to escape the traditional, schematic behavioural patterns ascribed to it, and will do this at the first opportunity.

Event important for industry Ewa Miszewicz

Sales Manager of amb software sp. z o.o.

The first edition of the NECROPOLIS EXPO – Trade Fair of Cemetery Technology and Funeral Services took place in Poznań in October this year. What is your opinion of it? This was the first trade fair of this kind in Poznań. Although there were just 40 exhibitors, the event aroused enormous interest. What was significant, the vast majority of the visitors were professionals, which was a good sign for the future editions of the event. The organisers managed to create a comfortable space, in which manufacturers and visitors could establish and strengthen business contacts. I was satisfied with the significant interest that our products attracted. At one place, I was able to hold many talks with people for whom our products are what makes their work easier on an everyday basis. As the creators of the Internet portal we were also delivering the latest information on what was happening at the trade fair and there was a lot to write about.

We have successes to be proud of Prof. Adam Mazurkiewicz

Director of the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute in Radom

On the last day of NECROPOLIS EXPO we – all the exhibitors of the first edition of the event – were given the Founders’ Certificates. Apart from the symbolic meaning the certificates carry, they will bring benefits in the form of discounts when we take part in the 2012 edition of the trade fair. As far as I am concerned, most of this year’s exhibitors have already declared that they wish to take part in the next edition of the event. We are all satisfied with the established contacts and contracts signed during the fair. During the fair we were constantly accompanied by the media – there were representatives of several television networks, and the coverage of NECROPOLIS EXPO could be seen, among others, on the main news programmes of Polsat and TVP. Is such a trade fair needed? Of course, it is. Such trade fairs are places where mutual relationships are established between manufacturers, traders and clients. They are excellent places for the promotion of new products and services and for the stimulation of the directions in which the market develops. In the case of NECROPOLIS EXPO – all this concerns the funeral services market, which is very particular and difficult. Therefore, a trade fair – being a good marketing device – is of special importance for this industry. What confirmed the usefulness and sense of organising professional trade fair of a wide spectrum of exposition, including all the sectors of the broadly understood funeral industry, i.e. computerisation, visualisation, accessories and cemetery technology devices, coffins, urns and mourning clothing, was the great interest this fair received from the exhibitors, visitors and the media. We had the pleasure of being the media partner of the first edition of the NECROPOLIS EXPO. Apart from that, we presented our products and I must admit that our stand was extremely popular. There were lots of questions concerning the SAGRO Graves Administration System application, as well as Internet websites, virtual candles, graves search engine, multimedia presentations, business cards, letterhead paper, booklets, catalogues, leaflets and calendars. The participation in the trade fair enabled us to emphasize our presence in the market, present our offer to a wide audience and establish interesting business contacts. For our company, this trade fair is very important and useful.

and test equipment worked out in the Institute to both national and foreign entities in such countries as the USA, Germany, Russia, China, Mexico, Vietnam, Australia, Greece, Pakistan, Israel, Hungary, Ukraine or Belarus. For many years it has been possible to visit the stand of the Institute at the Research for Industry Exhibition in Poznań, and every year the stand offers many new and original solutions. Is the trade fair a good place to present novelties and make business contacts? I have no doubts that the annual participation of the Institute in this exhibition has to a large extent contributed to making our technological solutions more popular and made it possible to establish or develop business contacts with enterprises from both Poland and abroad. MTP has been popular and highly trusted both among the suppliers and recipients of innovative solutions for the industry. Years of our experience have shown that the business meetings arranged at trade fairs bring profits in the form of transfer contracts but also – they are the starting points for future research projects executed in cooperation with the representatives of the industry.

The Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute has for 25 years conducted basic and applied research and implementation works involving advanced technologies in many fields. What do you regard as the greatest achievements of the Institute? Undoubtedly, the greatest success of the Institute is the fact that since it was created in 1986 we have been a modern research centre of renowned reputation in the academic circles both in Poland and internationally. We have achieved the highest category in the rating of research and development units made by: the State CommitInnovative solutions emerging in the Institute tee for Scientific Research (KBN), the Ministry have been many times awarded by the jurors of of Science, and recently, in September 2010, by numerous competitions in Poland and abroad. the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Among the awards there has also been the A significant breakthrough in the activities of the MTP Gold Medal. What is the meaning of such Institute took place in 2004 when it was given distinctions in the marketing activity of the Inthe status of the National Research Institute. stitute? This fact was a great honour to us and a confirIndeed, the achievements of the Institute in the mation of the high competence of the Institute, field of inventions and innovations have very especially that we were then one of just three often been awarded both at Polish and at forcentres of such a status in Poland. eign exhibitions and competitions. Over the last The intensive development of our Institute would decade, the devices and technologies worked certainly not be possible out by our Institute have without the highly qualified won more than 50 medstaff, including individual als (including 30 gold It has been an honour for us researchers renowned medals) at international that also MTP has awarded both in Poland and abroad. trade fairs devoted to inIt has been their immense novations, for instance in a Gold Medal to one of commitment, creativity Moscow, Geneva, Brusour innovative solutions. and consistency in pursusels, Nuremberg, Sankt ing our goals that has dePetersburg or Seoul. It termined the today’s suchas been an honour for cess of the Institute. us that also MTP has awarded a Gold Medal It is worth mentioning that our laboratory facilito one of the innovative solutions – Automatic ties are equipped with modern research equipOptical Inspection (AOI) developed in our Inment and the technological infrastructure, which stitute in cooperation with Wrocław University has been developed practically from scratch, of Technology and FŁT-Kraśnik S.A. In 1995, meets high European standards, necessary to jointly with the Production Centre of Pneumatics conduct scientific research and development PREMA in Kielce, we won the MTP Gold Medal works on a global level. for a new generation of pneumatic motors with One of the Institute’s measurable achievements a microprocessor-based control system, which is a wide network of cooperation with leading contributed to a significant market success of national and foreign research centres and techthis product. nological universities and business entities from The distinctions and awards are a valuable verivarious industrial sectors. One of the results of fication of the results of the research we conduct the cooperation within various kinds of network and they add to the credibility of the high level of connections is the implementation of innovative innovativeness of the technologies that we offer, industrial technologies and modern laboratory generating interest among potential buyers. 4/2010


Trade fair reports

Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products

Business for tourism 760 exhibitors from more than 30 countries took part in the already twenty-first edition of the TOUR SALON trade fair in 2010. From among over 30 thousand visitors 15 thousand came to the trade fair on the first two days dedicated especially to professionals. TOUR SALON

One lens capturing the whole world TOUR SALON is a colourful space filled with music and smells of regional specialities. On those few days the Poznań fair turns into a bigger part of the world in a miniature. This year’s debutants included hot and exotic countries such as Jordan, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal and Palestine. The Partner Country was Bulgaria, charming with its beauty and diversity and the Partner Region was Mazovia, whose presentation referred to the 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin’s birth. Part of the trade fair presentation took place at the special exhibitions such as: Health SPAace, Business Tourism, EXTREME – Active Tourism, Coach Exhibition and TOUR SALON Airport. TOUR SALON was held under the auspices of the Minister of Sport and Tourism, the President of the City of Poznań, the Polish Chamber of Tourism (PIT) and the Polish Tourist Organisation (POT). During the formal opening, a letter of intent was signed between Poznań International Fair (MTP) and the ambassador of Morocco and the “Maroko Travel” Travel Agency, confirming the participation of Morocco in TOUR SALON 2011 as the Partner Country.

Conferences, lectures, presentations This year’s especially rich programme of conferences enjoyed significant interest. “How to effectively lose clients in the tourist industry” was the subject of the meeting organised by otoWakacje. pl. At the conference entitled “The development of the Poznań infrastructure for the needs of the MICE industry – Poznań as the capital of business tourism” and addressed especially to the MICE industry, the modernisation and development plans for Poznań Congress Center for the period of 2011-2014 were presented along with the plans of development of the Main Railway Station in Poznań and the Ławica Airport. The conference was organised by the Poznań Convention Bureau of the Poznań City Hall, Poznań Congress Center and MTP. As part of the trade fair, HotelNews, Marketing Targowy and MTP organised the second Travel Camp



– open, informal meeting addressed to those interested in the efficient use of marketing strategies in tourism. Traditionally, conferences and thematic workshops were held, organised by the Polish Tourist Organisation (POT), the Polish Chamber of Tourism (PIT), Regional and Local Tourist Organisations, as well as Polish Tourists Information Centres. There were also presentations and thematic discussions prepared by the exhibitors of the fair.

Free journey on land, the mountains and the sea

This year Poznań International Fair and the Tubyliś tourist and travel portal organised the first Poznań Travel and Photography Festival. The festival enjoyed immense interest. The halls where the workshops for hitch-hikers were held and where a crash course in photography and drumming workshops took place were filled to the brim. Equally significant interest was aroused by the meetings with this year’s conquerors of the Seven Summits – Martyna Wojciechowska and Anna Lichota. The trade fair also included the ceremony of awarding Golden Feet statuettes 2009/2010. TOUR SALON was a great opportunity to meet writers and travellers. There was Jacek Pałkiewicz, signing his books, and Conrado Moreno giving autographs on his guidebook entitled “My Madrid”. Participants of the meeting with Marek Kamiński organised by the Marek Kamiński Foundation

TOUR SALON is a space filled with colours and music from all over the world. Visitors were taken over the seas and oceans as well as to nearby beautiful spots by among others the first Poznań Travel and Photography Festival

were able to see the film “Kamiński and Mela together to the pole” and listen to the lecture given by the famous polar explorer. Apart from that, Polish Speedminton® Open was also held at TOUR SALON and the Indian Village was organised to the delight of the younger visitors to the fair.

Trade fair gold The novelty of this year’s trade fair was that the best tourist products were awarded with MTP Gold Medals. This year the award went to: the Małopolska Countryside Smelling of Herbs entered by the Sącz Tourist Organisation (SOT) from Nowy Sącz; the Toruń Fortress, Fort IV entered by the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Tourist Organisation (K-POT) from Bydgoszcz and the Technology Heritage Trail, entered to the competition for the Gold Medal by the Silesian Tourist Organisation from Katowice. Traditionally, the Acanthus Aureus Awards were granted for stands that best supported the marketing strategy of the company. The awards went to: the West-Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organisation (ZROT), the Pomeranian Province, the city and commune of Ustka, the Wielkpopolska Tourist Organisation, Łódź and the Łódzki Region the Marshal Office in Łódź, the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Tourist Organisation (K-POT), the Małopolska Tourist Organisation and the Marshal Office of the Małopolska Province, the Marshal Office of the Lubelskie Province, the local self-government of the Mazowieckie Province, the Silesian Tourist Organisation (SOT) and Biuro Turystyki ZNP Logostour. 

by Sylwia Dziwińska

The next edition of TOUR SALON is going to take place from 19 to 22 October 2011.

Premiere shows of yachts and boats, technological novelties, out-of-season sale of equipment as well as meetings with famous sailors – all these is a magnet attracting every year thousands of water tourism enthusiasts to BOAT SHOW


Meeting under sails For some people sailing is what they do for a living, for others – it is a means of transport or a sports discipline. One thing is certain – this industry is for people with passion. In November, the pavilions of MTP once again changed into a marina. Nearly 200 producers and importers of sailing and motor yachts, and equipment for them showcased their offers at BOATSHOW. There were boats for inland tourism, luxury sea yachts, motor boats, speed boats and barges. BOATSHOW

Numerous visitors to the trade fair As every year, the trade fair audience was attracted by technological novelties and premiere shows of boats. The exhibitors showcased eleven premiere models: sea-going sailing yachts, cruising and racing yachts, motorboats and more and more popular tourist barges, as well as unsinkable surfboards and catamaran for people rescuing. Most of the technological novelties were electronic products or solutions making the lives of sailors easier: deck-care products, systems for wind measuring and heating equipment for boats. The trade fair was also an important meeting of the industry and its clients and water sports lovers, as well as a place for discussions on subjects affecting the development of the market and companies operating in it. As every year, the audience of the trade fair did not let the organisers down — BOATSHOW

was visited by nearly 12 thousand guests from Poland and from abroad. BOATSHOW is organised by Poznań International Fair (MTP) and the Interservis company.

Exceeding limits What do I start practising sailing with? What do I do to become the world champion? – Excellent Polish sailors, windsurfers, travellers and authors of maritime books were at the trade fair to give answers to all such questions. What attracted special attention were meetings with the best windsurfers in the world: Przemysław Miarczyński, Piotr Myszka and the world champion in slalom Maciek Rutkowski. Apart from them, there were also the best Polish female sailboarders – Agata Brygoła and Małgorzata Białecka. The trade fair audience had also a chance to talk to real, competitive sportsmen, including Roman Bartkowiak, the world champion in open water swimming. His last result was 120 km in less than 28 hours. The trade fair

BOATSHOW 2010 awards The award for the most interesting premiere of the trade fair went to LIBRA YACHTS for the LIBRA 44 sailing yacht. The Gold Medal in the category of “Sailing Yachts” went to SEDNA YACHTS for the Sedna 30 sailing yacht and the distinctions were given to: Stocznia Jachtowa SUŁKOWSKI for the Laguna sailing yacht and to MAWAMED Sp. z o.o. for the SIGMA 600 sailing yacht. In the category of “Equipment, fixture, services” the award went to UINCORN POZNAŃ for the Time Zero Navigator PL navigation application and the distinction was given to: OLIVA Sp. z o.o. for ANTIFOULING PTFE , Biuro Turystyki Żeglarskiej RÓŻA WIATRÓW for “the Masurian Cruise” and BALT YACHT Sp. z o.o. for the SUNCAMPER 30 tourist barge. Journalists awarded SXE Sp. z o.o. for WINDCAT 350 catamaran and gave a distinction to KEVISPORT for the ice-water rescue catamaran and to LIBRA YACHTS for the Libra 44 sailing yacht. Also the Jachting Motorowy magazine granted awards. They went to: A.M.S. BOATS for the Rinker 246CC motor yacht, NORDIC OCEAN CRAFT for the 22DCO motor yacht and RAIFFEISEN LEASING for the contribution into the development of the motor-boating industry. The awards of the Polish Motorboat and Water Ski Association (PZMWiNW) went to NORDIC OCEANCRAFT for the 22DCO motor yacht and A.M.S. BOATS for the Lancer 20 motor yacht.

offered also tales of lone sailors, presentations on sailing to hard to reach corners of the world and explanations on how to sail a barge along the Augustów Canal. Caretakers of blind children told about other sorts of challenges – organising unusual canoeing trips and camps.

Surfers’ pavilion Wind, water and rollboarders and skimboarders having fun to the rhythm of music – this is what for the three trade fair days one of the pavilions looked like. On Saturday, professionals rivalled in the first in Poland Indoor Rollboarding and Skimboarding Championships. On the last day of the trade fair, everybody – the younger and the older, boys and girls – could try themselves on the lanes. Apart from having fun, visitors were also able to buy boards and sails during an out-of-season sale. The equipment of the most popular brands was showcased by importers.

Water games to the rhythm of chanty songs For more experienced sailors, specialist workshops in maritime navigation were prepared along with an unusual trip – a virtual cruise. In the pool installed in one of the halls visitors could admire the regatta of remotely controlled model boats and shows of sailing equipment, and learn the techniques of water rescuing. They could also count on attractive awards – the hull of Janmor 25 Green, navigation equipment and sailing clothing. Both visitors and exhibitors could relax listening to chanty songs in a trade fair tavern, cool down after so much excitement and make plans for another sailing season.  

by Ewa Rutkowska

The next edition of BOATSHOW is going to take place from 18 to 20 November 2011. 4/2010


Trade fair reports

Hotel Equipment Trade Fair

Professionals share expertise In October, MTP once again invited to its premises those professionally involved in the hotel industry. They were invited to take part in INVEST-HOTEL – a professional event combining the exposition of the leading suppliers of products and services for hotels with a rich programme of events. This year more than 170 exhibitors from six countries presented their offer. INVEST-HOTEL and the simultaneously held TOUR SALON were visited by over 30 thousand people. INVEST‑HOTEL

Complex offer This year’s edition of INVEST-HOTEL – the already twelfth one – clearly showed that the development of the hotel industry motivates the owners of accommodation facilities to pay more attention to architecture, interior design and functional use of space. For the four trade fair days, the exhibitors showcased a wide offer of hotel interior equipment – from furniture, carpets, bathroom ceramics, textiles and lighting, to porcelain or elegant bibelots. This year, a significant part of the exposition was devoted to the SPA & Wellness sector. We already know the leitmotif of the next year’s edition – environment-friendly solutions for hotels.

Special exhibitions Apart from the traditional exposition of companies, this year’s trade fair featured also presentations of model solutions. You could see the Model Fitness Hall, the Model Hotel Car Park or the pro-

This year a significant part of exposition for hoteliers was devoted to the wellness&spa sector. Environment friendly solutions for hotels will be the leitmotif of the next year’s edition



fessional presentation of entertainment machines and casino equipment in the Game Room Exhibition. The perfectly designed and fully equipped Beauty Salon helped to take care of appearance, whereas the Innovation Park featured modern solutions used in the hotel industry.

Meeting with specialists The rich offer of exhibitors was accompanied by interesting conferences, lectures, meetings with experts and presentations held at special exhibitions. You could take part in seminars prepared in cooperation with the trade fair partners – the Chamber of Commerce of Polish Accommodation Industry (IGHP), the Polish Spa & Wellness Institute (PISW), the Polish Spa & Wellness Association (PSSW) and the exhibitors. What enjoyed immense interest was the meeting with internationally famous designers many times awarded for the best European hotel interiors. The conference entitled “Design as a competitive edge in the accommodation industry” gathered several dozen of listeners, eager to learn about modern practices and world trends in hotel interior decoration and equipment. Among the speakers there were: Patrick Goff, Sean Clinton and Peter Joehnk. The conference organised by the Polish Spa & Wellness Institute (PISW) was devoted to good solutions for the Spa industry in Poland. The organisers paid particular attention to the standards and good practices that should be met when designing and managing a Spa & Wellness facility, and in customer service. The ForSpa Academy was addressed to investors and managers of Spa & Wellness facilities. The audience, which came to the meeting in large numbers, had an opportunity to learn from the experience of others what to

do and what to avoid in order to make a hotel Spa a good investment. The organiser – the ForSpa company – presented the ABC of good practices that should be taken into account when designing a swimming pool, thermal baths or saunas.  

by Katarzyna Jardanowska

The next edition of INVEST-HOTEL is going to take place from 19 to 22 October 2011.

MTP Gold Medals INVEST-HOTEL 2010: SWAY relaxing couch KLAFS sp. z o.o., Miłosław; SECOND-LOOK environment-friendly vinyl wallcovering LSI WALLCOVERINGS, USA entered by: POLMASTER Sp. z o.o., Warsaw; LAGUNA RELAXU original SPA design for commercial use PPH „WANDEX” Agata Wróblewska, Sopot; BAMBOO-LINE linen collection ZPCH.TEXPOLSp. z o.o., Dłutów

Acanthus Aureus INVEST-HOTEL 2010: Klafs Sp. z o.o.; VERSO TECHNOLOGIES Sp. z o.o.; RIDEX DEKORACJA Sp. z o.o.; Fabryka Mebli Okrętowych FAMOS Sp. z o.o.; BALMA DESIGN Ryszard Balcerkiewicz Model Making Exhibition

Fun you have never had before Railroad, airplane and maritime models, as well as maquettes, figurines, accessories and model making tools and board games – all these and much more you could see at this year’s edition of HOBBY Model Making, Toys and Games Exhibition. The event enjoys enormous popularity every year and is visited by many representatives of clubs and model shops, as well as by those who are only just starting their adventure with model making.


World of games This year, for the first time at the trade fair you could take part in the Gramajda game playing meetings and visit a game lending library called GAMES ROOM. Children, parents, but also professional players willingly took advantage of the wide range of social games available at the trade fair. They could choose from: family board, strategic, adventure, business, puzzle, negotiation, bidding and cooperation games. The participants of Gramajda had an opportunity to seek advice from experts, who were very eager to share their knowledge. Players could also take part in many competitions and tournaments with interesting awards. The organisers were satisfied with the fact that the exhibition devoted to social games enjoyed such significant interest, so social games will definitely become a permanent element of the expanded offer of HOBBY.

Impressive shows The HOBBY Model Making, Toys and Games Exhibition does not only mean static expositions at stands. It means, first of all, shows at which you can see the precision with which model making projects have been made. The best way to admire it was to watch or take part in the Polish Model of 2010 competition. Models entered into this competition represented the Polish railway rolling stock. This year for the first time modellers competed for the MTP President’s Cup.

at the speed of 60m/h. Young lovers of RC models who won a competition were given RC vehicles and all the contestants experienced unforgettable moments. HOBBY is an interesting event not only for the lovers of model making and games, but also for the whole families, as they turn up in force at every edition

The greatest of the greatest The greatest trade fair attraction was definitely the presentation of the greatest in Poland H0 scale module maquette. The construction comprised of 309 standardized elements and covered the area of 1,924 sq m. The members of the Polish Association of Railway Modellers (PZMK) started to work on this maquette right after the end of the previous edition of HOBBY. The maquette was made by 102 modellers. It impressed with precision and an unusual number of details. Visitors also admired the ideal resemblance to the original. Moreover, numerous elements of the construction were moveable and the trains were running on the railway route of 285 rms according to a timetable.

RC obsession HOBBY means also sports emotions aroused by RC car races during the qualifying round to the Polish Indoor RC Car Racing Championships held at the trade fair. Such races always attract the most numerous audience. This year the contestants took part in two types of competitions: on-road – on a flat racing circuit and off-road – on an obstacle circuit. Both events aroused emotions among visitors and the audience. Resembling real Formula 1 cars, small cars raced

Only for children

The organisers of HOBBY prepared a number of attractions for the youngest. For the whole Saturday and Sunday thousands of children built their own robots and models, took rides on a mini-train and took advantages of attractions prepared for them on a specially organised playground. Apart from that, children took part in drawing competitions with awards and workshops for the youngest. They also flew small planes in the Lime Avenue. There was really lots of fun. The organisers of the exhibition believe that many of the little trade fair guests will grow to be real modellers.

Filled with passion More than 200 exhibitors presented their offers at HOBBY. Among them there were Polish, German and Czech manufacturers of models, trading companies and professional publishers devoted to the subject of model making. There was an opportunity to buy many interesting new products and take advantage of the trade fair discounts. Well known branded games, models, materials and accessories for modellers could not only be seen but also tried. Apart from that, many companies prepared special shows.  

by Aleksandra Chilewicz

The next edition of HOBBY is going to take place from 22 to 23 October 2011. 4/2010


Trade fair reports

The opening day of the exhibition of the first in Poland calendar with photographs of the clergy took place at SAKRALIA. One of the first people who saw the exhibition was Bishop Zbigniew Fortuniak.

Religious trade fair

Church in the 21st century That a modern church can skilfully combine tradition and modernity was proven by the SAKRALIA Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items held in Poznań for the first time from 8 to 10 November 2010. Nearly one thousand visitors came to see the offer of 71 exhibitors – manufacturers, distributors and service companies. The formal opening of the trade fair was held by Bishop Zbigniew Fortuniak, the Head of the Social Council of the Archbishop Metropolitan of Poznań. SAKRALIA

Rich offer of exhibitors For the three days of the trade fair, pavilion 3 of the Poznań International Fair (MTP) was filled with richly embroidered chasubles, liturgical vessels, religious art, devotional items, confessionals and benches, multimedia, sound and heating equipment, and many other products and solutions addressed to spiritual persons and useful in parishes and monasteries. The trade fair featured also a rich offer of Catholic publications and pilgrimages to various places in Poland and the world. Visiting the trade fair was accompanied by the sounds of church bells, organs, carillons, as the exhibitors presented the values of their offers live. ”The inspiration for the organisation of the religious trade fair was the Taizé European Young Adult Meeting that took place at the turn of 2009 and 2010 at the grounds of Poznań International Fair (MTP)”, says manager of SAKRALIA Zofia Strzyź. ”Apart from the thousands of young people that attended the meeting there were also many priests and persons of consecrated life. It was then when we thought about organising a business event for spiritual persons. There were no such trade fairs in western Poland. As the first edition of



the trade fair was successful we decided to include the event in the permanent exhibition calendar of MTP”.

Rich programme of events The trade fair was accompanied by a very attractive programme of conferences and meetings. All of them took place in a hall especially constructed near the exposition of the exhibitors. Jacek Kowalski, PhD, from the History of Art Institute of Adam Mickiewicz University gave interestingly illustrated lecture on the problems of the contemporary religious art. What attracted great interest was presentations devoted to the Internet – one on the subject of using social networking portals to communicate with believers (the lecturers taught priests necessary skills, as for example creating a Facebook account), the other concerning designing and managing Internet pages of parishes. The leading theme of the second day of the trade fair was Church Heating. At the conference inaugurated by a speech of a renowned expert in this domain – Andrzej Górka, PhD, from the Poznań University of Technology – seven companies presented various heating technologies applicable in religious facilities.

The youth from the Lednica 2000 Dominican Academic Ministry participated very actively in SAKRALIA. At an interestingly arranged stand, the students talked about Polish Youth Meetings and the retreats in Jamna. The great significance of the word in culture was explained by the organiser of the VERBA SACRA Great Ceremony of Word – one of the events accompanying SAKRALIA. For the whole time of the trade fair, at the stand of the Museum of Industrial History in Opatówek, visitors could see the chasubles of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and antique liturgical vestments, the oldest of which dated back to the 15th century. An unusual exhibition of photographs from the first in Poland calendar with spiritual persons entitled “The Called A.D. 2011. Meet the clergy with passion” and the meeting with the authors of the photographs was organised by the Warsaw OPOKA Foundation. For the three days of the trade fair, the visitors of SAKRALIA also took part in competitions organised by the exhibitors. The winners of the competition of the FRATER travel agency are going to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and the Fatima Shrine in 2011. The winners of the competition organised by were given three awards: a parish website design, a parish logo and a project of a parish calendar. 

by Karolina Makowska

The next edition of SAKRALIA is going to take place from 8 to 10 November 2011.



The funeral industry trade fair

The first edition of NECROPOLIS EXPO The first edition of the NECROPOLIS EXPO – Trade Fair of Cemetery Technology and Funeral Services took place from 8 to 10 October 2010 at the grounds of Poznań International Fair (MTP). In the intimate atmosphere of the trade fair pavilion nearly 40 exhibitors presented their products and services, among them enterprises from Poland, Sweden and Spain. NECROPOLIS EXPO

The industry meets in Poznań This year’s exposition of NECROPOLIS EXPO involved all the sectors of the broadly understood funeral industry, i.e. funeral accessories and technologies, coffins, urns and mourning clothes. The greatest interest was aroused by the exhibition of luxurious hearses and the offer of innovative services and products addressed to the owners of cremation facilities. NECROPOLIS EXPO was attended by nearly 1,200 people from Poland and abroad, the majority of whom were professionals – the fact that was unanimously emphasized by all the exhibitors. The trade fair guests agreed that the organisers managed to create a comfortable space, in which manufacturers and visitors could establish and strengthen business contacts.

Abundance of accompanying events The first edition of the trade fair abounded in events accompanying the exposition. Apart

from standard conferences, visitors were also given an opportunity to see professional funeral floral shows run by lecturers and students of the master class of the Polish Floristry School (PSF). Equally beautiful were flower arrangements presented together with urns by Mr Piotr Szmyta from the Blacharstwo Zdobnicze company. The high quality presentations attracted great interest not only from trade fair guests but also from exhibitors. Visitors admired also the exposition of coffins of the Markatelli company, which lent several different models of their products for the purpose of the floral exhibition. Administrators and managers of cemeteries took part in the 4th conference entitled “Grave as a structure”. The lecturer was engineer Jacek Przędzik from the Cracow University of Technology. After the seminar, all the participants were given certificates confirming the completion of a professional development training course. There were also other attractions for the exhibitors.

Awards and distinctions During the formal Award Ceremony awards were granted for the best product exhibited at the NECROPOLIS EXPO – Trade Fair of Cemetery Technology and Funeral Services. The organisers of the exhibition awarded: the Italian company INTERCAR Modena S.p.A for a luxurious hearse – Chrysler CR 400, Blacharstwo Zdobnicze – a Polish company producing urns – for Column Columbarium, and Mobilplant Sobek – a Swedish manufacturer – for an innovative system of maintaining greenery – Mobilplant. On the last day of NECROPOLIS EXPO, all the exhibitors of the trade fair were given special Founder Certificates, which are more than just a symbolic honour. They are also a kind of passport to special treatment during the next edition of NECROPOLIS EXPO, which is going to take place in 2012. 

by Aleksandra Chilewicz

The next edition of NECROPOLIS EXPO is going to take place in 2012. 4/2010


Trade fair reports •

The stone industry trade fair

Very international trade fair Important trade fair events often have names associated with the great world of international business. There is hard like stone evidence that the internationality of KAMIEŃSTONE lies not only in its name. KAMIEŃ-STONE

Growing each year 20% bigger exhibition area and 20% more visitors when compared to the last year’s edition – that is what this year’s KAMIEŃ-STONE can be proud of. The event organised jointly by Poznań International Fair (MTP) and Geoservice-Christi is not only the most important trade fair for the stone industry in Eastern and Central Europe but also probably the most international exhibition event in Poland, with more than 60% from over 300 exhibitors coming from out of Poland. The foreign exhibitors came from 19 countries, the most represented of which being the world stone empires such as Italy, Spain and China. Also among the trade fair visitors there were many foreign professionals. Nearly 10% out of 7,500 trade fair guests came from abroad, again with significant overrepresentation of Italians, who were even more numerous than Germans, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and Hungarians.

Around the stone In the complex of three MTP pavilions of the total area of 20 thousand sq m exhibitors presented stone, machines for stone processing and ready stone products. At KAMIEŃSTONE, architects and interior designers contracted orders for stone slabs for facades, floors and walls. Decorators could learn about new proposals of stone design: stone baths, stone tables or elements of fireplace designs. Stonecutters were able to see an unusually wide offer of machines for stone processing. Many of the machines actually operated at the trade fair. You could see modern equipment, impressive not only with its size, cutting complex patterns in granite slabs, polishing, painting or engraving in stone slabs, as well as carving in marble. A significant part of the trade fair exposition was devoted to graves.

Trade fair of innovations The companies present at the trade fair entered 79 new products. The latest offer of the exhibi-



tors included the most beautiful kinds of stone in the whole palette of colours, for various applications, including quartzite, limestone, onyx, marble, sandstone, precious and semi-precious stones, in the form of slabs or ready products and semi-products. There were also ultra thin (3 mm) stone slabs, ideal for all those applications where weight is important, such as lifts, yachts or planes. The trade fair exposition featured also modern solutions for stone processing: cutting, sandblasting, flaming and crushing equipment and its elements. What attracted great attention was a machine for engraving images on marble or granite on the basis of an image file, as well as a robot making complex threedimensional sculptures.

Trade fair of knowledge Especially for those seeking professional knowledge the Speaker’s Corner offering everyday lecture sessions was organised in one of the pavilions. President of the Employer’s Association of Stone Industry Stanisław Sitarz gave lecture on the development in the stone processing technology, the prospects of the industry development and the promotion of the “Natural Stone” trademark, whereas Jerzy Duda, PhD, held a seminar on paved traffic surfaces. In the Stone Zone the trade fair visitors could count on free professional advice on the right choice of stone for particular applications, installing of stone, trends in the stone industry, stone design, stone processing technologies, marketing in the stone industry, geology, petrography, the market of stone and the applications of stone in landscape architecture.

Stonecutting show What attracted immense interest from the trade fair visitors was happenings prepared by the carving studio of Michał Jackowski and taking place several times a day at the Stone Zone. Sculptors carved in marble with the use of various tools and to the rhythm of intriguing music from a self-

produced film entitled “From chisel to machine”. They used chisels, pneumatic tools and a supermodern carving robot that basing on a 3D scan of the whole person could process the stone precisely on each side, leaving the artistic detailed work for the sculptor. In the Stone Zone you could also learn how to make mosaics by yourself. For the whole time of the trade fair, members of the Association of Polish Mosaic Artists (SPartM) were making beautiful mosaics of pebbles, antique mosaics and Florentine style mosaics. The only material used was natural stone. Moreover, over the four trade fair days the mosaic logo of KAMIEŃ-STONE was created. Every day, the most modern and functional forklift trucks were presented in action at outdoor shows. And the lovers of sophisticated jewellery could do the shopping at a special Market of Minerals and Gemstones.

Design in stone At this year’s KAMIEŃ-STONE for the first time awards were given in the Design in Stone competition. The awards went to the young authors of the best design projects utilising stone. The aim of the competition was to emphasize the unusual attractiveness of stone as a raw material from the perspective of design. Among the contestants there were students of art schools. From among nearly 30 projects that entered the competition the jury selected three to be executed by stonecutting companies. Their prototypes were showed in the Stone Zone. At the “Design in Stone” Exhibition, the trade fair visitors saw the tile and the washbasin made of pebbles designed by Jarosław Kosek from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, as well as “Abecadło” [The Alphabet] by Agata Kokoszka from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. 

by Marta Siek

The next edition of KAMIEŃ-STONE is going to take place from 9 to 12 November 2011. Consumer Electronics and Video Games Show

Successful premiere edition of


6300 sq m of the exhibition area, 59 companies, but first of all – 8500 visitors – that was the premiere edition of the ON/OFF Consumer Electronics and Video Games Show, which is the greatest show of new technologies in Poland. For the three October days the Warsaw Centre EXPO XXI teemed with life. Especially for the trade fair guests, the organisers prepared a rich programme of events, whereas the exhibitors did all their best to keep visitors at their stands. ON/OFF

One in its kind ON/OFF is the first and the only consumer show in Poland dedicated to new technologies. It is an excellent opportunity to present the latest products related to 3D technologies, digital home, TV sets, telephones, audio sets, computers and video games. The ON/OFF project came out of years of experience and successes of the Poznań Game Arena (PGA) Multimedia and Entertainment Fair. The trustworthiness of Poznań International Fair (MTP), a tried and tested organising team, very broad media publicity in the whole Poland, as well as the involvement of the industry leaders – all contributed to the significant starting capital of the ON/OFF project. The first edition of the trade fair turned out to be spot on. For the whole weekend the multimedia lovers, who came to the trade fair in large numbers, could see with their own eyes the possibilities offered by modern technologies.

Multimedia lovers who came to the trade fair could see the possibilities offered by modern technology

The exposition was divided into thematic exhibitions at which the greatest companies from particular branches showcased their novelties. And so: the Visual Exhibition featured TV sets, screens, projectors, the Sound Exhibition – sound systems, home cinema sets, headphones, the Mobile Exhibition – notebooks, telephones, smartphones, palmtops, and the Game Exhibition – games, game consoles, computers and game accessories. The technological partners of the premiere edition of the ON/OFF Consumer Electronics and Video Games Show were the following companies: NTT System, D-Link ASUS, LG Electronics and Headshot Media.

Presentations, shows, attractions Poznań International Fair (MTP), the organiser of ON/ OFF, together with the exhibitors – leaders of the applied electronics market – prepared many attractions. The trade fair guests had an opportunity to go to three 3D cinemas, test the Kinect technology for Xbox 360 or the latest audio equipment. Also fans of games had plenty of attractions to choose from. The latest titles were presented by such companies as: CD Projekt, Microsoft, Nintendo and Ubisoft, whereas emotions of the lovers of professional game playing were aroused by the offers of Creative, Qpad and Media-tech. At the stands, visitors could try themselves in competition against professional players, such as the current World Champions in Computer Games. An interesting programme of events was prepared by the editors of Headshot Media. Apart from being able to play the latest games, you could also learn the backstage secrets of television and – for a few

whiles and with the use of professional equipment – change into a TV presenter. If anybody considered buying a TV, he or she could not find a better place to seek advice than the stand of For the whole weekend, experts refuted myths on the subject of equipment durability, differences in quality and energy consumption, and above all – offered reliable advice, explaining why certain aspects are more worth taking into consideration than others. For the fans of the purity of sound, Polpak, Sonos, Denon (celebrating its 100th anniversary), HiFi Ja i Ty and E.I.C. showcased their best products. The best way to observe the pace of technology development was to visit the stand of the Retro Games company, where you could go back in time about 20 years. You could try your hand at such computers as Atari, Commodore, Amiga and such consoles as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Atari 2600 and Atari Jaguar. For the whole weekend, the trade fair was accompanied by events taking place on the main stage and run by Tymon Smektała from the editing board of CD Action. This is where you could see the presentations of Microsoft Mobile 7 and the Kinect technology, the novelties of Asus, the performances of the finalists of “You Can Dance” from the Level 77 company, the presentations of Epson, animations for the fans of CD Action and the ceremony of giving the “Gold Pixel” awards. 

by Dariusz Wawrzyniak

The next edition of ON/OFF is going to take place from 14 to 16 October 2011. 4/2010


Trade fair reports Ecological trade fairs

Eco-climate in POZNAŃ The latest solutions in the field of environment protection, international representation of the industry leaders, specialist conferences, business meetings and workshops, special zones, shows of machines and vehicles in motion, competitions and interesting exhibitions – all this could be seen or attended at the POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection, the KOMTECHNIKA International Trade Fair of Municipal Technologies and the GMINA Fair of Products and Services for Local Governments, which were held in Poznań in November. POLEKO

Rich expositions The exposition of POLEKO, KOMTECHNIKA and GMINA covered the total area of over 16,000 sq m and gathered about 700 exhibitors and represented companies from 20 countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Germany, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, Great Britain and Italy. POLEKO included four special exhibitions: the Clean Energy Exhibition, the Recycling Exhibition, the Control and Measurement Equipment Exhibition and the Research for Industry Exhibition. There were many conferences and seminars. Traditionally, the Clean Energy Forum was held, with its everyday seminars devoted to the latest solutions in the field of obtaining energy from renewable sources, and the Recycling Forum, with its leading theme – reuse of materials and reducing the production of waste.

Leading theme – finances The leading theme of the trade fair was “Financing environmental investments”. This was also

the subject of the seminar organised by the Ministry of the Environment and the conference on “Supporting environmental investments – financing, procedure, alternative sources of support” organised by the European Funds. At the fair you could hear experts’ opinions on how to efficiently execute an environmental investment and how to obtain EU subsidies and financial support for investments aimed at environmental protection.

Protection limits debate What attracted significant interest was the debate entitled “Are there limits to the environment protection?” devoted to problems related to economic investments and the impact they have on the natural environment. Among those who spoke in the debate were the representatives of state institutions and NGOs, investors and journalists, including Prof. Maciej Nowicki (former Minister of the Environment), Andrzej Patalas, PhD (from Autostrada Wielkopolska S.A.), Jerzy Juszczyński (from the Polish Ecological Club – PKE) and Tomasz Zubilewicz (from TVN 24). This was the first time when such a debate was organised at the trade fair. It was an invitation to talks and a common search for compromise solutions that could accommodate the opinions and interests of various groups. The continuation of the debate at the next year’s fair is already being planned.

Redevelopment and rehabilitation

The exposition of POLEKO, KOMTECHNIKA and GMINA covered the total area of over 16,000 sq m and gathered about 700 exhibitors and represented companies from 20 countries



For the first time, the thematic scope of POLEKO included two crucial issues that concern important social, environmental, special and economic problems – redevelopment and rehabilitation. The Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU), Poznań International Fair (MTP) and the Marshal’s Office of the Silesian Province organised the National Conference entitled “Redevelopment as an answer to the challenges of the sustainable

development”. The conference subjects included the execution of redevelopment projects for degraded areas and the results of the latest scientific research conducted on pilot areas.

State Fire Service This was the first POLEKO in which the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Poznań took part, presenting its equipment and operating procedures implemented during actions undertaken in case of natural disasters. The Provincial Department of the Polish Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians (SITP), the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Poznań and Poznań International Fair (MTP) organised a conference on “Counteracting serious industrial accidents”. The event was held under the honorary auspices of the Chief Officer of the State Fire Service and the Main Environmental Protection Inspector. The conference was addressed to the management and technological


Mr. Bernard Błaszczyk, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of the Environment visited the exposition of POLEKO and KOMTECHNIKA

staff of companies of large or increased risk of industrial accidents, bodies of state administration supervising and controlling such companies (the State Fire Service, the Inspectorate for Environment Protection, the State Labour Inspectorate and the Office of Technical Inspection), fire protection experts, as well as all those interested in the subject. For all of the trade fair days the visitors could see an open air exhibition of specialist equipment, including fire trucks. What attracted significant interest was also the chemical and environmental rescue show organised by the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service.

Globe Full of Energy An interesting trade fair event was a series of meetings called Globe Full of Energy. During the four trade fair days, the invited experts from the worlds of science and industry, as well as enthusiasts interested in renewable energy sources, among them Pascal Brodnicki and Tomasz Zubilewicz, made all the interested more familiar with the issues related to geothermal, solar, wind and water energy. The event consisted of several parts within which particular renewable energy sources were presented along with the technologies of obtaining energy from these sources.


Broken record The third edition of KOMTECHNIKA covered the record area of more than 4,000 sq m – an increase by over 100 per cent in relation to the previous edition. The growing interest in the event confirmed the significant position of the trade fair. It

also showed the importance of good communication between the providers of municipal technology and the representatives of local self-government units, cleaning companies and providers of municipal services. The visitors of KOMTECHNIKA could look closely at the municipal vehicles, including vehicles for waste collection, sewer cleaning, the export of all impurities, sweepers, snow ploughs, spreaders, trailers, water tankers, ploughs, as well as containers and equipment for cleaning. Anyone interested could consult directly with the manufacturer for information on a particular model and take advantage of professional advice provided by experts. A spectacular accompanying event of the fair was the live show of municipal vehicles – the City-Truck-Show, which attracted an unusually numerous audience. GMINA

Partnership is the most important Investment-Development-Integration – that was the motto of this year’s edition of GMINA – a meeting place for the representatives of local governments and businesses. GMINA featured a wide offer of products and services in the field of city architecture, technological and communication infrastructure, modern solutions for the disabled, education and sport (for example, multifunctional transportable sports fields), IT in public institutions as well as computerization for communes. During the trade fair a series of conferences and debates called the Local Government and Business Forum was held under the honorary auspices of the Minister of Regional Development. The participants of the Forum could learn how to make a PPP project, how to find balance between urban planning and spontaneous bottom-up processes taking place in the city space, how to efficiently and effectively computerize communal institutions. The trade fair visitors could also see a model, fully computerized classroom and inclusive playgrounds. Moreover, the INVESTFIELD Property and Investment Exhibition, featuring the investment offers of several cities, regions and economic zones, was also held as part of GMINA. 

POLEKO 2010: Gas analyzer COMBIMASS ® GA - M BINDER GmbH, Germany, entered by: Centrum Elektroniki Stosowanej CES Sp. z o.o., Cracow; Cogeneration unit MB 8V 4000 L62 MTU Onsite Energy GmbH GAS POWER SYSTEMS, Germany, entered by: Centrum Elektroniki Stosowanej CES Sp. z o.o., Cracow; Power plant with the MC 7L 35 - S engine based on a cogeneration system fuelled by biofuels from pure crude palm oil, H. CEGIELSKI‑POZNAŃ S.A., Poznań; Electric Jet Blower DSE-400 SelmaG Sp. z o.o., Morąg, entered by: Instytut Techniki Górniczej KOMAG Jednostka Badawczo-Rozwojowa [KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology R&D Unit], Gliwice; System of fan acoustic shielding Grama Sp. z o.o., Chorzów. entered by: Instytut Techniki Górniczej KOMAG Jednostka Badaw-czo-Rozwojowa, Gliwice; PCMX - heat buffer using a phase transition to a fivefold increase in heat capacity Sunex Sp. z o.o., Racibórz, entered by: Polska Ekologia Sp. z o.o., Warsaw; Gas monitoring system MSMR-16 ALTER S.A., Tarnowo Podgórne; VRF GHP ECO G-POWER SANYO - air conditioner / heat pump with variable refrigerant flow in 2-pipe system, gas-powered, with cogeneration SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., Japan, entered by: SPS KLIMA Sp. z o.o., Warsaw MTP GOLD MEDAL POLEKO 2010 in the category of ”Transfer of research results into business practice” – PROTE – Technologie dla Środowiska Sp. z o.o., Poznań for PROTE - Fos comprehensive reclamation of lakes KOMTECHNIKA 2010: Garbage truck SK-2G on the IVECO Daily chassis, adapted for CNG fuel Małopolska Wytwórnia Maszyn Brzesko-Serwis Sp. z o.o., Brzesko; Salt-grit spreader ORION DOBROWOLSKI Sp. z o.o., Wschowa; Multipurpose vehicle Multihog MH90, Multihog Ltd, Irlandia, entered by: ProGrasS Polska Sp. z o.o., Cracow GMINA 2010: Information System “NEKROPOLIS” Artlook Gallery s.c., Mikołów; Multifunctional Municipal Messenger, Centrum Reklamy GRAFFICO, Toruń; Solar Product Line Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe R. Macek W. Wichary, Zabrze

Acanthus Aureus POLEKO 2010: SITA Polska Sp. z o.o., Warsaw; REMONDIS Sp. z o.o., Warsaw; SARPI Dąbrowa Górnicza Sp. z o.o., Dąbrowa Górnicza; VEOLIA Usługi dla Środowiska S.A., Kielce; Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A., Warsaw; Centrum Elektroniki Stosowanej CES Sp. z o.o., Cracow; the City of Poznań, Environmental Protection Department, Poznań; GRILTEX Polska Sp. z o.o., Suchy Las; PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A., Warsaw; General Directorate for Environmental Protection – Department for Environmental Information, Warsaw; Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A., Warsaw; the Ministry of the Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Warsaw; the Kingdom of Norway Embassy, Commercial Department, Innovation Norway, Warsaw

by Joanna Sobkowiak

The next edition of POLEKO, KOMTECHNIKA, GMINA and INVESTFIELD is going to take place in November 2011. 4/2010


Trade fair reports •

The second edition of OPTYKA proved it to be the biggest and most prestigious event in the optical sector in Poland

Optical Fair

The industry meeting in Poznań The latest spectacle frames, lenses, components and accessories, as well as equipment for optic salons and shops – all that could be seen at the second edition of the OPTYKA Optical Fair. OPTYKA is an event organised jointly by the National Chamber of Optical Craft (KRIO) and Poznań International Fair (MTP). In 2010, the trade fair attracted more than 100 exhibitors who showcased over 250 brands, and above 1500 opticians, optometrists, representatives of research circles and people professionally involved in the optical industry. OPTYKA

Tailor-made exhibition The representatives of manufacturers and distributors of optical tools and equipment from Poland and abroad presented their offer in one of the most modern pavilions of Poznań International Fair (MTP). Among the products showcased by the exhibitors there were: spectacle frames for children and adults, spectacle lenses, contact lenses, spectacle components and parts, lens care products, aids for the visually impaired, accessories, instruments, optical and optometric materials and tools, and optical salon equipment.

Exhibition plus Conferences, courses, presentations prepared by the exhibitors – these were the events accompanying this year’s OPTYKA. One of this year’s conferences was the continuation of the OPTYKA 2010 Conference. Its second edition was devoted to the latest directions in education, research and law in the spectacle optics



sector. With respect to its subject matter, the organisation of the conference was supervised by the Physics Department of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the National Chamber of Optical Craft (KRIO). Significant interest was aroused by presentations held in a specially separated presentation zone called the Speaker’s Corner, where enterprises could present their company profiles, products and achievements.

Model Optical Salon A novelty and an unquestionable attraction of this year’s OPTYKA appeared to be the Model Optical Salon. At this specially separated area of nearly 100 sq m, the organisers – Mega Optic and Essilor Polonia, which provided equipment, and Poznań International Fair (MTP) – arranged a unique, professional and fully equipped optical salon. Here you could see how a modern optical salon works – starting from the consulting point, through sample solutions concerning the exposition of spectacle frames and refraction points, to back-up facilities. And all

this taking into account the latest technological solutions, modern design, fashionable colours and most importantly – meeting the expectations of patients. Apart from that, there was a seminar and a training course devoted to modern selling techniques, which attracted a great number of listeners, recruiting from both the exhibitors and visitors. During the fair you could seek professional advice and make use of practical exercises at the refraction testing points.

Trade fair meetings of opticians The Poznań Optical Exhibition is an event organised jointly by the Interregional Optical Crafts Guild (MCRO) in Poznań and Poznań International Fair (MTP). In spring and autumn it invites to Poznań professionals willing to take part in the optical industry meetings. The participation in the Poznań trade fair gives professionals from the spectacle optics industry an opportunity to learn about the latest solutions in their domain and to see new market trends, as well as to equip their surgeries with necessary accessories. For exhibitors, on the other hand, the Poznań Optical Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to show their products directly to their most important buyers. Also manufacturers and distributors of spectacle frames, spectacle lenses, contact lenses, lens care products, optical salon equipment, and optical instruments, materials and tools will present their offer. 

by Ewa Rutkowska

The next edition of the Poznań Optical Exhibition is going to take place on 25th and 26th March 2011 and on 2nd and 3rd September 2011. The OPTYKA Optical Fair is going to take place in 2012. Festival of art and craft

Abundance of emotions and sensations Can buying Christmas gifts be easy and enjoyable? It can and it should be! To become convinced about this, all you had to do was to come to the Art & Craft Festival – the place where beautiful and unique handicrafts make your head spin and the problem of what to buy for your relatives for Christmas turns into a dilemma – which of the presented beauties is most worth choosing?

In addition to buying Christmas gifts, the guests also had an opportunity to participate in numerous art workshops

ented amateurs could show and sell their works. There was also a special area where the works of students of the University of Arts in Poznań were Art and craft gallery displayed. The seventh edition of the Art & Craft FestiFor the three trade fair days, nearly 400 exhibitors val, was a place where beauty took the form of showcased their works. unique knick-knacks and ornaments and where senses were overwhelmed with a powerful At the Festival you could buy, directly from the boost of emotions and sensations. This was a artists, paintings, sculptures, graphics, photounique gallery of craft and handgraphs, ceramics and glass, made art, where the students and a variety of jewellery (amber, For the three trade graduates of the academy of fine silver, glass, beads, wood, arts, folk artists, craftsmen and talfelt, or stained glass), unique fair days, nearly clothing, handbags and ac400 exhibitors cessories, furniture and elements of interior decoration, showcased their folk crafts, handmade toys works. and Christmas decorations including wreaths, cribs, handpainted glass balls, cards and angels. The trade fair visitors had an opportunity for an easy contact with art at its best. A unique atmosphere prevailing during the exhibition – friendly for both the artists and the audience – made the event attract crowds of visitors from Poland and abroad. Manager of Art & Craft Festival Zofia Strzyż says: “The Festival is a one in its kind place, where the magical, pre-Christmas atmosphere plays a role

equally important as the beauty of the presented knick-knacks. It is an area where craftsmen can show and sell unique works, so far only known to few. The Festival is also an excellent place to present the offers of galleries, companies and shops selling gifts and elements of interior decoration, but also of local culture centres, as well as manufacturers and importers of artist accessories.”

Workshops for the trade fair guests

The festival is not only an exposition of unique items, rarely seen in shopping malls. In addition to buying Christmas gifts, the guests also had an opportunity to participate in numerous art workshops, during which they could learn some techniques for decorating items, felting, scrapbooking, making jewellery and unique Christmas ornaments. You could also buy a lot of materials and accessories for artistic work. The festival was accompanied by the fair of traditional food, where you were able to buy sausages, smoked fish, bread, dairy products, fruit preserves and honey manufactured by craftsmen according to home recipes. 

by. Karolina Makowska

The next edition of Art & Craft Festival is going to take place from 2nd to 4th December 2011.


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Poznan Fair Magazine 4/2010  

Poznan Fair Magazine 4/2010

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