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F A I R S M A R K E T OPINIONS 1/2011 ISSN 0860-0023

1921-2011 Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

Poznań International Fair


years of activities with passion (2)

Trade fairs – spring 2011 (4-17) Successful beginning of the year 2011 (20-28)

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Poznań International Fair

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

Awards and distinctions for MTP Poznań International Fair (MTP) has been many times awarded and distinguished for its merits and contribution to the promotion of the Polish economy. Among its many awards there are such prestigious prizes as: Nagroda Gospodarcza Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (the Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland), Ambasador Polskiej Gospodarki (the Ambassador of the Polish Economy), the Polish Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska” (Time for Poland), Certyfikat Marki Firmowej (Company Brand Certificate), European Medal, Budowniczy Polskiego Sportu (Constructor of Polish Sport), Jan Kiliński Gold Medal and many more.

Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland

European Medal

This award is a kind of Polish economic Nobel Prize. It has been granted to MTP for its particular contribution to the promotion of the Polish economy. The jury awarding the prize consisted of people invited by the president who selected the nominees, from among which the president chose the winners. MTP was among the winners in 1998. It received the prize in Poznań, from the hands of then Polish President Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

 olish Promotional Emblem P “Teraz Polska” (Time for Poland) The Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation, whose aim is to support and propagate Polish achievements, awarded Poznań International Fair with a honorary prize of “Teraz Polska” in 1993, for the whole of its fair and exhibition activities, and for the widespread promotion of Polish products and services.

Ambassador of the Polish Economy – European Brand From the jury’s justification: “the company of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie has been granted the title of the Ambassador of the Polish Economy in the category of European Brand for about 90 years of its fair and exhibition activities, which promote in the world not only Polish companies but also businesses of other European countries. The company has developed the brand of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, which is widely known in Europe and associated with very efficient exhibition marketing based on the highest quality standards. These activities allow us to consider the company the true Ambassador of the Polish Economy.” The award was granted to the President of MTP Andrzej Byrt by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Radosław Sikorski, on 2nd June 2009 in Warsaw.

Jan Kiliński Gold Medal

MTP became the winner of the 16th edition of the European Medal in the category of “the Organisation of Trade Fairs”. The award is granted by the Office of the Committee for European Integration (UKIE), Business Centre Club and the European Economic and Social Committee. The European Medal is given to products and services that meet European standards. Poznań International Fair was awarded not only for the high standard and quality of services but also for long-lasting activities on the market of trade fair services and a great contribution to the development of nearly one hundred Polish industry sectors.

Firma Dobrze Widziana (Most Welcome Company)

The Most Welcome Company competition is organised by the Business Centre Club Association of Employers. It selects companies perceived as the most socially responsible in a given region. The competition is a part of the project called “CSR as a tool for building a positive business image”, conducted in the whole of Poland by the Business Centre Club Association of Employers in cooperation with the Trade Union’s Forum (FZZ) and the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland. MTP was chosen the Most Welcome Company, i.e. a company positively perceived in the Wielkopolska region, in 2009.

Certyfikat Marki Firmowej (Company Brand Certificate)

It is a prestigious certificate granted by the Institute of Polish Brand (IMP) to an entity that possesses all the attributes of a company brand and enjoys reputation qualifying it among brand companies. MTP has joined the circle of such companies in 2009.

XII International Fair Poster Competition MTP ranked the second in the international competition for the best fair promotional poster. The award has been given by the Plovdiv International Fair in Bulgaria (since 1997) in cooperation with UFI (since 2003).

Constructor of Polish Sport

A distinction for MTP in recognition of its merits and contribution to the development of the Polish craft. The award was granted by Polish Craft Association (ZRP) in 2008.

- II -

MTP has been distinguished with the title and the statuette of the Constructor of Polish Sport, granted by the Polish Sports Infrastructure Club (PKIS) in 2008. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

1921-2011 Ladies and Gentlemen, Poznań International Fair (MTP) is celebrating its 90th anniversary. MTP is one of the most important trade fair institutions in Poland and one of the oldest trade fair organisers operating in Europe. I would like to say thank you to all the employees of MTP for their efficient work for the promotion of the Polish economy during numerous exhibitions. I would also like to congratulate you on the successes in developing the potential of Polish companies and their position in the international market. For many years the trade fairs organised by MTP have been held under the auspices of the Ministry of the Economy. The representatives of the Ministry have also taken part in conferences and trade meetings accompanying exhibitions. The competitiveness of our enterprises will in the next years depend on their ability to quickly implement innovative technological and organisational solutions. The ability to skilfully turn this potential into a commercial success will translate into the increase in the efficiency of our economic system. I believe that Polish companies will take the full advantage from the opportunities of promotion offered to them by exhibition events organised by Poznań International Fair (MTP). Once again, I thank you for the support granted to Polish entrepreneurs in the Polish and international market and I wish you perseverance, commitment and passion in pursuing your current and future goals. Yours faithfully Waldemar Pawlak Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy


General National Exhibition (PeWuKa) was the review of the economic, cultural, scientific and political achievements of Poland organized on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of regaining independence by the country


- 1 -

2011 is a jubilee year for Poznań International Fair (MTP) – in May we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the first Poznań Fair that later developed into Poznań International Fair. The first fair was an ambitious enterprise, carried out in the post-war reality, with all its difficulties and economic chaos. Historians and economists claim that the Poznań Fair contributed to the process of economic unification of Polish lands. It hosted as many as 1,200 Polish exhibitors and was visited by 40 thousand people. That was the beginning of the exhibition industry in Poland. Poznań International Fair is one of the companies that have been operating in the industry the longest – not only from the Polish but also from the European perspective. Poznań International Fair has for years been one of the leaders of the Polish exhibition industry. Its share in the domestic exhibition market measured with the metric area of the organised expositions exceeded 53% in 2010. We are the first largest trade fair organiser in Central-Eastern Europe and the 25th in the continent. In the ranking of the world trade fair organisers we occupy the high 33rd position and we are the only Polish company operating in the industry included in the ranking. We organise trade fairs in Poland and abroad, we construct trade fair expositions and organise congresses, conferences and social, cultural and sports events. We organise more than 80 trade fairs for over 100 industries. Every year, we host more than 11 thousand exhibitors, including the represented companies, among them 2,300 foreign companies from 69 countries. Every year our trade fairs and conferences are visited by a million of visitors from all over the world. Poznań International Fair really is an excellent place for all economic entities to achieve their business objectives, as it has at its disposal the most modern and largest trade fair and conference infrastructure in Poland, which consists of 16 air-conditioned pavilions of a very high standard and a large area – over 110 thousand sq m in the exhibition halls (nearly 35 thousand sq m of the open area) and 62 modern, excellently equipped conference halls of various size and character. Nevertheless, no company could ever become successful without the commitment, skills and qualifications of its employees. We are proud of our creative, highly qualified, ambitious and experienced staff, who supports our customers with advice and assistance at every stage of the trade fair preparations. That is why, on the occasion of our anniversary, we decided to remind you that our activity can be described as “90 years of activities with passion.” I warmly invite you to visit Poznań International Fair. You will see that there is no better place in Poland to present your company to a professional trade fair audience. Andrzej Byrt, PhD

President of the Board of Poznań International Fair (MTP)

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

90 years of activities with passion ’20 1921 – 1st Poznań Fair (from 28th May to 5th June 1921) was created on the initiative of Poznań traders leaded by the President of the City Jarogniew Drwęcki. It appeared to be a great success. 1200 Polish exhibitors took part in the fair, presenting their offer on the area of 10,000 sq m; the fair was visited by 40 thousand people. 1925 – the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland confirmed the international role of the Poznań Fair, allowing for the participation of foreign exhibitors; in 1925 there were 2,100 exhibitors from 16 countries and three continents. 1927 – the Poznań Fair joined the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and started to cooperate with the International Chamber of Commerce. 1928 – by the decision of the Minister of Trade and Industry, Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, the Poznań Fair was given the official name of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie - MTP (Poznań International Fair). Companies from 17 countries took part in the trade fair organised in 1928; 40% of all the exhibitors taking part in the fair came from abroad, which was one of the most significant foreign exhibitors’ participation in European fairs at that time. MTP already had at its disposal 16 permanent exhibition pavilions of the total area of 45,200 sq m. 1929 – As part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of regaining independence, on the initiative of the President of the City, Cyryl Ratajski, the General National Exhibition (PeWuKa) was organised. PeWuKa was the review of the economic and cultural achievements of the reborn Poland. The exposition was vis-

ited by 4.5 million people and MTP gained more, new exhibition facilities, which meant that it had at its disposal 17 pavilions of the indoor area of 48,000 sq m and the total area of nearly 100,000 sq m.


Despite the world economic crisis, the Poznań fair kept developing, being the fourth in Europe organiser of international trade fair events. Every year the number of countries exhibiting in Poznań grew, along with the number of official presentations that were normally organised by all the largest European states.


In 1939–1945, 80% of the trade fair grounds were destroyed; only the external walls of the burned down halls survived. The 40s were the period of recovery from the war devastation. In 1945 a decision was made to reactivate Poznań International Fair (MTP). It was agreed that trade fairs were to take place every year, as a permanent event involving all the fields of the economic life of the country and facilitating the establishment of Poland’s international relations. In 1946–1950 – despite the continuing reconstruction and development works at the grounds of MTP – five trade fair events were held.


In 1951–1954 no trade fairs were organised in Poznań. In 1954 – Poznań International Fair resumed its activities. The newly established cooperation with Polish companies dealing with foreign trade and the associations of manufacturers from various industries resulted in the increase in the number of foreign exhibitors and – as a consequence – the need for further development of the trade fair infrastructure. MTP was once again growing, with 27 new pavilions constructed in 1957–1967. The initial system of exhibitions was national, i.e. these were the so-called collective exhibitions, but as soon as in 1966 expositions devoted to particular industries were separated, which was just one step from the industry-wise division of the fair.


Time for specialised fairs. Not only the International Technology Fair and the TAKON International Fair of Articles of Consumption, organised twice a year, but also other specialised events, such as: POLIGRAFIA, TAROPAK, SALMED, DREMA, INTERMASZ, which – although in altered forms – still have their places in the MTP trade fair calendar. At the end of the 80th, the grounds of MTP hosted more than ten industry trade fairs every year. In 1979 the first competition for MTP Gold Medal was held.

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1921-2011 IN THIS ISSUE WHAT’S AHAED 90 years of activities with passion . ....................... 2 DREMA, FURNICA Technologies at hand . ..................................................... 4 LOOK, beaytyVISION The most beautiful fair..................................................... 6 BAKEPOL Innovations – inspirations . ............................................ 8 POLIGRAFIA Spring-coloured fair ........................................................ 9 EURO-RELAMA Festival of advertising . .................................................. 10 TTM All for the automotive industry ..................................... 11 FIT-EXPO Healthy lifestyle ............................................................. 12


1990 – MTP was turned into a limited liability company partially owned by the State Treasury. The interest in the Poznań trade fairs grew every year. In 1995 27 trade events and specialised exhibitions were organised, which attracted 15 thousand exhibitors from Poland and abroad; the exposition area equalled nearly 412 thousand sq m. The increase in the number of exhibitors made it necessary to further develop and modernise the exhibition facilities. Small and uncomfortable pavilions were gradually replaced by modern exhibition halls.

And today Pursuant to the company’s articles of association, 80% of the net profit is spent on new trade fair investments. Thanks to this approach, MTP is now a modern institution and a leader in the market in

EXPOPOWER, GREENPOWER, AUTOMA Fair full of energy ........................................................... 13 Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. The Poznań complex of 16 exhibition halls constitutes the greatest and most modern trade fair and exhibition centre in Poland. Every year, the centre hosts about 80 trade fair events, with more than 11 thousand participants and a million of visitors. Poznań Congress Center is the most dynamic congress centre in Poland, with the annual number of conferences and congresses equalling 1900. In 2008 MTP hosted the participants of the 14th UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP14, with the participation of over 12 thousand guests from 189 countries of the world. The highest organisational quality of MTP was appreciated by the representatives of the UN, the government of the Republic of Poland and the participants of the event. MTP is a member of several organisations associating trade fair organisers: the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union and the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry (PIPT).

HOME DECOR, LUMINEXPO Searching for trends . ..................................................... 14 arena DESIGN, moodForm European design in Poznań............................................ 15 ITM Polska Innovations above all! . .................................................. 16 Opinions ...................................................................... 18 TRADE FAIR REPORTS Jubilee, record-breaking edition of BUDMA . ... 20 New dimensions of CAVALIADA . .......................... 22 Winged champions . ................................................. 23 Fair for real breeders . .............................................. 24 Furniture craze!.......................................................... 25 The wave of spring ................................................... 26 Educational know how . .......................................... 27 Fashion business centre ................................. 28 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE 1/2011 (325) An official magazine of the Poznań International Fair. Issued since 1959. Editor in chief: Halina Buczkowska Editorial board: MTP PR team Graphic design: PressEnter Photos: Marcin Melanowicz, Piotr Piosik, Dana Puciłowska, Marek Zakrzewski, MTP archives Pre-press preparation: PressEnter Print: Zakład Poligraficzny Mos&Łuczak Submitted for print: March 2011


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Editorial office: Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, Poland Publisher: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Sp. z o.o. Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, Poland phone +48 61 869 20 00 fax +48 61 869 29 99 e-mail:,


29.03-01.04.2011 •

Technologies at hand T

he 27th edition of the DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Woodworking and Furniture Industries and the FURNICA International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production is soon to start. More than 800 companies from Poland and abroad are going to take part in the event and showcase their offers in the exhibition space of nearly 35,000 sq m. The organisers estimate that the number of professionals responsible for the most important investment decisions in the SME sector that will want to get acquainted with this varied and interesting offer of the latest solutions will exceed 24,000. Hanna OchnikPawłowska Manager of DREMA, FURNICA

DREMA and FURNICA are excellent opportunities to meet at one place and time the top representatives of the furniture industry who actively look for particular solutions to enhance the development of their companies. Having experienced a number of editions of the trade fair, we can see how greatly trade fair guests are interested in new technologies, new components and new services that can provide efficient and high quality production to SMEs operating in various sectors of the industry. The participants of the trade fair appreciate its professional character. One of the factors contributing to such a high level of the trade fair is the presence of top manufacturers and suppliers operating in international markets and professionally selected guests.

Annual industry meeting The Poznań DREMA, held under the auspices of EUMABOIS (the European Federation of Manufacturers of Machines and Accessories for Woodworking) has become a regular event in the calendar of specialised trade fairs that have gained a good reputation among the representatives of wood processing and furniture production companies of various size. The strong international position of this trade fair is due to such factors as the presence of the exhibitors that are top manufacturers and suppliers, providing services to various sectors of the wood and furniture industries in Poland and the whole world. DREMA and FURNICA are held under the honorary auspices of the Minister of the Economy and the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, which proves that producers of furniture, windows, doors, stairs, floors and other wooden products constitute a very important part of the whole industry. And the development of this sector depends on the access to the latest production technologies.

Furniture Factory live DREMA is going to feature a unique and oneoff furniture production show – the presentation of the work of a standard production plant. An especially separated area of 2000 sq m is going to be filled with operating machines and equipment forming process units. This year the Furniture Factory is going to manufacture bedroom furniture (a bed, a pouffe, a dresser and night tables), the project of which has been selected by means of a competition. The factory will also have a technological stand equipped with configured system supporting production management operated by students of the Poznań university. The projects and technological documentation have been prepared (just like last year) by MA students of the Department of Furniture Design of the Faculty of Wood Technology at the Poznań University of Life Sciences.

- 4 -

Special zones DREMA Training Ground is a special zone devoted to the demonstrations of machines used in the furniture industry to prepare surfaces and to lay protective coatings. The visitors, assisted by experts, will be able to test the shown machines and equipment. You will also have a chance to visit the Isle of Power Tools, whose aim is to present stateof-the-art solutions of top manufacturers of power tools designed for professional use. All of the tools showcased in this zone will be available for the visitors to test. Other unquestionable attractions for professionals are going to be live Parquet Floor Laying Workshops, which are going to present methods of parquet floor measuring, processing and finishing. You will also have a opportuniPOZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Woodworking and Furniture Industries

FURNICA International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production

niture. The organisers of the event promise that for the four days of the fair Poznań will become an international arena for the presentation of the world trends in the furniture industry. This important event for the furniture industry is going to gather the top manufacturers and suppliers of components, prefabricated products and services for various furniture industry sectors. The rich and varied offer of the exhibitors is going to be accompanied by an interesting programme of specialised meetings. There are also going to be unique shows of technologies, interesting exhibitions and competitions for the audience.   by Marzena Banasz


Poznań Media Expo Digital Technologies Forum

ty to ask for advice experts in parquet floor laying. Apart from that, presentations are going to be held for students of schools profiled in construction and wood processing.

ceive as their best of the best. An integral part of Charm of Detail is to be the Knowledge Zone with lectures, presentations and workshops on broadly understood sales techniques.

Competitions and more

Trendsetting fair

Yet another attraction of DREMA is going to be the 10th Polish Championships in Nail Hammering – a competition involving the hammering of 3.5-inch long nails into a square timber with only 5 hammer strikes. It will be great fun for those visitors who like to test themselves. Conjured from Wood, on the other hand, is a competition addressed to the students of higher secondary school classes profiled in wood processing. The contestants must create an original object with the use of wood or woodderived materials. The objects must be such that are not commonly made with the use of this raw material. The works that enter the competition will be available to see at a special exhibition. You will be also able to see a one-off exhibition of historic wood processing machines and equipment, featuring many valuable and unique exhibits.

FURNICA is a prestigious event addressed to professionals of various sectors of the industry who actively search for inspirations to create the most sophisticated furniture collections and to improve the production of these. FURNICA is also an important source of knowledge on high-end technologies for furniture. Apart from that, FURNICA is also an excellent opportunity to popularise and issue professional opinions on new functional and design ideas in the field of components for furniture production, including upholstered fur-

Charm of Detail – the best of the best This year, the Charm of Detail event is going to show its new face. It is a conference and exhibition space that focuses on details, patterns and innovative concepts concerning the functionality and the design of furniture collections. Partner companies will showcase the products they per1/2011

Poznań Media Expo 2011 is going to be held under the name of Digital Technologies Forum – Digital Television for Everyone and in cooperation with the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT). The technological partner of the event is the Polish Chamber of Digital Radiodiffusion (PIRC). During two days of seminars and lectures, the organisers are going to look for answers to all the difficult questions related to the start of the Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB-T) in Poland and are going to show how it can be received. They are going to ask the decision-makers about the process of migrating from analogue to digital television and radio. A crucial point of the conference is going to be the exhibition of companies offering DVB-T receivers – decoders and TV sets. Especially invited experts are going to provide the most important information and there are going to be shows of digital television prepared by the members of the Polish Chamber of Digital Radiodiffusion (PIRC) and demonstrations of the digital radio. Poznań Media Expo 2011 is a must-be event! Feel cordially invited! - 5 -



The most beautiful fair A

ll those interested in new trends in hair-dressing and cosmetics are meeting at the greatest in Poland hairdressing and cosmetics fair – LOOK Hairdressing Forum and BEAUTY VISION Cosmetics and Solaria Forum, held as soon as in April 2011. Absolute masters of their profession, young creators and the best stylists and world celebrities have already announced their participation in this unusual event. Shows on the Main Stage The Main Stage is to be erected in the centre of the fair. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the presence of the Goldwell brand in Poland, shows are going to be organised by such celebrities as Mario Krankl – the leader of the creative GOLDWELL Color Zoom Master Team. This wellknown trendsetter has been invited to Poznań by the JBS company from Gdańsk – the main distributor of the brand in Poland. Apart from other posh accents of LOOK, the trade fair visitors are going to be able to see the show prepared by the Polish hairdressing team that won four golden and three bronze medals at the World Hairdressing Championships – Hair World Paris 2010. One of the hairdressing masters expected at the fair is Andrzej Matacki – the current European and world champion, who in 1993 was the winner of the Polish Open Hairdressing Championships in Poznań in the junior category. The Anita Folaron School of Makeup, Image Consulting and Styling, on the other hand, is going to present French and Italian trends in makeup for 2011, while KEMON is going to show how to suit the hairstyle to a woman’s figure and shape (as part of the show called “Constructions 011”). The International Team of Subrina Professional from Slovenia

is going to come to Poznań with the show called “Discover the Beauty of Uniqueness”, Artego is to hold the show called “NO LIMIT CHARME“ prepared by Michał Krzyszych and present the “Queen of the night“ collection, whereas Grupa Artystyczna of Waldemar Wagner (for Goldwell) is going to present the show called CHEMICAL SISTERS 2011. Apart from that, you will be able to “Heat the engine!” with BaBylissPRO and see the “Vitality Trends” show by MONTIBELLO.

Masters’ competition The Polish Open Hairdressing Championship takes place only once a year and offers the only opportunity in Poland to obtain the title of the Polish Champion! On Sunday, April 3rd, in Poznań, hairdressers are going to compete in several categories. In accordance with its rules and regulations, the Championship is held in two age categories (juniors and seniors) and is divided into two sections – women’s and men’s hairdressing. The title of the Champion, apart from being extremely prestigious, also makes the winner the member of the team representing Poland at the European and World Championships. The Polish Open Hair Extensions and Thickening Championship is to be held simultaneously.

Barbara Vogt Manager of LOOK and beautyVISION

Looking at this year’s programme of events, we can predict that also this edition is going to be very successful. Every new year means a significant step forward in the trade fairs development. It has become a tradition that the trade fairs are visited by world celebrities. I am personally very happy that the part of the fair devoted to professional training in hairdressing and cosmetics has been developing so dynamically. This year’s training part is going to concern nanotechnology, top-notch peeling methods and the use of radio waves in treatments for face and body, or modern technology in the field of aesthetic medicine. There is also going to be a very attractive hairdressing training course called LOOK & LEARN, run by Małgorzata Babicz and stylists from her Styling Academy. What is also worth recommending is the training course in apprenticeships for hairdresser and beautician teachers in the most modern hairdressing and beauty salons in Poland. 

CREATOR competition The CREATOR competition is one of the most awaited events in Poland, as it opens the young and talented a way to a career. This year, the participants of CREATOR can compete in as many as three different competitions. Part of the competition is going to be the New Look category (i.e., making a women’s or men’s casual hairstyle). A complete novelty is going to be the Art&Hair category, whose this year’s subject is “the Woman of Tomorrow”. In accordance with the rules and regulations of the competition, the Art&Hair hairstyle should be an artistic creation the stylist makes using his or her imagination and skills freely. The results of the work of the CREATOR’s participants are to be evaluated by a completely independent jury, which also this year is to consist of the editors of hairdressing trade journals. The organiser of this creative event is Poznań International Fair (MTP) and Dana Puciłowska Agency.

Exchanging knowledge and experiences This year’s LOOK offers a truly great attraction to all those who want to develop their professional skills. It is going to be the “Dandelion wind” seminar of the latest collection of the M.P. Babicz

- 6 -


LOOK Hairdressing Forum

Styling Academy for spring and summer 2011. Moreover, a training course on “Modern vocational education – module internships in innovative enterprises” has been planned, organised as part of the European Union project. The aim is to develop innovative, module programmes of apprenticeships for teachers of the hairdresser and beautician professions, which will soon become the mandatory form of learning in vocational schools.

5th Nail Expert Congress The special guest of the Congress is to be Pepyn Borrel – a worldwide famous master of nail styling, a trainer and juror in international competitions. He is going to present artistic decoration of nails made with the use of the acrylic technique. Among the subjects discussed at the Congress are going to be the following: nail styling with the use of the gel technique, the acrylic technique and a micro-engine and a twister diamond cutter; hands and feet treatment; indications for medical pedicure.

Dance Show Already for the fifth time at beautyVISION the International Polish Nail Art Championship – Nail 1/2011

Expert is going to be held, organised by the Nail Expert Publisher and Poznań International Fair (MTP). This year’s theme of the championship is “Dance Show”.

Vamp look The programme of beautyVISION Forum cannot go without make-up competitions. The contestants of the Polish Open Professional Makeup Championship are going to compete in two competitions: the Vamp Make-up and the Master’s Carnival Make-up.

Knowledge is beautiful This year’s seminars and lectures are going to concern such subjects as, for instance, modern technologies in aesthetic medicine, the use of nanotechnologies in cosmetics, medicine and pharmacy, as well as the situation of aesthetic medicine in Poland in the context of the certification of doctors specialising in aesthetic medicine. The lecturers are also going to deal with the topic of Jet-M oxybrasion facial, i.e., the latest peeling method, and the application of radio waves in treatments for face and body. Apart from that, the 8th edition of the Solar Seminar, called “Sunrays in hair”, is going to be held. This year’s seminar topics include: “the Solar industry through the prism of tanning lamps – new trends and regulations” and “the Art of self-presentation and safe tanning”.

- 7 -

beautyVISION Cosmetics and Solaria Forum

Women’s issues This year’s LOOK and beautyVISION have also got involved in pro-social activities and started to cooperate with the Dress for Success charity – the greatest non-profit organisation in the world to help women cope in the labour market. A conference is going to be held, part of which is to be devoted to the subject of the good looks of women applying for jobs.  by Marta Radowska-Karpińska




Baking and Confectionery Industry Fair

Joanna Jasińska Manager of BAKEPOL

BAKEPOL is the greatest trade fair of technologies for the baking and confectionery industry in southeastern Poland. The event is located in Kielce in order to make it easier for the representatives of the industry from this region to become acquainted with the latest technologies. The trade fair is visited by professionals who search for particular solutions for their own production plants. 80% of the visitors of the last edition of the trade fair were the representatives of bakeries, confectionaries and bakery and confectionery companies, whereas the distributors and manufacturers of machines for the baking and confectionery industry, and distributors and manufacturers of baking and confectionery additives constituted nearly 10% of the visitors. 

Innovations – inspirations T

he great countdown continues! The greatest event of the baking and confectionery industry in 2011 in the south-eastern Poland – the BAKEPOL Baking and Confectionery Industry Fair – is going to start in just a few days. Once again, the trade fair organised by Poznań International Fair (MTP) in the city of Kielce is going to gather an impressive number of exhibitors in the exhibition area of nearly 7000 sq m. The exhibitors are going to showcase over 60 market novelties! Rich offer It is worth making time to visit BAKEPOL. The event is going to be an arena for the presentation of state-of-the-art technological solutions for modern bakeries and confectionery shops – starting from machines and equipment, through the whole technological lines necessary at every production stage, IT solutions, labelling, packaging and logistic systems, to ingredients, intermediate products, bakery and confectionery additives and components. Moreover, bakers and confectioners will find here numerous opportunities to improve their professional qualifications, as every day of the event will offer bread baking shows and presentations on confectionery preparation and decoration.

Teeming with life As part of the Forum of Bakers and Confectioners, baking and confectionery masters from all over Poland are going to present sophisticated recipes and surprising taste combinations. The trade fair visitors will be able to see the produc-

tion of rolls sprinkled with acacia flowers, rolls fermented in birch juice, small banquet buns and loaves of bread baked on stone and nettle, cabbage or horseradish leaves. A baking master, Józef Ziółkowski, is going to present the technique of preparing and baking mouth-watering challahs, bread knots and croissants. On two of the trade fair days, confectioners are going to present the trends and techniques in the preparation of masterly English style decorations, caramel adornments and marzipan figurines. On all of the trade fair days the exhibition stands will offer numerous presentations, shows and tastings. You will be able to see the work of various machines for the production and decoration of rolls, baguettes, Italian and other kinds of bread, doughnuts and yeast-cakes. If the mouth-watering aroma of these wonders makes you hungry you will be able to taste some freshly baked delicacies! You will also be able to learn about the methods of packing of bread, French bread pizzas and confectionery in stretch film and pastry products in car-

- 8 -

ton packs suitable for various occasions. You will also have an opportunity to get acquainted with the subject of labelling and quality declarations.

Trade know-how platform The invitation to BAKEPOL is addressed to baking, confectionery and ice-cream plants as well as to would-be confectioners. The trade fair is an excellent opportunity to see and test particular equipment or even the whole production lines, learn about technological solutions that improve quality and efficiency of production or to get inspired and create new forms of confectionery delicacies.  by Katarzyna Supa




International Fair of Printing Machines, Materials and Services

Spring-coloured fair O

nce again, in April, experts from the printing industry are going to meet in Poznań in order to take part in the greatest printing event in this part of Europe. For four days Poznań International Fair (MTP) is going to host the POLIGRAFIA International Fair of Printing Machines, Materials and Services. The offer of the exhibitors is going to be complemented with the presentation of the advertising sector of goods and services held as part of the EURO-REKLAMA International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services.

Jerzy Kaczmarek Manager of POLIGRAFIA

POLIGRAFIA is undoubtedly the greatest exhibition event for the printing industry in this part of Europe, featuring machines and equipment, materials and accessories, and printing services. Many of these innovative solutions will be available to see in Poznań for the first time after the Birmingham IPEX 2010 trade fair. The opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies, trends and products new to the printing market has always been the magnet attracting professionals to the fair. At this year’s event we are going to host the most important representatives of the industry from both Poland and abroad, who are going to present many technological novelties. Therefore, we hope to be visited by a large number of professionals.

ing industry. They come to the fair in order to get acquainted with the current offer of the market, make plans concerning the purchase of necessary machinery and broaden their professional knowledge. The number of conferences and presentations organised during the fair seems to confirm that the printing sector is continuously developing. The interest in this year’s edition of POLIGRAFIA is significant. It is already certain that among the exhibitors there are going to be not only those who have come to every edition for years, but also manufacturers and distributors for whom this will be their first visit in Poznań. The initial estimates indicate that this year’s exposition will be larger than the previous edition held in 2009, which hosted 320 companies from 18 countries on the area of nearly 8000 sq m. Traditionally, three pavilions are going to be filled with the stands of exhibitors offering the latest solutions and technologies in the fields of prepress, printing machines and postpress, as well as printing materials and services. The organisers expect many market novelties to be presented in Poznań for the first time after IPEX 2010 – another trade fair important for the sector.

Synergy of printing and advertising New technologies and new exhibitors A few years ago experts in the broadly understood printing industry discussed about the future of the sector and were worried that the fast development of the Internet may pose a threat to printing. Many believed that not only books and newspapers would be read on screens, but also that the Internet would make it possible to present companies and their offers in such a widespread and professional way that it would eliminate the need for direct contacts between buyers and sellers. Time has shown that these pessimist predications were false, the best evidence of which is the Poznań POLIGRAFIA Fair. The event is organised every two years and every edition brings new products and technological solutions that can be found among the rich offers of the exhibitors. POLIGRAFIA attracts thousands professionals involved in the print1/2011

A significant advantage of the spring event will be the possibility to see the offers of exhibitors representing both the printing and the advertising sector, as POLIGRAFIA is going to be held simultane-

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ously with the EURO-REKLAMA International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services. This will create the synergy effect thanks to which it will be possible to comprehensively present the offer of both markets to potential buyers. The Digital Printing Expo exhibition organised as part of the printing trade fair is going to combine both of the events, featuring digital, large format and advertising printing. The organisers hope that this exhibition will become the catalyst for the discussion within the industry about the future of printing.

Trade know-how Each trade fair is complemented with seminars and conferences devoted to events important for a given sector. One of the unquestionable advantages of POLIGRAFIA is going to be the rich programme of additional events organised in cooperation with trade partners. The programme is going to include educational and training events addressed to professionals visiting the fair. This year’s conferences, seminars, special zones and experts’ lectures – valuable sources of specialist knowledge – are bound to attract crowds of trade fair visitors. The organisers of POLIGRAFIA would like to already invite you to the educational conference of the Research & Development Centre for the Graphic Arts (COBRPP) on the subject of “Vocational printing education in the era of the digital technologies’ breakthrough” We would also like to recommend the conference of the Polish Chamber of Printing (Polska Izba Druku) on the subject of “The future of books in the digital world.” Yet another interesting event – called the Printing Academy – is being prepared for the students of the art of printing. Moreover, a conference on market trends and selected issues concerning Heidelberg technologies is going to take place.  by Katarzyna Jardanowska




International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services

Festival of advertising S

pectacular expositions and events, workshops, conferences and shows. Thousands of professionals looking for answers to questions concerning the shape of the advertising market and for the latest information on market novelties and trends. You can find it all as soon as in April at the Euro-Reklama International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services.

Piotr Kamiński Manager of Euro-Reklama

We are waiting for the European Football Championships – Euro 2012, so it is not difficult to predict that soon we will be able to observe a revival of the advertising market closely related to the upcoming event. Both Polish and foreign companies will advertise their offers. Foreign companies will want to jump on the bandwagon and enter the Polish market. Presenting new solutions and enhancing the awareness of the already existing ones can guarantee a success. For years EURO-REKLAMA has been a place where clients have been looking for new forms of advertising and advertising agencies – for new opportunities to offer to their clients. It has been a place where you can find information on new advertising media and ways of applying them in the promotional strategy of your company. One of the undisputable advantages of participating in the trade fair is that it offers you the possibility to meet your clients face-to-face. The Internet alone is not able to replace the direct presentation of a product, which – as we all know – has a strong effect on increasing the awareness and value of something more than the product itself – of its association with the brand. I cordially invite you to take part in EURO-REKLAMA 2011.

Crucial synergy effect For as many as 20 years, Euro-Reklama have supported companies in their efforts to actively build and develop their relations with customers, and the programme of the fair has provided them with important market information. This is the place where new trends are presented and profitable business contracts concluded. One of trade fair days will be devoted to the issues related to the advertising media for the needs of Euro 2012. A conference devoted to sport marketing is going to be held. Speaker’s Corner, a special space will be allotted for spe-

advertising as an important channel of visual communication.

cial shows of exhibitors, where they will be able to present their products. The Euro-Reklama International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services is going to take place simultaneously with the POLIGRAFIA International Fair of Printing Machines, Materials and Services. This combination creates an excellent opportunity to see the latest technologies, trends and novelties in the market of printing and out-of-home media, as well as in the sector of advertising media and products. All this makes the combination of the offers of the advertising and printing fairs especially attractive for professionals, who always come in large numbers from both the whole of Poland and abroad.

The second edition of the conference Euro-Reklama SPORT devoted to sports clubs, activists and trainers is going to concern Sports Marketing of small and medium clubs and associations running sports activities. The main aim of the conference is to provide information on how to build the image and brand of a club, as well as informing about the possibilities of supporting fundraising by means of various advertising media presented at the fair. The conference is going to be accompanied by the presentation of sports advertising gadgets.

2nd Car Wrap Championship

Awards and distinctions

This year, VISUAL COMMUNICATION, in cooperation with MTP, is organising the 2nd Car Wrap Championship, the final round of which is going to be held at EURO-REKLAMA. The first edition was received with great interest by both the visitors and all the participants. The reason behind so much enthusiasm was the fact that the event – as the only such project in Poland – combined in itself demonstrative, promotional and educational functions. The competition is to be held in the already tried and tested form, involving the creation of three categories: gluing with the use of own materials, freestyle and gluing with the use of provided materials. On the area of more than 300 sq m the latest trends and solutions are going to be shown along with the potential of transit

Once again at EURO-REKLAMA prestigious SuperStar awards are going to be granted. The international SuperStar competition, organised by the “Display” magazine, enjoys immense interest from the whole POS sector. The entered constructions and products are to be evaluated in as many as eight categories. The competition exhibition is going to be available for the visitors for the whole time of the trade fair. As every year, MTP Gold Medals are going to be granted for the best products showcased at the fair. Apart from that, the winners of the Acanthus Aureus competition are going to be selected from among those whose stands best support the marketing strategies of their companies. 

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Euro-Reklama SPORT II

by Sylwia Dziwińska POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE



Automotive Technology Fair

All for the automotive industry A

utomotive Technology Fair is the greatest event in Poland addressed to the automotive industry. It is organised every two years in the “business to business” form. It attracts professionals from the automotive sector, giving them a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest offer of vehicle diagnostic stations, garages, car washes and providers of tire fitting and car tuning services that operate in the Polish market. Successful specialisation TTM Automotive Technology Fair is a specialist meeting addressed to professionals from the automotive industry sector. It has always attracted immense interest. Suffice to say that although the event normally lasts three days, this year it has been prolonged to four days. The organisers introduced change having sought the advice of the exhibitors and professionals visiting the fair, for whom this additional day is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the brands of their products and to have more business meetings. The members of the Automotive Technology Association (STM) share the belief that the additional day is necessary: ”In our opinion, international fairs should last minimum four days. Our experiences from previous editions of TTM and other trade fair events show that most clients from distant areas – managers of large companies and students, who are especially important for us – visit trade fairs not only at weekends, but also on Thursday and Friday”, says Rafał Sosnowski, President of STM. Each edition of TTM attracts immense interest from both exhibitors and visitors. The previous edition of the trade fair, the thematic scope of which may be summarised in the following


slogans: “service, vehicle diagnostics, parts and accessories”, gathered 350 companies from 11 countries. The exhibitors presented comprehensive equipment for garages, vehicle diagnostic stations and car washes, also parts and components, automotive electrical systems alarms and locks, consumables, car accessories, car maintenance and care materials, and the offer for tuning enthusiasts. The presence of new solutions and technologies has always contributed to the attractiveness of the trade fair. Also that year the exhibitors entered more than 130 new products. We already know that this year’s TTM Automotive Technology Fair promises to be equally attractive as its previous editions. The magnet attracting the trade fair audience will be the dynamically arranged special zones, where for the whole four days of the fair experts will share the secrets of their work with all the interested visitors. Once again, the organisers are going to invite professionals to the Car Garage Live – a model garage organised in cooperation with leading automotive companies. The idea behind this undertaking is to present the latest technologies, equipment and tools for mechanics. As the name suggests, it is a garage and on all the trade fair days in will be

- 11 -

Marcin Gruszczyński Manager of TTM

According to the forecast of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the automotive industry is going to be one of the most important sectors of the economy, attracting foreign capital to Poland. For investors operating in the automotive sector, Poland is still the most attractive market in Central-Eastern Europe. This creates good prospects for the development of companies in the broadly understood automotive sector, i.e. the participants of our trade fair. I would like to invite you to take part in the event. As every year, there will be numerous Polish companies that will come to Poznań in order to present their offer, including many new technological and technical solutions.

busy with regular everyday work. The event is recommended by the editors of the “Nowoczesny Warsztat” magazine. Apart from that, in especially separated zones you will be able to see a Car Wash of the Future and to learn about the technologies of car window pane renovation. What is definitely worth attention is the Model School Exhibition. Even more attractions is going to await the enthusiasts of cars slightly changed with respect to their original versions, i.e. tuned cars. You will be able to admire them in the Tuning Zone. Such organisations as the Automotive Technology Association (STM), the Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry (PIM), the Polish Chamber of Vehicle Inspection Stations (PISKP) and the Association of Producers of Automotive Parts (SPCM) are going to organise traditional trade fair stands. As always, the programme of TTM is going to include interesting seminars, conferences and specialist forums, organised in cooperation with the leading representatives of the industry. This year, the organisers invite you to take part in a series of specialised meetings addressed to professionals operating in the industry, who come to the trade fair in large numbers. 




fitness & sport park

Healthy lifestyle H

ow to find the most efficient way to showcase sporting equipment, equipment for fitness clubs and gyms? Where can you meet the greatest fitness celebrities? Is there a way to show your offer at the same time to the managers and owners of sports clubs and gyms, investors and instructors? Yes, there is and it is simple. All you need to do is to make use of the invitation to Poznań International Fair and take part in the FIT-EXPO fitness & sport park exhibition. The most important industry meeting FIT-EXPO, organised for the sixth time, is an offer for all those who like to keep their finger on the pulse and be always updated with the changes taking place in the fitness industry. The event, held in the middle of May, is a wealth of knowledge on market novelties and at the same time – the best address in Poland to meet the market leaders and the most important fitness instructors from Poland and abroad. FIT-EXPO is the most comprehensive meeting of the fitness industry in Poland, which skilfully combines the exposition of novelties showcased by market leaders with conferences and workshops that attract hundreds of participants, offering them training opportunities. The programme of FIT-EXPO is especially attractive with respect to meeting marketing needs of companies, but it also presents the most current problems and issues of the indus-

try. This is why the event attracts more and more professionals every year. For the owners and managers of fitness clubs and centres, SPA & Wellness centres, the representatives of local territorial governments, military and penitentiary administration, gyms, sports and leisure centres, rehabilitation centres and hotels, as well as for fitness instructors, FITEXPO is a unique opportunity to acquire reliable knowledge on the new directions of the industry’s development, on market novelties and premieres, as well as on advanced training programmes. The greatest advantage of FIT-EXPO is the comprehensiveness of its exhibition, marketing and training offer. In modern pavilions of MTP, equipped with all the necessary amenities, visitors will be able to see: sports and fitness equipment, Cardio equipment and strength accessories, rehabilitation equipment, supplements for athletes, dietary supplements and parapharmaceuticals, sports clothes, as well as solariums and saunas, fitness and gym equipment, computer applications and specialised publications.  

Sports know-how

As every year, the trade fair is going to be accompanied with a rich and attractive programme, including the presentations on the current problems of the industry addressed to managers, trainers and instructors. For the fifth time the immensely popular Eu4YA – International Fitness Convention is going to be held and this year it is to be extended by a new Body & Mind exercise section. Once again, the fans of indoor cycling will have a chance to face new challenges as they take part in Indoor Cycling

- 12 -

Anna Myślak Manager of FIT-EXPO

I cordially invite you to take part in the greatest and the most interactive event in Poland addressed to professionals from the fitness industry – the owners and managers of clubs, instructors, trainers and the fans of active lifestyle. FIT-EXPO is undoubtedly the most comprehensive meeting of the fitness industry in Poland. What singles it out is the presence of the industry leaders, a rich programme presenting the most up-to-date problems and issues of the industry, as well as the greatest fitness convention in Poland. The trade fair is a one-off meeting place for such a great number of professionals. You cannot miss it!

EVOLUTION RIDE 2011. At the same time, the lovers of the sports discipline that combines the best features of tennis, badminton and squash will have an opportunity to meet the best European speed badminton players and take part in the tournament and workshops organised as part of the Speed Badminton Park. Once again a conference devoted to the latest challenges of the fitness & wellness market is going to be held. The conference this year called “Fitness & Wellness Event” (it used to be known under the name of “Fitness Marketing Event”) – is going to be divided into two thematic sections: Marketing & Management and Coaching. It is addressed to sports and fitness facilities’ owners and managers, as well as to fitness instructors. As part of the event and for the second time the best trade initiatives are going to be distinguished, with the winners to be selected in four categories: Fitness Club Networks, Fitness Club with Passion, Fitness Brand and Fitness Marketing Project.  by Karolina Makowska  POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE





International Power Industry Exhibition

International Renewable Energy Fair

International Fair of Robotics, Automatics, Control and Measurement Equipment

Fair full of energy I

n May Poznań is going to see the meeting of power, electrical and automation engineers from all over Poland, who are going to gather here to get acquainted with the innovative offer of the exhibitors of the most energetic complex of the Poznań fair. Nearly 400 companies from more than a dozen countries are going to take part in the next edition of the EXPOPOWER International Power Industry Exhibition, the GREENPOWER International Renewable Energy Fair and the AUTOMA International Fair of Robotics, Automatics, Control and Measurement Equipment. All the three events are going to be held under the honorary auspices of the Ministry of the Economy.

Power engineering of the future It seems very probable that also this year’s edition of EXPOPOWER will be greater than the previous one. The number of applications recorded at the beginning of March indicates an increase by several percent in relation to the data from the analogous period of the previous year. Among the companies interested in the participation in the fifth edition of the fair there are leading representatives of the energy and electrical engineering industries (including such companies as: ABB, Apator, Elektrobudowa, Elektromontaż Poznań, Elektromontaż Lublin, ENEA, Energia, Es System, Hager, Kromiss-Bis, LUG, Mikronika, PGE, Philips, Tauron). EXPOPOWER is one of the two most important meetings of the representatives of the energy industry in Poland. The partners of the event are trade organisations such as: the CIEPŁOWNICTWO POLSKIE Economic Chamber (IGCP), the Polish Chamber of Power Industry and Environment Protection (IGEiOŚ), the Polish Chamber of Rail Device and Services Producers, the Polish Electrical Installation Association (PSE), the Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association (PTPiREE) and the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers SEP. The thematic scope of the fair whose motto is "the Future of Energy – the Energy of the Future" includes the production, transmission and distribution of electrical power.

Atomic power at every hour The exposition of the exhibitors is to be complemented by a rich programme of events organised in strict cooperation with trade partners. Among the many specialised conferences, what deserves special interest is for example the seminar on “Nuclear energy as a 1/2011

chance for the Polish construction industry,” organised by Fundacja Wszechnicy Budowlanej. The construction of the first Polish nuclear power plant, planned in the Polish Nuclear Power Programme adopted by the government, will be the greatest construction investment that has been made in Poland for years. Due to the scale and complexity of the undertaking, it can only be successful if it is based on knowledge concerning the construction of the nuclear power plants that have been made in the world and in the EU so far. The seminar is going to be accompanied by a permanent collective exhibition entitled “Atomic power at every hour”, presenting – in a popular science form – various types of nuclear power plants.

See you at Lighting Exhibition Once again, as part of the Poznań power fairs, the Lighting Exhibition is going to take place. For companies operating in the lighting industry, the Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to present the latest solutions in the field of lighting. The Exhibition is going to be accompanied by the conference on “Energy-efficient lighting,” organised by the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP), the Wielkopolska District Chamber of Civil Engineers (WOIIB), the Poznań and Warsaw Universities of Technology, the Pol Lighting Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers and Poznań International Fair (MTP). The main subjects of the conference are: “LED Lighting” and “Lighting in architecture”.

Green energy For the third time already EXPOPOWER is going to be accompanied by GREENPOWER. This is the most comprehensive presentation of the offer of the companies operating in the industry of renewable energy sources in Poland. Every year the fair is visited by quite a great number of private investors interested in energy-efficient technologies and modern solutions in the field of the application of renewable energy sources, the producers of traditional electrical energy, as well as the representatives of local governments and companies operating in the tourist, hotel and SPA industries. GREENPOWER is organised in cooperation with the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy (PIGEO). The offer of nearly 100 exhibitors includes the solar, wind, water and geother-

- 13 -

Marcin Gorynia Manager of EXPOPOWER and AUTOMA

We expect EXPOPOWER to be visited by over 10,000 people from the whole of Poland, including a great number of professionals from north-western Poland. We have also invited the representatives of design studios, power plants, construction companies, wholesalers of electrical equipment, energy departments of companies and industrial establishments, associations and institutions operating in the power sector, including the renewable energy sector, housing cooperatives, municipal companies and local authorities. 

mal energy, solid and liquid bio-fuels, biogas and energy-saving technologies. The accompanying conferences will provide an opportunity to learn about the latest solutions in the field of renewable energy utilisation. Moreover, experts from organisations dealing with this thematic scope are going to be available for consultations at special consulting points.

Fully automatic The offer of the exhibitors is going to be complemented with the third edition of the AUTOMA International Fair of Robotics, Automatics, Control and Measurement Equipment. It is an excellent place to get acquainted with the latest solutions in the field of industrial automatics. The exhibitors are going to present many products and technologies newly launched into the market. The rich thematic offer of the fair includes issues related to the drive and control technology, software, components for automation and building automation.  by Tomasz Wojciechowski





Interior Design Fair

Lighting and Light Technology Exhibition

Searching for trends A

s soon as in May the followers of design novelties and interior trends will get a real treat. At HOME DECOR Interior Design Fair the leading producers of decorations, textiles, lighting and furniture are going to present their offer. At the same time two other events, widely recognised in the industry, are going to take place: arena DESIGN and the moodFORM Design Fair. The inside is the most important HOME DECOR is the biggest trade fair in Poland devoted to the interior finishing and furnishing industries. Under one roof you will be able to find the latest interior solutions and inspirations. The expositions of the exhibitors and thematic exhibitions are going to present the offer of textiles, interior and terrace decorations, kitch-

en and bathroom furniture and accessories, etc. A vital place in the thematic layout of the exposition is going to belong to lighting presented at the specialised exposition called LUMINEXPO. You will also be able to get acquainted with the comprehensive offers of companies dealing with interior design and finishing works. You will also see many newly launched products and offers for those interested in expanding their professional knowledge. As part of this year’s edition of HOME DECOR numerous workshops and seminars have been planned, including those on the use of the Internet in the interior industry.

Must-be place For professionals involved in the interior industry, the presence at HOME DÉCOR is a duty. The fair offers something for everybody: from the representatives of stores and commercial and hotel networks to designers, interior architects and developers. Bearing in

- 14 -

mind the needs of the exhibitors and the comfort of visitors, the organisers have developed a special system making it possible to plan the trade fair meetings in advance. Yet another amenity is to be the Hosted Buyers programme, started last year, thanks to which customers are entitled to many privileges making their trip and stay in Poznań easier. HOME DECOR has a business-friendly form, which means the possibility to efficiently reach the target group of clients, including for example the representatives of stores, commercial and hotel networks, wholesalers, retailers, designers, interior architects and developers. Last year’s edition of HOME DECOR, the first one organised in the B2B form, attracted about 200 exhibitors (nearly twice as many as in the previous year), among them about 50 foreign companies. During the three days of the trade fair, the exposition was visited by nearly 6,500 professionals! POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE


arena DESIGN


Design Fair

European design in Poznań T

he Poznań event of arena DESIGN is a unique place where the world of design meets the world of business. Its rich programme includes several dozen inspiring exhibitions, lectures and meetings with special guests, as well as the presentation of products and objects of exceptional design values. The event promotes quality and design awareness in the industry and in the recent years it has attracted significant interest from the industry, the media and many enthusiasts of design. Lots to happen Design is almost omnipresent – it shapes the space around us. To what extent? – you will be able to find out as soon as in May, when at the same time two events devoted to forms, practices and trends in design are going to take place: arena DESIGN – focusing especially on the relations of broadly understood design with business and mood FORM – the trade fair for companies operating in many industries that invest in good design for their products. The main attraction of this year’s events is going to be the rich programme of lectures and panel discussions. Designers and entrepreneurs are going to discuss the desired model of cooperation between business and design. Experts dealing with the promotion of design and economic education of businesses are going to tell the listeners how to efficiently create products that are good in terms of design and how to launch them into the market. Last year, arena DESIGN was honoured by the presence of one of the most creative and re-

Anna Paczos Manager of HOME DECOR, arena DESIGN and moodFORM

We have now got into the full swing of the preparations to HOME DECOR and at every step we encounter significant interest and enthusiasm from the representatives of the industry. This year’s HOME DECOR is going to be organised in the B2B form once again. Judging from favourable opinions that we received the last time, the exhibitors should be prepared for three intensive days of business meetings. Last year we were visited by about 6,500 professionals from 22 countries. This year, due to the visible development of both HOME DECOR and the accompanying events of arena DESIGN and mood FORM, we are expecting even more guests. 

invited many distinguished guests also for this year’s edition of the fair.


spected designers of his generation – Karim Rashid. He is an author of more than 3,000 designs put into mass production and the winner of over 300 awards. Especially for arena DESIGN he prepared the lecture on “How design changes the world.” As he was so enthusiastically received last year, the organisers of the fair have

At this year’s arena DESIGN, for the third time already, the manufacturers and designers of products meeting the highest standards of the world design are going to compete for the statuette and the prestigious TOP DESIGN award. The products are going to be evaluated in twelve thematic groups by an international jury consisting of independent experts. The new element of this year’s edition of arena DESIGN is going to be the design competition called Future Generation and addressed to young designers and architects. Students and graduates of universities and post-secondary schools of technology and art are going to present concepts that have not yet been put into production or executed.

Design Fair For the second time, arena DESIGN is going to be accompanied by the moodFORM – Design Fair. The trade fair area is going to be devoted exclusively to design and architecture. The audience coming to the fair is special, as it is made up exclusively of conscious customers of design. MoodFORM offers a unique form of presentation and promotion of products singled out by their innovativeness, functionality, uncommon aesthetics and the highest quality of workmanship. Design Fair moodFORM is a business complement of arena DESIGN in the trade fair form. Both events together create a unique in this part of Europe complex of exhibitions that combines the business and educational functions, promotes design as one of the most important factors of innovativeness and competitive edge over other enterprises. by Dorota Fedoruk 1/2011

- 15 -



Innovations above all! A

bsolute market novelties and thousands of business owners interested in modern technologies – this is what characterises the greatest trade fair of innovative technological projects Innovations-Technologies-Machines Poland (ITM Poland). As soon as in June, in the modern pavilions of Poznań International Fair (MTP) you will be able to get acquainted with the new offer in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, drives, machine tools, tools, metallurgy, iron and steel industry, foundry engineering, metal industry, surface treatment, welding and transport.

Time for the new While positive mood permeated already ITM Poland 2010, ITM Poland 2011 promises to be even more interesting. The last year’s edition of the greatest in Poland trade fair of modern solutions for the industry gathered 900 exhibitors on the area of more than 20,000 sq m. They came from such countries as: Austria, Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, India, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Taiwan, Turkey, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy. The exposition attracted more than 16,000 visitors from Poland and abroad. One of the advantages of the trade fair is that it features new products and technological solutions, distinguished by their innovativeness and technological advancement. It is them that attract professionals, who are aware of the correlation between applying new technologies and gaining a competitive edge over market rivals. The organisers of the trade fair promise that there are going to be many such innovative solutions at this year’s edition of the event. Another advantage of ITM Poland is that it offers an opportunity to see machines at work and often – even to try them out. You can do it not only at the stands of the exhibitors, but also in

special presentation zones. These separated exhibition spaces attract professionals not only with the rich offer of state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and technologies, but also with the possibility to obtain detailed information from the available experts. The Skills Boot Camp, the Welding Academy and the theme parks will be teeming with life on all of the trade fair days.

Trade fair exposition The main advantage of ITM Poland is its comprehensive thematic scope, which makes it possi-

ble to present at one place and time the most modern solutions for various sectors of the industry. Just like last year, the trade fair exposition is going to be divided into several exhibitions: the HAPE Exhibition of Hydraulics Pneumatics and Drives, the MACH-TOOL Machine Tool Exhibition, the METALFORUM Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry, the SURFEX Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies, the WELDING and the TRANSPORTA exhibitions and the Work Safety in Industry exhibition. Also the best science and research entities and R&D units are going to present their offers gathered together in the Research for Industry exhibition. The honorary auspices over ITM Poland is held by the Minister of the Economy and the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Apart from seeing the exposition, the trade fair visitors will also be able to take advantage of the attractive programme of events, including conferences, seminars and scientific forums. This year, Poznań International Fair (MTP) is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The main ceremonies have been scheduled for the June edition of ITM Poland.

Science and business merged Research for Industry is the greatest in Poland presentation of the achievements and research

- 16 -


ITM Poland Innovations-TechnologiesMachines Poland

Joanna Kucharska Manager of ITM Polska

Every year InnovationsTechnologies-Machines Poland trade fair enjoys more and more interest and records the increase in the number of visitors and exhibitors. The industry leaders have already declared their participation in ITM Poland 2011. This year, however, ITM Poland is additionally going to be the venue of the anniversary celebration. I am proud to say that it is at our trade fair that we will formally celebrate the 90th anniversary of MTP and the 100th jubilee of the Office of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego). Therefore, I am very happy to invite you to Poznań, to the largest professional trade fair of modern technologies. 

Exhibitions’ offers HAPE Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives: pneumatics, hydraulics, pumps, industrial valves, drives, electrical engineering and industrial electronics Mach-Tool – Machine Tool Exhibition: machinery, machine tools, tools, automatics for the industry, CAD/CAM, measurement and control equipment Metalforum – Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry: metallurgic raw materials, machines and equipment for metallurgy and the steel and iron industry, products of the steel and iron industry and the foundry sector, The Foundry Theme Park potential of the Polish applied science. The exhibition is held as part of ITM Poland. Such a meeting of science and industry is a very good occasion to establish direct cooperation between the worlds of science and business. The exhibition is going to feature the offers of R&D units, universities, companies and institutions supporting innovation and transfer of technologies. All this creates a unique opportunity to get acquainted with many prototypes of tools and innovative solutions. The offer of the exhibitors is going to be complemented with a rich programme of events such as professional conferences and business meetings.

Work Safety in Industry Work Safety in Industry is an exhibition that has been organised since 2007 in odd years, alternating with the SAWO Fair. The aim of the exhibition is to present and popularise products and new technological and organisational solutions facilitating the protection of health and the improve1/2011

ment of safety in the workplace. The exhibition is visited not only by invited employees of OSH services, distributors and traders, but also by direct users of the offer presented at the trade fair, including the ITM Poland exhibitors. It is this participation of companies from various sectors of the industry that lies behind the success of this specialised event. The presence of a large group of industrial manufacturers is a one-off opportunity to establish contacts and gain new clients and business partners. As can be concluded from the results of MTP research, more than 50% of the visitors of ITM Poland are decision-makers – owners, co-owners and presidents of companies, business managers and executives. Thematic scope of the exhibition includes personal and collective protection means, control and measurement instruments, ergonomics and work organization, sanitary and medical equipment as well as cleaning and maintenance products and equipment. by Dominika Redlicka

- 17 -

Surfex – Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies: surface cleaning and preparation, thermal and thermo-chemical surface treatment, electroplating, painting and enamelling, the Skills Boot Camp Transporta – a specialized exhibition aimed at promoting innovative solutions and technologies in the field of interoperable and rail transport Welding – welding technologies, robotics and mechanisation of welding processes, welding materials, the 7th Welding Academy Research for Industry – the offer of the best science and research entities and R&D units Work Safety in Industry: personal and collective protection measures, control and measurement equipment, ergonomics and workplace organisation, sanitation and medical facilities, cleaning equipment and products, labelling, training and teaching aids

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

Karel Kysilka

Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of the Czech Republic

Dear Friends, when I graduated from university (several dozen years ago), a visit to the Poznań fair was my first foreign business trip. Today I have forgotten the name of that trade fair but I know that it all seemed to me to be new, interesting and stunning. Sometime later, Poznań, Leipzig and Brno became to me the three main cities on the trade fair map of our, then limited, Europe. They were the cities that gave me an insight into the world of trade that existed behind the iron courtine, which then surrounded us from all sides. Therefore, I feel so pleased that today our countries may be an undivided part of the world and that Poznań has found its place among the leading trade fair centres of Europe. Poland is a traditional trade partner for the Czech Republic, nowadays – even one of the greatest trade partners. Since 2000 our mutual trade turnover has increased fourfold and exceeded the value of 11 billion euro. However, mutual economic relations between the Czech Republic and Poland are not limited to a traditional trade exchange. An equally important aspect is the cooperation of the public and the private sectors in the fields of power engineering, mining industry, chemical industry, transport and construction. Poland has achieved the status of the country most attractive for Czech investments. At the same time, it is also the greatest Central-European investor in the Czech Republic. As we all know, a condition of further successful development of all economic relations is the familiarity with the regional market. Therefore, for most companies that are planning to enter the Polish market, but also for those that have already done that, the participation in trade fairs and exhibitions organised in Poland is a natural thing. Czech companies are mostly interested in the Poznań trade fairs of BUDMA, ITM Polska, POLAGRA, but also TOUR SALON – in the field of tourism. Every year, several dozen Czech exhibitors take part in the trade fairs. They organise their trade fair performances either individually or taking advantage of the official support of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the CzechTrade Promotion Agency, the Czech Chamber of Commerce or the CzechTourism Agency. I would also like to stress that I highly appreciate the symbiosis that has developed between the trade fair and the city of Poznań, and I must say that in 2011 Poznań is celebrating the 50th anniversary of establishing mutual relations with the second biggest city of the Czech Republic – Brno – which is also well known as a trade fair centre. Moreover, in Poznań there is the seat of one of the honorary consulates of the Czech Republic and the significance of our mutual relations is additionally emphasised by the new air connection Poznań-Prague. On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Poznań International Fair, I would like to wish it all the best – the unremitted interest of exhibitors and guests, further development and successes in the future.

- 18 -

Vladislav Chlipala

Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic

Representatives of Slovak companies are always present in large numbers at the trade fairs organised by MTP, both as exhibitors and visitors. In what way, do you think, the participation of companies in trade fairs translates into their operation in the Polish market? The best proof of the fact that trade fairs do help our companies enter the Polish market is the companies’ participation in the events organised every year by MTP and other exhibition companies. Slovak economic entities take part mainly in the ITM Poland – the greatest fair of innovative technological processes organised in Poland. Every edition of the event makes it possible to show particular stages of the creation of a modern product – from the idea and design through various stages of the production process: machining, founding, welding, varnishing, transport – up to achieving the final effect. The participation of Slovak companies in the ITM Poland fair is officially supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SOPK). In this way, we carry out the proexport policy for our producers in the industry. Other very popular fairs among Slovak entrepreneurs are: the POLAGRA-FOOD International Food Product Trade Fair and the POLAGRA-TECH International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies. These fairs are often visited by official representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic. Personally, I am positive that the fairs open opportunities for our companies to invest in the Polish market and search for potential partners and clients. This is proved by the results of our mutual trade, which – since the outbreak of the economic crisis – has been developing the most dynamically in the whole EU. (…) PFM 1/2010 

Crucial direct contact Andrzej Arendarski

President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Vice-President of Eurochambres

The Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG) has for many years cooperated with Poznań International Fair (MTP), so I am very happy to observe the continuous development of this exhibition centre, which is the greatest exhibition centre in Poland and, at the same time, one of the crucial venues on the European map of trade fairs. Year after year MTP, just like the whole Polish economy, has changed its image – it has grown, become more modern and attracted more and more exhibitors and guests. The Polish Chamber of Commerce, from the start of its activity, has been supporting Polish entrepreneurs in discovering new, even the most distant, markets. For all those years we have had many opportunities to see that a well prepared trade fair performance POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE


MTP – my trade fairs in Poznań Sylwester Szafarz

Vice-President of the Poland – BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-ChinaSouth Africa) Chambers of Commerce Coordinating Committee.

I would like to express my warmest congratulations and greetings to Poznań International Fair (MTP). To turn 90 is to achieve a serious and dignified age. The MTP trademark is well-known, acknowledged and respected both in Poland and abroad. The extremely rich and valuable collection of achievements of MTP deserves recognition and the highest respect. The golden thread of MTP runs also though my whole modest professional career. My first encounter with MTP was when I was still a student of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). Since graduation, whether working in Poland or on foreign missions, I have always dealt with international issues, dominated with economic diplomacy. I cannot remember one year – or even one month or a week – without the appearance of the thread of cooperation with MTP in my activities – in various forms. Today I am not even able to count how many times I have visited the grounds of MTP – whether on my own or with domestic or foreign delegations, e.g. from China. The phenomenon of MTP – its originality, usefulness and priceless values for the domestic and world economic life could not be understood or properly evaluated without taking into account the international trade fair context, i.e., the quality I call “fairs and exhibitions’ industry.” I have needed many years to appreciate these values, as for a long time professional duties and personal interests have sent me to the most famous trade fair events in the world, especial-

and a wisely planned promotion may be the key to success in export. It may seem that in the era of dynamic development of e-commerce, the traditional way of establishing business contacts, i.e. participation in trade fairs, should lose its importance. Nothing could be further from the truth. A direct contact with a business partner and an opportunity to present one’s offer in a special atmosphere that trade fair events create is still one of the best ways to establish business relations. We have many great companies in Poland and excellent products, and services, with a potential to be successful not only in Poland but also in foreign markets – provided they are properly promoted. The participation in events organised by Poznań International Fair (MTP) is undoubtedly an excellent way to achieve success.  1/2011

ly in France and China. Nevertheless, always – also against this wonderful global trade fair background – my thoughts have come back to Poznań and I have grown to appreciate MTP more and more. The main criteria according to which I evaluate the everlasting values of MTP are, first of all, the ability to suitably adjust to the specificity, needs and possibilities of all the stages of economic development of Poland. I really appreciate the flexibility and skilfulness with which MTP has always been able to use new opportunities and possibilities that have appeared, especially in the context of Poland’s access to the EU, the process of globalisation, the shifting of the economic centre of the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific, counteracting crisis phenomena, etc. The present, advanced multi-industrial character of MTP and the growing number of exhibitors and visi-

tors from abroad reflects the multipolar world that is emerging before our very eyes. What is worth emphasising is the incredible resistance of MTP to the competitive pressure from new centres and trade fair events that come into existence both in Poland and abroad. This resistance is the best confirmation of the vivacity of MTP and the fact that Polish and foreign manufacturers and consumers need the company more and more. What is also important is the efficient and optimum combination of the requirements of trade fair traditionalism and modernism. MTP is more and more oriented at future improvements – intellectually and logistically, but also when it comes to its programme and investments. In the light of all this, what should I wish to the Management Board, Staff, Exhibitors and Visitors of MTP? – 100 years, undoubtedly, as the Polish tradition requires. But I would like to wish many, many more years, good condition and all the possible successes. I would also like to wish MTP that the proverbial Poznań diligence, accuracy, perfection, creativity and organisation result in the increasing revenues and profits of MTP so that it can continuously serve our national economy and strengthen its role in the European Union, Eurasian and global contexts as much as it is only possible.

Dynamic development of MTP Stefan Nawrocki

President of the Polish Chamber of Construction, Industry and Commerce (PIPHB)

As the inhabitant of Wielkopolska and a person professionally involved in the construction industry I have been watching the development of the BUDMA International Construction Fair since its first edition in 1992, which attracted about 280 exhibitors. This year’s, the jubilee 20th edition gathered over 1,400 exhibitors and 62,000 visitors. These data alone make you realise how dynamic the development of this event has been. The BUDMA International Construction Fair is today the greatest event of this kind not only in Poland but in the whole Central Europe. It has found its permanent place in the trade fair calendar. Many experts believe that the construction season starts together with BUDMA and it would be difficult not to share this opinion. BUDMA is the barometer of changes that are taking place in the construction industry, which is proved by the fact that many companies decide to showcase their newly launched products in Poznań. This year, the number of new products was truly impressive – 150. Such a dynamic development of this and other trade fair events would be impossible if Poznań International Fair (MTP) was not carrying out visible investments which year after year increase the standard

- 19 -

of the exhibition halls and enable exhibitors to properly showcase technologies and products used in the construction industry. Modernised and newly constructed pavilions, the new visitor registration system, conference halls – all this contributes to the real world level of the trade fair events held in these facilities. More than 53-percent share in the trade fair market in Poland, nearly 80 events, 1,900 congresses and conferences, over 11 thousand exhibitors and nearly a million of visitors every year – the numbers are self-explanatory. No wonder that MTP has for years been the leader among the Polish trade fair organisers. Others envy us – the city of Poznań – such a dynamic development. The participation in trade fairs is a private issue of each company. Many entrepreneurs think that in the era of the electronic media the significance of trade fairs as marketing tools has largely decreased. In my opinion, however, a direct contact with the future investor is most important. New solutions that may be carefully examined on the spot, evaluating the possible results of their implementation, and other products we – the manufacturers and traders – are proud of, can be best presented at trade fairs. There is nothing like personal contact, which is often confirmed by the participants of events organised by MTP. 

TRADE FAIR REPORTS budma, cbs, windoor-tech

Construction fairS budma, cbs, windoor-tech

Jubilee, record-breaking edition This year’s BUDMA International Construction Fair had a special jubilee atmosphere, as this was the twentieth edition of this greatest construction fair in this part of Europe. This was also a record-breaking edition of BUDMA.


pecial expositions, interactive shows, specialised conferences and seminars, professional debates and forums, but – most importantly – a rich offer of exhibitors, presenting the latest technical and technological solutions attracted a truly professional audience to the trade fair. This year’s edition of the construction fair featured the offer of 1420 companies from 33 countries. For all the trade fair days the pavilions were teeming with life. The exposition was visited by 62 thousand people, which was 3 percent more than last year. According to the data collected at the registration, most visitors represented construction companies, including the main contractors, general building companies and other companies providing construction services. They constituted 38.9 percent of all the trade fair guests. There were also the representatives of wholesale and construction stores (11.1 percent), construction engineers (9.8 percent), individual investors (9.3 percent), architects and designers (6.9 percent), developers and administrators of buildings (6.1 percent), craftsmen, including: roofers, bricklayers, tillers, parquet floor layers (5.6 percent), manufacturers of building materials (4.3 percent), but also the representatives of schools of technology and R&D centres (1.9 percent). Traditionally, the January construction fair was held under the auspices of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of Economy.

Very international trade fair The interest in this year’s edition of BUDMA was especially high both from the side of exhibitors and visitors. For twenty years BUDMA has been the platform of promotion of the latest solutions

in the field of construction – the Poznań fair has cussed on one of the most important elements become a must-be place. No wonder that the fair of sustainable construction, i.e. energy-saving. traditionally attracted numerous market leaders A lot of attention was paid to modern materials from Poland and abroad. Among the exhibitors and technologies of thermal insulation. Energythat came to the fair there were the regular parefficient technologies were the main issues disticipants of the fair that had come to Poznań for cussed at the Energy-Efficient and Passive Conmany years, but also companies that had never struction Forum, and the special exposition that showcased their offers at the Poznań trade fair accompanied it. before. Just like in the last years, also this time The possibilities of obtaining energy for house the percentage of foreign companies among the heating from renewable resources were comexhibitors was very high, i.e., reaching prehensively presented at 30 percent. Joint national trade fair perBUDMA. Both the manuThis year’s edition of the formances held under the auspices of facturers and the distribuconstruction fair featured tors of solar collectors, foreign governmental and commercial the offer of 1420 compainstitutions were organised by: Austria, heat pumps and devices Belgium, Belarus, China, Denmark, Finutilising geothermal enernies from 33 countries. land, France, Spain, Romania and Italy. gy showcased their offers. For all the trade fair days The thematic scope of the trade fair There was also a special the pavilions were teemincluded all the stages of executing a exhibition related to susing with life. construction investment – from detainable development signing, groundwork and construc– the Village of Wooden tion equipment at a construction site, Houses – featuring topthrough construction elements, walls and facades, notch technologies applied in this more and more floors, fenestration joinery, doors, roofs, construcpopular type of construction. tion chemicals and bathroom ceramics, to finishApart from that, the Bud-Show exhibition was ing and building management systems. once again organised at BUDMA. It included the At the same time other events were held at the construction of an “intelligent house” – from grounds of MTP – the WinDoor-tech Fair of Mascratch. The house was equipped with the latest chines and Components for Window, Door, Gate solutions in the field of computer-aided electronic and Facade Production (organised every two control systems. years) and the CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa. Professional meetings BUDMA was accompanied by a very rich programme of events, which included several dozen Energy-efficient, innovative specialised conferences. What enjoyed significant and safe interest from the participants was a debate on Special expositions of this year’s BUDMA were resustainable construction in the EU. Many listeners lated to its main theme, which was: “Sustainable were attracted by the Days of Construction Engiconstruction – energy-saving – safety.” Both the neering, which this year were devoted to the probexpositions and the programme of the fair fo-

- 20 -



of BUDMA lem of eurocodes and construction after floods. The architects’ meeting organised as part of the Days of Architecture was abundant in events. One of the guests of the meeting was famous Finnish designer Rainer Mahlamäki. Moreover, there were many presentations, workshops and shows. What enjoyed significant interest was a special zone called Archispace and the Efficient Design Academy. The visitors were attracted by shows of roofing skills and the demonstrations of laying paving stones. Apart from that, special spaces were organised, such as the Modern Carpenter’s Workshop, the Barrier-Free Building and the Floor Salon. The fair included also the 4th Polish Tile Laying Championship and the rivalry for the title of “the Capital of Polish Parquet Floor Laying”.

Construction sector is doing fine CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa – is a joint enterprise of the Polish Club of Sports Infrastructure (PKIS) and Poznań International Fair (MTP). The sixth edition of the event took place this year. The thematic scope of CBS includes sports halls and stadiums, swimming pools, wellness and spa, recreation and sports equipment, lighting and sounding, as well as the security of sports facilities and access control systems. At this year’s trade fair, nearly 100 companies showcased their products and latest achievements in the fields of materials, technologies and construction. The exhibitors came from both the whole of Poland and abroad, and they were manufacturers and distributors from the sports and leisure construction sector, manufacturers of materials, technologies and equipment applicable in sports, leisure, tourist, wellness and spa facilities. However, CBS means not only the exhibition of companies offering equipment for sports facilities, but also a rich educational programme con-


using the latest components. The PVC Window Factory – Live is yet another reason to visit the Poznań fair. It is a full size, advanced machinery park manufacturing PVC windows in real time and with the use of the best components. Particular sections of the park, combined in process units, formed a real production line together with its environment, reflecting the situation in a real production plant, where every occurrence must be dynamically responded as it happens. The whole process was supervised by a coordinator and technicians.  CM





sisting of seminars, consultations and experts’ advice, presentations and the Constructors of Polish Sport exhibition. CBS was visited by a great number of professionals interested in planning, designing, constructing, modernising, equipping and managing sports and leisure facilities. “CBS, which this year hosted nearly 100 exhibitors, enjoyed great interest from professionals whose jobs are related to planning, designing, constructing, modernising, equipping and managing sports and leisure facilities,” says Tomasz Stachowiak, Manager of CBS. “The demand in this sector of the construction industry is reflected by the presence of individual investors at the fair. They came looking for solutions to execute smaller projects, such as a backyard swimming pools or saunas, but many were also interested in more advanced enterprises, such as a SPA salon for an agrotouristic facility or a hotel.

Recommended for the innovative The WinDoor-tech Fair of Machines and Components for Window, Door, Gate and Facade Production takes place every two years. It presents the market offer for the manufacturers of windows, doors, gates and facade systems, as well as designers and the representatives of research circles. During this year’s edition of the fair, at one place and time, companies producing and distributing machines and components for the sector of wood joinery presented the broad trade fair audience with the latest, most efficient and energy-saving technologies. Among the offers of manufacturers and distributors of machines and components for the sector you could find nearly 20 market novelties and solutions enabling you to optimise production and improve the quality of end-products.

Window factory live! One of the attractions of the fair was a unique in the whole Europe presentation of the Window Factory Live, at which a full size, modern technological line produced high-quality PVC windows, 1/2011

- 21 -

The next edition of BUDMA, CBS and BUMASZ is to be held from 24th to 27th January 2012. The next edition of WinDoor-tech fair is to take place in January 2013

MTP Gold Medals BUDMA 2011: System Porotherm DRYFIX, Wienerberger Ceramika Budowlana Sp. z o.o., Warsaw; Flexible fireproof rolling gates AK series, NGR Technologie Sp. z o.o., Grodzisk Wlkp.; Concrete Cloth CC, CONCRETE CANVAS Ltd., the United Kingdom, entered by: PHU FAGOT Tadeusz Wiencek, Zielona Góra; Panoramic roof sliding window AZURO, ROTO FRANK Sp. z o.o., Lubartów; Solar collector SRK SUNROOF, ROTO FRANK Sp. z o.o., Lubartów; Wall sandwich panel PolTherma™ DS, WŁOZAMOT Panel Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, entered by: WŁOZAMOT Panel Sp. z o.o., Branch in Włocławek, Włocławek; Profiles StoDUO. Sto-ispo Sp. z o.o., Warsaw; MFP construction panel, Pfleiderer Grajewo SA, Grajewo; CBS 2011: NOVOFLOOR P21 GREEN – Polyurethane adhesive for synthetic grass, NOVOL Sp. z o.o., Komorniki; Artificial woven grass, DYWILAN SA, Łódź; One-arm basketball construction with regulated table height, JONEX SPORT Krzysztof Olszewski, Mława.

Acanthus Aureus BUDMA 2011: Fabryka Ceramiki Budowlanej WACŁAW JOPEK Sp. z o.o., Sierakowice; CLASSEN-POL S.A., Zwonowice; PORTA KMI POLAND Sp. z o.o. Bolszewo; ANWIS A.G. Wiśniewscy Sp. j, Włocławek; FAKRO Sp. z o.o., Nowy Sącz; W-IREX Przedsiębiorstwo Prywatne, Kiełczygłów; ZIEL-BRUK Edward Makarewicz, Płoty; Pruszyński Sp. z o.o., Warsaw; Stone Master S.A.,Andrespol ; NORMSTAHLPOLSKA Sp. z o.o., Zielonka; CEZAR Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjne Dariusz Bogdan Niewiński, Ełk; SOLBET Sp. z o.o., Solec Kujawski; PFLEIDERER GRAJEWO SA, Grajewo; JAF POLSKA Sp. z o.o., Rokietnica WINDOOR-TECH 2011: HAFELE POLSKA Sp. z o.o., Długołęka CBS 2011: KLAFS Sp. z o.o., Miłosław; INTEM Sp. z o.o. ; Grupa WELLPOOL, Katowice; Nowy Styl Sp. z o.o., Krosno; TAMEX Obiekty Sportowe SA, Warsaw



Trade fair for the horse industry

Three dimensions of CAVALIADA Three correlated events held under the common name of CAVALIADA constitute a true festival for the horse industry. It has already become a tradition that in December the representatives of the equestrian sector meet in Poznań. Last year’s edition of the fair, held in a new form, turned out really successful. The complex of events – CAVALIADA SPORT, CAVALIADA FAIR and CAVALIADA SHOW – attracted true enthusiasts of equestrianism.


ithout doubt, CAVALIADA is the most important event of the equestrian industry in Poland,” says Manager of CAVALIADA SPORT and SHOW Dominik Nowacki. “Between 10th and 12th December 2010 Poznań International Fair (MTP) hosted at its grounds the best Polish riders and famous contestants from foreign clubs. This year the form of the competition and fair has changed – thanks to the three dimensions of CAVALIADA: SPORT, FAIR and SHOW, we are offering more than others. What like a magnet attracted the trade fair audience was the great number of fun events that MTP organised as part of CAVALIADA SPORT. Strong sports emotions were aroused by the International Horse Jumping over Obstacles Competition CSI2*-W, with a prize pool of 90 thousand CHF. In the two most important competitions of the Poznań Cup the riders competed for high financial awards and score in the prestigious ranking of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI). Also, the Small Round competition and the Big Round competition were held, both belonging to the FEI ranking, the Jumping Power competition, the final round of HPP Open Business and something completely new – the Speed & Music competition. On the last day of the fair numerous equestrian fans who came to the event cheered their favourites who were competing in the Grand Prix competition, belonging to the World Cup and the FEI ranking. The winner was Rein Pill directly followed by Jarosław Skrzyczyński. The sports rivalry of professionals had been planned in such a way as to be interesting for both equestrian experts and those who only seldom watch horse jumping competitions. For three days of the fair nearly 120 contestants and more than 330 horses took part in 11 competitions, two of which are classified in the FEI ranking. A new attraction of this edition were women ambassadors of CAVALIADA, who became the faces of

the Poznań equestrian competitions. The fair was promoted by three talented women contestants – each of them associated with the Wielkopolska region. They were: Aleksandra Lusina – from the Wielkopolska club of Agro-Handel Śrem, the Polish champion in jumping over obstacles from 2007 and 2009, Małgorzata CiszekLewicka – a horse riding school owner and a trainer, as well as Klara Kostrzewa – a contestant connected to the horse riding club in Jaszków. “The participation in the Poznań CAVALIADA is an important event in my calendar of contests for 2010,” says Aleksandra Lusina, one of the ambassadors of CAVALIADA. “The MTP competitions have many advantages, because year after year the organisers really try to make the event even better with respect to the organisation and the programme. As a sportswoman I like to set the bar higher and higher, I notice and appreciate places, where organisers try to make the competitions perfect both for sportsmen and audiences.” At the same time as the sports competitions were held, producers operating in the broadly understood horse industry were busy presenting their offers. This was the strictly business part of CAVALIADA. The invitation to the fair was addressed to companies dealing with the production and sale of equestrian equipment, and to the representatives of sectors related to equestrianism, horse breeding and horse care, as well as to tourism and rehabilitation. The organisers focused on popularising horse riding as a way of active leisure time activity. They invited tourist companies, agrotouristic farms and horse riding centres that organise horse riding holidays and deal with hippotherapy.

- 22 -

The great number of visitors came to see the showcased products, looking for suitable horse riding equipment. Satisfied with shopping, they could relax and listen to one of many lectures, take part in a training course or spend some time at the stands of a small horse competition ring, admiring side-saddle riding shows, dressage or one-horse teams. CAVALIADA SHOW entertained the audience between competitions and other interesting events. The programme was constructed in such a way that both knowledgeable equestrian fans and families with children could find something for themselves. The programme was filled with attractions such as: the shows of equestrian vaulting and cavalry, horse team contests, competitions for children. The youngest trade fair guests could also find much more attractions in the Indian Village, which was prepared especially for them. What turned out to be especially interesting was games, competitions and art classes run by the employees of the Children’s Art Centre (CSD), as well as the attractive classes run by the students of the University School of Physical Education (AWF). The French group of Horse Man Team – which is very famous in Europe but has never performed in Poland – presented their skills at the horse riding ring. What also attracted significant interest of the visitors was the exhibition of works made by the fans of Cavaliada and the exhibition of Małgorzata Mąkosa, who specialises in taking photographs of horses. The next edition of CAVALIADA is to take place from 9th to 11th December 2011. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE Fair for pigeon enthusiasts

Winged champions The best in history – that is what the participants of the 32nd Pigeon-Olympiad Poznań 2011 said about this event. From the early morning numerous pigeon enthusiasts were coming to MTP pavilions to see the fastest and most beautiful pigeons in the world presented at the 32nd PigeonOlympiad in Poznań, and to take part in the premiere edition of the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories. For the third time already, MTP hosted the meeting and the greatest festival of all racing pigeon breeders associated in Federation Colombophile Internationale. Poznań International Fair (MTP) to be its partner in this enterprise. The participants of the 32nd Pigeon-Olympiad – the exhibitors, the breeders and the gathered audience – were received and greeted by Mr Jan Kawaler, the President of the Polish Racing Pigeon Breeders Association (PZHGP). For three days the most valuable pigeon specimens and the trade fair exposition were admired by 20 thousand guests coming from all over Poland and from abroad.

Awards for Pigeon-Olympic winners


n January, the winter Poznań was visited by breeders of racing pigeons from all over the world, including several dozen official foreign delegates. In the trade fair pavilions you could admire the greatest specimens. The organiser of the Pigeon-Olympiad was the Polish Racing Pigeon Breeders Association (PZHGP), which had chosen

Modrze near Poznań


Polskie Zboża is the right investment choice! 1/2011

One day before the Olympiad inauguration, the pigeons presented by the event participants were evaluated in two categories – STANDARD and SPORT – by several jurors from all over the world. Nearly 700 of the most valuable pigeon specimens entered the Olympiad, of which as many as 470 were judged in the SPORT category and 210 – in the STANDARD category. In the latter of these categories, the jurors evaluated the appearance of Polskie Zboża is a professional exhibition devoted to the crop production sector in Poland – it constitutes a business platform for the exchange of both new ideas and experiences of the industry experts. The organisers of this event are Montgomery Polska sp. z o.o. and Poznań International Fair. Machine solutions and demonstration plots for the sector of root vegetables, sprayers, combine drills, combine harvesters, loading and reloading machines, the latest technological solutions in the field of drying, cleaning and storing of cereal grains, test crops of cereal and rape – all of this will be waiting for you at this year’s Polskie Zboża trade fair. During the nearest edition you are especially invited to take part in the sectors of Vacuum Technology, Renewable Energy and Root Plants.

the pigeons. Basing on the accepted international racing pigeon standard for both male and female specimens, the jurors evaluated the following features: general appearance, muscles, feathers and body frame. The first three places were won by breeders from Germany, Poland, Great Britain and Slovakia. The German pigeons were also the most successful in the team competition in this category. In the SPORT category racing pigeons are evaluated according to the sports results they achieve in the pre-established competitions. The pigeons brought to Poznań competed in several classes of flights. As far as the short-distance flight was concerned, the Czech pigeons appeared to be the best. As for the medium distance, the three first places were won by the German, Italian and Polish birds consecutively. Polish pigeons turned out to be best at long distances, while Dutch birds were marathon winners. Polish breeders appeared to have the best birds for team competitions held in the SPORT category.

All for pigeon breeding The Pigeon-Olympiad was accompanied by the premiere edition of the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories, which gathered 150 exhibitors, half of them coming from abroad. Apart from Poland, the exhibiting manufacturers and breeders came from Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland and Italy. On the area of more than 2,500 sq m you could find everything that is necessary to breed racing pigeons, including fodder, medicines, dietary supplements, cleaning products, pigeon lofts, electronic systems, transport means and even trophies. For three days the trade fair pavilions teemed with life, as they were visited by enthusiasts, true lovers of pigeons and experts in the field, who are especially numerous in Poland. 

- 23 -

by Marzanna Wiśniewska


FARMA Animal Breeding Fair

Fair for real breeders At this year’s FARMA International Fair of Animal Breeding 115 companies presented their offer; they came from 8 countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy and Kenya. The exposition was visited by 8,500 professionals from Poland, Sweden and Latvia. Among the guests there were: Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Marek Sawicki and Chief Veterinary Officer Janusz Związek – both being the honorary patrons of this year’s edition of the fair. For the first time the fair took place in February and from now on it is to be organised every two years. Machines, novelties and... fresh milk The exposition of this year’s FARMA included products and offers from the field of the latest technological solutions, facilitating work and increasing the profitability of livestock production: livestock building equipment, milking devices, zootechnical tools and equipment, machines and equipment for fodder preparation and for feeding, machines and equipment for collecting green fodder and silage, modern agricultural vehicles (tractors, loaders, trailers and manure spreaders). 19 companies presented 42 market novelties that previously could only be seen at the trade fair of Eurotiere in Hannover. The trade fair guests eagerly visited the Green Fodder Exhibition, where they could get acquainted with a broad offer of machines such as: mowers, rake machines, turners, feeders, self-loading wagons, wrappers, silos and driers. What attracted significant attention was a model pigsty constructed by Polnet, where you could see the latest trends in livestock feeding, like – for instance – the “wet method.” You could also see farm animals from experimental facilities of the Poznań University of

Agricultural Fair, Lublin AGRO-PARK enjoys significant interest from both exhibitors and professional audience. During the last year’s edition of the Lublin trade fair 105 exhibitors showed their offers to more than 5 thousand professionals who visited the trade fair, including many foreign guests from such countries as Belarus and Ukraine. The thematic scope of AGRO-PARK 2011 will be extended to

Life Sciences (in Brody, Dłoń, Swadzim and Gorzyń). Some visitors were even able to taste fresh milk, because for the first time milk vending machines were shown at the trade fair.

Interested in green energy The market of agricultural biogas plants is a promising sector in Poland. It enjoys growing interest from farmers, so the subject could not be overlooked by the organisers of FARMA. The programme of AgroEnergy Exhibition, whose media partner was the “Czysta Energia” monthly, included free conferences and seminars, where you could get acquainted with the available installations and legal and economic conditions for such investments. The interest in the subject was very high and the conference halls were filled with listeners eager to expand their practical knowledge. This was possible also thanks to DGA Energia and other companies operating in the market of biogas power engineering that showcased at their stands biogas equipment components such as pumps, mixers, control and automation systems as well as technologies for biomass preparation.

28-29.05.2011 You are cordially invited to take part in the third edition of the AGRO-PARK Agricultural Fair in Lublin, organised jointly by International Lublin Fair (MTL) and Poznań International Fair (MTP).

include the sections of Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Regional Product in addition to the existing sections of Cultivation and Breeding. The trade fair is to be accompanied by specialist presentations, lectures and discussion panels that will be a good opportunity to exchange experiences and acquire knowledge. Feel invited!

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As it has already become a tradition at Farma, MTP Gold Medals were awarded. They went to: Big Dutchman Polska – for the Natura Step and Natura 70 products, and Hydrometal – for AT front loaders. Also the best designed stands were awarded in the course of the Acanthus Aureus competition. The statuettes went to DGA Energia, Big Dutchman Polska and Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe Polnet.

Innovative youth Young farmers actively participated in this year’s FARMA. Among the participants of the 2nd European Young Farmer Day there were the representatives of the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA), with its President Joris Baecke (the Netherlands) and Deputy Presidents – Ingrid Peterson (Sweden) and Rok Sedminek (Slovenia). They discussed the issues of biogas and alternative energy sources in agriculture. The subject of the meeting was: “Bioalternative 2020 – young farmers as the producers of Green Energy in EU.” At the meeting the results of the general Polish competition for “the Most Innovative Young Farmer” were announced. The winner of the main (monetary) prize, chosen from among nearly 700 young farmers who entered the competition, was Jarosław Roman from the Mazovia Province. He received the cheque from the hands of Minister of Agriculture Marek Sawicki. Yet another competition – for the “Most Innovative Young Farmer of Wielkopolska 2011” – was organised for the first time. While the main prize went to Wiesław Witek, the lower ones were won by Jacek and Elżbieta Kąkolewski, and Michał Roszak. The 2nd European Young Farmer Day was organised by the Rural Youth Union (ZMW) and Poznań International Fair (MTP).  

by Dominika Redlicka

Next edition of FARMA is to be held in February 2013. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

were proposed in five styles: classical, Louis XIV, Art Deco, modern and Art Nouveau. The exhibition had been inspired by the Glamour style, which is one of the dominant interior trends of 2011. Glamour is the antithesis of minimalism, the lustre, the wealth of forms and textures, the lavish decoration. The CONCEPT STORE exhibition was dominated by subtle and gleaming white fabrics and furniture, shimmering crystal chandeliers and silver pieces with contrasting simple, colourful accessories, such as vases, porcelain, mirrors and lighting.

Time for experts The rich programme of MEBLE POLSKA offered great opportunities for experts in the furniture industry to meet and exchange experiences. It was also a valuable source of knowledge on the latest trends in the sector. Those interested in expanding their professional knowledge and searching for novelties in the industry were offered a great number of seminars and workshops. Among the lecturers there were Marek Borowiński, PhD, the representatives of the European Centre of Financial Consulting (ECDF), COMARCH S.A. and PEKAO S.A.

MEBLE POLSKA Furniture industry fair

Furniture craze!

The best of the best

This year’s MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair was an absolute success. The event attracted the most important furniture manufacturers, who had decided to promote their new products among professional recipients. The record-breaking turnout and professional talks were strong advantages of this year’s edition of the event.


etween 15th and 18th February, MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair changed Poznań into the capital of furniture industry. In these days, 5 halls of Poznań International Fair (MTP) covering the total area of 18,500 sq m were filled to the brim with high quality furniture made by producers from Poland and several other countries. At MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair 2011, 159 exhibitors presented their products, including such companies as: Forte, Klose, Meble Best, Meble Wojcik, Meblotap, Tombea, Rameta, Fameg, Bogatti, Matkowski, Mebin, Vinotti, Gawin, Relaks, Dab, Janpol and Poldem.

Furniture manufacturers’ Mecca This year MEBLE POLSKA were visited by 10,500 professionals from the furniture industry – 40% more than last year. Nearly 9,000 of them were Polish and European furniture traders, the representatives of furniture importers and distributors, as well as interior designers and architects. This means an over 60-percent increase in the number of visitors when compared to the previous edition of the fair and is the evidence that the rank of the event in the environment of furniture traders – key customers of furniture manufacturers – is growing. It is also worth mentioning that a significant number of the visitors constituted the representa1/2011

tives of the greatest foreign buyers of Polish furniture, coming from such countries as: Germany, France, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Italy and Great Britain. The number of 2,500 foreign buyers that came to MEBLE POLSKA means that every fourth person visiting the trade fair represented the foreign market.

The most prestigious awards of Poznań International Fair – the MTP Gold Medals were granted at a formal ceremony. The awards are given to products of the highest quality and utilising moderns technological solutions. The Competition Jury chaired by Professor Ewa Ratajczak selected 11 products from among all those entered into the MEBLE POLSKA Gold Medal competition. Also the Group of Polish Furniture Traders (GPKM) granted their awards of Gold Plane 2010 and Gold Needle 2010. The Gold Plane went to Fabryka Mebli FORTE for the INDYGO collection, whereas the Gold Needle was granted to "AEK" Andrzej Kubzdyl for the LARRY living room set. 

by Anna Adamska

The next edition of MEBLE POLSKA is to take place from 5th to 8th March 2012.

Trend-searchers The trade fair visitors, who came to MEBLE POLSKA at such large numbers, were interested not only in the exhibitors’ stands but also in thematic exhibitions – TREND DESIGN 2011, devoted to upholstery fabrics and CONCEPT STORE, inspired by the Glamour style. The TREND DESIGN exhibition featured projects and products of the exhibitors of MEBLE POLSKA that perfectly met the current design trends. They were selected according to the colour system developed by Marek Borowiński, PhD, an expert in the psychology of colour and visual merchandising. The CONCEPT STORE exhibition, on the other hand, presented the holistic concept of the furniture store interior arrangement. The exposition included various sets of furniture made by Polish manufacturers and complemented with accessories from all over the world. The exhibition’s arrangements

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MTP Gold Medals In the category of upholstered furniture: three awards for three corner sofas – BELFAST, DUSTIN, NEBRASKA – went to POLDEM Sp. z o.o., Łódź; other awards went to Meblarska Spółdzielnia Pracy "DĄB", Gdynia, for the ORLEAN sofa and to Fabryka Mebli Tapicerowanych TOMBEA Sp. z o.o., Łowęcin, for the RYGA collection of upholstered furniture. In the category of box furniture: to Czerska Fabryka Mebli KLOSE Sp. z o.o. for the furniture collection UNOBELLO; to MEBIN Stolarstwo Import-Export A. Binkowski, Stobiecko Szlacheckie for the furniture collection of ARTMODULO; to Meblarska Spółdzielnia Pracy "DĄB", Gdynia, for the SYDNEY module system; to PPHU Kielecka Fabryka Mebli, Kielce, for the MODERNO furniture system; to ATLAS Meble Kuchenne Sp. z o.o., Nowy Tomyśl, for the OKTAWIA kitchen slat furniture collection and to BOGATTI Sp. z o.o., Śmigiel, for the AMATO furniture system.



Garden Fair

The wave of spring The latest garden trends for spring and summer, and the exhibition offers from 10 countries were presented by nearly 350 exhibitors that came to GARDENIA Garden Fair. The three-day long exhibition gathered over 20 thousand people, including nearly 7 thousand experts, also from abroad. The already fifth edition of the garden sector meeting was accompanied by the first edition of Animal Market Exhibition.


elebrating its modest 5th anniversary, GARDENIA Garden Fair had this year its greatest edition ever. The extensive trade offer included plant material, devices, tools and gardening equipment, garden chemicals, garden small architecture, garden furniture, accessories for irrigation and decorative elements, including more than 220 new products. The visitors had an opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of companies from Poland, Belgium, Belarus, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia and Italy. The event was held under the honorary auspices of Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Marek Sawicki.

Business Friday The first day of the fair had been prepared especially for professionals, so it was especially conducive to business talks. On that day the trade fair audience consisted of the owners and employees of wholesale stores, centres and garden shops, representatives of entities responsible for the city and community greenery, as well as landscape architects and experts dealing with designing of gardens. The total number of professionals that saw the exposition exceeded the last year’s result by over 53%. The industry partners of the trade fair were the Polish Association of Garden Creators (OSTO), the Polish Garden Centre Association (PSCO), the Polish Association of Allotment Holders (PZD), the Polish Nurserymen’s Association (ZSZP) and the Poznań University of Life Sciences.

Knowledge injection For the second time GARDENIA Fair in cooperation with the Department of Landscape Architec-

ture of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) organised a home garden design workshop. The main theme was the presentation of a garden as a place for active and healthy recreation, responding to the needs of the human body and spirit. The works of the workshop teams were shown at a special exhibition organised at the fair. What enjoyed great popularity was the seminar entitled Urban Garden Art. The fifth meeting prepared by the Abrys publisher and MTP attracted 800 people. The main theme was greenery in recreational and sports areas. The seminar featured many examples from Poland and abroad. The speakers included researchers and practitioners from various regions of Poland. The exhibitors’ exposition was complemented with an arrangement of the perfect public space – a town square, several hundred metres large, as a place of rest and relaxation for all greenery lovers. In this interesting GARTE and GARDENIA Gardens arrangement a meeting was held with with Maja Popielarska – the ambassador of Gardenia Fair. The best Polish florists presented their skills at Floristic Shows organised by the Poznań Branch of the Scientific and Technical Association of Gardening Engineers and Technicians (SITO) and MTP. The demonstrations were accompanied by a contest for flower shops, whose subjects were: wedding bouquets and jewellery, and spring metamorphoses. At the Garden Market the trade fair visitors could buy plants to beautify their gardens and at the Regional Product Market they had an opportunity to taste local delicacies.

ANIMAL MARKET has come to an end All the fashionable, healthy and tasty products for pets could be seen at the ANIMAL MARKET Exhibition. The premiere edition of the exhibition accompanied GARDENIA. Fodder, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, clothes and many more accessories were presented by nearly 40 exhibitors, including the unquestioned leaders of the market, such as: Acana, Aquael, Beaphar, Diversa, Geminus, Medivet, Purina, Tropical, Zooglobe and Vittles. The event was held under the honorary auspices of Chief Veterinary Officer Janusz Związek.

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What attracted great interest of the visitors was the training course on the principles of displaying products in a pet shop. The lecture was given by Professor Henryk Mruk, a great expert in the field of marketing strategies. The lectures on feeding of dogs and cats attracted a great number of professional visitors and pet lovers. Other attractions of the Exhibition included also incredible shows of dog acrobatics . During each performance, the Polish competitors presented sports skills of their fourlegged friends letting them catch a plastic disc. Every dog frisbee show organised by the Purina company in cooperation with MTP attracted crowds. 

by Katarzyna Jardanowska

The next edition of GARDENIA is to take place from 24th to 26th February 2012

MTP Gold Medals Thunberg’s Barberry “Maria”, Szkółki Kurowscy , Końskowola; Clematis “Jerzy Popiełuszko”, CLEMATIS Sz. Marczyński, W. Piotrowski Szkółka Pojemnikowa s.j., Pruszków; Saucer Magnolia “Winelight”, Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych “ZYMON”, Tłokinia Wielka; Biota “Smolin”, Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów Ozdobnych Jerzy Smolin, Ligota Dolna; HAKER F1 Cucumber, W. Legutko Przedsiębiorstwo Hodowlano-Nasienne, Jutrosin; Garden Tractor X749, John Deere, USA, entered by: John Deere Polska, Suchy Las; MULTI MATE compact unit, EMAK S.p.A., Italy, entered by: VICTUS EMAK Sp. z o.o., Poznań; GREEN FRONT plant support system, ZIELONY FRONT Agnieszka Szyfter, Przeźmierowo; Magic Seed, SCOTTS POLAND Sp. z o.o, Warsaw; HORTIFORM MAX long-term fertiliser, INTERMAG Sp. z o.o., Osiek; TORF mix plus product family, “WOKAS Kopalnie Torfu Sp. z o.o., Łosice; Target Natural AGRICOLLE, packaging company: TARGET S.A., Kartoszyno, entered by: TAMARK S.A. Kartoszyno; Target Natural POLYVERSUM Wp 5 gram, packaging company: TARGET S.A. Kartoszyno, entered by: TAMARK S.A. Kartoszyno.

Acanthus Aureus BEAPHAR Polska Sp. z o.o.; Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych “ZYMON”; Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów Ozdobnych Ewa i Bartłomiej Ważyńscy; Szkółka Drzew, Krzewów Ozdobnych i Róż, Zbyszek Wybicki; Szkółki Kurowscy; Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Twórców Ogrodów; TAMARK S.A.; Aries Power Equipment Sp. z .o.o; ROMANIK S.A.; MAKITA Sp. z o.o.

POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE • • Trade fairs of books and education

Educational know how How to consciously plan one’s educational path? What class profiles are the most popular? What should we follow when choosing the future profession – the heart or the reason? The Education Fair has undoubtedly helped to solve many of such dilemmas. For fifteen years the fair has been gathering exhibitors from Poland and abroad, who come to the fair to present their rich offers related to education and educational entities. The trade fair is traditionally accompanied by two events: the School Equipment Exhibition and the Books for Children and Young People – Poznań Trade Fair Meetings. This year the total number of exhibitors at the three events was 450 and their exposition covered the area of 4,000 sq m.


he Education Fair is a common undertaking of the Poznań Teacher Training Centre (ODN), the Wielkopolska Province Marshal’s Office and Poznań International Fair (MTP). It is also a great source of information on schools and education. The event is addressed to students and their parents, teachers, head teachers and the representatives of local governments. The advantage of the trade fair is that it presents the review of the market offer. This year, 280 state and private schools of all levels – primary schools, lower and higher secondary schools, postsecondary and higher schools – advertised their offer. Our trade fairs were visited by 45 thousand people this year. It’s a real record!

Educational craze What singles the Poznań Education Fair out is its interactive form, which gives the exhibitors freedom limited only by their creativity. Instead of traditional leaflets and brochures visitors are offered opportunities to speak to teachers and students, see numerous shows and take part in sports activities and model lessons. As always, vocational schools competed with one another inventing the most creative ways of presenting their profiles and companies operating in the education industry showed whatever they thought was the most interesting and modern in their offers. In the special space called the Job Alley theoretical and practical information on interesting jobs was offered.

Eco-education EKO FORUM, i.e., a special space where state institutions and NGOs dealing with ecological education presented their offers, abounded in lectures, workshops, film 1/2011

screenings and competitions devoted to the environment protection and waste management. In the “Green Zone”, the European Sustainable Development Society (ETE), the PUSZCZA ZIELONKA Inter-District Association , the Poznań Regional Directorate of State Forests (RDLP), foundations, scientific societies and associations all presented their activities. The enterprise was coordinated by Wielkopolska Landscape Parks (ZPKWW).

Poznań reads to children! The Books for Children and Young People – Poznań Trade Fair Meetings is the first and so far the only trade fair in Poland devoted entirely to books for young readers. It is organised by: the Polish Association of Book Publishers (PTWK) and Poznań International Fair (MTP), both of which this year celebrate their 90th anniversaries, and “Zamek” Culture Centre. The event is addressed to both experts, i.e., writers, translators, illustrators, publishers, bookshop owners, librarians, academic circles, and the wide audience, i.e. children, teenagers and their parents and caregivers. The event is held under the honorary auspices of First Lady Anna Komorowska, Minister of National Education Katarzyna Hall, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bogdan Zdrojewski, Wielkopolska Province Marshal Marek Woźniak and President of the City of Poznań Ryszard Grobelny.

Masters of words and images What turned out to be especially attractive was meetings with famous authors and illustrators of books for children, among them: Joanna Papuzińska, Liliana Bardijewska, Henryk Bardijewski, Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel, Wojciech Widłak and Andrzej Maleszka, who had an opportunity to meet their small and more grown up

- 27 -

readers. Among the illustrators there were three brilliant artists: Bohdan Butenko, Professor Andrzej Strumiłło and Józef Wilkoń. Two prestigious Pegazik Statuettes were granted: in the “Author of Books for Children” category to Liliana Bardijewska and in the “Friend of Books for Children” category to Jerzy Hamerski. A special event of this edition of the Poznań Trade Fair Meetings was the exhibition devoted to the numerous works of Bogdan Butenko, organised by the Wielkopolska Province Marshal, the Polish Association of Book Publishers (PTWK) and MTP on the occasion of the artist’s eightieth birthday.

About literature – in theory and in practice One of the most important points of this year’s programme of the book fair was the panel discussion on the subject of “My library – the library of the 21st century and the young reader”, at which librarians from seven countries discussed the prospects of the development of reading and the forms of work with the youngest. The trade fair exposition was accompanied by many exhibitions, among them the one featuring the illustrations of famous Polish graphic artist, painter, sculptor and poet Professor Andrzej Strumiłło, the exhibition of the Polish Section of IBBY Medals (books and illustrations) and the exhibition of the works awarded in the competition called “Well-designed books – let us start from children” organised by the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and the Śląska Library.  

by Karolina Makowska

The next edition of the Education Fair, the Books for Children and Young People – Poznań Trade Fair Meetings and the School Equipment Exhibition is to take place from 3th to 5th February 2012.


POZNAŃ Fashion fair

Fashion business centre Poznań Fashion Fair, held under this name for the first time, attracted crowds. For three days the trade fair was visited by over 6,300 people, most of whom were the representatives of the clothing, leather and textile industries. They could get acquainted with the offer of four different exhibitions: the NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories, the FAST FASHION Exhibition, the BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods, the TEXSTYLE Exhibition of Clothing Industry Fabrics and Accessories. Brands dictate trends In Poznań, the trends for the future season were dictated by brands exhibiting at the spectacular and extremely popular trade shows. At the catwalk you could see both classical and artistic clothing proposals for the season of autumn and winter 2011/2012. In a separate pavilion you could see the works of young designers. As part of the FUTURE project, students and graduates of schools of artistic clothing design presented their fresh vision of the future of the Polish fashion. Poznań Fashion Fair ended with the Final Ceremony at which all the brands that the visitors of the trade fair had an opportunity to see on the first and the second day of the fair were presented once again. The new collections that proved successful at the fair will be available in shops as soon as in autumn. On the three intensive days of the trade fair the stands of 510 exhibitors were visited by nearly 6,300 professionals. Both sides agreed that Poznań Interna-

- 28 -

tional Fair is the most important centre of fashion business in Poland.

Knowledge is in style A lot of fashion enthusiasts and representatives of the fashion sector were attracted not only by interesting trade shows but also by numerous conferences and lectures. A significant demand for knowledge on new methods of sale and marketing in the fashion industry could be observed in the Speakers’ Corner. The interest in seminars was such that it surprised even the organisers – the Speakers’ Corner was bursting at the seams. A very significant number of listeners was attracted by lectures held as part of the Fashion Retail Forum in the Fashion Industry. The second day of Poznań Fashion Fair focussed on trends, to which subject the lectures of Natalia Wrzesień, Agnieszka Spiegelhalter ( and Teresa Ibek (the Institute of Leather Industry in Łódź) were devoted. There was also an especially interesting lecture – held by Hanna Gajos, chief POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE


the companies of Kumi and Mewa), as well as the collection of hats from the Polkap company and the A new face of BTS men’s jacket from the Folstop The BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather company. Goods is the place where you can find a comprehensive offer for the manufacturers of clothing. The In the leather category, the competievent is held twice a year as part of Poznań Fashion tion jury chaired by Professor Zbigniew Fair. BTS is a tried and tested form of international Garbarz, the Head of the Department of Design, business meetings of the leather industry. This is Footwear and Clothing of the Radom University where the manufacturers and distributors from all of Technology awarded 8 products, including the over the world have an opportunity to speak diworks of young designers. Among the winners rectly with their clients. Twice a year BTS features there were: the youth bag designed in the Jan numerous market novelties and so was the case Kiliński Complex of Vocational Schools in Radom, with this edition of the exhibition. the men’s footwear inspired by the The changing needs of the market works of American artist Jean Michel The new collections Basquiat designed by student of the are reflected in the transformations taking place in the form of the Poznań Radom University of Technology Dothat proved suctrade fairs. The contracting held at minika Siedlecka and the collection cessful at the fair the stands is complemented with of women’s orthopaedic footwear will be available in spectacular fashion shows and nudesigns for bunion feet by Jolanta shops as soon as in Kopeć from the Radom University of merous lectures given by renowned experts in the industry, being a priceTechnology. autumn. less source of the trade know-how. The jury awarded also the pumps The new dates of the BTS Exhibition entered by the Clarks company, the of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods are the result children’s shoes by the Łukbut company, shoes for of the coordination of the calendar of trade events children who cannot walk by the Ren But company, for the footwear and leather industry in the whole and also the leathers from Zakład Garbarski H. AdEurope. At the first BTS Exhibition this year manuamczak, A. Kucharczyk from Radom and from Garfacturers and distributors of footwear, leather barnia Nadarzyn. goods and clothes, furs, footwear and leather acApart from that Fashion Website Awards were cessories, and machines presented their offer. granted to the most interesting business websites in the Polish fashion industry. The winner was, followed consecutively by pawo. Awards granted pl, and The Gold Heel statuettes went to The competition jury lead by Irmina Aksamicompanies who won in the plebiscite organised towska, Professor at the Department of Design, among the readers of the “Świat Butów” journal: Footwear and Clothing of the Radom University Badura – in the category of Footwear Manufacof Technology, awarded four clothing designs turer of 2011 and Moskwa – in the category of Diswith MTP Gold Medals. The awards went to two tributor of Components of 2011. models of the timeless little black dress (from

Polish fashion in the media

editor of the “Rynek Mody” journal – on the use of the Internet in the fashion industry.


The offer of the exhibitors of Poznań Fashion Fair attracts not only great numbers of visitors but also the representatives of the media. The trade fair was visited by the representatives of all the trade magazines existing in the Polish market. Everyday coverage from Poznań Fashion Fair could be heard and seen on most important radio stations, on TV as well as on TV internet channels. Information on the fair could be found on all the leading Polish Internet portals. What the media unanimously emphasised was the high quality of the offer presented by the exhibitors as well as the significance of the Poznań event as a driving force for the Polish fashion industry.

Poznań Fashion Fair – autumn 2011 As soon as the spring edition of Poznań Fashion Fair ends, the preparation for the autumn edition of the event begins. The owners of boutiques and the representatives of commercial networks and shopping centres will be given an opportunity to see new collections. The exposition is going to be divided into three thematic exhibitions: the NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories – at which it will be possible to order collections for spring and summer 2012; the FAST FASHION Exhibition, with collections for autumn and winter 2011/2012; the BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods. Apart from spectacular shows the organisers are planning to hold a series of seminars on the subjects suited to the needs of the traders coming to the fair.  

by Marta Siek

The next edition of Poznań Fashion Fair is to take place from 30th August to 1st September 2011.