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St Angela’s Newsletter

Christmas 2010

Dear Parents and Carers, I hope this Autumn term newsletter finds you well as you busily prepare for the festive season with your family. As you can see from within, the school continues to be its hectic mix of excellent lessons, trips, celebration days, charity fundraising and many more experiences that make the education of our girls so special. The theme for the year is ‘Be your best!’ and the girls and sixth form have taken up that challenge with great aplomb. I was struck within, as I always am, about the innate skill and spirit of our students, not least in their charity fundraising which, with much more to come, has already reached over £4000 – just a measure of their spirit of Serviam. As ever there have been some superb achievements as well as prestigious awards won and I’m sure you will enjoy the wonderful pictures from the South Africa choir trip. The school, beautifully adorned in the recent snow, remains a vibrant and busy community and as we take our richly deserved break I want to wish you all a prayerful and holy Christmas as well as a happy new year. We look forward to seeing your daughters again on Tuesday 4th January 2011 for the start of the spring term. With kind regards, M Johnson Headteacher


Thank you to the anti-bullying alliance for their lovely assembly on TAKING ACTION TOGETHER

Anti-Bullying Alliance Angelie Samuel (12 Chrystal), Betty Braihma ( 12 Debourgo), Chantal Smith (12 Forley), Roxanne Austria (12 Adebayo), Jezelle Mensah ( 12 Hoek),Vernalyn Lagmay (12 Jwaldeh), Sumaira Edwards (12Manning)

St Angela’s showed their support by wearing something blue to school day leaving words of encouragement for the victims of bullying in the TLC

European Day of Languages 24th September 2010 • Annual event at St Angela’s. • What is it? A chance to celebrate different languages that are spoken within our school community. • Year 7 girls had a celebration of languages and dressed in traditional costume. They took part in Europe’s got talent and sang songs from all over the world.


Anti-bullying drama for Year 7 students


Everything Starts With Reading



Every year the TLC gives every year 7 a free book as part of a government backed scheme to encourage children to read for pleasure. This year, as always, the girls enjoyed choosing from a selection of twelve books and have been avidly reading since their delivery. ‘Love, Aubrey’ by Suzanne LaFleur was the top choice. Copies of the books can be borrowed from the TLC

SANKT NIKOLAUS After a lot of hard work and revision for their German exams, the students in year 11 had a surprise visit by Sankt Nikolaus - as it is tradition in Germany Sankt Nikolaus praised the good girls and told off the naughty ones. Luckily none of the girls had been too naughty and at the end they all got some chocolates.

Science trip to St. Bonaventure’s On Thursday 5th November, 15 year seven girls got the wonderful opportunity to meet Lord Professor Robert Winston, a famous scientist who works on DNA as well as being a popular TV presenter. After a very warm welcome from St Bons’ Head teacher, Mr Halliwell, the visiting pupils from different schools, including us, went to do some experiments on DNA. We were lucky enough to meet Prof. Winston; some of us even got his autograph! Finally Prof. Winston gave a talk about global warming and how we could save the planet. After that we got the chance to ask him some questions before having to return to school. It was a wonderful experience to learn about the human body and what it is made up of as well as getting to meet one the most influential scientists in Britain today. Thank you to Ms Boyd and Ms Harvey for taking some of their time to accompany us on the trip. By Mia Damerum, 7 Britton.


Debate Mate Helping to Launch the Debate Mate Programme Eleanor Angwin (year 13) and I were asked to take part in a debate to celebrate the launch of a programme called Debate Mate, aimed to teach children the ‘art’ of debating and to give them an introduction to it. This took place in the Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington on November 9th in front of hundreds of pupils and teachers from schools all over London. We worked with some of the most accomplished debaters, such as the previous world champion Doctor James Dre (Dr Dre for short); I was pretty glad he was on my team! The motion (topic) was ‘This House believes teachers should be given performance related pay’ and after hours of preparation it was a relief to see the children in the audience really take an interest in what we had to say. They seemed enthusiastic and eager to give debating a go themselves, which meant I had done my job. The day was not only an education for the children, but for us debaters as well. We were able to pick up tips and exchange advice on public speaking, and for me, being able to speak in front of hundreds of children was a major confidence boost; definitely an experience I will never forget. Mia Smith (11 Ashley)

My Debate Journey Debating has opened so many doors for me. Becoming involved in debating and in particular, Debate Mate has given me so many opportunities, from speaking in front of hundreds of people to visiting Downing Street and the House of Lords.

Oliver The Musical! At the beginning of the term a group of forty students had a fantastic time at this popular stage show. Many of the students had eagerly watched the BBC1 ‘I’d Do Anything’ auditions for the characters of Nancy and Oliver in preparation for the revival of this show, but it was Russ Abbot who played Fagan, who stole the acting honours!


Not only that, but I became a Debate Mate mentor last year which entails me being paid for doing something I absolutely love: teaching others to debate. I teach at St Angela’s each week and also at a local primary school. This has looked fantastic on my UCAS form when applying to university, and has enabled me to gain offers from top universities. It has been such a fantastic opportunity, and has allowed me to make some amazing friends along the way. I will be very sad to leave at the end of this year. :( Eleanor Angwin (year 13)

Radio Drama Competition Fourteen students from Years 8 to 13 are competing in teams to write radio drama scripts linking to themes to do with the London 2012 Olympics. The competition has been organised by Rich Mix and BBC Radio London. It is only open to students living in the Olympic boroughs. The students will submit their scripts in January and if any are lucky enough to be selected, the students will have the opportunity to develop their work with industry professionals. The scripts will also be performed and recorded in front of a live audience

on 12th March to mark 500 days to the opening of London 2012. The recordings will be archived by the BBC. The students who are participating are: Deborah Ehinmonorin (8Mor) , Phillippa Hayman (8Hur) , Olivia Ndila (8Mor) , Alicia Jordan (9Den) , Daljit Sharee (9Den), Yasmine Aidoo (10Fit), Kirstyn Amegatcher (10Bas) , Sedena Duncan (10Bae), Patricia Mulumba (10Ros), Janet Njuguna (10Tur), Florence Seisay (10Bas), Ese Akpobi (12 Ryan), Ola Ojuko (12 Cox) , Ellie Varouhakis (13 Marchant).

Dancers perform at the V&A Museum A group of students from years 8-10 took part in the Blue Train Dance project. It was a multi-art form collaboration of between 50-60 young people from across London all working together alongside professional artist to produce a performance showcased at the V&A Museum. The Blue Train projects included: film, costume, set design, music and of course dance. All of which were driven by young people and based in response to the V&A Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes exhibition which some of us managed to go on a tour of during the October Half Term. It was a great experience and an enjoyable project. We made new friends as well as having the opportunity to learn new dance styles, such as Stomp, as well as some of our favourites such as Street Dance and Contemporary. It was lot of hard work as there were many rehearsals yet we never complained as it was all worth it. The dancers which took part were:Valeria Truillo (10 Str), Luchia Mckenzie (10 Bae), Gregiana Augustin (10 Str), Ciara Gay (9 Kni), Megan Mosey ( 9 Mck) , Shanice Francis (9 Saw),Yvonne Gymafi (9 Mck), Araniya Soosapillai (9 Den), Jasmine Semujju (8 Mor). By Valeria Truillo (10 Str)


Year 11 Drama Trip to the Southbank (Globe Theatre and National Theatre) Wednesday 17th November 12pm - Departed school. 1pm - Delays on the District Line (what a surprise!) but arrived at Mansion House in plenty of time. Walked over the Millennium Bridge it was very cold! 1.10pm - Perhaps because it was so cold, the girls walked surprisingly quickly and so we made an impromptu visit to look at the installation in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern - the ceramic sunflower seeds certainly provoked debate! 2pm - Arrived at the Globe Theatre. We were taken on a tour, which included being able to walk out on to the stage, which was an emotional experience for some! This was followed by a workshop in the Globe’s rehearsal rooms, based on the play “Doctor Faustus” which the girls had studied in class. 3.30pm - Departed Globe Theatre and walked along the Southbank to the National Theatre. Somebody asked: “Is this the River Thames?” 4pm - Arrived at the National Theatre. Free time to explore the Southbank. Most opted to drink hot chocolate inside the Royal Festival Hall! 5pm - Assembled at the National Theatre for a backstage tour, taking in all three theatres: the Olivier, the Lyttleton and the Cottlesloe. The tour lasted well over an hour and it was an amazing insight into the workings of the largest theatre venue in London. We also got to rub shoulders with celebrities... some of us bumped into the comedienne Jo Brand in the backstage corridors! 7.30pm - Performance of the musical “Fela!” in the Olivier Theatre. The show was fantastic and got us all up dancing! It is a musical biopic about Nigerian Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti. This was a brilliant end to the day! 11.30pm - The last of the girls was collected from Upton Park. Ms Evans, Ms Owen and Mr Bellamy went home feeling very tired!

All three teachers would like to say a BIG thank you to the Year 11 girls who made the day so special!


Year 13 Geography Field Trip Early Monday morning, the year 13 Geographers gathered in the small common room at St Angela’s laden with suitcases & duffle bags, ready for a week in Edale Youth Hostel in the Peak District. It was like being at London Fashion Week; all of us with our own unique takes on geography chicthis year colourful wellies were a must-have. For once, all students were ready and waiting at the time the teachers had insisted they would leave at. Of course, the minibus still didn’t pull out of Brescia gate until around half an hour later at 9am. The journey was quite uneventful initially ( I actually fell asleep, which is surprising considering that I have a less than irrational fear of people taking pictures of me while I sleep and posting them on Facebook!), then Mr Bickerstaff got lost. Luckily several people had GPS on their phones, and we made it. The week was fun for me because I like walking. We walked up and down hills whatever the weather threw at us (it was raining upwards at one point!) and the lessons were quite interesting. Of course the best part was getting to know each other and our teachers better. Geography is a great subject not only because of the breadth of it, but the sense of family we build as a class…And walking in rivers only to find that my wellies had a hole in them. What a fail. Siobhan Totterdale (13 Mensah)

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Workshop The A level and GCSE dancers were privileged to take part in a fun, energetic and inspirational workshop taken by Matthew Rushing, a dancer with the world renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. He has been with the company for 18 years, travelling all over the world. We took part in a two-hour session consisting of the Horton technique and learning some repertoire from Revelations. Horton technique was created and developed by Lester Horton in the 1940s in America and is still taught throughout dance conservatoires in the States.

Revelations was choreographed by the company’s founder Alvin Ailey in 1960 and is the most viewed performance of contemporary dance in the world. We had the pleasure of watching it live at Sadler’s Wells Theatre the week before. We found it a very interesting experience and the two sections of the repertoire that we learned material from was ‘I been ‘Buked’ and ‘Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel’. This experience helped us to understand the work more. Revelations focuses on Ailey’s ‘Blood Memories’, for example his life when he grew up as an African American in Texas throughout the 1930s and early 1940s. It is a dance work, which highlights the struggle, oppression and hope that African Americans experienced. The workshop was very enjoyable and memorable. By Year 10 & 11 GCSE Dancers



Application Process to 6th Form

Firstly, a huge thank you to all parents, carers and students whom attended the 6th Form Open Evening. The next stage in the process for our internal Year 11 students is a Taster Day of subjects in January. The final application is due on 28th February and all students will have support within this process. University Process

All 6th Form students have now applied to university through what is called the UCAS system. The students are now waiting for responses from their individual universities and monitoring their progress through the UCAS Track system. All students should see their Senior Tutor personally before choosing their firm or insurance offer.

London and the Black Child Each year, the London and the Black Child Awards are held at the Houses of Parliament and coordinated by Diane Abbott- MP. This year, two 6th Form students were nominated and short listed- Jennifer Labwo for her A Level Achievements and Jermaine Egbunike for his GCSE achievements at St Bonaventure’s. Jermaine attended the ceremony and was one of three runners up across London; an outstanding achievement. To our delight, for the second year running, the 6th Form Award for Achievement was awarded to St Angela’s and St Bonaventure’s. Jennifer gained 3 A grades in her English, History and Politics examinations in the summer. She is now studying Politics and Developmental Studies at SOAS. Jennifer studied at home for the vast majority of Year 13 after her mother suffered a stroke; the level of her determination to succeed was recognised as she was the overall winner of the London and the Black Child Award in her category 2010.


FAD Fashion Award This term we are delighted to announce that Karmen Marie Parker (Year 13) was awarded the FAD Fashion Award during London Fashion Week, for the most Commercially Viable Product. Karmen came up with a denim jumpsuit inspired by Italian Water Fountains following a research day at the Victoria and Albert museum. The project aims to give students an insight into the fashion industry and the realities of working in this area. This year was the first time that the project was held at the University of East London and we are delighted that Karmen Marie’s work was formally recognised at this level.

Money Mentors The 6th Form are working with Money Mentors, which is London Citizens’ unique peer-to-peer financial literacy project. In July 2010, 30 exceptional undergraduate Money Mentors taught over 3000 students in London to become more confident and literate in the world of money. The Money Mentors Academy is offering 20-30 community members a series of dynamic trainings in the Money Mentors curriculum over the course of the coming year; this includes units on credit, debt, budgeting and making smart money choices. The trainees will then pass this knowledge on to 200 members of the local community and receive an accredited Money Mentors qualification at the end of the year. Students and teachers from 6th Form are working on this project.

My Future Foundation summer school experience The first day was nerve wracking, I didn’t know what to expect but felt it was definitely going to be a life changing experience. As I soon as we arrived the buzz in the room was amazing; everyone was chatting which made me feel right at home. We had met each other briefly at BBQ launch party in June so it was not hard making new friends. Most of leaders had already come to our school in the summer for the Future Foundations event, so many of them remembered me and we got chatting about St Angela’s (they loved it!). The school structure was very different from our school; there were many buildings situated all around Highgate and the walk between the 2 buildings we were using was LOONNNGG... I won’t be complaining about the walk between Bon’s and Angela’s again!

Royal Bank of Canada Links This year, the 6th Form Centre have embarked on an Academy Project with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). They will be providing two workshops for Year 12 and support during the UCAS writing stage in the summer term. They will also provide mentors from the bank. Workshop One, is based on perceptions’ of the city and standards expected and opening their eyes to the huge variety of roles within the city workplace. Workshop Two is CV writing and interview skills. There will be additional work in Year 13 and a chance to apply for a monetary support scheme through university with RBC.


We were spilt into subject groups - I chose math’s (which was Undergraduate University level!). At first it was difficult but after a few days it was actually quite interesting. We also had mock math’s interviews which were helpful. All the tutors had been to top universities, or are currently still studying at university, which was helpful as they gave us top tips on how to get there and told us their inspirational stories on how they got to their universities. On the last day we presented a drama on ‘Our experience during the week we became the Maths Geeks’ and we actually made people laugh!!!!!!! We had a closing ceremony with pictures of us in action through the week - it was sad saying goodbye; walking downhill towards the train station I could not believe I was the girl that was nervous on the first day. It was such a motivating experience…I HAD AN AMAZING TIME! Eghosa Abifade (13 Sood)

The 2010 6th form Film club has been a resounding success. Mr Permaul

January Examinations All 6th Form Students will have examinations in January. The Year 13 students will have module examinations and the Year 12 students will have mock subject based examinations. Please ensure they all



Chrysalis Summer School On the 25th and 26th August, I participated in the Chrysalis Summer School in Highgate School with five other girls from St. Angela’s. I took part in four different workshops with Future Foundations and I had 2 sessions of my chosen subject, Science and a mock interview. All the students that took part were very like-minded in the attributes of determination and the passion they had for their subject or being successful in school. This realisation made me more comfortable which helped me to mingle and to be an active learner in the sessions I had over the two days. I had the chance to put my prior knowledge about ‘hydrogen as a fuel’ into practise by participating in a practical making hydrogen and oxygen rockets. It was a very explosive encounter - but very enjoyable! I learnt a lot from the Future Foundations workers, who shared their life and university experiences with the whole group. I found Alex Bustamante’s experience, in particular very moving as I could relate to the stress and pressure aspects of his story. I also found inspiration from the stories of the other workers, especially as they have followed the path I wish to go down. I had two workshops on the first day: Knowing Yourself and Leadership. The main aim of the first workshop, Knowing Yourself was making sure that each individual person knew what they wanted for themselves. I found it hard at first as I couldn’t differentiate what I wanted for myself as external influence had become what I thought I wanted for myself. In the end, I was happy that I could separate the two.


The second workshop was a chance to get closer as a workshop group and to work efficiently together. I believe that I showed some leadership skills in this session and it was a learning curve as I also saw how some people react to leadership. On the 2nd day I took part in a really memorable workshop called “Time of Your Life”. An intellectual method was used to show us how much time we have left in life to succeed. This time does not include sleeping, eating and activities like that -it isn’t much! This made me realise that the time we have left needs to be used to its full potential or the path to success will become longer. It wasn’t discouraging, I believe it was the opposite and just thinking about the session encourages me to make the most of the opportunities I have right now. The closing plenary was a time to reflect and appreciate the time at Highgate School over the two days. At the very end, we had “circle time” where individual participants could voice their opinions on the activities of the two days. I stood up and voiced that I was very grateful and explained why this was so. I also expressed my enjoyment at being around so many determined, friendly people. Overall, I would say that going to the Chrysalis Summer School was a very enjoyable experience with the perfect balance of subject tutorials and eyeopening workshops. I would recommend this summer school to anyone, but especially those who may find it hard to be determined at all times of the school year. I am very thankful for being given this opportunity. Frances Dyer (11 Roddick)

Scientology Visit On Monday the 11th of October, the Sociology department took about 20 students to the Church of Scientology as part of our Religion module. The visit was beneficial ; we learnt about their code of honour, their therapies and most importantly L Ron Hubbard, their founder. The church looks very modern and they were very welcoming. Before we went to the church, we had all watched a BBC documentary, so we all had a little bit of knowledge but we learnt so much more on the trip. The media does not portray them in a positive light but by going to the church, we were able to form our own opinion about them. I’m still not sure what I think about their beliefs, but they were very kind, informative and open. Going on this trip has deepened my understanding of the Sociological debates surrounding cults and religion but it has also widened my views about different beliefs in general. Oranoos Painda- Year 13 Sociology student who is going to read Sociology at University.

‘Sylvia’ at

the Royal Opera House The A Level and GCSE dancers went to see Sylvia performed by The Royal Ballet last month. It was originally choreographed in 1876 and the version was updated in the 2004 this was the production that we saw. It tells the story of a shepherd, Aminta, who falls in love with Sylvia, a nymph of Diana. Sylvia is from the Romantic period and the set design and costumes emulate this exquisite period in ballet history. The dancers thoroughly enjoyed the production and afterwards were given the opportunity to speak to three dancers from The Royal Ballet and gained a real insight into their life and how dedicated they have to be to have a successful dance career.

Stratford Magistrates’ Court Saturday 9th October On Saturday 9th October a group of Year 10,11 and 12 students, accompanied by Ms Kerr, visited the Magistrates’ Court in Stratford. On our trip we attended many workshops. Some were run by people who worked there, and many outside organizations such as St John Ambulance and the Fire Brigade came to discuss their work. We were given lots of freebies advertising their workshops – including pens, pencils, rulers and badges. In most of these workshops we received forms to register if we wanted to get involved - we all filled in our names and contact details. We then got to view the cells where the prisoners are held before their session in court… most of us were disappointed because we didn’t get to see any cell members! Our guide, who was a Magistrate, explained to us how being in the cell works and what you are allowed and not allowed to do. They also explained to us why the cells had very little in them for the safety of the prisoners. Getting into the cells was very secure, we all had to stay together and the doors all worked in a special system meaning we couldn’t open one door until the other door was shut! It was cramped but it was a great experience! Then we had some refreshments and we made our way home. It was a really interesting morning as it gave a great insight into the court system.


Lee Valley Indoors Athletics Championships Lee Valley have extended this Championship to cater for year 7 students for the first time. The idea behind this is with the 2012 Olympics coming to London, the hunt is on to find the next generation of medallist. With that in mind the year 7’s had the chance to experience starting races with the starters gun, running in lanes, using a indoor track, and proper athletics officials. The St Angela’s girls came 3rd with a very good performance and will be looking to improve on that position next year.

Girls Sports Convention On the 26th of November a group of St. Angela’s year 9 girls joined many other representatives from Newham schools to take part in the Sports Convention at Newham Leisure Centre. The students that took part were; Kimberely East (9 Mir), Esther Akintomo ( 9 Mir) , Teresa Pereira (9 Mir) , Naomi Nicholas ( 9 Saw) , Tersoo Agera ( 9 Kni) , Lavina Ofoniama ( 9 Mir) , Lakia Ryner (9 Den) , Louise Riste ( 9 Saw) This day was packed with a variety of activities for the girls to get involved with. The students took part in Trampolining, Aerobics, Spinning, Boxercise, Street Dance, Cheerleading, Gym and Indoor Athletics. The girls were really pleased with the day and enjoyed the chance to work with others and make new friends. They would like to thank the PE Dept and Markener Rosemond for giving them the opportunity to have this experience.

Science and Engineering

Athlete’s from Left to Right Lolu Ojo (7 Ayr), Adunola Alli (7 Dur), Alexandra Bautista ( 7 Ayr),Victoria Akinyombo (7 Fed) , Teddianna Saccoh ( 7 Dur) , Idia Igiehon (7 Ayr), Benedicte Kwalangana (7 Dur).

In November an enthusiastic group of year 9 scientists travelled to West Ham Stadium for a day-long workshop about the importance of engineering in our modern lives. Among the activities, Alex Davies ( 9 Atk) got the opportunity to dress up in some engineering safety clothing and St. Angela’s team claimed first place in the endof-day competition.

Newham Youth Awards Ceremony On Wednesday 8th December, Newham held its annual Youth Awards evening in the Old Town Hall in Stratford. The event celebrated the achievements of young people in the Borough including, amongst other awards, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Thirty one students from St Angelas, from Year 11, 12 and 13, were recognised on the evening for the Bronze and Silver Award. Lynette Owusu-Sekyere, in Year 10, was also presented with a Youth Achievement award. It was a fantastic evening with some wonderful entertainment including our own Sandra Ache performing with her brother and a past pupil, Ashley J, played host. Overall it was a great evening and wonderful to see the important role our students play in the life of the Borough. Well done all round!


Year 9 Enterprise Day On 8th December, all of year 9 had a day learning about business and enterprise. Presenters from the new Westfield retail development in Stratford came to share their expertise with us. Pupils designed their own retail marketing campaign, planned their business’ finances and learnt about good customer service. The judges were amazed at the high quality of year 9’s work. The winning team were Silver Moon. The day finished off with a fantastic fashion show. Thank you to all the staff and sixth formers who helped to run the day. Well done Year 9 – you were fantastic!

The winners Silver Moon

British School Biathlon Round 1 Helena Grattan (8 Mor), Phillippa Hayman (8 Hur), and Maya Fraser-Hall (8 Mor) took part in the British Schools Biathlon. The girls completed their 100m swim well and then had to run 1000m. The run was a very good effort with all girls putting on a scorching sprint to finish in 8th position.

Target 2 point zero On 15th November, 4 A level economics students had the daunting task of advising the Bank of England on its interest rate policy as

part of the Bank of England’s ‘Target 2 point zero’ competition. After weeks of planning and research, our team decided that they broadly agreed with the Bank of England’s current policy, but that they would raise interest rates quickly if inflation does not start to fall soon. Although we did not win, the judges were very impressed with the quality of our presentation. So was Mr Mara, our Chair of Governors, who came to support the team. The team members were Thabani Tshuma (13 McKay), Elaine Vincent (13 McKay), Kuoni Gordon (13 McKay) and Plabon Saha (13 Marchant).


St Angela’s Choir Trip to Cape Town Day 1 Robben Island & Aquarium

Robben Island

Two Choir Leaders

South African College School (SACS)

Making Friends

Day 2 Schools Visit & Vineyard

Wine tasting

D. F Malan High Scho ol


CS) llege School (SA South African Co

Making Friends

Marimba Workshop

Day 4 Cape Of Good Hope

Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Great Experience, Great Music, Lifelong Friends Day 5 - Safari


Introducing Shakespeare! On Wednesday 20th October, two Year 7 English classes attended performances given by A Level Drama students in Year 13. The Year 13 students had devised the performances to introduce the audience to the life and work of William Shakespeare, focusing on the plays Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream as part of their A Level assessment. The audience response was

extremely positive. Gabriele Machmudova in 7 Fedden wrote: “The first performance was very enjoyable and it proved that we can make Shakespeare modern. The second performance was very useful and exciting. It helped me to properly understand the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Heather Acay in 7 Ayres also very kindly wrote: “I really hope they receive good results.”

ICT Department Christmas E-card Flash Club Year 7 and 8 pupils had a fantastic time attending the flash club to create their very own Christmas e-card. The club was led by Mrs Ali and our very own in-house flash software expert Erin McMahon (10 Str). The club took place Tuesday lunch time and our dedicated participants have created a wonderful selection of e-cards using the variety of techniques they have learned over a short space of time. Erin and her dedicated team of helpers which included Jinsa Neelankavil (10 Fit) and Hilary Awunyo (10 Bae) have shared their learning experience with key stage three pupils. Merry Christmas to you all from the ICT Department. Mrs Ali


Talent Central Cheer & Dance Competition 65 students from years 7-10 took part in the Talent Central Cheer and Dance Competition on the 7th December. We competed against many different schools from Newham and did fantastically well. Our junior Team won Bronze and our senior team achieved gold and won the overall championship. The St Angela’s team had the best energy and won the Sportsmanship award. Markener Rosemond, LucyJane Andrews and Lisa Poblicks are very proud of the girls achievement… and very tired!

CandoCo Dance Workshop At St. Angela’s we have been very privileged to be involved with a professional dance company over the last two years. This year sees us enter into the third and final year of the partnership with the renowned contemporary dance company CandoCo. The GCSE Year 10 and some Year 9 students had the opportunity to participate in a dance workshop with CandoCo Dance Company. The dancers explored the professional dance work ‘And Who Should Go To The Ball?’ choreographed by Rafael Bonachela, (who also choreographs Kylie Minogue’s videos). The day started with a contemporary dance warm up with and an introduction to the themes of the piece. Then the creative tasks enabled the dancers to develop their choreographic and performance skills, exploring contact work and the idea of becoming entangled with another dancer. The day culminated in performances which demonstrated the ideas of entanglement and cutting through space. Next term the group will have the opportunity to undertake a residency with the company.

St Angela’s music department held a school chamber concert on the 25th November

St. Angela’s Bounce their way to success! On Sunday 6th December an U13’s trampolining team made up of Tope Kedienhon, Laura Nayiga, Karli Sylvin and Tinuola Akrikwe and an U15’s team of Mary Fadahunsi and Emma Nwofor travelled to Harlington Sports Centre to take part in the London Round of the British Schools Trampolining Competition. The girls completed a compulsory routine consisting of prescribed moves and a voluntary routine which gave the girls a chance to show off their skills. It was a brilliant day and the girls gained some outstanding results; • The U13’s team bounced their way into 2nd place overall with every competitor placing higher than 14th from a huge number of participants. • Karli Sylvin finished 3rd overall, which means the both the team and Karli as an individual will compete in the South Zonal Round in January which is one step away from the National Finals. This is an outstanding achievement especially as this is a very prestigious competition attracting state and public schools from across the whole of London, and a first for St. Angela’s! Miss Lebby



Year 10 Technology Young Enterprise

The girls of the current team, Hot Stuff, had their first meetings this half term and have some exciting plans for the New Year in terms of products and how they plan to do well in this year’s competition. We have a very enthusiastic group who all have their assigned jobs within the company and are working really hard as a team to develop, and deliver, quality products to a very discerning audience over the rest of the year. The girls are hoping to emulate the success of last years team, The Bakers Dozen, and bring back some winning certificates along with raising some money for charity from their profits during the year.

Year 10 Technology The girls of the current year 10 have been doing some excellent work within Technology this year and here are some of the girls, very proudly showing off some of their work. All of the girls will be doing their GCSE exam this summer and looking at the work they have done thus far they should do very well indeed.

The Group’s First Meeting

Year 7 Technology The girls of the current year 7 have been doing some fantastic work within Technology this year and here are some of the girls, very proudly showing off some of their work.

We all wish you well girls and keep up the great work! Mr Foley 18


I hope all parents have noted the very recent change of uniform supplier from Trutex to Lucilla’s. Now is a good time, we think, to remind you that uniform outdoor coats must be plain black, brown or beige and large enough to wear over blazers. Footwear is also a big issue. It was very concerning to see girls in totally unsuitable footwear in the recent snowy weather - canvas plimsolls and shoes resembling ballet pumps – and consequently with soaking wet socks and tights. Please ensure your daughter wears sensible sturdy shoes for school and the correct uniform at all times.

What’s allowed



Flat, black or brown and sturdy


Boots, no design, no bright colours


Flat, leather black or brown with no big design

Not Allowed

Black, brown or cream plain design and the smaller the better!


Not Allowed

Bright colours and big bows or scarves or headbands

Tights Allowed

Black with no design

Anything that looks like a trainer or plimsoll


Hair Bows Allowed


Black, brown midlength with no large designs

Why all the fuss?

designs or patterns


Not Allowed Nothing with a detailed design and holes

Short, coloured big


Small single stud earrings!

Not Allowed

Large overly bling or more than a single stud!

• The uniform identifies us as a student body . . .we want you to look smart & sophisticated! • Remember as St Angela’s students we want to be positive role models for others. • Following rules of uniform is a criteria for getting into MOST Sixth form colleges.


ADVENT REFLECTION Advent – a time of preparation, Be ready for the celebration. Jesus Christ born on earth, The most important infant birth. And yet most of us are far too busy to give this child a second thought. There’s presents and food, decorations, the tree – all have to be bought.

To think aout the Christ child, So perfect, and divine. He came to earth to give us life, To teach us how to love, So we could copy his example, As we journey home above!

When we arrive at Christmas Day we’re too tired to feel much cheer, As we slump in our chair after dinner we say, ‘Thank God Christmas only comes once a year! All too often, sad to say, That’s the only mention God gets on Christmas Day! So let’s have a little think this Advent, And take a little time,

Lord, Let us look for opportunities to be peacemakers today, And to try to live at peace with all we meet. This Christmas, let us seek to behave In a more loving and peaceful way. Amen.

DON’T FORGET Spring term begins Tuesday 4th January 2011

St Angela's Christmas Newsletter  

St Angela's Christmas Newsletter 2010

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