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Christmas 2012

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Anti-Bullying Week

St Angela’s at the Olympic and Paralympic games

See what our students got up to during Anti-Bullying Week.

The Fallen Oak Tree A very sad day!

Above - St Angela’s winning Christmas Card design 2012 by Olivia Ndila, 10 Morrison

Dear Parents & Carers,

Dear Parents and Carers . . . Dear Parents/Carers As we approach the end of 2012, which was a momentous year for the East End of London, and the end of yet another incredibly busy term for the students of St Angela’s, we take time to consider the true meaning of Christmas and the blessed gift of our Saviour, Lord Jesus. I recently heard in a homily from Mgr Armitage a very powerful idea: it is the amount and depth of our giving to each other as human beings that defines us. In many ways, the staff and the students of the school exemplify this in their hard work and care for each other. The students of the school have this term, as ever, been working hard to raise money for their chosen charities. This again exemplifies their spirit of Serviam and the depth of their giving. I am pleased to announce that they (including the sixth form) have so far raised just under £3500 with money still to come in during the final week. As you can see from within these pages, the academic, sporting and cultural life of the school and the sixth form continues at an astounding pace. With a very clear focus on teaching and learning this term, the staff have worked hard on developing literacy across the school and, with the introduction of LLOs (Literacy Learning Objectives) in every lesson and a focus on students’ speech and their correct use of English, we have seen very rapidly rising standards in the school. Outside of the classroom the Anti-Bullying Week, entrepreneurial activities, music concerts, fire brigade courses, author visits, German exchange trips, dance episodes (and much more), and debating competitions have all served to provide outstanding extracurricular opportunities for the girls of the school. As ever, none of this would be possible without the outstanding staff and I am sure that you will join me in applauding all they do for your daughter and in wishing them a restful Christmas break in preparation for the busy Spring term. This time last year I wrote to you about the closure of the reception area. At that point we thought the reception would be completed by June, naturally when it comes to building these things seem to take longer than estimated. I am very happy to announce that the new reception for parents, carers and visitors to the school will open on Wednesday 19th December 2012 in its usual place on St George’s Road. I wish you all a very happy, holy and restful Christmas with your families and friends. Yours faithfully,

Mr Johnson Headteacher

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A very sad day! After years as one of the most memorable physical features of the school sadly the American Oak tree fell under its own weight on Monday morning (November 5th 2012 4:10am.) It was a very sad day for the school to lose such a magnificent feature, though of course we are very pleased that neither the building nor any person was injured as the tree fell. Having counted the rings inside, the students surmise that the tree was 147 years old. The tree itself revealed an interesting insight into the climate change over those 147 & Science and a cross-section will be used in a display years, with the first 50 years showing evidence of a dryer climate. Though sad at its loss, parts of the in the new reception garden as a timeline of world and tree have gone on to be use around the school in D&T, Art school events up to 2012.

The Fallen Oak Tree The school was established in 1862 just after the peak of the Industrial Revolution. 3 years later the oak tree was planted in the Merici grounds. Unfortunately the tree succumbed to a fungal infection after a very long life, in which it became of focal point of the school. Using our knowledge of the study of tree rings, known as dendrochronology, we were able to examine a cross section of the trunk. Every year, trees produce a new ring of xylem vessels. These are used to transport water up the trunk of the tree. We counted approximately 147 tree rings. In years of an abundance of rain, the rings are wider, whilst in years of drought, the rings are closer together. The vessels that become impregnated with lignin are called xylem. Xylem cells are highly perforated or lost completely and so large columns are formed. Water and minerals travel through the xylem vessels Cold dry years by a process called a transpiration stream. Water travels upwards by tension. World War II This is not the tension we all St Angela’s associate with strings and ropes, CENTENARY but rather the water travels in a continuous stream because of attractive forces between the water molecules . When there is more water available the more xylem vessels are produced to allow that the water to be drawn up the stem. This makes the rings of the wood wider in years that have more rainfall.

Time Line

1865 - Tree was planted 1865 - 1890- Wet and rainy conditions, probably warmer temperatures. This can be seen from the width between the rings. 1914 - 1945- Dry Climate. This can be seen from the tree rings being closer together. 1945-November 2012– Increasingly warm and wet weather. This shift in climate could potentially be linked to global warming. Trees are known to be sturdy structures in nature. This is due to a polymer called lignin which is impregnated in the xylem and sclerenchyma cell walls of the tree. Our assumption is that the fungus digested the lignin, weakening the bulk of the tree. And so, the 147 Years ago tree couldn’t withstand the Warm wet windy conditions on the 4th summers November. The analysis of tree rings is Warm years useful in providing a record of the climate and allows World War I historical temperature records Cold to be made by biologists. Tree WARM years ring studies extend our record of the climate to almost 4000 years ago.

Frances Dyer, Leslie Morris-Antwi, Habeba Mallu. | Scientific editor : James Lynch-Hood (year 13)

St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012 | 3

Anti-Bullying Alliance Our Anti-bullying ambassadors have had a busy half term organising various events to raise awareness about bullying. We started preparing both members of the AntiBullying Alliance and students by holding assemblies to advertise future events. Our first event happened on Friday 28th September and it was called ‘Positive Post-it notes’. It consisted of handing out post-it notes to the students in Merici court, so they could compose a positive message to give to a special friend. This activity helped students feel good about themselves and gain confidence. Girls in Brescia court did the same activity verbally, and the success of the post-it notes spread around the school. Event 2 was called ‘Do good to feel good’. On this occasion we distributed coloured triangles so students could write an optimistic message which didn’t have to be to a significant person. It could be anything from “Keep smiling” or “Never doubt yourself”. Monday 19th - 23rd November was Anti-Bullying Week. It was packed and full of amazing events which not only raised awareness that bullying is wrong, but helped fund future events throughout the year. The first event was the ‘friendly tweet’, which was a nice way to make people feel good about themselves. Next, we held a cake sale which relied on generous donations from students and staff. The ‘Cards of inspiration’ activity put a smile on many people’s faces when they received one. There was ‘Wear something blue’ day where students and teachers made a huge effort to wear blue accessories to show that they were against bullying. At lunchtime we had blue face painting and nail painting to add that extra detail to people’s outfits! On Friday we encouraged everyone to perform ‘Random acts of kindness’ which demonstrated Serviam. Y8 students made the following comments about our events: “It was really fun because it helped people feel good about themselves” “The bunting was good because it encouraged people to be more positive about themselves” Anti-bullying week was a massive success and we managed to raise a total of £89.56. This made the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors really proud of themselves, but wouldn’t have happened without the support and donations from pupils and staff (especially Ms MacMillan, Ms Price and all the Anti-Bullying teacher reps). On Monday 19th November 2012 all students were given a parental booklet containing advice and guidance. If you have not received yours yet, please ask your daughter where it is!

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By Geovana (8 Torville), Meida (8 Romero), & Fausta (8 Torville)

Students and staff of St Angela’s were privileged to participate in various events over the summer at London 2012.

Ms Bangura, Ms Jarvis, Ms McWalter & Ms Bacon volunteered alongside eight Young Games Makers from Yr 11

Yasmin (Yr 8) and Sedji (6th former) were Olympic Torch Bearers. Yasmin ran with the Torch in Tower Hamlets on Saturday 21st July.

Sedji carried the torch in Westminster on 26th July and was handed the torch by UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon! Dancers entertained the crowds on the ‘spotted’ bridge. St Angela’s secured 193 tickets through the Get Set ticketshare programme. Everyone has an amazing time at Basketball, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Athletics and Handball. At both the Olympic & Paralympic Games.

6th formers performed at the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Musicians performed at the Olympic Park during the Olympics.

Shannon won a competition to design the London Mascot.

We also had a visit in school from a Paralympian Ilana Dupont who won a bronze medal at Beijing in the 100m wheelchair race.

Chamber Concert

Newham Community Games 2012

On Thursday 22nd November, students from Year 7 to Year 12 performed in front of friends and family in Merici Hall for the first Chamber Concert of the academic school year. Many who performed were preparing for either their GCSE or A-Level performances or graded Music exams. Students showcased their talent and skill on a variety of different instruments including clarinet, piano, guitar and drums as well a unique performance from Sarah Shorter on the ukelele!

Girls attended Newham Community Games at Newham Leisure Centre and came an impressive third place. They showed fantastic team spirit and enthusiasm. They were particularly good in the wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and the teachers even came out on top in the rowing competition. There was great joy and laughter all day.

Women’s Entrepreneurship

Since it was the first Chamber Concert of the school year, many students were slightly nervous. However all the hard work, dedication and perseverance paid off as we were treated to many enjoyable and memorable performances. There were many great performances from many different artists and genres of music, including Michael Jackson and well-known musicals. We even heard a song sang in German by Dorthea (Year 11)! For some students it was their first ever Chamber Concert, but their skill overcame their apprehension and they did really well! Overall it was a great night and was enjoyed by the audience. Well done to all who performed! By Iani and Maya (year 10)

Homework Club and Study Zone News Congratulations! to the following students who will receive certificates for excellent attendance at Homework Club and Study Zone this term:

Y7 - Nazra S, (7 Victoire) Y8 - Grace B, (8 Ennis) Y9 - Sahvana F, (9 Malone) Y10 - Lina J, (10 Alcott) Y11 - Iyanuoluwa O, (11 McKewan) We are looking forward to seeing you all again after Christmas!

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On Wednesday 14th November 2012, five year 12 students (pictured above) attended a lecture at UEL about entrepreneurial mind-sets, set up on behalf of the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Entrepreneurship (CEWE). The evening was themed around the mind-sets of entrepreneurs and the importance of maintaining a positive attitude focusing on our goals for success. In addition, the lecture was complimented by guest speaker, Hannah Foxley, owner of The Women’s Wealth Expert. She shared with us, her story of success after having battled cancer TWICE and how she successfully made the decision to take control of her life. Overall it was an insightful and educational evening, which allowed us to network and meet entrepreneurs picking up some valuable tips on how to become successful women. It was inspirational and taught us that women can achieve anything they wish. Fundamentally, it taught us to keep working hard - don’t wait for the tragedy to happen for you to wake up and face reality. By Eddisia & Fiona (Year 12)

Silver Arts Award Ten students in Year 9 are working with Mr Bellamy, who has trained as an Arts Award Adviser, to complete the Silver Award. This term, they have been completing Unit One, which involves the students setting a challenge for themselves. Chelsea said that she liked writing stories and poems but wanted to learn to write dialogue. To achieve this, she decided to read plays in different genres before writing a series of mini-plays based around the theme of beauty. Her plays will be performed after school in January by the Year 7 drama club. Kriselle, Ella and Jessica enjoy directing other students in performances in drama lessons, but decided they would like the opportunity to direct a performance over a longer period of time. They will each direct one of the mini-plays written by Chelsea. Roksana and Countessa enjoy their work in drama lessons, but lack confidence as performers, and so wanted to gain more experience of performing in front of an audience. To achieve this, they will perform alongside the Year 7 students in the mini-plays. Sarah also enjoys acting, but wanted the experience of playing a character very different to herself (final-

ly choosing to be Elvis Presley)! She also struggles to learn lines and wanted more practice. Therefore, Sarah has decided to write and perform a three-minute monologue, which will be directed by Mr Bellamy. Valerie and Oheema both enjoy acting and they are confident performers. They decided they would like to gain more experience of sharing their skills with other people and so together they have planned sessions. For example: for the Year 7 drama club. The sessions were linked to the theme of beauty. Finally, Cinthia enjoys singing, but wanted to get more experience of learning songs and performing to an audience. To achieve this, she has joined the school gospel choir and attended weekly rehearsals. She hopes to perform a solo to be included in Chelsea’s plays.

Forthcoming Drama Performances and Trips Tuesday 11th December

Students in Year 12 will perform extracts from Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop’s “Oh What A Lovely War!” This play was originated in Stratford and there was some artwork honouring Joan Littlewood inside the Olympic Park.

Thursday 13th December

The Silver Arts Award girls are going to see “The Animals and The Children Took to The Streets” at the National Theatre, after which they will be taken on a backstage tour!

Wednesday 27th February

54 students in Year 10 are going to see the new play “Liar, Liar” at the Unicorn Theatre in Southwark. They will review this production for their GCSE drama assessment.

Come join our Reading Club! When: Every Tuesday Now AQA Where: In the TLC Accredited Time: 3.30pm - 4.25pm Why: because reading for pleasure is fun!

All KS3 welcome!

St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012 | 7

Fire Brigade Course In October, I went on the Fire Brigade course in Plaistow Station for one week with Ketsia (9 Ayres). We met different fire fighters and new people. On the course we had to learn to climb up some very high ladders. There was a ladder that they put on the tower and we had to go up and down it and pretend that the building was on fire and had to dust and dust in the building. When we were in the building we had to stomp to see if the structure of the building was steady. The best bit of the course is when we had to use the breathing apparatus, we had tanks on our backs and a mask on our faces! The fire fighters said “It is cleaner than the air we breathe outside”. We had to go into a dark room which is called a ‘BA Chamber’ It was pitch black - it was frightening but we managed it! If I had a chance to do the course again I would because I had a lot of fun and learned things I did not know about and got to meet interesting people. I also won the Jack Petchy Award at the end of the week for demonstrating bravery. Sarah (9 Fedden)

St Angela’s football teams


It’s been a busy season for football this year, with all year groups entered into both the Essex Cup and the National League 11 aside competitions. Teams have travelled far and wide and have meet with failures and of course successes. Year 8 did fabulously well beating many schools such as Harris Academy Greenwich and Brampton to reach the quarter finals in the National Cup. Unfortunately, year 11 were knocked out of the first round of the National Cup by a super strong team in Chelmsford but then went on to beat teams in the Essex Cup to reach the quarter finals. We breezed through to the quarter finals against Robert Clack up on Wanstead flats but the quarter finals games was a different story. In the quarter finals we were up against Frances Bardsley School and we fought like Trojans till the end. Melissa and Brenda were on the left wing and worked together weaving in and out of players to score goals and Evelyn was a rock in defence covering Kamile’s safe hands. Despite all our efforts it just wasn’t our time and we were defeated, but defeated, only in goals and not in spirit or efforts. Year 7 football team also played well to get through to the finals and come second.

8 | St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012

St Angela’s hosted Centre National Schools Badminton Competition. It was a tough job picking a team as our lunch time badminton club has over 50 regular members!. We entered 3 teams each for both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Two teams from each Key Stage made the semi-finals and our Key Stage 4 team went on to win the final against Lister School to move into the next round.

Trip to the Jewish Museum in Camden town In October, thirty of us from Year 8 went on a trip to the Jewish Museum as we were studying Judaism. We went to Camden town by train and when we arrived, we were welcomed by the workshop leader who started telling us all about the TORAH. It was an interesting workshop and we were able to touch the real things. We were able to try on Jewish clothes of worship including kippas, tallits and teffelins. We were even allowed to touch old (but discarded Torahs). After lunch, we went to the vast and wonderful exhibition. We saw Torahs made of gold, silver and with precious stones. We looked at similar artefacts like Menorah / Hannukiah candle sticks and Seder plates. We even sat at mock Sabbath tables. We really learned a lot that day. A good time was had by all!

UK Senior Team Maths Challenge On 21st November four A-level students, Joshua, Valeria, Baavitran and Christy (year 12) made their way to Queen Mary University to compete in the UK Senior Team Maths Challenge. We were ready and eager for an afternoon of Maths, competing with other schools across the country. We were faced with exciting and complex Maths problems that made us think, laugh and cry. But as a team we overcame all the challenges and problems that we came across. Despite being up against several grammar and private schools, we were placed 16th out of the 38 schools that competed in London. We were very proud and had a brilliant day! Joshua and Valeria (Year 12).


On 17th October, A Level and GCSE Dance students participated in a Dance Workshop led by Marie Lawrence from the Rambert Dance Company. The workshop lasted all day and it was very enjoyable from the off. The dancers attended a contemporary technique class based on Cunningham technique and they then learnt some of the repertoire from a new work to be performed by Rambert called “Labyrinth of Love”. This gave the dancers the chance to improve and develop their technical and creative skills. The dancers worked together in groups of four to create a dance in which they had developed some of the motifs from “Labyrinth of Love” and after lunch the groups came together to perform a structured group dance. On the following day the group went to Sadler’s Wells Theatre to watch Rambert Dance company perform a triple bill. The pieces were “Labyrinth of Love” by Marguerite Donlon; Dutiful Ducks by Richard Alston and Sounddance by Merce Cunningham. It was

amazing to see the company perform and the diversity of the dancers themselves. All three pieces were excellent and the A level dance students were able to see how Merce Cunningham helped to change the face of Modern Dance and also his influence on other choreographers such as Richard Alston. Over the course of the two events the dance students and a very enjoyable and valuable experience.

St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012 | 9

Gregg Olsen RETURNS TO ST ANGELA’S When Gregg Olsen came to St Angela’s to talk to us about his new book “Betrayal”, everyone was very excited as the last time he visited for his previous book “Envy” a few of us got to meet him and talk to him. During the hour he told us about what he does to get his ideas and we were able to ask him lots of questions. Gregg talked about how the unexpected evil that can be hidden underneath a normal situation fascinates him and provides material for his books. He also told us that he uses parts of his life in the story, for example, he is the father of two girls who are twins and the main characters in both “Envy” and “Betrayal” are twins. He talked about his new book, “Betrayal”, which is a story about a British foreign exchange student who is stabbed to death at a party and the prime suspect is her best friend. Using real crime solving techniques, the twins Hadley and Taylor Ryan set about getting to the bottom of the terrible incident. We were delighted to talk to him and get the chance to meet him again because he is one of the most amazing authors we have ever met; he is funny is very friendly and he made us laugh. If he was to write another book I believe that most of the year group would agree that they would love Gregg Olsen to come back to our school and tell us about it. One of the things we liked about Gregg is that he talked to us as young people and gave us his honest opinions and answered all our questions.

At the end of the hour Gregg Olsen told us that the pupils at St Angela’s are the best and he should be so lucky to ever meet better students than those in St Angela’s. We gave him a great cheer and a round of applause to show how much we like him and his stories. We look forward to reading his book and hopefully seeing him again. By Yasmin (9 Parker) and Jessica (9 Ayres)

Books for Christmas Year 7

“Dork Diaries: Dear Dork Rachel” Renee Russell “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel” Jeff Kinney “Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked” Derek Landy “Emerald Star (Hetty Feather)” Jacqueline Wilson “Chocolate Box Girls: Summer’s Dream” Cathy Cassidy

Years 10-11

“The Rose Petal Beach” Dorothy Koomson “Shift” Em Bailey

10 | St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012

Years 8-9

“Missing Me” Sophie McKenzie “Mist” Kathryn James “Breathe” Sarah Crossan “Slated” Teri Terry “Dead Time: The Murder Notebooks” Anne Cassidy

“Wish me Dead” Helen Grant “Secrets of Henna Girl” Sufiya Ahmed “Catcher, Caught” Sarah Collins Honenberger

Aspire Dance Mentoring Scheme On 27th November I attended an audition for the Aspire Dance Mentoring Scheme 2012 (CDET), which I was put forward for by Ms Jarvis. Aspire is a five month scheme that gives young people from ages 13-16 who are passionate about dance, and wish to carry it on into further education and possibly a full time career. The scheme gives you the opportunity to be partnered up with a vocational student studying at a dance or performing arts college or university, including the BRIT School, The Urdang Academy, Laban Trinity and many more. The course offers many other opportunities and benefits, such as being able to attend your mentor’s college for a shadow day, this means I will be shown around and then I will be able go throughout the rest day as a normal student at the college. This is very exciting because it will give me an insight into the day to day routine of my mentor and hopefully be a useful reference for my own future. I will also get the chance to participate in Dance Workshops, and go on group theatre visits to watch Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty. I will also have the chance to see the Royal Ballet in rehearsal at the Royal Opera House. Before my audition I had to fill out an application form, this was also part of the audition process, because they had to read your form and evaluate whether you are suitable for the course. It asked for past experience, qualifications, and 250 words on why I would like to take part on the course. The form was the sent off and considered by CDET, they emailed me one week later inviting me to the audition. It took place in Hounslow in West London and started at 10:30am, so I had to leave my house at 8:30am! There were 30 applicants auditioning, a mixture of boys and girls and only 10 would be picked for the actual course. My audition consisted of a two hour artistic choreography group session, an interview and a solo dance performance piece, which I had to choreograph. My solo was a

short, one minute contemporary piece to “Mountains” by Emeli Sande. The interview was also fairly short, it was just for CDET to find out more about the applicant so they can pair them with the correct mentor and find out how passionate they are about taking part. It was still quite unnerving, due to the amount of great dancers auditioning. On the following Monday they notified me I had been accepted into the course! It has all been very exciting so far. Aspire held an Induction Day at Urdang Academy for all the mentors and mentees to meet and get acquainted with each other. My mentor is also called Nicole; she’s 20 and studies at Urdang. She does Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Street Dance and she’s lovely. CDET encourage us to become more like friends rather than mentors and mentees, so I think it’s wonderful that they have chosen such friendly mentors. Since the course has started Nicole and I have spoken regularly by text and phone calls. She is also helping me to get a work experience placement at either Urdang or the BRIT school. We are also encouraged to go to our mentor for advice and invite them to our own dance performances. As a GCSE dance student, I believe this course will benefit me immensely, giving me a new opening into the world of studying dance. I believe having a personal mentor will also help me a lot because I can always ask her for advice concerning dance and school. It could be a passport into the world of dance. I am very grateful for Ms Jarvis putting me forward for it. I’m certain the next five months will be more than enjoyable and packed with knowledge filled meetings with not only my mentor, but the whole group. By Nicole (10 Cather)

St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012 | 11

Sixth Form News Neuroscience Lecture-Psychology

What’s a Life?

On 8th November, Miss Miesuria took an ‘elite’ group of us budding Psychology students to Forest School where we were fortunate enough to participate in a Psychology lecture. There were many workshops on the day, but of particular interest was the Neuroscience lecture given by Professor Dr Sarah Blakemore, who is based at UCL in the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Attending UCL’s What’s a Life? lecture was a unique and exciting experience. At first I visualised a stereotypical lecture room which had hundreds of seats all facing one direction, which was slightly similar to what I saw as I walked into the lecture. The programme itself made me think differently about psychology and sociology and how those subjects could be combined together into a subject called epidemiology a subject that I had never heard of, until that day. I was really fascinated on how the area seemed to be women-dominated as all the speakers were women and how the subject alone could branch out to other sectors such as the NHS and also the government, suggesting that it’s a very versatile subject and anyone could easily go into it after their first degree.

In her lecture she talked about the adolescent brain, structure of the brain i.e. grey matter, brain development differences in gender and risk taking to name but a few fascinating topics. I felt privileged to experience a lecture by such a valued and well known Psychologist. In addition I found it beneficial as it was informative, especially as we could relate it back to learning taking place in the classroom but also our everyday experiences, but also that it offered a taste of University life. Besides the excellent welcoming environment all of us involved agreed that we learned a lot and found the morning thoroughly valuable. Lauren Linford Year 13 Psychology

A Year 12 student

Biology trip to Rainham Marshes In September Year 13 Biology classes went on a field trip to the RSPB reserve at Rainham Marshes. The aim of the trip was to carry out some core practical investigations in Ecology and to gain a better appreciation of some of the issues associated with this area of Biology. During the day the group looked at sampling methods, salt marsh succession and the biotic and abiotic factors that affect water. Overall the day was very informative and exactly tailored to the needs of the group. It was also a pleasure to visit such a lovely nature reserve within a short train ride of Forest Gate, we even saw a seal in the Thames! 12 | St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012


Autumn 2012

t y e mos . . . th tive, funn a inform gaging and enes I’ve gone lectur e. udent, to se 12 st Year



On Thursday 22nd November, a group of year 12 and 13s went to a Maths Inspiration Talk. Maths Inspiration is an enrichment programme for teenagers in the UK. It was chance for us to experience inspiring maths speakers live, presenting mathematics in the context of exciting, real-world situations. They showed us the fun side to maths that doesn’t always come across in the class room. The first to take the stage was Richard Lissaman, Leader of the Further Mathematics Support Programme, who revealed the rather simple concept behind Google. It was surprising to see the simple idea behind a key part of modern technology. It was a big encouragement to see that we might be able to come up with the next Google or better, just using the information we have already learnt. The next part of his talk explored the use of coding in games, and how they developed game engines using algorithms that were covered during our first year syllabus of Further Maths. The increase of digital processing power over time has allowed more complicated mathematics to be performed in real time to produce a new era of higher quality video games.

Next, we heard from David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk at the University of Cambridge. He talked us through the maths behind risk, and how statistics can be applied to analyse risk in everyday life. Speaking about how newspapers exaggerate by using biased data; we learned about how misleading the media can be. He also talked us through his BBC4 documentary about his work which was broadcast in October 2012. Our final speaker was Matt Parker, a “stand up” mathematician. He spoke to us about The Simpsons, and at first, we had no clue how he could relate mathematics to the programme. We then discovered that a lot of the script writers for The Simpsons are actually able mathematicians with degrees in various fields of Mathematics! What seemed before as just random numbers that appeared in episodes of The Simpsons actually turned out to be numbers with quite significant mathematical values. It was very surprising to see how universal a language mathematics is, its application to a varying from video gaming to calculating risk: without maths the modern era as we know wouldn’t be able to exist! The talk allowed us to see how completing a mathematics degree can lead to very interesting and varied career paths. by Darren, Bavi and Gregory

British Psychological Society Conference Who would have ever thought that my first trip to Kensington High Street would be to see some highly inspiring individuals whose footsteps I wish to follow one day! To an audience in excess of 700, in the great hall of Kensington Town Hall stood some great Psychologists who each delivered a talk about a range of topics from laughter to anomalistic areas of psychology. At this event organised by The British Psychological Society, we had the opportunity to ask questions and even speak to the lecturers individually. A range of leaflets, magazines, and other goodies were available to pick up from the hall and were very useful. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Psychology students were also on hand to give us a real understanding about university life and the benefits of studying psychology. I am sure that I am not alone in finding that my desire to study psychology was strengthened by this fantastic by Mahnoor (Year 13) day. St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012 | 13

London Schools’ Competition On the 1st December my fellow team mates and I went to Hayes School to participate in the London Schools’ Competition. It was a long journey but when we finally got there we were amongst masses of people from different schools across London. There were so many girls and boys there varying from under 11 to under 19’s. Laura, Isobella, Ellie and I were in the under 15 novice team. Chloe, Topaz and Kelly were competing as individuals. There were a lot of good gymnasts there with nice, difficult routines and amazing execution. We were a bit thrown by it initially but we regained our composure and went through normal routine like stretching and warming up. Isobella was first up and her routine was very good. I was next and I just made sure I remained focused and wasn’t distracted by the other competitors who were unusually loud when our school were on. Ellie was next and her routine was great then it was Laura - and she was fantastic. Kelly was amazing as an individual and Topaz and Chloe

both executed their routines to an amazingly high standard. When we went to the Awards Ceremony we all thought that we hadn’t done as well as we could have done as our voluntary routines had some slip ups. So when they said I came second over all I was really shocked and then they said our team came 1st: we were jumping for joy and had our biggest smiles on! Later we found out that Laura had come 4th and missed out on 3rd place as had Chloe, her sister, who missed out by 3rd place by 0.1. - this would have meant that they could have gone through as individuals to the regional finals. This was disappointing. Afterwards we went to the local fish and chip shop to celebrate and also cheer ourselves up! When we got back to Stratford we were still so incredulous, giddy and excited: we the St Angela’s trampolining under 15 novist team, had just got through to the regional’s final as a team and as an individual!


Tinuola 10 Hurston


A group of dance and theatre enthusiasts went to see “Some Like it Hip Hop”, written by Zoo Nation founder Kate Prince and Felix Harrison, the company’s first full-length production since the award-winning West End smash hit, “Into the Hoods”. With a nod to Billy Wilder’s much loved film and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Some Like it Hip Hop is a comical tale of love, mistaken identity, cross-dressing and revolution; all played out in ZooNation’s trademark style of hip hop, comedy and physical theatre. The production was great fun and it was fantastic to see Hip Hop used in a creative way to tell the narrative. After the show, the girls were dancing on the return journey back to school.

14 | St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012

In September a group of year 10 and 11 GCSE pupils had the opportunity to take part in an exchange with our partner school, the Rittersberg Gymnasium in Kaiserslautern, Germany. We had the chance to take part in lots of fun activities, including a trip to a climbing park where we all conquered our fear of heights! We enjoyed staying with our host families as we really got to experience life in another country and eat a lot of tasty food!! They made us all feel very welcome, and at the end of the week there were a lot of tears and sad farewells. Hopefully we have improved our German speaking skills. We are looking forward to welcoming our new German friends to Newham when they come to visit us next year.

Group Teen Triple P: Positive Parenting Programme “Every parent should do this course, It has made my relationship with my daughter even better than before” St Angela’s will be running the Third Annual Group Teen Triple P: Positive Parenting Programme from January until March 13.

Dates for your diary: 23/1/13 - Group teen triple P session 1 in TLC St Angela’s Ursuline School 6-8 pm 30/1/13 Group teen Triple P session 2 in TLC St Angela’s Ursuline School 6-8 pm 6/2/13 - Group Teen Triple P session 3 in TLC St Angela’s Ursuline School 6-8 pm 13/2/13 - Group Teen Triple P Session 4 in TLC St Angela’s Ursuline School 6-8 pm Half term 15th March 2012 Teen Triple P individual telephone coaching sessions 5-7 20/3/13 Group Teen Triple P session 8 ‘ Celebration’ in TLC St Angela’s Ursuline School 6-8 pm We have run this group for the last two years and the feedback from the parents who have taken part and their children has been overwhelmingly positive. The commitment required to complete the course is definitely worth it. Feedback from the teenagers:

86% of the teenagers whose parents took part last year noticed that - relationships have become more positive at home - they understood the behaviour their parents expected from them - their relationship with their parents improved - that they helped out more at home …and enjoyed doing so!

Feedback from the parents: ‘I love it. Very informative and interesting.’ ‘It helps me to understand my teenager’ ‘I love all the positive parenting sessions & have also enjoyed connecting with the other parents’ ‘I learnt how to be more positive in the ways I parent my daughter’. I have learnt to be more patient. To praise more. To have family meetings. To give more responsibility to my child.’ ‘I learnt great strategies for improving problem behaviours & strategies to make life more calm and smoother’ ‘As a result of this course my home environment will be calmer and less stressful’ ‘My children relate to each other much better , there are fewer quarrels’. ‘I learnt great strategies & tools that I can use to improve and deal with issues or risky behaviour or situations that may come up in the future’. ‘It helped to better understand their feelings and that hormones will play a big part in the next few years’. ‘The sessions will have a great impact on my daughter’s student life as the strategies have definitely helped her with effective time management and planning’. ‘ I have more time for myself and spend more quality time with my children’

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Sisters attend the Centre for Advanced Training I enrolled into the Centre for Advanced Training at the London Contemporary Dance School in September this year after I auditioned in the spring. After the fantastic and different approach to the audition process, I received a letter confirming my place on the programme. I was then fortunate enough to join the experienced dancers there at The Place for a taster day during their summer intensive with Bawren Tavaziva of Tavaziva Dance. I’d never taken contemporary or creative classes up until then, (only Ballet, modern and tap) and now I’m nearing the end of my first term at CAT. Each Saturday and Wednesday, I take a class in classical ballet, contemporary and creative. I now dance 11 hours a week and have the pleasure to be taught and inspired by teachers who have and still dance professionally with world renounced dance companies. I’m very much looking forward to the February and Easter Intensives later on this year and the chance to develop and improve in both ballet and contemporary dance. By Lucia Year 10 I am currently training in my 6th year and final at the Centre for Advanced Training at the London Contemporary Dance School. For me it has completely changed my perception of dance by providing me with a huge appreciation of what dancing as a career consists of and making me intelligently focused and driven to perfect the shape, quality and interpretation of movement on both aesthetic and anatomical scales. It has also given me so many unforgettable and professional performance opportunities and experiences. I have worked personally with Richard Alston, Jasmin Vardimon, Hofesh Shechter and Wayne McGregor to name a few, all of whom are world-renown contemporary dance artists, as well as working with up and coming choreographs such as James Cousins (who was previously an assistant on CAT when I first started).

Big win trip - Year 9 In October I went to see the Hunger Games at Cineworld in Ilford. The movie was amazing, I really enjoyed it. At first when I heard that we that we were going to watch the film I didn’t think that it would be very good but actually it was one of the best dramatic movies I have watched. I was with my friends and they really enjoyed it too. Since the film we have been talking about how fantastic and brilliant it was. We really enjoy our big win trips and they are a time when we can get to know other people in our forms and get rewarded for our hard work at the same time. Lorraine Manteaw- 9 Fedden

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Classes at CAT run on Saturdays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays, where we undertake technical ballet and contemporary classes along side creative choreography sessions and vocational school workshops. On the CAT programme I am taught by very experienced and talented teachers, most of whom do not just teach dance but are also performers, photographers and osteopaths. By working with these teachers we are not only exposed to the vast abilities of dancers but also given opportunities to collaborate with costume designers, musicians and actors. Furthermore this not only increases our appreciation of other related arts but gives us the opportunity to try them out and in doing so to broaden our skill sets and create lasting networking relationships. Everyone who leaves or graduates from the CAT programme are technically impeccable dancers who are confident in multiple styles, stand out in auditions and just love to dance. This year I will be auditioning for the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, London Studio Centre, The London Contemporary Dance School and The Julliard School. By Mariella Year 13

Trip to Ursuline Wimbledon


In November, thirty year 7 students visited Wimbledon Ursuline for a community cohesion project. We took a train from Upton Park that took us directly to Wimbledon. When we reached Wimbledon Ursuline, we were struck by the many similarities between our schools. Did you know that they had buildings and grounds that were also called Merici and Brescia? As soon as we arrived, we had some refreshing squash and biscuits. We were then divided into groups and in our groups, we enjoyed activities that linked to our theme – INSIEME. INSIEME means ‘together’ in Italian. We each have an Ursuline Wimbledon buddy and our buddies took us on a tour of the school. After that, we had a whole year 7 liturgy where we presented our activities and our interpretation of the term INSIEME. When we were leaving, we exchanged email addresses and took many pictures. Our buddies in Wimbledon Ursuline will come here to see us in April. In the meantime, we anticipate their visit and remember that we had a very good

Trinity Laban’s Learning and Participation Programme is for 16 young people, aged 15 – 19 years old, with an interest in and passion for dance to participate in their Young Dance Ambassador scheme. Over the summer I took part in this programme. It was a very memorable experience as we learnt a lot about what goes into a dance performance, including the backstage roles. We also developed our organisation skills, as we had to organise our own events. This was very interesting, as we had to plan, advertise and put on our event. We also looked at teaching dance and how to structure our own dance lessons. This was my favourite part of the programme as it helped me to gain more knowledge about teaching dance, which is something that I am interested in doing.

I really enjoyed taking part in the Laban Dance Ambassador programme as it gave me an idea about the various pathways within dance and overall it was a fun experience. Anyone with an interest in dance or events management should take advantage of this opportunity as it really does help to provide a taster of both. By Seriya (Year 12)

Dance Episodes Over the course of the half term, dancers have been working hard towards a charity dance show which took place over two lunchtimes. Dance Episodes gives pupils the chance to develop their confidence in performing and creating dances. The fifty dancers from Years 7 to 13 raised money for the Osteopathic Centre for Children, which is a charity that seeks to ensure that children have access to an osteopath should they need it. Well done to all involved and for the pupils who supported the dancers by coming to watch the shows! A fantastic £133.10 was raised for the charity!

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Young Enterprise “Enhance Enterprise”, the Year 10 young enterprise team have made an emphatic start to this year’s competition. Not only have they begun to sell their products to local customers, they have expanded their business empire over to another school and have plans to take on even more! As well having a very well established product (their infamous badges) they are now expanding their range to include key rings. Keep a look out for more exciting offers and designs! Mr. Soares

Private Peaceful Theatre Trip On Wednesday 19th September pupils from various year groups went to London to watch a spectacular performance of ‘Private Peaceful’. Miss Hill took the time and effort to organise a fantastic trip, within school hours, for us to watch one of Michael Morpurgo’s classics. It was an outstanding performance, set in the First World War, about a young man called Thomas (Tommo) Peaceful who is thinking back over his many wonderful adventures with his older brother Charlie and their best friend Molly. There was sorrow, excitement, fear, love and happiness, however the amazing thing is that one skilful actor performed the whole play in many different roles. There weren’t too many props on stage but his movement, speech and actions captivated the audience. He had to remember an extremely long script and many different activities, but he was tremendous! We had a chance to think about every single situation clearly, with no distractions, so it just goes to show that that simplicity can be very detailed and leave a person speechless.

Fausta Mockute, 8 Torville

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Trip to Westminster Abbey

In October, the year 9 girls took a trip to Westminster Abbey. We travelled there and back by train. We had an enjoyable journey and girls were full of Serviam (offering their seats to the pregnant and elderly). When we were in the Abbey, we went to the education centre where we attended a workshop on Pilgrimages and learned about Pilgrimages in days gone by. Using copper sheets, we made badges that Pilgrims wore during the time to show they were on Pilgrimage. The badge that we made was for Pilgrimage to Canterbury. We also learned about some Pilgrimage sites like Canterbury and heard about the story of St. Thomas Beckett. After that we took a tour around the Abbey. This was amazing as Westminster Abbey is steeped in history of Kings, Queens and various politicians. It also even houses the graves of Poets – this is known as Poets’ Corner. The art and architecture of Westminster Abbey is phenomenal. After lunch, we walked down to Westminster Cathedral. There we did a comparative study between the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church. All in all, it was a fun day and we really enjoyed ourselves.

ESSENTIAL ALSTON On Saturday 6th October, I attended a dance workshop at The Place with the Richard Alston Dance Company. The workshop was an excellent opportunity to gain experience in contemporary dance and to have the opportunity to challenge and extend your technique. The session started with a warm-up, beginning with a cardiovascular session to get our hearts pumping and our blood flowing faster. We then moved on to stretches and rotating our limbs, working from our head to our toes. After the warm-up, we began our technique class. We were taught a range of breathing techniques based on the Graham Technique and we learnt more about the spine and its alignment with the rest of body. We also looked at the Cunningham Technique, using the spine in different ways and blending this with fast footwork. In the second part of the class, we were taught a short phrase from the piece, “The Devil in Detail” by Richard Alston. This dance was inspired by the music of ‘King of Ragtime’ Scott Joplin and used classics such as Maple Leaf Rag and The Entertainer, which were blended with the lightness and finesse of Alston’s choreography. The choreography was broken down and learnt in sections at a relatively fast pace. The routine had a jazz element to it and I found this fun to learn because I was able to quickly find the timing of the music and the style that was needed. There was a lot more travelling in this piece, so we always had to keep check of where our body was supposed to be and our alignment. Also, there were frequent spins and turns in the piece that made half of the class rather dizzy! Especially towards the end of the piece where we were required to do two high kick spins in row then suddenly turn to face the front and walk towards the audience. The day was challenging and it was my first experience of working with a professional contemporary dance company. I loved it! By Myah (Year 12)

European Day of Languages Thank you to all the Year 7 girls (& their families) for the fabulous world landmarks they created for European Day of Languages. We had all sorts of imaginative creations from Machu Picchu to The London Eye. The day was also celebrated by students dressing up in traditional costume of their own (or a chosen) country.

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THE DEBATE MATE PROGRAMME The Debate Mate Programme started in St Angelas’ in November. This is the fourth year that it has run in over 150 schools in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. For the last two years we have been to the finals day for the Urban Debate League after participating in two rounds of the competition against local schools. Furthermore, we have also won one of the rounds of the London Debate Mate Cup and gone on to be National Champions for the Deutsche Bank Debate Mate Cup two years running! We are extremely proud of this achievement. Last year for the first time ever, two year 11 girls (Charmaine and Zana) went through a rigorous application process and were chosen for the England Schools’ Development squads. They were given intensive training over summer from some of the best debaters in the country. This was a great opportunity for them. Charmaine was also chosen to speak at the Debate Mate launch in front of thousands of pupils and teachers from across London. She was absolutely fantastic and impressed everyone with

her skills. Other Year 11 girls, who no longer attend the DM club in school, now go to Debate Mate Plus on Saturday morning at the DM offices in Southwark. They will shortly be competing in high level prestigious competitions at the London School of Economics and SOAS. So, if you would like to develop your thinking, speaking and listening skills, learn about current affairs and what’s going on in the world, make new friends and have some fun (and hopefully win a competition or two) come to Debate Mate in B1 after school on Wednesdays until 5pm. Miss Pellegrini

A Show Debate About Education Debate Mate is aimed at teaching school children at both primary and secondary school age the art of debating and public speaking in the hope that it will enable them to gain confidence and supply them with life-long skills. It runs successfully in school with the help of a mentor from the company, training us in the style of debating and public speaking.

in Bedfordshire, and we successfully took part in a well thought out argument on the topics of education and practical skills. The audience comprised of senior managers from the company Pearson’s, which owns Edexcel exam board and Penguin books, and they seemed genuinely interested in our opinions on the education system today.

On Monday 26th November, through the programme, myself and another student – Shannon in year 10 – were given the opportunity to take part in a show debate. This was held at Luton Hoo, a stately home

After the debate we were asked broad questions (along with Debate Mate staff and 3 pupils from other schools) about what changes could be made to education today in order to allow children and teenagers to be more involved in what they are learning. This gave us an opportunity to successfully use the skills that Debate Mate has given us in an environment different to the structured debate style. Overall, the day gave us a clear view on how debating could open up a variety of paths and opportunities both now and in the future, along with providing us with varied skills and experience which will certainly assist us in our education and chosen future careers. Maya (Year10)

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THE DEBATE MATE GALA DINNER Myself and Maria (11 Knightley) were two of the lucky few Debate Mate students chosen to attend the fifth birthday celebrations of the charity-run debating programme on Wednesday 28th November. The glamorous fund-raising dinner took place at Middle Temple Hall, and the evening for us consisted of mingling with guests including: Margaret Mountford, Nancy Dell ‘Olio, and Alex McQueen (AKA Neil’s dad from the Inbetweeners). This gave us a real opportunity to provide others with an insight into the incredible work of Debate Mate, a programme which gives disadvantaged school children the knowledge and skills to debate. It also gave me my first ever (even if fleeting) experience of networking: a partner of Simmons & Simmons law firm gave me his details and thoroughly encouraged me to attend their summer law scheme! Overall both Charmaine and I agreed that the event couldn’t have gone any better. It really made us proud that such a wonderful charity has been a part of our lives, and we wish Debate Mate many more successful years to come! By Marianna (11 Dench)

Model United Nations Winners On 6th and 7th December, ten year 10 girls and one year 9 girl represented St Angela’s at the ‘Model United Nations’. This is when school children replicate what happens during sessions in the United Nations’ assemblies when countries try to reach solutions to the world’s problems. The Model UN even takes place in the UK’s United Nations building called the IMO. This is the 4th time we participated in these debates and for the first time, we won! We took home four awards - best prepared candidates, most distinguished delegates, best position papers and best delegate. The girls who participated were: Shannon Belvin, Maya Fraser - Hall, Minty Acquah Mankoh, Sonia Ubong, Linda Ogunsanya, Cecelia Donkor, Mia Damerum, Sharon Lopez, Luchia Fortune Ely, Iani Gayo and Deborah Ehinmonirin. These students are real stars and in an event place which had participants from 50 schools all over England and abroad, they stood out. We are so very proud of them. Ms Alfonso St Angela’s Christmas Newsletter 2012 | 21

CHEERLEADING SHOWCASE at Excel Congratulations to St Angela’s All Stars, the Year 7 & 8 Cheerleaders who competed at the first competition of the year. It was held at the Excel Centre, which had seen Olympic and Paralympic action over the summer. The All Stars had been practising for the previous 10 weeks to perfect their Cheer and Dance routine. The cheerleaders enjoyed the day and entertained the crowds. Well done to all who took part! St Angela’s was awarded the Prince’s Teaching Institute mark for 2012 for English, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages and Mathematics. The mark is awarded for increasing challenges within the curriculum, enthusing pupils with activities beyond the curriculum, developing staff’s own specialist subject knowledge and developing subject-based links outside the school.

Bethlem Hospital Visit Bethlem Royal Hospital is a hospital for the treatment of mental illness. During the day, we had the opportunity to meet with the hospital staff and workers all whom are a part of the Bethlem Royal Hospital. Spending the day at such an institute was definitely a worthwhile experience as I learnt the history of the hospital as well as the present criteria for patients to be admitted to the hospital. I was shocked to hear and I’m sure so will you, that the youngest patient at the hospital suffered from a mental illness is an astonishingly young child of 5 years old! Later in the day we visited two museums which exhibited the works of patients and I must say they did a great job. They included works by some famous artists who also suffered from mental illness and it was mind capturing seeing how they portrayed their situation visually. Ending the day we had the opportunity to see past records of patients admitted to the hospital giving us a better understanding of the types of mental illnesses that occurred. From a woman thinking she had hair growing in her throat that was about to strangle her to death, to a woman thinking someone was hiding under her bed and was about to kill her. This day definitely enthralled and outlined some key mental health issues in today’s society. By Mahnoor To further my understanding of psychology I attended Bethlem Royal Hospital in Croydon as part of a psychology trip. I learned about the history of mental health in the UK and about how the procedures and protocols work in a mental institution. I very much enjoyed learning about the different attitudes toward mental health at different periods in British history. By Alex Miss Prehay made a massive effort in organising what turned out to be a fun as well as inspiring trip to Bethlam Royal Hospital. Myself and my fellow students were captivated by the true stories we were told about the past patients of the hospital. We were also given an insight as to what is what like to work in the hospital as we were given real-life record books of the patients of Bethlam and we had to write evaluations as to whether the patient had been deemed ‘cured’ of their illness or whether the treatment of the hospital had no effect. Members of staff came in to talk to us about the many aspects of the hospital such as treatment, exercise and recreational activities. We were then given a lovely tour around the hospital and were even shown some of the art work of past patients. Any questions that sprung to my mind were answered straight away by the members of staff. By Tyler

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Christmas Cupcakes Ingredients For The Cakes: • • • • • •

280g self-raising flour 175g golden caster sugar 175g unsalted butter , very soft 150g pot fat-free natural yogurt 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 eggs

Frosting: • • •

85g unsalted butter , softened 1 tsp vanilla extract 200g icing sugar , sifted

Decoration: •

Green food colouring, sweets, sprinkles & white chocolate stars and buttons.

Prep Time: 20 minutes |  Cooking Time: 25 minutes

Method: 1. Heat oven to 190˚C/170 fan/gas 5 and line a 12-hole muffin tin with cake cases. Put all the cake ingredients into a bowl and mix with a whisk until smooth. Spoon the mix into the cases, bake for 25 mins until golden and risen (and a skewer comes out clean). Cool on a wire rack. 2. For the frosting, beat the butter, vanilla extract and icing sugar until pale and creamy and completely combined. To make snowmen, reindeer and Christmas puddings, first spread the icing over the top of each cake. Then lay the chocolate buttons on top, slicing some buttons into quarters to make ears and hats. Finally, use icing pens for the details. For the Christmas tree, colour the icing with green food colouring and pipe onto the cakes using a star-shaped nozzle, decorate with sweets, sprinkles and white chocolate stars. Kia & Jordan Year 10

Christmas Card Competition

We had a great response to the St Angela’s Christmas Card competition this year, the standard of designs was very high. However their was one design that stood out as a clear winner.




Congratulations to Olivia Ndila (10 Morrison) whose winning design can been seen on the front of this Christmas Newsletter. [1] Highly commended were: Shannon Dawes 8 Whitbread [2] Derisha Dickson Lenet 7 Victoire [3] Karen Felix Year 9 Parker [4] Shannon Marimootoo 9 Ayres [5]



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Prayer for Peace If there is to be peace in the world, There must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, There must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, There must be peace between neighbours. If there is to be peace between neighbours, There must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, There must be peace in the heart.

Spring Term begins on Monday 7th January 2013

St Angela's Christmas Newsletter 2012  

St Angela's Christmas Newsletter 2012