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letters to the editor

editorial notes Another year is almost over. We look forward to much deserved rest and relaxation with family and friends over the Christmas holiday. It’s also time to thank everyone who has been involved in Stanford River Talk during 2011. We are extremely grateful for your contribution. A special word of thanks to our loyal advertisers – without you we would not have our unique village newspaper. Please read our wonderful Christmas stories from Frances Hardie (granddaughter of Afrikaans author Anna M Louw) on page 15 and Jami Kastner’s humorous description of giving gifts on page 18. Just for the record Jami, I love the orange ones! Merry Christmas Stanford and here’s to a happy and healthy 2012 for all of us. COVER PHOTOGRAPHS: Janet Marshall, Annaliese Lubowski and Fred Hatman at the Stanford Stumble. See page 6.

MONTHLY CONTRIBUTORS Janika Dorland, Howard Donaldson, Andrew Herriot, Sally Hood, Jamie Kastner, DM, Don MacIver, Phil Murray, Ansie Reitsma, Suzanne-Francoise Rossouw, Fred Smith, Naas Terblanche, Bea Whittaker, Aron Gcotyelwa, Tania Weich and Peter Younghusband. CONTACT US Michelle Hardie – editor 079 2911 588 Sandra Slabbert – layout & advertising 079 523 8453


Please send your letters to or to PO Box 228 Stanford, 7210. Try to keep letters as short as possible (100 words or less) and supply your name and address. Anonymous letters will not be published. The editor reserves the right to edit, amend, abridge or reject any letter.

Laid to rest


e would like to thank everyone in the Village for the love, sympathy and support, trays of food, flowers, letters and cards and the overwhelming thoughtfulness, kindness and caring shown to our whole family during this awful time. Juliet was a bright presence in our midst and she will live on in the memories of all who loved her and those whose lives were enriched by knowing her. Her friends have described her in a multitude of ways … beautiful, eccentric, wild, witty, intelligent,

loving and kind, and above all a supermum! Juliet was all of those things. Thaddeus and Jethro filled her with joy and happiness. She loved them and in their own special ways they will carry her love into the future. Recently, she felt she had reached a stage in her life which gave her financial security and she was proud of her achievements and of who she was. Described by one of her publishers as a ‘lyrical academic’ she was assured of an ongoing supply of editing and proof-reading assignments. She lies buried in the Stanford Cemetery, where the children of the village smothered her grave with hundreds of flowers and one small child announced proudly, ‘That looks warm and comfortable now!’ ‘To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die’ (Thomas Campbell) Terry, Beryl, Stephen and Jonathan Haw


Stanford Animal Welfare Society (SAWS) would like to thank Peter Younghusband for the generous donation from the proceeds of his book, Carstairs, Max & I. Thank goodness for these three characters who engage in such entertaining conversations about life in our small village. ‘An Unusual Ratepayer’s Meeting’ on page 7 had me in stitches – I could hear the stamping feet squashing crickets and the shouts of ‘bogger hierdie vloeie’. You must buy this book – it will make a great Christmas present or put it in your guesthouse for visitors to enjoy. Every book sold helps the Stanford Animal Welfare Society so get your copy today! Peter, a huge thank you from all the dogs in Stanford! Annie Ranger, SAWS Chairman

Peter Younghusband’s book of short stories Carstairs Max & I is a delightful read. Firstly I love all dogs so this book really appealed to me. Having lived in Swellendam, I also attended ratepayer’s meetings. I think they are much the same in all small dorps only we didn’t have a river or an African Queen. Each and every story reminded me of one of the small places I have lived in and ‘Cricket on the green’ was precious, ‘The restaurant guide’ even better. We had the Red Lion Pub in Langley opposite St Mary’s Church and a choir practice without a jump over the adjoining fence for a pint of bitter wasn’t worth going to – tradition they called it! The entire book is worth a read. Cecily Brownlee, Wilderness • Interestingly, Cecily was the first woman purser on the Union Castle Line - Editor

Editorial Contributions & Disclaimer Editorial contributions are welcome and should include top quality photos where relevant. Articles will be printed under the contributor’s name or an accepted nom-de-plume if the full name and address is provided. All contributions are voluntary and not paid for. The editor reserves the right to edit, amend, abridge or reject any article. Opinions of contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the editor. Copyright All material in this issue is copyrighted, and belongs to The Really Famous Publishing CC unless otherwise indicated. No part of the material may be reproduced without prior permission. Published and printed by The Really Famous Publishing CC.


letters to the editor

Back to work

Family loss

Mike van Rhyn

Maureen and Janet Marshall

I would like to thank everyone for the calls, visits, cards, food, comforting words and hugs during Mike’s illness and after his death. You touched my heart and I am so grateful for your support. Baie dankie vir al die besoeke, telefoonoproepe, blomme, kaartjies, bemoedigende woorde en ondersteuning tydens Mike se siekte en na sy dood. ‘n Spesiale dankie aan Marianna en Gerna vir hul mediese hulp, hul deernis en onbaatsugtige naastediens.

We would like to thank the community of Stanford for all the support and love, the flowers and cards, the prayers and hugs and the amazing strength we’ve received during this tragic time. Gavin Marshall was a very special person, son and brother, sportsman and musician; our very own gentle giant.

1950 - 2011

Linda van Rhyn

I’d just like to apologise to all my clients for the inconvenience caused as a result of being ‘wounded in action’ and thank everyone for being patient and understanding. I’m finally able to do light work and hope to be back to full steam soon. Jennimetal, JSK Wrought Iron Jennimetal came a cropper in the final 100 metres of a mountain bike race held at Hemel en Aarde. We are pleased that she is on the road to recovery – Editor

Aided in emergencies

A big thank you to Yvonne Paterson, who presented a two-hour first aid course to a group of young mothers and nannies. It was held at Stanford Hills on 19 November, and Yvonne kindly donated her time for this worthy event. Thank you from all the mothers who attended. It’s wonderful to feel confident that we will know what to do in an emergency! Jami Kastner

Queen of history I would like to respond to Dick Metcalf’s most excellent and appreciated support of ‘Leave History Alone’ (SRT November, 2011). I totally agree with his premise that history for good or ill should not be tampered with or even obliterated. Remembrance Sunday in the UK is a good example of how history has recently been championed by both young and old. I was sorry that Mr Metcalf’s letter was somewhat spoiled by his closing remark where presumably he was introducing misguided humour by asking who the great Queen Victoria was. As we all know she reigned supreme in Great Britain and its dubiously famous or infamous Empire days from 1837 – 1901 during which our wonderful village was founded by Sir Robert Stanford (ref: Mouton, 2008, Portrait of a Village). It is said that there are more statues and streets named after Queen Victoria than any other monarch across the globe. Even in South Africa in Pietermaritzburg, Durban and Cape Town, her imposing influence as a monarch of the realm has been acknowledged. In agreeing with Mr Metcalf I hope we hold on to history and retain Queen Victoria Street in Stanford. Name supplied, Stanford

Terroir driven wines

Complimentary wine tasting, by appointment • • tel: +27 (0)28 3410 651 • after hrs 072 371 7546 • fax: +27 (0)28 341 0112 STANFORD RIVER TALK 4

news & updates ANNOUNCEMENT NOTICE OF IMPROVEMENT OF RIVER FRONTAGE PUBLIC MEETING 20 December 2011, 3pm, Stanford Municipal Boardroom. Please attend this important meeting. This is a community proposal and we need your input.


The river water and the reticulated drinking water results for October, supplied by the Municipality, will be in the January issue.


The crime stats for November will also be recorded in the January 2012 issue.

Accused held As has been reported in many of our national and weekly newspapers, Zolani Victor Menziwa (36) has been remanded in custody for the murder of Juliet Haw. According to the police, Menziwa was tracked down and caught in Hillbrow, Johannesburg on 12 November almost three weeks after Juliet’s murder. On his arrest he gave a full confession. The following Monday, he appeared in court in Pretoria. Menziwa was then brought back to Hermanus where he appeared in court on 21 November. Police have confirmed that Menziwa stole Juliet’s cell phone, her laptop and R315 in cash and he then left the province by bus from Bellville. Menziwa has a criminal record and has been classified as a serial rapist. At the time of the murder, he was out on parole as the Department of Correctional Services thought

WARD COMMITTEE UPDATE RIVER FRONTAGE IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL The draft proposal for the improvement of the river frontage and other areas adjacent to watercourses (mainly following the wandelpad) was favourably received by the ward committee. A public meeting to explain the suggestions thus far, as well as to obtain more suggestions and feedback, will be held in the municipal boardroom on Tuesday 20 December at 3pm. Please spread the word so that as much input as possible can be obtained. A copy of the existing proposal is available in the Stanford library, or can be obtained from Bea Whittaker at milkwood@maxitec. STANFORD SEWERAGE WORKS FAILS GREEN DROP TEST Although the Overstrand Municipality obtained 9th place in the Department of Water Affairs’ 2011 national green drop assessment (assessment of the quality of the water discharged by wastewater treatment

Mourning Juliet: friends leave bunches of flowers pinned to her gate.

he was rehabilitated. Menziwa has handed over the murder weapon and the clothes he was wearing. They have been lodged with the forensic department in Pretoria. A police psychologist who reevaluated Menziwa said he would potentially murder again. The case has been postponed to 30 January 2012. Menziwa remains in custody.

Meeting held 16 November 2011

works), there is concern about the efficacy of the Stanford wastewater treatment works (WWTW). It achieved a score of only 48% for wastewater quality compliance, and it was noted that the operational capacity has reached its design capacity. According to our assistant area manager, Petronella Ferreira, one of the reasons for the works reaching its design capacity is the fact that farms are no longer allowed to build soak-aways and that all effluent now also has to be disposed of via the Stanford WWTW. One of the solutions could be to use the effluent for the irrigation of sport fields and parks, as is done in Hermanus. According to Sue Matthews, manager of the Overstrand estuaries, the poor quality of effluent from the WWTW could be one of the contributors to the eutrophication (nutrient enrichment) problems experienced in the Klein River estuary for the past two years. The Department of Water Affairs monitors water quality in the river, 10 kilometres

upstream of Stanford, which shows nitrate levels to average approximately 0.7 mg/l over the past decade. However, the average nitrate concentration of the final effluent from the Stanford WWTW discharged into the estuary from 2008 - 2010 was 17 mg/l, slightly over the legal limit of 15 mg/l. It is recognised, however, that even small additions of nitrate into a closed system (the estuary only opens for a few months after good rainfall) will cause eutrophication. The Klein River estuary is ranked as the 5th most important estuary in South Africa in the 2010 National Biodiversity Assessment. Together with the Bot estuary, it makes up 25-30% of the estuarine fish nursery area from Cape Point to Port Alfred, and is also an important recreational resource, used for boating, kitesurfing and fishing. PAVEMENT IN QUEEN VICTORIA STREET A tender for the resurfacing of pavements in the Overstrand is being advertised

at the moment. Included in the tender is the much-needed resurfacing of the pavements in our main road. YOUTH CENTRE OR FIRE BRIGADE? Social Services in Stanford are desperately looking for neutral space (i.e. not connected to any specific organisation or church) to provide activities that will keep the youth off the streets. Although the community centre is ideal for day-to-day activities, there is a need for a secure place where equipment such as computers can be safely used and stored. The ex-storage area of the municipality (abutting the community centre) is the ideal place, but the municipality needs this area temporarily for fire protection services. As drug and alcohol abuse and anti-social behaviour is increasing day by day, anyone who may be able to help or come up with ideas for a centrally situated youth centre, are requested to contact Maryanne Ward on 028 3410 401. Bea Whittaker

Cosy cattery and kennel in lovely country atmosphere. Qualified dog trainer. Well balanced diets, love and care.

028 - 3410 961 STANFORD RIVER TALK 5

news & updates

The Stanford Stumble


he Stanfordinfo committee in conjunction with Stanford Hills and Rotary Club of Stanford recently held a fundraising event, the Stanford Stumble, for eight-year-old Abigail Hoogbaard who needs specialised education in Worcester. Abigail is deaf in one ear, with 20% hearing in the other. Her vision is also impaired. Abigail was born with Chart’s Syndrome which means that she has to take daily medication for digestive problems. She is not sick enough to be under constant medical care. There were a total of 72 teams from Stanford and as far afield as Cape Town who came to run the five-kilometre trail or take a two-kilometre stroll through the vineyards while sipping, some glugging, delicious Jacksons and

Brunia Sauvignon Blancs which were freely available at certain points on the course! In all R6 171 was raised for Abigail’s education. ‘Not bad for a first-time fundraiser,’ said Jami Kastner who hosted the event with her husband Peter. ‘And I think everyone had a great time, despite a number of teams getting lost!’ Thanks go to: La Femme for massages given to aching muscles; Andrew Herriot and John Hardie for music; Brunia for their time and wine on the course; the following companies who gave prizes: Kiwinet, Blue gum, Reed Cottage, Hennie’s, African Horse Co; and for donations from Stanford Garden Club, Stanford Hotel, Danie Viljoen, Patti Legg and African Wings.

The event is scheduled for next year and is set to get BIGGER and BETTER!

It’s Movember not November for locals in Stanford

Tragedy at the river Stanford has been shocked and saddened by the drowning in the Klein River of ten-year-old Craig Lottering, a Grade 4 learner at Die Bron, who wanted to show his friends he could swim. Craig and a few of his friends were down at the river collecting sand for a school project when the tragedy happened. His friends ran to the police station for help but it was too late. Deon Langenhoven from the Hermanus NSRI and two other NSRI members were called to the scene and within a few minutes they had found him. Die Bron principal, Sybill October, says it has been a very difficult time for the teachers and Craig’s friends. Craig has been described as a larger than life character with a lovely personality, generous and always wanting to help. He will be sorely missed. WARNING: Sybill October reminds all Stanford learners that they should never go to the river alone and if they do go there, there should always be adult supervision. WAARSKUWING: Sybill Oktober waarsku leerders dat hulle altyd slegs rivier toe kan gaan onder volwasse toesig.

CALENDAR FOR 2012 • STANFORD OESFEES. Saturday 4 February, 4pm - 8pm. Village Green. • A 5* AFFAIR @ MOSAIC FARM. Sunday February 12. Valentine’s celebration. 12:30 – 17:30. Music, food & wine stalls. • STANFORD CANOE RACE. March 31, 8am Klein River. • EARTH HOUR UNPLUGGED. March 31. Slow food competition, music, stalls. Time t.b.c. Village Green. • PENGUIN PLUNGE. Saturday 16 June. Stanford River Lodge. For more information please contact Stanfordinfo on 028 3410 340.

Movember men (from left to right): Best 1970s – Peter Kastner; Best Kept Secret – Niel du Toit; Best Bandit – Paul Chew; Best Colour – Adam Marshall and Best Newcomer – John Finch.


uring November several villagers of Stanford have been growing moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Movember first started in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. During November each year, Movember is responsible for the growth of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces around the world. The aim is to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. These men effectively become walking, talking billboards for 30 days of November and through their actions and words raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health. Niel du Toit a Movember man said: ‘It’s all just a bit of fun but with a serious message for men to become more aware of health issues. The statistics speak for themselves, men are 40% more likely to die of cancer than women and the most common cancer in men is prostate cancer. Men are literally dying because they are too embarrassed to go to the doctor. This has to change!’ KC’s Restaurant will host the awards ceremony on Thursday 1st December for various categories. Paul Chew



Stanfordinfo hours as from 1 December are as follows: Mon - Thurs 08:30 - 16:30; Fridays 08:30 - 17:00; Saturdays: 09:00 - 16:00; Sunday: 09:00 - 13:00 Festive Season opening times Friday 16: 10:00-16:00; Saturday 17: 09:00 - 17:00; Friday 23: 08:30 - 17:30; Saturday 24: 08:30 - 14:00 Closed Sunday 25th December Monday 26: 10:00 - 14:00; Friday 30: 08:30 - 17:30 Saturday 31st: 09:00-14:00


We say good bye to Michael and Margaret Dyson (right) and the Armanni family – Lynn, Renato, Morgan, Sarah and Ciarra. Both families are moving to Cape Town. We wish them all the best in their new homes.

and hello ...

DON’T MISS THE JANUARY ISSUE OF STANFORD RIVER TALK where we will feature all the new residents of Stanford of which there are many!

Hair By Belinda

Congratulations to Daniel and Lisa, on their wedding day. May the life time you spend with one another be infinitely blessed with happiness and love. Merry Christmas to all my Clients. May this festive season be a blessed time for all, sharing and spending time with friends and family. 072 329 7753 Tuesday - Friday 9:00 - 16:00 • Saturday 8:30 - 13:00

coffee corner

Pam and Belinda are cooking up a storm for Christmas! Belinda’s very special mince pies will be available at Coffee Corner from the 6 to the 20th December. So make space in your freezers girls and boys!

028 3410 034

We have just got in a super selection of Christmas gifts for pony lovers from the Western Shoppe. Call Maureen 082 4503970

THE TACKROOM La Femme wishes all out clients a RELAXING festive season. Remember, we will be open every Tuesday even over the “jolly time”, even if you just want to join us for a Cuppa like Sara at our recent Gatineau Open Day. 028 313 0660

beauty and wellness centre “Cait’s is getting ready for those warm summer evenings. Ladies Stripy PJ’s for all ages. Christmas is coming!. Super jewelry stocking fillers, or maybe just a little something to brighten up her day.” 083 358 6365

Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy days in Stanford Johan & Ina and Stephen & Clare

Architects & Planners Stanford Consultants Development

architect & interiors

Cell 082 876 0492 Fax 086 7299 123

Liesje’s old cottage in Longmarket Street is ready for its first guests and looks super. Thanks to Tracy Paton for the enchanted garden! Maureen has had to get out her old algebra notes. She has just been on a gruelling two day SAIAT seminar on “Energy Efficiency in Buildings”. The new building regulations are going to change the way we have been doing things. Here’s to a new and energy efficient Stanford! 082 4503970

We had a great beauty day at Morton Cottage thanks to La Femme. We used both bedrooms, one for massages (wow, I had one!) and the other for facials etc. The kitchen / diningroom was laid out with coffee and Belinda’s delicious pecan tart. The garden was great to just hang around and chat in. Contact Maureen


news & updates TAXI RANK OPENS UP ECONOMIC POSSIBILITIES Overstrand Municipality Mayor Nicolette BothaGuthrie officially opened Thembelihle taxi rank on Friday 25 November. A group of taxi operators and residents of Stanford were there to witness the event. As the taxi hub starts to open up economic possibilities, vendor stores, toilets and benches will be built in the paved precinct. Provision has also been made for a fresh produce market and children’s play area which will be visible from all areas within the piazza.

Cricket on the Green

Don’t miss Stanford 6’s on 26 Dec.


For entries p Johan 082 550 3552 • Entry forms @ scorer’s tent • Every team can have a maximum of 4 members • R100 per team All preparation must be done on the day at your stall • Judging at 13.30

FABULOUS PRIZES TO BE WON! Up and running: Solomzi Madikane, Overstrand Municipality’s director of economic development helps to cut the ribbon at the new taxi rank with Mayor, Nicolette Botha-Guthrie.

The Orange Team Welcome to the Orange Team! Within three weeks they have already proved that they are Stanford’s Super Heroes. This group of 10 are part of the CoastCare job creation project funded by the national Department of Environmental Affairs for the next two years, using poverty relief funding to provide jobs and training for unemployed people in coastal communities. There are a number of ‘Orange Teams’ in the Overstrand, but we are sure our Super Heroes are the best. The first project they tackled under the super-duper eagle eye of the supervisor Zonwabele Pawuli, is the stretch of the wandelpad between the R43 bridge and King Street. With guidance from Stanford Conservation’s wandelpad team, almost all invasive vegetation has been cleared in this area. This includes syringa, belle ombre, brazilian pepper, manatoka, pittosporum, mulberry, passiflora, thistle and patterson’s curse. The team currently work on and along the wandelpad area for two days a week, whilst the other three days they assist the municipality. A great big thank you goes to Pierre du Toit, Basil Whittaker, Tony Coates, Anka Esterhuizen and Linden Morris (the wandelpad team) who have drawn up a list of things to be done by the Orange Team, and who continuously liaise with Zonwabele Pawuli to ensure that one of Stanford’s main tourism attractions is improved day by day. Bea Whittaker

A bright sight: Orange team members (back from left) Zonwabele Pawuli, Maqonya Mjabe, Siyathemba Mphambo, Vulile Tdeyise (front from left) Thembisile Mbangeni, Linda Gqobhoka, Sakhumzi Zanempi, Pheliswa Mzinani, N T Malgas and Nosisanda Lamli.

Reminder • It’s time to fill in your Post Box renewal slips, sign them and return to the Post Office before 31 January 2012. • Please be advised that Stanfordinfo’s office is only a drop off point for Stanford River Talk business. The staff are not employed to answer queries or take messages for Stanford River Talk. Please email us directly on ed@stanfordrivertalk or phone 028 3410 333.

The Stanford Cares Award As regular Capetonian visitors to Stanford, we have become aware of how many people in this small town do extraordinary things for the community for little or no reward. We would like to start an award to honour these special people and to thank them for giving so selflessly to others. To kick-start the award, we are putting in funds for the first three months, and hope that other visitors will join us in future. Please contact us on if you want to Amanda Phillips contribute funds to the Stanford Cares Award. The award winner will receive R500 to treat him/herself to something special. Nominations for the award can be emailed to Michelle at River Talk on Congratulations to our second winner Amanda Phillips.


Amanda Phillips is this month’s recipient of the Stanford Cares Award for all the voluntary work that she does at Die Bron Primary School. Amanda first became involved in the school in 2009. When she took her child to school she noticed that children arrived at school really early to play before their lessons started. She began to spend time with these children in the morning, supervising play and enjoying the interaction. Principal, Sybill October, was impressed with her involvement and asked her whether she would be interested in helping to butter bread in the morning for their school-feeding scheme. So this is how it all began. Amanda arrives at school every day at 5:30am and gets busy cooking a hot meal for the children. They eat before school starts as some of them have not had a meal the night before. A full tummy is important if children are to stand any chance of concentrating for a full day of school. Peninsular Feeding Scheme is the organisation that provides the ingredients for the meal. Next year they are going to provide children with porridge in the morning and a midday meal as well. Some children ask if Amanda could put a little food into a container to take home with them so that they have something to eat later in the day. Her love of the children is her driving force. Although she has four children of her own, all the children at Die Bron are ‘her children’. They come to her for their daily dose of hugs and love, as well as a meal. Amanda has recently done an 11-week course on parent leadership at Die Bron, organised by Child Welfare and encourages other parents in the community to be involved in their children’s schooling. She wishes that more parents would attend courses and workshops offered to teach parents important parenting skills that are vital to raise well-adjusted children. Not everyone has the gift to work with children and Amanda is thankful to Sybill for providing her with this platform. She is using the award to take out a study policy for her daughter, who wants to become a doctor. Nikki Miles


Marianne 072 111 9321

Natalie 082 893 2282

KLEIN RIVER ESTATE Imagine a home embraced by Mountain Views, a River and Stanford Atmosphere… That was the blurb on our flyers advertising Klein River Estate way back in 2007. Marianne and I have been selling this beautiful Estate for the past 5 years and the Uptons were the first people to purchase . I received a call from a frazzled Simon Upton who had just about had enough of the crime and grime in the City and was looking for a peaceful country lifestyle. Off we went to Klein River Estate where he fell in love with the views, the surrounding vineyards and the fact that it is a secure estate with only 38 homes planned. It didn’t take long for him to sign on the dotted line and then again for a 2nd house where they could accommodate their city guests.

Contact us should you want to join the eclectic, fun group of happy clients living in ‘THE ESTATE’

Simon, Nellifer and their daughter Rochana no longer even remember living in the city and have the following comments when asked what they enjoy about Stanford: ‘ The interesting people, pubs, restaurants, markets, laid back lifestyle and of course, the royal wave !’

Thank you to all our clients past and present for their loyal support. We wish you a Peaceful Christmas and a Prosperous, Healthy New Year.

Kiwinet creates bespoke mosquito nets that add elegance to any bedroom décor. Beautifully styled Suspended and Fitted Four-Posters are our speciality. Special discount for Stanford Residents +(27) 028 341 0209 • • 36 Daneel Street Stanford, 7210 STANFORD RIVER TALK 9

business talk

New appointment

Stanford on air

Radio Tygerberg’s Ingrid Venter and Monique Strydom were in Stanford on Saturday 19 November for their travel programme ‘Tasse en Matrasse’. Stanfordinfo staff put together a jam-packed day to give them a snapshot experience of what Stanford has to offer. They enjoyed Craft in The Courtyard, breakfast at Graze, browsing the main street shops, the Saturday Morning Market, Klein River Cheese Farm, a drive around the village and down to the river (the weather did not permit a boat trip), a visit to Stanford River Lodge and a Land Rover trip to Mierkom, Walker Bay, with John Finch. Lunch was spent picnicking under the ancient Milkwood trees at Mosaic where Ingrid and Monique were told of the history and story of the Spookhuis by Nadine Snyman and Craig Templer was interviewed on the local bird life found at Mosaic. Our last stop was De Kleine River Valey House where Irene shared some fascinating stories about Sir Robert Stanford and the people who stayed or visited the house like Lady Anne Barnard and the Birkenhead Shipwreck survivors. We also shared

Having a whale of a time: John Finch and Steph Richards with Radio Tygerberg’s Ingrid Venter and Monique Strydom.

information on the various upcoming events for 2012 and other unique Stanford attractions that they could not experience firsthand on the day. The radio programme will be broadcast in February on a Saturday morning at 11am and rebroadcast on a Wednesday at 10am. We will announce dates closer to the time. Steph Richards & Rina De Wet

Cape Whale Coast Tourism Offices visited Stanford on 12 November 2011. Stanfordinfo invited the Managers and Executive Committees of the Cape Whale Tourism Offices for our first meet and greet as a group, and also to welcome and introduce, Suné Greeff, the newly appointed Tourism Manager, Overstrand Municipality. A trip on the African Queen was enjoyed by all, especially those from the other towns, who had not been on our river previously. Our thanks go to Klein River Cheese for sponsoring the wonderful cheese platter, Birkenhead Brewery for the Crystal Fynbos Mineral Waters, Oom Steyn’s Pub & Grill for the snack platter, and last but not least our appreciation and thanks to Adriaan and Marlene from the African Queen. Steph Richards

The Old Boar on ‘ the times they are a-changin’


o sooner had the ink dried on last month’s article where I reported that R400m is being spent on some ‘upgrades’ to the presidential residences than they decide to spend four times that amount on not one, but two presidential jets. Small wonder that leading academic, Jonathan Jansen, was able to say our government has a ‘f*** you’ attitude to the public. We have been reading about the Greek crisis for the past year or so. The rating on Greek sovereign debt was cut in December 2009 (meaning their borrowing became more expensive) and this has now developed into an international crisis. Greece’s troubles really started at the end of the cold war. Up until then western powers were happy to finance and forgive because Greece acted as a buffer between the USSR and the west. Over the past 20 years the strategic importance of Greece has vanished. However the Greek appetite for borrowing remained. Entry to the Eurozone was obtained on falsified figures, cheap finance became available and the rot set in. For various reasons Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal are also struggling to pay the interest on their borrowings. The European Central Bank has thus far resisted printing more money to solve the crisis in Europe. America, on the other hand believes that the way out of trouble is to keep printing, even after two bouts of what they call ‘Quantitative Easing’. One commentator put it rather succinctly. ‘Cheap money and easy loans have the same effect on society as prolonged ingestion of amphetamines has on STANFORD RIVER TALK 10

individuals. It keeps the energy “flowing” only so long, until the only options are a crash or death.’ Closer to home our sovereign debt rating was recently cut by one of the rating agencies. Our all-knowing deputy President reacted by saying that the agency did not understand our situation. Huh? Our deputy President knows better than an international rating agency? Please! Luckily our sovereign debt is still at a manageable level but for how long can this last? We have approximately nine million taxpayers and 18.8 million people living on welfare. In addition we have a few million illegal immigrants making use of our hospitals. We officially have 25% unemployment and government wants to create five million jobs by 2020. To do that we need a 10% growth rate – currently we can’t even manage 3% and the world economy is not helping. Taxpayers are not getting any ‘bang for their buck’. Security, education and many things that responsible government should provide are missing. BEE, threats of nationalisation or expropriation all act as a disincentive to invest while exchange controls still inhibit the free flow of funds. Another commentator put it this way, ‘As in 1933, they can thank the government, whose draconian business regulations … make it impractical – and often, in the case of minimum wage laws, illegal – to employ people. In the end, government tax revenues will collapse. Its services, such as they are, will be curtailed or eliminated. Eventually, to survive, people will have to ignore the government’s restrictions on business and

trade.’ The doomsayers and Nostradamus followers say the world will end on the 20th December next year. I doubt that but the financial pressures on the west will ensure big changes before then, quite possibly before this article is printed. As Bob Dylan said ‘The times, they are a-changin’ As we enter the festive season, why worry? We neither understand world finances nor are we in a position to solve the problems. Here in Stanford we have all we need. Good people, friends, laughter, sunshine (mostly), fresh water, fresh vegetables and enough wind to blow us to Cape Town should we wish to go there. I close the year with wishes penned originally by Charlie Russell, the famous ‘Wild West’ artist in 1914.

Best wishes for your Christmas Is all you get from me, ‘Cause I aint no Santa Claus Don’t own no Christmas tree. But if wishes was health and money, I’d fill your buckskin poke, Your doctor would go hungry An you never would be broke.

sport talk

Marathon men

Guy Whittle’s sons Justin, 39, and Mark, 45, are not runners, just good friends. They are nonetheless very fit! They sent this photograph to their dad showing off their medals, having just completed the 2011 Paris Marathon. The marathon is 42,195 kilometres and starts at Champs Élysées Avenue moving to Foch Avenue through Bastille, Nation, Vincennes, les Tuileries …and so on. Justin, 39, and married with two children, is a chef in Miimizan, France. In his former years he swam for Western Province. Brother Mark, 45, also married with two kids, is a chiropractor in Hitchin, UK. He also excelled in sport, swimming for WP, becoming a Surf Lifesaver for WP and Natal and a Springbok Biathalon. Apparently Justin had great pleasure in waiting at the finish line for his older brother! Been there ... done that: (from left) Justin and Mark Whittle.

A bit of history

Marathon, today known as Marathónas, is an ancient Greek town 40 kilometres north east of Athens. In 490 B.C, the Athenians, driven by Miltiades and helped by a battalion of Platonians, won a famous military victory which put an end to the first Median war. In order to reassure his fellow citizens, Miltiades sent a messenger, soldier Pheidippides, who ran a long distance with such haste that he died of exhaustion upon arrival. It is to celebrate his heroism that the marathon competition held worldwide was created. TIME-TRIAL RESULTS - 5km (Every Monday At 6pm, Corner Adderley & Longmarket) 7 November: Manie Robinson 20:44; Jannie Du Toit 22:24; Sarah Gordon 22:39; Andre Erasmus 22:50; Peter Fosseus 24:12; Anna Tomlinson 27:27; Stewart Alcock 27:27; Sandra Slabbert 27:32; Maaike Heger 29:39; Janika Dorland 29:00; Martie Du Toit 31:49; Michelle Hardie 31:49; and Tayana Dorland 34:09. 14 November: Manie Robinson 20:05; Jannie Du Toit 21:48; Blessing Chirwa 23:30; Nkosi Qikithi 23.30; Peter Fosseus 23.36; Jurie Jan Swart 23.44; Sandra Slabbert 24.22; Stewart Alcock 25:23; Chris Du Toit 26.08; Brandon Groenewald 26:08; SD De Kock 26:09; Anna Tomlinson 26.24; LJ Pieterson 26:28; Leahno Lottering 27:00; Victor Scrooby 27.00; Goss Wilhelm 27:25; Cal Tomlinson 28:50; Tracy Anderson 29.19; Janika Dorland 29:22; Martie Du Toit 30:00 and Tayana Dorland 31.16. 21 November: Sean Privett 18:38; Manie Robinson 19.00; Blessing Chirwa 19:14; Peter Fosseus 23.24; Jannie Du Toit 23.26; Brandon Groenewald 23.35; Z Abrahams 23.38; LJ Pieterson 23.38; Sandra Slabbert 25.14; Rick Prins 26.28; Servaas De Kock 26.34; DG Groenwald 26.58; Stewart Alcock 27.06; Cal Tomlinson 28.18; Tracy Anderson 28.45; Goss Wilhelm 29.44 and R Bedi 30:34. 28 November: Blessing Chirwa 19.15; Manie Robinson 20:03; Paul Slabbert 21:52; Alois Nzonzo 22:19; LG Pieterson 23:22; Z Abrahams 23:46; Eugene 24:12; R Bedi 24:14; Sandra Slabbert 24:15; Brandon Groenewald 24: 29; Dillon Klasse 24:38; DG Groenwald 25:25; Jacques Nel 25:39; Stewart Alcock 28:22; Anna Tomlinson 28:58; Cal Tomlinson 30:12; Tayana Dorland 30:31; Nicholas 30:29; Sive 30:32 Indica Squires: 32:04; Tristan Tomlinson 32:29; Michelle Hardie: 32:33; Gerrie Geldenhuys (Walker).



garden talk By Suzanne-Francoise Rossouw

Here are a few ideas for

Christmas gifts. The best

thing is you can make them yourself.

VINEGARS AND OILS Herb vinegars are also easy to make and delicious. Buy wine vinegar and select fresh herbs from your garden like mint, basil, dill and tarragon. Put the herbs in the vinegar for about three days. Strain the liquid and then bottle. If you want a stronger flavour put more fresh herbs in the first batch, leave another three days; then strain the liquid and bottle. Rosemary-flavoured oils are a favourite. Warm 600ml oil in a pot (don’t boil). Add 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary and heat gently. Place 3 more fresh sprigs of rosemary in a clean bottle. Strain the oil, pour into the bottle and seal tightly. Store in a cool dark place. The oil must be used within a week of opening.

Don’t waste money on expensive wrapping paper. You can used cloth, old newspaper and brown paper. Decorate the paper using a stencil or with ribbons, dried flowers, leaves or even dried orange rings. If you are privileged enough to have fresh produce in your garden many more gifts are possible. Make jams from your fruit trees and pickle your vegetables. Design your own label to stick on the jar for a truly personalized gift.

SEEDS OF LIFE Buy tree seeds or vegetable seeds and some containers. Vegetable and herb garden starter kits are readily available at your local nursery. If you have the time you can be a bit more creative and decorate galvanized buckets or clay pots to go with your gift of seeds. You will need medium artist paint brushes, a sponge and masking tape. Sandpaper the bucket and then cover it with a metal primer. Cover sections on your pot or bucket with the masking tape. Put a base color on like white. Then fill in the sections with different colours. Remove the masking tape when the paint is dry. With a thin brush you can now paint patterns all over your coloured stripes. When this is completely dry cover the container in a matt varnish.

SCENTED BAGS Muslin bags filled with dried lavender flowers are a simple but heartwarming gift. Cut two pieces of muslin to any shape and decorate with ribbons, lace and buttons. Stitch the pieces together leaving an opening at the top. Fill the bag with dried lavender flowers then slip stitch it closed. This gift can be used to scent a room or placed in cupboards to keep fish moths away. STANFORD RIVER TALK 11

school talk Congratulations to all Stanford learners for your hard work throughout the year. We wish you all a wonderful sunny Christmas holiday and a well-deserved rest!


All rounder: Flora Botoman won the Amanda en Chris Geldenhuys Trophee for Achievement in Grade 7. This was awarded for the following: leadership; setting an example; loyalty; sportsmanship; wide interest; friendly nature; sense of duty and diligence.

In charge: Leerlingraad – 2012 Prefects: (back from left to right) Anrika Brand; Lorenzo Taute; Gabriel Stratford; Rachel Templer and Sheila Senzani; (middle from left to right): Tumé Bester; Amber Barends (Deputy Head girl); Hamish Ground (Deputy Head Boy); (front from left to right) Wilhelm Goss; Bryn Templer; Kirra Jardine (Head Girl) and Dylan Jonker (Head Boy).

Achiever: Katie Gordon received the award of Dux learner for 2011.

Bringing to book: 2012 Library Prefects: (back form left to right) Paul de Waal; Muricia Appel; Ayola Bolani (Head Media Prefect); Asenathi Mani; Karla Deysel; Chelaine Dickson; (front from left to right) Jo-Ann Joseph; Sonja Louw and Zander Anderson. Absent: Griffin Foxcroft; Noël Boshoff and Morgan Lutz.


Sports stars: Kirra Jardine and Kyle Bent won Sportswoman and Sportsman for 2011.


Worthy winners: Cohen Arries and Brigette Cornelius share the Principal’s Trophy donated by Sybill October for excellent achievement in academics and cultural activities.

Bright spark: Brigette Cornelius with all her trophies as the top achiever in Grade 7.

Great student: Cohen Arries as top achiever in Grade 6. Up for the challenge: Prefects for 2011 with Principal Sybill October. (Back left to right) Erin Hansen, Alvino Booysen, Ayabonga Zanempi, Babalwa Vathela, Ricaydia Pieters, Helga Cornelius, Tulela Siwa and Sybill October (Principal). (Middle left to right) Andrewnesi Moos, Ruwayda Phillips and Jerenicka Maklein. (Front left to right) Eltieno Booysen, Juan-Lee Swart, Marushka Spandiel, Cole Warries (Deputy Head Boy), Cohen Arries (Head Boy), Shariefa Abrahams (Head Girl) and Rineez Ali (Deputy Head Girl).

HERMANUS PRIMARY Tayana Dorland Squires (Grade 4) was awarded a Certificate in Academic Excellence.

FYNBOS RETREAT MANAGER/ MANAGEMENT COUPLE Grant Metcalf attained Good Academic Results and Best Result for Afrikaans and Natural Science in Grade 7. We wish him all the best as he moves to the high school next year.

Lydia Hardie (Grade 6) was awarded Academic Colours.

Fynbos Retreat, a joint venture tourism establishment between Grootbos and Flower Valley Conservation Trust situated between Gansbaai and Stanford seeks a manager/management couple to implement and maintain standards of excellence. Requirements include: - At least 3 years lodge/retreat experience - Experience in management of housekeeping, maintenance, F&B and administration The detailed description of requirements for the position and information to include in the application should be viewed on Applications to be submitted to on or before Friday 9 December 2011. Should you not hear from us within 14 working days of sending your application, please consider your application for this particular position unsuccessful. STANFORD RIVER TALK 13

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7DVWH our special wines while enjoying lunch at Farm 215, overlooking Lomond Lake and vineyards. Join Lomond for lunches, tastings and wine sales open to the public from 15 November 2011 to 15 January 2012. :HUHFRPPHQGWKDW\RX ERRNLQDGYDQFHWRDYRLG GLVDSSRLQWPHQW For bookings, please contact or phone us on 076 318 1328 Farm 215: Lomond:


Memories of Christmas Frances Hardie takes us on a journey back in time


n Christmas Eve my extended family assembled in the early evening at Riverside, the ancestral home, a now-demolished Vryburgher’s cottage by the Liesbeek river in Rosebank. My earliest memory of Christmas is of arriving with my parents in our battle-scarred Opel Kadett, with a laundry basket of rustling mystery in the back. Clutching my own little offerings gleefully, I skipped down the familiar path, its cement worn smooth by generations of feet, bordered with lush hydrangeas in full bloom, and densely shaded from the west by a massive fig tree in high season, with its fecund, acrid smell. I loved visiting my grandmother. I went first to my twin aunts’ room, with its grownup atmosphere of nail polish, cigarettes and French perfume. The Naughty Aunts were perpetually on the phone, skinnering and giving advice, ironing each other’s long dark hair, or singing folk songs and playing guitar. They were fascinatingly articulate, and impossibly glamorous with their sixties hipsters, elegant gypsy hands and kohl black eyes. They took a flattering interest in me, letting me try on their make up, and painting my scruffy fingernails a deep porn-queen red. They showed me, giggling, mysterious little tubes of cotton wool wrapped in tissue paper, which they called Dracula’s Teabags, Next, feeling inexplicably shy, I went into the dining room, loud with voices and fragrant with cigar smoke, a cold supper on the sideboard under snowy beaded netting. In the far corner was the tree, a vision of beauty, with little waxen candles and quaint continental baubles. I thrilled with excitement at the

sea of presents beneath. At home with Frances Hardie. At seven the candles were lit, and my uncle struck up the first carol on the piano. I loved door, surreptitiously tipsy, and wheezing the swell and flow of the many voices, from my asthmatically. father’s deep baritone to my sister’s pure high And so it was for many years. The first soprano, the mellow tones between them, and Christmas I spent away from home I was in my harmonising from the aunts. thirties, and I felt an intense nostalgia at sunset At supper I sat on a prickly rug near the without the familiar throng and song. Things tree, pulling wishbones and crackers with my changed after my grandmother died, leaving cousins. I was too excited to eat, except for the family without a matriarch, the succeeding the ritual consumption of my mother’s trifle, generation having defaulted – by divorce, reeking of sherry and covered in lashings of depression or untimely death – and we no wobbly cream. longer had a clear gathering place. At last the But ultimately it is grownups ... and Stienie leaning impossible to recreate the halcyon finished Christmas of childhood other than feasting, and out of the kitchen door, symbolically. In the far-flung hurly uncle Nick surreptitiously tipsy, and burly of 21st century life, the season (a dashing of goodwill has lost its poignancy wheezing asthmatically medical – overwhelmed by piped music and student, who commercial hype, unmet expectations and played rugby for UCT) in a long white beard harried lifestyle. And society has largely lost and my grandmother’s red raincoat, handed touch with the church, which served in the out the presents with elaborate ceremony. My past to anchor Christmas in the transcendent heart beat fast as he read out the names, and archetype. we harvested a handsome pile of presents, Perhaps in the end it’s about community: threshing the paper asunder. traditions of shared ritual provide a framework Then, overcome with high spirits, the for bonding with the clan – the loved and cousins would rush outside to play while the the idiosyncratic – for when it comes down grownups drank coffee – laughing and teasing to brass tacks, they’re all we have! It is my bluestocking grandmother, who rose incumbent on us to adapt (hopefully with unfailingly to the bait. grace!) to change – in roles and expectations, ‘Gaan skyt en bly lank weg!’ she’d say and the shifting tides of economic, eventually, and the evening wound down geographical and social milieux. – tired children squabbling, a few dishevelled uncles carousing under the fig tree in zigzag Viva Christmas, viva! fashion, and Stienie leaning out of the kitchen


Julius Malema and Christmas wishes I would like to say Happy Christmas to everyone reading this paper, especially my column. At the same time, I would like to send a word of gratitude to my loyal column readers; you made my 30th birthday the best I’ve ever had. Your SMSs, phone calls, e-mails, Facebook messages and wishes, and face-toface contact were superb. Please allow me to salute the following people: Gogo Jane and David Dowie-Dunn, Santie (at the Post Office), Gogo Elma Hunter, my sister Nolubabalo Kalpens, Jenny Viotti, my Facebook entertainer Lebo November, and Marc and his family, to you all, I unlock blessings.


ulius Malema’s supporters, all 0.01% of them, are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU); the ANC knocked them out with an un-bleeding wound. Let me dedicate this issue to the 0.01% of people who admire Julius Malema, the ANC Youth League president. People, it was about time God rescued his country South Africa, and his people. South Africa was 30 centimetres closer to its grave. It is not acceptable; it is not valid behaviour for a boy in his early thirties to call his father a puppet on national and international TV. How can he accuse the Botswana government of being a puppet? In 2007, he said there is no need for applications

and interviews for replacing politicians; you can just put one politician in another one’s place. Then former president Thabo Mbeki was replaced by Jacob Zuma without interviews or applications. Why should there be complications now, when Malema himself needs to be replaced? Ha ha ha – he tastes his own medicine. It is time to go out and celebrate our achievements. We had wonderful blessings in 2011 and it is time to wrap all of them up and move forward. I mean, just still to be alive is a wonderful blessing. Let’s not think about Christmas as a time for spending money on luxuries, as politicians do with our tax money. Let’s think about

Andrew Herriot educates and entertains



Christmas as a time to consider those people living in informal settlements like Die Kop (Stanford informal settlement) and Khayelitsha. You will find them on the Christmas day without food. Allow me to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and to your families. Drink and Crawl, don’t Drink and Drive. Please send me your comments about this issue on my e-mail address: 45465630@mylife.unisa. or get me on Facebook as: Thulani Aron “Mbarha” Gcotyelwa.


Playing By Ear hose of you who listened to Anita O’Day’s version of Sweet Georgia Brown (November SRT) would have heard an example of Scat Singing. Jazz lovers enjoy what is often referred to as nonsense syllables, an integral part of the song. It is a jazz singer’s way of improvising a melody just as jazz musicians do when they take off with a riff and counter melody. One of the very best exponents of scat singing was the legendary Ella Fitzgerald (1917-96), the First Lady of Song. An excellent version of Ella, when she swings into scat at high tempo, is How High the Moon (Lewis and Hamilton, 1940). She first of all switches to new words and then provides a memorable interpretation of the song in her own inimitable SCAT. Try, as one might, to understand ‘oo-be-ooda-dum-dee-doo-wah’ and so on is impossible because it is nonsense but it is enormously engaging and in a powerful way it insinuates that you listen to the end perhaps anticipating a revelation. With all scat singers (Mel Tormé and Sarah Vaughan to mention two) they try to imitate the sounds of the band that is accompanying them while at the same time introducing other melodies layered on top of the original tune.

Aron’s word

Listen carefully to How High the Moon and you might hear Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. Maybe even A Tisket A Tasket. Please watch and listen to Ella’s pulsating stellar performance of How High The Moon (1966) filmed in Stockholm, including her scat version of a ‘growling’ trumpet, to a wildly appreciative Swedish audience and hear her break into It’s been a Hard Day’s Night and Sweat Gets In My Eyes at the end of three minutes of pure Scat. Note the handkerchief to deal with sweat just like Louis Armstrong (next month’s theme). Ella in Stockholm with maestro Duke Ellington watch?NR=1&v=Y_J-siDsG-o I promise that you will watch and listen to the end. I did dozens of times. Please send comments to

By Win Johnstone Pythagoras, who lived more than 500 years before Christ, had a favourite saying, ‘Leave not the mark of the pot upon the ashes!’ In other words we need to wipe out the past, forget it and start afresh each day. Later in 1859, George Elliot wrote: (who was, by the way, a woman. Her real name was Mary Anne Evans and she chose a man’s pseudonym so that people would take her seriously!): ‘It’s but little good you’ll do, watering last year’s crops.’ On his deathbed in 1949 Dr Frederic Loomis wrote these last words: ‘Yet that is exactly what I have seen hundreds of my patients doing in the past twenty five years – watering with freely flowing tears things of the irrevocable past. Not the bittersweet memories of loved ones, which I could understand, but things done which should not have been done, and things left undone which should have been done. I am a doctor, not a preacher: but a doctor too must try to understand the joys and sorrows of those who come to him. He should, without preaching, be able to expound the philosophy that one cannot live adequately in the present, nor effectively face the future, when one’s thoughts are buried in the past. ‘Moaning over what cannot be helped is a confession of futility and of fear, of emotional stagnation – in fact, of selfishness and cowardice. The best way to break this vicious, morbid circle – to snap out of it – is to stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about other people. You can lighten your own load by doing something for someone else. By the simple device of doing an outward, unselfish act today, you can make the past recede. The present and future will again take on their true challenge and perspective. ‘As a doctor I have seen it tried many, many times and nearly always it has been a far more successful prescription than anything I could have ordered from the drugstore.’ The Best Medicine – Dr F Loomis (For a wonderful story about this man, Google Dr Frederick Loomis Made in God’s Image)

art & culture Ode to Juliet

Riding on a loose rein with Jane Ellis

Adapting to the times – a Zimbabwean pensioner’s perspective South Africa is certainly benefiting from Zimbabwe’s glass being half full, possibly heading for empty except for the few. In fact SA’s glass must be starting to brim over as it so successfully supplies what we used to grow, produce and manufacture. A quick, ad hoc check along the shelves of one supermarket this November show electrical goods, cereals, turkeys, jams, pastas, butter and lobsters are all South African. The lobsters sell at US$30/kilo (local bream at US$3,20/ kg). The former’s price may well increase as Christmas nears, and there are mackerel from Namibia, but so small I contemplate reporting the exporters and importers to the World Trade Organisation! There are tall shelves stacked with an enormous variety of sauces, some of their labels stating the contents are produced in China but packaged in SA. There’s a lot of ‘Packaged in SA’ going on and ironically there’s even that famous Chinese product, soy sauce, produced and packaged in SA. Shampoos, soaps, hand and body creams – all South African. And there’s at least one greengrocer in one of our smart suburbs whose enthusiastic customers claim sells only South African produce. Spar supermarkets are well established now throughout Zimbabwe and Pick n Pay is reported to be increasing its stake in one of our oldest supermarket chains (50 branches nationwide) to 49%. Certainly Pick n Pay’s original 25% stake brought in dazzling changes: grubby collapsing deep freeze units were replaced with modern miracles (open but still frozen and doubtless made in SA); a manager reported large-scale culls of large-scale rats using ‘very strong, very good Transvaal “muti”*, madam.’ Surprisingly, or perhaps not, where there is a rare Zimbabwean product displayed it is invariably priced higher, yes higher, than its imported competitors. It’s fun to see, if not buy, all the goodies but sad for us to realize that they reflect the emasculation of our own once thriving industries. I haven’t looked at toys, clothes or luxury goods but expect the story is the same: In Zim, a very happy Christmas for South Africa – unless the Chinese flood the market. A RARE BREED I keep being told: ‘People are pouring back into Zimbabwe.’ By ‘people’ is usually meant whites who left during the last decade. Don’t see it myself. Back in that supermarket which we have just left I was the only pale face and one of our economists now estimates our population to be cc 25 000 – the majority of whom are over 50 years of age. Is that worrying? Not at all, apart from cash flow problems caused by our former hyper inflation plus the perennial stomach lurching political angst. I am consistently treated with great courtesy and respect unlike on one occasion in London when walking slowly along a crowded pavement a face, complete with smelly fag, was thrust into mine mouthing: ‘Git ou’ t’ way, yous oxygen theeff, yous!’ * Medicine

The following is a poignant eulogy written by Juliet Haw’s long-time partner James Robertson. It was read out at her memorial service held recently where many people from far and wide came together to honour and to remember her. Juliet was a respected copy editor and proofreader. Juliet … is language Juliet … is punctuation, paragraph and pause. She is a clause, a syntax … She was my cause … my descriptive noun. An active verb and a passive spark. She is the wary smile towards some sort of snarky simile. She is the shiny blue eyes above a semicolon (or whatever that thing with two dots is … she knows.) She is the beautiful adjective. She is the unknown metaphor. She is the brackets of tumbling hair that fall between a fine blouse. She is the full lipped mouth that speaks a precise language she knows no one will ever forget. She is comma and quotation and question mark and she may now be a full stop. But one of those that have more stops after. An endless dot A beauty spot Where her ends are … Are now our means.

picnics, tasting, shop& play-park 7 km outside Stanford on Route 326 028 341 0693 | Weekdays 9-5 Saturdays 9-3 Sundays 11-3 STANFORD RIVER TALK 17

Jami Kastner blows the lid off gift giving


For my family, it’s really never been aah, Christmas … a time of reindeers, snow and eggnog. Oh no wait, I about gifts. We are all renowned for giving particularly poorly-thought-out presents, think that’s from a movie. Christmas and we are somewhat cheap to boot. This in South Africa is a bit different. A time of sweating a great big puddle on your seat is not intentional, you understand, it’s just that gifts have never meant that much to us. whilst trying valiantly to force yet another We usually try to be funny, and I suppose plate of hot grub down your gullet. A time of too much wine not everyone appreciates in the sun, causing My brother received a spiffing our sense of the inevitable fight fake leather steering wheel cover humour. Once, between your brother and sister/ a couple of great-aunt Cynthia and second cousin years ago, we made a deal that all Christmas gifts had to be Martha; of eating two boxes of Quality Street purchased at Stanford Motors. It (except the gross orange ones) in one sitting. was a wonderful Christmas, full of By the end of it all, diets and manners are belly laughs. My brother received completely cast aside, and you find yourself a spiffing fake leather steering on the couch eating trifle with your hands. It’s a stressful time for many, and the wheel cover. I was personally ongoing recession doesn’t help matters. delighted with my shell-shaped plastic soap holder. But the pièce Exorbitantly expensive candles and soaps de résistance was from my sister change hands, only to languish sadly at the Lesley, who presented me with a back of a cupboard until you are caught on half-empty can of Je t’aime body spray, with the hop and realize it’s someone’s birthday, and dig around for possible gifts. Re-gifting is the ‘sample’ sticker still on it. True story. She said she really had to talk the sales lady into a grand South African tradition, and I see no selling it to her. She (the sales lady) had a shame in it. Except that time when I actually look of sheer horror upon her visage. ‘Ma re-gifted something to the original giver. This dis dan die tester daai.’ ‘Yes!’ declared my situation is best avoided, let me tell you.

sister, while giggling hysterically at her own brilliance. ‘That’s the point!’ As I said, it’s a particular sense of humour, inherited from our dear old dad. But I think that it’s perhaps not a bad way to go, considering the financial strain everyone is under. Make it cheap, make it funny,

but most of all, make it original and make it local. So if I pop round to yours with a fetching gift of a plastic microwave sausage warmer from the general dealer, please do not feel slighted. Let’s have a laugh and spend our money on good wine instead.

Experience the beautiful Klein River on our boat fitted with Weber-braai and toilet with a view. Treat your family, friends or clients to an unforgettable river cruise. R100 / person for 2-3 hours. Also canoes & kayaks to hire For bookings and info contact Ernie 083 310 0952 • STANFORD RIVER TALK 18

BONNIEVALE - Commercial free range pork farm with B & B, 9 bedrooms 7 bathrooms, stunning location with mountain water, 133 ha. Retirement sale. A life changing opportunity. SOLE MANDATE R8,500,000

STANFORD - 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms spectacular river, mountain and village views from elevated position high above the village. SOLE MANDATE R1,950,000

STANFORD - 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, amazing gardens, 1,300sq m corner stand in prime village location. Ideal retirement cottage. SOLE MANDATE R1,395,000

HERMANUS - 6 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2 lounges, study. Amazing sea and mountain

TESLAARSDAL - Amazing log cabin, main bedroom, loft bedroom, nursery, deck with mountain views. 3.2 ha, river, dam and plenty of water. ADSL and Eskom. Unique lifestyle opportunity. SOLE MANDATE R1,700,000

STANFORD – 5 Bedrooms 3 bathrooms fully refurbished. Substantial classic Stanford villa in the best location close to the river with mountain views, pool. Large corner stand. SOLE MANDATE R4,300,000

views. Immaculate house in Chanteclair. SOLE MANDATE R 3,950,000 T: 0283 410 641 M: 078 451 2621 • 2 QUEEN VICTORIA STR STANFORD. STANFORD RIVER TALK 19

nature talk

heads & tales . . .


ill winter never end? Although we have had relatively regular rain, there has been nothing heavy enough to make an impact on the ever dwindling dam level. It does help the grazing however, and green shoots are coming up everywhere; none more so than in front of the cottage. Here the grass is kept short with a strimmer and it benefits from the overflow of the water bowl and the spray from the garden sprinkler. The zebra and springbok have discovered this consistent supply of munchies – plus the little maize that is left behind after the ducks and guinea fowl have been fed. Jack, the tame bontebok, has also discovered the maize bowl and the ducks have to be fed hurriedly when they come up to the fence before the arrival of fat Jack! The wildebeest have taken to coming up to the edge of the dam in the evenings, sometimes even grazing in front of the cottage. They are skittish animals so any sudden movement sends them thundering off in a demonstration of flying hooves. There are at least 11 new baby springbok. They have formed a nursery herd and can be seen engaging in enthusiastic pronking

life on a small game farm By Sally Hood

as they test out their but still very definitely a downy duckling so it agility and strength. The is a bit like ‘the blind leading the blind’. He is blue cranes escort the very diligent however, and dutifully leads them herd everywhere in the up for their daily morning and evening maize mornings rather like a feed and never leaves them for a moment. Praetorian Guard of Two blue cranes have taken to strolling old. Theirs is the perfect casually around our dam picking up tasty symbiotic relationship in morsels. They love the grain that is scattered which the cranes feast around for the ducks. The other day the heat off the insects rooted out obviously got to them so they gingerly stepped by the springbok hooves into the water like quivering, elegant Victorian and alert the buck to the first signs of danger. ladies, and with much splashing and fluttering Sadly only one of the original baby ducks they abandoned themselves to the glories of has survived. Mrs Black Duck did not prove a bath. When they were finished they stalked to be the dutiful mother that we had thought out of the water and, spreading their wings, she was, shamefully leaving them overnight proceeded to dance, whirling around each to the dangers of the dark. We have named other, throwing themselves at each other, chest the last one Daley – after Daley Thompson the to chest. This continued for at least a minute British athlete. When he lost the last four of his before the enthusiasm waned and they fell to siblings in one day, poor little Daley pathetically preening themselves, as if embarrassed at this swam around the dam, chirping soulfully for unusually overt show of excitement. his mother who was studiously ignoring him as December is already here and so as this year she was having a lie in with Mr Mallard! Daley comes to a close, I wish you all a very happy has now taken over the ‘nannying’ duties of Christmas and a peaceful and healthy 2012. four babies born to another black duck, an equally neglectful mother. We would like to thank Mark Miles for catching this He is a good deal beautiful boomslang which came waltzing in through bigger than them, our front door on 22 November. He released it in the garden. Great work Mark. Thank you! Tabby & Alex.

Snake catcher

Warm and cosy: Naas Terblanche of Vaalvlei farm sent in this photo of barn owl chicks in their nest.

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Know your African tree essences THE ROCK ALDER

Tree of Bliss The Rock Alder essence holds a youthful, creative energy that assists with bringing balance to one’s inner male and female energies. It raises our awareness about how we relate to others and it is helpful for maintaining boundaries and balance in relationships. This essence may aid with expressing our innermost feelings and so it can assist us with fostering increased trust and harmony within close relationships. For further information about this tree essence, please visit Made in the traditions of the Bach Flower Remedies, the African Tree Essences are created from the flowers of the main tree species of Platbos – an ancient forest growing in the Uilenkraal Vallei between Gansbaai and Stanford. Known as vibrational remedies, the essences work primarily on the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies where they assist us to release thought patterns, beliefs or emotions that no longer serve us. In this way they can assist us to experience greater well-being and harmony in our lives. Unlike essential oils, flower essences are not aromatic and are safe to take internally. Essences enhance other forms of healing and can work well too on animals and plants.

nature talk


FROG OF THE MONTH Naas Terblanche is a frog fundi. Here he shares his knowledge of these extraordinary amphibians

By Fred Smith, Astrophysicist

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his month’s frog is the common platanna (Xenopus laevis). The name platanna is a corruption of the Dutch name plat (flat) hander (hands). The common platanna occurs throughout South Africa except for Kwazulu-Natal. The maximum size of this platanna is 140mm. Platannas are completely aquatic and only emerge from the water briefly to gulp a breath of air or when they move to a new pond or stream. They are remarkably adapted to their environment. They have very powerful hind legs for swimming and their hands and feet are fully webbed. Platannas have lost their tongues, movable eyelids and their tympanum (eardrums), because they do not need them under water. Both male and female


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up as ‘spots’. The largest is the Great Red Spot, probably first observed in 1665, but certainly in existence since 1830. It could swallow three earths! Jupiter can be called a small Brown Dwarf Star. These type of ‘stars’, although very big, are just too small to be an actual sun. They don’t have sufficient mass to produce a gravity that would compress the gasses at its centre enough to ignite a nuclear fusion reaction which would turn it into a sun. It is possible the moons of Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto have salt water oceans beneath their surfaces of waterice. The Spacecraft Juno will arrive at Jupiter in 2015.



upiter will be with us for the next few months, so let’s take a look at it. It’s the largest planet in the solar system, more massive than all the other planets, asteroids and comets put together. Jupiter is a ‘Gas Giant’ meaning that there is no surface like this on earth. Jupiter is a ‘mini-sun’, made up of mainly hydrogen with some helium. What we see of Jupiter is the top of this gas and cloud structures that are made up from different stripes. The light stripes are called Zones where gas is rising; the dark stripes are called Belts, where gas is falling. Intertwined with them are ‘weather’ systems that show

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common platannas call throughout the year, day and night, from under the water. They make a metallic snoring sound using cartilage bones in the throat. They are best known for their connection to the discovery by South African scientists in the 1930s that if the urine of pregnant woman is injected into female platannas they then spawn. This was the only human pregnancy test available until 1960. To hear what the common platanna sounds like and to see what it looks like you are welcome to visit our wine tasting room at Vaalvlei farm. Here we have a permanent audio visual display where you can learn about all the different frogs of Stanford. Go to














































































































wine talk

Summer, Sunshine and … Straw Wine

history talk

By Tania Weich

By Phil Murray

Keeper of trees and all things green

Wine, it is claimed, is most appreciated by the cultured and the epicurean. A huge number of grape varieties exist, many of which are synonymous with certain sections of the globe. Furthermore, an unwritten constitution dictates when and how to consume these berries in their final fermented form. In equal abundance is the variety of wine styles available, which in my case is synonymous with a blank stare of confusion. But it is summer in the southern hemisphere, so let us not take ourselves too seriously. We are at the end of 2011, when at last we make time for family, fun and frivolity. So let’s get festively adventurous and sip something completely different, and a tad extravagant. I’m thinking … Straw wine. Straw wine is typically really sweet. Customarily it is made from grapes that are laid out in clusters, on mats of straw, to dry in the sun. The resulting raisin-like berries acquire the concentrated grape juice that is necessary for the desired sweetness of the wine. However, not every producer follows the classic method and sometimes the grapes are dried under cover, hung up, or lined on racks. Further differences exist around the globe, which extend beyond the naming process to a few legal issues. According to my winemaker friend, Tobias, ‘In Germany the 1971 wine law stated it was forbidden to make straw wine as a quality wine, but if you declared it as a table wine it was no problem. Since 2009 it is allowed again through the new European law. The German term Strohwein is protected for use by Austria and the German-speaking parts of Italy. The use of the term is still forbidden in Germany.’ Go figure? Enter, again, my blank stare of confusion. Furthermore, an unwritten decree dictates (oftentimes) that sweet wines are dessert wines and so are served after a meal? Fellow wine lovers … focus: summer, sun, frivolity and fun. You know what to do and what you don’t have to do. Have a wine-der-ful festive season.

Stanford’s Avril Boud.

Have you ever wondered who planted many of the beautiful trees along Queen Victoria Street? Some of them were planted by a woman over 20 years ago who still lives in the village Avril Boud is a self-proclaimed recluse, but not because she doesn’t have anything to say. Au contraire, Avril is a fiercely-independent, smart, intense and sparkling woman who treasures her privacy and enjoys a reputation of being something of an enigma. She has plant sap in her blood, and her gardening fingers and tireless energy have greened a large part of Stanford’s public spaces. The coral trees which set Queen Victoria Street ablaze in early spring and the brilliant cerise-jewelled Eugenia hedges and lacy Searsia trees (kareebome) were planted by Avril 21 years ago. Not one to let an opportunity fizzle, all those years ago she noticed rows of indigenous plants wilting in their black plastic bags outside the town clerk’s office window. ‘Can I have those?’ she asked, when it was explained that there was nowhere to plant them, and plant them she did. She sidestepped the issue of not being allowed to dig holes in the tarred pavement, and asked private and commercial property owners down the main road if she could sink the plants on their erfs. Almost everyone was delighted to receive free, beautiful saplings and watered them tenderly. Avril dug the holes; found foster parents for the dying plants; and painted the stark street with colour. Her personal story is delightfully cheeky and full of seized opportunities; from the house she bought in Stanford, to the business she built with five T-shirts and one gorgeous dress from Venice, to the romance that began with the aforementioned town clerk. Avril has lived a zesty life. Out on a daytrip to Stanford to see what was beyond the Hermanus Yacht Club, she purchased, on a whim, the house she still lives in. And her clothing shop, Seaweeds Boutique, grew from an eccentric nook in Houtbay to a flourishing, award-winning chain of six stores across the Cape Flats and into the Overberg. She has worked hard for thirty years and feels she has earned some peace and rest now. Although she is trying to slow down and enjoy her retirement, her garden and her time with her partner, still the ex-town clerk, she itches with energy and ideas. This retired lady is certainly no wilting flower!





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OUT OF THE HAT No, this is no Van der Merwe joke!


own adventure hero. t’s about this time of year that you might be looking beyond eating too many mince pies For 10 years, during which time his life went spectacularly belly-up, Hamish, now and watching Granny slowly keel over after 46, has dreamed about riding a horse half a glass of sherry. from the Cape to Africa’s highest peak in Yes, some of you have already bought a Tanzania. And now, finally, it is about to 2012 diary – mystical angels of light on the cover for Her, a darkly demonic pic of Victor happen. For Hamish, a humble bloke educated in Matfield for Him – and, printed in red on the school of hard knocks, this ride is the the page for January 1 are your New Year’s resolutions. of a pact with himself. And when darkness falls and result And a horse. A horse named You might be Hamish goes to leave, Rhino Rhino. In an amazing piece thinking of giving of providence, given that up smoking? Losing follows him, wanting more. Hamish can’t afford to buy a some kilos? Or hoping that your numptie of a boss is wearing steed, Rhino was found living off the land. A boereperd. About four years old. Fourteen his best suit when work starts again so that you and a half hands in height. Handsome. As can pour a hot coffee over his head, resign tough as Os du Randt’s sister. And, given that before he sacks you, and drop out to grow he’s as yet ungelded and been living all on his your own brinjals and rice in Nepal? lonesome out in the wild, he’s more than a bit Hey, you might even be considering riding skittish. a horse from the Cape to Kilimanjaro? Nah, Hamish has calmed him down a lot. Day forget that. Who’d do such a thing? after day, they’ve been getting to know each Hamish van der Merwe would. And he’s other. And when darkness falls and Hamish one of ours. A horseman who looks like a goes to leave, Rhino follows him, wanting morphing of Harrison Ford (Raiders of the Lost more. Ark) and Clint Eastwood (True Grit). And he’s going to get a whole lot more. Here, folks, is the script for Stanford’s very

HOW YOU CAN HELP Sponsor a welfare kennel for R200 a year; become a member for R50 a year; donate pet food, leads, collars and bedding; donate only good used clothing, household items and books to the Animal Welfare shop; buy the book Carstairs, Max & I by Peter Younghusband – proceeds to Stanford Animal Welfare; volunteer to work in our shop; support Opera on the Lawn, Wednesday 21 December from 6pm at Michael Thompson’s Corgi Park, Riverside Lane; Support Stanford 6’s Cricket on Sunday 26 December at the Village Green. Annie Ranger or 028 3410 984.


Find out more about Hamish’s adventure on a Facebook page named “Hooves Against Hunger”. Hamish thanks the people who have already supported him!

Fred Hatman,


ANIMALS IN NEED We have had a very busy year looking after underprivileged animals in Stanford. Our thanks go to Dr Olga Koorts who deals so professionally with our welfare animals. Over 280 sterilizations and vaccinations have been dealt with this year as well as the euthanizing of 49 sick or elderly pets. We also rehomed 46 dogs and cats. All this has cost money so we are extremely grateful to all Flea free: Dipping time at the generous people who have Die Kop. made monetary contributions, donated pet food and donated items to sell in our Animal Welfare shop. Without your help we would not be able to continue our welfare work. Thank you very much!

Hamish is trusting that Rhino will carry him from Stanford to Mount Kilimanjaro. Five thousand and one hundred and fifty kilometres in 120 days. This is going to be ridiculously tough. Hamish doesn’t need telling that. He’s a man who is used to living on not very much. But he will need food and water. And a tent. And some money to maintain Rhino and get them safely through Africa’s unique trials and tribulations. I urge fellow Stanfordians, when you’re done with the mince pies and dumped your foul office coffee over the boss (go on, do it!), to support our very own Clint Eastwood.

Sunrise Sunset 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

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HIGH WATER time height 0740 1.51 0843 1.45 0954 1.43 1059 1.45 1155 1.48 0036 1.35 0118 1.42 0154 1.49 0227 1.55 0259 1.61 0331 1.67 0406 1.70 0442 1.73 0521 1.73 0604 1.71 0653 1.68 0748 1.64 0854 1.60 1006 1.60 1116 1.62 0005 1.44 0107 1.53 0200 1.62 0249 1.70 0334 1.76 0417 1.79 0457 1.78 0536 1.75 0614 1.69 0653 1.61 0737 1.53

time 1954 2105 2229 2342 ---1240 1319 1355 1430 1504 1539 1615 1654 1734 1819 1910 2013 2131 2253 ---1220 1318 1411 1500 1546 1629 1708 1745 1822 1859 1945

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LOW WATER time height 0105 0.66 0201 0.76 0316 0.83 0437 0.84 0543 0.81 0633 0.75 0714 0.69 0749 0.63 0822 0.57 0855 0.54 0929 0.52 1005 0.53 1043 0.55 1126 0.60 1213 0.65 0024 0.54 0114 0.61 0217 0.66 0334 0.68 0455 0.65 0606 0.57 0707 0.48 0801 0.39 0850 0.33 0936 0.31 1020 0.33 1102 0.40 1142 0.48 1222 0.58 0021 0.57 0057 0.67

time 1403 1516 1631 1735 1825 1906 1940 2012 2044 2116 2149 2224 2300 2340 ---1309 1417 1535 1652 1801 1859 1950 2037 2121 2201 2239 2314 2348 ---1305 1355

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Information supplied by the Hydrographer, SA Navy © 2010. Not for navigational purposes. The Hydrographer is not responsible for any transcription errors. The use of the provided information is entirely at the user’s own risk. STANFORD RIVER TALK 23

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NEW RELEASE for R1,895,000.00 - SOLE MANDATE Delightful north facing 3 bed, two bathroom house for sale, situated in favoured part of the village. Carefully and tastefully renovated with new fitted Osborn kitchen, lounge/dinning with inside and outside braai and double garage. Lots of charm and character with northfacing mountain views.



CARSTAIRS, MAX & I Carstairs on memory loss and old age


arstairs looked shaken. Pale of visage, hands slightly shaking as he lit a pipeful of his favourite Rum & Maple. We were sitting on the stoep at the Art Café and Max was lying under the table, snoring. ‘What’s the matter?’ I asked. ‘Oh, terrible experience, utterly terrible!’ ‘WHAT?’ ‘I went to the hospital to talk to doctors about my memory lapses, and they stuffed me inside a big machine to look into my brain. It was dark and noisy in that machine and the bloody thing just banged and crashed away. It was like having your head in a bucket and some one banging on it with a stick. I shouted to get out, but they told me not to worry, they were just taking pictures. But they lied. They were torturing me, I know it, I know it!’ ‘All right, Carstairs, take it easy. Who were the doctors?’ ‘Oh I don’t know … Dr No, Mengele, Strangelove … one of those types. I think the hospital just handed me over to the KGB… or maybe it was SARS, or perhaps even the Hermanus Municipality accounts department. Or maybe it was Chris Barnard trying to soften me up for a heart transplant.’ ‘Chris Barnard is dead!’ ‘Is he? There, you see, I even forgot that.’ ‘Carstairs, what was it actually that made you go to the hospital?’ ‘I told you. My memory lapses. The other day I turned on the cold water tap in the washbasin to have a drink of water but held the glass under the hot water tap instead. And then sometimes when I drive to Hermanus, by

the time I get there I’ve forgotten what I came for and …’ ‘Carstairs, do you listen to the SABC on your car radio when you drive to Hermanus?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Well then, stop doing that. It also makes me forget where I’m going when I’m driving. But tell me, what else is bothering you?’ He sighed and said: ‘Well I’m also making the most dreadful mistakes. The other day I slapped a guy on the shoulder, thinking he was David Abbott and said: “Hiya Dave.” But when the guy turned around it wasn’t Dave.’

I was just an eighty-year-old oupa whose brain was going vrot in the usual way. ‘Who was it?’ Carstairs frowned. ‘I don’t know. I think it was Johnny Depp.’ A woman inclining our way at the next table nearly fell off her chair and shrieked: ‘You mean Johnny Depp was in the Art Café! In Stanford!’ I spun round at her and snapped: ‘Do you mind? This is a private conversation!’ But it was too late she was already off and out of the door to tell the village. I signalled for a double whiskey to calm us down and help Carstairs’ memory and said: ‘Well, it wasn’t Johnny Depp, was it?’

‘Do you doubt me?’ ‘Well …’ I hedged, not quite knowing what to say. ‘Anyway what did the doctors tell you in the end?’ ‘The one who conducted the initial tests said not to worry about it too much. I was just an eighty-year-old oupa whose brain was going vrot in the usual way. Then he held up a card with five words on it, saying he would ask me to remember them five minutes later. But then he forgot to ask me, which I thought was quite funny in the circumstances and I said: ‘Physician, heal thyself.’ I meant it as a joke, but I think it pissed him off because it was then that he had me put in the torture chamber.’ I leaned over and patted him on the shoulder. ‘It wasn’t a torture chamber Old Sport. It’s called an MRI and it will help to make you better. By the way, how much did it all cost?’ ‘Oh yes, the bill,’ he replied. ‘Well I don’t think that made me better. When I got it my mind went a complete blank and I still can’t remember what it was.’ At which I ordered another double whiskey for us and a biscuit for Max to take our cares away.

This book will make an excellent Christmas gift! Only R80! STOCKISTS INCLUDE: The Art Café, Stanford Oupa se winkel, Stanford Coffee Corner, Stanford Stanfordinfo, Stanford Book Cottage, Hermanus Bookmark, Hermanus Proceeds go to Animal Welfare. STANFORD RIVER TALK 25

John Self Hutton ‘Jack’

Horticulture Specialist, Artist, Engineer, Entrepreneur, and a Lover of people Born 10 November, 1937


n Sunday 13 November Stanford lost a very special member of its community. Jack Hutton, husband, father and local garden specialist died in Hermanus General Hospital after a short illness. Jack led a busy and interesting life. He was born in Kimberley, Northern Cape and was brought up in Messina, on the border of Zimbabwe. He trained as a flight engineer in South Africa, and worked in the Congo for a number of years until he married his wife Jeannette in 1963. After they married, they lived and worked in Zimbabwe moving to Tzaneen in Mpumalanga in 1979 to run their own farm. After losing everything in Cyclone Demoina, the couple set up a factory making a wide variety of curios and baskets, and employing over 350 local people. They bought their house in Longmarket Street,


Stanford, in the mid 1980s and moved there in January 1994. They set up a plant nursery initially from their home, later expanding out into Stanford industrial area. They were regulars at the Stanford Saturday morning market selling pies and cakes and other home-made products. For a few years they also ran the Tuck Shop at Hermanus Primary School. Jack was a truly remarkable and memorable individual who will be remembered for many things. He was a leader and not a follower. He was determined in everything he set out to do. He had a strong sense of justice. He was always prepared to speak out when necessary. However, he had a mischievous streak and a twinkle in his eye. Jack cared immensely about people. A talker and do’er, he was a dedicated husband and loving family man. Always eager to help others, he never put himself first. He had a life-time passion for gardening and had an impressive garden wherever he lived. The family would like to thank the doctor and night shift nursing staff at Hermanus General Hospital for their kind support and undivided attention to Jack’s needs. They would especially like to thank the Stanford community for their support during this difficult time. The funeral and Wake were held in Stanford. Many thanks to all who made this the most memorable day.

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE ANNUAL ADVENT SERVICE of the NG Kerk, United Church and the VG Kerk on Sunday 4 December 2011 at 19h00 at the NG Kerk in Stanford During the service PASTOR NEIL OLWAGEN will be commissioned as Pastoral Assistant to the NG Kerk and also as Pastor for Youth and Young Families to the Stanford United Church Refreshments will be served

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Solar and renewable energy specialists

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WOODEN WINDOWS with glass & burglar bars. Size 1850 x 1710 (2), 2245 x 1710 (1). Excellent condition. R2 500 onco. p Willie on 028 384 1618.



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On death row

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Homes are desperately needed for Pikkie (ginger & white shorthair) and Katastrofe (ginger & white longhair). Both approximately 10-year-old neutered males; they have been at Olga’s kennels for over a month. Please contact Stanford Veterinary Clinic on 028 341 0547.

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worker in Stanford. Hopes to make school shirts to earn income.

p Elma 028 341 0372.


BLOM BUILD Following Michael’s retirement from going up ladders, his building work will now be available from ‘Mr Blom’ (076 858 8067,) Michael’s foreman for many years. Blom is an excellent bricklayer/plasterer/ roofer. Guy Whittle (082 876 0492) and/or Ansie Reitsma (082 320 0982) have volunteered to give references for his work.



DOWN 2 Something to eat during Shavian drama (5) 3 Red-blooded sounding character seen at the Savoy? (9) 4 King Henry provided for Islamic leader (6) 5 Two sons gain acceptance into school rowing teams - that’s what the third’s about to aim for (3,4,6,2) 6 Company acquiring European vessel needed proof of insurance once (8) 7 Father leaves new student in Surrey town (5) 8 Profit’s made by investing money in English memorial that’s not new (9) 14 Flipping Nora! Mist across the river causes foul weather! (9) 16 Gimmicky goods produced by bookbinders (9) 17 B. Charlton’s team out of league? Such a ridiculous comedown (8) 20 Maybe bowler could be fitter (6) 22 Popular judge rises to conclude (5) 24 Expression of pity found in one book or another (5)

Set by Alberich,

ACROSS 1 He noted legendary bowler taking 5-0 out East (6) 5 One endures endless rubbish written about judge in the Mirror (8) 9 Conductor who’s an expert on the Ring? (10) 10 Siren’s call makes you passionate to obtain love (4) 11 These days, little girl’s into mental arithmetic (8) 12 Babylonian god reportedly ruined this country (6) 13 Liveliness seen in British port (4) 15 Unknown person taking money from murderer (8) 18 The well-read American volume has article written about it (8) 19 Critically examine circular letter and reject the proposal (4) 21 Is Henry taking in nursemaid to make profit? That’s what we hear (6) 23 More of the Dome’s revealed when it rises (8) 25 Beat in return game (4) 26 Attempt at escape made by bomber on trial? (4,6) 27 Maybe one from Hollywood could become a cinema actor at last (8) 28 Once more begin making summary (6)

Entries for the crossword should be sent to Box 228, Stanford, 7210 by 20 December 2011.


weekly timetable

STANFORD SUNSET XMAS MARKET. Friday 16 December. 6pm - 8pm. Village Green. CRAFT IN THE COURTYARD Saturday 17 December. 10am – 2pm. Stanford Hotel Courtyard. CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT Sunday 18 December. Local artists performing. Bring a toy (age 0-12) for distribution by Stanford Rotary Club. From 6:00pm. Village Green. PUBLIC MEETING Tuesday 20 December. Improvement of River Frontage 3pm. Stanford Municipal Boardroom. Enquiries: 028 341 0430. OPERA ON THE LAWN Wednesday 21 December from 6pm. Michael Thompson’s Corgi Park, Riverside Lane. Food & drink on sale. Bring rugs & chairs. Proceeds to Stanford Animal Welfare Society. Contact Annie Ranger 028 3410 984. STANFORD 6’S CRICKET DAY Monday 26 December. 8am on the Village Green. Potjiekos Competition. Food & Bar available. Prize giving at KC’s restaurant. WINE & WISDOM TRIVIA QUIZ Thursday 5 January 7pm, Stanford Art Café. R40 donation to Stanford Conservation Trust. Contact Annie Ranger 028 3410 984. Monday 6pm, Running Time Trails 5km, corner Adderley and Longmarket. Monday & Thursday, 5.15pm - 6pm, Pilates, The old Beauty Spot Studio, above Tops Bottle Store, Tracy: 082 441 8307. Monday & Wednesday, 5pm, Canoeing, Slipway Church St, John Finch 028 341 0444, Jan Malan 082 452 9877. Tuesday (5pm to 6pm) & Friday (9am to 10am), Tae Bo, Stanford Conference Centre, Ronnie 083 655 4521. Tuesday 8:45 to 10am, Iyengar Yoga with Marianne, Studio @ Art Café. Wednesday 9 to 10am, Nia Dancing with Nikki, Studio @ Art Café, Nikki 072 436 1497. Thursday 8:45 to 10am, Vinyasa Yoga with Leli, Studio @ Art Café, Leli 082 3500 253. Tuesday & Thursday, 4pm, Cycling, Meet at Caltex Garage, Dave Morrison 082 321 7996. Wednesday, 6.30pm, Stanford Rotary Club Meeting, Art Café. Everyone welcome. Friday, 5pm, Canoe Time Trials, Slipway Church St, John Finch 028 341 0444, Jan Malan 082 452 9877. Saturday, 10am – 12pm, Stanford Saturday Morning Market, Art Gallery Courtyard. Enquiries call Art Café (028) 3410 591.

WHERE TO WORSHIP IN STANFORD NG GEMEENTE STANFORD Sondae 9:30 in die kerkgebou. Office, tel 028 3410 966. ST THOMAS ANGLICAN CHURCH Morton St, contact Father Joseph Gabriëls 028 3410588 First Sunday of the month 10:30 Communion (Afr) Second Sunday of the month 10:30 Service (Afr) Third Sunday of the month 08:00 Communion (Eng) Fourth Sunday of the month 10:30 Service (Afr) FULL GOSPEL CHURCH OF GOD cnr Queen Victoria & Bezuidenhout St. 09:30 Sunday service. Pastor Johnny van der Schyff • 028 3410 422. VG KERK (next to De Bron School) 10:00 Sunday morning. Maureen Diedericks 028 3410 691. STANFORD UNITED CHURCH ST THOMAS CHURCH, meets at St Thomas Church, Morton St. Interdenominational. English service at 6pm Sunday. Bible Study, 7pm Tuesday night at 45 Queen Victoria St. Secretary Kerri Brokensha 028 341 0077. STANFORD RIVER TALK 29

Stanford’s birthday calendar

Bryan Robertson 14 December

Andre Jonas 21 December

Irene Ivy 5 December

Nellifer Upton 3 December

Bryce Bury was 23 on 23 November

Sandy Jardine has a HUGE birthday on 17 December!

Gerry Fourie 25 December

Jessica Phillips 19 December

Lyn Morris 26 December

Russel Metcalf 9 December

Congratulations to Maureen Wolters who is 60 on 12 December

Kevin Husk 16 December Natalie Husk 21 December

Cobus van Niekerk 28 December

If there is a birthday coming up or special occasion you want to share with the village please email


Bradley Froud 14 December

Maureen Diedericks (right) 28 December. Her daughter Leonie Titus (left) 24 December and her son Cameron Damon 30 December

Sean Ingles 30 December

Special time: Sophie’s family ordered a limousine on her birthday to take her to Hermanus for lunch and bring her back home. She turned 60 on 27 November.

The Plaatjies family: (back from left) Petronella (daughter) Alida (daughter), Sophie (the birthday girl), Johnny and Faerie (sons) and Jason (grandson) and Sophie’s grandchildren (front from left) Jerinikka, Cheryldene, Joelene, and Solomine.

Jenny Hayes aka Jennimetal 11 December

New parents: Ms Bulelwa Mtakati and Mzimasi Kubukeli with their newborn baby Oyisa Mtakati.

Justine, Inez and I are blessed with the most beautiful baby girl! Mia was born at 8.35am on 30 November 2011 and she weighs 3,275kg. My word is she Flippin’ Cute ... Did I say that she is absolutely beautiful? Excuse me while I have a major moment but she is just so beautiful ... Paul Bogacz

She is a well-known lady in the Overberg area because of her extraordinary work in the Overberg District Municipality. She was the first young black lady to be appointed as a health inspector in Overstrand Municipality, at Stanford and Gansbaai administrations. Then she was promoted to Assistant Chief Health & Environmental Officer in Caledon. I’m talking about Ms Bulelwa Mtakati who is in the picture with her first baby, a newborn boy called Oyisa Mtakati. With her is the father of the child, her boyfriend Mzimasi Kubukeli, a qualified nurse. They are blessed with this child who arrived on 14 November 2011. I feel delighted that Oyisa and I share a birthday. God bless you all, from Aron Gcotyelwa.

LA VIERGE Restaurant


Champagne V e r a n d a h Mon – Sun lunch open till 7pm 15 Dec – 15 Jan DINNER: Fri & Sat salads, soups seafood, steaks, vegetarian dishes & in-house desserts

WEDDINGS • EVENTS & OUTSIDE CATERING Hemel-en-Aarde Valley • 028 313 2007 •

Stanford Bricks For all your requirements of Cement Bricks, Blocks, Stone, Mix, Crusher Dust, Filling, Sand, Gravel

Braai & Fireplace Wood Russell Metcalf: 082 898 4889 Lerouxna: 028 341 0685







R 2 900 000




NEW RELEASE R1 395 000




Call me to view commercial props - we also have tenants waiting to move in. STEWART 074 126 7770

beauty and wellness centre

Come, relax and enjoy. Spoil yourself or a loved one this holiday! Tranfer your mind to the warm shores of Hawaii and indulge in a LOMI LOMI massage, called “The rhythm of the Heart” the ultimate in relaxation.

Spoil yourself with a HOLISTIC, HOT STONE or SWEDISH full body massage.

Experience AFRICA’s abundance of exotic scents and herbs with a THERA NAKA massage providing the ultimate sensory load for natural beauty, complete relaxation & rejuvenation. All TheraNaka™ Signature Massages and Signature Treatment Packages will commence with a welcoming ritual of foot cleansing to celebrate the connection with nature followed by the unique purification and energy balancing of the core. To conclude the treatment journey fragrant mists and soft sounds reminiscent of the African rain will gently awaken the client.

18 H O PE STR EET, HER MA N U S • 028 313 0660 • info @ lafe m m e he r m a nus . c o . za

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