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2017-18 Highlights Keynote lecturers for 2017-18 included two Pulitzer Prize-winners: author and physician Siddhartha Mukherjee, discussing how genetic research reshapes our understanding of cancer, our society, and ourselves, and cultural critic Louis Menand on rock’n’roll’s origin myths and the power of the media to shape cultural myths. In addition to Mukherjee and Menand, guest speakers Alice Walker, Ted Koppel, and Kwame Anthony Appiah hosted small workshops intended to help Stanford students grow as writers and critical thinkers.

Endowed Lectures MAY 9, 2018

The Presidential Lecture in the Humanities and Arts Siddhartha Mukherjee Welcome to Cancer Land MARCH 14, 2018

The Harry Camp Memorial Lecture Louis Menand

Conditions for the Possibility of Rock ‘n’ Roll: An Exercise in Cultural History

Selected Conferences and Internal Events NOVEMBER 10-11, 2017

Time in Space: Representing Time in Maps Co-sponsored with the David Rumsey Map Center MARCH 6, 2018

25th Annual Publication Celebration Provost Persis Drell joined the Humanities Center’s celebration to recognize the depth and breadth of humanities scholarship at Stanford. In 2017, scholars from 21 departments published 75 works, ranging from books to music compilations.



I can always rely on the Humanities Center to bring speakers, like Menand and Mukherjee, and hold events that explore the meaning of our lives in this tech-centered world. Presidential Lecture in the Humanities attendee

Stanford Humanities Center 2017-18 Annual Report