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Devon Made It ( in NYC) by Devon Smith

Devon Made It (in NYC) Text and illustrations copyright Š 2013 by Jennifer Aaker and Devon Smith All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. For information address [contact info to come] ISBN-13: 978-1494400811 ISBN-10: 1494400812 Typography and design by Brandon Ly.

This book is dedicated to my family, in general. I especially want to thank Sami, Maile, Kailyn, Landon, Nana, Papa, Janny, Rich, Jojo and Brian, who came out for Thanksgiving. I also want to thank Cooper and Tea who sorta supported me. I also want to thank the Essermans who let us stay in this NYC apartment. And I also want to thank my parents, most of all. For my dad who helped me think of ideas that I want to make, and for mom who helped me co-write this book. Love, Devon.

Devon Made

by Jennifer Aaker Lyrics by Doug Gleicher

It ( in NYC)

and Devon Smith Illustrations by Aly Flock

Gather ‘round, listen up to this urban legend about a clever boy named Devon who was only eleven. See the thing about Devon: people knew he was smart. He had a knack for inventing, a true scientist at heart.


Every time something happened that presented a problem Devon put his mind to work and would quickly solve ‘em. For Dev there was no problem too tough to tackle. So he went to take his talents to the Big Apple. 5

On the way to the plane, his first challenge to face: “I need to charge my gadgets but they’re in my suitcase!” “My gear’s almost dead and I’ve no place to plug it. Aha! I’ll create some chargeable luggage!” He wrote the idea down in his journal where he noted possible inventions to solve every hurdle.



Finally he landed, watch out New York! Dev was excited to go get to work.


Finding issues around, coming up with solutions… next invention: a “music and mopping” fusion. Devon sat down at the table in the kitchen, his favorite place to work where few could listen.


He sketched out a music-while-mopping machine that would rock T-Pain and get the floor clean.


He grabbed his notebook and jotted it down, then put it away to discover this town.


When he stepped out, he noticed pollution in the sky. “How will we live if our earth cannot thrive?� He dreamt up a machine to suck dirt from the air leaving a green, clean world that we could share.


Next stop was Dylan’s, but the store was so crowded, “Let’s see if there’s something I could do about it.”


Right there at the store Devon thought out a plan, mapping out the locations where customers should stand.


This way he could cut down the crowds and congestion, and nobody would suffer from Candy Depression.

When Devon got home, he went right to the kitchen. But when he reached for his journal he saw it was missing. “It’s gone, I’ve lost it! How could this be?! I should’ve known of those pickpockets in NYC!” He searched every corner and inch of the house. But after hours of searching it still wasn’t found.


Devon couldn’t sleep, so much hard work was gone. “There’s no way I’ll make back all the work that I’ve done.” Then a knock at the door, “That’s strange. Who is this?” And he heard a voice say, “Hello? Devon Smith?”


“This is he!” Dev yelled back with inventor’s composure. “Who’s asking? Speak up! State your name! Who goes there?” “My name is Dario and I’ve found your journal, I thought it’d be right if I came to return it.” Devon wasted no time sprinting right for the door. “My journal, thank you! I can worry no more!”


“Well Devon,” said Dario, looking impressed, “Letting go of this journal makes me kind of depressed. So I’d like to make you an offer straight up. I’m the founder of a brand new start-up. I love all your work, and I want to see more. Could we start selling your products in all of our stores?”


Devon’s jaw dropped, he couldn’t believe it! His mom overheard and grinned, “Go on, take it!”


So Devon accepted this newest endeavor, making him the youngest inventor ever. All the things in his journal were quickly created, each stamped with the logo, “Devon Made It.�


His inventions were awesome, his name celebrated; when he made something new the whole country paraded.


Every week “Devon Made It” is globally trending, just wait till you see what he’s got patent pending!


With every new day Devon sits down and strives to invent things he pictures could change people’s lives. ‘Cause to Devon success and a new gadget’s worth is not measured in sales, but its impact on earth.


Acknowledgements I want to thank my mom for helping me write the book. And to Aly Flock who did the illustrations, to Doug Gleicher for the rhymes, and to Brandon Ly for designing the book.

Dear Readers, Thank you for reading this book. I am Devon, and I live in California but I live in NY right now, and this book takes place in NY. I hope you have an adventure like this sometime in your life. Devon

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