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Paper –Based Career model Pathway to Frustration

Over the last 5 years enrollment to the universities has registered phenomenal increase by 103% from about 118,000 in 2008 to 240,000 in 2012(Second MTP, Ministry of planning and devolution) Majority of these are employees. This could be attributable to the need for promotion at workplace and/or favorable competiveness in the job market. Note, just like in any other market, in the job-market the principle of demand and supply also applies. Therefore, high under-employment due to high supply of labor is inevitable. The effect of underemployment causes low staff morale, lack of innovativeness, increased work-related stress, emotional disconnection due to job dissatisfaction, low productivity and high staff turnover. The employee get trapped in a rat-race cycles searching for greener pastures from one organization to another that remain to be a pipe dream. Have a look at a paper-based career model‌‌

Paper-Based Career Model






1. Enrolling for the Degree

On the basis of short-term demand‌.. Many adverts for Purchasing & supplies jobs in counties, Disaster management due to Westgate attack, Retirement age of your boss, What every body else is doing etc

2. Short-lived Happiness Graduation Successful Interview Promotion More responsibilities

3. Role-Interest Conflict

Un-met dead lines

Un-achievedTargets Low morale

4. Career Crisis stagnation

Poor pay



5. Frustrations






I Give UP!...

In the July 2013 issue of Kenya Power ‘s organizational change and rebranding magazine-Mwangaza, a report on employees engagement was given. In the report, 61% of the employee are likely not engaged, 28% are actively disengaged and only 12% are engaged. While recognizing the importance of capacity building and mission alignment as recommendations by the report, my crystal ball tells me that the outcome reflected in the report has a dimension in paper-based career – of course with enough reasons to support this position. In my view looking forward, interventions that will win back the lost souls back to the company business as an emergency response would be recommended in the short-run. Then, individual capacity, talent and skills (Authentic genes) be matched with the job placements to ignite PASSION amongst the staff members. The passion will sparkle creativity and drive innovativeness among the staff members who will then put Customer’s interest First. This unity of purpose will generate synergy in One Team in pursuit of Excellence in all that they do. Every staff members will voluntarily endeavour to protect Integrity of their shining BRANDS individually!

Yours host, James Mathenge @mathengejames

Paper based career  

Effects of pursuing academic qualifications for promotion & Standing out at labor market

Paper based career  

Effects of pursuing academic qualifications for promotion & Standing out at labor market