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WHEN YOU GROW UP | Connection Group Discussion Guide | Week 3 Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold; for wisdom is better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare with her. — Proverbs 8:10-11

Connect (5 to 10 minutes) Come together to build relationships through fellowship and sharing about this week’s worship. • Take a few minutes to share your thoughts about worship this week. – What aspects of worship did or did not connect with you? – What story or illustration made an impact on you? • Icebreaker: Share about one of the big “life lessons” you learned from your parents or siblings growing up.

Context (30 to 40 minutes) Dig deeper into the video and scriptures for this week through questions and discussion. Watch the video for this session on your Connection Group DVD or online. • Share about a “hard thing” or a habit that you do on a regular basis, even if you don’t enjoy it. – How is this better for you in the long run, even if it is difficult? • Were you surprised to hear such practical advice in the book of Proverbs? Why or why not? – Share about another scripture that has given practical advice for a situation you were or currently are experiencing. – How did you hear God speaking through this scripture? – What did you do in response to reading this scripture? • What are some “hard things” that your parents taught you to do growing up? – How did these “hard things” turn into larger life lessons for you? – How have you tried to share these “hard things” with others in your life, whether children, friends, or coworkers?

Read Matthew 7:13-14 • When do you see the Christian faith going against our culture, what is typically expected or accepted? – Is this easy or hard for you to go along with? Why? – Do you think Christianity is counter-cultural? Why or why not? • Share about a time when you made a choice to go through the “wide gate” or take the easy way out. – Why did you make this decision? – What happened as a result of this decision? – How was your faith or your relationships with others impacted because of this choice? • Share about a time when you chose to go through the “narrow gate” or to do the hard thing. – Why did you make this decision? – What happened as a result of this decision? – How was your faith or your relationships with others impacted because of this choice? Read Matthew 10:5-10 • The disciples were told to reach out to a specific group of people. Which specific groups of people or individuals do you feel “sent out” to? – What specific instructions do you feel you need to follow this call?

Call (10 minutes) We believe that God not only shows us who God is but invites us to participate in God’s ministry by answering unique calls in our own lives. Join together in discovering how we can actively respond to scripture and God’s presence. • What are some habits you’d like to start forming that will have a bigger impact on your life? – What are some small ways you can begin to practice wisdom or do the “hard things” in your life? – How can this group hold you accountable to those?

Closing (5 minutes) God calls us into community by sharing our joys and concerns together in prayer and supporting one another in our walks with Christ. As we share testimony and stories of our lives, let us listen to where God is working within our community and how we can build each other up in Christian love. • Share joys and concerns with one another. • Close in prayer, either by inviting a group member to pray or by using the prayer provided below. Closing Prayer Almighty God, we admit that sometimes we would prefer to ignore the smaller, daily habits that lead to bigger faith. Our day-to-day life concerns distract us, and we forget that those smaller “hard things” lead to much more through the power of the Holy Spirit. Help us to have the determination and discipline to practice doing the hard things and grow deeper in our relationship with you. Amen.

When you grow up group guide week 3  
When you grow up group guide week 3