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St. Andrew’s School. Policies and Procedures. Uniform List & Dress Code ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Please use this list in conjunction with the dress code that follows. * items marked with an asterisk are optional for use, but if the item is worn to School, it must be the School regulation uniform. Boys’ Uniform

Girls’ Uniform

Winter Uniform Black shoes White shirt Grey trousers Grey socks School blazer School cap School fleece and / or school cagoule* School jumper School scarf / gloves* School tie School coat* School fleece hat*

Black shoes White shirt School Anderson tartan skirt Grey socks knee length / grey tights / red tights School blazer School felt hat School fleece and / or school cagoule* School jumper or School cardigan School scarf / gloves* School tie School coat* School fleece hat*

Summer Uniform Black shoes White shirt Grey shorts Trousers (optional for Year 6) Grey knee length socks School sun hat

Black shoes School boater School grey cardigan School summer dress White socks knee length School sun hat

Sports Wear (Boys & Girls) School burgundy and white polo shirt School burgundy shorts or skort White sports socks or burgundy football socks White plimsolls or plain white trainers (a small amount of colour is allowed) School burgundy and grey tracksuit Football boots (Only required for Year 6 pupils) Shin pads (optional for Junior pupils) Gum Shield (optional for Junior pupils) Bags Infants School book bag School PE bag

Juniors School rucksack School sports bag

Art An Art Apron is required for Year 2 – Year 6 pupils Dress Code General Items ▪ ▪ ▪

All items of clothing must be the appropriate size, clean and in good repair, clearly marked with pupil’s name. (full name and not initials) The term “School” as in “School coat” or “School fleece” refers to items of clothing unique to the School and which must be purchased from the school shop. Non-School coats are not allowed. Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied back at all times with a navy or black hair band or a school hair band. Gel is not to be worn in the hair. Under no circumstances should the natural colour of the hair be altered in any way. For boys, hair should be short; it should not include steps, lines or be of distinctly varying lengths. Heads should not be shaven.

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St. Andrew’s School. Policies and Procedures.

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Pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery. Girls with pierced ears may wear plain studs. Watches may be worn only by Junior School children. No make-up or nail varnish should be worn in School.

Individual Items Year R Black plimsolls

For inside use

Boys Black shoes Grey socks

No suede or boots. Summer use; knee length

Girls Plain black shoes School Anderson tartan kilt School Summer dress Grey socks White socks Hair bands

No suede, sling-back, open-toe, heels or decorative. Shoes should give sufficient support. Knee length or below and pleated. Knee length or below. Winter use; knee length. Summer use; knee length, plain, no frills or bows. Plain black, navy blue or school hair band (tartan or summer material).

Exceptions to the standard uniform list can be discussed with the Principal and adjustments made in certain circumstances, in line with the school’s public sector equality duty. Pupils should not bring unnecessary personal items of value to school. The school is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen items of school uniform or personal items. September and October – Winter or Summer Uniform November – March – Winter Uniform April and May – Winter or Summer Uniform June and July – Summer Uniform

Mrs E. Steinmann-Gilbert Principal St. Andrew’s School Procedure Date: 1st September 2018 Review Date: September 2021

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Uniform List and Dress Code  
Uniform List and Dress Code