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Welcome to the St Andrew’s College Music Department. This booklet gives information about College groups as well as details on instrumental tuition.

TUTORS The studio features: • • • • • • •

Bassoon; Cello, Double Bass (Classical); Clarinet; Classical Guitar; Classical Piano; Contemporary/Jazz Piano; Drums;

• Electric Bass and Double Bass (Jazz); • Flute; • Guitar (Contemporary); • Horn, Trumpet and Trombone; • • • •

Oboe; Organ; Saxophone (Jazz and Classical); Singing – Classical, Contemporary and Jazz Voice; • Theory lessons; • Violin; P  RACTICE OPPORTUNITIES IN MUSIC SUITE Department studios (MS03, MS04, MS05 and MS06) are available to all students currently studying an instrument or voice. We apologise for the very limited amount of drumming practice opportunities. 2

Boarders are allowed access to the department after 5.00pm by using the music department key kept by the House Master of each boarding house. It is very important that the last boarder out of the block closes studio windows, locks the front door and returns the key to the housemaster. Boarders’ keys do not give access to the two main classrooms or MS07. F  EES For private lessons (in the Music suite studios) most tutors charge around $30–$40 per half hour lesson. About 30–33 lessons are taken during the year. If you wish to know the exact scale of fees, please check with the tutor concerned. L  ESSON TIME NOTIFICATION, PREFERENCES Tutors try to accommodate all students’ requests. Normally senior students have lessons in their study periods as a first priority. Other students are usually rotated so that no one misses out each week on the same subject. Students, please check this regularly with your tutor. A  BSENCES, MISSED LESSONS It is the parent’s responsibility to notify tutors in advance if their child cannot attend a lesson for any reason. Except in the case of illness, communication with the tutor should be no later than 24 hours before the lesson in order to give tutors the chance to reorganise student times. Please make sure you have the tutor’s telephone number. In the case of illness or an emergency or forgetting to notify the tutor within the 24 hours prior to lesson, please ring him/her as soon as possible before lesson so that we know student whereabouts.

As a backup measure you can email Mr Ferguson on or Ms Thorner on before 8.00am. Tutors reserve the right to charge for lessons where insufficient, or no notification has been given of the student’s absence. We do appreciate your support with this. T  ERMINATION OF LESSONS Students are expected to learn for the full year. If the student or parent wishes to finish lessons he/she must give four weeks notice. Otherwise four weeks lessons will be charged in lieu of that notice. If you are unable to reach the tutor by phone, then please inform Mr Ferguson as Head of Department and he will relay the information. INSTRUMENTAL HIRE The College has some instruments available for hire at $60–$80 per term. Students are welcome to keep them over holidays at no charge. If the College runs out of hire instruments, there are some very good ‘hire-to-buy’ schemes available in Christchurch – Sedley Wells, Christchurch Music Centre and at KBB Music in Hornby (next to Rockshop).

Please note that families are liable for any repairs to instruments that are not considered normal ‘wear and tear’. T  HEORY LESSONS The tuition offered follows the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music unless otherwise requested. Students will be expected to purchase the appropriate grade workbook. Please complete the online booking form just as you would for instrumental/vocal lessons. These lessons are highly recommended for students wishing to do NCEA music. Please discuss with Mr Ferguson if you have any concerns about your music theory knowledge (such as drummers, guitarists, etc.) and he will advise you if you need lessons or not.

To sign up for music lessons please complete the form at:

Please note, if you have previously learnt from an instrumental teacher at St Andrew’s College, you do not need to complete a form. You are welcome to contact that teacher directly and organise a lesson time. If you are planning on learning guitar or drums it is a good idea to also learn another instrument such as double bass, clarinet, trombone, violin and other such instruments. There are limited opportunities for guitarists, electric bass players and drummers to perform in groups at St Andrew’s College (last year over 90 students learned guitar and over 60 learned drums) so if you would like to be involved with St Andrew’s College extra-curricular groups it is highly recommended you learn two instruments. P  ERFORMANCE EVENING Each term on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening there is an opportunity for all students to perform, from beginner to advanced. Parents provide an ideal first audience and the evening is made as informal as possible, so that the first playing (and singing) experiences can be pleasant ones (please note that any St Andrew’s student can take part, whether learning at the school or from an outside teacher). Performance Evening dates appear in our online Cultural Calendar. Please see the notice boards in the music block for this year’s dates or contact Mr Ferguson or Ms Thorner We also maintain an online Cultural Calendar via the St Andrew’s College Intranet. It is updated on a regular basis with all music dates and related cultural activities throughout the year. 3

Music Department Information

A  GES FOR LEARNING INSTRUMENTS AND SINGING For some instruments it may not be appropriate for students under Year 6 to be learning. However, if there is space in a tutor’s teaching programme they may be happy to take on younger students. Please be aware that priority will be given to older students.

For further clarification you should discuss with the instrumental/vocal tutor concerned. C  ONTACTING TUTORS If you are already learning with a St Andrew’s College approved tutor, then feel free to contact them yourself to set up lessons. You do not need to submit a lesson application form to the Music Department. Often parents ask if it’s acceptable to have tutors who are not official St Andrew’s tutors come into Music Department to teach their children. Unfortunately, due to space and Human Resource requirements we are unable to allow this. To sign up for instrument lessons, please complete the form at:


Level One:


S  ECONDARY SCHOOL CHOIRS Staccoro Directors: Accompanist:

Ms Hnat Miss Holden

This an auditioned choir and is made up mainly of senior students. It rehearses on Wednesday lunchtimes and Thursday after school. Before school sectional rehearsals are expected to happen in Term 2 in the build up to Big Sing. Stacchorus Director: Accompanist:

Mr Botting Mr Lawrence

This choir is an open choir open to Secondary School students of all ages. Students will be required to audition. Stacchorus rehearses on Monday lunchtimes and Thursday after school. P  REPARATORY SCHOOL CHOIRS Junior Choir (Years 3–5) Director: Ms Emeleus. Accompanist: Mr Lawrence, assisted by Mrs Radford. Cantare Choir (Years 6–8) Director: Ms Emeleus. Accompanist: Mr Lawrence, assisted by Mrs Radford. O  RCHESTRAS St Andrew’s College has three orchestras on tiered levels. Please contact Mr Hodgkinson, Ms Emeleus, Mrs Radford or Ms Thorner if you are interested in joining one of our orchestras this year.

Preparatory Orchestra (Years 2–5 and less experienced players) Director: Ms Emeleus assisted by Mrs Radford. A beginner group designed to encourage, and up-skill younger and less experienced players. It is anticipated that this group will provide an opportunity for the inclusion of varied levels of competency through specialist arrangement and composition and encourage new students to try learning an instrument. This orchestra rehearses on Wednesday during the lunchtime. Level Two: Director:

Concert Orchestra Mr Hodgkinson

An all-inclusive group for more advanced players. The repertoire will be wide ranging including some pops and contemporary material in addition to mainstream classical. This group will be designed to build skills and provide a platform for our mid-range and more advanced players that may wish to progress to chamber orchestra. This group will play at school events and assemblies, as required. Level Three:  Chamber Orchestra (Advanced and Scholarship) Director: Mr Hodgkinson This will be our most advanced group. Smaller in number, it will perform challenging repertoire and provide a learning platform for our most advanced students. It will undertake competition work and festivals, play at school events and assemblies, and represent the College at public functions, as required. Symphony Orchestra Director: Mr Hodgkinson This group will combine the Chamber and Concert Orchestras and will be expected to perform at large College functions such as Prizegiving and Founders Day. 5

Orchestra Rehearsals Strowan Chamber Orchestra – Monday after school and every other Tuesday lunchtime. StAC Orchestra – Thursday lunch and every other Tuesday lunchtime. Preparatory Orchestra – Wednesday lunch. Secondary School students in the Symphony Orchestra will go on a camp to Hanmer Springs on Saturday 2 March–Monday 4 March 2019.

but they will also learn repertoire to compete in the Ara Jazz Quest and Blenheim Southern Jam. They meet on Monday lunchtimes. B  ARBERSHOP GROUPS Barbershop groups are formed each year (male and female) and are under the direction of Mr Botting. Usual practice times would be Wednesday after school and Thursday or Friday lunchtimes in MS02 or MS07. R  OCK SCHOOL

J  AZZ BAND This is our ‘Big Band’, playing music from the swing era as well as popular tunes, funk and jazz/rock numbers. Saxophones, trumpets, trombones, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums are involved. Practice times are Friday lunchtimes in MS01 and Thursday nights from 7.00pm–8.30pm. Entry is by audition. Please see Mr Ferguson for any information. J  AZZ COMBO AND SOUL BAND Musicians keen on jazz music are invited to register their interest for a 4–7 piece jazz ensemble/combo. This group is made up of drums, bass (double or electric), guitar, keys and 1–3 ‘horns’. This group rehearses at 6.00pm on Thursday evenings. Entry by audition.

Other groups are formed each year according to players available and the event concerned. An example is the annual Secondary Schools Chamber Music Contest, which St Andrew’s College has supported by entering several groups each year.

Note that each group has varying costs dependant on camps, competitions and trips away. See the tutor of each group for a yearly estimate.

Soul Band is the combo, but with the addition of four vocalists. Entry to this group is by invitation only by Mr Ferguson. There will be no auditions.

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Thorner, Mr Hodgkinson, Mr Botting or Mr Ferguson. We are only too happy to hear from students interested in joining any of these groups


Duncan Ferguson Head of Music

This is open to all jazz musicians in the College. The emphasis is on learning jazz skills (particularly improvising) 6

Every Friday after school, the rock school of St Andrew’s College take over the music block and play as loud as they like! Co-ordinated by Mr Giles and Mr Sumner we have 7–8 rock groups regularly rehearsing, playing gigs, writing original music and preparing for Rockquest. Register your interest with Mr Giles on

E P +64 940 2000 extn 4098


347 Papanui Road, Christchurch 8052, New Zealand P +64 3 940 2000 W

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Music Department 2019  

This booklet gives information about College music groups as well as details on instrumental tuition.

Music Department 2019  

This booklet gives information about College music groups as well as details on instrumental tuition.