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Items throughout the programme included Staccoro singing In My Life; Stacchorus and Cantore singing Happy accompanied by the Jazz orchestra. The Jazz Band also played Georgia and the orchestra entertained with the William Tell Overture. The Ballet Academy gave a stunning performance of Snowflakes from the season of The Nutcracker and the ceremony concluded with a wonderful interpretation of Somewhere performed by the Encore cast and Staccoro, accompanied by the orchestra. Mr Brent Cummack was presented with the annual Marily Scanlon Prize for Teacher Excellence. Bryan Pearson presented his first Prizegiving address as Board Chair and Head Prefects, Lizzie Stevenson and Angus Syme, delivered passionate valedictories which encompassed so much of the St Andrew’s spirit.

ACADEMIC Outstanding academic results in NCEA and Scholarships at the end of 2017 (results January 2018): 100% at Level 1, 98.4% at Level 2 and 93.9% at Level 3. Excellence Endorsements: 96 at Level 1, 59 at Level 2, and 57 at Level 3. This is a total of 212 Excellence Endorsements (seven more than the previous year). In the end of the year Scholarship examinations there were 23 Scholarships awarded. University Scholarships – 64 awarded; ICAS three top medal winners – Year 5 English, Year 7 Digital Technologies and Year 9 Mathematics; Mathematics – Year 10 Cantamath winners, Biennial Year 12 Mathematics Challenge winners and 13 High Distinctions for Australian Mathematics competitions; Geography – National Year 11 Interschool Geography competition – top Canterbury team and second nationally; Future Problem Solving in Wisconsin – Year 8–9 International Team and Year 10 Individual; Debating – Canterbury Schools’ Junior Debating runners-up; Poetry – 2017 International Institute of Modern Letters National Schools Poetry Award finalist; Tournament of the Minds – Preparatory School national finalist.

NCEA RESULTS Once again, we are very pleased with our results released mid-January and for our students who have achieved their goals. Many students achieved outstanding success with 212 Excellence endorsements across Levels 1, 2 and 3 (2016 – 205 Excellence endorsements: 2015 – 167 Excellence endorsements).

NCEA Results Level 1 – 100%

Level 2 – 98.4%

Level 3 – 93.9%

Excellence Endorsements Level 1 – 96

Level 2 – 59

Level 3 – 57

Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2017


Annual Report 2017  

This is the 2017 Annual Report for St Andrew's College, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Annual Report 2017  

This is the 2017 Annual Report for St Andrew's College, Christchurch, New Zealand.