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St Andrew’s and St George’s West Diary and Newsletter November 2013

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St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Broch climbers!

Lewis and Harris Ian Gilmour I have just returned from the Outer Hebrides where Donna and I had a wonderful week of restful activity with friends. In the picture we are climbing a broch. We appreciated the stunning beaches and learning the story of the people. We visited black houses, churches, a whale bone arch, saw 5,000 year old standing stones and visited the Butt of Lewis lighthouse and Ness, where my clan, the Morrisons, were based. While there I wondered how different certain scriptures might appear to me, if I had been born on the island of Lewis/Harris? On Sunday 27 October we will be reading Second Timothy Chapter 4. Here are nine key phrases from this passage: “Fight the good fight” “Finish the race” “Keep the faith” No one came to my support All deserted me (may it not be counted against them) But the Lord stood and gave me strength So I was rescued from the lion’s mouth! The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack And save me for his heavenly kingdom 3

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Would our understanding of these scripture passages be altered had we been raised on Lewis or Harris? Many crofters were given their portion of land as part of ‘clearances’ from other parishes. So land was given, but hard toil was required to cultivate it due to a lack of soil. Abundant peat was a blessing yet it is really strenuous communal work – cutting, carrying, stacking and drying it, all before it could release its smoke, heat and aroma into the living space. Fishing was freely available but participants have to take their chances on that mighty stretch of water known as the Minch. Absentee landlords from the south owning lochs full of fish while stomach at table may be far from full. One landowner was making his huge wealth from the opium trade, while another was determined to bring industry to the islands at any cost. This was Lord Leverhulme who built the ‘Road To Nowhere’ in the early 1920’s and on which we journeyed to an abrupt end.

Uig Beach,andLewis 4 St Andrew’s St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

This community was hugely committed to learning, despite many adults having received limited personal education. If you were religious with the desire to be faithful to God your options were limited despite many church buildings. Most offered various versions of a rather repressive faith, some aspects of which would cause even John Calvin to blush. There was no true recognition of your predicament by anyone living outside the area. Even the one great craft success story Harris Tweed is a trial to create - needing time, energy and labour of the hard variety to make the fine finished Rev Shona Boardman, formerly of St John’s, with an 11th cloth. Century portable baptismal bowl from the Flannan Isles

John MacLeod writes of the experience of the people in his 2009 book ‘When I Heard the Bell’:

“We can no longer… grasp the sheer toughness of a people used to grinding physical toil, who walked prodigious distances even in old age, who memorised complex genealogies, catechisms, poems and Scripture, who slaughtered their own cattle, sheep and fowl, who washed and dressed and buried their own dead, who lived vigorously on a scant plain diet and had – amidst discomfort and griefs beyond our comprehension – the most enormous fun.” Perhaps the genuine fun which counter balanced the huge challenges - or probably the constant fight for survival against huge 5

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

odds - created physical and spiritual muscle which modern Scots have not developed. Whatever the cause from their midst the people from these islands in that period produced some of Scotland’s finest individuals. Of course a former minister of our joint congregation came from Harris. The Rev Roderick Mackinnon said of him, “Murdo Ewen was not the kind of highlander who on gaining prominence and affluence became dismissive of their heritage, throwing off like a coat the early simplicities and rustic pieties. They may have done so to the impoverishment of their souls. Murdo drew strength from his background - from the church and from what he described as the pure communism of his village.” I invite you to re-read the 2 Timothy passage and see if it would appear different to you from a Lewis or Harris perspective? Our lectionary gospel reading ends on Sunday with these words from Jesus, “All who exalt themselves will be humbled, but all who humble themselves will be exalted”. Reflect, love life and enjoy it fully, Ian

Standing Stones at Callanish towards dusk

Worship Strengthens and Transforms 6

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Worship is helpful for our growth as followers of Christ, so consider joining us Sunday by Sunday. You can attend Communion at 9.00am, the All Age service at 9.45am or enjoy our progressive pattern at 11.00am or come to all three!

November Sun 3 Nov 11am

The Strength of Our Witness Luke 19:1–10

Sun 10 Nov 10.50 Good Relationships Remembrance Service (note start time) with our friends in the Edinburgh German Speaking Congregation 2 Samuel 12 Sun 17 Nov

A World Filled with Love Isaiah 65:17–25

Sun 24 Nov

The Reign of Christ Colossians 1:11–20

December – the season of Advent Sun 1 Dec

A Time to… Ecclesiastes 3

"Worship has been misunderstood as something that arises from a feeling which "comes upon you," but it is vital that we understand that it is rooted in a conscious act of the will, to serve and obey the Lord Jesus Christ." Graham Kendrick My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You In a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. So I have looked for You in the sanctuary, To see Your power and Your glory. Because Your loving kindness is better than life, My lips shall praise You. Thus I will bless You while I live. Psalm 63


St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

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Koto Concert Mission Shaped Ministry Vision Day (p29)

Sun 3 Nov

9am, 9.45am, 11am services fellowship lunch for Amnesty 6.30pm Sing Out p26 S.O.Good Concert

Sat 9 Nov

Sun 10 Nov 11 –16 Nov Tue 12 Nov Wed 13 Nov

9am, 9.45am, 10.50am services Creative TOGETHER Sale (p22) Architecture of the Disruption lecture (p10) Harmony with Nature lecture (p10)

Sun 17 Nov Mon 18 Nov Tue 19 Nov

9am, 9.45am, 11am services Book Group Full on the Eye Evergreens: Jane Austen (Maureen Kelly) UK Gold Film Screening (p21) Edinburgh Quartet Rush Hour Concert p26 CA Picture Sale (p21) in Sanctuary CA Picture Sale (p21) in Sanctuary CA Picture Sale, CA coffee morning Undercroft (p21) 9am, 9.45am, 11am services Light Night Euripides’ Helen (Athens of the North) p26

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St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Announcements Parish Weddings Megan Masaki to Ashley Buck, at the Georgian House Parish Funerals Rita Metcalfe, at Mortonhall Crematorium New members at STAGW George Louden Departing members from STAGW Dr Paula Smith ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks to everyone for their immense kindness on my bereavement. It means a great deal. Jean Howard ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Stewardship: making things happen Please remember to let Church Office know which date you wish to attend (30th October or 16th November). A phone call (225 3847) will be fine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Great Tapestry of Scotland The tapestry has moved Cockenzie House and Gardens until 8th December. All 160 panels are on display. So if you missed its brief appearance at the Scottish Parliament you have another chance to view it!


St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Autumn Lectures at St Andrew’s & St George’s West

The Architecture of the Disruption Professor John R Hume OBE, BSc, ARCST, Hon FRIAS, FSA Scot Tuesday 12 November at 7.30pm

The 1843 Disruption of the Church of Scotland was one of the most significant events of the 19th century with immense repercussions for the social and physical fabric of Scotland. It unleashed a frenzy of church-building in a rapidly changing, industrialising society. This lecture will examine church architecture in the 15 years before and after the 1843 Disruption.

Harmony with Nature Ian Mason, Principal, School of Economic Science Wednesday 13 November at 7.30pm We are very pleased that Ian Mason, International Principal of School of Economic Science has agreed to give a lecture here "Harmony With Nature" on 13th November 7.30 pm The School of Economic Science is a registered educational charity whose principal objective is to promote the study of Natural Laws governing relations in human society. The philosophic enquiry and study in the school is directed towards understanding the unity which underlies all religions and philosophies. Socio-economic justice, peace and harmony will come about only when the 10

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

essential connection between the spiritual and practical aspects of life is valued and we discover and live for the common good. After Ian address to the UN in April he received the second Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative Award in Paris on 27th August 2013. ( ) This award honoured the school's dedication to the principles of hard work, commitment, volunteerism and service, and passion for dialogues of cultures, civilisations, religions, ideas and visions. I have been privileged to be a member both of this School and of St. Andrews and St. George's West Church for over 25 years. Previously I was an elder in the United Reformed Church in England, ordained 'Into the wider church of God', and now understand that my role as a tutor in the School in Edinburgh is continuing to fulfil this commitment in our beautiful city.

“I am very pleased to endorse this lecture and encourage those who wish to hear a new angle on the world to attend it”. Ian Gilmour

It would be wonderful if each member of St Andrew’s and St George’s West could encourage at least one other person to come along to hear Ian Mason's inspirational address! He emphasises the duty of care for humanity, through and beyond any particular religion or philosophy. Margaret Ann Fraser

artwork for both lectures by Shonagh Gibson


St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Music in Malta: thoughts from the choir It was a lovely experience and I felt that we all got to know each other better while in Malta. Laura I had a fantastic time in Malta as I felt the concert was well prepared and fun to perform, and we were in great company to enjoy our free time together. Clara Malta is a beautiful country with incredible architecture. The weather made a very nice change to that of Scotland, too. Drew One day we visited Gozo, which is an nearby island about a third the size of Malta. The scenery and beaches were lovely and the differences between the islands are interesting. Andrew It was nice to spend more time with choir members and build friendships in a holiday setting. Emily St Andrew’s, Malta


St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

On Sunday morning, the choir was welcomed by the congregation of St Andrew’s Scots Church, in Valletta, with its wide variety of nationalities and church background. Their mission project OUT OF AFRICA….INTO MALTA, seeks to support immigrants and refugees arriving from Africa, by building relationships, teaching English and providing material and financial help through ‘Malta Microfinance’, supported by the Church of Scotland Guild. Mary A French lady was most enthusiastic about our concert in St Lawrence, Birgu, and remarked on our "tres bonne pupitre de sopranes"! We also had good conversations with visitors and members of the Scots Kirk. Alison C "Hot! Hot! Hot!" Jean Bright Sparks get everywhere! Walking back to the seminary one day I passed a lady feeding three stray cats in the shade on a street square. I stopped to talk to her, and she told me she met these three cats at the same time and place every single day to feed them, and had befriended them over the years. I thought this sums up Malta perfectly, a warm, kind place with lots of a warm, kind place cats. Anna … with lots of cats 13

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

rehearsing in St Lawrence Birgu, before the evening concert Great experience to sing in the most beautiful and ornate church I've ever seen and great fun exploring the island. I'll never forget how blue the sea is out there. Nicole It was an absolute pleasure to take part in the choir tour. It's the first chance I've had of performing abroad and to do it in a country as beautiful definitely made it something to remember Without doubt the highlight of the trip was the venue we got to sing in, the sound was incredible Frazer A personal highlight was our singing of the well-known Eucharistic Maltese hymn T’adoriam ostia divina (arr by Stuart M. Mitchell) to the seminarists on Sunday morning. Brigitte I have been an officer of the Order of St John in Scotland for some years. It shares the same historic tradition and mission as the Order which had its birth in Jerusalem in the 11th century and settled on Malta in the 16th century: giving assistance to the sick and the poor. It was very interesting to find out how the knights transformed Malta, undertaking urban construction projects such as the building of palaces and churches, as well as formidable new defence bastions and gardens.’ M M 14

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Choir singing by candlelight in St Lawrence Church, Birgu, Malta 15

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Malta: another angle Alison Bruce Almost 2,000 years after St Paul was shipwrecked on his way to Rome, Malta is once again a destination for distressed sailors. 32,000 people have washed up in Malta and Italy this year alone.

Families fleeing from unrest in Syria, Egypt, Palestine and Libya as well as Somalia and Eritrea cross the Sahara and are then packed into tiny boats to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. Many don’t make it. In the past two decades 20,000 people have drowned trying to reach Europe from Africa. Many more have been rescued and transferred to Malta and southern Italian islands, where they are housed in shocking conditions – tents or prefabswhile their immigration or asylum requests are processed. In the few days we spent in Malta as a choir, 30 people died as a boat carrying 250 refugees sank off the island. If we listened we could hear helicopters airlifting the survivors to Mater Dei Hospital. Fortunately, we were in a good place to do something constructive. We were in St Andrew’s Church in Malta, on Mission Sunday, when 16

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

a special collection was being held for their work at home and overseas. And over coffee we were able to catch up on progress on their inspiring projects working with migrants and refugees in Malta. Initially, the church’s work with refugees concentrated on improving conditions in camps – supplying cooling fans in summer, warm clothes in winter – and supplying baby clothes and equipment to new mothers. Now, funded by the Church of Scotland Guild and the Presbytery of Europe, the church is stepping up to help migrants move on, move out of camps and into the workforce and normal life. The crypt of the Kirk is being refurbished. It will open in January 2014 as a centre for migrants, housing Malta Microfinance, offering English classes and a counselling centre run by an American Christian group. Dot Hunter co-ordinates a team of eight teachers running English classes for migrants. Previously the church ran classes at Marsa Refugee Centre, just teaching men, but has relocated back to the church and now teaches a 50:50 mix of men and women. Most are Muslim. Classes run twice a week. The work is challenging, she admits, but very rewarding – some students have even gained Cambridge English certificates. Peter Lloyd is chairman of Malta Microfinance, a not for profit company owned by the church, and modelled on Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Microfinance lends small sums of money to make a big difference. An experienced project worker is in place and a very strong volunteer team. There is a clear strategy of how and where to lend and strong partnerships with local and overseas institutions. Malta Microfinance will launch formally and make its first loans this month. The energy, expertise and enthusiasm of everyone involved in this project is astounding. In the midst of human tragedy, the chance of a better life really is offered for those washed up on Malta’s shores. Alison Bruce 17

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Cape Maclear School

Ruth, Pearson Soka of Mulanje Mission Hospital, James, MM


St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

More from Malawi Schools While the schools were still on holiday during our week at Mulanje, we made contact with the head teachers, thanks to Ruth Shakespeare, and they invited in any pupils who were interested. So we had 2 mornings with around 40 secondary pupils and about 80 primary pupils. Ruth Forrester and Alison Campbell also visited a school at Cape Maclear – 2,000 children cheerfully crowded into classes of over 100. Primary education is free BUT a uniform is needed and while most will be passed down for several generations, it can be a barrier. We learned what the children have to do to get an education – walking for 40 minutes to school, perhaps having only one meal a day at this the hungry time of year, which is the fortified porridge they get at school.

Pearson Soka

Child Survival in Malawi (Scotland) Charity SC 035943

Pearson (opposite, second from left) is the Hospital Secretary and has now finished his MBA, thanks to the support of our congregation. He is a most delightful man and it was very good to get to know him. Alison Campbell for the Malawi Group 19


SALE Friday 15 November 2013 (7 – 9 pm: viewing 6-7 pm) at ST MARY’S PARISH CHURCH GARDEN ROOM 12 Bellevue Crescent EH3 6NE [Please enter by side lane NOT main door] Items for auction to be brought from 5-6 pm on the day or contact: Pat Bryden on 0131 352 3163

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Storytelling and Writing Exhibition Mary Godden In August, classes from Dalry and Stenhouse Primary Schools took part in our first Children’s Day at our Book Festival Fringe at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Younger children were enthralled by storytelling from Aileen Paterson. Aileen is the author and illustrator of books featuring Maisie, the kilted cat from Morningside. At the workshop, Maisie related her adventures and Aileen drew pictures which inspired the younger children back at school to create drawings, paintings, models and stories of the popular cat. Older children took part in a Creative Writing Workshop, enthusiastically led by Marianne Wheelaghan, author of ‘The Blue Suitcase’. Marianne showed them how to get ideas for writing and how to develop them into a short narrative. An exhibition in the Sanctuary displays some of the imaginative work produced in the schools following these sessions. We thank the children and their teachers for lending it to us.

Choirs from Dalry, Stenhouse and other schools will be singing at our Christmas Tree Festival in December. Come along and support them!


St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Christian Aid Autumn Diary dates ………………………………………….

Creative TOGETHER Craft Stall and Sale Mon 11- Fri 15 Nov 10am-2pm Undercroft Café also 17 Nov, St John’s 24 Nov, St Cuthbert’s ……………………… The UK Gold (Film) 19 November Jean Howard 0131 225 3847 ………………………

The UK Gold Film Showing 19 November at St Andrew’s and St George’s West The UK Gold follows Hackney vicar Father William Taylor as he stands up and speaks out against tax dodging. Featuring a stunning soundtrack by Thom Yorke and Robert Del Naja, it reveals how the UK’s tax havens are complicit in maintaining the financial secrecy that fuels tax dodging, robbing poor countries of an estimated US$160 billion a year.

Christian Aid Art Sale & Coffee Morning Thurs 21- Sat 23 Nov: Art Sale, Sanctuary Sat 23 Nov: Coffee morning in the Undercroft with jewellery and gift stall. Mary Davidson 07714186754 Joan Dryburgh 01383 860 153 21

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter


St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Christian Aid

Art Sale at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Thurs 21 – Sat 23 Nov 10am-5pm Peat Gatherers at Eriskay, Graham Glen For 3 days in November the church will be filled with colour and harmony when the Christian Aid Art Sale returns to George Street. Many readers will be familiar with the annual Christian Aid Book Sale which takes place in the church every May. In the last ten years the book sale has raised over a million pounds for the wonderful work Christian Aid is involved with throughout the world.

The Painting Sale is younger but has already made its mark as an occasion to acquire some really impressive works of art at very competitive prices. Every painting for sale in the church will have been donated – either by the artist or from generous collectors. The sale is a great opportunity to acquire something very special and unique for Christmas at prices ranging from £1 upwards. Every purchase, of course, helps support Christian Aid’s projects. There will be works by such celebrated artists as David Michie, Sandy Moffat, Sam Ainslie and Lynn McGregor, but the sale is also a chance to spot emerging talent. A really exciting rediscovery this year is Graham Glen’s evocative Peat Gatherers at Eriskay of 1913 which has been donated from a private collection on Orkney and which has never before been sold. It was painted when the Outer Hebrides, and Eriskay in particular, was being studied by such Celtic scholars as the artist John Duncan and the folklorist Marjory Kennedy Fraser. James Holloway 23

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Mary Levison a significant anniversary 2013 is an anniversary of great and lasting significance for the Church of Scotland and also for St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church. It was 50 years ago in 1963 that Mary Lusk, as she then was, petitioned the General Assembly to allow the ordination of women to the Ministry. Rev Dr Mary Levison There was still much resistance to this historic departure from precedent but, to quote the Revd Dr Johnston McKay, it was to her “unswerving but always irenic determination that the Church owes its recognition of the place of women within the ministry of Word and Sacrament”. Her eloquent, theologically-based speech to the Fathers and Brethren was so whole-heartedly and loudly acclaimed that the Moderator had to remind those present that applause was not allowed when the Assembly was considering a petition. One who attended that historic Assembly in 1963 was St Andrew’s Church Elder Philip Stalker, religious affairs correspondent of The Scotsman. He reported thus: “None of us who were there will ever forget the occasion. There was nothing emotional about it, but Mary Lusk’s address - because of its impassioned sincerity, its spirituality, and the clear conviction of the speaker’s call to a further service in the Church which only the Church could make possible was very moving.” The petition was eventually sustained, and sent down for discussion by Presbyteries; but not until 1968 was it finally resolved that “women shall be eligible for ordination to the Holy 24

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Ministry on the same terms and conditions as are at present applicable to men”. Notwithstanding the impression made by her famous declaration, Mary Lusk was to continue to suffer misrepresentation and obstruction. For years she had been “wrestling with the Church”, in the words of the title she gave to her autobiography. With dignity she had endured fierce opposition and hurtful rebuffs. But she had champions, and one of these was the Revd Frederick Levison. His cogent advocacy made Mary “think that Fred would be a good partner to have”. In 1965 she and Fred, a widower, were married. This too would have significance at the George Street Church. In 1969 Catherine McConnachie had the distinction of being the first woman ordained in the Church of Scotland. Mary Levison waited for fifteen years, but her own ordination took place on St Andrew’s Day 1978 at St Andrew’s and St George’s Church. The service was dramatic, a never-to-be-forgotten joyous occasion. A huge congregation filled the church, but then the lights went out and suddenly the organ was silenced. The last hymn, one of Mary’s favourites, Isaac Watts’ great hymn of praise, Join all the glorious names, was sung by candlelight to the piano accompaniment of Lindsay Sinclair. This was the beginning of a happy era of our history when, with Fred always at her side and ours, Mary was the Revd Andrew Wylie’s Assistant Minister, with special responsibility for outreach and pastoral support for the retail trade in the parish. Her gifts were soon to receive wide recognition. She became a Moderator of the Presbytery of Edinburgh, was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity by the University of Edinburgh and became the first female Chaplain to the Queen in Scotland. Mary Levison was a grand heroine, a lodestar. We can be proud of the fact that her campaign for the ordination of women in the Church of Scotland was crowned by her own ordination in our church, 35 years ago this month. Mary Davidson 25

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Prayer for workplace chaplaincy God of creation, we give you thanks for Industrial Mission and all it has been to generations of working people, who found support, who saw a new outlook on the world, who encountered you. Creator God, we give you thanks God of the prophets, we give you thanks for Industrial Mission and what it has been to the churches, opening up new visions, new understandings of the world of working of buying and selling, and of your patterns and dreams for every aspect of human life. God of the prophets, we give you thanks. Merciful God, we give you thanks for Industrial Mission and what it has been to communities unravelled by the loss of work, to people at the margins of employment and people that few others care about. Merciful God, we give you thanks Spirit of God, we give you thanks for all who have done this work in the past, and pray that you will move men and women to join the continuing ministry of workplace chaplaincy in the present, and that you will continue to go ahead of us into a future we do not yet know. Spirit of God, hear our prayer. In 2010, Scottish Churches Industrial Mission, founded in the post war period, became Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland; it continues to operate on an ecumenical basis. This prayer is adapted from the March/April 2008 edition of IMAgenda, the journal of the UK wide body which supports and promotes chaplaincy to the world of work. Tony Bryer 26

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

November Concerts at St Andrew’s and St George’s West

Edinburgh Quartet Rush Hour Concert Wed 20 Nov 5.30pm Haydn Quartet Op 17 No 4 Haydn Quartet Op 74 No 2 with illustrated discussion Haydn’s string quartet 27

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Interfaith – Ecumenical – Presbytery

What Makes A Person? Views from Science, Theology and Philosophy

Conference at New College, Edinburgh Saturday 16th November 2013 9.30am – 4.30pm Professor Timothy Chappell Open University Professor Malcolm Jeeves St. Andrews Professor Adam Zeman Exeter Dr Harriet Harris Edinburgh Chairman: Professor Wilson Poon Edinburgh £25.00 to include lunch and refreshments. Register at: or telephone: 0131 440 2360 28

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Could you serve on a Church of Scotland Council? In January 2014 the Nomination Committee will meet to select individuals for appointment at the 2014 General Assembly to fill around 80 vacancies on 20 Church of Scotland Councils and Standing Committees. Full details of committees, their remits and skills sought can be found at _and_departments/nomination_committee If you are interested, please contact or speak to Barbara Finlayson as soon as possible, and no later than 23 November. Please note, though, that no guarantee can be given that all those who apply will be approached by the Committee about serving. All nominations are handled confidentially. Barbara Finlayson, Joint Session Clerk

Help shape the future of the Church of Scotland The Panel on Review and Reform is hosting regional consultations in November and December throughout Scotland to explore how the church can respond to the challenges we face and to allow open discussion about the future shape and priorities for the church. Consultations are open to ministers, elders, members of congregations and anyone interested in the future of the church. No booking is required. The nearest consultations are: Edinburgh: Fri 22 Nov, 10.30am -12.30pm at Liberton Church Glasgow: Thurs 28 Nov 7-9pm at Renfield Centre Stirling: Thurs 12 Dec 1.30-4pm at St Columba’s Church 29

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Fresh Expressions Edinburgh Vision Day Fresh Expressions Edinburgh vision day is an ecumenical exploration and celebration of fresh expressions of church. Come and learn of what the Spirit is doing through new forms of church. The day will include:  stories of fresh expressions of church in Scotland and beyond  input from Scottish church leaders plus Bishop Graham Cray and Andrew Roberts from Fresh Expressions  a celebration of the Church of Scotland joining the Fresh Expressions partnership Saturday 2 November 10am to 4pm St Andrew's and St George West, 13 George Street, £12, including lunch and refreshments s/fresh_expressions_edinburgh_vision_day#sthash.7fxs3pVD.dpuf

You are invited, on behalf of the Ecumenical Commission, to an evening meeting at the Sacred Heart Hall, 28 Lauriston Street, Edinburgh, on Wednesday November 6th, 7.00 for 7.30pm. The evening will focus on

“Interfaith Dialogue in the 21st Century” The guest speaker will be Sr. Isabel Smyth who is a Sister of Notre Dame and Convener of the Scottish Inter-Faith Council. She is also an honorary lecturer at the Centre for Inter-Faith Studies at Glasgow University.


St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Edinburgh Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas Music

at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Sat 7 Dec – Sat 28 Dec Mon – Sat 11am – 4pm

Heart of Christmas

Free entry, donations welcome – this year’s charities are The Sunflower Garden, Edinburgh Clothing Store and Cash4Kids. Follow a trail of Christmas Trees from the church all around Edinburgh – organised by Decorate Edinburgh as part of Edinburgh’s Christmas. EdinburghChristmasTreeFe stival

at St Andrew’s and St George’s West

Music and reflection I: Music for men’s voices Sun 8 Dec, 1.30pm II: Benjamin Britten Ceremony of Carols Sun 15 Dec 1.30pm

Neighbourhood Carol Service Thurs 12 Dec at 5.30pm followed by mince pies and hot chocolate

Carols at Six with orchestra and choir Fri 20 Dec at 6pm free entry

Advent and Christmas at St Andrew’s and St George’s West 31

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

Christmas Services at St Andrew’s and St George’s West

Christingle (candle-lighting) service Tuesday 24 December, Christmas Eve at 5pm

Watchnight Service Tuesday 24 December, Christmas Eve at 11.30pm

Christmas Day Service Wednesday 25 December, Christmas Day at 11am

Other events at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Wed 4 Dec 6.30pm Sunflower Garden Carol Concert Tue 10 Dec 6pm Rush Hour Concert St Mary’s Music School Fri 13 Dec 7.30pm Faculty of Advocates Christmas Concert for Edinburgh City Mission Sat 14 Dec 3pm and 7pm A Christmas Carol Snow Angels Theatre for Christian Aid

Advent and Christmas at St Andrew’s and St George’s West 32

St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

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Church secretary

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TOGETHER Trustees from St Andrew’s and St George’s West Frances Cooper and James McNeill (secretary) St Andrew’s and St George's West Church of Scotland, Edinburgh is a registered charity. Charity number SC 008990.


St Andrew’s and St George’s West Edinburgh November 2013 Diary and Newsletter

St Andrew's and St George's West Edinburgh:November Newsletter  

Come and explore LIFE and faith with us in the centre of Edinburgh.

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