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The Holocaust, Internment, and Jewish Refugees in Gibralter Camp, Jamaican Jews and Sephardim. Professor Cooper- Clark presented a copy of her book to the institution. The Class of 1984 held a Reunion in Jamaica June 30-July 4, 2017. A group of eight (8) Old Girls led by Wendy Parchment-Chan visited the school on Monday July 3, 2017. They were elated to be back at their school and were very pleased to see the improvements to the plant that had taken place. Among the numerous other Old Girls who visited are, Mrs. C. Jackie Nicholson-Neita class of 1956 and Ms. Deane Lettman class of 1985.

ACADEMIC YEAR 2016-2017 The profound impact of our theme for the 90th Anniversary celebrations resulted in the choice of the theme for this academic year: “Enriched in order to Empower”. As a staff and as a school family we wanted to ensure that at all levels we invested quality time and resources in the process of enriching ourselves so that we could then be in a position to enrich and empower our colleagues and our students. We are determined to continue in our quest to identify strategies that work in engaging and impacting the lives of these young people known as Generation Z. Senior Staff Retreat This year’s biennial one day retreat was held August 25, 2016, at the Learning Enhancement Conference Room on the Dahlia Repole Complex. Much of the time at the retreat was spent identifying and finalising new initiatives for the Balanced Scorecard as well as validating other adjustments that had been made. Time was also spent discussing the 2016-2017 Focus Paper and the implications of the roll-out of the new National Standards Curriculum that had been mandated by the Ministry of Education. Academic Staff Development Seminar This year’s seminar held on September 2, 2016 in the Audio Visual Centre, was divided into three sessions. Each session highlighted an important aspect of this year’s theme “Enriched in order to Empower”. The Presenter for Session 1 Mrs. Remone Cunningham a member of the Science Department, gave a very insightful and informative presentation on “The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher”. In Session 2 a representative from the JTA Cooperative Credit Union provided valuable information on investment options that would assist our staff in “Beating Back the Economic Blues”. Both sessions were therefore aimed at personal enrichment. Session 3 entitled Classroom Management…Strategies that Work for Generation Z was led by Mrs. Abigail James a member of the Business Education Department. This session was very interactive and involved staff members in activities designed to provide strategies to be used in the classroom that would ensure a vibrant and productive teaching/learning environment. Students would therefore be empowered to maximize their potential. Based on the Evaluation exercise all persons who participated found the seminar to be a valuable exercise.


SAHS Annual Report 2016 2017