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United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG) Jamaica - Merrisa Simpson 8R, Khalia Gibson 8A Garth Craig - Patricia McLean12R Bob Marley Foundation - Shanteka Denton 9R, Delreece Green 11D International Proxy Parents - Ravae Henry 11W, Ashley Lewis 11N Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund - Shanice Allen 12A, Shanel Lovelace 11R, Shericka Powell 11R, Sabrina Dennis 11E, Rhea Studdart 11D, Jada Palmer 10A, Daneele Lunan 10A Hixroy & Haxel Waugh - Kyla Johnson 8W, Kemoy Mcleod 8W The Incorporated Master Builders Association of Jamaica - Shanay Malvo 10A, Ritania Beckford 9E Petrocaribe - Gabrielle Bent 11N First Global Bank - Jahnae Roberts 7D Tastee - Solencia Hamilton 12R B. G. & L. C. - Whitney Wright 9E, Malaika Mott 7A CLUBS & SOCIETIES Club Prayers were held on Thursday November 10, 2016 and Thursday February 9, 2017. These activities along with the formal leadership training workshops organized by Co-Curricular Coordinator Mrs. Diane Nelson are part of our ongoing effort to ensure that the involvement of students and staff members in clubs and societies is encouraged and strengthened. All students are required to be involved in at least one club or society each Academic Year. 37 clubs and ten sports teams were in operation at the institution this year. Peer Counsellors Association The Peer Counsellors’ Association held a fundraising concert in March 2017. This was their major fundraising event for the year. The proceeds of this event were added to the Peer Counsellors’ Association Scholarship Fund which provides two scholarships for students annually. Key Club The Key Club was represented by 17 members and Faculty Advisor Miss Marha-Jo Chung at the 32nd Annual District Convention held at the Moneague Teachers College in St, Ann from April 15 17, 2017. At the Convention, the Key Club received a total of twelve (12) awards. They are as follows: Distinguished Club at the Diamond Level Distinguished President – Brianna Hew Distinguished Secretary – Hassanah Al-Saba Distinguished Treasurer Deborah Thorpe Distinguished Faculty AdvisorMiss Marha-Jo Chung Distinguished Kiwanian Advisor- Mr. Paul Miller Key Clubber of the Year Hassnah Al-Saba Other awards won were: 1st place - Major Emphasis Programme 1st place - Single Service Project 1st Place – 1st Quarter Monthly Reporting 27

SAHS Annual Report 2016 2017