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ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE The Academic staff complement was 77 Full Time and 25 Part time teachers inclusive of 2 Full time and 3 Part time Guidance Counsellors. The Heads of Department/Teachers in charge for the academic year 2016-2017 were: Business Education Geography/Social Studies Guidance & Counselling History/Sociology Home Economics Information Technology Language Arts & Literatures Library Mathematics/Technical Drawing Modern Languages Performing Arts Physical Education Religious Education Science Learning Enhancement Visual Arts eLearning/EDU365 SIMS

Mrs. Patrice Bowen Miss Michelle Rhone Mrs. Christine McCook Mrs. Diane Nelson Miss Ouidamyrl Williams Miss Colette Lemard Mrs. Sydonna Gilzene McCain /Mrs. Sasha SchaaffeMcFarlane (Asst Head) Miss Joan Brown (Acting) Mrs. Dawn Thompson- Clarke Mrs. Alicia Bernard-Gordon Miss Marcia Rowe Miss Jennifer Brown Mrs. Stacy-Ann Zodge Mr. Franklin Burrell Miss Ingrid Newman Mr. Norman Smith Mrs. Keeva Ingram

We congratulate all Heads of Department and their staff for the efforts made to maintain high standards of performance among the student body where the growing number of distractions inclusive of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have assisted greatly in making the task of holding the students’ attention and keeping them focused and on point a most difficult one. This year was particularly challenging as in several subject areas there were major changes in the syllabi for CXC both at the CAPE and CSEC Levels and, as has now become the norm there was not enough support provided by way of workshops or materials to assist teachers in the planning and execution of lessons. The long-awaited School Based Assessment for Mathematics and English was also implemented, and these departments are to be commended for the proactive approach they adopted which made them become sought after by other schools as resource persons in these uncharted waters. In addition, all staff had to become fully acquainted with the new National Standards Curriculum which was mandated by the Ministry of Education Youth and Information for roll out at Grades 7-9 in all schools. Much time had to be spent examining how the school’s working curriculum articulated with the National Standards curriculum in order to determine the best approach to ensure a seamless transition acceptable to the school and the MOEYI. Much progress was made in this regard and we applaud the staff for their tenacity and fixity of purpose.


SAHS Annual Report 2016 2017