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Children of Dr. Robert Rygate at St Andrew’s College 1880 to 1883

Ian Jack, Senior Fellow and Archivist, February 2011

Sons of Dr Rygate entered St Andrew’s College in three consecutive years, 1880, 1881 and 1882. Charles Daniel Hartley Rygate came into College on 5 July 1880, fresh from Sydney Grammar School and stayed for three academic years, leaving in 1883. His birthplace is shown on the College Roll as Hassans Walls or as Hartley. His age is given as 20 in 1881. [He was born in 1860.] Charles graduated Bachelor of Arts in 1883. Philip William Rygate joined his brother at College on 27 June 1881. He had been educated not at Grammar but at Newington. His place of birth is given in the College Roll as either Hassans Walls or Hartley. His age in mid-1881 is given as 19. [He was born in 1862.] He was certified by the Revd J.H. Fletcher [the Methodist minister who presided over the transition of Newington College from the old Blaxland mansion by the river to the Stanmore campus in 1881: Philip Rygate was among the last students in the old premises and he may have been among the first students at Stanmore in the early part of 1881.] Philip gained First Class Honours in Mathematics in the Matriculation examination at the University of Sydney in August 1881 [College Council minutes, 16 August 1881, p.231]. He did, not, however, gain any scholarship, either from the University or the College. He left College part of the way through Michaelmas Term 1883. On 25 October 1883 the Secretary to Council wrote to him about his request for a rebate of the term’s fees. He was offered a rebate of half the Michaelmas fees [College Out-

College Rygate Family Letter-Book 1, p.161]. [Fees had been raised to ₤60 a year or ₤20 a term at the beginning of 1882.] He was one of the first three students to graduate as Bachelors of Engineering in 1885. In 1886 he also graduated as Master of Arts. Henry Bertram Rygate joined both Charles and Philip at St Andrew’s on 9 October 1882. His birthplace is shown as Bowenfels. His age is shown as 18. [He was born in 1864.] Like Charles, he had attended Grammar. He is certified by A.K. Farrar, Esq. [who was on the staff at Grammar]. Unlike his two brothers, Henry stayed in College for only two years, leaving at the end of 1883. He stayed on at University, however, graduating Bachelor of Arts in 1885

Ian Jack - Senior Fellow and Archivist, February 2010

College Rygate Family  
College Rygate Family