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Memorandum to Jessica Pearson Ian Jack, Senior Fellow and Archivist, February 2013

Keith David (born 1925) and Ian Graham (born 1927) were the sons of a Presbyterian minister, Edgar David Pearson, who had entered the Theological Hall at St Andrew’s in 1920. The early years of Edgar Pearson’s ministry were spent in Western Australia, where he was minister at St Giles, Mount Lawley in Perth: his two sons were born there. The boys and their younger sister, Betty, grew up in the manse at Manilla: their father had returned to New South Wales in 1931. Both boys were sent to school in the Sydney area, Keith at North Sydney Boys’ High School and Ian at Hurlstone Agricultural College. By the time Keith entered the University of Sydney in 1942, Edgar Pearson had died and his widow, Bessie Graham, lived modestly at 581 Willoughby Road, Willoughby. Keith studied Science, supported by a Teachers’ College Scholarship, and graduated at the end of 1945, living in College throughout the four years. When he left in 1945, his fellow students wrote of him in the magazine; Keith Pearson, Scientist and Teacher, We thank you for many little things, Known collectively as the Settlement Scouts. For his generous wireless aerial, And his lively demonstration That in 1945 Chivalry is not dead. Keith returned to College, however, as a non-resident student in 1953, following his father’s footsteps to study for the ministry. He completed his qualifications in 1954. At that time he was living at 21 Beresford Avenue, Chatswood.

Memorandum To Jessica Pearson The younger brother, Ian, entered Andrew’s in 1944 to study Veterinary Science. He graduated at the end of 1947, spending all four years in College. In 1945 he played in the College rugby team. A cousin of Keith and Ian was also in College from 1944 until 1949. Bruce Samuel Pearson was the son of Dr Henry Roy Pearson, who by 1944 lived at ‘Sunnyside’, 696 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley in Western Australia. Mount Lawley was the parish occupied in the 1920s by Edgar, who was Henry Roy’s brother [see below]. Bruce had been born in Cairns in 1926 and went to school in Armidale (where his father had had his schooling). He followed his father into medicine and after six consecutive years in College graduated in 1949. Unlike his cousins, Keith and Ian, Bruce took a prominent role in student life and sport (although he was described in the College magazine, perhaps ironically, as ‘monkish’ and ‘retiring’). He was a member of the House Committee from 1946 until 1949. His principal sport was tennis, where he shared the limelight with the legendary Alan Kendall, but he also represented College in rugby, rowing, athletics and basketball. I attach a copy of Bruce’s valedictory biography published in the 1949 magazine, along with some sporting photographs from various issues of the magazine. I also attach pages from the enrolment applications from all three Pearsons of that generation, retained in the College archives. But that is only part of your story. Three Pearson brothers of the previous generation had attended Andrew’s between 1916 and 1921. Edgar and Henry, whom we have already met, were two of the eleven children (8 boys, 3 girls) of Samuel Pearson (1862 - 1926), a grazier at Box Hills, Ben Lomond, in New England. The mother of this brood was Eleanor V. Judge, who at the age of 22 had married Samuel in Armidale in 1887. Although children were registered not at Armidale but at Bingara in 1898 and 1900, and at Glen Innes from 1902 until 1911, Box Hills seems to have been Samuel’s principal station throughout. He was still running 101 cattle and 1,712 sheep there in 1913, 55 cattle and 1,230 sheep in 1923 (Australian Pastoral Directories).

Ian Jack - Senior Fellow and Archivist, February 2013

Memorandum To Jessica Pearson The family of Samuel and Eleanor (with Andrew’s students italicised) consisted of:

Christian name Herbert E Alfred E

Percy Wilfrid Edgar David Henry Roy Elsie E Samuel Eric R Stella V Edith O Alan I

Year of birth 1888 1890 1892 1895 1898 1900 1902 1904 1906 1909 1911

Place of registration Armidale Armidale Armidale (born Box Hill) Armidale Bingara (born Box Hill) Bingara Glen Innes Glen Innes Glen Innes Glen Innes Glen Innes

Henry Roy, born at Box Hill in 1898 (though his birth was registered at Bingara), was educated at Armidale District School and came to College in 1918, enrolled in Arts. He stayed for only two years and did not graduate in Arts. Instead he changed his enrolment to Medicine, ceased to live in College and graduated MB, ChM in 1924. He seems to have practiced medicine in Cairns, where his son Bruce was born in 1926, and later followed his elder brother Edgar to Western Australia. One of Henry’s elder brothers, Percy Wilfrid, born at Box Hill in 1892, had attended both Glen Innes and Armidale District Schools and came to Andrew’s in 1916, reading Arts. He was resident in College for five years, graduating in Arts in 1919. A third brother, Edgar David (the father of Keith and Ian), born between Percy Wilfrid and Henry Roy, was in College as a Theological student in 1920 and 1921, and became a parish minister in Western Australia until he returned to the Manilla charge in New South Wales in 1931. Samuel Pearson, the father of Percy, Edgar and Henry, was himself the eldest of the eighteen children born to Henry Pearson and his (only) wife, Sarah Moore, who had married in Wollombi in 1857. I attach a print-out of Henry and Sarah’s children (11 boys and 7 girls). All eighteen births were registered in Armidale.

Ian Jack - Senior Fellow and Archivist, February 2013

Memorandum to Jessica Pearson  
Memorandum to Jessica Pearson