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Roderick Lionel Jeffrey (fr 1932) and Peter Jeffrey (fr 1934) Ian Jack, Senior Fellow and Archivist, 2013 Roderick Lionel Jeffrey, the elder brother, was born in Sydney on 26 July 1909 and educated at Cranbrook. By the time he entered College to study Medicine at the beginning of 1932, the name of his parent is given as Mrs. Daisy Kidd.1 According to Births, Deaths and Marriages, Roderick’s father, Arthur L. Jeffrey, had died in Tenterfield in 1918: his widow then married Raymond T. Kidd in Sydney in 1925.2 Mrs Kidd’s address in the 1930s was 302 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra. 3 At College Rod was joined in 1934 by his younger brother, Peter, born in Tenterfield on 6 July 1913 and also educated at Cranbrook.4 Peter enrolled in Engineering I in 1934 but is noted as being still in Engineering I in the following year, when he gained a Credit in Mathematics I.5 The two brothers remained together in College until part of the way through 1937, when they both left early.6 The College Council tried in September to force them to pay outstanding fees, but a letter from Roderick on 6 October explained: My mother died in July of this year [1937]. She was my only surviving parent. My brother and I have each an independent income of £80 p.a. and beyond that we relied on assistance from our mother. The estate is now in the hands of the executor, who is away in Europe, so that it will be tied up for some time. We are very short of money & it was much cheaper to live at home. I explained all the above to the Principal [Dr Anderson] and he raised no objection to our leaving.7


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Roderick Lionel Jeffrey and Peter Jeffrey at St Andrew’s College The Jeffrey brothers do not seem to have been outstanding scholars. The College magazine publishes results of Credit and above, but only this isolated Credit earned by Peter is noted.8 Neither of them was awarded any of the College scholarships between 1932 and 1937. 9 It appears, moreover, that neither of the brothers graduated, presumably as a result of the family crisis which forced them to leave College in August or September 1937.10 The details are recoverable in the University Archives, but not in College. While in College both the young men were active in various forms of sport. Rod was an athlete, specializing in the 120-yard hurdles: he represented College in Athletics every year from 1932 until 1937, coming first in hurdles in the Rawson Cup competition in 1932 and 1933 and second in all subsequent years. He represented the University in the nation-wide athletics carnival in 1933 and was awarded his University blue.11 He also rowed socially in 1932, played in the College XV in 1933 and 1934 and represented College in billiards in 1933 and 1935.12 Peter played in the College XV 1935 and 1936, scoring eight tries in the three games in 1935 and six in 1936.13 Like Rod, he was an athlete and represented College in the 100-yard sprint in 1936 and 1937, when he ran third and second respectively.14 The only other substantial mention of the brothers in the College magazine is in 1937, when Peter contributed to the successful College float in the Varsity Procession by loaning his Sunbeam car to make ‘the rigging of the sampan easy’.15 The Jeffrey’s were among the minority of students in the 1930s who had a vehicle: Rod had been noted as acquiring a new car in 1933.16 There may be sporting photographs of the brothers in the College archives, but during the 1930s they were not published in the magazine. A photograph of Peter on the sampan was published in the 1937 magazine, but without identification of the individuals.17


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Ian Jack, St Andrew’s College, 2013


Roderick Lionel Jeffrey (fr 1932) and Peter Jeffrey (fr 1934)  
Roderick Lionel Jeffrey (fr 1932) and Peter Jeffrey (fr 1934)