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Welcome to Blue & White, the new St Andrew’s College community magazine. In this new bi-annual magazine we will keep you updated on College life, alumni news and events, and the Alumni Society and Foundation communities.

Why Blue & White? While we look to the future, we are always keen to honour our heritage and the Scottish traditions on which the College was founded. Blue & White is a reference to St Andrew’s Cross – an Argent (white) saltire on the azure

In this first edition, we bring you up-to-date

(blue) field – but more importantly to our

on what’s been happening in College in

College crest. In 1964, Principal Rev Alan

2014. We look to the future with an overview

Dougan applied for a Grant of Arms from

of our strategic vision for the College and

the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland.

an update of the Harper Master Plan. The

Our Grant of Arms describes the Ensigns

Senior Student, Alumni Society President and

Armorial as:

Foundation Chairman also give us their news from the year.

Azure, a saltire engrailed Argent between four estoiles of six rays of the Second, and in the

Do you have news to share? If so, please

centre an open book proper, fore-edges and

contact us on the email address below and

binding Gules

we’ll publish it in future editions. We look forward to hearing from you.

And it is to this that we pay tribute with the name of our magazine.

Fiona McQueen Director of Advancement We always welcome your feedback. Please send us your comments and news to You can also stay up-to-date about College and update your details on our website.

One generation

supporting the

next 17 D Impact of Giving

The Alumni Society is a tireless supporter of our current students and the Students’ Club. Each year the Society awards up to four Alumni Society Scholarships to senior students to recognise individual student leadership and contribution to the Students’ Club. Current Alumni Society President, Alex Rhydderch, and the Alumni Society Committee work with the Senior Student and Principal to identify each year’s recipients. While they are looking for leaders, Alex says they are also

Society Scholarship recipients Will Beaumont, Amelia Gilbert and Georgina Quigley with SACAS President Alex Rhydderch.

looking for, “those students, often third year and above, who actively help the College thrive

the contributions that many generous alumni

and prosper in one or more of the various and

make that fund these particular scholarships,

sometimes unexpected ways that can happen.”

sometimes year after year. Thank you.”

This year’s recipient, Georgina Quigley

This year’s recipients are 2012 Freshers Georgina

(fr 2012) is a keen participant in College life

Quigley, Will Beaumont and Amelia Gilbert.

working on a range of subcommittees, as an O-week mentor in 2013 and a Children’s Camp carer in 2013 and 2014. Her time at College culminated with her election as the 2014 Honorary Secretary of the Students’ Club. “I would not trade my 3 years here at St Andrew’s for anything,” says Georgina. “Moving from a small country town to attend

2014 Alumni Society Scholarship recipients Will Beaumont (fr 2012) Intercol Representative 2014. Studying Engineering/ Commerce, achievements include: Head of Set Construction DramSoc 2013, Rawson Athletics and Rowing and O Week mentor 2013–4.

university can be pretty daunting especially in

Amelia Gilbert (fr 2012) Intercol

terms of finding a place to live and people to

Representative 2014. Studying International

live with. Being offered a position at Andrew’s

& Global Studies, achievements include:

has made that transition so much easier for

Producer DramSoc 2013 and 2014, Rosebowl

me. Receiving a scholarship has been nothing

Soccer and O Week mentor 2014.

short of amazing and has made the biggest difference to my year.”

Georgina Quigley (fr 2012) Honorary Secretary 2014. Studying Agricultural Science,

The longstanding Scholarship is a result of the

achievements include: organising Drewtopia

collective support of St Andrew’s Alumni says

in 2013, O Week mentor 2013–4 and

Alex, “the Society Committee is very grateful for

Children’s Camp carer 2013–2014.

November 2014

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Thanks to all our student photographers for their contribution to Blue & White. Blue & White is published twice a year by the College Advancement Team for the St Andrew’s Community.

1 Contents


Creating St Strategic Vision



From the Chair of Council As a Council we have been discussing two opportunities to build on the success and traditions of the past: 1 Provide more talented students an

Charlie Taylor

opportunity to be part of the St Andrew’s experience, without losing our collegiate

I feel fortunate to be Chair of Council at this

community. To help us fulfil this ambition,

time. The students, Principal and his team have

and under the leadership of our former Chair

fostered a community that many talented and

Robert Harper, we have launched the Harper

adventurous students want to join; we receive

Master Plan, which is in the final stages of

five times as many applications as available

approval with the Sydney City Council, see

places; our many celebrations are welcoming

page 4 for more details.

and fun, and the community takes great


pleasure in celebrating the success of others.

Offer more opportunities to talented

And there is much to celebrate: we have more

students who cannot afford to live at College.

Firsts than ever and an average mark of 70;

St Andrew’s has historically encouraged a

St Andrew’s continues to win the Rawson and Rosebowl Cups; and we have a talented group of performing artists, winning more Palladian competitions than ever before. More important than the passing success of competition, the students are continuing the tradition of leadership, fostering a culture of contribution and service. The Students’ Club continues to organise O-week, Intercol sport and Palladian competitions. Some students developed the St Andrew’s College Children’s Camp for children with special needs. Our founders, who drew on the values of the Scottish Enlightenment, would be proud.

continued on page 12

Future –

the Strategic Plan


Bird of Council. From his first act as Chair, turning the first sod for the Hanks Building in 2005, until the last, when he accepted the acclamation of Council and the naming of the Harper Master Plan, Rob led the Council through a period of

Wayne Erickson

sustained and successful growth. College has been extremely favoured by their leadership.

We have experienced significant change in the

We welcomed our first female Vice Principal,

leadership of St Andrew’s this year. In February,

Hester Wilson, in addition to her role as

John Sergeant (fr 1983) retired after ten years

Director of Residential Life and Council

as Vice Principal. When I met him, I knew that

elected Charlie Taylor (fr 1982) as Chair of

this was a man who loves this place; from his

Council in July. We are looking forward to

policy work to his passionate advocacy on

working with both as we embark on the next

behalf of the College and its members, John’s

phase of our strategy.

deep affection for Andrew’s shone through. No Principal could have had a more loyal or devoted deputy. Council also farewelled Robert Harper (fr 1979) in July after nine years as Chair

We continue with our vision to develop responsible leaders who will make a positive difference to their communities. The Residential Life Program focuses on developing students’ academic and leadership talents and skills and we have extended our tutorial program to help students achieve the College’s required standard of a credit average (see page 6). We strive to create an inclusive community through our respectful relationships and pastoral care programs, and sport and culture continue to thrive at College: you can read more about our successes in the Senior Student’s report on page 8. Our values of leadership, friendship and tradition are at the core of everything we do. continued on page 12

Strategic Vision



Creating St


4 Master Plan

The Council has developed the Harper Master Plan for the necessary infrastructure that supports the College’s vision to create a collegial community in which our students can develop the talents and skills that will enable them to be leaders in whichever field they choose.

Northern Buildings This will consist of a complex of two buildings including accommodation and health or higher education research facilities. The first building, within the College grounds, will provide accommodation for graduate students and

We have been working with Tanner Kibble

academic staff. This larger cohort of graduates

Denton Architects to develop an architectural

will allow the College to develop a diverse and

plan that will increase the College’s residential

vibrant Middle Common Room.

community to approximately 400 residents. Experience in Australia and overseas shows us that a community of this size will remain collegiate whilst also allowing us to give more students the benefit of a high quality university learning and living experience.

The College is currently negotiating a partnership with the University of Sydney to provide health or higher education research facilities in the building closest to Missenden Road (pictured opposite). This will not only provide the College with revenue that will

The plans for the Stage 1 Development

help secure our financial future, it will also

Application (DA) have been through an

deliver health-related services to the wider

extensive development process within the

community and support education and

Council’s Major Works Committee and it is

medical research. This will be done by some

expected that the DA will be approved by the

form of lease arrangement as the College

City of Sydney Council soon.

Council has declared that it will not be selling

The buildings that are under consideration as part of the Development Application include:

any land.

Future –

the Harper Master Plan Master Plan


“A key strength of the Harper Master Plan is that it complements the existing collegial community and campus structures� Thyne and Reid Buildings

experience many forms of learning. This

The Thyne and Reid Buildings will be joined

building, which will complete the South West

by a link along the Carillon Avenue boundary

corner quadrangle, will provide dedicated

that will provide additional undergraduate

learning and arts facilities to the College and

bedrooms, tutorial rooms, a gym and other

wider community.

common spaces. In addition, three storeys will be added to the Reid building to provide ensuite rooms for senior students.

Council is now determining the order in which the plan will be implemented. In such an ambitious building program it is important

Learning and Performing Arts Building

to balance financial considerations with the

From tutorials that assist with university

This is a significant change to College and we

studies through to gaining insight into

look forward to sharing the Harper Master

other cultures and points of view through

Plan with you as it develops.

practicing art and engaging with new ideas, college life gives students the chance to

impact construction will have on residents.

You can read more about the Master Plan on our website

Residential Life


Residential Life


Hester Wilson Vice Principal & Director of Residential Life

The mentor meets with the student regularly

Finding a job or continuing into further

to assist them to improve their academic

education after your first degree is becoming

performance; if this doesn’t happen despite

increasingly competitive. Many masters or PhD

this additional support or if the student

programs need a credit or distinction average

doesn’t participate in mentoring they may be

to gain entry. The quality of an applicant’s

asked to leave College.

degree is an important factor in obtaining employment in highly competitive graduate positions. Therefore in 2014, the College increased academic standards to an annual average mark of 60 and no subject fails. In 2015 this will rise to an average annual mark of 65 and no subject fails. Students not achieving this may be excluded from College at the end of semester. This change is generally well accepted by the students who understand the competitive employment world they will enter.

St Andrew’s has long had an intensive tutorial program for all students to assist them in achieving their academic goals. The program expands and changes in response to student demand and need. We offer individual and group subject tutorials, and academic writing and academic skills tutorials. Tutors may be residents, either postgraduates or gifted senior undergraduates, or they may be academics from the relevant faculty. In 2014 we appointed five non-residential Teaching Fellows – young

Our students have the capacity to succeed

academics – to tutor, mentor and give seminars

academically, however we understand that life

in their area of academic research.

events, other responsibilities or illness may impede academic success. Consequently our students’ individual circumstances are taken into account when deciding whether they can continue to reside at College. The question we ask is: ‘Is St Andrew’s the best place for this student to be to achieve their academic aims?’

Our students undertake a wide range of degrees from aeronautical engineering to music and science. We are pleased that we can support students academically and will continue to review and refine the program into the future. The academic program, within the Residential Life Program, is an integral part of College life

Students who are not performing well

that will continue to assist our residents to

academically and remain in College are placed

achieve academic rigour and success giving

on probation and supported by a mentor.

them a competitive edge into the future.



In a long-serving institution values evolve


as times change but retain a hard historic core. The ethical and intellectual base of St Andrew’s College came from the Scottish Enlightenment and the Presbyterian Church and was administered for 129 years by a series of ten Principals who were Presbyterian















ministers and by twelve Presbyterian Councillors, four of whom were ministers. The weight of Reformed churchmanship was well expressed in the Latin motto Christo, Ecclesiae, Litteris. Like all good mottoes, this is full of meanings beyond the bald translation ‘for Christ, for the church, for scholarship’. Christ, for example, is both the Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith. When the College in 2014 enunciated its cardinal values, it chose to relate clusters of these values to the three elements of the 140-year-old motto.

subsuming, amplifying and transcending

But College is very aware that since 1998 its

the Christological and ecclesiological

Principal no longer must be a minister and

debates among Christian scholars over

that, although Principal and Councillors must

two millennia. The use of the motto as the

still be adherents of an appropriate Reformed

framework for the values recognises the

Christian church, the students who are the

ethical strength of the College’s Presbyterian

reason that College exists reflect a much

founders, but the values themselves

more eclectic society. From the genesis of St

recognise that the students of 2014 are far

Andrew’s, students of non-Christian faiths

more diverse, not least in their religious

or of no faith have been welcomed: the test

outlook, than the first residents in 1876.

which applies to the governing body has never applied to the students.

After an extensive consultation process, led by the Residential Life Committee, the Council

Accordingly, the three elements, Christo,

adopted the values in July this year.

Ecclesiae, Litteris, can be used to provide the

Ian Jack

structure of a set of College values only by

Senior Fellow

Our Values


From the

Senior Student

8 Senior Student

Unfortunately we narrowly missed out on winning the Palladian Cup this year. The cultural competition went down to the wire and was decided at the final group drama event. We entered that event with a one point lead and

Brendan Pryke

needed to “place” to prevent John’s or Women’s

Senior Student

beating us to the line. There were some stand-

The Students’ Club has enjoyed another very successful year and it’s been an honour and privilege to be a part of that. St Andrew’s has performed exceptionally in the competitive arenas of sport and the performing arts and has enjoyed a strong community oriented culture

out performances throughout the year including the solo instrumental, group instrumental and solo drama where we placed first. The Palladian competition continues to grow in stature amongst Intercol and I congratulate all our performers on their exceptional work this year.

over 2014. The men and women won their

Over and above the inter-college

respective sporting competitions and retained

competitions, what makes St Andrew’s

both the Rawson and Rosebowl Cups. As

such a unique and special place to live is

a result of strong first semester sporting

the inclusive community environment. It’s

performances, Andrew’s was able to achieve

the people you live with and the way you

a large lead in both competitions come half

interact with them that defines your time

way through second semester. This proved to

at College. We are lucky to have numerous

be very important when there were a number

moments when this sense of community is

of sports lost in second semester. I would like

heightened: like having the whole college

to congratulate all the athletes involved with

down on the side of the sports field cheering

bringing home the Rawson and Rosebowl Cups.

their team on, or sitting in the audience at

The countless hours spent training and the real

the instrumental performance in awe of

commitment shown from the College certainly

the talent on show, or simply being down

paid dividends and ensured our success in 2014.

in the Highlander Bar sharing a drink with friends. St Andrew’s continues to foster a positive living environment and encourages a balanced commitment to academic pursuit, sporting and cultural achievement and friendship. It’s been fantastic to have been a part of the Students’ Club over the last three years and I look forward to following the College’s successes in the future.

College Life House

Committee 2015

St Andrew’s College

Children’s Camp

Elections for the 2015 House Committee were

In December, our College will again host the Sony

held on 13 October.

Foundation St Andrew’s College Children’s Camp.

Congratulations to Gemma Larkin, who has

The camp offers disabled children the opportunity

been elected the first female Senior Student of St Andrew’s College.

to experience a great range of activities including swimming, music sessions, dance groups, day trips, and arts and crafts. Every child is encouraged to make new friends, try something different, and gain a sense of independence.


Andrew’s students on a voluntary basis, and is the first to be held at an Australian residential college. Everyone involved in the camp is truly passionate about the program and the “I am thrilled to be elected as Senior Student for 2015. I look forward to continuing and building upon the hard work of our dedicated 2014 House Committee. I have no doubt that the team of talented individuals elected to welldeserved positions on the House Committee for

opportunity to make a positive impact on someone else’s life. The camp is at no expense to the children and their families, and each year our students endeavour to make it a better and more enjoyable experience for all those involved – be it children, parents and volunteers.

2015 will be incredibly supportive and hardworking in our endeavours to lead St Andrew’s College,” says Gemma. The College extends congratulations to all those elected for roles within the House Committee. Senior Student: Gemma Larkin Hon. Secretary: Rachael Dossetor Hon. Treasurer: Peter Hingston

HAT: Tom Sutcliffe

Female Intercol: Rosie Jeavons-Fellows

Male Intercol: Will Clayton Cultural: Angus Trenerry

Rosebowl: Maddy Rosser Rawson: Chris O’Donnell Social: Julian Nikolovski Alumni: Matthew Larkin

DramSoc 2014 Our College’s Dramatic Society recently held four performances of Dario Fo’s play Accidental Death of an Anarchist. Opening night was a great success with a sold out audience and enthusiastic feedback. The talented DramSoc cast and crew did a terrific job of producing this year’s event.

Palladian Wrap-Up

St Andrew’s has placed equal second overall in this year’s Palladian Cup. Our College was in it until the end, with terrific performances and an outstanding effort from all involved.

College Life

The camp is organised and executed by St

College Life St Andrew’s Wins

Kyol Blakeney Elected

Our College has won the Rawson Cup, Rosebowl

Third year student and

Rawson & Rosebowl

and University Cup for 2014.

College Life


as SRC


Indigenous Scholar, Kyol

St Andrew’s has won the University Cup each

Blakeney, has been elected

year since it was first contested in 2012. This is

as the 87th President of

also our fifth consecutive Rawson win, and sixth

the University of Sydney

consecutive Rosebowl win.

Students’ Representative

The final point scores for each competition can

Council (SRC).

be found on our website.

He is the second Indigenous President of

the SRC, after Dr Heidi Norman in 1994. Kyol


lists mental health, affordable housing and the enrolment and retention of Indigenous students as key priorities for his presidency. The College is immensely proud of Kyol’s achievement and we look forward to following his progress as SRC President in 2015.

University & Schools Dinner The annual University & Schools Dinner was held on 22 May. Scholarship recipients, acknowledged for their academic and cultural achievements, received their awards from Ms Belinda Hutchinson AM, Chancellor of the University of Sydney.

This is an important event in the College

Andrew’s alumna Olivia Coleman (fr 2011) was

calendar, and provides a great opportunity for

awarded the St Andrew’s College Medal. During her

our students to invite university academic staff

time at St Andrew’s, Olivia contributed significantly

and school Heads and Principals to College.

to College life whilst maintaining a high academic

A list of scholarship recipients is available on

standard in her Medical Science studies.

our website.

St Andrew’s

with opportunities to extend their talents and

Scholars Program

The College has launched the St Andrew’s Scholars program, open to new undergraduate students residing in St Andrew’s from 2015.

interests and to develop lives of meaning. The scholarships will provide financial support of $25,000 per annum and will be awarded for the duration of each student’s undergraduate degree, whilst they live in St Andrew’s.

The program seeks young people with the

Our Scholars will be exceptional young men and

capacity and commitment to realise their

women who will thrive academically, are engaged

potential to become leaders in the university,

in life and have the potential to make a significant

the nation and the world. The College will

positive contribution to College and, in the future,

provide students of outstanding abilities with

the wider community.

a residential environment that enhances

We look forward to introducing our inaugural St

their university experience, providing them

Andrew’s Scholars in 2015.

2014 SACAS

President Report

Congratulations to Brendan Pryke and his House Committee on a very successful year. One of the better ones, in particular for

Alumni Society


what he and they achieved off the field in strengthening the reputation, systems and

The Young Alumni night was held on Friday 7

finances of the Club. Thank you to Carolyn

March 2014 with about 120 alumni attending

Harris, Treasurer, and Tim Sullivan, Alumni Liaison, who both need to be mentioned in despatches. This year, the Alumni Society conducted, or

the Imperial Hotel in Paddington, Sydney. Ten different fresher years were represented on the night. The Rugby Night was held on 5 June 2014. About 100 alumni (helped along with a $3000

will conduct, the following events or activities:

tab) watched the students beat St Paul’s

• we counselled the Students’ Club on a

convincingly 41 to 3, to win the Rawson Rugby

number of matters

• we awarded four Alumni Society scholarships

• the Alumni Society Careers Night • the Annual Rugby Reunion • the young Alumni event in March • the Annual Golf Day • the Annual Alumni Reunion Dinner I would like to acknowledge and thank the Committee members for their service this year: Cam Ireland (fr 1995) – Vice President

Cup outright. On 8 September 2014, over forty alumni and parents came to College to share their professional and business experiences as part of the Alumni Careers Night. The Society thanks all the alumni and parents who attended. (See more about the event on page 13) The reunion dinner will be on Saturday, 29 November 2014. The Principal has made available accommodation at the College. The Alumni Golf Day has now been booked at Moore Park Golf Club for 30 players at 1.30pm on Friday 28 November 2014.

Leesa Hamilton (fr 2006) – Secretary Lucas Smith (fr 2001) – Treasurer Don Nicol (fr 1984) Andrew Huckel (fr 1991) Chris Bayley (fr 1995) Adam Casselden (fr 1990) Jeremy Hoffman (fr 2003) Rebecca Craig (fr 2005) John Nash (fr 2005) Andrew Ross (fr 2002)

Alex Rhydderch and James Fagan

Alumni Society


Creating St Andrew’s Future – the Strategic Plan

Strategic Vision


From the Chair of Council continued from page 2

diverse and representative community of students: over 50% of students are from rural and regional areas; we have six Indigenous scholars; but, now only 7% of students come from government schools. To achieve our vision to have a more diverse student community, this year we increased our scholarship and bursary funding from $300,000 to $500,000. Our financial strength has enabled us to increase this to $1 million

from 2015. We have launched our St Andrew’s Scholars program, which provides five merit scholarships worth $25,000 per year, to attract high achieving students. The remainder will support bursaries for students with financial need. This additional funding has already helped us significantly increase the quality and quantity of applicants, especially government schools. We thank all those who continue to support our College, and welcome your questions, input and support for these initiatives.

From the Bird continued from page 3

partnership with the University of Sydney for our first development of the Northern

The Council recently articulated and adopted

Buildings, see page 4. We are also looking

our values in a document prepared by

after our existing buildings and we are

Professor Ian Jack, page 7. These values are the

grateful to the Thyne Reid Foundation for

foundation of our strategy and our vision to

its generous support to refurbish the Lower

deliver the best residential college experience

Ground Floor of the Thyne Building. This

in Australia. I look forward to taking the journey

refurbishment is the first project of the Harper

with you to achieving that vision. We have continued to develop the Harper Master Plan and we are negotiating a

Master Plan and I look forward to showing you the results in the next edition of Blue & White in May 2015.

Alumni Events

Annual Lunch On Friday 6 June, over 170 alumni and friends of the College gathered to celebrate sport and raise funds for the College’s Indigenous Scholarship Fund. Hosted by Sam Kekovich and featuring special guest Michael O’Loughlin, interviewed by Rodney Tubbs, our guests enjoyed an entertaining afternoon of live entertainment $25,000 for our Indigenous Scholarship. This Scholarship provides half-fee scholarships for three Indigenous Scholars.

Founders &Benefactors

Alumni Careers night

The Founders & Benefactors Service is a terrific

and parents came to College to share their

opportunity for the College and scholarship recipients to celebrate and give thanks to our College’s benefactors. On Monday 15 September scholarship recipients shared a formal meal with their Benefactors to show their appreciation, whilst giving them an insight into their studies and experiences at College. This event allows many Benefactors to meet their recipients for the first time and is a very rewarding and positive experience for all involved.

On Monday 8 September over forty alumni professional experiences with our students for our Alumni Careers Night. Organised by the SAC Alumni Society and Students’ Club, students had the chance to learn about the education and career paths of alumni and parents working in professions such as the Arts, Media, Engineering, Law and Agricultural Science. Our commerce students had the chance to learn about the business world from entrepreneurs, accountants and CEOs. The Alumni Careers Night is a terrific opportunity for our students to learn about the diverse array of career options available to them after they complete their degrees.

Alumni News


and wining and dining. The event raised over



Queen’s Birthday


Alumni News

14 Adam Casselden (fr 1991) and his wife Iona

St Andrew’s College would like to

are pleased to announce that Madeleine

extend its sincerest congratulations to

Casselden was born on 9 December 2013.

the following St Andrew’s community members who received the Queen’s

Nick Harrington (fr 2010) recently celebrated his inaugural Gala function for the Manjeri School Project, which raised $30,000 to support the Manjeri School in Uganda. Matthew Prowse (fr 2001) and Erin Bell (fr 2003) recently welcomed their first child, Eve Juliette Prowse, in June. Got news you’d like to share with the rest of the alumni community? Let us know at

Birthday Honours in 2014. Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Marie Bashir AC CVO (Honorary Fellow of St Andrew’s College) For extraordinary and pre-eminent achievement and merit in service to the administration, public life, and people of New South Wales, to medicine, particularly as an advocate for improved mental health outcomes for the young, marginalised and disadvantaged, to international relations, through the promotion of collaborative health programs, and as a leader in tertiary education. Emeritus Professor Michael M Bryden

Are you a

AM (fr 1964) For significant service to veterinary science, and to education,

Fulbright Scholar?

particularly in the field of animal anatomy,

The College would like to celebrate our

Mr Kenneth Keith OAM (fr 1973)

Fulbright Scholars with a new Honour Board to match our Rhodes Scholars’ Honour Board. We are currently working with the Australian-

as an academic and researcher. For service to the community of Parkes, and to local government.

American Fulbright Commission to identify

Mr Peter Stewart OAM (fr 1976)

St Andrew’s Fulbrights; however, we don’t

For service to the international

always have details about recipients first

community through the provision of eye

university and we don’t want to miss you! If you, or someone you know, has a received a Fulbright Scholarship, please let us know at

health programs. We would be delighted to hear from other members of the community who received an award but are not listed above. T +61 2 9565 7303

Obituaries 15 deaths in our community. Our sympathy is extended to the families of these alumni.

Richard William Boden AM (fr 1948) Richard William Boden (Dick) passed


Richard William Boden

away at the age of 84


Robert Edmund Dow

on 4 May this year


Peter Mervyn Elliott

after a short illness.


Adrian Geoffrey Finley


Allan Kendall


William Lawson


Ian Robertson

Peter Mervyn Elliott (fr 1948) Peter Mervyn Elliott was born in Cremorne on Boxing Day 1926. Peter attended The Scots College and, straight from school, joined the RAN before undertaking Medicine I at the University of Sydney. Whilst at College, Peter maintained good academic results and represented St Andrew’s in rugby and cricket, leading the team to Rawson victory in 1949 and 1951. Peter was elected Senior Student in 1952. Peter commenced his outstanding career as an obstetrician in 1952, first at the Royal Hospital for Women, then at Royal Prince Alfred. In 1954 Peter married Dr Jane Thompson, whose

Dick was born in Casino, NSW, and was a boarder at The Scots College from 1945–47. He studied Medicine at the University of Sydney, residing at St Andrew’s College becoming Senior Student in 1953. He was a member of the College Eight and an official of the University Rowing Club. Dick practised as a Consultant Physician in Wollongong from 1959 until he retired in the late 1990s, specialising in gastroenterology and cardiology. In 1988 he was awarded an AM for services to Medicine in Wollongong and the Illawarra region, the Wollongong Hospital and development of the Coronary Care Unit.

residence in The Women’s College had neatly

After his retirement, Dick and his wife Janet

coincided with his time at St Andrew’s.

lived at their property at Foxground on the

Peter was a member of the Alumni Society

south coast before moving back to Woollahra.

Committee, and a Councillor from 1973 until

Dick is survived by Janet, their four children

1984. From 1997 until his death he was an

and eleven grandchildren. His sons Richard

Honorary Fellow of the College in recognition

and John also resided at St Andrew’s College.

of his service as a Councillor. From Wayne Erickson’s eulogy

You can read full obituaries at www.standrewscollege.


The College has learned of the following

SAC Foundation


SAC Foundation

16 This year’s AGM saw the end of an era as we farewelled Richard Dougan (fr 1962) as Chairman of the Foundation. Resigning as Chairman to further pursue his business and travel interests, Richard was elected Chairman in 2011 after serving on Council from 1997 to 2010. The Principal and Foundation Deputy Chairman Andrew Murray both thanked

Richard Dougan, Andrew Murray and Robert Stitt enjoy a celebratory drink at this year’s AGM.

Richard for his tireless support for the College,

fundraising initiatives to support the College’s

including overseeing many successful Annual

strategic vision. With my election as Chairman

Lunches, which have raised over $150,000 for

in May and welcoming six new members of the

Indigenous Scholarships. I would like to add

Board of Management and a new Executive

my congratulations to Richard for his success

Officer, Fiona McQueen, in the past 18 months,

during his tenure as Chairman.

now is an opportune time to reflect upon

“provide the College with the fundraising support it requires”

and review the Foundation’s philanthropic efforts. With this in mind, the Board has appointed Ann Badger from Marts & Lundy to undertake a review of the Foundation’s structures to ensure that arrangements are

The Foundation continued to build on its

optimal for effective community engagement

success with the Annual Lunch. Celebrating

and successful fundraising and donor

AFL, this year guests were entertained by

acknowledgement programs.

Sam Kekovich and special guest Michael O’Loughlin. We raised over $25,000 for our Indigenous Scholarship, which provides half-fee scholarships for three Indigenous Scholars. Our thanks goes to our sponsors Ord Minnett Private Wealth, Mount Charlie Winery, Andrew’s Meats, RJ Goon & Sons and the Sydney Swans Football Club without whom this event would not have been such a success. Looking to the future, the College is preparing its next strategic plan and us finalising the Harper Master Plan. The Foundation Board of Management is keen to develop world-class

The study will provide the Board with a candid assessment of how to proceed with our philanthropic objectives to ensure that we are using global best practice to provide the College with the fundraising support it requires. Ann will present her final report early in 2015 and it will play an essential role in establishing our plans for the future. I look forward to sharing the findings of the Report with you in early 2015.

Niall Cairns For more information about the Foundation go to foundation/

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