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ave you noticed that in these challenging economic times coffee is still doing big business? Even fastfood restaurants have jumped on the ultra-cool coffee bandwagon. Everybody wants to be the place for your daily cup of joe. What is it, exactly, that is attracting consumers? Is it just the mochas? Or is it much more? People come to hang out—to be at ease, open, casual. They come to talk and think about the stuff of life that matters to them, to ask questions, to seek answers, to share their real stories. It’s not just the coffee. It’s the community.

Sounds like something the church should be about, doesn’t it?

Enter faith Café Faith Café is a topical series of Bible-based, DVD-enhanced studies designed for use in adult small groups. This sampler gives you a taste of this creative resource, with a look at an episode from the leader and participant guides. Each quarter features: • 13 unique episodes • DVD clips • Service ideas • Spiritual growth action steps Through each session you’ll unpack a relevant topic such as knowing God, soul care, spiritual loneliness, the idols we worship, sharing our faith, and our responsibility to the world.

In each episode you’ll ENTER into reflection, DRINK in God’s Word, SAVOR a story about real-life struggles, EXPERIENCE other voices and ideas, and WALK out with some practical steps to live out the truth. One of the unique extras of this resource is the media element that features recommended reading, relevant Web sites, and DVD clips including interviews with Christian authors and artists such as David Kinnaman, Margaret Becker, Jim Palmer, Leigh Nash, and Andrew Peterson. Create a community If you’re interested in designing a place in your church where people can tell their stories, ask questions, and seek answers, Faith Café is for you. Everything you need to create your own Faith Café is available—just check out This resource is specifically written to help you create a comfortable spot for members and honest seekers alike who place a high value on community, authenticity, spiritual growth, and service. If you want more than a lecture-style Bible study and are looking for an experiential, interactive, media-enhanced way of learning about God and his Word, then Faith Café may be just what you are seeking. So read through the sample episode; then try it out with your group. We think you’ll enjoy the experience. Everybody has a story. Every story needs a place. That place is Faith Café.

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I n t ro d u c t i o n     3

The Leader’s Guide includes the entire text of the Participant’s Guide, and more. Leader helps: Includes discussion ideas, teaching tips, interactive learning options, and an easy-to-use, flexible lesson layout.

Go Deeper: This section provides background information for the Scripture, additional Scriptures for use in the session, or further insight on the application of the Scripture.

DVD: Watch clips of performances and interviews with Christian authors and artists such as: • John Ortberg • David Kinnaman • Jars of Clay • Rebecca St. James • Ashley Cleveland

The Participant’s Guide is built around a specific theme for each week.

Consider it: Features a provocative quote for thought, discussion, or debate.

Look into it: Features a list of Web sites, books, videos, films, or audio recordings for further research.

Service and spiritual disciplines: Each week ends with a challenge to take your faith “to go.” Ideas are provided for service activities and a spiritual discipline is described that can be practiced throughout the week.


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é f a C h it a F e h t Visit Web site to:

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Learn more at: ithcafe m/fa o .c b u p d r a d n www.sta

“ We had tried several models and studies for our Discipleship Hour on Sundays but none seemed to fit… Faith Café has been a huge blessing! It’s biblically sound, user friendly and our folks love it!” Oak Harbor Community Church Mason, Ohio


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Use this DVD with the sample episode


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nt, a v e l e r y l l a r u cult , d e c n a h n e DVD : e g a r u o c n e t tha s n o i s s e s e s u easy-to y t i n u m m o c d Engage ng i n r a e l e v i t c Intera wth o r g l a u t i r i p s Solid y c a r e t i l e l b i B Natural hips s n o i t a l e r c i t Authen

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