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a close companion; pal Who is the friend you most like to have around when you just want to play around? Why do you choose that particular girl? What are some of the things you like to do together?

My favorite thing to do when I just want to play is . . .

check it There’s a famous song about a couple of friends who declare that “Through thick and through thin, All out or all in, we’re going to go through it together.” It’s a great song for friends, chums, pals, amigos. Ever think about that idea for you and Jesus? He’s not just around on Sundays, you know. Jesus wants to be a friend who’s a part of everything you do. Sunday through Saturday, 24/7. School, home, playground. It’s not good to just think of Jesus as some cosmic fairy godfather for when you are in trouble or need help. He loves hanging out with you in the good times too, and he knows what is really fun. So wherever you are, make sure you’re doing something that Jesus would enjoy—it’s better that way!

A man o f many comp anions may ruin, but the com e to re is a frien d who sticks closer than a brother. P RO VERBS


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4/20/06 10:52:05 AM

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